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Overall popularity of the most popular singers across all 15 seasons

Below are the final results for the cross-season poll up through Season 15. (If your favorite singer is not in this poll, it's because he or she did not rank high enough in previous years.)


Top 2 results

It's a wrap!  This season was much fairer than what has happened in some other seasons, and with a final pairwise contest between the two most popular singers, we have a deserving winner.  Congratulations Trent Harmon!

To those of you who have been voting in these VoteFair polls, thank you!!!

Top 3 results

No surprise this week.  Now we are down to a pairwise comparison between the two top singers.  In a pairwise comparison, vote splitting cannot happen.

Each week in these VoteFair polls your ranking of contestants makes it possible to do pairwise comparisons, and that's why the results here are not vulnerable to vote splitting.  In other words, vote splitting can only happen when voting only allows us to indicate a single favorite choice.

As a clarification, the official voting does allow us to split our support into various numbers of votes to second and third (etc.) singers, but that is still using single-mark ballots because each such “vote” is a different ballot with just a single singer's name being marked.

Top 4 results

No surprises this week.  The fact that LaPorsha Renae was in the bottom two reveals that, in the official voting, fans who prefer a male singer significantly outnumber fans who prefer a female singer.  This means that fans of the two remaining male singers might cast so many votes that LaPorsha Renae could be eliminated next week, even though she is more popular than third-most-popular Dalton Rapattoni.

Expressed another way, in this VoteFair poll the fans of both male singers can indicate that LaPorsha Renae is their second choice, but in the official voting those male-singer fans cannot afford to waste any of their official votes on her.  Here is yet another example of the difference between pairwise counting and first-choice only counting.

Gender-biased stuffed ballots

A few voters in Denham Springs Louisiana, Woodstock Georgia, Frisco Texas, Honolulu Hawaii, and Angola Indiana have attempted to stuff the VoteFair ballot box with their highest support for Trent Harmon and Dalton Rapattoni, and with low rankings for LaPorsha Renae.  After removing those ballots, plus some outside-the-United-States ballots, here (below) are the current rankings.

Normally vote splitting among the three males would keep LaPorsha Renae relatively safe, but there is heavy official voting by female fans who strongly prefer a good-looking male singer, and they are likely to vote using multiple accounts (such as both Facebook and Google), so LaPorsha Renae is not safe.  As stated here in previous weeks, every vote counts — just as it does in close government elections when the differences are significant.

Top 5 results

The elimination of Sonika Vaid leaves us with three male singers and one superb female singer.  Next week, if nothing goes wrong with the official vote counting, vote splitting among the males combined with the superb singing skill of LaPorsha Renae will cause one of the three remaining males to be eliminated.  This assumes that too many viewers do not assume that LaPorsha Renae is getting plenty of votes from other viewers.

Top 6 results

The fact that Sonika Vaid was in the bottom two — instead of slightly less-popular MacKenzie Bourg — indicates the typical bias in favor of male singers.

Top 6 commentary

This week's current VoteFair results (Wednesday night) indicate that Tristan McIntosh and/or MacKenzie Bourg will be eliminated this week.

If any of the other singers gets the fewest official votes, then the judges should save that singer.

The biggest risk is that lots of fans might assume that LaPorsha Renae is getting plenty of votes from other voters, and that could cause her to get the fewest votes.  This would be similar to what happened years ago the week that Jennifer Hudson was eliminated early in the competition.

Please remember this lesson when you vote in the U.S. Presidential election: don't assume that other voters will make the right choice!  Every vote does count!

Top 8 commentary

No big surprises this week.

This week's “greediest voter” award goes to a voter in South Hadley, Massachusetts, who attempted to cast 10 ballots.  Apparently he or she does not realize that just using a different ranking on each ballot does not make them come from different places.

Top 10 results, and what's happening in the U.S. Presidential primary election

Yup, vote-splitting happened this week.  And with vote-splitting going on in the U.S. Presidential election among the Republican candidates, it's a good time to remind you how it works.

Among the Top 10 there were 6 females and 4 males.  If we guess that the preference for a male winner versus a female winner is somewhat equal, then the half of the voters who prefer a female are splitting their votes among 6 contestants, whereas the half of the voters who prefer a male are only splitting their votes among 4 contestants.  The result is that each female gets fewer votes compared to each male, which makes the elimination of two female singers more likely compared to the non-gender-biased result of eliminating one male and one female.

Again the important concept is that the contestant with the fewest first-choice votes is not necessarily the least-popular contestant.

In this case, Olivia Rox, in the VoteFair poll, was not the second-least-popular singer, but the least-popular male singer, Lee Jean, received more first-choice votes.  And apparently either she did not sing as well as usual, or Tristan McIntosh and Avalon Young sang better than usual (I don't know which because I don't watch on Thursday nights), so Olivia Rox was eliminated early.

[Clarification from Mrs. Dale Wester: “Olivia had to be hospitalized for the flu during Top 10 week; I doubt she was fully recovered last Thursday. This week, her biggest problem was song choice. In exit interviews, Olivia explained that she had a different song prepared but changed based on recommendations given during rehearsals.”]

The elimination of Gianna Isabella was fair, because she was at the bottom of the Top 10.

In the Republican presidential election, the presence of three main candidates is causing vote splitting because each voter can only mark the name of one candidate.  If instead each voter could indicate a second choice, pairwise counting could be done, and pairwise counting is not vulnerable to vote splitting.  What does this really mean?

The writers of the U.S. Constitution knew about vote splitting, so they set up the electoral college voting method.  At the time, without having even mechanical devices that could do sophisticated counting, that's the best they could do.  Yet the founders of our nation would be dumbfounded by the stupidity of today's Congress.  The founders expected that when better counting methods became practical — which they are now, because of computer technology — the members of Congress would update the Constitution to use better counting methods.  Alas.

