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Maitland Ward Opens Up About Her 'Very Few' Limits In Porn

Maitland Ward has opened up about her 'very few' limits in pornography. Watch here:

The former Disney star made a much-publicised move to adult film in 2019 and has enjoyed huge success since.

Her evolution from Rachel McGuire in Boy Meets World to 'Mistress Maitland' was a gradual one, with her exhibitionist side initially manifesting itself through risqué social media snaps, before she graduated to nudes and set up shop on content subscription sites, such as Patreon and OnlyFans.

However, since getting into porn, the 44-year-old has freed herself of just about every constraint.

"I don't have very hard limits," she told LADbible.

"Of course, I'm not doing like heavy BDSM scenes... but I do do a lot of stuff. I have very few nos."

Indeed, Maitland said she has even surprised herself with how far she is willing to go.

Asked if she has ever been asked to do anything she's uncomfortable with, she continued: "I haven't done like major, major group scenes yet, or like I said, any heavy BDSM... I don't think I would do the heavy BDSM thing. I like light BDSM.

"But I haven't experienced that, I've always surprised myself and gone further with the limits that even I thought in my mind.

"All of my scenes, as I go, it's a new challenge. Like, I found that anal, I knew in my personal life I liked it, but I found that I'm very good at anal on screen. And I know all about it. And I love it.

"I figured my a*****e was really talented for the camera, and I was enthusiastic about that."

Just goes to show, you can always learn new things about yourself in this journey we call life.

For Maitland, this journey has taken a dramatic turn in recent years; but she has no regrets about her new direction, and is relishing her new-found freedom.

She said: "It's been so cool to be able to act like I've never acted before.

"Nobody ever trusted me to do such deep, dark twisted roles before in the mainstream, I was always considered to be very light and comedic - and I couldn't get myself out of that. That was one of the things that porn really liberated me from.

"But I also love doing the hot sex too, so it's always been a dream of mine to be able to combine the two."

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‘Boy Meets World’ star-turned-porn actress Maitland Ward making return to TV: ‘I want to slay both industries’

Former "Boy Meets World" actress Maitland Ward is returning to television after enjoying a second act of sorts in the world of adult filmmaking where she’s made a name for herself.

Ward, 44, is best known for her role as the tall redhead who played Rachel McGuire on the popular ‘90s sitcom.

Now Ward is looking to maintain careers in both areas of visual production and is set to produce and star in and new comedy series, titled, "The Big Time," which is centered on a "world-famous adult superstar."

"The Big Time," will mark a return to the small screen for the frequent cosplayer and award-winning adult actress, who embarked on her porn career in 2019, nearly two decades after the end of "Boy Meets World."


Matthew Lawrence and Maitland Ward in an episode of 'Boy Meets World' in 1998. (Photo by Walt Disney Television via Getty Images)

"I want to slay both industries," Ward told the New York Post. "I love and embrace both. Me being bold and free in my sexuality and so out there with it has really given me that power. When I was like this innocent flower, I was letting everyone else dictate what I should do or what I should be."

The TV actress-turned-porn star said she is used to being counted out and through her time working as an X-rated performer, said many have warned she’d never land a gig in Hollywood again.


"When people always say, ‘Oh porn’s going to ruin you. You’ll never be seen by mainstream again. Nobody will ever want to hire you and porn will ruin it,’" said Ward, adding that producing "The Big Time" on her own volition has "given me my acting career back. It really has."

In addition to her role on "Boy Meets World," Ward also held down spots on "Home Improvement," "Rules of Engagement" and the 2004 film "White Chicks."

Former 'Boy Meets World' actress Maitland Ward is a frequent cosplayer. (Maitland Ward)


Ward’s latest effort into TV production will be developed by Leaving Normal Productions and Brett Azar, from NBC’s "Young Rock" is also set to co-star in the show, which will begin shooting in May in New York.

"The writers came to me with the idea," Ward said of her intrigue. "When I read their concept and everything in their original script, it was so sex-positive and fun. My character was based on me really because … it’s just my kind of persona."


