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Eyesore no more! In recent years, kitchen range hoods have evolved from grimy eyesores to works of art. And why shouldn't an appliance of such large size also make a big (stylish) statement? Today, kitchen vent hoods are available in all shapes, sizes, and materials (hello, copper!) that can either draw the eye or blend right in with the surroundings. And you don't have to spend a fortune on them, either: Some of these are just basic metal underneath a clever DIY job. Whether custom- or handmade, these gorgeous kitchen hoods are sure to steal the show.

1Barn Wood-Covered Kitchen Range Hood

You'd never know this was a basic Ikea kitchen vent underneath that gorgeous wood covering.

2Copper Kitchen Vent

3Wood-Trimmed Kitchen Hood

This mixed-metal look is huge right now.

4Scalloped Range Hood

It doesn't get any prettier than a scalloped kitchen hood.

5Mint and Gold Kitchen Hood

The fresh mint and luxe gold of this kitchen range hood help balance out the dark (but dreamy) oven.

6Rustic Wood-Covered Vent Hood

7White and Gold Kitchen Range Hood

An all-white kitchen calls for a kitchen vent to match.

8Patina Metal Kitchen Vent

This weathered work of art warms up the space.

9Brass Kitchen Hood

Here's a seriously striking kitchen hood by the internal design team at DDG.

10Weathered Copper Kitchen Range Hood

The best part about a copper kitchen hood? It looks even better as it ages. Just take this one, custom-made by
Roman & Williams, for example.

12Crown Molding Kitchen Hood

You can always count on crown molding for a little extra elegance.

13Brick Range Hood

Brick and wood work together for a natural range hood that looks right at home here.

14Kitchen Hood Mantel

Make your hood double as a mantel, too!

15French Range Hood

You can't go wrong with a classic, French-style kitchen vent hood.

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Custom Rustic Copper Range Hoods

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Built-to-Order Designable Custom Straps Rivets Bella Bronze Range Stove Hoods
Custom designed Davinci soft hammered copper range hood
Copper Kitchen Range Hood Custom Bronze Colored Straps
Artisan "Venetian" Ceiling Mounted Antique Copper Range Hood
Wall Mounted Personalized Copper Range Hood | European London
London Gunmetal Range Hood
Artisan Custom-Built Wall-Mounted Copper Stove Hood
Italian Style "Venetian" Hard-Hammered Antique Copper Color Range Hood
Handmade Custom Dark Copper Venetian Grill Hood on a Deck
Custom Apron & Soft-Hammering Traditional "Venetian" Copper Range Kitchen Hood
Atlanta Copper Range Hood with Rustic Apron Pattern
Custom-Built Rustic "D.C." Bronze Colored Range Hood Smooth Texture
Italian-Style Kitchen Hoods "Davinci" Copper Range Hood Custom Straps And Rivets
Custom-Built "Bella" Copper Stove Hood Custom Straps and Rivets
Modern "Vancouver" Style Hood with Custom Straps and Rivets
Modern Style San Francisco Copper Range Hood Custom Made-to-Order
Rustic Style Copper Range Hood "New York" Rustic Apron Pattern
Bella Soft Hammered Copper Range Hoods | Antique Copper Color
Vancouver Style Handcrafted Custom Copper Range Stove Hood
Made-to-Order Antique Copper Stove Hood Smooth Body
Rustic Antique Copper Range Hoods Soft-Hammered Apron
American "Seattle" Built-to-Order Artisan Antique Copper Color Range Hoods Smooth Texture
Stainless Steel Industrial Style Hard-Hammered Copper Range Hood Custom Made-to-Order
Traditional Style Antique Copper Color "Duluth" Range Hood Custom Apron Design
Wall Mount "London" Copper Kitchen Hood Gunmetal Colored Rivets
Custom Apron Pattern Straps "Boston" Modern Handcrafted Copper Range Hood
Handcrafted Stainless Steel Kitchen Range Hoods with Smooth Body

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The rustic kitchen aesthetic evokes simpler times with its use of materials like tile, stone, wood and metal, as well as warm, earthen hues that mesh beautifully with wrought iron and copper cookware. In this milieu, a natural copper range hood is a perfect match. Especially a handcrafted one from Copper Hoods.

