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Calvert Homeschool offers self-paced learning for students with step-by-step lesson plans for parents. Calvert Education was acquired by Edgenuity as part of their Glynlyon purchase in 2019 and currently offers mainly digital curriculum (K-2 is still print-based). According to their website, the new curriculum includes:

  • Best-of-class digital resources
  • Step-by-step lesson plans
  • An online learning platform with 24/7 access to lessons, assessments, progress tracking tools, and more

For grades K-12, families can enrolls students in the accredited Calvert Academy online. For grades 3-12, families can sign up at more affordable rate to use the Calvert online curriculum without enrolling in the academy. For grades K-2, a colorful print-based curriculum is available for purchase.

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Over 20 New Courses

Calvert now offers new electives that explore computer programming, foreign languages, and more.


For Grades K-2

Beautifully designed coursework divided into units with manipulatives that students complete at their own pace.

K-2 Courses

For Grades 3-12

Try homeschooling online free for 30 days! We are giving you full online access to 45 courses, also numerous features such as interactive lessons, automatic grading, and monthly payments. Try it FREE!


Need teacher support? Check out Calvert Academy.

Learn More About Calvert Academy

Home-based Education

With a time-tested and proven curriculum, Calvert Homeschool has the right homeschool curriculum for you and your family. Calvert Homeschool's award-winning educational products have enabled thousands of families to discover the amazing benefits of home-based education. Take a closer look and see what makes homeschooling so special!

Calvert Homeschool is Wherever You Are.

Gone are the days of forcing your squirmy child to sit still at a metal desk. Don’t waste your energy forcing your child into a seat that replicates those at a traditional school. Take advantage of the great outdoors or find other exciting places to turn into impromptu classrooms.

Flexible, Online Lessons

Calvert’s online courses for grades 3-12 keep learning contemporary, fun, and engaging. Both individual and family plans grant access to 45 courses in the subjects of history and geography, language arts, math, science, and spelling for unparalleled learning across grade levels.

3-12 Courses

Colorful, Print Curriculum

Kid-friendly courses for grades K-2 enhance learning for your young children in the main subjects of history and geography, math, language arts, and science. Along the way, colorful characters keep learning fun while helping students understand exciting new concepts.

K-2 Courses

Parent & Student Support

Find answers, contact details, updates, technical resources, everything you need. Can’t find something specific, call us at anytime to share your concerns and questions with our team of Calvert Education service representatives. We’re a leader in homeschooling and can help you get what you need quickly. Let us know how we can help.

Get Support

Calvert Academy

With the benefits of K-12 courses, live teacher support, and world-class accreditation, Calvert Academy is your answer to homeschooling with confidence, and you can get it all for as low as $229/month.

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Success Stories

“This is our 3rd year with Calvert and we are loving the new curriculum. The first few days were a little challenging while we adjusted to the new format but both my girls find the new curriculum more engaging and interesting. ” - JOHANNY T., CALVERT MOM OF 3

Success Stories

“School is challenging for our child in many ways. He loves computers and technology, so Calvert is a great fit! We tried Calvert this past year, and it worked really well for us.” - PATTI D., CALVERT MOM

Success Stories

“I purchased Calvert because I wanted a fairly independent learning program my 13-year-old daughter could do. With this program, she can remain consistent with her education, and she is enjoying it.” - LISA T., CALVERT MOM

Success Stories

“We are absolutely loving the Calvert curriculum. I love how user-friendly and streamlined everything is.” - HEATHER A., CALVERT MOM

Success Stories

“Calvert is the absolutely best curriculum available. The program is extremely organized and provides far and beyond other curriculum. Choosing Calvert is a decision you are making to provide your child the absolute best, highest quality education.” - PATRICIA M., CALVERT MOM

Success Stories

“My son and I are thoroughly enjoying Calvert's curriculum. He is more engaged than ever!” - REBECCA C., CALVERT MOM

Success Stories

“Calvert provides a full variety of subjects, and the material is awesome.” - HAYLEY S., CALVERT MOM

Success Stories

“Calvert provided the most solid foundation anyone could ask for!” - BECCI R., CALVERT MOM

Success Stories

“My son is excelling beyond my expectations. I'm so thankful for a program where he can learn at his own pace!” - NIKKI H., CALVERT MOM