The show will see Ward’s character tapped to "save a waning film studio on the brink of collapse"  after a successful career in the adult film industry.

"It’s going to have nudity, but it is going to be light-hearted," Ward said of the series. "It’s not going to be like, bubblegum."She said in an interview last July that some of her new viewers find comfort in the fact that she's a familiar face from the past.


"I have one wonderful fan who says his wife was not comfortable exploring new things in bed. She wasn't confident in her sexuality and didn't know what to do, but she likes watching me," Ward told the Post at the time.

Julius is an LA Entertainment Reporter for Fox News.

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‘Boy Meets World’ star Maitland Ward: OnlyFans gets me six figures a month

Maitland Ward is making serious bread during the pandemic.

The adult film star and former “Boy Meets World” actress says she has made six figures each month off OnlyFans — the subscription platform that has elevated the X-rated careers of everyone from housewives to teachers.

Ward, 44, told TMZ that her career has been especially lucrative with more people home during the pandemic. It’s given her the opportunity to connect with her “amazing fans,” and supplement her already flourishing career, she said.

“I get six figures a month from OnlyFans, and continuously,” said Ward, who played Rachel McGuire on the ABC sitcom 20 years ago.

It’s allowed her to do “more acting than I’ve ever done,” and make “more money and feel more powerful than I ever have in my life.”

Maitland Ward, of "Boy Meets World" fame, is proud of her pivot to porn.

Last week, she told The Post about her plans to return to TV with a sitcom about an adult superstar. She said she’ll be starring in and producing the new comedy series called “The Big Time,” marking her unprecedented shift from mainstream to porn and back again.

“I want to slay both industries,” Ward told The Post. “I love and embrace both. Me being bold and free in my sexuality and so out there with it has really given me that power. When I was like this innocent flower, I was letting everyone else dictate what I should do or what I should be.”

Beyond playing Rachel McGuire on the beloved ABC show, which wrapped in 2000, she’s done several pilots and an indie movie or two, but her last role on TV was in 2007 on “Rules of Engagement” as a sexy siren alongside David Spade.

“It was a long time ago, I had left the television world behind,” she said, citing the reason as being constantly labeled as the girl “from that kids show.”

Maitland Ward

Her new passion project, which is in development with Leaving Normal Productions, will begin shooting in May in New York.

“The writers came to me with the idea,” Ward said. “When I read their concept and everything in their original script, it was so sex-positive and fun. My character was based on me really because … it’s just my kind of persona.”

Maitland Ward

The show follows Ward’s character who, after a successful career in X-rated films, has been tapped to “save a waning film studio on the brink of collapse.” In an “Odd Couple”-like pairing, she teams with a “nerdy aspiring writer and mama’s boy” who will provide a new perspective on her “steamy” scenes and help fluff the struggling studio’s image.

“It’s going to have nudity, but it is going to be light-hearted,” Ward said. “It’s not going to be like, bubblegum.”

Maitland Ward

Ward believes there has been a shift in what people desire to watch on the screen beyond formulaic sitcoms, thanks to streaming platforms like Netflix, which struck gold with “Bridgerton” — a successful show that embraces and showcases nudity as well as diversity.

Ward, 44.

“I think people want to see all different stories and they don’t want to be boxed into the old and beholden to the studio system,” she said.

In the 18 months since Ward transitioned to adult acting, she has won five Adult Video News (AVN) awards — which are akin to the Oscars for porn — and six XBIZ Awards.

She may even have a “Boy Meets World” parody “situation” in store for her true fans.

“I’m writing a few things,” she said, declining to share the dirty details. “But it definitely is going to have the audience very excited.”

Maitland Ward Still Making Big Money Since OnlyFans' 'Cowardly' Porn Ban - TMZ

Boy Meets World star Maitland Ward says she’s making six figures a month on OnlyFans: ‘I feel very fortunate’

Boy Meets World star Maitland Ward says she's making six figures a month on OnlyFans

Boy Meets World actress turned porn star Maitland Ward claims she’s earning six figures a month on OnlyFans.

