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A few of the main characters from My Hero Academia. From left to right: Tenya "Ingenium" Ida, Ochaco "Uravity" Uraraka, Izuku "Deku" Midoriya, Katsuki "Dynamight" Bakugo, and Shoto Todoroki.

The My Hero Academiamanga and anime series features a vast world with an extensive cast of characters created by Kōhei Horikoshi. The series takes place in a fictional world where, currently, more than 80% of the Earth's population possesses some form of superhuman ability, commonly referred to as a "Quirk". The advent of these abilities has given rise to not only professional heroes, but also the threat of villains.

U.A. High School students[edit]

Class 1-A students[edit]

Izuku Midoriya (緑谷 出久, Midoriya Izuku) / Deku (デク)

Main article: Izuku Midoriya

Voiced by: Daiki Yamashita[1][2][3] (Anime and Vomic), Akeno Watanabe (Anime; young), Yuna Taniguchi (Vomic; young) (Japanese); Justin Briner[4], Lara Woodhull (young)[5] (English)
The main protagonist of the series, he is a timid, selfless, and Quirkless teenage boy who dreams of becoming a superhero. After attempting to save his childhood friend Bakugo from a villain, Izuku is chosen by All Might to inherit his abilities and become the ninth holder of One For All (ワン・フォー・オール, Wan Fō Ōru), a transferable Quirk that stockpiles power and grants him immense strength, speed, stamina, and durability. Eventually, Izuku becomes the first user to manifest a psychic link with the spirits of past One For All users as well as inherit their Quirks.[6]
Katsuki Bakugo (爆豪 勝己, Bakugō Katsuki) / Kacchan (かっちゃん, Katchan) / Dynamight (ダイナマイト, Dainamaito)
Voiced by: Nobuhiko Okamoto (Anime),[7]Yūichirō Umehara (Vomic), Sachi Kokuryu (Anime; young), Rie Takahashi (Vomic; young) (Japanese); Clifford Chapin, Kate Oxley (young)[5] (English)
Izuku's childhood friend turned arch-rival and classmate in Class 1-A. Due to having been excessively praised by his peers as a child for his strong Quirk and natural-born talent, Bakugo became very egotistical and disrespectful, especially towards Izuku. Despite having bullied Izuku ever since they were kids, over the course of the series, he grows to care for Izuku's well-being, especially after learning the truth about One For All.[8] After Izuku leaves U.A. to keep his friends and family safe from All For One, Bakugo finally mends his relationship with the former by apologizing to him for his arrogant behavior over the years and calling him by his real name.[9] He possesses the Quirk Explosion (爆破, Bakuha), which allows him to secrete sweat with nitroglycerin-like properties from his hands and ignite it on command to produce powerful explosions.
Ochaco Uraraka (麗日 お茶子, Uraraka Ochako) / Uravity (ウラビティ, Urabiti)
Voiced by: Ayane Sakura[7] (Japanese); Luci Christian[5] (English)
A bubbly and kind-hearted girl whose Quirk Zero Gravity (無重力(ゼログラビティ), Zero Gurabiti) allows her to make any object weightless by touching them with the pads on her fingertips. She has a crush on Izuku, but decides to keep it private to focus on her goal to become a hero in order to provide for her parents.[10]
Tenya Ida (飯田 天哉, Īda Ten'ya) / Ingenium (インゲニウム, Ingeniumu)
Voiced by: Kaito Ishikawa[7] (Japanese); J. Michael Tatum[5] (English)
The straight-laced president of Class 1-A whose Quirk Engine (エンジン, Enjin) gives him super speed and superhuman kicking strength via jet engines in his calves. After his older brother Tensei was forced to retire due to being critically injured by the Hero Killer Stain, Tenya decides to take up his brother's mantle after much contemplation.[11]
Shoto Todoroki (轟 焦凍, Todoroki Shōto) / Shoto (ショート, Shōto)
Voiced by: Yūki Kaji, Kei Shindō (young)[12] (Japanese); David Matranga, Mikaela Krantz (young)[5] (English)
An aloof and composed student in Class 1-A. His Quirk is Half-Cold Half-Hot (半冷半燃, Hanrei Hannen), which allows him to generate ice from the right side of his body and fire from the left. He is the youngest child of Endeavor and because of his harsh abuse that he suffered from his father growing up, he refused to use his left side for years until Izuku made him understand that using his fire powers doesn't mean that he has to accept his heritage.
Eijiro Kirishima (切島 鋭児郎, Kirishima Eijirō) / Red Riot (レッドライオット, Reddo Raiotto)
Voiced by: Toshiki Masuda[13] (Japanese); Justin Cook[5] (English)
A boisterous and chivalrous student in Class 1-A whose Quirk Hardening (硬化, Kōka) allows him to harden his body.[14]
Tsuyu Asui (蛙吹 梅雨, Asui Tsuyu) / Froppy (フロッピー, Furoppi)
Voiced by: Aoi Yūki[7] (Japanese); Monica Rial[5] (English)
An overly sincere frog-like girl in Class 1-A. Her Quirk Frog (蛙, Kaeru) gives her abilities such as enhanced swimming and jumping, sticking to and climbing up walls, and a long prehensile tongue.
Momo Yaoyorozu (八百万 百, Yaoyorozu Momo) / Creati (クリエイティ, Kurieiti)
Voiced by: Marina Inoue[7] (Japanese); Colleen Clinkenbeard[5] (English)
The mature and levelheaded vice president of Class 1-A. Her Quirk is Creation (創造, Sōzō), which allows her to create any non-biological object from the lipids stored in her body as long as she knows its molecular structure.
Minoru Mineta (峰田 実, Mineta Minoru) / Grape Juice (グレープジュース, Gurēpu Jūsu)
Voiced by: Ryō Hirohashi[7] (Japanese); Brina Palencia[5] (English)
A diminutive, cowardly, and lecherous boy whose Quirk Pop Off (もぎもぎ, Mogimogi) grows many small, highly adhesive grape-like balls on his head that he can remove and use as weapons or as a trampoline, since the detached balls bounce off his body rather than sticking to him. Overuse of his Quirk will cause his scalp to bleed. He is mostly disliked by the girls of class 1-A for his perverted tendencies, which have annoyed even Eraserhead.
Denki Kaminari (上鳴 電気, Kaminari Denki) / Chargebolt (チャージズマ, Chājizuma)
Voiced by: Tasuku Hatanaka[13] (Japanese); Kyle Phillips[5] (English)
A laidback and friendly boy whose Quirk Electrification (帯電, Taiden) allows him to absorb and emit electricity. Overuse of this Quirk will cause his brain to "short circuit", reducing him into a giggling idiot for some time.
Kyoka Jiro (耳郎 響香, Jirō Kyōka) / Earphone Jack (イヤホンジャック, Iyahon Jakku)
Voiced by: Kei Shindō[12] (Japanese); Trina Nishimura[5] (English); Chrissy Costanza (singing, both languages)
A pragmatic and music-loving girl in Class 1-A whose Quirk Earphone Jack (イヤホンジャック, Iyahon Jakku) allows her to plug her extremely long earlobes into objects to hear minuscule sounds and vibrations from her surroundings or channel the sound of her own heartbeat in the form of sonic attacks.[15]
Fumikage Tokoyami (常闇 踏陰, Tokoyami Fumikage) / Tsukuyomi (ツクヨミ)
Voiced by: Yoshimasa Hosoya[7][16] (Japanese); Josh Grelle[5] (English)
A stoic crow-headed student in 1-A whose Quirk Dark Shadow (黒影(ダークシャドウ), Dāku Shadō) allows him to manifest and control a sentient shadow monster from his body that grows more powerful in the dark.
Mina Ashido (芦戸 三奈, Ashido Mina) / Pinky (ピンキー, Pinkī)
Voiced by: Eri Kitamura[12] (Japanese); Caitlin Glass[5] (English)
An upbeat and easygoing girl with pink skin, black eyes, and horns in Class 1-A whose Quirk Acid (酸, San) allows her to secrete an acidic fluid from her body. She has known Kirishima since their middle school days and enjoys teasing Uraraka over her romantic feelings towards Izuku.[17]
Yuga Aoyama (青山 優雅, Aoyama Yūga) / Can't Stop Twinkling (キラキラが止められないよ, Kirakira ga Tomerarenai yo)
Voiced by: Kōsuke Kuwano[12] (Japanese); Joel McDonald[5] (English)
A flamboyant boy whose Quirk Navel Laser (ネビルレーザー, Nebiru Rēzā) allows him to fire a laser blast from his belly button. He feels a sense of kinship with Izuku due to the fact that both of their quirks harm their own bodies. In Aoyama's case, overuse of his Quirk gives him stomach pains.[18]
Mezo Shoji (障子 目蔵, Shōji Mezō) / Tentacole (テンタコル, Tentakoru)
Voiced by: Masakazu Nishida[12] (Japanese); Ian Sinclair[5] (English)
A masked student whose Quirk Dupli-Arms (複製腕, Fukuseiwan) allows him to grow individual body organs at the tips of the four webbed tentacles growing from his shoulders.
Hanta Sero (瀬呂 範太, Sero Hanta) / Cellophane (セロファン, Serofan)
Voiced by: Kiyotaka Furushima[19] (Japanese); Christopher Bevins[5][20] (English)
A sociable and humorous boy whose Quirk Tape (テープ, Tēpu) allows him to shoot cellophane tape from the tape dispenser-like organs on his elbows.
Mashirao Ojiro (尾白 猿夫, Ojiro Mashirao) / Tailman (テイルマン, Teiruman)
Voiced by: Kosuke Miyoshi[19] (Japanese); Mike McFarland[5] (English)
A humble and honest student whose Quirk Tail (尻尾, Shippo) grants him a thick prehensile tail.
Koji Koda (口田 甲司, Kōda Kōji) / Anima (アニマ)
Voiced by: Takuma Nagatsuka (Japanese); Greg Ayres (English)
A shy and quiet student with rock-like skin whose Quirk Anivoice (生き物ボイス, Ikimono Boisu) allows him to talk with animals. Due to his shyness, Koda rarely speaks and prefers to use sign language to converse with his classmates.
Rikido Sato (砂藤 力道, Satō Rikidō) / Sugarman (シュガーマン, Shugāman)
Voiced by: Tōru Nara[19] (Japanese); Cris George[5] (English)
A sweet-loving student whose Quirk Sugar Rush (シュガードープ, Shugā Dōpu) enhances his physical strength at the cost of his cognitive functions whenever he consumes sugar. Due to the fact that his Quirk needs sugar to work, Sato is a very talented baker.
Toru Hagakure (葉隠 透, Hagakure Tōru) / Invisible Girl (インビジブルガール, Inbijiburu Gāru)
Voiced by: Kaori Nazuka[19] (Japanese); Felecia Angelle[5] (English)
A cheery and outgoing girl in Class 1-A whose Quirk Invisibility (透明化, Tōmeika) makes her entire body invisible and gives her the ability to refract light.[21] Due to the nature of her Quirk, her features have never been revealed in-series and her hero uniform consists solely of a pair of gloves and boots in order to maximize her stealthiness.

Class 1-B students[edit]

Neito Monoma (物間 寧人, Monoma Neito) / Phantom Thief (ファントムシーフ, Fantomu Shīfu)
Voiced by: Kōhei Amasaki (Japanese); Austin Tindle (English)
A boastful student whose Quirk Copy (コピー, Kopi) allows him to temporarily duplicate and use another person's Quirk by simply touching them. For unknown reasons, he harbors an intense dislike of Class 1-A and occasionally comes up with plans for him or his class to upstage them.[22]
Itsuka Kendo (拳藤 一佳, Kendō Itsuka) / Battle Fist (バトルフィスト, Batoru Fisuto)
Voiced by: Saki Ogasawara (Japanese); Jad Saxton (English)
The spirited and sensible president of Class 1-B whose Quirk Large Fists (大拳, Daiken) allows her to enlarge her fists. She is usually the one who keeps Monoma in check whenever his antics get out of line.
Ibara Shiozaki (塩崎 茨, Shiozaki Ibara) / Vine (ヴァイン, Vain)
Voiced by: Miho Sakurazaka (Japanese); Bryn Apprill (English)
A highly religious girl whose Quirk Vines (ツル, Tsuru) allows her to grow vines from her hair that she can extend and use in combat.
Tetsutetsu Tetsutetsu (鉄哲 徹鐵, Tetsutetsu Tetsutetsu) / Real Steel (リアルスティール, Riaru Sutīru)
Voiced by: Kōji Okino (Japanese); David Wald (English)
A fiery and outspoken student whose Quirk Steel (スティール, Sutīru) allows him to turn his skin into steel. Because of the similarity between their Quirks, he and Kirishima eventually develop a friendly rivalry.
Juzo Honenuki (骨抜 柔造, Honenuki Jūzō) / Mudman (マッドマン, Maddoman)
Voiced by: Masamichi Kitada (Japanese); Dallas Reid (English)
A skull-faced boy whose Quirk Softening (柔化, Yawaraka) enables him to soften anything that he touches.
Nirengeki Shoda (庄田 二連撃, Shōda Nirengeki) / Mindz (マインズ, Mainzu)
Voiced by: Kenta Ōkuma (Japanese); Dallas Reid (English)
A boy whose Quirk Twin Impact (ツインインパクト, Tsuin Inpakuto) allows him to, at the site of an initial impact, create a second impact.
Yosetsu Awase (泡瀬 洋雪, Awase Yōsetsu) / Welder (ウェルダー, Werudā)
Voiced by: Yoshitsugu Matsuoka (Japanese); Orion Pitts (English)
A boy whose Quirk Weld (溶接, Yōsetsu) allows him to physically connect anything he makes contact with.
Kosei Tsuburaba (円場 硬成, Tsuburaba Kōsei) / Tsubaraba (ツブラバ)
Voiced by: Masakazu Nishida (Japanese); Aaron Dismuke (Season 2-3), Nazeeh Tarsha (Season 5-present) (English)
A boy whose Quirk Solid Air (空気凝固, Kūkigyōko) enables him to solidify air into a wall or platform.
Sen Kaibara (回原 旋, Kaibara Sen) / Spiral (スパイラル, Supairaru)
Voiced by: Masakazu Nishida (Japanese); Ian Fergunson (Season 2), Matt Shipman (Season 3-present) (English)
A student whose Quirk Gyrate (旋回, Senkai) allows him to rotate any part of his body at incredibly high speeds, similarly to a drill.
Kojiro Bondo (凡戸 固次郎, Bondo Kojirō) / Plamo (プラモ, Puramo)
Voiced by: Kōji Okino (Japanese); Tyler Walker (English)
A tall boy made of rubber whose Quirk Cemedine (セメダイン, Semedain) enables him to excrete a glue-like liquid from seven "eyeholes" on his glue dispenser-shaped head.
Reiko Yanagi (柳 レイ子, Yanagi Reiko) / Emily (エミリー, Emirī)
Voiced by: Ayane Sakura (Japanese); Ryan Reynolds (English)
A girl whose Quirk Poltergeist (ポルターガイスト, Porutāgaisuto) grants her the ability to telekinetically manipulate objects around her.
Jurota Shishida (宍田 獣郎太, Shishida Jūrōta) / Gevaudan (ジェボーダン, Jebōdan)
Voiced by: Junichi Suwabe (Japanese); Patric Carroll (English)
A tall student whose Quirk Beast (ビースト, Bīsuto) grants him the ability to transform into a monstrous beast.
Yui Kodai (小大 唯, Kodai Yui) / Rule (ルール, Rūru)
Voiced by: Yurianne Eve (Japanese); Madeleine Morris (English)
A girl whose Quirk Size (サイズ, Saizu) enables her to change the size of any object she interacts with.
Hiryu Rin (鱗 飛竜, Rin Hiryū, pinyin: Lín Fēilóng) / Dragon Shroud (龍帷子, Ron Weizū, pinyin: Lóng Wéizi)
Voiced by: Kosuke Kuwano (Japanese); Anthony Bowling (English)
A boy from China whose Quirk Scales (鱗, Uroko) enables him to form scales on his body for combat and other purposes.
Kinoko Komori (小森 希乃子, Komori Kinoko) / Shemage (シーメイジ, Shīmeiji)
Voiced by: Kei Shindō (Japanese); Amanda Gish (English)
A girl whose Quirk Mushroom (キノコ, Kinoko) grants her the ability to create spores from her cells, allowing her to grow mushrooms from the surfaces of her surroundings.
Togaru Kamakiri (鎌切 尖, Kamakiri Togaru) / Jack Mantis (ジャックマンティス, Jakku Mantisu)
Voiced by: Kiyotaka Furushima (Japanese); Jean-Luc Hester (English)
A student with a mantis-shaped head whose Quirk Razor Sharp (刃鋭, Jinei), grants him the ability to produce large, sharp blades from all over his body.
Pony Tsunotori (角取 ポニー, Tsunotori Ponī) / Rocketti (ロケッティ, Roketti)
Voiced by: Aoi Yūki (Japanese); Sarah Wiedenheft (English)
A girl from America whose Quirk Horn Cannon (角砲 (ホーンホウ), Hōnhou) allows her to grow effectively gazelle-like horns on her head and control them.
Setsuna Tokage (取蔭 切奈, Tokage Setsuna) / Lizardy (リザーディ, Rizādi)
Voiced by: Aoi Yūki (Japanese); Dawn M. Bennett (English)
A girl whose Quirk Lizard Tail Splitter (トカゲのしっぽ切り, Tokage no Shippokiri) allows her to split her body into several pieces and control them telekinetically.
Shihai Kuroiro (黒色 支配, Kuroiro Shihai) / Vantablack (ベンタブラック, Bentaburakku)
Voiced by: Kōhei Amasaki (Japanese); Howard Wang (English)
A boy whose Quirk Black (黒, Kuro) grants him the ability to merge into anything that is black-colored and control it.
Manga Fukidashi (吹出 漫我, Fukidashi Manga) / Comicman (コミックマン, Komikkuman)
Voiced by: Kaito Ishikawa (Japanese); Alex Mai (English)
A student with a speech bubble for a head whose Quirk Comic (コミック, Komikku) allows him to manifest different onomatopoeias into reality in the form of katakana.

The Big 3[edit]

Mirio Togata (通形 ミリオ, Tōgata Mirio) / Lemillion (ルミリオン, Rumirion)
Voiced by: Tarusuke Shingaki,[23] Wakana Minami (young) (Japanese); Ricco Fajardo, Megan Shipman (young)[24] (English)
The leader of the Big 3, his Quirk is Permeation (透過, Tōka), which allows him to phase his body through anything solid, including the ground itself. He comes off as goofy with a strange sense of humor, but is very loyal to the cause. He loses his Quirk temporarily during the Shie Hassaikai Raid,[25] but thanks to Eri, he eventually regains his Quirk and arrives just in time to help the other heroes in their battle with the Paranormal Liberation Front.[26]
Tamaki Amajiki (天喰 環, Amajiki Tamaki) / Suneater (サンイーター, San'ītā)
Voiced by: Yūto Uemura[23] (Japanese); Aaron Dismuke, Apphia Yu (young)[24] (English)
A third-year student at U.A. whose Quirk Manifest (再現, Saigen) gives him the characteristics and abilities of anything he eats. Ironically, despite how talented he is with his Quirk, Amajiki suffers from social anxiety and has low self-esteem.[27]
Nejire Hado (波動 ねじれ, Hadō Nejire) / Nejire Chan (ねじれちゃん, Nejire Chan)
Voiced by: Kiyono Yasuno[23] (Japanese); Lindsay Seidel[24] (English)
A third-year student at U.A. whose Quirk Wave Motion (波動, Hadō) allows her to convert her stamina into energy and release it in the form of spiral shockwaves. She is very enthusiastic and affable, and is mentioned to act like a kindergartener due to her childish glee.

Other students[edit]

Mei Hatsume (発目 明, Hatsume Mei)
Voiced by: Azu Sakura (Japanese); Alexis Tipton (English)
Mei is a student from the Support Course whose Quirk is Zoom (ズーム, Zūmu), which allows her to zoom her vision to up to 5 kilometers. She is a genius inventor.
Hitoshi Shinso (心操 人使, Shinsō Hitoshi)
Voiced by: Wataru Hatano (Japanese); Jarrod Greene (English)
Hitoshi is a student from the General Course[28] whose Quirk is Brainwashing (洗脳, Sen'nō), which allows him to control those who answer his questions, something with which he has struggled his entire life as it is seen as a "villainous" Quirk despite his heroic intentions. After proving his potential to be a capable hero in the school festival, Hitoshi is taken as Eraser Head's apprentice and earns the right to transfer to the Hero Course.
Bibimi Kenranzaki (絢爛崎 美々美, Kenranzaki Bibimi)
Voiced by: Ayano Shibuya (Japanese); AmaLee (English)
Bibimi is a student from the Support Course from Class 3-G and is the two-time winner of the U.A. School Festival's Miss Con.

Pro Heroes[edit]

Top Heroes[edit]

Enji Todoroki (轟 炎司, Todoroki Enji) / Endeavor (エンデヴァー, Endevā)
Voiced by: Tetsu Inada (Japanese); Patrick Seitz (English)
A hotheaded and stern hero whose Quirk Hellflame (ヘルフレイム, Heru Fureimu) gives him powerful pyrokinetic abilities. He is also the father of Shoto and his three older siblings, and the husband of Rei Himura. Enji has a strained relationship with his wife and children due to having projected his obsession of surpassing All Might on them, particularly on his sons Toya and Shoto. However, after becoming Japan's No.1 hero following All Might's forced retirement, Enji starts to realize his mistakes and resolves to make amends with his family.[29]
Keigo Takami (鷹見 啓悟, Takami Keigo) / Hawks (ホークス, Hōkusu)
Voiced by: Yuichi Nakamura[30] (Japanese); Zeno Robinson[31] (English)
An affable, relaxed, and optimistic hero whose Quirk Fierce Wings (剛翼, Gōyoku) grants him a pair of red feathered wings that allow him to fly at high speeds. He can also detach his feathers to use as blades or telekinetically control them from a distance. On orders from the Hero Commission, Hawks infiltrates the Paranormal Liberation Front as a double agent and gains the trust of the villains within the organization, especially Twice. After he is outed as a traitor, he is severely burned by Dabi but is later rescued by Tokoyami.[32]
Tsunagu Hakamata (袴田 維, Hakamata Tsunagu) / Best Jeanist (ベストジー二スト, Besuto Jīnisuto)
Voiced by: Hikaru Midorikawa[33] (Japanese); Micah Solusod (English)
A flamboyant and elegant hero whose Quirk Fiber Master (ファイバーマスター, Faibā Masutā) allows him to freely control fiber in clothes. He loses a lung in his brief battle with All For One and is seemingly killed by Hawks in order to gain the trust of the League of Villains.[34]However, this is later revealed to be a ruse and Best Jeanist ultimately returns alive and well after Hawk is exposed as a double agent.[35]
Rumi Usagiyama (兎山 ルミ, Usagiyama Rumi) / Mirko (ミルコ)
Voiced by: Sayaka Kinoshita (Japanese); Anairis Quinones (English)
A tough and aggressive heroine whose Quirk Rabbit (兎, Usagi) gives her rabbit-like features such as superhuman leg strength and big rabbit-like ears. During the Jaku Hospital Raid, she is heavily wounded by several high-end Nomus and ends up losing her left foreman and part of her right ear.[36]
Crust (クラスト, Kurasuto)
Voiced by: Larry Brantley
An emotional and noble hero whose Quirk Shield (盾, Shīrudo) allows him to grow stone-like hexagon-shaped shields from his body. During the Jaku Hospital Raid, he saves Eraser's life at the cost of his own and is killed by the effects of Tomura Shigaraki's Quirk.
Ryuko Tatsuma (竜間 龍子, Tatsuma Ryūko) / Ryukyu (リューキュウ, Ryūkyū)
Voiced by: Kaori Yagi (Japanese); Katelyn Barr (English)
A humble and gentle heroine who takes Nejire, Uraraka, and Tsuyu as her interns. Her Quirk Dragon (ドラゴン, Doragon) enables her to transform into a western dragon.