This summer many voters will see in action the process of delegate voting that has mostly remained unchanged since the early days of our nation.  At the Republican convention there will be a first round of voting, and in that first round, none of the Republican candidates will receive a majority of votes — from the “delegates” who are supposed to represent us, the actual voters.  Besides the unfairness that the delegates are insiders who get chosen as a reward for having done political favors, the bigger unfairness is that those delegates have no idea who the voters really prefer the most, overall.  Why do they not know?  We, the voters, or at least the “Republican” voters, were never asked for our second choice.  (Of course a second choice is not needed for the Democratic convention.)  The long-standing tradition is to assume that the delegates are smart people, and that the delegates who promised to vote (on the first round) for their candidate will, when necessary, shift their vote to the best of the remaining candidates.  Ha!  What really happens is that in back-room meetings delegates (and the unpopular candidates who only have a few delegates) are promised something they want in exchange for switching their vote, usually to the candidate who the party insiders prefer.  And that person would be Marco Rubio, because he is a puppet of special interests.  This does not mean that Marco Rubio will win.  It means that Republican insiders will try to use the convention's vote-shifting process to defeat Donald Trump because his political views are unknown (and have changed dramatically over time).  To a lessor extent, insiders will also try to defeat Ted Cruz because he is motivated by some personal prejudices that are in conflict with party “traditions.”

What can be done?  Learn more!  And please point out to family members and close friends that marking only a single candidate's name on an election ballot is primitive!  For a clear explanation of the problem and the solution, please read the Declaration of Election-Method Reform Advocates, which is a document signed by a few of us who fully understand vote-counting methods.  Thank you for learning!  For that you are a hero!

Top 10 poll

Now that we can fit both the males and females into the same poll, we can compare the popularity of the males versus females.  But remember that the show uses unfair single-mark balloting, so don't assume that the elimination order will be gender unbiased.  In fact, a female is likely to be eliminated next, even if she is a better singer than all the males, simply because currently there are fewer males.  The pairwise counting done in these VoteFair polls do not have that vote-splitting unfairness.

A few people voted in the Top 24 poll after the Thursday show started on the East coast, and those votes were removed.  (Please wait for the new poll to start.  Sometimes I'm busy on Thursday night and cannot close the poll until later that night, and cannot start the next poll until mid-day Friday.)

Top 24 commentary

The judges and producers were wise to abandon their original plans to have the judges choose almost all the top 10 contestants.  Based on the results of this last week's VoteFair poll, the judges made wise decisions when they chose the four top singers, and this prevented the unfair results that otherwise would have happened with so many contestants and so many needed eliminations.  The producers wisely allowed us, the viewers, to choose the other six.

Let's hope that TV producers do not forget the most important lesson from American Idol: It is popular because we, the viewers, get to vote, without the judges getting to have any voting influence.  The TV shows that allow their judges to give extra points to their favorite(s) are so much less worthwhile to watch because it takes too many viewer votes to overcome those biases from the judges.  At this point, the judges still can influence voting by what they say, and that's plenty of influence at this point (after they eliminated thousands of less-skilled singers).

Top 24 poll

The Season 15 VoteFair poll is now open!  Share your preferences in this poll, so that next week you will know who to support with your official votes.

Ooops!  Thank you Mrs. Dale Wester for pointing out my mistake in thinking the eliminated contestants were eligible as wildcard contestants.  I admit that, although I watch (or just listen to) the show on Wednesday nights, I do not watch on Thursday nights.  So I don't know what's said on the Thursday shows.  As a fix, I have changed the word "wildcard" to "eliminated."  It's still interesting to see which eliminated contestants are the most popular.  (And if the show needs to pick a replacement for someone who can't continue, the results here could provide some info about who to consider.)

Season 15 summary table

Links to each week's results (with some exceptions) are in the summary table column headings.

The asterisk (*) below indicates the early elimination of Olivia Rox due to having been hospitalized with the flu and switching songs at the last minute.

ContestantEliminatedTop femalesTop malesTop 10Top 8Top 6Top 5Top 4Top 3Top 2Final result
Trent Harmon363 (tie)22111Winner
LaPorsha Renae3 (tie)1111222Runner-up
Dalton Rapattoni1323333Out
MacKenzie Bourg254544Out
Sonika Vaid223 (tie)45Out
Tristan McIntosh4866Out
Avalon Young3 (tie)75Out
Lee Jean497Out
Olivia Rox14 *Out
Gianna Isabella510Out
Jenn Blosil6Out
Jeneve Mitchell7Out
Thomas Stringfellow5Out
Manny Torres6Out
Emily Brooke(1)
Stephany Negrete(2)
Amelia Eisenhauer(3)
Adam Lasher(4)
CJ Johnson(5)
Kory Wheeler(6)
Jenna Renae(7)
James VIII(8)
Shelbie Z(9)
Jordan Sasser(10)


Gender bias?  Yes!

This year's cross-season poll reveals a clear gender bias in favor of male contestants.  Ironically, in this gender bias, it is women who tend to prefer male singers, and apparently (based on various evidence) they vote more often in the official voting, so they tend to cause the winner to be a male.  In contrast to official voting, this poll limits each voter to just one ballot.

This two-question poll — which admittedly is not statistically significant for many reasons — shows that Jax Cole and Joey Cook are more popular than the winner Nick Fradiani, and more popular than runner-up Nick Fradiani, even though Jax Cole was eliminated one week earlier, and Joey Cook was eliminated five weeks earlier.

As in previous years, Kelly Clarkson continues to be the most popular American Idol (among both winners and non-winners), and Carrie Underwood is second-most popular.  Haley Reinhart (from Season 10) continues to rank high (third) because her fans regularly vote in this cross-season poll.

Interestingly this year's winner, Nick Fradiani, and runner-up, Nick Fradiani, are at the bottom of the overall poll, where they are competing with the most popular singers from previous seasons.

Below are the overall final results and Season-14-only results for this year's cross-season poll.



Please help measure gender bias by voting in the cross-season poll

Please vote — just once! — in this year's cross-season poll.  Your ballot will help measure the gender bias that is explained in the What's goin' on? section at the top of the Season 14 commentary page.  Thanks!


Season 14   (2015)

Link to Season 14 commentary

Season 14 summary table

The asterisks (*) below indicate the early eliminations of Sarina-Joi Crowe and Joey Cook and Jax Cole, and the somewhat delayed elimination of Rayvon Owen.

For poll results, click on the column headings in this summary table.