The former Disney star, who played Rachel McGuire on the much-loved teen sitcom, says she is now making more each month than she ever made during her acting career.

Speaking to TMZ, she explained: ‘I have amazing fans that have just shown up, really it was a time [during the pandemic] when we were alone and stressed and that’s a time when we need to connect and get off.

‘I feel very fortunate because I get six figures a month from OnlyFans – and continually too.’

She continued that the subscription service site allows her to make ‘more money and feel more powerful than I ever have in my life.’

Maitland appeared in her first adult film back in 2019, and has gained 1.5million followers on Instagram as she posts provocative images online.

However, she’ll soon be splitting her time between OnlyFans and acting when she starts shooting for her new TV sitcom, The Big Time in May.

Speaking to The Post, Maitland opened up about her plans to return to TV as she announced she’ll be starring in and producing the comedy series.

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She explained: ‘I want to slay both industries. I love and embrace both. Me being bold and free in my sexuality and so out there with it has really given me that power.

‘When I was like this innocent flower, I was letting everyone else dictate what I should do or what I should be.’

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Watd maitland

While Maitland Ward is still recognized as Rachel McGuire from Boy Meets World, the Long Beach, California, native has come a long way since her days on Disney Channel. In fact, Maitland, whose real name is Ashley Maitland Welkos, started working in the adult film industry later on in her life.

Nowadays, she’s considered one of the top talents in her field. “It’s a natural progression, and it’s been a slow build,” Maitland previously told In Touch of her transition into pornography. “I have taken baby steps. Some people think it just happened all of a sudden, and I just made this wild decision overnight to just change everything about my persona, but no. If you have followed me on social media and other things, you have seen me go through a metamorphosis, so to speak.”

Following Maitland’s role on Boy Meets World from 1998 to 2000, she went on to land a handful of small parts, including Brittany Wilson in 2004’s White Chicks. All the while, her interest in venturing outside of traditional acting continued to grow.

“It all started when I started doing cosplay, which I really genuinely love doing and people started giving me attention for it, and I wore sexy outfits,” Maitland continued. “I have always sort of been an exhibitionist, like always. I love dressing sexy in public and things like that.”

As for her personal life, Maitland and husband Terry Baxter tied the knot in 2006 and have been happily married ever since. “He is very supportive,” the Home Improvement alum assured. “He is a very good photographer, too. He has taken pictures of me along the way, like on my social media.”

Ultimately, her career in porn has never hindered their relationship. “It’s funny — the sexual performance — it’s not like you’re going on a date with someone. I feel like it’s more of a dancing partner, ice skating pair, something where you’re performing in that way,” Maitland explained. “I think if it would carry on outside, that’s different. He pretty much trusts me to do what I want to do performance-wise and in the set up and everything.”

According to her IMDb, Maitland worked in 11 adult films in 2020.

Scroll through the gallery below to see Maitland Ward’s total transformation over the years. 

Maitland Ward Still Making Big Money Since OnlyFans' 'Cowardly' Porn Ban - TMZ

Former 'Boy Meets World' Cast Member Maitland Ward Has A Surprising New Career

Despite how many years have passed since the show was on the air, 'Boy Meets World' still has a special place in many now-adult viewers' hearts. Clearly, the show had something special, so much so that Disney revived the concept with 'Girl Meets World' with another generation of the Matthews family.

Yet fans are still fascinated by what the former cast members are up to now. Cory (Ben Savage) and Topanga (Daniell Fishel) returned to the small screen together for 'Girl Meets World,' and some former cast members also made guest appearances.

RELATED: 'Boy Meets World': All The Real Life Issues The Show Tackled

But someone that fans have heard much less about is Maitland Ward, who played Rachel McGuire for a few seasons of the series.

When Ward's former castmates learned what career moves she's making these days, they were surprised but mostly intrigued. So what has the former sitcom star been up to?

Who Is Maitland Ward, AKA Rachel McGuire?

Rachel joined the 'Boy Meets World' core friend group in season six, when the group is off at college. She is Topanga and Angela's friend, but is also Eric and Jack's roommate, later becoming Jack's love interest.