Faculty of U.A.[edit]

Toshinori Yagi (八木 俊典, Yagi Toshinori) / All Might (オールマイト, Ōru Maito)
Voiced by: Kenta Miyake (Anime),[1]Tesshō Genda[1] (Vomic) (Japanese); Christopher Sabat[5] (English)
The eighth user of One For All and the world's greatest hero, also known as the Symbol of Peace (平和の象徴, Heiwa no Shōchō). He is very charismatic and has a fatherly attitude towards his students, especially Izuku. Due to a crippling injury he sustained from fighting All For One in the past, he ultimately selects Izuku as his successor. After winning his rematch with All For One, All Might loses the ability to use One For All completely and dedicates himself to raising Izuku to eventually take his place as the world's greatest hero.[37]
Nezu (根津)
Voiced by: Yasuhiro Takato (Japanese); Jerry Jewell (English)
A humanoid, mouse-headed animal who serves as the principal of U.A.. He is one of the few non-human animals in history to develop a Quirk. His Quirk is High Spec (ハイスペック, Hai Supekku), which gives him anthropomorphic abilities and superhuman intelligence.
Shota Aizawa (相澤 消太, Aizawa Shōta) / Eraserhead (イレイザーヘッド, Ireizā Heddo)

For the Japanese footballer, see Shota Aizawa.

Voiced by: Junichi Suwabe[38] (Japanese); Alex Organ (Season 1), Christopher Wehkamp[39] (Season 2–present) (English)
The pragmatic and lethargic homeroom teacher of Class 1-A. His Quirk Erasure (抹消, Masshō) enables him to nullify another person's Quirk within his line of vision until he blinks. He can also use his Quirk on multiple targets and it remains active even if he looks elsewhere and as long as he doesn't blink. Because he suffers from dry eye and his Quirk tends to strain his eyes, Eraser is somewhat irritable and has a constantly tired appearance. During the Jaku Hospital Raid, Tomura throws one of Overhaul's Quirk-destroying bullets into Eraser's right leg, forcing him to amputate it on the spot to prevent himself from losing his Quirk.
Hizashi Yamada (山田 ひざし, Yamada Hizashi) / Present Mic (プレゼントマイク, Purezento Maiku)
Voiced by: Hiroyuki Yoshino[38] (Japanese); Sonny Strait[5] (Eps. 1-16), Dave Trosko (Eps. 17–present) (English)
The school's English teacher whose Quirk Voice (ヴォイス, Voisu) amplifies his voice using a jukebox-like collar. In the anime, Present Mic occasionally breaks the fourth wall by explaining a character's Quirk.
Sekijiro Kan (管 赤慈郎, Kan Sekijirō) / Vlad King (ブラドキング, Burado Kingu)
Voiced by: Shuhei Matsuda (Japanese); Ben Bryant (English)
The homeroom teacher for Class 1-B. His Quirk is Blood Control (操血, Sōketsu), which allows him to control his blood after it leaves his body.
Chiyo Shuuzenji (修善寺 治与, Shūzenji Chiyo) / Recovery Girl (リカバリーガール, Rikabarī Gāru)
Voiced by: Etsuko Kozakura (Japanese); Juli Erickson,[5] Luci Christian (Season 2–present) (English)
The elderly school nurse whose Quirk is Heal (回復, Kaifuku), allowing her to heal others' injuries by kissing them.
Nemuri Kayama (香山 睡, Kayama Nemuri) / Midnight (ミッドナイト, Middonaito)
Voiced by: Akeno Watanabe (Japanese); Elizabeth Maxwell[40] (English)
A dominatrix-themed Pro Heroine and teacher at U.A. whose Quirk Somnambulist (眠り香, Nemurika) allows her to produce a sleep-inducing fragrance from her body. She is killed during the Paranormal Liberation War.[41]
Ken Ishiyama (石山 堅, Ishiyama Ken) / Cementoss (セメントス, Sementosu)
Voiced by: Kenta Okuma (Japanese); Chris Rager (English)
A Pro Hero and literature teacher at U.A. whose Quirk Cement (セメント, Semento) allows him to control concrete.
Hirooki Anakuro (穴黒央宙, Anakuro Hirooki) / Thirteen (13号, Jūsan-gō)
Voiced by: Inuko Inuyama (Japanese); Morgan Berry (English)
A Pro Hero and teacher at U.A. whose Quirk Black Hole (ブラックホール, Burakku Hōru) summons a black hole with her fingers that turns anything it sucks in into dust. She wears a full-body spacesuit that conceals her features. During the Paranormal Liberation war she lost her left arm.
Ectoplasm (エクトプラズム, Ekutopurazumu)
Voiced by: Masakazu Nishida (Japanese); Mike McFarland (English)
A Pro Hero and math teacher at U.A. whose Quirk Clones (分身, Bunshin) allows him to spew out an ectoplasm-like dust from his helmet that can form into a clone of himself.
Snipe (スナイプ, Sunaipu)
Voiced by: Tōru Nara (Japanese); David Wald (English)
A gas mask-wearing Pro Hero and teacher at U.A. whose Quirk Homing (ホーミング, Hōmingu) allows him to alter the trajectory of his bullets. He is dressed in cowboy-like clothes.
Higari Maijima (埋島 干狩, Maijima Higari) / Power Loader (パワーローダー, Pawārōdā)
Voiced by: Yō Kitazawa (Japanese); David Wilson-Brown (English)
A Pro Hero and the support course teacher at U.A. whose Quirk Iron Claws (鉄爪, Tessō) gives him metallic claws at the ends of his fingers, which allow him to dig and burrow underground.

Faculty of Ketsubutsu Academy High School[edit]

Emi Fukukado (福門 笑, Fukukado Emi) / Ms. Joke (ミスジョーク, Misu Jōku)
Voiced by: Mariko Nagai (Japanese); Amber Lee Connors (English)
A Pro Hero and the teacher of Second Year, Class 2 at Ketsubetsu Academy High School. Her Quirk Outburst (爆笑, Bakushō) forces her targets to burst into uncontrollable laughter that dulls their motor skills and impairs their cognitive abilities.

The Wild Wild Pussycats[edit]

The Wild Wild Pussycats (ワイルドワイルドプッシーキャッツ, Wairudowairudopusshīkyattsu) are a group of four cat-themed Heroes. They were enlisted by U-A during the Forest Training Arc to help train the students. Among its members are:

Shino Sosaki (送崎 信乃, Sōsaki Shino) / Mandalay (マンダレイ, Mandarei)
Voiced by: Meiko Kawasaki (Japanese); Jill Harris[42] (English)
The leader of the Pussycats whose Quirk Telepath (テレパス, Terepasu) allows her to advise and instruct multiple people at once through mental transmission.
Ryuko Tsuchikawa (土川 流子, Tsuchikawa Ryūko) / Pixie-Bob (ピクシーボブ, Pikushī Bobu)
Voiced by: Serina Machiyama (Japanese); Cherami Leigh[43] (English)
A member of the Pussycats whose Quirk Earth Flow (土流, Doryū) allows her to freely manipulate the ground.
Tomoko Shiretoko (知床 知子, Shiretoko Tomoko) / Ragdoll (ラグドール, Ragudōru)
Voiced by: Chisa Suganuma (Japanese); Tia Ballard (English)
A member of the Pussycats whose former Quirk Search (サーチ, Sāchi) allows her to observe and monitor up to 100 people at a time. After her Quirk is stolen by All For One offscreen, she remains a part of the team and is now taking care of the office duties.[44]
Yawara Chatora (茶虎 柔, Chatora Yawara) / Tiger (虎, Tora)
Voiced by: Shinosuke Ogami (Japanese); Marcus D. Stimac (English)
The only male member of the Pussycats. His Quirk Pliabody (軟体, Nantai) allows him to stretch and bend his body.

The Lurkers[edit]

The Lurkers (潜伏者, Senpuku-sha) are a group of Heroes. Among its members are:

Shinya Kamihara (紙原 伸也, Kamihara Shinya) / Edgeshot (エッジショット, Ejjishotto)
Voiced by: Kenta Kamakari (Japanese); John Burgmeier (English)
A Pro Hero and the leader of The Lurkers whose Quirk Foldabody (紙肢, Shishi) enables him to manipulate the thiness of his body.
Shinji Nishiya (西屋 森児, Nishiya Shinji) / Kamui Woods (シンリンカムイ, Shinrin Kamui)
Voiced by: Masamichi Kitada[45] (Japanese); Aaron Roberts (English)
A Pro Hero and member of The Lurkers who whose Quirk Arbor (樹木, Jumoku) gives him the ability to manipulate his tree-like limbs.
Yu Takeyama (岳山 優, Takeyama Yū) / Mt. Lady (Mt.レディ, Maunto Redi)
Voiced by: Kaori Nazuka[45] (Japanese); Jamie Marchi (English)
A Pro Hero and only female member of The Lurkers whose Quirk Gigantification (巨大化, Kyodaika) allows her to grow significantly. Mt. Lady was originally conceived by Kōhei Horikoshi to be the female lead, but was replaced by Ochaco due to not knowing how to utilize her quirk in the story.[46] Compared to other Pro Heroes, she is much more flamboyant and less mature, relishing the media attention that comes with her heroic deeds, but is willing to take her work seriously when needed.[47]

Other Heroes[edit]

Kugo Sakamata (逆俣 空悟, Sakamata Kūgo) / Gang Orca (ギャングオルカ, Gyangu Oruka)
Voiced by: Shuhei Matsuda (Japanese); Tyler Walker (English)
A Pro Hero whose Quirk Orcinus (シャチ, Shachi) gives him the abilities and appearance of a killer whale which he can use in the water or land.
Mirai Sasaki (佐々木 未来, Sasaki Mirai) / Sir Nighteye (サーナイトアイ, Sā Naitoai)
Voiced by: Shin-ichiro Miki[48][49] (Japanese); Brandon McInnis (English)
A Pro Hero and former sidekick to All Might whose Quirk Foresight (予知, Yochi), allows him to see a person's future. Nighteye is fatally wounded by Overhaul during the Shie Hassaikai raid, and later dies in the hospital.[50]
Taishiro Toyomitsu (豊満 太志郎, Toyomitsu Taishirō) / Fat Gum (ファットガム, Fatto Gamu)
Voiced by: Kazuyuki Okitsu[48][51] (Japanese); Kyle Hebert[52] (English)
A Pro Hero who employed Tamaki Amajiki and Eijiro Kirishima for their internships. His Quirk Fat Absorption (脂肪吸着, Shibō Kyūchaku) allows him to absorb the impact from collisions.[53]
Ken Takagi (高木 鍵, Takagi Ken) / Rock Lock (ロックロック, Rokku Rokku)
Voiced by: Yasuhiro (Japanese); Gabe Kunda (English)
A Pro Hero whose Quirk Lock Down (施錠, Sejō) enables him to lock any non-living item in a position.
Masaki Mizushima (水島 正樹, Mizushima Masaki) / Manual (マニュアル, Manyuaru)
Voiced by: Kenta Ôkuma (Japanese); Ethan Gallardo (English)
A Pro Hero whose unnamed quirk allows him to control water.
Sorahiko Torino (酉野 空彦, Torino Sorahiko) / Gran Torino (グラントリノ, Guran Torino)
Voiced by: Kenichi Ogata, Masamichi Kitada (young) (Japanese); Charles Campbell (English)
A retired hero whose Quirk Jet (ジェット, Jetto) allows him to shoot air from the soles of his feet. Elements of Sorahiko's character are based on Yoda.[54]
Tensei Ida (飯田 天晴, Īda Tensei) / Ingenium (インゲニウム, Ingeniumu)
Voiced by: Masamichi Kitada (Japanese); Phil Parsons (English)
Tenya’s older brother and a former Pro Hero whose quirk Engine (エンジン, Enjin) allowing him to release propulsion jets from his elbows and shoot himself forward at turbo speed.
Juzo Moashi (百足 従造, Moashi Jūzō) / Centipeder (センチピーダー, Senchipīdā)
Voiced by: Kenta Ōkuma (Japanese); Zach Bolton (English)
A centipede-headed Nighteye Agency member. His Quirk Centipede (ムカデ, Mukade) granting him long centipede-like limbs with agonizing poison. Following Sir Nighteye's death, Centipeder takes over the Nighteye Agency.
Kaoruko Awata (泡田 薫子, Awata Kaoruko) / Bubble Girl (バブルガール, Baburu Gāru)
Voiced by: Rie Murakawa (Japanese); Kara Edwards (English)
Bubble Girl is one of Sir Nighteye's assistants whose Quirk Bubble (バブル, Baburu) allows her to make bubbles filled with an aroma that she has smelled at least once before.
Sajin Higawara (日河原砂塵, Higawara Sajin) / Sand Hero Snatch (サンドヒーロー スナッチ, Sando Hīrō Sunatchi)
Voiced by: Koji Ishi (Japanese); Taylor Harris (English)
A Pro Hero. His unnamed Quirk enables him to turn into sand and control it. He is killed by Dabi and Mr. Compress.
Moe Kamiji (上かみ路じ萌もえ, Kamiji Moe) / Burnin (バーニン, Bānin)
Voiced by: Misato Kawauchi (Japanese); Lisa Ortiz (English)
Burnin is one of the over thirty sidekicks who work at the Endeavor Agency who tends to clash with Katsuki Bakugo.


League of Villains[edit]

The League of Villains (敵連合, Viran Rengō) is an organization originally established and led by All For One that intends to destroy hero society and return villains to prominence, as they were before the rise of All Might. After the League wins their war with the Meta Liberation Army, Tomura merges both organizations to form the Paranormal Liberation Front.

Tenko Shimura (志村 転弧, Shimura Tenko) / Tomura Shigaraki (死柄木 弔, Shigaraki Tomura)
Voiced by: Kōki Uchiyama[55][56], Arisa Sekine (young) (Japanese); Eric Vale,[5] Emily Fajardo (young) (English)
The main antagonist of the series and All For One's foster son. Born the grandson of Nana Shimura, All Might's master, he was taken in by All For One as a child after he accidentally slaughtered his entire family with his Quirk Decay (崩壊, Hōkai), which enables him to disintegrate whatever he touches with his fingers and anything connected to it.[57] After All For One is arrested, Tomura takes full control of the League and eventually trains his Quirk to the point that he becomes the second most dangerous villain in Japan next to All For One himself.
Shigaraki (死柄木) / All For One (オール・フォー・ワン, Ōru Fō Wan)
Voiced by: Akio Ōtsuka[58][59] (Japanese); John Swasey[5][60] (English)
All Might's arch-enemy and the true leader of the League of Villains. His Quirk All For One (オール・フォー・ワン, Ōru Fō Wan) allows him to both steal and bestow Quirks, as well as wield multiple quirks at once. He is obsessed with stealing One For All because it is the only Quirk that has successfully defied him throughout history. Although he is initially defeated by All Might and imprisoned in Tartarus for his crimes, All For One eventually escapes when Tomura and Garaki's surviving Nomus launch an assault on the prison and free all of its inmates.
Oboro Shirakumo (白雲 朧, Shirakumo Oboro, lit. "White Cloud" and "Hazy") / Kurogiri (黒霧, lit. "Black Fog")
Voiced by: Takahiro Fujiwara[61] (Kurogiri), Kensho Ono[62] (Oboro Shirakumo) (Japanese); Chuck Huber[5] (Kurogiri), Stephen Sanders[63] (Oboro Shirakumo) (English)
Tomura's caretaker and the League's second-in-command. His Quirk Warp Gate (ワープゲート, Wāpu Gēto) allows him to generate a dark purple fog from his body and use it to create weaponized long-ranged portals. After he is captured by Gran Torino and imprisoned in Tartarus, he is revealed to be a Nomu created from the corpse of Oboro Shirakumo, Eraser and Present Mic's high school classmate and close friend who died years ago in a villain attack.[64]
Dr. Kyudai Garaki (殻木 球大 博士, Garaki Kyūdai Hakase) / Daruma Ujiko (氏子 達磨, Ujiko Daruma)
Voiced by: Minoru Inaba (Japanese); Mark Stoddard (English)
All For One's personal doctor and a genius mad scientist. His Quirk Life Force grants him an extended lifespan and makes him look younger than he actually is. He is also responsible for creating the Nomu. The character's name was previously Maruta Shiga (志賀 丸太, Shiga Maruta), but was changed following the backlash in relation to the war crimes committed by Unit 731 during the Second World War.[65]
Gigantomachia (ギガントマキア, Gigantomakia)
Voiced by: Yasuhiro Mamiya (Japanese); Cris George (English)
An immensely powerful kaiju-sized villain who possesses multiple Quirks and serves as All For One's bodyguard. During the Jaku Hospital Raid, he is sedated by Kirishima, defeated by Endeavor, and left behind on the battlefield by All For One.
Kagero Okuta (憶田 影朧, Okuta Kagerō) / Giran (義爛)
Voiced by: Seirou Ogino (Japanese); Ben Phillips (English)
A four-eyed villain who works as a broker for the League of Villains. His Quirk Muddiness (混濁, Kondaku) allows him to cause minor amnesia to a person by making physical contact with their head.
Toya Todoroki (轟 燈矢, Todoroki Tōya) / Dabi (荼毘)
Voiced by: Hiro Shimono (Japanese); Jason Liebrecht (English)
A disdainful and sociopathic villain whose Quirk allows him to generate and control highly destructive blue flames from his body, which can go up to at least 2,000°C (3,632°F) in temperature and are significantly more powerful than even Endeavor's. He is later revealed to be Toya Todoroki, Endeavor's eldest son who was thought to have died years ago in a training accident, and was driven to villainy after being neglected and abused by his father as a child for lacking the right Quirk to surpass All Might.[66]
Himiko Toga (渡我 被身子, Toga Himiko)
Voiced by: Misato Fukuen[48][67] (Japanese); Leah Clark[68] (English)
A demented yandere-type girl whose Quirk Transform (変身, Henshin) allows her to temporary transform into a physical lookalike of another individual and use their Quirks by drinking their blood. She was driven to villainy when her parents spurned her for her morbid obsession with blood, which eventually resulted in her running away from home after she attacked a bleeding student in a moment of weakness.
Jin Bubaigawara (分倍河原 仁, Bubaigawara Jin) / Twice (トゥワイス, Tuwaisu)
Voiced by: Daichi Endō[69] (Japanese); Newton Pittman (English)
A masked villain who appears to suffer from a form of dissociative personality disorder. His Quirk Double (二倍, Nibai) allows him to create copies of anything he touches, including himself. His clones can also duplicate themselves, which allows Twice to create thousands of clones of himself if he wants to. He is killed by Hawks during the Jaku Hospital Raid and dies in Toga's arms after saving her from being captured by the heroes.[70]
Atsuhiro Sako (迫 圧紘, Sako Atsuhiro) / Mr. Compress (Mr. コンプレス, Misutā Konpuresu)
Voiced by: Tsuguo Mogami[69] (Japanese); Kent Williams (English)
A flashy villain and former stage magician whose Quirk Compress (コンプレス, Konpuresu) allows him to instantly shrink down anything in a spherical area into a small marble without actually damaging it. During the League's meeting with the Shie Hassaikai, Atsuhiro loses his left arm when he attempts to take down Overhaul and has it replaced with a prosthetic. During the Jaku Hospital Raid, he sustains grievous injuries while saving the other members of the League from being captured by heroes and is left behind on the battlefield by All For One.
Shuichi Iguchi (伊口 秀一, Iguchi Shūichi) / Spinner (スピナー, Supinā)
Voiced by: Ryō Iwasaki[69] (Japanese); Larry Brantley (English)
A reptilian villain whose Quirk Gecko (ヤモリ, Yamori) gives him the appearance and abilities of a gecko. He was inspired to join the League by Stain and admires the Hero Killer so much that he modeled his look and fighting style off of his.
Kenji Hikiishi (引石 健磁, Hikīshi Kenji) / Magne (マグネ, Magune)
Voiced by: Satoru Inoue[69] (Japanese); Jeremy Inman (English)
A transgender woman whose Quirk Magnetism (磁力, Jiryoku) allows her to magnetize others within an area around herself. She is brutally killed by Overhaul after recklessly attacking the latter with her Quirk.[71]
Goto Imatsuji (今筋強斗, Imasuji Gōto) / Muscular (マスキュラー, Masukyurā)
Voiced by: Kousuke Takaguchi[72] (Japanese); Jim Foronda (English)
A brutal and malefic villain whose Quirk Muscle Augment (筋肉増強, Kin'niku Zōkyō) allows him to augment the muscle fibers beneath his skin, granting him immense strength, speed, stamina, and durability. During the Forest Training Arc, Muscular took part in the mission to capture Bakugo for the League of Villains and was imprisoned in Tartarus after being defeated by Izuku. Although he later escapes from Tartarus during a prison break led by All For One, he is ultimately defeated again by Izuku and re-imprisoned for his crimes.
Mustard (マスタード, Masutādo)
Voiced by: Kiyotaka Furushima (Japanese); Daman Mills (English)
A teenage villain whose Quirk Gas (ガス, Gasu) allows him to generate vast amounts of a toxic sleeping gas from his body. As he is not immune to his own Quirk, Mustard wears a gas mask that is attached to two oxygen tanks on his back. During the Forest Training Arc, Mustard took part in the mission to capture Bakugo for the League of Villains and was defeated by Tetsutetsu in one punch.
Moonfish (ムーンフィッシュ, Mūnfisshu)
Voiced by: Shuhei Matsuda (Japanese); Daman Mills (English)
An insane and cannibalistic villain whose Quirk Blade-Tooth (歯し刃じん, Shijin) allows him to lengthen, sharpen, and manipulate his teeth into webs of powerful blades. During the Forest Training Arc, Moonfish took part in the mission to capture Bakugo for the League of Villains and was imprisoned in Tartarus after being defeated by Tokoyami's Quirk. He later escapes from Tartarus during the prison break led by All For One.
Hood (フード, Fūdo)
Voiced by: Tsuguo Mogami (Japanese); Daman Mills (English)
A high-end Nomu who attacks Endeavor and Hawks in Kyushu. He is revealed to possess six different Quirks and is able to severely injure Endeavor before the latter incinerates him with Prominence Burn, his ultimate super move.