ContestantTop 24,
First week
males &
Top 24,
Second week
males &
Top 16
males &
Top 12Top 11,
First week
(data lost)
Top 11,
Second week
Top 9Top 8Top 7Top 6Top 5Top 4Top 3Top 2
Nick Fradiani5234?66554333Winner
Clark Beckham1111?11111122Out
Jax Cole1 (tie)223?32222211 *Out
Rayvon Owen9657?8777 *55 *4 *Out
Tyanna Jones1 (tie)332?444434Out
Quentin Alexander8 (tie)325?55666Out
Joey Cook4446?2333 *Out
Qaasim Middleton74411Saved988Out
Daniel Seavey35612?119Out
Adanna Duru9979?7Out
Maddie Walker87510?10Out
Sarina-Joi Crowe6 (tie)118 *Out
Alexis Gomez106 (tie)8Out
Mark Andrew698Out
Loren Lott7106Out
Adam Ezegelian4117Out
Katherine Winston6 (tie)5Out
Riley Bria107Out
Lovey James58Out
Savion Wright8 (tie)8Out
Trevor Douglas1110Out
Shannon Berthiaume211Out
Michael Simeon212Out
Shi Scott312Out


Cross-season poll, Seasons 1 through 13

Kelly Clarkson continues to be the overall most popular American Idol.  Lots of Haley Reinhart fans vote here every year, so she is tied with ever-popular Carrie Underwood.  At the bottom are Caleb Johnson and Jessica Sanchez and Alex Preston, so they will be eliminated from the next cross-season poll.

Invalid votes were removed before calculating these final results.


Season 13   (2014)

Link to Season 13 commentary

Season 13 summary table

For poll results, click on the column headings in this summary table.

ContestantTop 13Top 12Top 11Top 10Top 9Top 8, First weekTop 8, Second weekTop 7Top 6Top 5Top 4Top 3Top 2Final
Caleb Johnson5613121222332Winner
Jena Irene6222312111111Runner-up
Alex Preston453123333322Out
Jessica Meuse3444 (tie)4444444Out
Sam Woolf1364 (tie)56
CJ Harris10105798876Out
Dexter Roberts(omitted)9888776Out
Malaya Watson121196656Out
Majesty Rose21757Out
MK Nobilette812119Out
Ben Briley9810Out
Emily Piriz77Out
Kristen O'Connor11Out


Cross-season poll, Seasons 1 through 12

Kelly Clarkson continues to be the overall most popular American Idol.  Next, because of lots of her fans voting here, is Haley Reinhart.  Next are Carrie Underwood, Angie Miller, and Candice Glover.

Detailed results of VoteFair cross-season poll, Seasons 1 through 12


Season 12   (2013)

Link to Season 12 commentary

Season 12 summary table

The asterisks (*) below indicate the delayed elimination of Lazaro Arbos and the slightly early elimination of Aubrey Cleland.  (The elimination of first-ranked Angie Miller was not a significant surprise because many votes in this poll were cast before the performance night when Candice Glover gave especially great performances, and because Kree Harrison got lots of official votes from Country-music fans who do not vote in this poll.)

For poll results, click on the column headings in this summary table.  The ranking information in parentheses is the official vote-count order that was announced on the show.

ContestantTop 10 females
Top 10 males
Top 10Top 9Top 8Top 7Top 6Top 5Top 4,
first week
Top 4,
second week
Top 3Top 2Finale
Candice Glover3 (f)2
(in top 3)
(top 2)
(bottom 2)
Kree Harrison2 (f)3
(in top 3)
(in top 3)
(top 2)
(bottom 2)
(top 2)
Angie Miller1 (f)1
(in top 3)
(in top 3)
(top 2)
11 *Out
Amber Holcomb4 (f)4
(in 5th)
(bottom 2)
(bottom 2)
Janelle Arthur6 (f)6
(in 6th)
(in bottom 2)
Lazaro Arbos2 (m)9
(in 4th)
9 *8 *7 *
(in top 3)
Burnell Taylor3 (m)7
(in 7th)
Devin Velez1 (m)5
(in 9th)
Paul Jolley5 (m)8
(in 8th)
Curtis Finch Jr.4 (m)10Out
Aubrey Cleland5 * (f)Out(on tour
as 11th)
Charlie Askew10 (m)Out(in 12th
Nick Boddington6 (m)Out
Breanna Steer7 (f)Out
Vincent Powell7 (m)Out
Adriana Latonio8 (f)Out
Cortez Shaw8 (m)Out
Tenna Torres9 (f)Out
Elijah Liu9 (m)Out
Zoanette Johnson10 (f)Out


Cross-season poll, seasons 1 through 11

Here is a link to this cross-season poll results

On June 6 more than half the ballots (55%) in this cross-season poll had been cast by voters who are outside the United States.  Those ballots have been removed.  The results did not change much.  Jessica Sanchez is still in first place.  That does not necessarily mean that she is more popular than Phillip Phillips; rather it means that her fans vote here more than the fans of Phillip Phillips vote here.


Season 11   (2012)

Link to Season 11 commentary

Season 11 summary table

The asterisks (*) below indicate the very early elimination of Colton Dixon, and (in the preceding week) the early near-elimination (and judges' saving) of Jessica Sanchez.  The numbers in parentheses indicate a different ranking based on re-calculating the results with a more-rigorous removal of non-US voters (from many countries around the world, but especially from the Philipines).

ContestantPre-singingTop 25Top 13Top 12Top 10Top 9Top 8Top 7,
first week
Top 7,
second week
Top 6Top 5Top 4Top 3Top 2Winner
This row has results
with non-US votes removed:
  Top 13Top 12Top 10Top 9Top 8Top 7,
first week
Top 7,
second week
Top 6Top 5Top 4Top 3(same) 
Phillip Phillips3 (m)1 (m)1 (m)2 (3)22 (1)232 (1)23422Winner
Jessica Sanchez1 (f)1 (f)1 (f)1 (tie) (2)11 (2)11* Saved1 (2)11 (2)111Runner-up
Joshua Ledet6 (m)2 (m)3 (m)3 (4)567 (6)5 (6)5 (6)543 (2)3Out
Hollie Cavanagh2 (f)2 (f)2 (f)1 (tie) (1)3 (4)56 (7)77 (5)42 (1)2 (3)Out
Skylar Laine3 (f)3 (f)3 (f)5 (6)7 (6)754435Out
Elise Testone7 (f)4 (f)5 (f)76 (7)446 (5)6 (7)6Out
Colton Dixon1 (m)3 (m)2 (m)4 (5)4 (3)3323*Out
DeAndre Brackensick4 (m)10 (m)5 (m)8998Out
Heejun Han2 (m)4 (m)4 (m)9108Out
Erika Van Pelt6 (f)8 (f)4 (f)6 (8)8Out
Shannon Magrane5 (f)6 (f)6 (f)10Out
Jermaine Jones5 (f)6 (f)6 (f)10Kicked
Jeremy Rosado7 (m)8 (m)6 (m)Out
Reed Grimm5 (m)5 (m)Out
Jen Hirsh4 (f)5 (f)Out
Creighton Fraker8 (m)6 (m)Out
Aaron Marcellus9 (tie) (m)7 (m)Out
Hallie Day9 (f)7 (f)Out
Adam Brock10 (m)9 (m)Out
Chelsea Sorrell11 (f)9 (f)Out
Haley Johnsen8 (f)10 (f)Out
Baylie Brown10 (f)11 (f)Out
Chase Likens11 (m)11 (m)Out
Eben Franckewitz9 (tie) (m)12 (m)Out
Brielle Von Hugel12 (f)12 (f)Out


Cross-season poll, Seasons 1 through 10

Many fans of Haley Reinhart found, and voted in, this cross-season poll.  They ranked James Durbin, Scotty McCreery, and Lauren Alaina "insincerely" low, which is an attempt to vote "strategically".  Fans of those and other singers failed to vote in this poll.  As in any poll, the results are controlled by who votes, and who doesn't.