We handcraft each range hood to order in your choice of Light, Medium or Dark patina and a soft- or hard-hammered finish. If you don't see just the right hood for your kitchen on our website, get in touch with us. We can custom build anything you envision, at no extra charge. 

Choose your Color

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Straps & Rivets for Copper Range Hoods

Straps and Rivets Option:

  • Flat strips of metal welded vertically for decoration
  • Choose from 5, 4, 3 or 2 straps on the hood
  • Choice of rivets placed on some or all straps
  • Choice of small or large rivets placed on the hood apron
  • Custom strap or rivet placement


Bars Option:

  • Elevated & protruding metal bars welded vertically for decoration
  • Choose from 5, 4, 3 or 2 bars on the hood
  • Custom bar placement

How to Choose Your Ventilation System

Choose the vent system that will work best for your kitchen based on:

Available Ventilation Systems

We offer two ventilation systems from Trade-Wind™ with 3 different cubic feet per minute (CFM) ratings each. 48” cooktops need more than 390CFM.

We also offer a liner only option, which includes light, switches, and stainless steel baffle filters, or you can use your own ventilation system.

More ventilation info

Copper Care Instructions:

  • We recommend that you clean your sink or copper range hood with mild soap and warm water.
  • Do not use abrasive brushes or harsh cleaners.
  • Your hood or sink come with a protective coating to preserve the finish you select.
  • For sinks, thoroughly rinse after each use.

Personal Installation Spec Sheets:

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What our customers are saying about us

When I was designing my dream kitchen I knew that I wanted something that would really set it apart from other kitchens I had seen. My copper hood from Copper Kitchen Specialists really made the difference. It is not only beautiful, but the function of the hood is top notch. I can cook anything in my kitchen and all fumes are pulled up and away out of the house. Whether I am pan frying fish or meat, you cannot tell or smell, as it so effective. My experience with working with the designer, Adam, was fantastic. His commitment to meeting my satisfaction and level of client service was exceptional. The hood was more than I could have hoped for, and I am so glad that I went with Copper Kitchen Specialists. The whole process was done online and over the phone, and it was the easiest part of my kitchen remodel. They were extremely responsive and proactively called me to ensure that received my designs and was happy with the outcome. I would highly recommend Copper Kitchen Specialists to anyone who is looking to add a new hood in their kitchen.

Katherine Lindholm

The DiTolla's love their hood! Have a great holiday and a happy new year. I hope to have another hood order after the new year. Thanks!

Janet Rottkamp

Thank you so much for the beautiful hood. It is truly a work of art! I love it and you will come highly recommended by me!

Jeanne Buhrman

What a great experience working with Copper Kitchen Specialists. They answered all of my questions. The hood looks and works great. The delivery was on time and packaged securely. I am so pleased with CKS I highly recommend them.

Pam Cahill

As a custom home builder and remodeler, I have used for copper hoods on three different jobs since finding them online, and my experience has been great! Their salespeople are helpful, designs are turned around quickly, and the final product looks great. The hoods come crated and well protected from any damage. In my experience, the hoods have always been delivered by the quoted dates. I will definitely call them again when I need another copper hood.

Matt Ward

Copperhoods custom range hoods
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Farmhouse kitchens are among the most beautiful, cheerful, and welcoming kitchens. From shaker style cabinets and farmhouse sinks to unfinished wood decor, this design trend is truly one of our favorites.

We’re going to highlight beautiful range hoods that work perfectly with farmhouse design. You have a lot of freedom to be creative when redesigning or remodeling your kitchen into the farmhouse style.

From range hood covers made of wood to metal, and stone to brick, these are some of the best farmhouse range hoods we’ve ever seen!

