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Welcome to our post all about the importance of having shoes with EVA midsoles!  Use the table of contents below to navigate the post.  Leave us a comment if you have any more questions.

Table Of Contents:

As you can read in almost all of the reviews here, most of the shoes have the famous EVA


Whether we speak of running shoes, hiking shoes, or sandals even, EVA is constantly on the list.

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EVA Midsole Benefits

The midsole is that part of the shoe (sandwiched between the upper and the outsole) that provides cushioning and rebound, and it helps protect the foot from feeling hard or sharp objects. If it is well made, it will follow the foot line.

There are great EVA sole advantages for your feet.

EVA midsoles provide stability against your foot, and in that order it has to be made of material that will endure all challenges – the terrain, a person’s weight, and all possible pressures that happen during walking or running.

EVA Midsole Meaning – What Is EVA Exactly?

EVA midsole material

EVA stands for ethel vinyl acetate which is a man-made material that is considered foam.

This is a co-polymer of ethylene (C2H4) and vinyl acetate (CH3CO2CHCH2).

Precisely, it is a polymer that has wide use. 

While EVA foam is highly useful for footwear, it can be used for other things as well, like suits of battle armor. 

Have a look at this video to see how versatile EVA foam can be, generally speaking:

When it comes to making footwear, there are lots of companies that are using the expanded foam rubber version forms of polymer known as EVA.

So, if you’re asking yourself “What is an EVA midsole?” It’s that part of the sole that provides cushioning and goes a long way towards protecting your feet from striking the road when walking or running. 

While this is about EVA midsole shoes, we felt that we’d be remiss if ortholite wasn’t briefly mentioned. 

Many companies are also using a material called ortholite for ortholite insoles.

It’s a foam that cushions people’s feet while they’re wearing brands like Asics, Merrell, and Timberland.

EVA and Ortholite

EVA and ortholite shoes both provide incredible comfort and cushioning, which is vital for walking long distances.

If you consider the amount of walking you do per day, you’ll agree that the addition of a flexible, cushioning midsole is vital to the health of your feet.

Whether that’s an EVA midsole or ortholite footbed will depend on the brand you purchase.

Some shoe and boot companies sell their ortholite insoles separately. Instead of having to buy new shoes, you can toss the old insoles and purchase new ones. For example, Nike ortholite insoles can be purchased separately.

nike eva foam mold

We’ve covered ortholite in depth in another article if you want to read more about it. 

Replacing the insole will keep you from having to toss out your favorite walking shoes because the footbed has become compressed. It’ll revitalize your shoe and give it new life. 

EVA midsoles can’t be removed from the shoe, but the addition of an EVA insole can keep your walking or running shoes from becoming worn.

Like most rubbers, EVA is soft and flexible, but also is easier for processing and manipulation in manufacturing of versatile things (midsoles included) due to its thermoplastic properties.

What makes EVA a good choice for shoes (running or anything that will flex during walking) is the “low-temperature” toughness, stress-crack resistance, waterproof properties, and resistance to UV-radiation.”

Northside Women's Snohomish Waterproof Hiking Boot

EVA is considered to be more eco-friendly, because it doesn’t use chlorine in its production, which means there is less toxicity released during degradation.

Some companies prefer using EVA as a binding agent for other eco-friendly shoe materials like jute, bamboo, cork etc.

This way, the materials are incorporated with EVA to create a shoe that will function well, and will not harm the eco system when it is no longer in use.

How Is EVA Made?

eva machine

To that question, here is a quick video that will give you an up close and personal look at EVA foam molding process:

EVA materials are made of thousands of tiny bubbles joined together that hold air.

Once they are compressed, they provide cushioning, and shock absorption (as you have read, most of the reviewers claim that wearing shoes with EVA midsoles, feel as if they are walking on clouds).

That compression makes EVA an ideal material for performance footwear.

eva foam

Lightweight EVA Midsoles

What makes a molded EVA footbed different and better than other midsoles, (in most cases polyurethane ones) is its lightness.

EVA has a low density, and it’s incredibly lightweight, so it is ideal for certain types of footwear where weight is a factor (you can’t put extremely heavy midsoles in summer shoes for instance).

Those previously mentioned tiny bubbles are “forcing” the cushioning to lose some of the air, and become compressed.