Detailed results of cross-season poll


Why is there no VoteFair poll for the X-Factor show?

A fan of this site has asked "why is there no VoteFair poll for the X-Factor show?"  Here is the answer:

For the American Idol show, the role of the VoteFair polls is to assist voters, who in turn are meaningfully helping their favorite singers.  Note that on American Idol the judges do not win or lose.

In contrast, the X-Factor show amounts to four music producers being the contestants.  The show calls them "judges", but they aren't.  They control the singers.  And each producer/"judge" favors "his" or "her" singers.  That's too much intervention for the voters to feel like their votes are the only factor in determining who wins.

For a similar reason there are no VoteFair polls for shows in which the "judges" get to vote; that makes it difficult for audience votes to override the judges' votes.  TV producers who try to replicate the success of American Idol are failing to realize that the popularity of American Idol is due to the fact that the voters are the only people who determine who wins.

(The So You Think You Can Dance show does handle the voting reasonably fairly, but a VoteFair poll for that show did not get enough voters here to justify offering a VoteFair poll in later seasons.)


Why not vote for the worst?

A website visitor has asked "why not vote for the worst?" There are several reasons, including these:

  • Most voters would pretend that their most-disliked choice is the contestant who is the biggest competitor to their favorite, and they would try to "bury" that competitor in an attempt to protect their favorite.  Even with first-choice-only voting such a strategy is unlikely to put the competitor into the bottom.  If this kind of voting were used officially, it would lead to bigger surprises than what now occur.
  • In the VoteFair American Idol poll, anyone can start at the bottom of the ballot and mark their most-disliked choice, and work upward toward their favorite choice.  The voting and the counting method are symmetrical.  As for the results, usually they would come out about the same, particularly in terms of who is most popular and who is least popular.
  • Perhaps the most important reason for not voting for the worst is that it fosters hatred, which is already in excessive abundance around the globe.  Contests are intended to be entertaining, and mean-spiritedness detracts from the enjoyment.  Remember that enjoyment is more important than who wins and who loses.  (Part of the reason the American Idol TV show is so popular is that it is fun to watch, and fun to talk about.)

This topic brings up an interesting question.  When you are in an audience clapping for performers, and the loudness of the clapping is being used to determine who is most popular, is it ethical to clap loudly for your favorite choice and then only pretend to clap (with very little sound) for all the other contestants? That's an ethical question for you to consider.  Fortunately the antidote to that technique is to recognize that measuring the loudness of clapping usually does not produce fair results when there are more than two choices, just as using first-choice-only ballots (and "plurality" counting) usually does not produce fair results when there are more than two choices.


Season 10

Link to Season 10 commentary

Below is a table that summarizes the main causes of Season 10's early and delayed eliminations.

ContestantEarly or delayed
Vote splitting
or concentration
AT&T text-
messaging issues
voting issues
voting issues
voting bloc
Haley Reinhart Early
Vote splitting
(slight, three ways)
Saturated lines
(texting advantage)
(versus Lauren)
James Durbin Early Vote splitting
(Reports of
Jacob Lusk Delayed Concentration Power voting?
(demographic unknown)
Pia Toscano Very early Vote splitting (not
first choice of enough fans)
Casey Abrams Early
(then saved)
Vote splitting (not
first choice of enough fans)
Thia Megia Delayed Concentration
(online votes)
    Votes from


Season 10 summary table

The asterisks (*) below indicate the early elimination of Haley Reinhart and James Durbin, the very early elimination of Pia Toscano, the almost-elimination-and-saving of Casey Abrams, and the delayed elimination of Jacob Lusk.

For poll results, click on the column headings in the summary table below.

ContestantTop 12 females
Top 12 males
Top 7 females
Top 6 males
Top 12Top 11
First Week
Top 11
Second Week
Top 9Top 8Top 7Top 6Top 5Top 4Top 3Top 2Winner
Scotty McCreery2 (m)3 (m)23311222221Winner
Lauren Alaina3 (f)2 (f)55563334432Runner-up
Haley Reinhart4 (f)4 (f)101064544331*Out--
James Durbin3 (m)2 (m)322221111*Out----
Jacob Lusk4 (m)6 (m)998 (tie)9*8*7*6*5Out------
Casey Abrams1 (m)1 (m)44*4
Judge's save!
Stefano Langone6 (m)
5 (m)677766Out----------
Paul McDonald5 (m)4 (m)888 (tie)87Out------------
Pia Toscano1 (f)1 (f)1113*Out--------------
Thia Megia2 (f)3 (f)769Out----------------
Naima Adedapo7 (f)
5 (f)121110Out----------------
Karen Rodriguez5 (f)6 (f)11Out--------------------
Ashthon Jones9 (f)
7 (f)Out----------------------
Lauren Turner6 (f)Out------------------------
Robbie Rosen7 (m)Out------------------------
Tim Halperin8 (m)Out------------------------
Julie Zorrilla8 (f)Out------------------------
Brett Loewenstern9 (m)Out------------------------
Jovany Barreto10 (m)Out------------------------
Kendra Chantelle10 (f)Out------------------------
Clint Jun Gamboa11 (m)Out------------------------
Rachel Zevita11 (f)Out------------------------
Jordan Dorsey12 (m)Out------------------------
Ta-Tynisa Wilson12 (f)Out------------------------


Cross-season poll, Seasons 1 through 9

Below are the final results (and detailed results) for the cross-season poll (after removing multiple votes from the same voter).  Lee DeWyze is ranked insincerely low by the more-numerous (in this poll) Siobhan Magnus fans, but he is not popular enough compared to Kris Allen to become the second-most-representative choice.  As usual, Kelly Clarkson and Carrie Underwood are near the top.  The popular non-winners — Siobhan Magnus, Jennifer Hudson, and Clay Aiken — who are (here) more popular than their season's winner reminds us of the unfairness caused by vote splitting — and voting irregularities.