1.  The Proline Hurricane Insert

Hurricane Insert Product Picture

The Hurricane insert is a powerful fan for your farmhouse kitchen. With two blower options, it’s one of the most versatile inserts on the market. The Hurricane comes with either a 600 CFM single blower or a 1200 CFM dual blower to keep your kitchen air clean and fresh.

If you’re cooking just a few times a week and you don’t do a lot of frying, barbecuing, or Asian cooking, then 600 CFM is perfect for you. Otherwise, you can double the power with our 1200 CFM insert. It’s a great fit for avid barbecuers and fryers. It’ll also vent strong cooking odors from Asian cooking out of your kitchen in minutes.

Our Hurricane farmhouse hood is built with durable stainless steel baffle filters. They capture heavy grease and dirt as it moves to the outside. Baffle filters are incredibly efficient at capturing grease – best of all, they are dishwasher safe. After a few weeks, just remove the filter and toss it into your dishwasher. It doesn’t get much easier than that!

Farmhouse Range Hood - Hurricane Insert
Hurricane Range Hood Insert

With four different speeds, you can warm or simmer food on the lowest setting. Or, vent heavy smoke and fumes at max power. The Halogen lights provide more than enough light to brighten your whole cooktop, as you can see in the picture below. 

Finally, the auto shut off feature is incredibly convenient. Just press the button and your hood will run for five more minutes and clear all the smoke in your kitchen. The hood shuts off on its own, so you have nothing to worry about.

The PLJL Hurricane insert is crafted with a durable 430 stainless steel finish. It’s designed to keep your hood in prime condition for many years.

Featured Kitchen with Hurricane Insert

Fresh Daily Custom Hood
Custom Hood Side PIcture

Here is a great example of farmhouse design using the Hurricane insert. The range hood cover is a huge focus of this kitchen, with its tapered white shape and the bottom wrapped in wood planks. Adding the signage “Fresh Daily” includes an element of living on a farm!

The colors of this kitchen add to the three-toned design, with white, tan, and gray being the dominant colors. Neutral colors like white, off-white, and tan are often what define the farmhouse look.

Unfinished wood beams and other wooden fixtures give this kitchen just that much more of a farmhouse look!

Customer Reviews – PLJL Hurricane Farmhouse Range Hood Insert

“It was extremely difficult to find an under cabinet insert that would work for our unique space. We searched for a while and realized that proline range hoods had the largest selection of hoods that would work for our space. Their customer service was excellent and the ordering process was easy. Love our new hood. Great CFM power and wonderful style. Highly recommended.” – Mohit S.

Looks great. The fans work well to eliminate odor. Well designed product.” – Bhavesh P.

“So far I love the hood. It fits perfectly above our range and looks great. I love the four lights and the remote control. Would highly recommend it for the price.” – Gordon M.

To browse our available sizes for the Hurricane, click on the button below.

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More Farmhouse Kitchens with the Proline Hurricane Insert

Custom Hood Insert
Custom Hood With Wreath in Large Kitchen
Custom Hood with Wreath

To browse our available sizes for the Hurricane, click on the button below.

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2. The Proline PLFL 832 Farmhouse Range Hood

PLFL 832 Product Picture

The PLFL 832 is a reliable insert for your farmhouse range hood. It features a robust 1000 CFM blower that moves a ton of air. At 1000 CFM, this insert is twice as powerful as most inserts from big box stores. The blower has a whopping six speeds so you can do some experimenting and find out what speed works for you.

An insert this powerful keeps all the pesky grease off your custom hood. The stainless steel baffle filters will capture the grease and dirt quickly, too. Like with the Hurricane, the filters are dishwasher safe. So, cleaning is a breeze.

Operating the hood is simple. There are two buttons to adjust blower speed, one for lights, and one for power. At the lowest speed, you can converse with your guests while the hood is running. On the highest, you can vent heavy smoke from your kitchen in minutes.