Meta Liberation Army[edit]

The Meta Liberation Army (異能解放軍, Inō Kaihō-gun, M.L.A.) is a powerful organization of villains originally founded and led by the infamous villain Destro (デストロ, Desutoro). They refer to Quirks as Meta Abilities (メタ能力, Meta Nōryoku) and believe that free usage of Quirks is a basic human right that should not be regulated by laws. After the Meta Liberation Army is defeated by the League of Villains, Tomura merges the two organizations to create the Paranormal Liberation Front.

Rikiya Yotsubashi (四ツ橋 力也, Yotsubashi Rikiya) / Re-Destro (デストロ再, Desutoro-sai)
Voiced by: Hiroaki Hirata[73] (Japanese); Sonny Strait[74] (English)
The condescending grand commander of the Meta Liberation Army and a descendant of Destro. His Quirk Stress (ストレス, Sutoresu) grants him the ability to convert his stress and anger into raw power, which turns him into a hulking monster and significantly enhances his strength. He attempts to wipe out the League of Villains, but ultimately fails when Tomura defeats him in battle and takes off his lower legs, prompting him to submit to Tomura and join the Paranormal Liberation Front as one of its lieutenants. During the Jaku Hospital Raid, he is defeated by Edgeshot and imprisoned for his crimes.
Koku Hanabata (花畑 孔腔, Hanabata Kōkū) / Trumpet (トランペット, Toranpetto)
Voiced by: Junji Majima[73] (Japanese); Adam McArthur (English)][75]
A manipulative and levelheaded politician who serves as one of the executives of the Meta Liberation Army. His Quirk Incite (煽動, Sendō) allows him to boost the physical and mental abilities of his subordinates from his voice. He is later captured by the heroes during the Jaku Hospital Raid and imprisoned for his crimes.
Tomoyasu Chikazoku (近属 友保, Chikazoku Tomoyasu) / Skeptic (スケプティック, Sukeputikku)
Voiced by: Tomokazu Sugita[73] (Japanese); Benjamin Diskin[76] (English)
A tech-savvy executive member of the Meta Liberation Army whose Quirk Anthropomorph (人形, Hitogata) allows him to take a human-sized object and turn it into an exact lookalike of any given person, which he can then control like a puppet. He is the only executive member of the Meta Liberation Army who is not captured by the heroes during the Jaku Hospital Raid.
Chitose Kizuki (気月 置歳, Kizuki Chitose) / Curious (キュリオス, Kyuriosu)
Voiced by: Takako Honda[73] (Japanese); Tara Sands[77] (English)
A blue-skinned executive member of the Meta Liberation Army who gets her villain name from her overzealously curious personality. Her Quirk Landmine (地雷, Jirai) allows her to turn anything she touches into a bomb. She is killed by Toga during the war between the League of Villains and the Meta Liberation Army that takes place in Deika City.
Geten (外典)
Voiced by: Seiichirō Yamashita[73] (Japanese); Khoi Dao[78] (English)
An Inuit-like member of the Meta Liberation Army whose Quirk Ice Manipulation (氷の操作, Kōri no sōsa) allows him to freely control all nearby ice. During the war between the League of Villains and the Meta Liberation Army, Geten faces off against Dabi and fights the latter to a stalemate. He is later defeated by Cementoss during the Jaku Hospital Raid and imprisoned for his crimes.
Slidin' Go (スライディン・ゴー, Suraidin Gō) / Tatsuyuki Tokoname (常滑達行, Tokoname Tatsuyuki)
Voiced by: Takumu Miyazono (Japanese); Bill Butts (English)
A minor hero who possesses an unnamed sliding Quirk and works as a double agent for the Meta Liberation Army. During the Jaku Hospital Raid, he is exposed and arrested by Death Arms, and imprisoned for his crimes.

Shie Hassaikai[edit]

The Shie Hassaikai (死穢八斎會, Shie Hassaikai) is a Yakuza group that intends on bringing themselves back to power by producing and dealing Quirk-destroying drugs on the black market. They also serve as the titular main antagonists of the Shie Hassaikai Arc.

Boss (八斎會組長, Hassaikai kumichō)
Voiced by: Naomi Kusumi (Japanese); R. Bruce Elliott (English)
The former unnamed boss of the Shie Hassaikai, Overhaul's foster father, and Eri's maternal grandfather. After refusing to consent to Overhaul's inhumane master plan to bring the Yakuza back to power through a Quirk-destroying drug manufactured from unethical experiments performed on Eri, he is secretly put into a comatose state by Overhaul, who then takes over as the new head of the Shie Hassaikai.
Kai Chisaki (治崎 廻, Chisaki Kai) / Overhaul (オーバーホール, Ōbāhōru)
Voiced by: Kenjiro Tsuda[79] (Japanese); Kellen Goff, Caitlin Glass (young)[24] (English)
The mysophobic and sociopathic boss of the Shie Hassaikai. His Quirk Overhaul (オーバーホール, Ōbāhōru) enables him to disassemble anything he touches, as well as reassemble it in any configuration he desires. He can also use his Quirk to fuse himself with others, which enables him to use their Quirks, and heal himself of any injuries he sustains in combat.[80]Overhaul is obsessed with restoring the Yakuza to their former glory and attempts to make his objectives reality by creating a Quirk-destroying drug from Eri's body and then monopolizing it on the black market. However, before he is able to commercialize the drug, he is defeated by Deku, who also rescues Eri from him, and imprisoned in Tartarus for his crimes.
Hari Kurono (玄野 針, Kurono Hari) / Chronostasis (クロノスタシス, Kuronosutashisu)
Voiced by: Takumi Asahina (Japanese); Anthony Bowling (English)
Overhaul's childhood friend and loyal assistant. His Quirk Chronostasis (クロノスタシス, Kuronosutashisu) enables him to slow down the movements of anything he hits with his cloud hand-like hair. During the Shie Hassaikai Raid, he is defeated by Suneater and arrested by the police.
Joi Irinaka (入中 常衣, Irinaka Jōi) / Mimic (ミミック, Mimikku)
Voiced by: Yasuhiro Mamiya (Japanese); Derrick Snow (English)
The general manager of the Shie Hassaikai. His Quirk Mimicry (擬態, Gitai) allows him to transfer his own body and mind into solid objects, which he can then manipulate and control like his actual body. He generally uses his Quirk to disguise himself as black beaked hand puppet. During the Shie Hassaikai Raid, he is defeated by Deku and Eraser, and taken into police custody.

Eight Bullets[edit]

The Eight Bullets (鉄砲玉 八斎衆, Teppōdama Hassaishū) are Overhaul's eight elite henchman. Most of them were cast out by society and had no reason to live until they were given a purpose by Overhaul. Ironically, despite the fact that they are fiercely loyal to him, Overhaul regards the Eight Bullets as expendable pawns and only sees them for their utilitarian value to his cause.

Shin Nemoto (音本 真, Nemoto Shin)
Voiced by: Takayuki Masuda (Japanese); John Burgmeier (English)
A former con artist whose Quirk Confession (真実吐き, Makoto Tsuki) enables him to force people to answer his questions truthfully. He became disillusioned with society when he could not find someone worthy of his trust and joined the Hassaikai upon realizing Overhaul's villainous but honest intentions. During the Shie Hassaikai Raid, he is defeated by Lemillion and arrested by the police.
Rikiya Katsukame (活瓶 力也, Katsukame Rikiya)
Voiced by: Hiroaki Okuda (Japanese); Chris Guerrero (English)
A hulking gangster whose Quirk Vitality Stealing (活力 吸収, Katsuryoku Kyūshū) allows him to absorb the stamina of his adversaries, simultaneously strengthening himself and weakening his opponents. During the Shie Hassaikai Raid, he is defeated by the combined efforts of Nejire, Uravity, Froppy, and Ryukyu, and arrested by the police.
Toya Setsuno (窃野 トウヤ, Setsuno Tōya)
Voiced by: KENN (Japanese); Derek Whitener (English)
A fanatic villain whose Quirk Larceny (窃盗, Settō) allows him to telekinetically steal any objects that his target possesses. The objects that can be "stolen" include even manifestations of others' Quirks. He joined the Hassaikai after losing everything he had to a traitorous lover and being put in tremendous debt. During the Shie Hassaikai Raid, he is defeated by Suneater and arrested by the police.
Yu Hojo (宝生 結, Hōjō Yū)
Voiced by: Kenichiro Matsuda (Japanese); Eric Lopez (English)
A masked villain whose Quirk Crystallize (結晶, Kesshō) allows him to grow sharp, durable crystals all over his body. He joined the Hassaikai after being beaten to the brink of death by a former colleague and discarded on the streets. During the Shie Hassaikai Raid, he is defeated by Suneater and arrested by the police.
Soramitsu Tabe (多部 空満, Tabe Soramitsu)
Voiced by: Kengo Tsuji (Japanese); Jeramey Kraatz (English)
An insane villain who is obsessed with eating. His Quirk Food (食, Shoku) allows his teeth to easily chew through and consume any solid substance, no matter how durable it is. He joined the Hassaikai after being spurned by society and tossed aside for his abnormal personality. During the Shie Hassaikai Raid, he is defeated by Suneater and arrested by the police.
Kendo Rappa (乱波 肩動, Rappa Kendō) / The Rapper (ザ ラッパー, Za Rappā)
Voiced by: Shouhei Kajikawa (Japanese); Eric Rolon (English)
A battle-crazed villain who thrives on bloodshed and only cares about seeking a battle that can satisfy him. His Quirk Strongarm (強肩, Kyōken) enables him to rotate his shoulders at extreme speeds, allowing him to attack his targets with a near-endless barrage of bullet punches. He joined the Hassaikai after being easily defeated by Overhaul in a fight. During the Shie Hassaikai Raid, he is defeated by Red Riot and Fat Gum, and arrested by the police.
Hekiji Tengai (天蓋 壁慈, Tengai Hekiji)
Voiced by: Jun Miyamoto (Japanese); Shawn Gann (English)
A monk-like villain whose Quirk Barrier (バリア, Baria) allows him to create a dome-shaped forcefield around himself and his allies. During the Shie Hassaikai Raid, he is defeated by Red Riot and Fat Gum, and arrested by the police.
Deidoro Sakaki (酒木 泥泥, Sakaki Deidoro)
Voiced by: Kouji Takahashi (Japanese); Zeno Robinson (English)
An alcoholic villain whose Quirk Sloshed (泥酔, Deisui) enables him to subject anyone near him to severe dizziness, knocking off their sense of balance and putting them in a state similar to being drunk. During the Shie Hassaikai Raid, he is defeated by Lemillion and arrested by the police.

Other villains[edit]

Chizome Akaguro (赤黒 血染, Akaguro Chizome) / Stain (ステイン, Sutein)
Voiced by: Go Inoue[81] (Japanese); Robert McCollum[82] (English)
A former hero who became disillusioned with the hero system after seeing how many became heroes for money and fame, and turned into a serial killer with the mission of purging society of those he deems unworthy of being heroes.[83] His Quirk is Bloodcurdle (凝血, Gyōketsu), which enables to paralyze a person for a certain period of time by ingesting their blood.
Danjuro Tobita (飛田 弾柔郎, Tobita Danjūrō) / Gentle Criminal (ジェントル・クリミナル, Jentoru Kuriminaru)
Voiced by: Kōichi Yamadera (Japanese); John Gremillion[84] (English)
Danjuro is a villain who commits crimes for the sake of fame through video recordings of his criminal acts.[85] His Quirk Elasticity (弾性(エラスティシティ), Erasutishiti) allows him to bestow the property of elasticity to anything he touches.
Manami Aiba (相場 愛美, Aiba Manami) / La Brava (ラブラバ, Ra Buraba)
Voiced by: Yui Horie (Japanese); Megan Shipman[84] (English)
Gentle's loyal fan and admirer, helping him gain infamy by filming and uploading his criminal activities online.[86] Manami's Quirk Love (ラブ, Rabu) allows her to boost the power of whomever she loves the most by declaring her love to them.
Ending (エンディング, Endingu)
Voiced by: Kishō Taniyama[87] (Japanese); Belsheber Rusape Jr. (English)
A villain who attacks Endeavor while he is interning Midoriya, Bakugo, and Todoroki.
Lady Nagant (レディ・ナガン, Redi Nagan)
A former hero who worked as an assassin for the Public Safety Commission, killing both villains and corrupt heroes. Her quirk Rifle (ライフル, Raifuru) grants her a rifle usually hidden in her arm. Disillusioned with the hero society, she attacks the Public Safety president, causing her to be sent to Tartarus.[88][89] During the Tartarus Break-in, she escaped, helping Kai Chisaki in the process. She then was sent by All for One to capture Izuku Midoriya, receiving an Air Walk quirk as payment.
Wolfram (ウォルフラム, Worufuramu)
Voiced by: Rikiya Koyama (Japanese); Keith Silverstein (English)
Wolfram is the main antagonist of My Hero Academia: Two Heroes who was an old acquaintance of All For One and the boss of Swordkil, Daigo, and Nobu. His Quirk Metal Manipulation (金属操作, Kinzoku Sōsa) enables him to reshape and manipulate all types of metal. All For One also gave Wolfram the Quirk Muscle Augmentation (筋肉増強, Kin'niku Zōkyō) that enables him to increase his muscle mass. He and his group attacked I-Island where the I-Expo was being held. Wolfram was defeated by Izuku and All Might.
Nine (ナイン, Nain)
Voiced by: Yoshino Inoue (Japanese); Johnny Yong Bosch (English)
The main antagonist of My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising and the boss of Chimera, Mummy, and Slice. His Quirk Weather Manipulation (気象操作, Kishō Sōsa) enables him to control the weather. In addition, Nine can also steal the Quirks of anyone and constant use of them can exhaust him, causing Nine to wear a special life-support system that pumps special drugs in him. Nine and his minions plan to create a society where those with strong Quirks will dominate those with weak Quirks. After being defeated by Midoriya and Bakugo, he is killed by Shigaraki.
Flect Turn (フレクト・ターン, Furekuto Tān)
Voiced by: Kazuya Nakai (Japanese); Robbie Daymond (English)
The main antagonist of My Hero Academia: World Heroes' Mission. His Quirk Reflect enables him to reflect any attack and its effects back to the user as well as storing it for later.

Other Hero Schools[edit]

Shiketsu High School[edit]

Inasa Yoarashi (夜嵐 イナサ, Yoarashi Inasa) / Gale Force (レップウ, Reppu)
Voiced by: Ryōta Iwasaki[90] (Japanese); Matt Shipman[91] (English)
A first year student whose Quirk Whirlwind (旋風, Senpū) allows him to control the wind. He developed a rivalry with Todoroki which was caused from a moment in his childhood where Endeavor denied him an autograph.
Camie Utsushimi (現見 ケミィ, Utsushimi Kemii) / Maboromicamie (マボロミカミィ, Maboromikamii)
Voiced by: Minori Chihara[90] (Japanese); Brittney Karbowski[91] (English)
A second year student whose Quirk Glamour (幻惑, Genwaku) allows her to create illusions.
Seiji Shishikura (肉倉 精児, Shishikura Seiji) / Sisicross (シシクロス, Shishikurosu)
Voiced by: Makoto Furukawa[90] (Japanese); Stephan Fu (English)
A student from Shiketsu High whose Quirk Meatball (精肉, Seiniku) allows him to mold others into restrained globs of flesh.
Nagamasa Mora (毛原 長昌, Mōra Nagamasa) / Chewyee (チューイー, Chūī)
Voiced by: Volcano Ōta (Japanese); Randy E. Aguebor (ep56), Jim Johnson (ep57; 59-60) (English)
A student from Shiketsu High whose Quirk Extend-o-Hair (伸毛, Shinmō) allows him to lengthen and manipulate his body hair.

Ketsubutsu Academy[edit]

Yo Shindo (真堂揺, Shindō Yō) / Grand (グランド, Gurand)
Voiced by: Yuuta Kasuya (Japanese); Bryce Papenbrook (English)
A second year student at Ketsubutsu Academy whose Quirk Vibrate (揺らす, Yurasu) allows him to channel powerful vibrations through any surface he touches with his hands.
Tatami Nakagame (中瓶 畳, Nakagame Tatami) / Turtle Neck (タートルネック, Tātorunekku)
Voiced by: Megumi Han (Japanese); Kristen McGuire (English)
A second year student at Ketsubutsu Academy who is a fan of U.A. Her Quirk Telescopic (折りたたみ, Oritatami) allows her to retract her body into herself like a turtle.
Shikkui Makabe (真壁 漆喰, Makabe Shikkui) / Mr. Smith (Mr. スミス, Misutā Sumisu)
Voiced by: Hiromichi Kogami (Japanese); Brad Hawkins (English)
A second year student at Ketsubutsu Academy with an odd appearance. His Quirk Stiffening (硬質化, Kōshitsu-ka) allows him to make any object he rubs or kneads with his hands extremely hard, although it does not work on living beings.
Itejiro Toteki (投擲 射手次郎, Tōteki Itejirō) / Boomerang Man (ブーメランマン, Būmeran Man)
Voiced by: Kenta Ōkuma (Japanese); Lee George (English)
A student whose Quirk Boomerang (ブーメラン, Būmeran) grants him the ability to throw objects with incredible accuracy and change their trajectory in mid-air.

Other characters[edit]


Inko Midoriya (緑谷 引子, Midoriya Inko)
Voiced by: Aya Kawakami (Japanese); Jessica Cavanagh (English)
Izuku's mother. Initially supportive of her son's dreams, the constant villain attacks on U.A. make her briefly doubt the safety of the school.[93]
Naomasa Tsukauchi (塚内 直正, Tsukauchi Naomasa)
Voiced by: Tokuyoshi Kawashima (Japanese); Alejandro Saab[5] (English)
Tsukauchi is a detective who is All Might's client in the Police Force, therefore knowing of his and Izuku's Quirk.
Kota Izumi (出水 洸汰, Izumi Kōta)
Voiced by: Michiru Yamazaki (Japanese); Cassandra Lee Morris[94] (English)
A young boy who lost his Hero parents, the Water Hose duo, to Muscular and was taken in by the Pussycats due to Mandalay being his aunt.
Taneo Tokuda (特田種男, Tokuda Taneo)
Voiced by: Eiji Hanawa (Japanese); Jay Hickman (English)
Exclusive to the anime, Taneo Tokuda is a freelance journalist who sought out All Might's successor for personal reasons. His Quirk Whole-Body Lens (全身レンズ, Zenshin Renzu) allows him to manifest camera lenses on any part of his body and print the photographs from his chest.
Eri (エリ)
Voiced by: Seiran Kobayashi (Japanese); Emily Neves[95] (English)
The young granddaughter of the Shie Hassaikai's former boss. She was abused and experimented on by Overhaul to create the Quirk-destroying drug that he planned to use to bring the Yakuza back to power, and developed a deep fear of him as a consequence. After she is saved by Deku and Lemillion, she is taken in by the teachers at U.A. and eventually adjusts to normal life, becoming a much more cheerful and optimistic child as a result.[96] Her Quirk Rewind (人を巻き戻す, Hito o Maki Modosu) enables her to reverse a living individual's body back to a previous state, allowing her to make them younger, heal them of their injuries, and undo any of their bodily modifications.
Rei Todoroki (轟 冷, Todoroki Rei)
Voiced by: Michiko Neya (Japanese); Morgan Garrett (English)
Shoto's mother and Endeavor's wife. Born as Rei Himura (氷叢 冷, Himura Rei), she currently resides in a mental hospital after burning Shoto with hot water during a mental breakdown. Rei is almost done recuperating from her mental breakdown. Shoto gets his ice powers from her.
Fuyumi Todoroki (轟 冬美, Todoroki Fuyumi)
Voiced by: Kei Shindo (Japanese); Kate Oxley (English)
Shoto's older sister, she works as an elementary school teacher and has an ice quirk like her mother, she is hopeful for her father changing and wants to have a normal family.
Natsuo Todoroki (轟 夏雄, Todoroki Natsu)
Voiced by: Yūki Shin (Japanese); Adam Gibbs (English)
Shoto's older brother, He is a medical college student. Unlike his sister, Natsu openly resents his father for his abusive actions and isn't as quick to forgive him.
Hiroshi Tameda (為田 浩, Tameda Hiroshi)
Voiced by: Serina Machiyama (Japanese); Todd Haberkorn (English)
Endeavor's loyal fan. He is a plain-looking young man, Hiroshi is rather supportive of Endeavor, notably when he spoke out to the public that they still need to believe in Endeavor for protecting society from powerful villains like High-End.
Melissa Shield (メリッサ・シールド, Merissa Shīrudo)
Voiced by: Mirai Shida (Japanese); Erica Mendez (English)
The Quirk-less daughter of David Shield who bonds with Izuku.
David Shield (デヴィット・シールド, Devitto Shīrudo)
Voiced by: Katsuhisa Namase, Ryohei Kimura (young) (Japanese); Ray Chase (English)
A scientist at I-Island, All Might's old friend, and the father of Melissa Shield.
Katsuma Shimano (島乃 活真, Shimano Katsuma)
Voiced by: Yuka Terasaki (Japanese); Maxey Whitehead (English)
A little boy who is Mahoro’s younger brother, he befriends Deku and the students, and his quirk Cell Activation (細胞活性, Saibō Kassei) is sought out by Nine.
Mahoro Shimano (島乃 真幌, Shimano Mahoro)
Voiced by: Tomoyo Kurosawa (Japanese); Dani Chambers (English)
A little girl who is Katsuma's older sister.

Torch Bearers of One for All[edit]

Yoichi Shigaraki (死柄木 与一, Shigaraki Yoichi)
Voiced by: Sōichirō Hoshi (Japanese); Stephen Fu (English)
The first user of One For All and sickly younger brother of the villain All For One. He was initially believed to have been born Quirkless, but in reality, he had a Quirk which had no other ability than to transfer itself to another person through DNA. After his brother forcibly gave Yoichi a power stockpiling Quirk, it merged with the Quirk that he already had, resulting in the creation of One For All.
Hikage Shinomori (四乃森 避影, Shinomori Hikage)
The fourth user of One For All, he was a tall man with a long scar running down his face. Unlike the other users who came before him, he opted to hide from All For One and train with One For All in order to make the Quirk as strong as he possibly could. He ultimately died 18 years after inheriting One For All as a result of his body being unable to withstand the stress of using multiple Quirks for long periods of time. His Quirk was Danger Sense (危機感知, Kiki Kanchi), which allowed him to detect any potential threats in his surroundings.
Daigoro Banjo (萬繩 大悟郎, Banjō Daigorō)
Voiced by: Hiroki Yasumoto (Japanese); Andrew Love (English)
The fifth user of One For All, he was a muscular, bald man with a funky and energetic personality. During the time that he possessed One For All, All For One attempted to steal it from him twice, but failed on both attempts. His Quirk was Blackwhip (黒鞭, Kuro Muchi), which enabled him to create tendrils of black energy from his hands that he could use to capture enemies and increase his mobility. He first appeared during the Joint Training Battle as a spirit inside One For All in order to give Izuku instructions on how to use his Quirk.[97]
En (煙, En)
The sixth user of One For All, he was a dark-haired man who wore a high-collared jacket that covered his mouth and nose. His Quirk was Smokescreen (煙幕, Enmaku), which enabled him to generate thick clouds of smoke from his body.
Nana Shimura (志村 菜奈, Shimura Nana)
Voiced by: Mie Sonozaki (Japanese); Stephanie Young (English)
The seventh user of One For All and Tenko Shimura's grandmother, she was a beautiful and compassionate woman with a strong sense of justice. She was also All Might's master and died protecting him from All For One when the villain attempted to kill them both. Her Quirk was Float (浮遊, Fuyū), which allowed her to levitate and fly.