Rachel only appeared in the sixth and seventh seasons of the show (and the 7th was its last), but she formed a bond with the other cast members and has given interviews since then about the experience she had on set.

And apparently, she's still close with the friends she made on 'Boy Meets World.' So when she decided to take her career in a new direction, she was a bit worried about what they would think.

What Is Maitland Ward Doing Now?

The surprising career move that Maitland Ward made was somewhat gradual. After 'Boy Meets World,' she acted in a few other relatively minor roles.

Then, she "retired" from acting and began cosplaying regularly. That, she later explained in various interviews, led her to other unconventional opportunities. Around 2013, Ward earned a following on social media for her risque photos. A few years after that, she received an interesting job offer.

Maitland Ward Works In The Adult Film Industry

In 2019, Maitland confirmed that she had just appeared in her first adult film -- at age 42. And she stated, per TMZ, that she didn't think the bend in the road of her career path would hurt her chances at any other roles -- adult or otherwise -- in the future.

RELATED: 'Boy Meets World': This Is What Morgan Matthews Looks Like Now

In fact, she elaborated that the decision was a business-savvy one, and that the world of adult films would only lead to other opportunities for work. What's more, Ward claims that other actresses have reached out to support her business decision.

But how do her former co-stars from the arguably wholesome 'Boy Meets World' series feel about the publicity she's getting?

Ward Says Her Former Co-Stars Are Supportive

In a 2020 interview, Maitland explained that her former co-stars have her back when it comes to any and all career moves she makes.

After running into Will Friedle at a comic con event, Ward said that he asked her only whether she was happy -- no judgment. Ward answered that she was, and that was that. The pair posed for photos together and caught up, but Ward also explained that she's still been in touch with the rest of the cast.

In fact, she said she'd been receiving calls full of both support and intrigue about her career moves. According to Ward, she's perfectly happy to share insider details about her new industry. And the only person she claims she won't talk about her career with? Mr. Feeny, William Daniels.

What Will Maitland Ward Do Next?

Maitland doesn't appear to have any plans to change career paths again, though she probably wouldn't say no to a 'Boy Meets World' reboot or reunion; she says the cast is tight-knit and like a family, even now.

But that doesn't mean acting and her former castmates are the only highlights in Maitland's life. Although, it's worth noting that she has received awards for everything from her '90s run on 'The Bold and the Beautiful' to more recent adult film roles and scenes.

Ward also got married in 2006, to a real estate agent, and is still married now. The actress, whose married name is Maitland Ward Baxter, doesn't share much about her personal life on her social media. But since there haven't been any divorce rumors, it seems as if her hubby is perfectly happy with his wife's career path -- not that she would care if he wasn't!

Maitland is clear that her career choice is one of empowerment, and she's given plenty of interviews confirming that the adult film detour has done more for her career (and bank account) than any other role ever has.

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There were many stars of the show who fans consider to be their first crushes.

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Maitland Ward

American actress

Maitland Ward

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Ward in May 2014


Ashley Maitland Welkos

(1977-02-03) February 3, 1977 (age 44)

Long Beach, California

Other namesMaitland Baxter
OccupationPornographic actress, actress, internet personality
Years active
  • 1994–2007 (mainstream)
  • 2019–present (pornography)

Terry Baxter

(m. )​


Maitland Ward (born Ashley Maitland Welkos; February 3, 1977) is an American pornographic actress,[2] model, and former television actress. She played Rachel McGuire on the sitcom Boy Meets World and Jessica Forrester on the soap opera The Bold and the Beautiful. In 2019, she transitioned from mainstream acting to performing in pornographic films.[3][4][5]


Acting career[edit]

Ward starred as Jessica Forrester on The Bold and the Beautiful, where she appeared from 1994 to 1996.[6] She landed that role, which was her first acting role, when she was 16 and still a junior in high school.[7] Ward had guest-starring roles on USA High and the seventh season of ABC's Home Improvement; and co-starred with Jay Thomas and Mario Lopez in the 1997 television film Killing Mr. Griffin.