The middle settings are most popular. This way, you’re not putting extra strain on your hood by running at max all the time.

The PLFL 832 includes up to four bright LED lights depending on the size. The larger the hood the more lights you’ll get to keep the cooktop bright. They make it easy to see what you’re doing while cooking.

The 832 insert is built with a sleek 430 stainless steel finish. It’s much more durable than your typical insert from a big box store – and it looks beautiful.

Browse through our PLFL 832 inserts below.

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Featured Kitchen with PLFL 832 Farmhouse Range Hood

Range Hood Insert in White Kitchen
Wooden Custom Hood - Farmhouse Home

This kitchen focuses mostly on neutrals. White and cream are common colors for farmhouse design, especially in kitchens that have limited natural light. White helps to reflect outside light and helps make the kitchen warmer and more inviting.

The range hood cover is built with wooden plants and has larger wooden detail near the bottom of the cover. It’s topped off with a beautiful image of a flower.

If you have the opportunity to include artwork in your kitchen, your range hood cover is a fantastic place to add some character!

Customer Reviews – PLFL 832 Farmhouse Range Hood Insert

“We are extremely pleased with the range hood. Good quality and aesthetics and the service we received was first class.” – Paul K.

“Overall nice product. Very quiet motor and like the controls. Will purchase for other projects we have under construction.” – Michael M.

I have only ever owned microwave combo hoods in the past. This is an unbelievable difference that I still take joy in every time I turn on this hood. The noise level is certainly acceptable, even on high, the lights are very nice and bright, and the hood looks stunning.” – Jesse H.

Browse through our PLFL 832 inserts below.

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More Farmhouse Kitchens with the PLFL 832 Insert

Custom Cabinetry
Large Wooden Kitchen with Custom Hood
Dark Hardwood Custom Hood

Browse through our PLFL 832 inserts below.

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3. Proline PLJL Insert

Proline PLJL Insert Product Picture

The PLJL insert is a versatile fan for your farmhouse kitchen. This insert is available with a 900 CFM single blower or a powerful 1200 CFM dual blower. Both of these blowers have more than enough power for any type of cook. Even if you don’t cook often, it’s a great idea to go with more CFM than you need. 

This way, you can use the hood at its lower speeds and it will last much longer. As an added bonus, the lower speeds are much quieter. Even at max power, the hood runs at only 7 sones, about the same level of normal conversation.

The PLJL insert has four speeds, which accommodate any cooking style. The control panel is under the front of the hood on the side. It’s unobtrusive and easy to use. On the PLJL control panel, you can turn on the bright LED lights to help you see clearly in the kitchen. These lights last thousands of hours and they’re energy-efficient.

This insert includes dishwasher-safe stainless steel baffle filters to make cleaning incredibly easy. No need to spend time doing harsh scrubbing; just toss them in the dishwasher.

Check out our PLJL insert below.

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Customer Reviews

The range hood insert is sleek and looks really good. It really draws some air. Good product thus far. Thanks.” – Brandon T.

For the size of the unit is comparatively quiet. The led lights are super. Great overall product.” – James G.

“The PLJL range hood insert has exceeded my expectations. It appeared to be made from quality parts upon opening and that was confirmed after installation. I was able to design my own custom hood and install a quality vent inside that is extremely powerful and perfect for our cooking needs.” – Adam L.

Check out our PLJL insert below.

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Featured Kitchens with PLJL INS

White Kitchen with Custom Cabinetry

This kitchen features an all-white design and has tan floors to compensate for more lighting throughout the kitchen. This range hood cover design is unique; it features a lip as well as detailing around the edges.

This lip, as seen in the photos below, is used for plant decorations in the kitchen, but seasonal decorations could go up as well! A rotating cast of decor throughout the year will give this kitchen life in all seasons!