Koichi Haimawari (灰廻 航一, Haimawari Kōichi) / The Crawler (ザ・クロウラー, Za Kurourā)
A 19–year old college student whose Quirk Slide and Glide (滑走, Kassō) allows him to quickly travel across any flat surface. He became a vigilante after being unable to become a Pro Hero.[98]
Kazuho Haneyama (羽根山 和歩, Haneyama Kazuho) / Pop☆Step (ポップ☆ステップ, Poppu☆Suteppu)
A high schooler whose Quirk Leap (跳躍, Chōyaku) allows her to jump several meters high. She was briefly possessed by a villain known as Queen Bee, though she is saved from possession after she is shot through the chest, becoming heavily injured but alive.[99]
Iwao Oguro (雄黒 巌, Oguro Iwao) / Knuckleduster (ナックルダスター, Nakkurudasutā)
An old man who is investigating the trafficking of a mysterious drug around town in order to find his daughter. His tenacity in battle makes others believe he possesses a Quirk related to physical prowess, when he actually has no Quirk at all.


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My Hero Academia: Villain Storylines, Ranked Lamest To Coolest

The villains of My Hero Academiaare not so different from the hardships and accomplishments of the heroes from the series, especially when it comes to their backstories and subsequent storylines that develop throughout the manga and the anime TV show.

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A lot of the MHA characters come from harsh backgrounds and have to figure out where their place is in society and what their beliefs are, and this can lead to some endearing stories and experiences. As the stories continue to unfold, villains from both the manga and the TV series are contenders for having the coolest and most interesting backstory.

Updated on October 6th, 2021 by Tanner Fox: The My Hero Academia anime's fifth season has offered up some shocking twists and surprising developments, and it has many fans re-evaluating their favorite villains. From forgotten D-listers to titanic threats to world peace, much like the heroes, My Hero Academia's villains are constantly growing and evolving.

With an entire season 5 arc dedicated to the backstories of some fan-favorite criminal offenders, it's time to adjust perceptions on MHA villains both larger and small.

14 Gentle Criminal

Without a doubt the lamest villain with the series' lamest story arc is Danjuro Tobita, A.K.A. Gentle Criminal. Everything he does is a stunt, with the only motive to be internet famous. That said, his relationship to La Brava is somewhat touching, as he opts to lie to investigators in order to make her out to be innocent.

Yet, Gentle is very selfish in his acts and uses villainy to gain attention, which seems like a fairly weak motivation. What's more, he isn't honest about the fact that he could be a hero instead of a villain in the My Hero Academia universe until it's too late.

13 Shin Nemoto

Only equipped with a handgun and his loyalty, Shin Nemoto isn't the most impressive or important villain, even if he looks pretty cool. Unfortunately, he basically just follows Kai Chisaki around like a puppy, and, when push comes to shove, he fuses with Kai, which eventually leads to his demise.

One of the Eight Bullets featured in the fourth season's Shie Hassaikai arc, Shin Nemoto is a deeply cynical man who seems to have wholeheartedly adopted Overhaul's pessimistic worldview. If nothing else, his character serves to indicate how alluring Overhaul's rhetoric can be on the criminal underworld of My Hero Academia.

12 Hekiji Tengai

Tengai originated as a devout Buddhist, but, as the newest member of the Shie Hassaikai, he assumes a position as one of the group's Eight Bullets. Unfortunately, he starts out in this criminal group as a glorified babysitter for Kendo Rappa, A.K.A. The Rapper, another Eight Bullets member.

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Hekiji Tengai's cool demeanor matches Overhaul's and makes for an interesting juxtaposition between himself and his partner. However, his potential is arguably wasted, as he's mostly used as fodder for Class 1-A student Eijiro Kirishima's character development.

11 Spinner

A comic relief character first introduced in My Hero Academia's third season, Spinner isn't meant to be taken seriously. With a quirk that grants him the powers of a reptile, few of his villain allies take him seriously, and he's often been likened to the cartoonish heroes the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

In the manga series, however, Spinner takes on a drastically different role. Made a societal outcast as a result of his strange appearance, Spinner struggles to find purpose as a villain despite possessing little real power.

10 Twice

Jin Bubaigawara is better known as the villain Twice. He was originally a member of the League of Villains and later a lieutenant in the Paranormal Liberation Front.

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He is comedic and expressive, but he's also shown to struggle internally, and his inner battle derives from something even more heartbreaking, which is his lack of friendships. Himiko Toga's friendship and compassion for him also make him an interesting story because they both don't quite seem the villain-type, but he toughed out that role until the end.

9 Himiko Toga

Himiko Toga's character arc is interesting from start to finish; her traumatic history of familial judgment led her to shed her otherwise bubbly personality and seek out evildoers who would not disavow her based on her abnormal Quirk.

She is fascinated with the concept of love and cannot seem to escape it, even when she is explaining herself mid-battles. Her perkiness is generally off-putting to those she encounters, as she carries herself under a "villain" title and she uses that to her advantage. She gets to lead the Vanguard Action Squad in the Forest Training Camp Arc and continues on multiple missions after that.

8 Re-Destro

Often compared to DC's villain The Joker thanks to his angular facial features and pinstripe suit, Re-Destro is the CEO of Detnerat and the son of Destro, a revolutionary who fought for the liberation of maladjusted Quirk users. He's a major hurdle in Tomura Shigaraki's quest for domination, and he meets his match when Shigaraki unleashes the true potential of his power.

A relatively uninteresting villain on the surface, Re-Destro serves as a reminder that not all MHA evil-doers act as villains just for the sake of it. Re-Destro had a complex legacy and belief system, and he fought not for the sake of chaos, but to enact his own version of justice.

7 Kai Chisaki

Also known as Overhaul, Kai is the Shie Hassaikai leader, and he wields an incredibly powerful Qurik which allows him to disassemble and reassemble the makeup of whatever material he touches. One of the coolest things he did was fusing with Shin Nemoto, for his Confession Quirk, and Rikiya Katsukame for his Stamina Siphoning Quirk during the hero raid against his organization.

His storyline is one of the coolest, as, even with his disposition and lack of value he places on human life, he seems to care about his boss, who rescued him off the streets—and yet he seems almost inhuman in his behavior. When he disagrees with his boss, he still kept him around in a coma while he attempted to complete his own personal vendetta. He's a germaphobe who wears a symbolic plague mask, adding some serious flair to his design.

6 Dabi

Dabi's nonchalant and arrogant exterior makes him oddly appealing to many fans. He became even more relevant when the manga revealed his real name, Toya Todoroki.

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He has one of the most heartbreaking backstories, but, when he realizes he somewhat agrees with Stain's philosophy that society would be better without heroes, he grows as a character, letting his emotions show. He becomes one of the more interesting villains because the stakes are higher when he starts to involve Endeavor and Shoto in his plans to hurt people and his family.

5 Kurogiri

Introduced in My Hero Academia's first season as a core member of the League of Villains, Shigaraki was an enigmatic entity whose real body—let alone backstory—could scarcely be understood. However, he morphed from a terrifying to tragic figure following a season 5 revelation.

In fact, Kurogiri is actually an experimental Nomu created from the corpse of Shota Aizawa's childhood friend. Originally an ever-upbeat go-getter, almost none of his former personality remains, and his is one of the most upsetting stories in the entire series.

4 Chizome Akaguro

Also known as Hero Killer Stain, Chizome Akaguro is a villain vigilante who believes the world would be a better place without heroes. Specifically, he hates false heroes, the people with quirks that claim to be heroes to help but are actually just in it for fame and money. Even as a villain, he seems to like All Might.

He realized that his beliefs were based on Stendhal, another vigilante who has split personalities and lived both in his vigilante and civilian identities. Stain adopted his "duty" from someone else, and, even knowing he disagrees with the method, morally he continues to go about it the wrong way.

3 Tomura Shigaraki

An archetypal villain apprentice, Tomura Shigaraki's story arc initially seems to be pretty open-and-shut. However, with a tragic past and a devastatingly powerful quirk, there's more to All For One's successor than meets the eye.

He started as a typical villain who just wants to destroy the things he hates. When he realizes he needs to readjust his views to truly rule the criminal underworld, he does. But, he also still seems to battle with the fact that he wasn't one of the "lucky ones" to be rescued by heroes, so he acts as if villainy is all that he can do.

2 Nine

The marquee villain of the My Hero Academia movie Heroes Rising, though he doesn't have the kind of relationship with All For One that Shigaraki does, Nine is, in a sense, the Darth Vader to All For One's Emperor.

Wielding a Quirk which, while powerful, degrades his physical health, Nine is often seen wearing a type of life support apparatus. He also shapes his worldview around the idea that might makes right, going so far as to partake in an experimental surgery to grant him One For All's abilities. An incredibly powerful villain, he's only taken down by Midoriya and Bakugo when the former temporarily shares his power with the latter.

1 All-For-One

Aside from his epic fight against All-Might, All-For-One is the most powerful villain with an open-ended storyline. He somehow survives losing his face, keeping his identity hidden, and escapes Tartarus, the special prison for villain criminals.

He has adjusted to losing his sense and takes Quirks to add to his outrageous amount of strength and abilities. All-For-One works from behind the scenes like a puppetmaster and never breaks from his suave and domineering character. The man behind nearly every conflict in My Hero Academia, there's no denying the impact of his still-ambiguous story.

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My Hero Academia Villains, Ranked By Intelligence

While heroes ultimately become role models viewers can look up to, villains are the ones who create the primary conflicts of the story. Although being brainy isn't a necessary trait for a bad guy, evil geniuses add more heft and further increase the stakes of the battle between good versus evil.

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My Hero Academiaboasts a roster of villains, many of whom have more brains than brawn, allowing them to overpower even the strongest heroes. Instead of relying heavily on physical strength, these evil geniuses are able to masterfully deduce complex plans and strategies.

Updated on July 30th, 2021 by Tanner Fox:The recently debuted fifth season of My Hero Academia may play up the competition between U.A.'s Class 1-A and Class 1-B, but that doesn't mean the series' villains are to be forgotten. Operating in the shadows, Tomura Shigaraki, the disciple of key antagonist All For One, is still working to eliminate Deku and his classmates and establish a new reign of evil.

What's more, the stakes continue to rise as fans learn new info about crucial evildoers like Dabi and the army of Nomus. While they're not all hyper-intelligent, it's clear that there are more than 10 wickedly smart villains in the My Hero Academia series.

15 Gentle Criminal

Sporting the impressive ability of elasticizing objects by manipulating their molecules, Gentle obsesses over his reputation. That's why he avoids getting involved in any ungentlemanly acts.

This is where his lack of intelligence becomes obvious. Although he aspires to be a great villain and is confident about his abilities, he refutes his own motives with his skewed moral code. Luckily for him, the highly intellectual La Brava is his partner.

14 Twice

Twice's subpar intelligence is well-known by now. Although quite gifted when it comes to cloning abilities, it is these abilities that have made him mentally unstable. As the story goes, he developed two contradicting personalities after one of his clones had him question what's real and what isn't.

Due to this identity crisis, Twice may show feats of intelligence in one moment, but similar acts of the sheer silliness of another.

13 Hood

My Hero Academia's Nomu are as disturbing as they are imposing, and few are more terrifying than Hood. A so-called "high-end" Nomu variant, not only is Hood one of the strongest in All For One's army, but he's also able to maintain a semblance of intelligence.

While most Nomu are nothing more than mindless muscle, Hood showcases an undeniable level of intelligence. In fact, he's able to combine his brains and brawn to nearly defeat Endeavor, Japan's Number One hero.

12 Himiko Toga

It's easy to be fooled by Toga's demeanor, but, on the inside, she's nothing but a cold-blooded killer who's driven by her own ulterior motives. Unlike most MHA characters, her abilities are not confined to a fixed skill set. Instead, she possesses a gamut of abilities that allow her to shift back and forth between espionage and combat.

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Although her overbearing emotions for Twice might cloud her judgment at times, she's usually one step ahead of the curve and can give powerful heroes like Eraser Head some tough competition during battles.

11 Mr. Compress

Mr. Compress may not come off as the brightest bulb in the box, but he is among the most intelligent members of the League of Villains. Being a former magician, he has mastered the art of creating illusions and other deceptive tactics to escape almost any situation. To ensure that his enemies don't misuse his compression marbles, he creates several decoys of them to dupe the ones who steal them.

Although given a C-grade in intelligence in the Ultra Analysis Book, Mr. Compress' firm grasp on his niche skillset makes him quite an intellectual villain.

10 Hari Kurono

The right-hand mand to Overhaul, the de-facto leader of Shie Hassaikai, Hari Kurono has been witness to an incredible amount of tragedy. From the brutal deaths of his fellow subordinates at the hands of the group's leader to the unspeakable treatment of Eri, Kurono could certainly be described as a cold and calloused individual.

Though he's not a great asset in battle, there's no denying that Kurono is intelligent. Serving under Overhaul for any amount of time would require some serious intellect, and his role in the defense of the Shie Hassaikai compound proved that he wasn't favored by his boss for no reason.

9 Dabi

It is, as they say "Like father, like son." Just like Endeavor, Dabi is a highly-skilled fighter and is always analyzing the weaknesses of his enemies. But, along with looking past the strengths of his enemies, Dabi is also known for waging psychological warfare on them during combat.

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He knows that his cremation quirk can hurt his body over time, so he outwits his enemies by engaging them in conversations while recovering in the process. Dabi's also a long-term planner and patiently puts bits and pieces of his puzzles to frame a bigger picture. An example of this is when he revealed his true identity as Toya Todoroki and ruined Endeavor's reputation.

8 Kurogiri

A key player in the first season of the My Hero Academia anime, Kurogiri's Quirk, Warp Gate, allows him to teleport his friends and enemies to any location of his choosing. Vital to the attack on the USJ, he's an indispensable asset to Shigaraki and his villainous team.

Later on, it is revealed that, despite his undeniable intellect, Kurogiri is actually a Nomu created to protect All For One's successor, Tomura Shigaraki. What's more, before his transformation, he was a friend of U.A. professor Shota Aizawa.

7 Nine

If not anything else, Nine possesses leadership skills that can only be matched by a few. In My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising, he first takes a calculated risk by subjecting himself to human experiments. He's then quick to realize that, before he can rule the world with his quirk stealing abilities, he must first acquire a Cell Activation Quirk to sustain himself.

Soon after, he realizes that Deku possesses a lot more power in one quirk than he could possess through many quirks. So, before Deku reaches his potential, Nine cleverly tries to eradicate him.

6 Stain

What makes Stain rank above many villains of the series is his ability to not only use his quirk with the utmost expertise, but also his adaptability during battles. Using cheap tricks such as misdirection and environment manipulation, the villain creates ideal conditions for himself to win.

Moreover, he also exhibits a "fake" bloodlust for his enemies just to intimidate them and instill numbing fear.

5 Kagero Okuta

Also known by the villain name Giran, Kagero Okuta serves as a broker between nefarious organizations, exchanging knowledge and information and serving as a go-between for Japan's seedy underbelly. Though he lacks any physical power, he's very shrewd and would be incredibly difficult to outwit.

A man of standards, Okuta never deals with those who don't respect him, and, when pressed to divulge his secrets, he's extremely stalwart. He's no villainous mastermind, but he certainly has brains.

4 Kai Chisaki

The forte with which Kai Chisaki, A.K.A. Overhaul, rises up in ranks in season 4 is beyond terrifying. He never lets his ego get the best of him, and he forever stays calm and classy, even in the toughest situations.

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One of his grand feats is the Quirk-destroying drug that he invented himself along with an antidote. Other than that, Chisaki is also capable of escaping punishment when he hides the evidence of his crimes. Using his quirk, he can disassemble the bodies of his victims, erases all evidence they may possess, and then puts them back together with no signs of his wrongdoings.

3 Tomura Shigaraki

Touted as the successor of All For One, Shigaraki has only one goal—destroy the society by killing its "symbol of peace," All Might, and then create a new world where he rules all. While his Decay Quirk is enough to defeat the strongest of enemies, his intellect during battle allows him to stay one step ahead almost all the time.

For instance, in Episode 10 of season 1, he quickly identifies Eraser Head's weaknesses and uses them to overpower him. When it comes to his season-long battle against Overhaul, he patiently deduces a long-term plan to ultimately defeat the supervillain.

2 Kyudai Garaki

Though not much is known about Kyudai Garaki, his actions have had an incredible impact on the lives of everyone featured in the My Hero Academia anime. A man of extreme intelligence and a loyal servant of All For One, Garaki can be credited with the creation of All For One's Nomu army.

His quirk isn't particularly well understood, though it is known that it has granted him an abnormally long lifespan. Some theories also posit that he stole Izuku Midoriya's original Quirk when he was a child.

1 All For One

While All For One's quirk-stealing abilities need no introduction, his genius intellect often goes unnoticed beneath his strong demeanor. After having battled the greatest of heroes and living long enough to see himself as one of the most powerful forces of the world, All For One becomes an expert strategist in guerrilla warfare.

Not to mention, he also acquires vast knowledge and insight from the quirks he steals. With so much contributing to his wisdom, it comes as no surprise that his intelligence is more or less unmatched in the My Hero Academia universe.

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My Hero Academia: All Villains Ranked From Weakest To Strongest

My Hero Academia has taken off as one of the most popular pieces of superhero media of all time, both the manga and anime standing as brilliant examples of the genre. One thing that makes My Hero Academia stand out amongst the rest of superhero media is the awesome villains. Where the MCU has a chronic villain problem, My Hero Academia has the opposite; nearly every villain is interesting and captivating and has an awesome storyline. Even a couple of one-off villains have their fair share of intrigue! Suffice to say, the show might be called My Hero Academia, but the villains are just as important, since they provide the mirror image of hero culture in the world of the anime. They also have some of the coolest powers and abilities.

From the minions to the big bads, there are some powerful villains in the world of My Hero Academia, so we decided to rank them from weakest to strongest. We're going to be looking at all of the significant villains in both the manga and anime and ranking their Quirks and skills based on strength. So, if a villain has been prominently featured, but their Quirk has never been shown, then we won't be considering them. Additionally, we will be looking at the potential application at some of these villains' Quirks in order to see which is the strongest on a larger scale. With those rules out of the way, here are all the main villains of My Hero Academia, ranked from weakest to strongest.


Starting us off at the bottom is a villain that has yet to appear in the anime, one of the members of villain Overhaul's "Eight Expendables," Shin Nemoto. The Eight Expendables are villains who have lost the will to live, thus the name, and have joined up with Overhaul to have purpose in their lives.

Amongst their ranks, Shin Nemoto's Quirk, Confession, appears to be the weakest of them all. Don't get us wrong, being able to force the truth out of people is useful for reconnoissance, but not in a fight, which is why Nemoto is at the bottom.


Next up is another member of the Eight Expendables, Toya Setsuno, who's Quirk is known as Larceny, a creative name for a power that lets him teleport objects in the possession of others into his hands. Larceny is definitely useful, especially in stealth or theft-related missions, but in a fight, Toya might not be the best ally.

Toya gets ranked just above Shin Nemoto, however, since his power could be used to steal support items off of heroes who need them in order to use their Quirk, which makes him rather dangerous.


Next up is Big Sis Magne, who's Quirk is known as Magnesis. We were first introduced to this villain in the training camp arc, in which she displayed the power of her Quirk, which allows her to magnetize people, women are polarized north, and men are polarized south.

Though this can be a powerful Quirk in crowds or against multiple opponents—since she can repel two people, causing them to go flying in opposite directions, or she can stick a group of people together—but one-on-one, it's not the most offensive Quirk, so it's in the bottom five.


Twice is a bit of mixed bag in terms of the application of his Quirk, which is known as Double. With this Quirk, the villain is able to make exact duplicates of people upon knowing their exact measurements.

Though this stipulation for creating a clone is a bit specific, Twice is shown to have no problem memorizing measurements, thus the real drawback is that the clones have their own autonomy can cannot be controlled. They are useful in a fight and possibly in infiltration, but they have the same personality as the original, which is where things get tricky.


Next up is Soramitsu Tabe of the Eight Expendables, whose Quirk is known as Food. While this doesn't sound all that powerful, wait till you hear what it does; Food allows Tabe to consume anything.

Tabe's teeth and stomach can easily chew and process any matter of, well, matter. With this power, Tabe can basically eat his way out of any situation, which is why physical attacks against him are a probably a bad idea—don't want to lose a hand—and there is no way to trap him, since he can eat through restraints.


Next up is a fan favorite character who's Quirk is perfect for infiltration and espionage, Himiko Toga. Himiko's power is known as Transform, and it allows her to transform into any person as long as she consumes their blood.

With this power, Himiko perfectly infiltrated the Hero License exam, posing as Camie Utsushimi. Though she cannot recreate the Quirk of whoever she is impersonating, Himiko's power definitely earns her a few points for its many applications, the greatest of which is gathering intel on heroes.


Imagine being able to turn your greatest enemy into a marble—just like that, some big hulking monster is nothing but a tiny compressed orb that could be easily destroyed. This is exactly the power of Mr. Compress, who's Quirk is known as Compress.

With this Quirk, Mr. Compress is not only able to capture and trap pretty much any opponent, but he can also select a specific body part to compress, possibly maiming his targets. All in all, it's a powerful form of incapacitation, but it has some limits and isn't the strongest in a fight.


Next we have another Eight Expendables member, Kendo Rappa, who's Quirk is known as Strong Shoulder. This doesn't really sound like much more than a healthy joint, but the way in which it is applied makes this villain one of the strongest hand-to-hand fighters in the series.

When combined with his great physical stature and excellent physicality, Kendo Rappa's shoulders, which can rotate at superhuman speeds, basically give his arms superhuman strength, since more force can be applied to his punches without normal shoulder movement limitations.


Emitter Quirks are the kinds of powers that can affect a large area or a large group of people, and as such, they are a little more powerful than other types of Quirks. Take the Quirk of Eight Expendables member Deidoro Sakaki, for example.

Known as Sloshed, Sakaki's Quirk causes those around him to feel inebriated, leading them to lose their balance and experience dizziness. This is a powerful quirk that would be useful against even the toughest opponents, which is why it comes close to the top 15.


Sakaki's Quirk is great and all, but even more powerful than throwing off the balance of others is the power to steal their stamina, which is exactly what Rikiya Katsukame's Quirk does. Known as vitality stealing, this Quirk literally lets Katsukame take the stamina of whoever he touches, which he can then use to increase his size and strength.