Season 9

Link to Season 9 commentary

The asterisks (*) below indicate the early eliminations of Lilly Scott, Alex Lambert, Katelyn Epperly, Lacey Brown, Didi Benami, Katie Stevens, and Siobhan Magnus, the almost-elimination-and-saving of Michael Lynche, and the delayed eliminations of Paige Miles and Tim Urban.

ContestantTop 12 females
Top 12 males
Top 10 females
Top 10 males
Top 8 females
Top 8 males
Top 12Top 11Top 10Top 9
First Time
Top 9
Second Time
Top 7Top 6Top 5Top 4Top 3Top 2Winner
Lee DeWyze31133233232222Winner
Crystal Bowersox11122111121111Runner-up
Casey James2224444444333Out--
Michael Lynche5546655* Saved65654Out----
Aaron Kelly46675677654Out------
Siobhan Magnus4221132231*Out--------
Tim Urban1287*12*9*10*9*8*7Out----------
Katie Stevens56798865*Out------------
Andrew Garcia1351010989Out------------
Didi Benami244577*Out----------------
Paige Miles1188*11*11Out------------------
Lacey Brown10968*Out--------------------
Lilly Scott333*Out----------------------
Alex Lambert843*Out----------------------
Katelyn Epperly655*Out----------------------
Todrick Hall778Out----------------------
Michelle Delamor77Out------------------------
John Park109Out------------------------
Jermaine Sellers1110Out------------------------
Haeley Vaughn1210Out------------------------
Tyler Grady6Out--------------------------
Janell Wheeler8Out--------------------------
Ashley Rodriguez9Out--------------------------
Joe Muñoz9Out--------------------------


Cross-season poll for seasons 1 through 8

The results of this cross-season poll (after removing duplicates) reveal that fans of Clay Aiken and David Archuleta are well-networked and telling one another to vote here.  Each season, Kelly Clarkson and Carrie Underwood are at or near the top because they are popular among all the people who vote here, even though they don't get as many first-choice votes.

Adam Lambert appears to be less popular, but the VoteFair representative ranking results reveal that he would be the most popular if the ballots from Clay Aiken fans were ignored.  This also means that most Clay Aiken fans rank Adam Lambert insincerely low.

Overall, notice that this kind of comparison—where every ballot counts, and every voter ranks all the candidates—reveals true popularity more accurately than simply counting first-choice votes.  (If your favorite wasn't in this poll, note that they didn't do well in previous cross-season polls.)

(Detailed results)

Season 8 poll

Link to Season 8 commentary

The asterisks (*) below indicate the early eliminations of Adam Lambert, Allison Iraheta, and Alexis Grace.

ContestantGroup 1, Group 2,
Group 3, Wild card
Top 13
Top 11Top 10Top 9Top 8Top 7Top 7,
Top 5Top 4Top 3Top 2Winner
Kris Allen4 (g2)74444322322Winner
Adam Lambert1 (g2)12111111111*Runner-up
Danny Gokey1 (g1)2123344443Out--
Allison Iraheta2 (g2)333222332*Out----
Matt Giraud6 (g2)
(2 in wc)
Anoop Desai3 (g1)
(1 in wc)
Lil Rounds1 (g3)4877777Out--------
Scott MacIntyre2 (g3)810988Out------------
Megan Corkrey3 (g2)
(2 in wc)
Michael Sarver5 (g1)111110Out----------------
Alexis Grace2 (g1)56*Out------------------
Jasmine Murray8 (g2)
(5 in wc)
Jorge Nunez3 (g3)13Out--------------------
Ricky Braddy4 (g1)
(4 in wc)
Felicia Barton4 (g3)Out----------------------
Mishavonna Henson5 (g2)Out----------------------
Ju'Not Joyner5 (g3)Out----------------------
Ann Marie Boskovich6 (g1)Out----------------------
Kristen McNamara6 (g3)Out----------------------
Tatiana Nicole Del Toro7 (g1)
(8 in wc)
Jesse Langseth7 (g2)
(6 in wc)
Von Smith7 (g3)
(7 in wc)
Brent Keith8 (g1)Out----------------------
Kendall Beard8 (g3)Out----------------------
Jackie Tohn9 (g1)Out----------------------
Kai Kalama9 (g2)Out----------------------
Taylor Vaifanua9 (g3)Out----------------------
Stephen Fowler10 (g1)Out----------------------
Nick Mitchell10 (g2)Out----------------------
Arianna Afsar10 (g3)Out----------------------
Casey Carlson11 (g1)Out----------------------
Matt Breitzke11 (g2)Out----------------------
Alex Wagner-Trugman11 (g3)Out----------------------
Stevie Wright12 (g1)Out----------------------
Jeanine Vailes12 (g2)Out----------------------
Nathaniel Marshall12 (g3)Out----------------------


Cross-season poll for seasons 1 through 7

The results of this cross-season poll (after removing duplicates) reveal that fans of David Archuleta are well-networked and telling one another to vote here.  Also notice that some of the first-place winners are at or near the bottom.  This demonstrates the unfairness of using (primitive) single-mark ballots.  The more popular singers would have been the winners if official voting used order-of-preference ballots.  (Detailed results)


Season 7 commentary

The final VoteFair poll results indicated that David Archuleta was slightly more popular than David Cook, so why did David Cook win?

Having the phone lines open for four hours surely limited the late-night and after-midnight calls from younger fansDavid Archuleta has more young fans than David Cook, so this gave an advantage to older fans, and therefore David Cook.  This alone could account for the surprise result.

In a broader sense, the VoteFair poll cannot predict this kind of surprise because this poll does not attempt to duplicate the same conditions—especially limited hours and multiple votes—that characterize the official voting.  These different conditions easily account for the different results.  Also remember that this was a close race in both the official results and the VoteFair poll.  When a race is close, anything can happen.

Why was Michael Johns eliminated early?