Stone Range Hood Cover
Stone Range Hood Cover in Rustic Kitchen

Here’s another kitchen featuring stone and wood. This kitchen has wooden floors and cabinets, granite countertops, and a brick wall behind the stove. The range hood cover is made of stone and it blends perfectly with the countertops.

The second photo shows more of the space, having a wood-burning stove fireplace also laden with stones. It’s important to note that there are many different materials being used here: wood, stone, brick, and granite. They can all be used together to create a beautiful and clean kitchen design!

More Farmhouse Kitchens with the PLJL Insert

Decorative Custom Hood with Small Plants
White Custom Hood
Professional Range Hood Insert in White Kitchen
Large Family Room with Rustic Custom Hood

Check out our PLJL insert below.

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4. Proline ProVL Range Hood Insert

ProVL Product Picture

If you need power, the ProVL is the insert for you. It’s the most versatile insert in the industry. You have three options for your blower: 1200 CFM local blower, 1300 CFM inline blower, or 1700 CFM local blower. Not many inserts on the market have the option for an inline blower. 

Better yet, these blowers have variable speed thanks to dial knobs. So you can adjust the speed settings however you like.

What’s the benefit of having an inline blower? Well, inline blowers sit inside your ductwork instead of your range hood, which makes them much quieter. If the noise bothers you, this is the best option.

Another nice feature of this insert is the heat lamps. You can add extra lighting to these or install heat lamps to warm up your food.

The ProV insert features efficient stainless steel baffle filters to capture grease and dirt from your kitchen air. To make your job easier, these filters are dishwasher-safe. So you can focus on making delicious food for your family.

Buy your new ProVL insert by clicking on the button below.

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Take a look at what our customers have to say about this professional insert.

Customer Reviews

Great hood. Quality construction. I would buy it again.” Dewayne H.

The design is really slick. All of the premium features you could ask for in a range hood. All during the time before the installation I found all of my questions answered by very knowledgeable staff. Easy to work with them.” – David F.

It is a very nice looking range hood insert. Brings the kitchen up to a chef level kitchen. Love It!!” – Jeremy M.

Buy your new ProVL insert by clicking on the button below.

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Featured Kitchen with ProVL Insert

Modern Range Hood Insert in Wooden Kitchen

This kitchen features a darker wooden design and a range hood cover made from bricks and stones. It’s a beautiful idea and requires some effort and planning to pull off.

The colors in this kitchen are reflective of a two-toned kitchen, and it matches beautifully together. The lighting fixtures and the barstools at the counter complete this nice farmhouse look. 

Luxury Stone Hood
Angled Luxury Stone Hood

More Farmhouse Kitchens with the ProVL Insert

White Range Hood Cover with Insert
White Wooden Hood with Wreath
ProV Range Hood Insert inside Custom Hood

Buy your new ProVL insert by clicking on the button below.

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5. Proline PLFW 520 Farmhouse Range Hood

PLFW 520 Product Picture

The PLFW 520 is one of our most popular wall range hoods. It complements a farmhouse kitchen well and has enough power to keep your kitchen air clean. The 600 CFM blower has six speeds to accommodate any cooking style.

The backlit push buttons are beautiful and easily accessible. There, you can turn on the bright LED lights to help you see clearly in the kitchen.

The PLFW 520 is built with durable stainless steel baffle filters to capture grease and dirt as it moves outside your home. The 520 can also be converted to ductless with your purchase of a recirculating kit. This is a great option if you don’t cook often or if you live in an apartment.

Buy our PLFW 520 farmhouse range hood below.

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Wall Hood with Decorative Backsplash

Customer Reviews

“I ordered this vent hood online based on its high reviews. Once my order was processed I found out it was on backorder, but after calling customer service they upgraded my order to fill it as promised at no cost to me!! Love the product and it works better than advertised and looks awesome!!” – Jason M.

“Looks beautiful. Quiet and efficient. The installer commented that he liked that it didn’t extend out as much as other hoods (19″ vs 21″). Very easy to clean and the lights underneath are great! Great price and fast shipping. Very pleased with my purchase!” – Lysa C.