Though it doesn't work in the same way as Sakaki's emitter-styled Quirk, being able to take the energy of others via touch far outclasses making them dizzy, which is why Katsukame is our number 16.


Bringing up the top 15 is, without a doubt, the grosses entry on our list, the villain known as Moonfish. Moonfish has the power to turn his teeth into sharp blades that can grow to any size and shape, allowing him to attack, defend, and even travel using nothing but his mouth.

Yes, it is very gross, but it's also incredibly powerful, since he was able to fight off multiple people at once without using his hands. Moonfish's blades also seem very powerful and capable of regenerating, which makes him very dangerous in a fight.


Next up we have Mustard, a villain whose name is a reference to mustard gas, since his Quirk allows him to emit a powerful sleeping gas from his body. Though the gas is not poisonous like actual mustard gas, his Quirk is still rather powerful for a number of other reasons.

On top of being able to knock out a wide area, Mustard is also very skilled at detecting people within the gas cloud, since he can read the movements from the fluctuations of the gas. The only downside to this powerful Quirk is can also affect the villain himself.


Up next we have a team of villains whose power together make them one of the top 15 strongest villains in the series, Gentle and La Brava. Gentle's power allows him to apply elastic properties to anything, including the air, which lets him to jump across the sky.

This Quirk becomes more powerful when combined with La Brava's Quirk of Love, which lets her power up the Quirk of whoever she feels love for, which happens to be Gentle. With his powered up Quirk, Gentle had a crazy battle with Deku, showing how strong the villains' combined power was.


Coming it at number 11 is another member of the eight expendables, a villain known as Hekiji Tengai. Tengai's Quirk doesn't have any name as of yet, but we do know it allows him to create barriers.

This might not seem like much at first, but when you look at how much force his barriers have withstood, Tengai seems like a much more powerful villain, at least in terms of defense. Pro hero Fat Gum even stated that it was like punching a steel wall, which shows how strong Tengai really is.


Bringing up the top 10 is the final member of Overhaul's Eight Expendables, Yu Hojo. Yu's power is simply known as crystallization, and it allows him to grow strong and durable crystals from his body, which gives him great offensive and defensive capabilities.

On top of being able to protect himself with his crystals, Yu can also form crude weapons, like a giant sword, to attack his opponents. Though we don't know much about this Quirk, what we've seen in the manga shows just how powerful Yu Hojo is.


Next up is one of the series' main antagonists, Tomura Shigaraki, who has one of the strongest Quirks in the series. Known as Decay, Tomura's Quirk causes whatever he touches with all five fingers to decay and turn to dust.

The major downside to this Quirk is that it is involuntary, and thus Tomura has to be careful not to touch something with all of his fingers. The Quirk can also spread from a single touch, causing a limb to require amputation. All things considered, Tomura is indeed one of the strongest villains in My Hero Academia.


Being able to disintegrate anything you touch is cool and all, but it doesn't beat raw power, which Muscular has in spades. Known simply as Muscle Augmentation, Muscular's Quirk allows him to increase his strength by adding and augmenting muscle fibers, resulting in his muscles manifesting outside of his body.

Just by looking at his Quirk in action, it's easy to see just how strong Muscular is, which is why it took all of Deku's strength and then some to take down the villain. Without a doubt, Muscular makes the top 10.


There's a theory that Dabi is a member of the Todoroki family, the long lost brother of Shoto who became a villain. This would explain why his Quirk is a fire type like Endeavor, and why it's so powerful. Simply known as cremation, Dabi's Quirk is the ability to emit fire so hot that it burns blue, which is hotter than Endeavor's flames.

That's not all, either, since Dabi has also shown precise control of his flames as well as an absurd range that he can cover with fire, making him a very skilled and powerful villain.


Coming in at number six is Shigaraki's right-hand man, Kurogiri, whose Quirk is known as Warp Gate. Warp Gate allows this villain to control a black fog that can be used to teleport anyone or anything over short distances.

This power has a number of different applications from concealing his identity to fleeing a fight and even defending against attacks by teleporting his opponent away. With such a wide range and multiple applications of his Quirk, Kurogiri easily earns his spot at number six on our list.


Now we're into the top five strongest villains in My Hero Academia, and number five is none other than Stain, the Hero Killer. Stain's Quirk is strong, but not that strong, and what makes him one of the strongest villains is the skills he has acquired to make his Quirk as powerful as possible.

Stain's Quirk, known as Blood Curdle, allows him to paralyze a person after consuming their blood. This Quirk, combined with Stain's expert blade skills, makes him capable of stopping nearly any hero in their tracks long enough to live up to his title of the Hero Killer.


This is a bit of an outlier in our list, since it refers to a group of artificially created humans that have been imbued with multiple superpowers as a whole rather than an individual villain. Regardless, the Nomus have been shown to be incredibly powerful in every iteration we've seen them in.

Though these artificial humans are practically braindead, they are very, very strong, with some being capable of regeneration. One of the earliest Nomus we met was also one of the strongest, since it was given Quirks that were meant to counter All-Might's One For All Quirk.


There is one Nomu that we had to separate from the rest, an artificial human known as High-End. This Nomu has yet to appear in the anime, but in the manga, he fought with Endeavor in one of the hero's toughest battles ever.

High-End is a highly intelligent Nomu with six different Quirks implanted in his body: a muscle augmentation Quirk, a regeneration Quirk, shoulder-mounted jets, arms that can shape-shift, a power-enhancing Quirk and the ability to store other lower-level Nomus within in. If that doesn't sound like the most powerful Nomu of all, we don't know what does.


Though this villain has only just made his first anime appearance in the finale of the third season, he is easily the second strongest villain in the series. Known as Overhaul, this villain's power is almost god-like, giving him control over matter on a massive scale.

Overhaul's Quirk, also known as Overhaul, allows him to disassemble and reassemble anything he touches, which lets him to heal wounds, disassemble people, change his environment and more. Though the fact that he has to touch whatever he's manipulating is a bit of a hinderance, Overhaul is effectively the series's second strongest villain.


Don't act like you didn't see this one coming! All for One might be imprisoned and incapacitated right now, but he is still the absolute strongest villain in the world of My Hero Academia. His Quirk allows him to take Quirks from others and give them to himself or anyone else he wishes.

With this power, All for One has stockpiled a large number of Quirks, including a number of strength, durability and healing-enhancing powers that he can combine into super attacks. Though he might be blind, All For One more than makes up for this with his massive power.


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Characters / My Hero Academia - League of Villains

My Hero AcademiaMain Character Index
U.A. High School Students: Class 1-A (Izuku Midoriya, Katsuki Bakugo, Shoto Todoroki) | Class 1-B | Students From Other Classes
Pro Heroes: School Faculty and Staff (All Might) | Other Heroes (Endeavor) | One For All and Its Torch Bearers
Villains: Known Villains (League of Villains [All For One, Tomura Shigaraki, Dabi, Artificial Humans], Shie Hassaikai, Meta Liberation Army, Paranormal Liberation Front)
Others: Police and Government Workers | Civilians (Main Characters' Families) | Other High Schools
Characters From Other My Hero Academia Media: Video Game Characters | Movie Characters
Vigilantes: Main Characters | Villain Factory | Supporting Characters
Team Up Mission

As a warning, this page will have unmarked spoilers for the latest manga chapters, tread at your own risk.
"This clip keeps getting put up and taken down, because both sides get it. Especially this last part... this guy's whole style's gonna spread like a plague. From the punks with a few priors to the really bad guys on the run... anyone who's anyone... myself included, of course. All that evil scattered around out there... we're all gripped by the same fever. We'll all be drawn to the organization he was working with... the League of Villains."


A group of villains founded by the infamous All For One and led by Tomura Shigaraki that act as the main antagonists of the series. Initially comprised of nothing more than simple thugs, the group has slowly but surely grown to be one of the biggest threats to hero society.

    open/close all folders 

    In General 

  • Appropriated Appellation: "League of Villains" was originally a throwaway name made up for the USJ attack, meant to be discarded along with the small army of mooks after All Might was killed. After Shigaraki starts recruiting actual dedicated members, the name starts being used in earnest.
  • Bloodier and Gorier: The story tends to become far more violent whenever they're involved.
  • Criminal Found Family: The League of Villains grows into one after a rough start. They all follow Shigaraki, or at least ally with him, because of shared goals against society, and after a few arcs, they start taking revenge when one of them gets hurt, and Shigaraki, a formerly abandoned kid with a lot of trauma issues, decides they are his True Companions.
  • Enemy Mine: This hasn't gone well for the other party involved:
    • It seems like they and Stain are willing to put their differences aside during the the Field Training Arc, but Shigaraki very clearly intends on Stain being killed in the chaos of unleashing his Nomu onto Hosu. What little association they had, however, does pay off, in that his ideology is what draws nearly all of its later members into the fold by perceived association.
    • Their contempt for Overhaul's group is so overwhelming that, almost as soon as Toga and Twice are established as being in the arc, they're already planning to turn on them. Against all odds, they serve as stealth support for the heroes, even after having almost killed Rock Lock.
  • Equal-Opportunity Evil: The group has a surprising amount of diversity. Shigaraki and Kurogiri seem to care not one bit about their members' age, gender, impairment, sexual orientation, or gender identity as long as they can get the job done. Twice and Toga are even shown being genuinely angry at Overhaul misgendering Magne (who he killed during their first encounter).
  • Evil Counterpart: As a whole, they behave as this for several characters. Specifically:
    • All For One to All Might, being the Big Bad and the Big Good, respectively. All Might is a heroic, powerful figure that is associated with light and tries to save everyone, while All For One is a villainous, dark figure that rules over the underworld. The dub gives All For One a quip to make it clearer:

    All For One:I am here.

    • Kurogiri to Aizawa; they are the cool-headed oldest member of the group, both also have Quirks not meant for direct combat, but they manage to use them as such and are associated with the black/dark gray colors. It's later revealed that Kurogiri is the reanimated body of Aizawa's best friend, Oboro Shirakumo, turned into a Nomu post-mortem by Dr. Ujiko. Ujiko even divulges that Aizawa was his initial target, with the latter avoiding Shirakumo's fate only by pure luck. The USJ Arc also makes it clear that Kurogiri serves as a villainous analogue to Thirteen. They both have character designs that hide their real bodies and even use similar powers. However, whereas Thirteen is a kind selfless person who uses her destructive Quirk for good, Kurogiri puts on a courteous façade and uses his potentially helpful Quirk for evil.
    • Shigaraki to Midoriya; Both are on the receiving end of Passing the Torch from their mentors, and are the leaders of their respective groups, but Shigaraki loathes All Might and wants to destroy society while Midoriya loves All Might and looks for a way to save as many people as he can. They also both focus on hands, with Shigaraki needing to touch things with his fingers to use his Quirk and Midoriya focusing One For All through his hands and fingers before his Character Development. Chapter 235 takes this a step further by revealing that they both had the same dream of wanting to become heroes when they were children despite seemingly being Quirkless, and suffered for it. However, Midoriya was able to keep his optimism despite everything he suffered and meet his hero All Might, whereas the Bystander Syndrome and abuse that young Tenko suffered, as well as meeting All For One, turned him into the Straw Nihilist Tomura Shigaraki.
    • Toga to Uraraka; both are The Chick to their respective groups, and also both are in love with the same person. However, Toga is psychotic and wants to kill the people she loves, while obsessively trying to get closer to them one way or the other, while Uraraka is trying to distance herself from her feelings while still being a close friend to Midoriya.
    • Spinner to Iida; They are similarly honorable and have opposing obsessions with the same person. Their personalities tend to switch off between Large Ham and The Comically Serious. Spinner's determination to carry out Stain's will also nicely parallels Iida taking over the Ingenium name. Spinner even directly threatens Iida's life at one point. The Meta Liberation Army Arc also shows that Spinner could serve as this role to Tsuyu. Both are Animal Themed Superbeings whose Quirks allow them to cling to surfaces and both suffered some form of prejudice because of their animal features (Tsuyu was considered weird and creepy in middle school due to her perpetually blank expressions, while Spinner was a victim of discrimination due to living in a conservative small town). While Tsuyu never let what people thought about her bother her and eventually made lots of friends, Spinner became a bitter shut in who was only able to return to society after absorbing Stain's ideology. Even their temperaments are opposites with Tsuyu being calm and composed verses Spinner whose loud and hot headed.
    • Dabi to Todoroki: Both have fire powers, but whereas Dabi uses it in excess and to kill people, Todoroki is reluctant to use it, prioritizing his ice powers and saving people. Both have very obvious bones to pick with Endeavor. They both also have very notable face scarring, but the difference in design is notable. Given they're brothers, this was likely very much intentional.
    • Twice to Yaoyorozu; Both are the support for their group whose Quirks revolve around creation that requires a lot of technical skill that can pay off in the end, but are hampered by their own mental weakness. For Yaoyorozu, this is due to her having poor self-esteem issues. For Twice, his trauma from his Quirk usage left him with a split personality. Twice can also be one to Tokoyami, considering both can fight by summoning versions of themselves and both have struggles with keeping such a Quirk under control, not to mention both being highly eccentric, warm-hearted, individuals with faces that can be read as unusual/creepy. The difference between them is that while Tokoyami's Quirk remains attached to himself and is still subservient (assuming it is night), Twice's is completely independent from him. Then, there's the fact Twice's immaturity and prior lack of control over his quirk resulted in a severe mental illness, while Tokoyami (despite his close calls) was mature enough to learn how to keep it mostly check outside of extreme circumstances. It also helps both were quite close to Hawks.
    • Mr. Compress to Aoyama; Both serve as The Dandy for their respective groups and are hams who love the spotlight. Aoyama's Quirk is powerful but difficult to use continuously, while Mr. Compress' Quirk is versatile but not as flashy. Finally, while both love attention, Aoyama is shown to suffer from some serious self-esteem issues that he covers up with his hammy attitude verses Mr. Compress who is a showman at heart and has a confidence that borders on arrogance. He can also serve this to Mineta as both are crafty, arrogant, non-confrontational, capture-quirk users with a desire for the spotlight, but reliable when the chips are down. However, for all of Mineta's faults, he's still trying to get his wants by becoming a good Pro Hero, whilst Compress took the alternative path as a Villain instead.
    • Gigantomachia to Kirishima. Both are rock-themed characters with spiky hair, the former even looks a lot like a monstrous version of the latter, they're both also a Dumb Muscle for their teams, but whereas Kirishima is The Heart of Class 1-A and mainly used for defense against powerful foes, Gigantomachia is The Brute that borderlines on a Team Pet that serves as a living monster of mass destruction against whatever forces he's pointed at. It's also fitting both did clash during the PLF war.
    • Dr. Garaki to Recovery Girl, as elderly medical professionals with close, advisory relationships to the Big Bad and Big Good, respectively. Recovery Girl treats people by accelerating their natural healing ability, while Dr. Garaki creates artificial humans through unnatural experimentation. Recovery Girl also repeatedly chastises Midoriya for endangering himself with his Quirk, while Dr. Garaki is totally indifferent about putting Shigaraki through torturous experiences to make him stronger.
    • Giran to Mei Hatsume, as both serve as their groups respective supplier for support equipment. However, Giran is a lot more coolheaded and prefers remaining discreet due to his ties in the underworld, as well being defensive over the privacy of his clients. Hatsume is a lot more outgoing and does her best to advertise her wares whenever possible, while its clear she doesn't quite hold her clients safety to the same regards.
    • The first High-End Nomu, Hood, to Endeavor; Being a character obsessed with the idea of strength, fighting stronger opponents and getting stronger, at the same time that Endeavor is trying to let go of those very same ideals. Endeavor lampshades this before delivering a final blow to him:

    Endeavor: You are just like me. From the past or an alternate future.

  • From Nobody to Nightmare: The original League of Villains were just a collection of random thugs and hoodlums who were considered dangerous nuisances at best. After a series of successful operations including the forced retirement of All Might and a broadcast of the abuse inflicted by Endeavor, the group has now become Public Enemy #1 in the hero society and all of their members are feared by the general public.
  • Leitmotif: "Enemy Strike", a frightening dubstep song with Ethereal Choir.
  • Ragtag Bunch of Misfits: Some members of the group seek the League for the fact that they don't really have anyone else in their life and are desperately seeking someone else who will accept them in their lives, aside from the ones that are just genuine psychos. Magne and Twice are prime examples of this. Interestingly, this recruitment strategy is used by actual terrorist organizations that target disenfranchised youths to fill their ranks.
  • Sliding Scale of Antagonist Vileness: As a whole, the group goes from a disorganized mess relying on numbers alone to a highly threatening and specialized team capable of executing operations with deadly precision and a surprisingly high success rate.
  • Too Powerful to Live:
    • Aside from all the Mooks from their first outing, the majority of the characters captured or killed after a single arc are the ones who would be game-changingly powerful if allowed to stick around. Every single Nomu, especially the USJ Nomu and Hood, are clear examples of this, as are Muscular (being able to tank full-power One For All), Mustard (imagine if they always had sleeping gas on command), and Moonfish (who was able to keep Bakugo and Todoroki, of all students, on the ropes until a Dark Shadow with an immense power boost could show up). Hell, even All For One himself and longstanding Kurogiri wind up falling victim to this. Overhaul even chides the group for losing so many of its most potentially devastating members so easily.
    • During the Meta Liberation Army Arc, Twice unlocks a Story-Breaker Power: the ability to create exponential duplicates of himself, who can also create unlimited duplicates of themselves, creating a massive flood of bodies, turning him into the most powerful member of the League. During the Paranormal Liberation War Arc, he gets killed by Hawks, who targets him specifically because of how dangerous he is.
  • Terrorists Without a Cause: They terrorize Hero society and inspire fear in whoever faces them, but they don't really have a reason to be doing any of that other than general discontent with the world. Shigaraki got called out on it more than once. This is eventually subverted over time as the series reveals that many of the League's members do have goals of their own... it's just that those goals are often incredibly bizarre or individualistic rather then collective. Thus the League are less of a well oiled organization with members all serving a singular goal but rather a collection of individuals who have banded together to achieve their dreams that they may never have achieved on their own.
  • Two Girls to a Team: Toga and Magne are the only named female members of the League of Villains.

    Under All For One 

  • Crazy-Prepared:
    • As quickly as it ultimately falls apart, their original plan to kill All Might really was this. They attacked at an isolated location, brought along a massive horde of minor villains to keep the good guys busy, blocked all communications so U.A. couldn't be contacted easily, had specific tactics to quickly take down the heroes whose presence there was known beforehand, and came equipped with several strategies and contingency plans to carry out the actual killing itself (had Kurogiri's Portal Cut not worked as intended, Nomu's sheer strength and Shigaraki's withering touch both could've theoretically done the job). Really, the plan only falls through partially because of a twist of fate (All Might overused his power beforehand and wasn't able to attend as planned) and partially because it wasn't crazy-prepared enough by not being aware of the students' Quirks beforehand or accounting for their relative weaknesses, Class 1-A had the opportunities they needed to notify help and save All Might when the time came.
    • Even if the recruitment failed and they were found, Bakugo's kidnapping was actually the League's plan to kill All Might. The group used one of the hero's students as a bait and expected that the parents to take notice against the prestigious U.A., which would force the Symbol of Peace to take direct action against them. Then, All For One attacked decimated the other Pro Heroes and engaged with All Might, who exhausted himself to the point he lost his Quirk. While he didn't die, he isn't a Pro Hero anymore, so they technically won.
  • Cannon Fodder: The original League of Villains were made up of over seventy members, but other than Shigaraki, Kurogiri, and Nomu, the rest were nothing but two-bit thugs and hoodlums who were held off by children and eventually overpowered by the teaching staff of U.A.