Unlike the other seven singers (still there when he was eliminated), Michael Johns did not receive a concentration of first-choice votes from an established large fan base willing to continuously dial his phone number.  That happened because, relatively speaking, he does not appeal to any ready-made, well-defined, and well-networked fan base.  In contrast, keeping in mind that averages do not apply to individuals, consider that rock-music fans would tend to concentrate votes on David Cook, country-music fans would tend to concentrate votes on Kristy Lee Cook, African Americans would tend to concentrate votes on Syesha Mercado, female pre-teens and teens would tend to concentrate votes on Jason Castro and David Archuleta, fans of female musicians would tend to concentrate votes on Brooke White (as the most popular female singer), conservative adults would tend to concentrate votes on David Archuleta and Brooke White, and rebellious teenagers and vocal-quality-conscious musicians would tend to concentrate votes on Carly Smithson.  Why didn't the previous week's VoteFair poll predict his early elimination?  Because in this poll each voter votes only once, whereas the official voting allows dedicated fans to vote as many times as the phone system can handle.  Note that vote concentration is the flip side of vote splitting.


This table summarizes the VoteFair poll results.  To view any week's poll rankings and details, click the link(s) in that week's heading.  Asterisks indicate cases where vote splitting or vote concentration caused a delayed elimination—in the case of Kristy Lee Cook and Syesha Mercado—or early elimination—in the case of Michael Johns.

ContestantTop 12 females
Top 12 males
Top 10 females
Top 10 males
Top 8 females
Top 8 males
Top 6 females
Top 6 males
Top 11Top 10Top 9Top 8Top 7Top 6Top 5Top 4Top 3Top 2Winner
David Cook5 (m)5 (m)4 (m)2 (m)2223221122Winner
David Archuleta1 (m)1 (m)1 (m)1 (m)1111112211Runner
Syesha Mercado2 (f)3 (f)4 (f)4 (f)9777 *66 *5 *4 *3Out--
Jason Castro3 (m)3 (m)3 (m)4 (m)56623333Out----
Brooke White4 (f)2 (f)2 (f)1 (f)3335454Out------
Carly Smithson6 (f)5 (f)3 (f)2 (f)455654Out--------
Kristy Lee Cook10 (f)8 (f)6 (f)6 (f)11 *10 *9 *8 *7 *Out----------
Michael Johns2 (m)2 (m)2 (m)3 (m)6444 *Out------------
Ramiele Malubay1 (f)1 (f)1 (f)3 (f)788Out--------------
Chikezie Eze11 (m)8 (m)6 (m)6 (m)89Out----------------
Amanda Overmyer7 (f)10 (f)8 (f)5 (f)10Out------------------
David Hernandez6 (m)4 (m)5 (m)5 (m)Out--------------------
Asia'h Epperson3 (f)4 (f)5 (f)Out----------------------
Danny Norriega7 (m)7 (m)7 (m)Out----------------------
Kady Malloy8 (f)7 (f)7 (f)Out----------------------
Luke Menard9 (m)9 (m)8 (m)Out----------------------
Alaina Whitaker5 (f)6 (f)Out------------------------
Robbie Carrico4 (m)6 (m)Out------------------------
Alexandréa Lushington9 (f)9 (f)Out------------------------
Jason Yeager10 (m)10 (m)Out------------------------
Colton David Berry8 (m)Out--------------------------
Joanne Borgella11 (f)Out--------------------------
Amy Jean Davis12 (f)Out--------------------------
Garrett Haley12 (m)Out--------------------------


Cross-season poll for seasons 1 through 6

In this summary table, notice that some of the first-place winners are at or near the bottom.  This demonstrates the unfairness of using (primitive) single-mark ballots.  The more popular singers would have been the winners if official voting used order-of-preference ballots.  (Detailed results)


Season 6

In season 6, vote splitting and vote concentration (which is the flip-side of vote splitting) caused the long-running delay in eliminating Sanjaya Malakar, and caused the slightly early elimination of Melinda Doolittle. (They are marked with asterisks in the table.)

In this VoteFair poll, Sanjaya was correctly identified as being the least popular every week for 8 weeks.  During that time he was designated by the "vote for the worst" website and radio-show host Howard Stern as "the worst", and worthy of votes to make the show entertaining.  This concentration of votes is the flip-side of vote-splitting.

As in politics, which also uses single-mark ballots, money is concentrated on a single candidate in each U.S. primary election, and if necessary money is used to temporarily back a candidate who is politically similar to the candidate who is most disliked by the biggest sources of money.

There was never any chance of Sanjaya winning.  The strategy of concentrating votes in contests where only first-choice preferences are considered can work when there are lots of other contestants among whom the other voters split their votes.  However, the strategy fails when there are fewer choices.

Melinda was eliminated before Blake Lewis because she and Jordin split the primitive single-mark (official) votes of the voters who preferred a female winner, while voters who preferred a male winner concentrated their votes on the same person.  (If voting had been split into two-way ("pairwise") contests, Jordin would have won over Blake, and Melinda would have won over Blake.)  Nevertheless, Melinda is not as popular as a first choice, and that's all that counts in single-mark-ballot voting.

The lesson?  The person with the most (first-choice) votes is not necessarily the most popular, and the person with the fewest (first-choice) votes is not necessarily the least popular.

Learn more about vote splitting at Wikipedia.


(Asterisks indicate delayed or premature eliminations.)

ContestantTop 12
Top 12
Top 10
Top 10
Top 8
Top 8
Top 12Top 11Top 10Top 9Top 8Top 7Top 6
First week
Top 6
Second week
Top 4Top 3Top 2Winner
Jordin Sparks4-tie
3 (f)3 (f)42221112121Winner
Blake Lewis1 (m)1 (m)1 (m)33333233332Out
Melinda Doolittle2 (f)2 (f)1 (f)1111232121 *Out--
Lakisha Jones1 (f)1 (f)2 (f)244444454Out----
Phil Stacey3 (m)3 (m)4 (m)910976654Out------
Chris Richardson4 (m)4 (m)3 (m)75665566Out------
Sanjaya Malakar10 (m)10 (m) *8 (m) *12 *11 *10 *9 *8 *7 *Out----------
Haley Scarnato7-tie
7 (f)7 (f)119887Out------------
Gina Glocksen4-tie
6 (f)6 (f)6755Out--------------
Chris Sligh2 (m)2 (m)2 (m)567Out----------------
Stephanie Edwards6 (f)4 (f)5 (f)88Out------------------
Brandon Rogers5 (m)7 (m)6 (m)10Out--------------------
Sabrina Sloan3 (f)5 (f)4 (f)Out----------------------
Sundance Head11 (m)5 (m)5 (m)Out----------------------
Jared Cotter8 (m)6 (m)7 (m)Out----------------------
Antonella Barba11 (f)10 (f)8 (f)Out----------------------
Leslie Hunt7-tie
8 (f)Out------------------------
Nicholas Pedro7 (m)8 (m)Out------------------------
Alaina Alexander10 (f)9 (f)Out------------------------
A. J. Tabaldo6 (m)9 (m)Out------------------------
Nicole Tranquillo7-tie
Amy Krebs12 (f)Out--------------------------
Rudy Cardenas9 (m)Out--------------------------
Paul Kim12 (m)Out--------------------------