“So glad we decided to get the 48” 1100CFM hood. It’s a beast and easily handles all the cooking we do at our outdoor kitchen! Thank you, Pro Line!” – Michael B.

Buy our PLFW 520 farmhouse range hood below.

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Featured Kitchen with the PLFW 520

PLFW 520 Wall Range Hood in Farmhouse Kitchen

The heart of the home is the kitchen, and with this home, it’s obvious to see. As one of our favorite farmhouse kitchens to date, it features light and airy colors in the white walls and tan flooring.

This kitchen features a stainless steel range hood, which is different from range hood inserts. But there are still many elements of farmhouse design. They include the chandelier over the kitchen table and the decorative signs scattered throughout the kitchen. 

The creative and beautiful backsplash brings this kitchen together. It makes the kitchen pop more, giving it a cozy feeling of home.

PLFW 520 Close Up
PLFW 520 Close Up with Decorative Backsplash

More Farmhouse Kitchens with the PLFW 520

Black PLFW 520 Wall Hood
PLFW 520 Wall Range Hood over Gas Stove
Range Hood with LED Lights

Buy our PLFW 520 farmhouse range hood below.

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6. Proline PLFI 520

PLFI 520 Island Range Hood

The PLFI 520 is a low profile island range hood. At 600 CFM, it’s perfect for the average homeowner. The hood has six speeds so you can cook a wide variety of food and enjoy clean air.

The island hood is built with 430 stainless steel to keep your hood in great condition for years. The mesh filters are also quite durable – and some of the most efficient at capturing grease. Not to mention that they’re dishwasher safe, which makes cleaning a breeze.

The bright LED lights make cooking easy, especially if you enjoy cooking in the evening or night. They will illuminate the entire cooktop for thousands of hours.

Check out the PLFI 520 island range hood below.

Proline Buy Now Button

Customer Reviews

“The range hood we purchased is extremely well made and straightforward to install. The instructions were easy to follow and we had no problems doing the installation ourselves. We are very happy with the functionality of the hood and would purchase from Proline again.” – Patty T.

Great product and even better customer service.” – Ian B.

We are very happy with the quality of our 2 Proline Range Hoods. We have a log home and have struggled with how to provide ventilation for a 48″ range top on our kitchen island. There is a supporting log that is centered above our island making it impossible to use a single unit. The solution was to install two 30″ island range hoods side by side. It worked perfectly!” – Thomas V.

Check out the PLFI 520 island range hood below.

Proline Buy Now Button

Featured Kitchen with PLFI 520

PLFI 520 Island Hood with Wooden Beams

We love beams in the kitchen just as much as the next person and this kitchen uses them effortlessly. Beams give off a rustic feeling in the kitchen and help to give more character and personality to your kitchen! They’re a hallmark of farmhouse design and look good flat or slanted. 

This kitchen features an island range, which called for an island range hood. It fits in with the rest of the kitchen design and is barely noticeable since the beams are such a huge part of this kitchen!

Added plants in strategic spots around the kitchen bring it to life and colors to an otherwise white and brown room. It’s topped off with a bar-style counter and barstools. Great for entertainment, right? 

Island Range Hood in Farmhouse Kitchen

More Farmhouse Kitchens with the PLFI 520

Island Hood in White Kitchen
Island Vent Hood over Gas Stove
Island Vent Hood over Electric Stove
Close Up - Vent Hood over Electric Stove
Island Vent Hood in Kitchen with Shaker Cabinets
Island Range Hood in Large White Kitchen with Big Island Countertop
Kitchen Island with Chairs and Island Range Hood

Check out the PLFI 520 island range hood below.

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Are you excited about finding a farmhouse range hood for your home? It’s time to get started with your renovation.

If you’re still looking to browse hoods or learn more about them, check out the articles below.

