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Docking Drawer Blade Series 15 amp In Drawer Outlet, White Cover

One size fits all base cabinet depths up to 24" deep.

Create a charging station to charge up to 4 devices simultaneously. Ideal for charging cell phones, tablets, laptops, fitness trackers, CPAP machines, e-readers
- Available with in White, Stainless Steel or Black
- Requires just 2" of space behind the drawer box
- Fits into drawers as narrow as 15" wide
- Interlocking circuit breaker that prevents high powered devices such as hair dryers from being used
- Able to charge up to 4 devices at a time
- Max Current: 3 amps
- Mounting diagrams available to plan your installation
- Can be specified during any phase of hte project, whether it be at the beginning, middle or end.
- Has a ft. cord with NEMAP plug

Cabinet Specifications:
- Maximum Drawer Extension: 21"
- Minimum Drawer Box Width: 15"
- Minimum Space Behind Drawer Box: 2"
- Minimum Interior Drawer Box Height: 3"

Charing Receptacle Specifications:
- Tamper resistant
- V AC Outlets: 2
- USB Ports: 2
- AC Max Current: 3 amps at VAC
- USB Max Current: amps at 5VDC


Phones, tablets, cameras, computers. Wonderful to receive as holiday gifts, extremely annoying to see scattered across an otherwise-clean kitchen counter while they charge. Enter: the Docking Drawer. It's a very simple device—basically a power strip designed to be installed in the very back of the inside of any cabinet or drawer—that will relegate your whole "charging station" (currently a plug in the wall, if you're anything like us?) to a hidden-but-easily-accessible location in your home.

Courtesy of Docking Drawer

Designer Sarah Robertson, known for her brilliantly functional kitchen designs at Studio Dearborn, is a dedicated user of the product. "Do you have a New Years resolution to get a part of your life organized?" she asked in a recent Instagram featuring a Docking Drawer (notably their most popular Instagram post of ). "This is an easy place to start because the outlets can be retrofitted into standard drawers. Just sayin, no more excuses!" Robertson also notes that she and her family use the product in their own home—a serious vote of confidence from a designer who specializes in these sorts of solutions.

"Our family is now pretty well trained that if they’ve misplaced a phone or calculator or power stick it will be hereand we pop the gadgets onto their chargers as soon as they are depleted and shut the drawerphewchaos contained!!!" If your kitchen has a desk, Robertson recommends stashing one in that drawer. Otherwise, she says the best location for a Docking Drawer is "on the edge of the main work zones," like the range or sink area. That way, she explains, "Users can plug and unplug their gadgets without ending up under foot in the main cooking zones."

Melanie Richardson also recently touted the organizational benefits of in-drawer electrical outlets when sharing a master bathroom design to Instagram. "Best idea for your bathroom ever hair dryer, flat iron, and brushes all in a tidy pull out drawer!" the designer said in an Instagram post.

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If you're working with existing cabinetry, just be sure there's enough space to fit the gadget. The drawer box needs to be, at minimum, 15" wide and 3" tall with 2" of space behind the it when closed. (Standard drawer dimensions fall safely into these constraints, so you're probably in the clear!)

Installation is very straightforward: You basically cut a rectangular hole in the back of the drawer or cabinet so the Docking Drawer can be inserted. But it does require using a drill and a jigsaw—so if you're not comfortable with some light woodworking, book a handyman or contractor to slot it in for you.

Best idea for your bathroom ever hair dryer, flat iron, and brushes all in a tidy pull out drawer!

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This content was produced as advertising by Remodelista in collaboration with Docking Drawer. 

At Remodelista, we&#;re all about clean, efficient, organized solutions. So is Docking Drawer founder Scott Dickey and his family. Years ago, Scott&#;s wife had grown tired of their house being constantly cluttered with technology such as phones, tablets, laptops, and all of the cables that go along with them. She asked her husband to install in-drawer electrical outlets to keep the devices charged but out of sight, but when he got to the hardware store, Scott was surprised to learn such a thing didn’t exist. As an electrical engineer, he decided to take on the mission of inventing a safe, reliable solution: the Docking Drawer. He installed the outlets throughout his house and the tech clutter vanished, and Docking Drawer had an unintended benefit in Dickey&#;s household: It encouraged family members to &#;unplug,&#; since their electronics were stored out of sight (and out of mind).

Read on to learn more about Docking Drawer.

Photography showcases projects completed with Docking Drawer outlets by Studio Dearborn, except where noted.

docking drawer&#8\2\17;s blade series can charge up to eight devices at a 10

Unlike DIY and custom solutions, which can be time consuming to install and questionably safe, Docking Drawer is designed to fit standard cabinet sizes, and their newest Blade Series outlet requires no cabinet customization. The outlets can be installed at any stage of a remodel, or even in existing cabinets.

Docking Drawer is ETL listed (meaning it complies with U.S. product safety codes and will pass inspection) and features a range of safety mechanisms. The Charging Outlets have a built-in circuit breaker while the Powering Outlets have a thermostatic shut off feature which cuts power to the outlet if the temperature rises above degrees Fahrenheit.

