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How to unlock the Vulpera, World of Warcraft's cuddly new fox race

How do you unlock WoW Vulpera? World of Warcraft's upcoming 8.3 update, Visions of N'Zoth, introduces a long-anticipated new Allied Race to the Horde: The vulpera. Along with the WoW Mechagnomes race, these cuddly little desert foxes are nomads to the Vol'Dun region of Zandalar—as any player who has already completed Battle for Azeroth's main story will surely know. But like any Allied Race, the vulpera aren't immediately available for all players and first require a lengthy grind and the completion of several quests to unlock. This guide covers how to unlock vulpera (according to what's available on the public test servers), what their racial abilities are, and what classes they can play.

How to unlock the vulpera for the Horde

To be clear: The vulpera are not available in World of Warcraft yet. They'll be released with update 8.3 sometime early next year (we predict).

That said, players have already dug into the public test servers and mined a lot of information over what you'll need to do to unlock the vulpera once they're available. If you've unlocked other Allied Races, the steps should be familiar.

  • Reach exalted with The Volundai faction (Horde only)
  • Earn the "Secrets in the Sands" achievement which requires completing "Unlikely Allies," "The Warguard’s Fate," "The Three Keepers," "Atul’Aman," "Dangers in the Desert," "A City of Secrets," and "Storming the Spire" storylines.

Completing those requirements will let you undertake a new quest when update 8.3 goes live. Once you complete the quest, you'll earn the "Allied Races: Vulpera" achievement and can immediately make a vulpera character for the Horde. Doing so will also unlock a new Caravan Hyena mount that you can use on any of your Horde characters.

Vulpera racial abilities and class selection

Like all races, the vulpera have a mix of racial abilities that'll lightly influence their playstyle and what classes they're best suited for.

The vulpera can play the following classes:

  • Hunter
  • Mage
  • Monk
  • Priest
  • Rogue
  • Shaman
  • Warlock
  • Warrior

The vulpera racial traits are:

  • Bag of Tricks: Use a trick on an enemy to damage them, or an ally to heal them.
  • Make Camp: Set your camp location outdoors.
  • Return to Camp: Teleport back to your camp location.
  • Nose for Trouble: Take less damage from the first strike inflicted by an enemy.
  • Vulpera Survival Kit: Find extra goods when you loot humanoids.
  • Fire Resistance: Take less damage from fire.

Vulpera customization options, dances, and Heritage Armor

Like any race, the vulpera come with a variety of unique customization options including dance emotes, funny pickup lines, and special Heritage Armor if you level one from its starting level of 20 all the way up to 120 without using any premium level boosts.

Wowhead dataminers have already found all the vulpera customization options for when you're first making one in the character creator. There's too many images to link, so you can find the full set here.

Vulpera dance emotes:

Streamer Neryssa has captured the dance emotes:

Vulpera flirt and joke emotes:

Wowhead has collected all of the male and female flirts and jokes:

Vulpera Heritage Armor:

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This article is about the playable race. For the vulpera lore, see vulpera. For the in-game faction, see Voldunai.

The vulpera are one of the playable Hordeallied races in World of Warcraft, introduced in Battle for Azeroth. A desert-faring people native to the sands of Vol'dun, they were terrorized for generations by the sethrak empire until they received aid from the Horde. To commemorate this new friendship, the vulpera joined its cause.

Kiro acts as the leader of the Horde's vulpera, while the Vulpera Hideaway serves as the closest thing to a capital. They speak Vulpera as their native language and Orcish as a secondary language to communicate with their allies.


Main article: Vulpera

Race preview

Clever and resourceful, the vulpera of Vol’dun have survived amidst the sands for generations. Eager to join the ranks of the Horde, their caravans have departed from the dunes in search of adventure.

The serpentine sethrak have taken to subjugating anyone they can as slaves, and the vulpera are an easy target for their machinations. If you’ve taken steps to liberate the vulpera from these overseers, they’ll join the Horde on the battlefield.[1]

Creation screen description

Clever and resourceful, the vulpera of Vol'dun have survived amidst the sands for generations. Eager to join the ranks of the Horde, their caravans have departed from the dunes in search of adventure.

Opening cutscene

Kiro:We vulpera have always been resourceful. No matter the adversity, we do what it takes to survive... and keep our family strong. The Horde helped us when we needed it, and now it's time to return the favor. A fair trade, if you ask me. A whole world of adventure is awaiting you out there. Explore it and become a hero. For the vulpera... and for the Horde!