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Wooden Farmhouse Range Hood
Curved wood range hood, valance with carved onlay.
Mantle style range hood.
Mantle style range hood, corbel supported shelf, arched base.
Cabinet style wood hood, beadboard panel, arched base.
Mantle style range hood, arched base, and corbel supported shelf.
Custom mantle range hood raised panel square base.
Mantle style wood hood, corbel supported arched base.
White curved range hood, decorative carved base.
Grey painted custom curved wood hood.
Chimney style wood hood. Cherry Wood Species finished with Grey Wolf Stain and Ebony Glaze.
Curved wood range hood corbel supported square base.
White Wood hood, corbel supported square base.
Chimney style wood hood corbel supported square base.
Curved chimney style wood hood, scalloped trim. Rustic Alder Wood finished in Aged Bronze, Ebony Full Wipe Glaze.
White painted range hood corbel supported base.
Chimney style bead board range hood.
Bead board range hood square base.
Curved wood range hood scalloped trim.
White curved range hood arched base.
Chimney style range hood, bead board.
Cabinet style wood hood.  Maple wood finished Frosty White stain with Ebony wipe glaze.

Vent rustic hood

Remodeling your kitchen? One feature to consider is a range hood. Not only are they useful for venting smoke, smells, and gas, but they can also be a beautiful feature of the space. Although there are practical things that might determine what type of range hood you can do in your kitchen (like the location of the duct work), knowing the style you like gives you a place to start. Whether you are drawn to dramatic statement hoods or those with a simple minimalist design, today I am sharing inspirations for range hood designs you might consider.



Exposed vents  are simple, affordable, and clean with a hint of industrial cool. I love this look and have used it in several kitchen designs (Estillo, Cadiz, Olympic Way, Ledgewood). You can leave the entire chimney exposed or just the vent under cabinetry or custom wood work.


black, white and brass kitchen makeover

Becki Owens Ledgewood Project

Regan Baker Design

Under Cabinet

Kelly Deck


If you decide that you want your vent to be hidden from view, there are a lot of pretty options. Range hoods are often custom and so can come in many shapes and materials.


Plaster hoods are beautiful. They are perfect in a Mediterranean-style kitchen with a rustic, old world aesthetic. Simple plaster-board range hoods can look clean and modern and are affordable.

Marie Flanigan Interiors

Amber Interiors


Shiplap range hoods add design without sacrificing a clean-lined look. It is a style that looks especially good in a modern farmhouse.

Amber Interiors

Simo Design


Setting the vent into the ceiling of a recessed alcove creates a modern minimalist look. I love the simplicity.

Heather A Wilson

Jean Stoffer Design


If you are short on space, you might want to build the range hood into your cabinetry design. This idea creates a nice uninterrupted line of cabinets along the wall. Although the cabinet space is hard to reach, it is a good place to store special-occasion stemware or other kitchen items that don’t see much use.

Jennifer Worts Design

Custom Wood

Custom wood range hoods have a rich look designed to meet the unique style and space requirements of your kitchen. You can choose how simple or ornate you want it, and could leave it raw wood, paint it to match your cabinetry, or pick a contrasting color to make a statement.

Vaughn Miller Studio

Becki Owens


Metal range hoods have lux appeal. I’ve picked out a few beautiful options so that you can see how different metals, shapes, and details work in different spaces depending on wether you want to go rustic, industrial, or glam.

Melanie Turner Interiors

Katrina Porter

Coats Homes



Stone and tile covered range hoods blend beautifully with your backsplash and counters. Marble looks chic, while tile can look clean and rustic.

The Leslie Style

Joanna Gaines

Hopefully breaking down some hood range options helps you decide the design of your own kitchen. There are so many beautiful options. For more kitchen ideas, check out these post on the Pros and Cons of Kitchen Flooring Options, Cabinetry Paint Guide, or Q&A: Choosing Paint Finish. For more inspiration images, follow along with me on Pinterest.

Thanks for stopping by today!


the range hood guide

Wooden Farmhouse Range Hood

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