Of course, an EVA sole is not made to last forever, because with time (and constant use) any footwear product made from EVA will lose its cushioning and support.

eva foam injection molding

Quality Brands Using EVA Materials

mixed brand sneakers

Among our shoe reviews, there are plenty of quality shoe brands.

You have probably seen at least two of the names such as Keen and Teva. These companies are constantly producing shoes with EVA molded midsoles.

Keen uses compression molded EVA midsoles, and foot beds to provide their customers with maximum support, cushioning, and protection, no matter what type of shoe it is  – sandals, sneakers or hiking boots.

Teva, as well, uses EVA compressed midsoles, to create footwear for active people who need a highly shock absorbent heel, more than anyone else.

Other well-known companies like Adidas uses an EVA midsole in their shoes. Sketchers also uses an EVA sole. 

Drawbacks and Solutions

eva foam pellet

The one thing that works against EVA, is its short life. Over time EVA tends to compress; users (runners especially) say that they feel their shoes go flat after a while. 

But this doesn’t stop world famous shoe brands from producing shoes with EVA midsoles; the majority of good running shoes have compression molded EVA midsoles (Nike and Adidas use them too).

This usual problem is often “fixed” by compressing EVA in a pressurized mold, where the midsole forms a thick skin. This way EVA midsoles are made to last longer.

The best way to avoid this flattening of the EVA midsole, is to replace your shoes (especially your running shoes) every 3 to 6 months.

Is EVA Safe?

eva baby playmat

On the whole EVA is considered to be a very safe material. An improvement on PVC, it doesn’t have plasticizers and it does not contain BPA.

However, some countries did ban the use of EVA foam in certain products for children (notably playmats for babies).

This is not something that has been adopted worldwide and neither is it something that applies to your EVA footwear – phew!

baby chewing eva toy

EVA has been declared safe for use even in food packaging, production and transport by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) so it is definitely not something you have to worry about when wearing it on your feet.

However, although EVA is considered completely safe, there are a few sensible pointers that should be followed; fortunately, most of them are pretty obvious really.

baby chewing eva shoe

The bad news is that your EVA midsole is likely to emit dangerous fumes, but only if heated above 400 degrees Fahrenheit.

Likewise, it is pretty flame resistant, with an auto ignite temperature of 644 Fahrenheit – so no matter how hot your feet get, they won’t burst into flames!

shoes on fire

In terms of safety, the only real concern with EVA is if you ingest it; so unless you were planning on cooking and eating your EVA midsoles, then we reckon you’re probably quite safe!

shoe sandwich

Is EVA Toxic?

baby hand on playmat

Many of the health fears about EVA stem from the fact that many EVA foam products contain a toxin called formamide.

If this is of concern to you, then check with the manufacturer to see if they have used this substance in their product.

eva building blocks

The good news is that not all EVA contains formamide and that there are shoes out there without it.

The bad news is that not all manufacturers will state this on the specifications, so you may have to contact them directly to ask.

Is EVA Foam Eco Friendly?

eva products and recycling

Recycling and Biodegradability

shoe recycling bin

In terms of recycling, EVA is still not very widely recycled. However, it can be recycled, although a lot may depend on where you live and what facilities are locally available.

It might be possible to find an independent company or body who will recycle used EVA products; but you would have to check.

As for being biodegradable, it can be treated with substances to make it easier to degrade and shorten its lifespan.

What Is Phylon Foam?

phylon foam sole

Phylon is a substance which is created from EVA; to be precise, it is made from foam EVA pellets.

These are pressed and expanded in heat, then placed in a mold a second time and exposed to high temperatures.

When heated, the bubbles of air within the structure make it pliable, which is why it favored for use in sports shoes, especially.

EVA Sole Versus PU Sole

pu soles

Whereas EVA is a lightweight, manmade, airy structure, which cushions the foot and molds to its shape, PU (or Polyurethane) is rather different.

PU is a hardwearing, organic polymer. Unlike EVA which will flatten with repeat wearing, a shoe with a PU sole will last much longer.

The downside of this is that it doesn’t have a ‘memory’. It is also heavier, making it less useful in footwear which needs to be lightweight, i.e. training or running shoes.

pu soles

So which one is the best? Well, the answer lies in what you want out of a shoe.