    Under Shigaraki 

  • Badass Crew: By the time the Meta Liberation Army arc rolls around, the League are collectively able to hold off the a cell of trained soldiers from said army despite being grossly outnumbered.
  • Breaking the Fellowship: By the end of the Paranormal Liberation Front arc, Twice has been killed, Toga is MIA, Mr. Compress has been arrested, and Shigaraki has his body taken over by All For One, leaving Spinner and Dabi as the only active members of the original League. However, Dabi makes it clear that he is only it for his own goals and couldn't care less about the others, thus leaving Spinner as the only one left who is loyal to the original group.
  • The Bus Came Back: The League of Villains themselves were conspicuously absent from the story since the Internship Arc. Dabi briefly appeared in the Pro Hero Arc, but the rest of the League didn't reappear until Chapter 219.
  • Create Your Own Villain: As the series progresses, it becomes increasingly clear that many of the League's members would most likely never have turned to villainy had they received the proper intervention and support when they needed it:
    • Forced to live on the streets at a young age due to a series of unfortunate circumstances, Twice wound up slowly sliding into a life of crime in order to survive; something which in turn lead to an Ambiguous Clone Ending which left him with severe, long-term psychological trauma.
    • Openly discriminated against for his non-human appearance, Spinner wound up growing up into an isolated, severely disenfranchised young man, something which led to him becoming a fanatical believer in Stain's ideology and beginning his first steps into crime.
    • Due to the social stigma surrounding the urges her Quirk gave her, rather than being given guidance on how to deal with it in a healthy manner, Toga wound up suppressing those impulses before finally suffering from a psychotic break and attacking a fellow classmate.
    • Shigaraki's physical abuse at the hands of his father and subsequent neglect in the wake of a Traumatic Superpower Awakening by a bunch of Apathetic Citizens at the age of four allowed him to be susceptible to All For One's influence.
    • Dabi, born Toya Todoroki, was born to serve as a tool to fulfill Endeavor's dream and neglected after his body's odd condition didn't allow him to achieve that goal. After years of emotional turmoil, he lost control of his Quirk and severely burned himself.
  • The Dreaded: After they Took a Level in Badass, the group have become household names and their mere presence is enough to inspire Oh, Crap! reactions from unsuspecting heroes and civilians alike.
  • Dwindling Party: As the manga progresses, the League of Villains both gains and loses members at a rapid pace but certain characters (i.e Shigaraki, Dabi, Toga, Spinner, Twice, Compress and Magne) have remained consistent in the roster. That being said they are not immune to being killed off, as shown by Magne's death at the hands of Overhaul. The end of the Paranormal Liberation War arc sees Twice killed off, Toga is MIA, Shigaraki is well on his way to being completely possessed by All for One and Compress is taken to jail, leaving only Dabi and Spinner as the only two surviving members of Shigaraki's League.
  • Evil Is Cool: In-Universe. The Meta Liberation Army sees this as a problem while trying to film their battles with the League for propaganda purposes. They have so much dark charisma that no matter how the Army tries to spin the footage, the League members and their goals would be the ones who'd end up looking the best.
  • From Nobody to Nightmare:
    • After All For One's incarceration, the League fell into decline, breaking into abandoned houses to sleep in. They were even abandoned by the Dr. Garaki, who stated that he would only support them if they gain Gigantomachia's approval. The group had to become more adept at Xanatos Speed Chess, Indy Ploys, and fighting dirty. They ended up against the Meta Liberation Army and forced them to surrender, with the Grand Commander Re-Destro relinquishing his leadership to Shigaraki. Now armed with the the Meta Liberation Army and its economical assets, thehigh-end Nomus, Quirk erasing bullets, and Gigantomachia, the League is on the path to become Japan's most dangerous criminal group.
    • This applies for the individual members. Most of them were ordinary people before they ended up joining the League. Toga was a middle schooler until she snapped, Spinner was a hikikomori looking for a purpose, Twice was a two-bit thief with a powerful Quirk, and Shigaraki was a kid who accidentally killed his family when his Quirk awoke. Now, each and every one of them are at the top of the "Most Wanted" lists.
  • Individualism vs. Collectivism: Zig-zagged. While the League's eventual raison d'être of creating a world where anyone can be or do whatever they want places them firmly in the Individualist camp, the camaraderie that group (barring Dabi) develop over time stops them from being on the extreme end of the spectrum.
  • Look What I Can Do Now!: The Meta Liberation Arc shows that, despite the great deal of suffering and struggling the few remaining League members are facing (or, as All For One might say, because of it), their fighting skills, personalities, and even their Quirks are achieving new heights they never thought possible before, and their fights during the arc only make the latter even stronger.
  • Offscreen Villain Dark Matter: Averted. During the Meta Liberation Army Arc, they're so completely destitute without All For One and Kurogiri that they've had to resort to raiding other villain groups for valuables they can sell for cash.
  • The Psycho Rangers: Downplayed since there's no clear Five-Man Band the League can directly oppose to. Still, they fill this in the sense that many of them are set up as the direct Evil Counterpart to many of the protagonists.
  • Serial Killer: Several of them are implied to have many murder victims. Toga and Dabi, however, are outright recognized as such, with the former killing people she falls for and the latter is seen roasting several thugs to death, kills Snatch and eventually admits to having killed over 30 innocent people. God knows what Gigantomachia has done.
  • Surprisingly Realistic Outcome:
    • Without All For One to support the group, they are suddenly homeless and penniless, having to run away to another, cheaper-looking hideout and surviving by stealing from other villains.
    • The League were able to quickly rise to the top of the villain ladder thanks in no small part to the efforts of the leader of the underworld All For One and the forced retirement of All Might. However, their rapid rise in fame fosters resentment in other villain groups and they are now targets to them in order to steal their positions as the number one threat to hero society.
  • Tall Poppy Syndrome: Their swift rise to prominence in the public eye draws the attention and/or animosity of other villainous groups like the Shie Hassaikai and the Meta Liberation Army.
  • Tragic Villain: As messed up as they are, a lot of the members had some pretty crappy lives before they became villains, and it was said lives that drove them to villainy:
    • Shigaraki has been groomed since childhood by Sensei to be his successor, and that was after his father with Mommy Issues pretty much tortured him for admiring heroes while the rest of his family watched in fear, only for his Quirk to awaken and cause him to kill his entire family, leaving him alone and needing help as he was ignored by civilians deciding on Holding Out for a Hero.
    • Toga was forced from childhood to suppress the urges her Quirk gave her for the sake of appearing normal, before she snapped in middle school and attacked the boy she had a crush on while crying Tears of Joy.
    • Spinner was harassed for his inhuman appearance and lacked a purpose in life, making him withdraw from society and become a hikikomori, only to find purpose after hearing the Motive Rant of Stain.
    • Twice was mistreated for having a Face of a Thug and was left all alone after losing his parents in a villain attack, which forced him to commit petty thievery to survive. Then, when he decided to use his Quirk to make more of himself so he wouldn't be alone anymore, the clones proceeded to kill each other and caused him to snap from the fear that he wasn't the original Twice, which led to him meeting Giran.
  • Villain Protagonist: The League collectively serves as this during the Meta Liberation Army Arc, in which the League must face the titular army to rescue their ally, Giran.
  • Villainous Friendship: Post All For One's arrest, the group grows closer and closer together. They start to treat each other as friends and even have a protective vein for one another. It's quite telling that killing Magne and attacking Compress was enough for the League to decide to unleash hell on Overhaul's plans and subject him to a Fate Worse than Death by permanently maiming him and stealing his life's work for themselves. The sole exception among the group, however, is Dabi, seeing the League as nothing but tools to fulfill his own dream and the "Will of Stain", best exemplified by his anger at Hawks killing Twice not because Twice was his friend, but because Twice could have been a useful tool to him.
  • Well-Intentioned Extremist: Played With and Zig-Zagged. On the one hand, their collective goal is to address the myriad of social issues that have been left to fester within hero society. The problem, however, is that their solution is to completely destroy everything wholesale and begin again from scratch, regardless of who gets hurt or killed in the process. What's more, their goal and respective motivations are rooted in such an intensely individualisticworldview that it borders and often veers into Moral Myopia and Not-So-Well-Intentioned Extremism.

    All For One 

    Tomura Shigaraki 



Voiced by: Takahiro Fujiwara (Japanese), Chuck Huber (English)

Debut: Chapter 11 (Manga), Episode 8 (Anime)

Quirk:Warp Gate

Rank: B

"I am Kurogiri. The one who protects Tomura Shigaraki."

A shadowy member of the League who acted as Shigaraki's guardian. He was captured and imprisoned by Gran Torino during the Internship Arc.

His Quirk is "Warp Gate", and it allows him to create portals out of his shadowy figure.

  • Ambiguously Human: He's a mass of dark fog that takes a vaguely human form outside of a battle. It's revealed in later chapters that he's a Nomu, meaning that while he used to be human, he isn't anymore.
  • Ambiguous Situation: At first, it was unclear whether he was a Brainwashed and Crazy Shirakumo or if he was truly his own person and Shirakumo's DNA was merely used as a base to create him. Later chapters imply the former.
  • Antagonist Abilities: Mass teleportation? Can't let the heroes have that. Emphasized by the characters noting that Quirks like that are particularly rare. And when it comes to the revelation that this Quirk has been artificially produced...
  • Attack Its Weak Point: As Bakugo figures out, a part of him is surrounded by his mist, which can be attacked and restrained, something that Bakugo uses to the heroes' advantage during the USJ raid.
  • Badass in a Nice Suit: While not in a mission, he wears a white-colored one.
  • The Bartender: Outside of missions, he is usually seen cleaning cups in the small bar that serves as the League's base.
  • Can't Kill You, Still Need You: Gets told this once he lets Iida escape by Shigaraki, who says he'd have already outlived his usefulness if not for the utility of his Quirk.
  • Captain Ersatz: Of Tobi / Obito Uchiha from Naruto. They were formerly best friends with The Eeyore as training students (both of whom currently possess ocular-based powers), they were both crushed to death saving someone, were brought back and indoctrinated by a hiding Big Bad, possess abilities based on teleportation, and watched over a major antagonistic character as they developed into a powerhouse in their own right.
  • The Caretaker: He is the one to take care of Shigaraki and fulfill his every need and make sure he doesn't get captured, he even asks Present Mic if Shigaraki is okay when he is imprisoned in Tartarus.
  • Co-Dragons: With Dabi to Shigaraki for the majority of the series, until his arrest.
  • Dark Is Evil: It's understandable that a walking mass of dark fog would be one of the villains.
  • Doting Parent: Not biologically, but of the sort that made a Spoiled Brat out of Shigaraki. Based on what we've seen of Kurogiri's interactions with Shigaraki and the Doctor's comments, he generally just helped Shigaraki do whatever he wanted without reigning him in too much. Even while held in police custody, the only thing he feels worried about is if Shigaraki is okay. It's revealed that he is a Nomu created with the intention of raising and caring for Shigaraki, which explains this.
  • The Dragon: To Shigaraki, though he becomes Co-Dragons with Dabi when the League of Villains starts expanding. Kurogiri is also this to All For One, as he’s one of the few members of the league that is aware of his presence and directly reports to him regarding Shigaraki himself. He eventually loses this status when he is arrested, however.
  • Evil Former Friend: He was revealed to originally be Oboro Shirakumo, classmate and friend of Aizawa and Yamada back in the day.
  • Evil Sounds Deep: Kurogiri has a deep, booming voice, which makes him sound commanding and dangerous.
  • Evil Virtues: Loyalty, Patience, Equality, and Diligence.
  • The Faceless: He's pretty much a big, fog-like shadow. As it turns out, his Warp Gate is the source of the fog, which hides his real body from the outside world. We never see what he looks like, however.
  • Faux Affably Evil: Zigzagged. His speech is very formal and polite. However, he has no compunctions about killing and/or torturing others. When not fighting, however, he's actually well mannered.
  • Hyper-Competent Sidekick: Whenever Shigaraki ends up showing immaturity in regards to being the leader of a villain organization, it's up to Kurogiri to keep stuff under control.
  • Logical Weakness: His Warp Gate fog allows him to even teleport his true body away by covering himself in it, but he needs to leave at least one part of his body behind, in order to create the fog in the first place. This particular body part can still be physically touched or attacked and if someone grabs it, he effectively isn't able to move. It also doesn't stop him from being affected by Stain's Quirk, either.
  • Lovecraftian Superpower: He's essentially a living portal that splits his physical body through portals into multiple locations.
  • Meaningful Name: Kurogiri, which literally translates to "Black Mist," is a name that greatly describes his Warping Quirk. It's also a reference to Shirakumo, whose name means White Cloud.
  • Only One Name: At first, we don't know if Kurogiri is his first or last name. It's not his original one, but a moniker he was given after being made into a Nomu.
  • Only Sane Man: As befitting a Hyper-Competent Sidekick, Kurogiri tends to be the most diplomatic and reasonable members of the League of Villains and is usually the only one who can stop Shigaraki from murdering new recruits. He comes to share this role with Dabi later on.
  • Parental Substitute: When All For One is too busy Kurogiri is the one to take care of Shigaraki and help raise him, however since he simply fulfills Shigaraki's every need he only made Shigaraki a spoiled brat.
  • Portal Cut: If he closes his warp while you're halfway in... well, let's just say it won't matter how strong or tough you are.
  • Pragmatic Villainy: Though Kurogiri can kill almost anyone instantly with a Portal Cut, he would much rather not do so. Not out of any aversion to taking life, but because he doesn't like having blood and viscera floating around inside his warp gate. He is willing to make an exception if it means killing a major target like All Might.
  • Push Over Parents: He made such a spoiled brat out of Shigaraki that even Dr.Ujiko notes that he had coddled Shigaraki too much.
  • Put on a Bus: He's captured by Gran Torino shortly before the U.A. Cultural Festival Arc, and while Gigantomachia does impede the capture, Gran Torino manages to successfully apprehend Kurogiri.
  • Reforged into a Minion: He is a reanimated corpse of Oboro Shirakumo.
  • Super Prototype: It's later revealed that he's a Nomu. Given he's been around since the League made its debut, and in fact has been in charge of caring for Shigaraki for years, the implication is that he's the first one All For One ever made. As he's got multiple Quirk factors mixed into him to make up his Warping Quirk, yet still holds a human-level intellect, he very much counts for this, though he doesn't have multiple Quirks, and his psyche seems to have limitations, too.
  • Super Smoke: His Warp Gate Quirk has him spread his smoke as the gate. And considering his smoke-like appearance doesn't dissipate even with Aizawa staring at him, it is his body.
  • Team Mom: Played for Laughs in My Hero Academia Smash!!, in which he goes as far as set up a sort of play date for Shigaraki to get closer to Dabi and Toga.
  • Teleportation with Drawbacks: His Quirk allows him to emit multiple gaseous portals wherever he wants as long as he knows the location and is physically present to release the fog. Due to these conditions, Kurogiri cannot transport anyone if he doesn't know where they are, and can't bring anything to a place he hasn't been to. He can also be attacked since he needs to be present to use his quirk.
  • Thinking Up Portals: His Quirk. What goes into one dark portal goes out of another. Unlike Portal, he can create multiple warp points and even suddenly dissipate a warp mid-use with fatal effect.
  • Undying Loyalty: To Shigaraki, and to a lesser extent the League. No matter how many times he was threatened, insulted, and treated like a toy. Kurogiri did literally all he could to make sure Shigaraki was comfortable, content with his goals, and making allies. Given the later reveal that he's a Nomu, all of which only follow the orders of League members, this makes much more sense.
  • Vetinari Job Security: Shigaraki flat out admits this is the reason he can't punish him for failure, because his Quirk is just too damned useful and rare to find something else.
  • Villain: Exit, Stage Left: He is the exit. He is there to guarantee that no matter what happens, he, Shigaraki and other more relevant members of the League of Villains will get out of there when it hits the fan.
  • Villain Teleportation: A villain who acts as a mass teleporter for his allies.
  • Villainous Friendship: With Shigaraki, it really seems that he cares for him. The Smash!! side comics even show that there was a point he tried to make Shigaraki befriend Toga and Dabi just so he'd have friends. Shigaraki seems to somewhat reciprocate this, but it's offset by his temper and lack of compassion.
  • Was Once a Man: He was originally Oboro Shirakumo, an old classmate of Aizawa and Yamada's who died in a villain attack and whose corpse was obtained by Dr. Garaki.


??? — Gigantomachia

Voiced by:Yasuhiro Mamiya (Japanese), Cris George (English)

Debut: Chapter 57 (Manga), Episode 31 (Anime)

Quirks:Endurance, Gigantification, Pain Blocking, Tough Muscle, Dog, Mole, Energy Efficiency.

Rank: S

"A king... must inspire dread. Must be admired. Must be strong."

An older member of the League, a gargantuan, Kaiju-like villain who served as All For One's bodyguard. He's known to stalk the mountains out in the countryside and wears a weather radio around his neck.

  • All There in the Manual: Gigantomachia's seven Quirks are revealed in Vol.29 Omake.
  • Ambiguously Human: It's never stated if he's a natural born human or an artificial being like the Nomu, but Garaki has stated that the Nomu are based off of him.
  • Attack of the 50-Foot Whatever: He dwarfs coniferous trees and even buildings. When seen inside a street road, the scenery looks miniature compared to him. He's a slow, lumbering giant, but he easily tore a chunk out of a wall with a single clutch.
  • Awakening the Sleeping Giant: Even as the chaos of the pitched fighting between the Paranormal Liberation Front and the assembled heroes rages on, Gigantomachia spends most of it just sitting patiently, not doing anything to aid his comrades. It's only when he senses what's happening to Shigaraki (a shift in his scent brought on most likely by Shigaraki's heart stopping and then restarting before he wakes up fully) that he finally stands up fully alert, and then he starts moving when Shigaraki orders him to bring everyone to his location.
  • Berserker Tears: After defeating the entire league, he cries, bawling about the fact that the successor chosen by All For One is too weak.
  • Blind Obedience: A comment by Dr. Garaki clues in that the Nomus' complete subservience to the League of Villains' lieutenants originates from Gigantomachia's genome, in order to make for the perfect soldiers. Exaggerated to the point that even when being restrained by Best Jeanist Gigantomachia made no attempts to free himself until being ordered to do so.
  • Bodyguarding a Badass: He was All For One's bodyguard until he was sent away to act as a Secret Weapon.
  • Body Horror: One of his Quirks makes that plating on his jaw detach and slide up his face to provide an armored visor over his eyes, a process that leaves his lower jaw nothing but bare bone.
  • The Brute: Whenever All For One needed something utterly destroyed, he sent for Gigantomachia. He also serves as the big gun for Shigaraki against the MLA and later the heroes during the Paranormal Liberation War.
  • Chekhov's Gunman: He had a cameo in Chapter 57, but it wasn't until 105 chapters later that he was actually introduced.
  • Curb-Stomp Battle:
    • Gigantomachia did this to Geten when he arrives to help the League battle the Meta liberation Army, Geten abandons his fight with Dabi to try and slow the giant down before it can reach Re-Destro. Gigantomachia doesn't even give Geten a second glance and slaps him aside, sending him flying through the air and out of the fight.
    • When the heroes decide to swarm him in an attempt to get an anesthetic working, he decides he's had enough and decimated them all. The surrounding area is left is a destructive wake with nothing but the bodies of heroes after the fact.
  • Dumb Muscle: Gigantomachia has limited intellect more akin to a dim-witted beast, as Ashido was able to trick him into going away easily and he can barely speak in coherent sentences. Later on, a recording of All For One's voice sends him from a berserker rage into huddling beside the speaker like a child listening to his father. To boot, the Ultra Analysis Book gives him a lame 1/6 in Intelligence.
  • Evil Is Bigger: He towers over the entire rest of the cast, Heroes and Villains alike. He can make himself grow as tall as a skyscraper.
  • Evil Sounds Deep: Unnaturally deep, as is fitting for his enormous bulk.
  • Fast Tunnelling: He has so much physical might, he can easily burrow through the ground. When Spinner asks why he just doesn't do this to get to Shigaraki faster, he has to be reminded that as long as the rest of the League is riding on his body, they wouldn't survive the journey.
  • Feel No Pain: According to Dabi, one of Gigantomachia's Quirks blocks out all pain, which explains why he's able to shrug off even attacks that manage to knock him back.
  • Gathering Steam: He grows larger the longer a fight goes on.
  • Giant Equals Invincible: So far, nothing anybody throws at Gigantomachia has stopped him. Especially as he continues to get even bigger in battle.
  • Godzilla Threshold:
    • Taken quite literally — this guy is a throwback to Godzilla itself. All For One told Kurogiri to rely on him in the future if something were to happen to All For One, in case Kurogiri felt unable to protect Shigaraki on his own.
    • Played straight halfway through the Meta Liberation Army Arc. His sudden presence turned what was a very unfavorable match up for the League into a complete massacre of the enemy forces, but the League itself was not in any less danger with him around and had to pray for themselves to not get in his way.
  • Heroic Spirit: One of his Quirks is an inversion. Though he's the loyal subordinate to evil incarnate, he has the ability to convert morale into physical power.
  • The Juggernaut:
    • He's been fighting the League of Villains for 48 hours straight, taking 3-hour naps in-between before resuming his attack, and he's kept this up for a month and a half and likely would have gone longer if Shigaraki hadn't proven himself worthy. Mr Compress even wonders aloud when he ever finds time to eat.
    • When he finally joins the battle against the heroes, the only hero that can even slow him down from his mission is Mt. Lady, and he's not even trying to fight them, just barreling them aside as he marches on Shigaraki's location.And then he finally gets tired of their attempts to stop him and switches to full-on battle mode, at which point he annihilates everyone on his war path forward.
  • Kaiju: He looks like a monster right out of Godzilla and even has a name like one.
  • Killing Intent: He radiated a huge air of menace in front of the schoolgirls and seemed ready to annihilate them if they made him angry.
  • Lantern Jaw of Justice: Inverted. He may have a huge chin and a prominent underbite, but he's most definitely a villain.
  • Lightning Bruiser: While his incredible size and strength are his most obvious features, he is also far faster than his gargantuan size would suggest. During the Paranormal Liberation War, when he gets the order to head to Shigaraki's location with the other League members, it only takes him about an hour to bulldoze his way through over twenty cities to get there.
  • Made of Iron: Tanked Dabi's fire like it was nothing, and then ate it.
  • Magic Pants: Following the merger of the League and the Meta Liberation Army, Gigantomachia is equipped with armor plating and pants, the latter evidently designed by Detnerat with his Quirks in mind, given that they seem to grow with him.
  • Music Soothes the Savage Beast: Not music and more a cooldown voice, but the quickest way to stop him dead in his trail of destruction is All For One's voice, even if it's recorded.
  • Mythical Motifs: To the Giants of Classical Mythology. Similar to them, he is a gigantic humanoid being and his name is the name given to the battle between the Giants and the Olympian gods.
  • No Sense of Direction: He once got lost in the city looking for a hero's office. This doesn't apply once he has the scent of his target, however, as then he becomes a Scarily Competent Tracker.
  • One-Man Army: When the League of Villains is about to face off against the Meta Liberation Army, Shigaraki plans to sic Gigantomachia on them to wear down Gigantomachia by having him annihilate the MLA (who claimed that their forces were well over 100,000 strong). None of the other members of the League of Villains doubt that Gigantomachia wouldn't be able to handle it (considering they've collectively been fighting him for about six weeks continuously with no end in sight). When Gigantomachia finally awakens and reaches the MLA, the League realizes Gigantomachia was actually going easy on them previously and severely underestimated how strong he really was because he effortlessly plows through the MLA's forces while barely even trying, something which Twice likens to an elephant stepping on ants.
  • Person of Mass Destruction: He can be described as a walking disaster. He ends up leaving a giant crater in the earth after his confrontation with Gran Torino, and when he finally gets serious against the heroes his path forward is marked by absolute devastation as everything gets torn up and smashed away as he carves his way through both heroes and the landscape. In the Paranormal Liberation War, Gigantomachia's rampage is the main reason for the widespread destruction across Japan, destroying at least twenty cities in the span of one hour.
  • Rousing Speech: Or even just simple commands in this case. Gigantomachia is one of the most powerful characters in the entire series. However, he needs commands and instructions as Spinner notes in order to do anything, only then he becomes easier to handle. But if All For One and Shigaraki say the word, then nothing will stop him from accomplishing his goals. As the heroes find out the hard way.
  • Scarily Competent Tracker: During the month and a half long battle against him, it's noted by Spinner that Gigantomachia persistently tracks down Shigaraki no matter where he goes and constantly hounds him so that he can't get any rest. Shigaraki decides to exploit this when Re-Destro orders him to go to Deika City banking on Gigantomachia to chase after him and clash with the army's numbers. Sure enough the second that Gigantomachia is up it only takes him a few seconds to sniff out Shigaraki's location and track him down to Deika city.
  • Scenery Censor: He's fully nude, and only convenient smoke, shadows, or shrubbery obscures his crotch.
  • Secret Weapon:
    • Gigantomachia was kept hidden in the mountains with implications that All For One groomed it into a safeguard in the case that the situation of the League comes to a point that they are at risk, and warns Kurogiri to use him once he believes to no longer be capable of ensuring Shigaraki's safety.
    • Shigaraki uses Gigantomachia himself this way during the battle with the Meta Liberation Army. Since the army is basing all of their information on what Giran gathered they're completely unaware of Gigantomachia's existence or the League's month and a half long fight against him. Since Shigaraki knows that Gigantomachia will track him no matter what, he uses this to his advantage to have the army and Gigantomachia clash in order to wear both sides down.
  • Shout-Out:
    • Between his rough, rocky appearance and unstoppable physical might, he's a dead-ringer for Doomsday.
    • The spikes running down his back are reminiscent of the first Ultra Series villain Bemular.
  • Sizeshifter: It's stated that when in battle, he literally grows in size, turning him from his already giant size to absolutely gigantic.
  • Stealthy Colossus: Somehow managed to get into a city without causing a ruckus despite being so huge until he lost his patience. He also makes his full debut in Jurassic Park fashion, making huge, thumping footsteps before coming crashing through the trees. After Gran Torino manages to flee from him and capture Kurogiri, he appears to have disappeared and there's a search group after him, in spite of the fact he is gigantic.
  • Strength Equals Worthiness: The reason he serves All For One and later, Tomura after the latter forces the Meta Liberation Army to surrender.
  • Stunned Silence: During his rampage through Deika City, Gigantomachia screams for his masters successor. However once he reaches the site of Shigaraki and Re-Destro's battle he is left stunned, trembling, and with his iris and pupils visible. The next chapter reveals that this is a result of feeling Shigaraki's aura and realizing that he is a truly worthy successor for All For One.
  • Super Breath: When he's large enough, a forceful exhale can decimate a forest.
  • Super Prototype: Is one of a sort to the Nomu. Gigantomachia can wield the full power of multiple Quirks without needing any alteration and while still remaining fully cognizant.
  • Super Senses: His sense of hearing and smell are very acute, which allows him to quickly find and locate Shigaraki from basically anywhere during their several week-long fight.
  • Tears of Joy: After witnessing Re-Destro's submission to Shigaraki and the devastation wrought by his Decay, he sheds a tear as he acknowledges Shigaraki as AFO's successor.
  • The Dreaded: The Paranormal Liberation War Arc reveals that Mina is still terrified of him from their first encounter when she was in middle school. The sound of Gigantomachia's voice causes her to freeze up, which almost gets her crushed. He becomes this for Class 1A as a whole shortly afterwards once they realize that the only reason he didn't kill them was that he didn't see them as worth the effort.
  • Threshold Guardians: For Shigaraki to get The Doctor's full cooperation, he will have to make Gigantomachia submit to him.
  • Underestimating Badassery:
    • Once Gigantomachia finally reaches Deika City the League realizes to their shock and horror that they completely underestimated how powerful he really was despite fighting him for a month and a half after seeing him tear through the Liberation Army like they were made of paper. Compress quickly realizes that he hadn't been fighting seriously at all and he seems to be getting stronger.
    • The heroes in the Paranormal Liberation Front War Arc follow suit, as despite dog-piling with the intent of forcing him to exert himself so that the anesthesia drugs he swallowed will take effect faster, Gigantomachia simply decides he's done letting anyone stopping him from reaching Shigaraki and actually starts fighting back, and he crushes all of them and continues to make his way to the city unopposed wrecking everything in sight, while the U.A. students can only watch on in shock and horror at the destruction.
  • Undying Loyalty: To All For One. It's deconstructed, as his overwhelming loyalty to All For One makes it difficult for him to trust that Shigaraki can competently follow in his footsteps. On the other hand, this directly feeds into one of his Quirks. Because it transfers morale into physical power, his fanatical loyalty makes him all but unstoppable so long as he's acting in service to his master.
  • Unskilled, but Strong: With regards to what the Ultra Analysis Book has to say about him, he has a 6/6 in strength, but a meager 1/6 in intelligence and 2/6 in technique.
  • Victory by Endurance: According to Dabi in Chapter 279, Gigantomachia was specifically outfitted with Quirks by The Doctor that would prove advantageous in prolonged combat, allowing him to keep fighting at full strength long after most other fighters would have been worn down.
  • Why Don't You Just Shoot Him?: Addressed by two Tartarus guards when he's en route to the prison, though the question is more "why don't we just put him on death row?" The answer is that he's too durable to be killed by traditional means, and the sorts of things with enough stopping power to have even a hope of putting him down (like a missile) isn't allowed so long as there's a shred of humanity left in him.
  • Wolverine Claws: When he goes all-out, he can make his fingers grow into massive claws that look like giant rocks shaped into digits.
  • World's Strongest Man: It is unknown how strong Gigantomachia is compared to All Might, but in his own right he is one of the mightiest characters in the series. He has enough stamina to continuously fight for 48 hours and only requires three hours sleep. Besides his inhuman strength and stamina, Gigantomachia's senses are incredibly keen and he can even defend himself when asleep. As his name implies, Gigantomachia can increase his size when fighting. It says something that he's never been directly defeated on-screen in a contest of brute force, with his opponents needing to rely on trickery, him giving up willing, or resorting to more esoteric means like anesthesia drugs.