Results of cross-season polls

Five-season poll results based on 2,000 votes
(after repeat votes eliminated)(detailed results)

  1. Clay Aiken
  2. Kelly Clarkson
  3. Taylor Hicks (second-most representative)
  4. Carrie Underwood
  5. Elliott Yamin
  6. Chris Daughtry
  7. Bo Bice
  8. Ruben Studdard
  9. Katharine McPhee
  10. Constantine Maroulis
  11. Fantasia Barrino

Four-season poll results based on 6,338 votes
(after repeat votes eliminated)(detailed results)

  1. Clay Aiken
  2. Kelly Clarkson
  3. Carrie Underwood
  4. Bo Bice
  5. Constantine Maroulis (second-most representative)


Season 5 summary

In season 5 there were three unfairly early eliminations. (They are marked with asterisks in the table.)

  • Elliott Yamin: Slightly more popular than Katharine McPhee in the VoteFair poll, but the official first-choice-only votes caused the vote for males to be split two ways.
  • Chris Daughtry: Eliminated one show too early because the official (first-choice-only) votes for males were split three ways, whereas voters who preferred a female had their official votes concentrated on Katharine.
  • Mandisa: The person with the fewest first-choice votes isn't necessarily the least popular.

The American IdolTop 16 reveal and performances revealed the safe contestants, one by one, before they performed for your votes. The group was split into the two groups that performed and were voted on together last weekend, The poor eliminees didn’t get much of a send off.

Like I mentioned in the spoiler post, The biggest elimination surprise was Mary Jo Young. She got lots of screen time, and has a huge Tik Tok following. I wanted Andrea Valles to get another chance. But it’s hard to advance without screen time and judges support. Deshawn Goncalves making the cut surprised me. He’s been cruising under the radar, I guess. 

As far as tonight’s performances are concerned, my favorites were from Wyatt Pike, Cassandra Coleman, and Hunter Metts. Cassandra in particular, has wowed me week in and week out. Also, honorable mentions to Casey Bishop, Beane, Willie Spence and Ava August. Actually, there were no bad performances tonight. Overall, the Top 16 delivered an awesome night of music.

What say you? VOTE for your favorite performance. Who do you think was robbed? GRADE the episode. ALSO Choose the FOUR singers YOU think will be eliminated. I will post the results and predictions on Monday before the show. 

American Idol 2021 POLLS: Top 16 Reveal: VOTE VOTE VOTE

American Idol 2021 Favorite Top 16 Performance

American Idol 2021 Top 16 – Who Was Robbed?

American Idol 2021 Top 16: Who Will Be Eliminated (Choose 4)

American Idol 2021 Grade the Episode


American Idol 2021 Top 16 (Photo Gallery)

Click to Open

  1. Divinity ii
  2. Car posters
  3. Pillars of eternity items list
  4. Poe hideout

American Idol on ABC


Real-Time Voting With Live On-Air Results via Online Custom Vote, Native App Vote and SMS Vote.

American Idol logo with voting app showing ten contestants and zoomed in on one contestant


Telescope has powered American Idol voting platforms since its launch in 2002, introducing industry-firsts in audience participation, and breaking Guinness World Records along the way. We have partnered with the brand on countless innovations and continued the relationship when the show found its new home at ABC.  Our latest was a first-ever live broadcast and simultaneous vote across all U.S. time zones which culminated in real-time results revealed on-air.

For Season 16, Telescope also created an interactive mobile experience for ABC that let users explore, discover, and play-along with the show.

 American Idol online voting
 American Idol judges
 American Idol SMS vote


During the live show, fans voted on the Telescope-powered native app , ABC’s website and our SMS (text messaging) platform. Votes were collected in real time, with verified results delivered during the live television broadcast to announce winners.

American Idol SMS vote CTA and Facebook social post


Online:  Voters could cast their votes via the app or on the ABC website, with options to share on social media

SMS: Voters texted specific keywords to the short code

Native app experience: Fans downloaded the app for the latest Idol news videos and interactive  experiences including:

  • uPic: Photo uploader allowed fans to“Idolize” themselves with filters and stickers with option to share on social media

  • Fan Feed: Social Fan Feed brought enter Twitter conversation surrounding Idol to a single location.

  • Multi-poll: Interactive polling experience for fans to offer their opinions, andwer trivia questions and read fun facts about the show


Paul Potts stuns the judges singing Nessun Dorma - Audition - Britain's Got Talent 2007

Voters can select Casey Bishop or other 'American Idol' finalist to appear on TV show

Casey Bishop has another shot at performing on television.

Voters can choose who will perform on "Live With Kelly and Ryan" at 9 a.m. Friday. You can vote here as many times as they like.

“Live’s ‘American Idol’ Encore” is a poll that allows fans and viewers to weigh in on which of the eliminated finalists they’d like to see perform on the show.

'American Idol': Watch all of Casey Bishop's performances, from Mötley Crüe to Billie Eilish

'American Idol': Casey Bishop talks about the songs, Stamos, what it's like in the Top 7

The winner will be announced on Wednesday's show.

Kelly Ripa and Ryan Seacrest — host of "American Idol" — announced the poll on Monday's episode.

Bishop, 16, was voted off the show May 16 after three months of competing. She’d made it into “Idol’s” semifinals and the Top 4 singers.

Her “Idol” appearance came just two days after the release of her music video for new single “Love Me, Leave Me.” The video features behind-the-scenes footage of the recording of the song, which was released May 14.

Bishop returned to the show Sunday night to perform with country star Luke Bryan.

Her "Idol" journey began late last year. 

The sophomore at Fort Myers’ Center for the Arts at Cypress Lake High School she was only 5 years old when she sang Taylor Swift songs at a Bonita Springs karaoke spot.

“I don’t know, I just didn’t have any stage fright or anything,” the Estero teen said told the News-Press. “Because, you know, I was five. … Everybody would cheer us on. It was great!”