If you are looking for a cheaper, lighter or sports shoe, then you almost certainly want one with an EVA sole.

This will be the lightest, the cheapest and the most airy for the task in hand.

However, if you are looking for longevity and do not mind paying more, then a PU sole is your best choice.

EVA Sole Versus Rubber Sole

making eva and rubber soles

EVA and rubber have many similarities; like EVA, rubber is a flexible material, which makes it superior in sports shoes, especially.

Also, like rubber, EVA can be waterproofed.

little girl jumping in puddle in wellies

However, there are many differences also. Rubber is heavier than EVA, which is why EVA is so favored for  running and sports shoes.

But if it is traction that you are looking for, then the prevailing view is that rubber is far superior – especially if you are looking not to slip on wet conditions.

shoes with rubber soles

In terms of breaking in, both rubber and EVA perform well, but if you are spending a long time on your feet, you might find that a rubber sole becomes less comfortable as the day wears on.

foot with pain

This is not something that you have to worry about with EVA, which stays as soft and wearable at the end of the day as it did at the start.

This is because EVA molds to the shape of your feet, whereas rubber springs back more.

flexible shoe rubber and eva

But if you are looking for durability, then a good quality rubber sole wins every time – as long as it is treated with the respect it deserves.

Rubber has a far longer shelf life than EVA does, as a midsole, but it needs to be treated right!

EVA Sole Versus Leather Sole

leather sole

On the surface of it, an EVA sole may seem to provide superior comfort. And often, it may do. However, a well-constructed leather sole can also be highly wearable – especially when it is combined with cork.

A lot here depends on the quality, depth and type of leather construction of the sole.

Put bluntly, a thin leather sole may feel rigid and less cozy, but a triple layered leather sole will be immensely wearable and also have the added advantage of lasting much longer than both a rubber or EVA sole.

In other words, you get what you pay for, and the more you spend, the better the leather sole will be.

leather dress shoe sole

Of course, the beauty of EVA soles is that they are relatively inexpensive and can provide quality too.

 Ultimately, though, it all boils down to what the shoe is intended for. Leather soles tend to find their way into formal wear, whereas EVA is perceived as being for more casual situations.

leather dress shoes soles

Certainly, nothing looks as elegant as a leather sole, but it is unlikely that your sportswear will have one!

Injection Molded Versus Compression Molded EVA

injection v cmeva

Injection molded and compression molded (CMEVA) account for the vast majority of EVA midsoles (but not quite all) that you will come across.

Many shoes will feature a combination of both processes. While there are similarities, it is useful to know the distinctions between them.

Compression Molded EVA (CMEVA)

cmeva soles

As the name would imply, both Compression Molded EVA (CMEVA) and injection molded EVA (IMEVA) use a mold.

A bit like a waffle iron, it shapes the design and detail of the EVA midsole.

Similar to a waffle iron, the manufacturer will grease the mold, making it easy for the sole to pop out and the next one go in!

cmeva sole cutter mold

In the compression molded version, the EVA is compressed into the mold and then pressure is applied.  And when CMEVA comes out of the design mold, it is exactly the same size and shape as the cast used to create it.

In some ways, the CMEVA method is just like home baking, using a cookie cutter.

eva foam and sole cut

The EVA is cut from a block, which unfortunately leads to wasted material around the edges.

eva sole waste

When it comes to quality of design and attention to detail, CMEVA is the preferred method for manufacturers, as it can produce stunning results.

Injection Molded EVA

cmeva sole 1

By contrast, an injection molded EVA sole is a little different. Unlike the compression method, the mold used to shape it is only about half the size of the end product.

The EVA liquid is heated to a high degree and then a blowing agent is injected into the mold.

It is left for some time, and then when the mold is removed, the EVA sole literally jumps out of its shell – full sized and fully formed!

cmeva sole 2

One of the best things about injection molded EVA is the fact it produces so little waste – as the material is injected into the mold, and not cut from a batch.

The exact amount of material needed can be used for each sole.

Which One Is Best?


On the surface of things, it may seem as if injection molded EVA is preferable for manufacturers to use, as it produces less waste.