    Dr. Kyudai Garaki — "Daruma Ujiko" 

Kyudai Garaki — "Daruma Ujiko"
Click here to see what he really looks like.

Voiced by: Minoru Inaba (Japanese), Mark Stoddard (English)

Debut: Chapter 59 (Manga), Episode 33 (Anime)

Quirk:Life Force (Artificial Duplicate), Life Force (Original; Formerly)

Rank: A

"What a childish daydream! Saying all that with such a straight face was quite impressive!! Very well, Tomura Shigaraki!! I'll help you out, so show me you mean it! Prove to me that you can make your villainous pipe dreams a reality!!"

An older member of the League, a mysterious elderly man who worked as All For One's personal doctor. Publicly, he's the founder of Jaku General Hospital and a philanthropist who has established multiple orphanages and nursing homes. In truth, however, all of that is just a front for his true passion; developing and managing his "children", the Nomu.

While he's listed as being Quirkless publicly, he actually does possess a Quirk of his own, "Life Force", which lengthens his life span at the cost of physical mobility.

  • Bald of Evil: Being All For One's lieutenant and devoid of any facial hair beyond his mustache, this is a given.
  • Because You Were Nice to Me: The reason he is so devoted to All For One. Garaki was mocked and ostracised by society when he presented his Quirk Singularity Theory. Only All For One reached out to him and funded his research.
  • Bitch in Sheep's Clothing: As shown in his interactions with the public, he hides his true self as an amoral Mad Scientist behind the facade of a good, well-mannered doctor. He founded the Jaku General Hospital as well as many orphanages and nursing homes, supports Quirk-based community healthcare, and has numerous connections to various private clinics. Unfortunately, any good these organizations do is undermined by the fact that he uses them to locate subjects for his research.
  • The Bus Came Back: Nearly 160 chapters after his first appearance, he returns to the story to see if Shigaraki is a worthy successor to All For One.
  • Cut Lex Luthor a Check: As pointed out by Present Mic, Garaki's Quirk-replicating technology could revolutionize modern medicine, but he prefers using it for nefarious experiments.
  • Even Evil Has Loved Ones: Twisted as he may be, Garaki genuinely sees the Nomu as his children and is devastated to see them die. This is especially true of the smaller Nomu, like Mocha and Johnny.
  • Evil Genius: He's the one behind the creation of the Nomus and has been experimenting with them for a long time and has created the High-End Nomus. He also implies that he can make the High-End Nomus without needing All For One, though the process is more difficult without him. Later chapters reveal that he's capable of extracting Quirks from their owners without the use of All For One's Quirk, and that he's capable of duplicating the extracted Quirks to graft into multiple subjects. Even Quirks so powerful and exotic like All for One is no problem.
  • Evil Laugh: He likes doing this a lot, whether he's talking about his prized creations or casually threatening to throw his supposed allies back to Gigantomachia. It makes him seem pretty unhinged.
  • Evil Old Folks: A visibly elderly man who's fittingly rotten to the core.
  • Foreshadowing: The reveal that Garaki has a longevity Quirk is foreshadowed by his conversation with Shigaraki wherein he mentions that All For One was the only one who believed in the Quirk Singularity hypothesis even though the theory is shown to have weight in the modern world with people talking about the possibility. This implies that the doctor is a lot older than he seems and probably came from a time when knowledge of Quirks was extremely limited.
  • Godzilla Threshold: Unleashing the High-End Nomus he has in store to take on the heroes rampaging in his lair. Seeing how it takes 3-10 hours for them to be combat-ready, he loathes that he has to resort to such desperate attempts, but he's forced into a corner.
  • Inelegant Blubbering: Whenever he's in danger, he becomes a sobbing, snotty mess.
  • Inexplicably Identical Individuals: He has an uncanny resemblance to Dr. Tsubasa — the Quirk doctor who broke the bad news to Midoriya in the past — and they even share the same voice actors.
  • Large Ham:
    • Prone to occasionally making loud outbursts, at one point briefly deafening Tomura over their comm-link.
    • Taken Up to Eleven during the Paranormal Liberation War Arc in which he reacts to the Heroes raid on his laboratory with a series of increasingly spectacular Oh, Crap! faces.
  • Long-Lived: His Quirk, Life Force, doubles his life span at the cost of his athleticism, making him look like he's only in his sixties when he's really 120-years-old! Garaki replicated Life Force and gave the original Quirk to All For One while he retained the duplicate.
  • Mad Scientist: Seems to have this motif, being the one to create the Nomus and he even lives in your typical mad scientist lab, complete with several capsules holding High-End Nomus. Pretty much confirmed when he mentions to Shigaraki that he joined with All For One because he was the only one who shared his desires to test and experiment on the limits of Quirks no matter the cost.
  • Meaningful Name:
    • His fake last name, "Ujiko", is spelled 氏子 in kanji, and the literal meaning of 子 is "child", and 氏 means something along the lines of "related", referencing the fact that he sees the Nomu as his children. "Ujiko" is also a word for a dedicated shrine parishioner who is protected by the god(s) that they worship.
    • His fake first name is "Daruma", and his head looks like a Daruma doll. Daruma dolls are seen as a good luck charm, referencing that his sudden reappearance to the League during their bout with poverty is a shift of fortune for them, and they are named after the man who bought Chan Buddhism to Japan. Daruma dolls cannot be knocked down, because their rounded shape and weight mean that they will just return to a standing position, just like how, despite him and his work being knocked down with All for One's arrest, he got right back up and continued working.
    • His now retconned name, Maruta Shiga was meant to be this. "Shiga" was meant to indicate his admiration for and desire to be closer to All For One, whose real surname is Shigaraki, hence him taking part of his masters name for himself; "Maruta" was meant to refer to his appearance, with "maru" meaning "round" and "ta" meaning "fat." In addition, it's a phonetic reversal of his fake name, "Daruma".note In Japanese, words are broken down into syllables and the sounds "Ta" and "Da" written nearly identically. So "Da-Ru-Ma" is a near-complete reversal of "Ma-Ru-Ta".. It also (unintentionally) referenced Unit 731, the Japanese equivalent to Dr. Mengele, which fit in well with his Mad Scientist nature but proved too controversial to be kept.
    • His now updated name, Kyudai Garaki retains the elements of his previous name without the controversy. "Kyudai" is written with the kanji for "ball" and "big" referencing his appearance and "Garaki" takes the last three syllables from All For One's surname while also including the kanji for the word tree.
  • More Than Meets the Eye: He's an A-rank villain, putting him on par with Dabi and several of the more dangerous Nomu.
  • No Immortal Inertia: His Quirk gives him great longevity, but when Eraser Head uses his Quirk to nullify it, he rapidly ages into a much more decrepit shape, though this wears off shortly after he takes his eyes off of him.
  • Oh, Crap!: There really isn't any other way to describe the look of pure horror on his face when realizes that Endeavor and other heroes have not only figured him out but have arrived to kick his ass. He one-ups it in the end of the next chapter when Mirko corners him in his lab.
  • Power Copying: The doctor has secretly developed Quirk replication technology as part of his research for All For One, which is the reason why multiple Nomu share the "Super Regeneration" Quirk despite regeneration-based Quirks being quite rare. Gathering and storing just one Quirk is an expensive and time-consuming process, however, and it's lightly implied that the replicated Quirks are weaker, or at least less pure, in some ways compared to the originals.
  • Properly Paranoid: He goes to great lengths to protect his identity; warping Shigaraki and co directly to his lair, refusing to come fully out of the shadows, and establishing that any meeting should be on his terms on pain of being obliterated by Gigantomachia, although he gave the League devices to contact him in the future. Considering his status as All For One's closest supporter, and the fact that his true identity is well known within the public, it's fully justified.
  • "The Reason You Suck" Speech: He gives Shigaraki a minor one, pointing out he has been spoiled by Kurogiri and that, for all the support he or All For One have given to him, Shigaraki has still not accomplished anything notable.
  • Retcon: His real name was initially "Maruta Shiga", but Horikoshi had his name changed immediately due to an unforeseen controversy involving the word "Maruta's" history.note The abbreviated version is that in World War II, Unit 731 of the Imperial Japanese Army carried out "Project Maruta" on Chinese prisoners. The project was not entirely unlike the work of Josef Mengele, involving inhumane experimentation on the prisoners, including but not limited to vivisection, weapon testing, and forced pregnancies. "Maruta", meaning "logs" in Japanese, was the name given to the test subjects, as the official cover story for the facility was that it was a lumber mill. His name was changed to "Kyudai Garaki" and the digital chapter of 259, where his infamous former name debuted, was re-edited with this instead.
  • Running Gag: During the heroes' raid on his hideout, he makes various Oh, Crap! expressions that keeps increasing in intensity.
  • Secret Test of Character: The Doctor reveals to Shigaraki in Chapter 222 that he always intended to support him, he just wanted to know what Shigaraki's response would be to him questioning his goals.
  • Smug Snake: He will taunt the heroes and espouse the LOV's superiority, but only when things are going his way. The moment he realizes that the heroes are onto him, he goes into Oh, Crap! mode and even starts begging for mercy... only to reveal that this Doctor is a duplicate and he has just unleashed the Nomus to occupy the heroes while he makes his escape. But the moment one of the heroes busts into his inner sanctum, he goes into a bigger Oh, Crap!.
  • They Called Me Mad!: Ostracized and mocked by the science community for his Quirk Singularity theory. All for One believed him, supported his studies, and as a result, he's fanatically devoted to All for One.
  • Undying Loyalty: To All For One. Garaki was the first person to propose the concept of Quirk Singularity 70 years before the main story, but nobody was willing to hear him out, and he was instead mocked, ignored, and ostracized. All For One was the only person to reach out and listen to what Garaki had to say, going so far as to recruit the good doctor and commission him to perform more research. That, plus All For One's "overwhelming presence and Buddha-like smile", made Garaki see him as a god incarnate walking among humans. He willingly chose to give up his own Quirk to All For One and even took part of his master's true name in tribute to further prove his loyalty.
  • The Unfought: The only one of All For One's servants with zero combat skill or battle experience. He sticks to the labs behind the scenes, a trait that carries over when the League of Villains merges with the Metahuman Liberation Army as Shigaraki's only direct subordinate to neither take a role as his lieutenant or be known to his forces.
  • Villainous Friendship: Is shown to have this with All For One, who has been shown to treat him as an equal and in one flashback is shown to have been considerate enough to hold an umbrella for the Doctor as they are in the midst of supervising a young Shigaraki. All For One even thanks Garaki from the bottom of his heart, going so far as to call him his friend.
  • Villain with Good Publicity: In public, Dr. Garaki is a beloved doctor who founded numerous hospitals, orphanages, and nursing homes, to the point that his civilian co-workers believe there must be some mistake when the heroes arrive to arrest him.

    In General

Left to right: Muscular, Dabi, Spinner, Toga, Moonfish, Mustard, Magne. Missing: Twice, Mr. Compress and Chainsaw Nomu

"Doesn't matter how many punks with ambition you bring along. That only increases the risks. It's far better to have a small number of experienced elites."

A group of nine villins, ranging from experienced criminals to strong upstarts, that joined the rebranded League of Villains, originally under the belief that the League was affiliated with the incarcerated Hero Killer: Stain. They serve as the League's main taskforce and is lead by Dabi, with a Mid-Tier Nomu that rounds out their numbers to ten.

As of the Meta Liberation Army arc, the remnants of the Vanguard Action Squad were absorbed into the remnants of the Meta Liberation Army's top brass, forming the Lieutenants of the Paranormal Liberation Front.

  • Arc Villain: They serve as the main antagonists of the Training Camp Arc.
  • The Bad Guy Wins: While they lost a few during their invasion, the Vanguard Action Squad still managed to kidnap Bakugo and injure the majority of the Hero trainees as well, dealing a major blow against Hero society.
  • Cannon Fodder: Subverted. When Kurogiri asks if Shigaraki considers them this, as a display of his character development, he explains that he really does want them to return back to him safely.
  • Dwindling Party: Their invasion of the Hero training camp and the Heroes subsequent raid on their hideouts, resulted in the loss of Muscular, Moonfish, Mustard and their Nomu, leaving only six mainstays of the League. As the series progresses, the remaining Vanguard has either been killed (Magne and Twice), arrested (Compress) or MIA (Toga), leaving only Dabi and Spinner still around.
  • Early-Bird Cameo: Dabi, Toga, Spinner and Mustard appeared during the spread of Stain's viral video, all four clearly influenced by the Hero Killer.
  • Elite Mooks: Compared to the USJ mooks, the Vanguard is a sharp increase in both competence and efficiency, with each member being strong enough to contend with Pro Heroes far better than their predecessors. It's worth noting that it's only after they join does the League score their first major victory against the Heroes, with few casualties. Lampshaded in the quote by Dabi.
  • Inspirational Martyr: Stain was that to a few in the Vanguard, inspiring them to join the League of Villains. However, as the manga continues, it's become clear that really only Dabi truly cared about the Hero Killer's ideals.
  • Standard Evil Organization Squad: Serves as such to the League of Villains.
  • Quality over Quantity: An enforced trope in-universe. Given the fiasco concerning the USJ incident, Dabi notes that the Vanguard were made of only a few villains that were of a higher caliber than the League's first interaction, being mostly made of villains that had more experience in crime.
  • Wake-Up Call Boss: An in-universe example. While the League's prior attacks were quite a serious threat, it was the Vanguard's successful kidnapping of Bakugo and attack on UA's training camp that was enough to quickly get society to really see the League of Villains as a threat.


    Himiko Toga 

Himiko Toga

Voiced by:Misato Fukuen (Japanese), Leah Clark (English)

Debut: Chapter 57 (Manga), Episode 31 (Anime)

Playable in:My Hero One's Justice, My Hero One's Justice 2


Rank: A

"I just wanna love, live and die my way. My normal way. I wanna be even more like the people I love."

One of the League's newer recruits, Himiko Toga is a demented and constantly flustered 17-year-old girl suspected of several murders. She was the eldest daughter of her family before she went missing on the day of her middle school graduation. She apparently joined the League to make the world a place where she can be herself.

Her Quirk, "Transform", allows her to change her appearance through the ingestion of someone's blood.