Casey Bishop onstage May 9 on "American Idol." She made it into the show's Top 5 singers that night.

Bishop's "American Idol" audition aired in February, when she sang two songs: Mötley Crüe’s “Live Wire” and the jazz standard “My Funny Valentine.” The audition was filmed in November in California.

She performed a variety of songs on the show since then, from Coldplay to Billie Eilish to Judy Garland's "Somewhere Over The Rainbow."

The three judges — Lionel Richie, Katy Perry and Luke Bryan — raved about her performances. Bryan especially was Bishop's biggest backer, saying during her audition that he believed she would "be the damn winner of 'American Idol.' "

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Poll american idol

‘American Idol’ Poll Results: The Frontrunner And Second Place Are Pretty Clear

American Idol
American Idol 2019ABC

The Top 14 have been decided on American Idol, and it seems pretty clear who this season’s frontrunner is. Earlier this week, Talent Recap asked fans to vote for their favorite Idol contestant in a poll. The results so far pretty much speak for themselves.

As of this writing, Alejandro Aranda has 52 percent of the vote. Laine Hardy is in second place with 14 percent, and Jeremiah Lloyd Harmon is in third place with 10 percent. Let’s take a look at why the poll might have turned out this way, and who might be going home soon.

Why Does America Love Alejandro Aranda?

It’s hardly surprising that Alejandro has an overwhelming amount of votes. From the first sneak peek of his audition, even the show was touting him as the best of the best. His performances are consistently the most-viewed on YouTube, and if you scroll through the comments on Idol‘s new Top 14 video, it’s Alejandro all the way down.

So what is it about this mellow singer/songwriter that has everyone obsessed with him? If you ask me, it’s because he’s different from what we’re used to seeing in these competitions. He doesn’t belt out overdone songs each week. His style is a lot more understated, and he plays original music or puts his own spin on existing tracks.

He also doesn’t rely on a wacky personality or a heartrending story to keep people’s attention. His music speaks for itself, and his talent on guitar is just as unique as his singing style. After 17 seasons of the same predictable stuff, I think people are ready for something a little more unexpected.

Will Laine Hardy Be The Underdog?

Although he was nowhere close to Alejandro, Laine came in second place on Talent Recap’s poll. This isn’t surprising either. The judges clearly love him, otherwise they wouldn’t have asked him to return to the show. He also has fans who were upset over his elimination last season and would love to see a comeback.

Laine has also clearly improved since last season. He’s reinvented his style and gained more confidence on stage. As last season’s winner Maddie Poppe said on Twitter, he’s an interesting mix of rock and country. Like Alejandro, this brings something new to the table, and might appeal to various music tastes.

It follows, based on these results, that Laine will come in second place this season. But should we rule him out as an underdog? Remember that just because people love Alejandro doesn’t mean they will all take the time to vote for him. The actual, real-time results on the show might turn out to be much closer than an online poll.

Who Will Be Eliminated Next Week?

Four contestants will be eliminated next week to create the Top 10. Interestingly, there are four hopefuls who received less than 1 percent of the vote on our poll. Those artists are Dimitrius Graham, Eddie Island, Evelyn Cormier, and Riley Thompson.

Other contestants with a lower percentage include Madison VanDenburg and Uche at 3 percent, and Wade Cota at 2 percent.

Keep in mind that both America’s vote and the judges’ opinions will affect who makes it to the Top 10. According to Gold Derby, America will determine six of the contestants to move forward, and the remaining eight will perform for the judges’ choice.

It will be interesting to see how the actual results line up with online opinions. And if you haven’t voted in our poll yet, go ahead and do so here.

Let us know what you feel about this article

About the Author

Jill O'Rourke

Jill O’Rourke is a contributor at Talent Recap, writing news stories and recaps for shows like ‘AGT,’ ‘The Voice,’ and ‘American Idol.’ She graduated from the University of Georgia with a degree in English and Film Studies, and has been writing about pop culture since 2012, with previous bylines at Crushable and A Plus. Jill spends her free time binge-watching sitcoms and daydreaming about life as a hobbit

Paul Potts stuns the judges singing Nessun Dorma - Audition - Britain's Got Talent 2007

It was a bittersweet night on American Idol as the Top 7 turned into the Top 5 (Check out the Recap). Sad, because the competition is so fierce at this point, any competitor cut could reasonably make the Top 5.  And tonight, season 18 Comeback winner, Arthur Gunn, who went into the competition with a ton of fans from last season, and singer-songwriter Hunter Metts got the axe.

Would the voting outcome been different if fans had several hours, or overnight, to vote? Having the last spot of the night, like Hunter did, could work against a contestant. But actually, at this point, fans probably have their favorites kinda set in stone. Although I do believe Hunter COULD have lost some of the casual vote, as his second song, a tender original, was better than his Coldplay cover.

I am a little surprised that voting cut Arthur at the Top 7. But then again, Arthur’s presence in season 19 was so polarizing that even Just Sam, the winner of his season, prefered that a newbie won. American Idol die-hards didn’t like the Comeback. So that left it to Arthur’s fans and casual viewers to vote for him. And the thing is, while Arthur did his Arthur thing tonight, the rest of the singers outsung him. Maybe not Caleb Kennedy, but the young country singer clinched the deal with his original song. That teenager has songwriting talent.

Going into the Top 7, my favorites were Hunter and Casey Bishop. Hunter delivered one of his best performances with his  original song, “The River.” I think he out performed Chayce Beckham tonight. But Chayce has been a fan favorite since his audition. He could even make the final.

All in all, another great night of music on American Idol. I wish the final had another week or two to allow the finalists to REALLY find their footing on stage.  NEXT YEAR MAYBE. Ryan announced tha season 20 auditions would be starting soon, which confirms the rumors of Idol’s renewal.

How about a BIG SHOUT OUT to Chris Martin who gave the young singers solid advice, without allowing his ego to get in the way. He was extraordinarily humble, kind and attentive during his mentor sessions. Even his compliments seemed sincere. 

Now. Vote for your favorites below!

American Idol 2021 POLLS: Top 7 Coldplay/Mother’s Day, Top 5 Reveal: VOTE VOTE VOTE

American Idol 2021 Favorite Top 7 Performance

American Idol 2021 Favorite Top 5 Contestant

American Idol 2021 Top 7 – Who Got Robbed?

American Idol 2021 Top 7 – Chris Martin Yay or Nay?

American Idol 2021 Grade the Episode


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