Docking Drawer offers Charging Outlets with a maximum current of three amps—ideal for charging small devices such as laptops, cell phones, and tablets.

docking drawer&#8\2\17;s slim series is ideal for narrower drawer specifica 11

Docking Drawer also offers Powering Outlets to power small appliances. These have a maximum current of 20 amps and are commonly installed in bathrooms to power hair dryers and curling irons.

a docking drawer powering outlet installed in a bathroom drawer. photograph by 12

To make installation easy, Docking Drawer&#;s Specification Library has helpful guides, including cutout templates, installation manuals, professional tips, and an electrical planning guide. (Note that while the Charging Outlets are plugged in, the process for the Powering Outlets is different: They must be hardwired.)

docking drawer&#8\2\17;s blade series is available in black (shown), white 13

Even if you&#;re not in the midst of a remodel, you can still install a Docking Drawer. Outlets are designed to fit standard, framed, frameless, and custom cabinets with no customization required beyond a cutout in the back of the drawer. Docking Drawer&#;s Blade Series outlets only require the standard 2 inches of space behind the drawer box, which means you don&#;t need to customize your cabinet order. The company&#;s Slim and Narrow models are designed for even smaller cabinets. To find the right size, visit the Docking Drawer Specification Library for a measuring guide. For even more help, call, email or even text Docking Drawer and a representative will help you find the right outlets for your space. They are passionate about helping you plan and specify your first project, and they&#;re available 24 hours a day.

docking drawer&#8\2\17;s blade series can be configured with ac plugs and 14

For inspiration on how to use Docking Drawer, visit the Idea Library on their website. There, you&#;ll find photos of Docking Drawer installed in real homes.

docking drawer charging outlets are ideal for home offices. 15
a docking drawer blade series charging station. 16

To learn more about Docking Drawer, visit their website and blog for ideas, advice, and FAQs.

Turn any DRAWER into a Charging Station - Drawer organization

Problem: Client installed a potentially risky ad-hoc in-drawer electrical outlet solution

Ad-hoc in-drawer outlets are not Docking Drawer in-drawer outlets. That’s what Leslie M. discovered when the tradesperson she hired installed what she hoped would be a smart, simple, and safe in-drawer outlet solution. In reality, she was charged over $ for a 2 AC outlet which was mounted awkwardly in the back of the drawer. Not only would Leslie’s drawer no longer close properly, but the outlet also didn’t charge her technology or offer USB-A or quick charging USB-C charging stations. After a frustrating month of living with this homemade solution, Leslie found Docking Drawer.

Rigid metal-clad cable scratched cabinet wall, while Docking Drawer power cord is ultra-flexible and simply plugs in.Rigid metal-clad cable isn’t designed to move with a drawer (left). Docking Drawer outlets feature cable management arms that guide and protect the ultra-flexible power cord ensuring all strain and risk is minimized (right).

In addition to poor outlet placement within the drawer box, the outlet Leslie’s tradesperson placed used rigid metal-clad cable—a more traditional type of cable only meant for fixed non-moving installations. This meant that every time Leslie would open the drawer in which her outlet was located, it not only scraped against the back of the custom cabinetry, leaving ugly marks—it also made a terrible sound. Moreover, it continuously pulled the drawer shut when Leslie wanted it open and it would not close when she wanted the drawer to be closed—a huge annoyance. Over time, the metal-clad cable would have eventually failed due to all of the opening and closing, posing a major safety hazard. "$ for nothing more than an outlet shoved in a drawer!” was one of the first things Leslie mentioned to us when she contacted Docking Drawer desperate for help.

Solution: Docking Drawer's certified and safe in-drawer electrical solutions

Docking Drawer in-drawer outlet installed flush with back of drawer, while ad-hoc outlet sticks out too far.All Docking Drawer in-drawer outlets install flush on the back of the drawer, ensuring that you have the most amount of usable space in the drawer box (right).

We knew we had exactly what she needed—at a much more reasonable cost. Plus, Docking Drawer outlets could do a whole lot more offering AC, USB-A, and even USB-C with Power Delivery. So our outlet experts stepped in, got a sense of what was truly wanted, and got to work! Docking Drawer equipped Leslie with a Docking Drawer Blade Duo in-drawer charging outlet which includes a variety of outlet types for charging numerous devices including 2 AC, 2 USB-C with Power Delivery for faster charging times, and 4 USB-A outlets to charge all of her technology neatly in her drawer and all at the same time. “I smile every time I open the drawer knowing what I’ll see inside,” said Leslie of her Docking Drawer outlet.

As with all our products, Docking Drawer installs flush against the back of the drawer so the outlet isn’t infringing on drawer space, leaving Leslie with a beautiful, wide open, clutter-free charging station. And because our outlets are designed for drawers, Leslie’s now opens and closes smoothly—without harming her cabinet, making noise, or posing a safety threat. "Now the drawer opens and closes smoothly and remains fully open. Imagine that!” Leslie chuckled. “No more USB adapters, everything just plugs right into the Docking Drawer."

Docking Drawer in-drawer outlet charges up to 8 devices, while ad-hoc solution only has 2 AC outletsDocking Drawer Blade Duo outlets (right) charge up to 8 devices with a variety of configurations, including AC, USB-C with Power Delivery and USB-A.

Best of all, with the help of Docking Drawer’s numerous specification documents, installation is a breeze. Why go through the hassle of designing an in-drawer outlet for your clients when you can save time while providing a quality product that is tested and ETL Listed?

Docking Drawer was the first to market with in-drawer outlets and with our commitment to quality and constant innovation, we continue to offer the industry’s smartest, safest and simplest in-drawer charging and powering solutions.

Are you searching for the perfect in-drawer outlet? Here are some Do’s and Don’ts:



  Use an Electrical Listed Solution

Don'tUse electrical components that are designed for fixed location installations

  Use a cycle tested solution that is proven capable to handle the movement cycles of the drawer opening and closing.

Don'tUse components that are not tested for cycling (opening and closing)

  Use a solution with Interlocking Safety Features for peace of mind

Don'tBe forced to wonder “how safe can this be?”


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