Success Stories

“Calvert gave my children a thorough start to their education and taught them to excel academically.” - CAROLYN C., CALVERT MOMCALVERT MOM

Success Stories

“I used to spend endless hours planning and organizing our curriculum. With Calvert, I just look over the lesson the night before and we're ready to go the next day! Calvert has done all the prep work for me, and that gives me more time to focus on my kids.” - AMANDA B., CALVERT MOM

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Calvert Homeschool is the solution for the many people who would like to homeschool their children but are afraid they are unable to provide a quality education. Using a formal homeschooling program can help parents tackle the prospect of teaching children at home.

What is Calvert Homeschool?

Calvert Homeschool is a homeschool curriculum designed for children who possess a variety of learning styles. The program, often called "the school in the box," arrives at the doors of families around the world. A man by the name of Virgil Hillyer, the first headmaster of the Calvert Day School, developed the curriculum. The Calvert Day School opened its doors in 1897 and exists to this day. Located in Baltimore, MD, it influences the way parents teach homeschooled children around the world.

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Virgil Hillyer's Method of Teaching

Virgil Hillyer wanted to foster a love for learning in all of his students at Calvert Day School. The fundamentals of his program include:

  • Presentation
  • Imitation
  • Drills using games and devices created by Hillyer
  • Final project

The program focuses on writing, reading, spelling, and mathematics. Science, history, art, and geography are also included in the program. Subjects are integrated. For example, a fifth grade student will study the American Civil War but will also read the famous poem "O Captain! My Captain" concerning the assassination of President Lincoln. She will also write a composition called "A Civil War Battle."

The Calvert Curriculum

The Calvert curriculum develops higher order thinking skills so that students master content. It uses hands-on activities tailored to all grade levels. The Calvert Day School enjoyed a great deal of success among its students. As a result, Hillyer wished to help parents who could not afford to send their children to his school.

The Homeschool Program

He decided to offer a homeschool program for kindergarten. He sold the program to the public, placing ads in National Geographic magazine. The homeschool program sold for a mere $5. People began to purchase the program for their children, and the Calvert school decided to offer the complete curricula to families. Now, children older than kindergarten age could learn the Calvert method in their own homes. Hillyer edited and approved each lesson of the program. It arrived in a box by mail and contained all the materials parents needed to teach their children. It also included comprehensive instructions for parents to follow as they conducted the lessons.

The Program Travels Around the World

By the 1930s, Calvert Homeschooling gained popularity around the world. The Calvert school faithfully shipped the program to students in over 50 countries. Children scattered around the world had access to the Calvert program and learned from Hillyer's methods.


The Commission on Elementary Schools and the Commission on International and Transregional Accreditation accredit Calvert Homeschool.

How It Works

The program uses applied technology instruction, interactive teaching tools, and real-time and online collaborative learning sessions. The Calvert School develops each lesson in the program. The school supports the homeschooling parent with additional services including placement testing, educational counseling, and advisory teaching services. Parents can request that their children learn from an online Calvert teacher if they are leery about teaching children on their own.

The Curriculum

The curriculum has two versions and three levels of parent support. Families determine the version and level they desire according to their own needs. Lesson plans are simple to follow and contain information on how to teach students with varying learning styles. The package includes a homeschool material list, instructions, and assignment summaries. Tucked inside the school's signature box are textbooks, pencils, paper, and reading materials.

Teaching Kids at Home

Calvert Homeschool has taught more than 500,000 students throughout the years since its inception. Their textbooks come from major educational publishing companies, and their academic standards are high. The school tailors lessons to your child's needs in order to accommodate a variety of learning styles and grade levels. They offer convenient payment plans and ongoing support, holding parents' hands every step of the way as they embark on a homeschooling journey with their children. For more information about the Calvert Homeschool program, visit The Calvert School website. Interested parents can also call the school to schedule a tour or receive more information.

AddressPhone Number
10713 Gilroy Rd. Suite B Hunt Valley, MD 21031 888-487-4652
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Calvert Homeschool™

With a time-tested and proven curriculum, Calvert Homeschool has the right homeschool curriculum for you and your family. Calvert Homeschool’s award-winning educational products have enabled thousands of families to discover the amazing benefits of home-based education. Take a closer look and see what makes homeschooling so special!