Vulpera can be unlocked by Horde players who have earned the achievement Horde  [Secrets in the Sands].[1]

Players must then complete the following recruitment questline:


Racial traits



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Notes and trivia

  • Vulpera were speculated by fans to be a potential future allied race since the start of Battle for Azeroth due to having an unusually large suite of customization options for a non-playable race that only has a significant role in a single zone. At the time, Blizzard responded by stating that setting up certain races this way is advantageous for development and that it was not necessarily a sign that vulpera were planned to become playable.[2] When vulpera were officially announced as a Horde allied race in October 2019, Ion Hazzikostas acknowledged this by jokingly stating that playable vulpera were a "shock to everyone, I'm sure".[3]
  • Vulpera hunters start with a serpent pet.
  • The dance animation of both male and female vulpera is a reference to the Norwegian comedy duo Ylvis' 2013 song and viral music video "What Does the Fox Say?".
  • The vulpera are not only the first allied race to join the Horde when the organization wasn't under the leadership of WarchiefSylvanas Windrunner, but also the first race to join the Horde when the organization didn't have a Warchief at all.
  • During early builds of patch 8.3, vulpera had a passive racial trait named [Vulpera Survival Kit]. It was replaced by [Alpaca Saddlebags] prior to release.
  • Vulpera characters start out at Honored with the Voldunai.
  • Vulpera are the only allied race whose racial leader (in this case Kiro) is not the one responsible for sending them to Ambassador Blackguard or for giving them their heritage armor; the former is instead handled by Nilsa and the latter by Hagashi. They are also the only allied race who receive their heritage armor in a different zone than their starting area.


Patch changes



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How to Unlock Vulpera Fast in Shadowlands [2021]

A quick guide to each step required to unlock the Vulpera allied race in World of Warcraft: Shadowlands

The requirements to unlock allied races have changed over time. Unfortunately, many guides have not been updated to reflect this. The ones that are updated are written for players familiar with the old content. Unfortunately, if you are new or returning to the game, these guides can be hard to follow. In this guide, I want to dive into every detail you need to know to unlock the vulpera allied race.

You can unlock the vulpera allied race in Shadowlands by completing 2 steps:

  1. Finish the main Vul’dun zone storyline, which awards theSecrets in the Sands achievement.
  2. Complete the recruitment quest chain starting at the Orgrimmar Embassy.

At a high level, that is all you need to do. Unfortunately, as many players have discovered, figuring out how to begin the Vol’dun questline can be challenging in Shadowlands.

Without further ado, let’s jump into the details and some common problems players run into during this process.

How to get to Vol’dun in Shadowlands

Screenshot of Vol'dun

For Horde players, you can get to Vol’dun by taking the portal to Zuldazar in the Orgrimmar Portal room. From there, you can take a flight path to Vol’dun if available (if you have been there before).

One of the most confusing parts of this whole unlock process is the requirements to get to Vol’dun and begin the storyline. To start the Vol’dun storyline and unlock vulpera, you need to have a character at or above level 35.

Horde: Level 35+

If your character is level 35+, you can check the scouting map up the west stairs in the chamber where you appear inside the Great Seal. This should give you the option to select Vol’dun as your questing zone and unlock a flight path for you.

Horde: Under Level 35

For new characters below level 35, your only option on the scouting map will be the Zuldazar storyline. This leaves you with 2 options:

  1. Level in another expansion and come back after level 35.
  2. Level through the Battle for Azeroth (BFA) zones.

If you are new to WoW, you will be forced into leveling through BFA. This isn’t the worst thing because you will need to earn the Zandalar Forever! achievement to unlock other allied races like Zandalari Trolls anyway. Hence, if you are trying to unlock all the allied races, I would recommend you level through Zuldazar, Nazmir, and then Vol’dun.

Also, if you are starting the Vul’dun storyline from scratch, I would recommend you do it on a Horde character. This is because the recruitment quests require a level 50 Horde character anyway.

If you need to level a Horde toon, you can level through the Battle for Azeroth expansion and complete Secrets in the Sands while leveling.

Alliance: Level 35+

If you choose to complete the storyline on an alliance toon, you will need to progress in the war campaign and establish a foothold on Zandalar. War campaign quests to unlock footholds can be started on the boat in Boralus Harbor at coordinates (70, 27) once you reach level 35.

Alliance: Under Level 35

You can level through Kul Tiras for new Alliance characters and then begin the Vol’dun foothold process at level 35. However, if you are leveling a toon for this unlock, I think it should be a Horde toon for the reasons I listed above (requirements to begin recruitment quest). I would hate to see you level Alliance, just to turn around and repeat the process for Horde.

Complete the Vol’dun storyline

Once you have reached Vol’dun, it is time to start/finish the main questlines.

Overall, there are 7 chapters in the main story. You can begin the storyline by accepting the quest Vol’dun from the scouting map in The Great Seal. This will take you on a short adventure around Zuldazar and then into Vol’dun.

If you are interested, here are the chapters required for the Secrets in the Sands achievement:

These chapters require you to complete about 70 quests and will take you 2-4 hours depending on how fast you quest and if you have BFA flying.