Her character of Rachel McGuire was added to Boy Meets World in 1998, at the beginning of the sixth season, as a main cast member. This role lasted until the series ended in 2000. After Ward's stint on Boy Meets World, she appeared in the independent film Dish Dogs, a romantic comedy in which she co-stars with Brian Dennehy, Matthew Lillard and Sean Astin. Later, she appeared in the 2004 comedy film White Chicks with Shawn and Marlon Wayans.[8]

Cosplay and social media[edit]

After retiring from acting Ward began engaging in cosplay and making appearances at various comics conventions.[9] Her first cosplay was a slave Princess Leia outfit; she was given the idea by photographers that she had worked with on the red carpet.[10] She also appeared as Jessica 6 from Logan's Run, and as Red Sonja.[11] In recent years, she has also made comics-convention appearances wearing only body paint.[9]

Pornographic career[edit]

Beginning in mid-2013, Ward began posting nude and topless photographs of herself on Snapchat and Instagram, gaining a large following on both sites.[12] In April 2016, she posted her first nude pictures to social media of her being body-painted for Luciano Paesani for a Los Angeles exhibition called "Living Art".[11] In 2019, she announced on Instagram that she would be performing in a pornographic film entitled Drive, a move that some in the media referred to as a "drastic career-shift".[5][3] Ward received support from former Boy Meets World co-star Trina McGee.[4]

In May 2019, Ward signed with adult talent agency Society 15.[13] She stated that she had been approached by pornographic actress and director Kayden Kross and was "just floored" by the proposition of doing porn.[3] She decided that the move felt natural to her, saying "It's been an evolution. It's all been my authentic journey because everything that I have done along the way is something I wanted to explore and do. I just did it publicly for my fans, that is the exhibitionist style of me."[5]Drive was released online at the website on September 30, 2019.[3]

Of her decision, Ward stated that she feared being typecast and believed that by becoming a porn star, new fans would have an opportunity to discover her.[4] Upon Drive's release, Ward promised "more taboo stuff to come", and she subsequently appeared in multiple additional porn scenes released on[4] She has said that she did not believe in any stigma related to being a porn star. Conversely, she claimed that she regards her transition into pornography as a savvy business move.[14]

Personal life[edit]

Ward married real estate agent Terry Baxter on October 21, 2006.[15] The couple met on a set, and she credits their friendship and humor for the success of their relationship.[16]

After getting married, Baxter and Ward moved to New York, where they still live.[17] While they were there, Ward studied writing and screenwriting at New York University.[11]



Year Title Episode name
2019 Brazzers ExxtraWet And Wild (2019)
2019 Drive (TV Series)
2019 Lesbian X When Superstars Collide
2019 Raw 38
2019 Lesbian Superstars
2019 Blacked We All Do It, Too
2019 Blacked Unprofessional
2020 Poolside Affairs
2019 VR Bangers #CosplayQueen
2019 VR Bangers Order of Termination
2020 VR Bangers Showgirl
2020 Deeper Muse

Awards and nominations[edit]

  • Soap Opera Digest Awards
    • 1995: Nominated, Outstanding Female Newcomer – The Bold and the Beautiful
  • Young Artist Awards
  • AVN Awards
    • 2020: Won, Best Supporting Actress – Drive
    • 2020: Won, Best Three-Way Sex Scene (G/G/B) – Drive
    • 2020: Won, Fan Award - Favorite Camming Cosplayer
    • 2021: Won, Best Actress – Muse
    • 2021: Won, Best Boy/Girl Sex Scene – Higher Power
  • XBIZ Awards
    • 2020: Won, Crossover Star of the Year
    • 2020: Won, Best Actress - Feature Movie – Drive
    • 2020: Won, Best Sex Scene - Feature Movie – Drive
    • 2020: Nominated, Best New Starlet
    • 2021: Won, Best Acting - Lead – Muse
    • 2021: Won, Best Scene - Feature Movie – Muse
  • NightMoves Awards
    • 2020: Won, Best Actress (Editor's Choice)
  • XRCO Awards
    • 2021: Won, Best Actress – Muse


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