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Calvert Academy

Calvert Academy is a fully accredited virtual private school. We know every student’s life is different, that’s why we work with you to create your calendar and offer access to lessons at any time of the day. When you are ready, just log in anywhere through a web browser to access your virtual classrooms. Learn more about Calvert Academy today!

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Calvert Learning ™ (for Schools)

Calvert Learning provides schools with curriculum and flexible solutions developed specifically for virtual and blended learning. We wake up every day thinking about student success and help our school partners to achieve it. It’s the excellence you expect from Calvert – for schools and districts. Explore our curriculum, tools, and services today.

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Learn More about Our Approach

Calvert’s heritage is grounded in delivering results outside of the traditional classroom.

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Homeschool calvert

Accredited Online Academy

Individualized Learning
When you enroll at Calvert Academy, your student receives an individualized learning plan based on his goals, his current academic standing, and his style of learning. A personalized academic support team of teachers, advisors, and counselors is then selected to ensure your student has a strong foundation for achievement. Pinpointing your student’s current academic situation, we create a lesson plan structure with the help of placement tests that center on what your student really needs to learn to graduate.

Grading & Recordkeeping
Our qualified teachers and staff maintain various essential records so that you can relax and enjoy the benefits of our 3-12 distance learning program, like learning anytime, anywhere and total teacher support. Your student’s records are updated on a regular basis and can be requested by parents at any time. Because online distance learning requirements vary by state, the staff from our online academy provides you with every type of record needed to meet laws or regulations. Calvert Academy also keeps official high school transcripts.

Career & College Planning
Like a stamp of excellence, our accreditation means your student is receiving rigorous academics and the highest quality education possible. Our students aim high. That’s why we’re not surprised at all that Calvert Academy graduates are going from our distance learning academy to the hallways of the best brick-and-mortar colleges and online universities in the nation and the world. In fact, our online academy graduates have attended many institutes of higher learning, and that list continues to grow each year!

Dual Credit Program
Get college credit for just $79/month. Calvert’s Dual Credit program allows juniors and seniors to earn high school and college credit at the same time, while jump-starting their college careers to save both time and money.


New York

Homeschooling Resources

Welcome! Homeschooling is an exciting journey, and we will be with you every step of the way. These resources will help you navigate the state requirements and access local support groups.

Homeschooling Regulatory Information

The link below may help you with legal questions about homeschooling in your state.

New York State Education Department

Calvert’s ATS Program: Peace of Mind for New York Families

Our Advisory Teaching Service (ATS) program offers additional peace of mind when following your New York State homeschool reporting requirements.

Your student’s ATS teacher will:

  • Grade assessments and evaluate your student’s work in all subjects, allowing you to focus on daily instruction and oversight.
  • Provide detailed feedback on assessments and encourage your student to do his or her best work with personalized responses.
  • Reinforce the instructional priorities you’ve set as your student’s Learning Guide.
  • Provide a certificate of completion and an official transcript, helping you meet your required quarterly reports for submission to your District Superintendent.

Plus, our Calvert Teaching Navigator allows you to easily keep track of attendance for each student, as required by New York State.

New York Homeschool Support Groups

Homeschool support groups in your state are an excellent way to gain more assistance and guidance in your homeschooling endeavors. A regional support group fosters a wonderful sense of community among homeschooling families and allows for more opportunities to exchange ideas, plan group outings, and share in the overall experience of homeschooling! While Calvert supports the development of community among homeschooling families, this list does not constitute affiliation between Calvert Education and the groups represented below.

LIGHT – Long Islanders Growing at Home Together

LIGHT is a secular grassroots non-profit organization directed by member consensus. The common interest of our members is home-education and homeschool information. The purpose of this organization is to offer information, organize activities for members by members (and their children and families), hold meetings that support members in their home education choice and help members to introduce themselves to one another. All services are provided through the unpaid volunteer efforts of the members. All members are invited to attend business meetings or send written opinions.


Welcome to our website. Loving Education At Home (LEAH) is a statewide organization dedicated to supporting and promoting home education throughout New York. One of our major purposes is to support a statewide network of mutual support groups by and for home educating parents.


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