Do the recruitment quests

With the main storyline completed and Secrets in the Sands earned, it is time to begin the recruitment quests. There are about 25 short quests in this chain that shouldn’t take you more than an hour to complete.

To begin the quest chain, you need to have a level 50 Horde character. You can then visit Ji Firepaw in the Orgrimmar Embassy and accept the quest Guests at Grommash Hold.

Screenshot of orgrimmar embassy on map.

I am not going to list out each quest because there are 25, and the game walks you through the process of completing them.

Once you have completed the quest chain, you can log in and play your new fuzzy vulpera!

If you are looking to unlock other allied races, please check out my other guides in the table below. I plan on writing one for each race but still have one more to write. The ones I have done have links attached and are blue.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why can’t I start the Vol’dun storyline?

You need to be level 35+ to begin the Vol’dun storyline. Once you reach level 35, you can start the Vol’dun storyline from the scouting map in the Great Seal (H) or from the ship in Boralus Harbor (A).

Q. How long does it take to unlock Vulpera?

If you have a Horde character over level 50 and BFA flying, unlocking vulpera will take you anywhere from 3 -6 hours from scratch. If you need to level a Horde character or don’t have flying, it might take you more like 12 – 20 hours (depending on your leveling speed).   

Q. What racial traits do Vulpera have?

Vulpera have 2 primary active racial abilities.

Bag of Tricks
The first is an ability called Bag of Tricks. It is a 1.5-minute cooldown spell that you can use to heal allies or damage enemies.
You can only have one “trick” active at any given time. This means you can’t use the ability to deal damage and then use it to heal 1.5 minutes later without first changing the trick.

To change your trick, you need to use the supporting ability called Rummage Your Bag. This allows you to switch between damage and healing spells every 5 minutes. Using Rummage Your Bag will also let you change the type of damage or healing trick you want to use as well.
By default, vulpera have one damaging trick called Corrosive Vial. If you want to unlock additional ones, you will need to obtain them as drops from bosses. Similarly, vulpera start with one healing trick called Healing Vial and can get additional ones. I will talk about where to find each new trick in the next question.

The second active ability available to vulpera is the Make Camp/Return to Camp. This is basically an additional 1-hour cooldown hearthstone which allows you to set a location as your camp and return to it when you want.
Your camp gives you the ability to cook and obtain rest for 5 minutes but is saved as a spot for you to return to in the future by using Return to Camp.
If you have read any other articles on my site, you know by now that I am an addon junkie. I write a lot about addons and how to use them. So, of course, I needed to check for addons to help with vulpera. What I found was a great addon called Caravana. This simple addon shows the location of your camp on the Return to Camp ability tooltip and an icon on your map.

Vulpera passive racial abilities
In addition to their two primary abilities, vulpera have 3 passive racial skills, including:
Alpaca Saddlebags – Backpack size increased by 8 slots
Fire Resistance — Takes 1% less fire damage
Nose For Trouble – Reduces first hit from an enemy by 5% of your max health
Between the ability to use camps and the slightly larger backpack, vulpera are an excellent race for farming materials and old content.

Q. Where do I get more tricks for my vulpera?

You can obtain more tricks from old raids. The default Corrosive Vial ability deals with nature damage, but you can get 2 tricks that use fire and shadow damage. To get the fire one, called Flames of Fury, you will need to obtain it from Ragnaros in the Firelands raid. The shadow damage trick, Sinister Shadows, is dropped by Cho’gall in the Bastion of Twilight raid.

On the healing side, your default Healing Vial is a nature spell. You can unlock a holy version, Holy Relic, by obtaining it from Entropius in the Sunwell Plateau raid.
These additional tricks are not guaranteed to drop from the bosses and are not account bound. Unfortunately, you may have to run the raid a few times to obtain them, and you cannot share them between vulpera on your account. Luckily, getting additional tricks is primarily cosmetic as they all deal the same damage (ignoring slight differences in resistances).

Q. How do I get the Vulpera heritage armor in Shadowlands?

Once you have unlocked vulpera, you can begin working on acquiring their heritage armor. To do this, you need to earn the Heritage of the Vulpera achievement, which requires you to reach level 50 on a new vulpera character.

As an important side note, you will not earn the achievement if you reach level 50 by using a level boosts, race change, or recruit a friend levels to unlock the armor.   

Final Thoughts

Unlocking the vulpera allied race in Shadowlands requires the Secrets in the Sands achievement. You earn this by completing the Vol’dun storyline after reaching level 35 on your character. After acquiring the achievement, you can recruit the vulpera with the quest that starts in the Orgrimmar Embassy on a level 50+ Horde toon.

Thanks for reading, and enjoy exploring Azeroth on your brand new Caravan Hyena!


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How to unlock Vulpera Fast [ Unlock allied races guide ]

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Vulpera Male Allied Race Flirts and Jokes

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