  • Actually Not a Vampire: Her sharp teeth, blood being seen around her mouth, and the mention of her killing people by draining their blood, all seem to give the impression that her Quirk is vampire-based. This only partially true, as her Quirk is actually more about shapeshifting and she just needs to ingest a person's blood to transform into them. Chapter 225, which focuses on Curious trying to learn more about her, is even titled "Interview with a Vampire".
  • Affably Evil: It's eerie how friendly she is to people who she's trying to kill. This is made even more so by the fact that despite trying to stab her, she still seems to genuinely think of Uraraka as a friend.
  • Ambiguous Disorder: Obsession with others aside, Toga's addiction to blood is very close to the actual disorder known as Renfield's syndrome. Curious, like every other member of the Meta Liberation Army, is a proponent of the theory that Personality Powers are a real thing and that they can't be avoided, which would make Toga's issue mostly biological instead of psychiatric. Of course, there's likely some heavy bias on Curious' argument, no thanks to the theory being convenient to the MLA's extreme libertarian message.
  • Arch-Enemy: Is steadily but surely being set up as one for her heroic Foil Ochaco.
  • Audible Sharpness: In the anime, her needles make this sound when unsheathed.
  • Ax-Crazy: A psychotic girl with a Blood Lust and tendency to kill the people she falls for, being that she falls in love fairly easily. Twice getting killed by Hawks during the Paranormal Liberation War Arc sends her completely off the deep end and she goes on a killing spree, murdering heroes left and right, and when she's broken out of it by Shigaraki's call to assemble, she noticeably adopts a calmer but no less intense attitude as she rides on top of Gigantomachia.
  • The Baby of the Bunch: Youngest member of the League of Villains, at just 17 years old.
  • Bad Powers, Bad People: Considering that her Quirk requires ingesting a person's blood to transform into them, it's not much of a surprise that she's as Ax-Crazy as she is. She is a Deconstructed Character Archetype in that her past shows she was ostracized by her own parents for her obsession with blood even at a young age, and the stress of trying to be "normal" and deny her urges eventually caused her to snap and become the Serial Killer she is today.
  • Beauty Is Never Tarnished: Despite having some notable cuts all over her face after her fight with Curious for a few chapters, she eventually gets back to normal with no lasting scars.
  • Beneath the Mask: Toga does this twice. The first time is when she suppresses her natural affinity for blood in order to seem "normal" and make her parents happy, wearing a mask of fake smiles to fit in. The second time is after she gave in to her lust for blood and wore another mask of fake smiles in order to lie to herself and not admit that she isn't happy. Curious commented on this and called Toga's smiling face that of a "beautiful doll" when the girl said that she was happy and this was her normal.
  • Beware the Silly Ones: A blushing schoolgirl with a wacky hairdo, and an out-there personality. She's introduced after seemingly just murdering somebody. She even takes down Rock Lock, a pro hero, by stabbing him from behind.
  • Blood Magic: Her Quirk requires blood ingestion in order to work. The more blood she drinks, the more she can stay in a transformed state, so she's literally fueled by blood. She needs to drink roughly one cup of blood to stay transformed for a full day.
  • Bloodbath Villain Origin: A flashback reveals that she stabbed a classmate and drank from his wound with a straw with a look of ecstasy on her face before she became a serial killer and joined the League.
  • Bloodlust: Her Quirk makes her naturally attracted to blood, hence why she chops up people. The reason she became interested in Stain was because of how bloody he appeared during video footage and she also blushes when she first sees Midoriya, since he was a bloody mess right after his fight with Muscular.
  • Blue-and-Orange Morality: She claims that she doesn't see anything wrong with her impulses and and says that her way of life is "perfectly normal". This is strongly implied to be linked to her biological instincts to drain blood and become people, and the result of a mental breakdown in middle school after years of being pressured to suppress those impulses.
  • Body Horror: When her transformation ends, the "skin" of the person she's wearing literally melts off of her like goo.
  • Bowdlerise: Toga's Quirk allows her to take on someone's appearance and voice by ingesting their blood, complete with their clothes. However, this also melts any clothes she's currently wearing. While disguised as Camie in the anime, she instead has an opaque white bodysuit that resembles the tone of human skin rather than being blatantly naked upon revealing her Quirk. Though this was only in the original TV broadcast as the Blu-ray (and Toonami airing) showed her fully nude with only the transformation goop covering her.
  • Break the Cutie: Gets hit with this hard during the Paranormal Liberation War Arc. Learning that Twice was killed by Hawks sends her completely off the deep end and she goes on a killing spree, murdering heroes left and right. Once she calms down, the bubbly, sickeningly sweet schoolgirl is gone and replaced by a sad, broken and melancholic individual. Tellingly, in Chapter 287, when Compress mentions Midoriya and Uraraka, the two she "loves", she doesn't even react and the speech she gives Compress implies that she may be suicidal.
  • Bunny-Ears Lawyer: One of the most dangerous girls presented as a villain is appalled by the fact that her new battle gear doesn't look cute at all.
  • Can't Kill You, Still Need You: Her Quirk operates on this principle, as she needs her victims alive to have a renewable source of blood. Still, she maintains that she wants to kill Stain (or "Mr. Stainy" as she calls him) and then become him.
  • Confusion Fu: Her main fighting style is to use sneak attacks, by hiding, striking, vanishing and repeating, it makes her hard to follow, and harder to strike back against. Her costume is further designed to supplement this by letting her take in a large quantity of blood from multiple people simultaneously, allowing her to transform on the fly and sow confusion even better.
  • Covered in Scars: Her battle against Curious has been so intense that she is now sporting quite her fair share of permanent scars all over her body and face, which she herself acknowledges makes her look creepier. Whether she actually has scars or not however is debatable since unlike every other character such as Aizawa and Izuku, after a period of healing, there have been shown no visible trace of any scars in the manga.
  • Creepy High-Pitched Voice: In the anime, Misato Fukuen portrays Toga with a notably high soprano, to illustrate both her Ax-Crazy mentality and her lack of maturity, given that she was very young when she descended into villainy.
  • Cute But Psycho: She's a cute teenage girl, but completely bonkers.
  • Dangerously Short Skirt: For whatever reason, Toga decided to keep wearing a school uniform once she left her past life behind to become a villain/mass murderer. Several years seem to have passed since then, so her Sailor Fuku looks roughly the size a long T-shirt.
  • Dark Chick: One of the few female members of the League so far, and the only one after Magne's death, as well as one of the most deranged members introduced.
  • Dehumanization: She gets hit with this realization hard during the Paranormal Liberation arc when she questions why the heroes didn't see Twice as a person.
  • Depraved Bisexual: She's bisexual, explicitly stating in Chapter 223 that she fell in love with Stain, Midoriya, and Uraraka. By "love", that means she's very into their blood.
  • Digital Bikini: Once her Quirk's transformation wears off, Toga is left naked. Certain airings of the anime change this so she's still wearing a skin-tight bodysuit after turning back.
  • Dissonant Serenity: Zigzagged. Due to her Blue-and-Orange Morality, Toga can be unnervingly chipper in scenarios that others would consider horrific.
  • Double Standard: Rape, Female on Male: Averted. The way she derives pleasure from molesting, killing and drinking the blood of the men she finds attractive isn't portrayed as "normal" or "endearing" or as "female empowerment" but as downright creepy and criminal.
  • Expository Hairstyle Change: A photo of her in middle school shows her with her hair down. In the present day, it's styled in two messy buns.
  • Eyepatch of Power: Toga is shown wearing an eyepatch over her right eye after the battle against the Meta Liberation Army. However, it's initially unknown if she lost her eye or if she just needed it until it healed. Chapter 245 shows that her eye is fine, and she loses the eyepatch.
  • Fangs Are Evil: Clearly shown to have sharp, vampire-like fangs for all four canine teeth.
  • Females Are More Innocent: Defied. When Curious tries to portray her as a helpless victim of circumstance, Toga adamantly insists on the fact that she has never been anyone's victim and that she has always been perfectly satisfied with being as twisted as she is since it's her own way to "love" people, which Curious acknowledges is an even better headline.
  • First-Name Basis: Toga seems to prefer referring to the people she considers friends, including her boss and enemies, by their first names and an honorific. Notably, when she is around Overhaul, someone she hates for murdering Magne, she refers to him by his last name Chisaki.
  • Foil:
    • She and Dabi joined the League at the same time and are complete opposites in almost everything. They're both serial killers, but in most other areas they're polar opposites:
      • Dabi's Quirk is insanely powerful, but without it, his body is a wet paper bag. Toga's Quirk is still unbelievably useful but does absolutely nothing in combat. Instead, she is extremely smart and fast for having no augmentations and is surprisingly durable for her stature.
      • Dabi speaks when he needs to and gets to the point, while Toga is a Motor Mouth.
      • Toga is a pretty young girl that would fit in a crowd vs. Dabi who is an absolutely horrific looking burn victim, so much so that he gave away their hideout because of his skin grafts.
      • Dabi is extremely hostile and rude, while Toga is overly familiar with everyone, including people she's trying to murder.
      • Dabi's personal reasons for evil seem to stem from hatred, while Toga's come from a twisted idea of love.
      • Toga is very good at being covert even without her powers and is the go-to for the League's infiltration operations, where Dabi completely lacks subtlety and can't help but make a scene even if he didn't need to (and making a disaster area in the process).
      • Toga, after separating from her family, does not seem to care about or remember them, only focusing on her ideals and making the world into the kind of place she wants to live in. Dabi's goals as a villain are, and have been from the start, entirely about destroying his family, and especially his father, who he hates more than anyone.
      • Finally, Dabi is a Dragon with an Agenda who doesn't give a rat's ass about anyone in the League aside from himself, while Toga is loyal and on good terms with the entire rest of the League, especially Twice.
    • She's a Foil to Uraraka as well in a few ways:
      • It's most notable when it comes to their feelings for Deku. They both admire him and want to emulate him, but in completely opposite fashions and for different reasons. While Uraraka has noted that Deku is a little "plain-looking", her feelings for him are healthy and she loves his desire to save people, unwillingness to ever give up, and resourcefulness in every situation- and she wants to be like him. Toga, on the other hand, thinks Deku is cute and her feelings are mostly twisted, as she loves that he's always getting himself bloodied up and she wants to literally kill him and be him.
      • They contrast each other physically a bit too; Uraraka is brunette, Toga is blonde; Uraraka has round eyes, Toga's are sharp; Uraraka's hair is neat and straight, Toga's hair is messy and spiky; Uraraka's perpetual Blush Stickers are cute and innocent while Toga's perpetual Luminescent Blush alludes to her depraved Blood Lust.
      • Finally, in fighting styles. Uraraka is relatively slow, but she's strong and durable for her size and she's a Bare-Fisted Monk who can tank a few strong hits and relies on restraining opponents. She also can easily end most fights by touching her opponents only once to make them float helplessly. Toga meanwhile is very fast and agile, but she's a weak Knife Nut who would rather dodge her opponents than take a hit, and she aims to kill when she fights. She has little One-Hit KO potential outside of stealth and usually has to cut her opponents up a lot before she wins. Finally, Uraraka's new grappling hooks nicely mirror Toga's needle hooks, and they even trade blows with them in their second fight.
  • Foreshadowing: Her shapeshifting Quirk has been hinted since her introduction, when she stated that she wanted to "kill and be Stain" and further referenced by her wishes to become the people she loves.
  • For the Evulz: Believes that murder is the greatest expression of love. How is she able to work with other villains is a mystery.
  • Friendly Enemy: To an incredibly creepy extent as Toga often tries to make friends with the people she is fighting against even if she is trying to drain their blood. For example, when she first encounters Uraraka and Tsuyu, she tries to give the former love advice and use Tsuyu's Affectionate Nickname. Suffice it to say, everyone is creeped out by this habit of hers.
  • Full-Frontal Assault: If she transforms over her clothes, they are absorbed and destroyed by her Quirk. Since any clothes she adds with her ability overlaps on what she is already wearing, she would become effectively naked once she deactivated her Quirk. Because of this, she's actually naked under her transformation whenever she creates clothes with her Quirk. she doesn't appear to be bothered when suddenly seen naked by other people, however when Shin Neomoto uses his Confession Quirk on her, she reveals that she is embarrassed about being naked.
  • Has a Type: While she's a fan of anybody that's beat up and covered in blood (whether guys or girls), she seems to have a thing for round faced, curly haired boys in particular; her backstory shows that her first crush (and victim) bore a striking resemblance to Midoriya, who she later becomes enamoured with as well.
  • Have You Tried Not Being a Monster?: Toga's parents responded to her increasing interest in blood by demanding that she suppress her urges. Never receiving psychological help led to her mortally wounding a classmate when she finally cracked.
  • Hellish Pupils: Her pupils are slitted like a cat's. She also has Cute Little Fangs.
  • Hidden Depths: Despite her psychotic nature, it's obvious that she genuinely cares for the rest of her teammates, especially Twice.
  • Hypocritical Humor: She points out how Shigaraki seems disturbed and that Dabi just has bad taste in people. Meanwhile, she's a serial killer who is crushing on the heroes trying to arrest her. Dabi is the only one who cares enough to snipe back.
  • I Just Want to Be Loved: Is literally the reason why she started attacking people to drink their blood and why she joined the league of villains. Life is hard and she wants to live in a world that is easier.
  • The Immodest Orgasm: In the scene where Toga is disguised as Rock Lock, as she tries to stab her precious Midoriya and he remembers her name, it's pretty obvious from her expression what happened. Afterwards, she seen wrapped in what's left of her clothes in what looks like a state of afterglow. Even more obvious in the English Dub

    Japanese: (with a completely red face and exhausted eyes) "I'm so glad I got to work temp here..."

    English Dub: "I'm so happy I came."

  • Intergenerational Friendship: She's 17 and particularly close with 31-year-old Twice, whose death noticeably affected her.
  • It's All About Me: Downplayed. While not outwardly narcissistic, Toga's motivations and sense of morality are, like the rest of the League, strongly Individualistic.
  • Kill and Replace: She lovesStain so much she wants to kill him and then be him. Given her blood-activated shapeshifting Quirk, she possibly could. It's implied that she wants to do this to everyone she "loves".
  • Knife Nut: Knives are her Weapon of Choice and her signature when she kills someone as Aizawa points out. She has a switchblade, which she uses for self-defense. She also has sets of knives she carries while in her villain costume to help her draw blood.
  • Know When to Fold 'Em:
    • When help comes for Uraraka and Tsuyu, she stops mid-attack and heads off, stating simply that she knows if she sticks around she'll be overpowered.
    • When Uraraka and Sero show up to help Midoriya she flees immediately, though she isn't happy about their alone time being interrupted.
  • Logical Weakness: Her Quirk and combat style requires her to hide and confuse her opponent, and her most powerful offensive options are close range. As a result, multiple opponents are not something she can handle, and she quickly excuses herself whenever she's faced with more than two enemies. Furthermore, her Quirk has a major handicap: she can only stay transformed based on the amount of someone's blood she's ingested. If she runs out, she loses the ability to turn into that person until she gains more of their blood.
  • Loony Fan: Of Stain. She doesn't even care about his ideals, she just thinks he's cool and wants to Kill and Replace him.
  • Love at First Sight: She gets a crush on Midoriya as soon as she laid eyes on him (mostly because his body was mangled and covered in his own blood), though her feelings get much stronger after her encounter with him during the provisional hero license exam. This is not a good thing.
  • Love Freak: Completely deconstructed. When Spinner asked why she followed Stain, her response is that she loves Stain, Midoriya, and Uraraka and that everything she does, she does out of love. Of course, her version of love involves violently stabbing her love interests and becoming them. She believes that her Quirk lets her copy powers too so that she could become those she "loves" even more.
  • Luminescent Blush: She blushes for almost everything. It might have something to do with her blood-related Quirk, since blushing happens because of blood rushing to the face.
  • Mask of Sanity: Her parents forced her to pretend to be a normal student up until she finally snapped and started killing people. This is depicted quite literally in flashback, showing Toga in middle school as an obedient student, her face covered by a black mask with empty white eyes.
  • Master of Disguise: Her Quirk's power and operation is all over this, as it allows her to perfectly mimic someone's appearance.
  • Messy Hair: Her hairstyle is so wild that Horikoshi has trouble drawing it regularly.
  • Moral Myopia: Sees nothing wrong with the violence that her impulses drive herinflict on others, yet is left devastated in the wake of both Twice's death and it's implications.
  • Ms. Fanservice: Constantly being turned on by blood and being butt naked during battle makes her the villainous version of this.
  • Never My Fault: She doesn't understand the consequences of her and the League's actions. She fails to understand that people will retaliate when she tries to stab them. This is especially apparent after Twice's death. Despite the fact she is a serial killer and Twice was going to go on a rampage she is the one asking where do heroes draw the line. Uraraka calls her out on this.
  • Nightmare Face: She's a master at doing them. For one specific example, when Aizawa bound her in his binds and erased her Quirk all in the same movement, Toga gave him a look of cold anger, grabbed hold of the binds, and promptly used the momentum to stab him in the shoulder.
  • Nightmare Fetishist: Has a considerable blood fetish.
  • Oblivious to Hatred: She seems to think Uraraka and Tsuyu are her friends, despite being an Ax-CrazySerial Killer with a serious case of Blood Lust. Tsuyu even tells her not to use a First-Name Basis with her since she only lets her friends do it, but she doesn't comply.
  • Older Than They Look: She invokes the image of a middle schooler through clothes that look too oversized for her and a Girlish Pigtails hairstyle that she wore as a child. In truth, she's one year older than the main cast.
  • OOC Is Serious Business: After Twice is killed, she adopts a much more subdued and colder attitude, her usual grins replaced with flat looks and intense frowns.
  • Parents as People: Her parents were appalled by her Quirk and tried to suppress it from a young age, putting immense pressure on her to be socially acceptable without properly addressing the issue of said Quirk with medical personnel. This led to Himiko's urges getting the better of her and sending her into a Sanity Slippage, which in turn, led her down the path to villainy.
  • Personality Powers: Deconstructed. Having a Quirk that requires ingested blood for activation means that she has a natural affinity for blood since it's more or less part of her biological instincts, but because society would obviously consider such behavior psychotic and inappropriate, she had no choice but to try suppressing her own Blood Lust in order to fit within society. Needless to say, she eventually snapped and became a bloodsucking serial killer after witnessing enough everyday violence, embracing her true nature as result. Her obsessive nature is also justified by her ability to transform into others.
  • Perky Female Minion: Almost constantly chipper, friendly and energetic - even in the midst of trying to stab someone.
  • Pet the Dog: She comforts Twice when his mask is torn and covers him up to prevent him from hurting himself. Later as the final clone of Twice dies, Toga stays by his side hugging him thanking one last time for saving her.
  • Please Put Some Clothes On: Midoriya was freaked out by the fact she appeared before him in the nude as Camie.
  • Power Copying: While initially limited to only copying appearances, her Quirk spontaneously evolves during her fight with Curious and she can now copy a person's Quirk along with their appearance. Curious believes this was from stress and trauma while Toga believes it was from her "love" of the person she copied. Either way, like Twice unlocking his potential, it makes her much more dangerous.
  • The Power of Blood: Toga can only transform into someone after ingesting their blood. How long she can hold the transformation depends on how much blood she's consumed.
  • Psychopathic Womanchild: As if the fact that she refuses to stop wearing her Sailor Fuku wasn't enough of an indication, Toga's mental and emotional development didn't progress much past middle-school. While 17 is still quite young, her various raving school-girl crushes and her almost innocent misunderstanding of why her actions are wrong certainly call to mind somebody about 5 or 6 years younger, and she has the impulse control of a child as well.
  • Red Right Hand: When she's not wearing her villain gear, the only things "off" about her appearance are her slitted pupils and sharp canine teeth.
  • Roaring Rampage of Revenge: She goes on one in Chapter 273 in reaction to Twice's death, in which she disguised herself as a hero, infiltrated a small group of heroes invading the PLF mansion, and then begin to stab the other heroes in the group when they realized she didn't belong.
  • Sailor Fuku: Unlike the Class 1-A girls, her school uniform falls under this. It makes her psychopathy more horrifying since it emphasizes that she really is just a teenage girl. This is actually invoked since while on the run from police, she eventually figured out people would be less suspicious of her in that outfit.
  • School Uniforms Are the New Black: She wears her school uniform while hanging around the League, and her villain costume is just her bloodsucking apparatus on top of it.
  • Serial Killer: The first time we see her, she's standing in front of what looks like a corpse with blood on her face. Later, Giran confirms that she's a suspect in a string of murders.
  • Sex Is Violence: While not outright sex, it's clear she is deriving some... pleasure from attacking her victims and appears to have some level of attraction to several of her enemies, including Uraraka, Tsuyu, and Midoriya. During her fight against Uraraka and Tsuyu, she even pins Tsuyu against a tree, which she uses both to get closer to her and stab her. As Camie, when she pins Midoriya down and twists his arm, it looks like she's sexually assaulting him. Then there's her surprise attack on him during the yakuza base assault, which is as orgasmic as Horikoshi could make it without upping the rating of the manga.


  • Shapeshifter: Her Quirk is "Transform", which allows her to change her appearance into anyone she ingests blood from. She gets aroused from doing this to people she likes.
  • Shut Up, Hannibal!: Delivers one to Curious, angrily refuting the latter's attempts to frame her as a victim.
  • Situational Sociability: While freaking out about the idea that people might be "coming on to her" and saying she was not ready for something like that and admitting that she gets embarrassed when having to get naked if she wanted to create clothes for her transformations, she has no problem telling people how great they would look if they were bleeding and seems to forget all about being naked in the heat of the moment.
  • Slasher Smile: She sports one that would make Kouta Hirano proud during her rant about love in the Forest Training Camp Arc. Later, in the Meta Liberation Army Arc, she sports another one during her fight with Curious that temporarily stops Curious in her tracks.
  • The Smurfette Principle: She's the only female member of the League of Villains. And after Chitose's death, the only female regiment commander of the Paranormal Liberation Front.
  • Spanner in the Works: Together with Twice in the Internship Arc. Sir Nighteye's operation had predicted that the relationship between the League of Villains and the Hassaikai wasn't good, but they show up anyway to help Chisaki's escape. Then it's spun around while still being played straight in that she and Twice are there to sabotage the Hassaikai, indirectly helping the heroes take down Mimic. Late in the operation, Toga disguises herself as Midoriya to lead the outside team to the ground that's above the area where Midoriya and Nighteye are holding off Overhaul, giving them a chance to pull a Big Damn Heroes.
  • Stalker with a Crush: She's got it bad for Midoriya and Uraraka. Or could she just be out of theirblood?
  • Teens Are Monsters: She ran away from school and started her started down her path as a serial killer even before she had a chance to graduate from middle-school.
  • Terms of Endangerment:
    • She insists on referring to Tsuyu as "Tsuyu-chan" (in Japanese) or "Tsu" (in English). Even when the frog girl says that only her friends can call her that, Toga happily declares that she is Tsuyu's friend too.
    • She also refers to Midoriya as "Izuku-kun" and Uraraka as "Ochako-chan." In Japanese, using someone's first name is a sign that you are close with them, and attaching a cute honorific like -kun or -chan means you and the other person are extra close.
  • Trademark Favorite Food: Her profile says that she likes pomegranates, rather appropriately as their juice looks like blood.
  • Tragic Villain: Toga's behavior is ultimately a result of her Quirk and improper means of addressing it as a child:
    • As a child, Toga was fascinated by blood due to her Quirk. Bringing a wounded bird to her parents, they were disgusted and brought her to a Quirk counselor to make her "normal", the counselor's advice amounting to telling Toga to repress the urges. She tried to do so for the sake of looking normal to her parents and society, but years of hiding behind a mask eventually caused her to snap, as she proceeded to stab the boy she had a crush on and drank his blood through a straw, crying the entire time. Now incapable of restraining herself, she went on the run and began indulging in the impulses to an extreme, becoming the crazed Serial Killer she is today.
    • Invoked by both Curious and Re-Destro of the Meta Liberation Army. The two looked into Toga's background, and upon learning of her origins, felt she was the perfect candidate to be a martyr for their cause. They intended on killing her and then making her story public to elicit sympathy and justification for the Army's cause, only to fail once Toga realizes she can copy Uraraka's Quirk and uses it to kill Curious. Re-Destro orders any footage of the fight to be destroyed for the sake of maintaining morale.
  • Traumatic Superpower Awakening: Ambiguous. While Curious believes that being threatened and victimized by her prompted Toga's powers to evolve, teaching her how to use the Quirks of the people she impersonates, Toga herself believes that because she shows her "love" for people by becoming them, she can copy their Quirks to "love even more". It's unclear who is actually correct.
  • Villainous Crush: Of sorts for Midoriya, though it mostly means she wants to bleed him more. Her ecstatic reaction to Midoriya remembering her name, however, hints that she actually does have feelings for him. It's just those feelings are as twisted as she is. She also loves Uraraka and Stain and holds them on a similar pedestal.
  • Villainous Friendship:
    • She forms a deep one with Twice in the Internship Arc. When the latter gets his mask torn up and starts freaking out, she quickly comes to his aid and covers the broken part of it with a handkerchief of hers to stop his breakdown. She then consoles him over the guilt he has about having inadvertently caused Magne's death, and the two spend the rest of the arc making fun of the yakuza together.
    • She was very close with Magne, treating the older villain like a Cool Big Sis.
  • Weak, but Skilled: Her Quirk doesn't help in combat at all, but she's fast and deadly with her blades. She's also good at hiding. So good that she disappears several times, fighting Midoriya, to the point that he mistakes her Quirk for one that lets her Flash Step. This may change since she's discovered that she can actually use the Quirk of the person she transformed into. Her second fight with Uraraka also showcases her skill; though Uraraka is stronger than her at this point and easily tosses her aside at first, Toga's superior skill and speed allows her to dodge all her subsequent attacks and even knock her down before she escapes relatively unharmed.
  • Wham Shot:
  • Why Couldn't You Be Different?: Her parents were disgusted by her bloodsucking Quirk and wanted her to act normal.
  • Would Harm a Senior: During the Paranormal Liberation War arc, Toga takes the form of an elderly woman who's searching for her husband in order to lure Uraraka away. Since Toga's power requires her to suck the blood of the people she impersonates, Uraraka realizes that Toga attacked and possibly killed the woman.
  • Yandere: Played with. On the surface, she's an Ax-CrazyKnife Nut with a fetish for blood and a desire to "be like" anyone she is "in love" with, including Stain, Midoriya, and Uraraka. However, whether her love for them extends from genuine feelings for the individual in question or just to their blood and wanting to become one with them is unknown. She does little of the standard version of this aside from attempting to kill them when they fight. In addition, rather than the standard "cute and harmless" appearance associated with this, Toga's appearance is usually Cute But Psycho from the outset.

    Shuichi Iguchi — Spinner 

Shuichi Iguchi — Spinner
Click here to see his civilian clothing.

Voiced by: Ryo Iwazaki (Japanese), Larry Brantley (English)

Debut: Chapter 57 (Manga), Episode 31 (Anime)


Rank: C

"I've got nothing to love, like Toga does. Nothing I really wanna do. But back then, I just know… Something lit a fire in my heart. All I could think was how I wanted a glimpse of the future he was imagining! Sure... I'm just a nobody who jumped on a bandwagon but what's wrong with that!? Nothing, right!? And you people ain't much better!!! Ain't that right, politician?"

A newer recruit of the League, a young man who was treated poorly back in his hometown due to his reptilian features. After being inspired by Stain's desire to change society, he joined the League with hopes of ending discrimination against those with heteromorphic Quirks.

His Quirk is "Gecko", which allows him to cling to walls and other vertical surfaces, much like a gecko.

  • Adaptation Dye-Job: He has pink eyes and hair in the manga. In the anime, his hair is violet and his eyes are brown.
  • All There in the Manual: According to his profile in the Volume 24 Extras, the giant makeshift sword he used during the School Trip Arc is called the "Super Knife Knife Sword". His profile also reveals that his family had reptilian-based Quirks as well.
  • Ambiguously Human: He has a reptilian appearance due to his Quirk, which earned him all sorts of abuse back in his hometown.
  • At Least I Admit It: While Spinner may have joined the League primarily because of his admiration of Stain and his desire to follow his creed, others such as Dabi and Trumpet call him out for being a shallow Fan Boy and following another's creed rather than his own. Spinner however, openly acknowledges such statements and does not try to hide or justify his actions but rather accepts himself for who he is.

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