However, there are sound reasons that shoemakers favor CMEVA in various situations; as mentioned, it is far superior in terms of design.

eva sole cutting machine

Because it remains the same size throughout, it is far easier to shape more precisely. This makes it the best candidate for a more decorative design.

Additionally CMEVA will be cheaper than injection molded EVA and also probably far more firm, so if this is a consideration, then CMEVA may be for you.

eva mold

However CMEVA is likely to be a little heavier than the more lightweight injection molded variety.

The injection molded version are usually give good bounce and have extra padding and cushioning than CMEVA.

Ultimately though, it is down to your preference for which one you think works best for you

All About EVA

eva foam squares

So, hopefully now you know a little more about ethel vinyl acetate. Understanding more about the materials we wear everyday can help us make better buying choices.

As you can see, there are no right or wrong materials; just the correct one for the right situation!

To find out more about EVA check out the link here also have a look at this short video.

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The 51 Best Gifts for Women on Your List This Holiday Season

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To help calm your holiday stress, we’ve created the ultimate guide to the best gifts for her to unwrap this holiday season. There are options for fashionistas — like a stunning pair of party heels or this season’s it-bag — gifts for fitness lovers — including popular Smart gadgets and the best workout shoes and apparel — as well as products for people who love to cook or wish they could be better at it — see the cult-favorite Always Pan or Corsori’s nifty air fryer. Of course, these are just scratching the surface, as our roundup includes even more standout gifts for music buffs, beauty lovers, avid travelers, wine enthusiasts and more.

Ahead, the 50 best gifts for women are yours for the taking. A final word to the wise? Make sure to purchase your Christmas gifts for her extra early this year, as significant shipping delays are expected.

Hoka One One Bondi 7

The runner in your life deserves the best of performance footwear, and Hoka One One’s offerings certainly fall into this category. Known for its stylish, maximalist running shoes — many of which feature a signature rocker design for a more fluid, natural stride — the fast-growing brand has become a favorite of everyday customers and celebrities alike. For any athlete who likes a particularly cushioned feel, we recommend buying them the Bondi 7 model, which is the most cushioned road shoe in the brand’s lineup and also doubles as a superb walking shoe for women.

Hoka One One Bondi 7

Bose QuietComfort 45

Any music lover will appreciate Bose’s latest and most coveted Bluetooth headphones. Not only do they offer pristine sound quality, but they also use tiny microphones to measure, compare and react to outside noise; she can listen in full quiet mode to completely block out sound or active mode to bring in some residual noise from her surroundings by connecting the headphones to the Bose app and adjusting her settings there. These also offer the most battery life of all their predecessors, with up to 24 hours of play time, and are topped off with ultra-plush padding at the ears and an impact-resistant head strap for unbeatable comfort and durability.

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Apple Airpods Pro

Some people prefer the minimal feel and size of in-ear headphones. If you’re shopping for this style, Apple’s Airpods Pro are hard to beat. Similar to Bose’s alternative, these also have a noise-cancelling feature and “transparency” mode to listen to audio with some outside sounds. What’s more, they’re Siri-compatible and include adaptive EQ technology that automatically tunes music to the shape of your ear for an unbeatable listening experience. And, she can even wear them while working out, as they’re sweat-resistant.

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Gravity Blanket

Finding a gift for the woman who says she wants nothing may seem nearly impossible. But we reckon she won’t turn down the opportunity to achieve a more restful night’s sleep. Designed to help her achieve just that, Gravity’s luxe weighted blanket is available in two sizes to fit any room or bed, as well as four weight options to cater to many body types and feel preferences. Plus, the included blanket cover is made of ultra-soft microfleece and is machine washable for a quick refresh whenever she needs.

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Dyson Hair Dryer

Given its explosive rise to fame, Dyson’s Hair Dryer may be one of the most popular gifts for women this year. Boasting top-of-the-line features like a high-powered motor and intelligent heat control technology, this stylist-approved machine is built for fast drying and precise styling — all while protecting hair from extreme heat damage. Even thick, course hair types will benefit from its efficient and frizz-defying power to achieve glossy, salon-worthy locks.

Dyson Hair Dryer

Our Place Always Pan

Our Place’s Always Pan is a cult-favorite in the kitchen, and for good reason. Designed to replace eight traditional pieces of cookware at the bargain price of just $145, it allows you to braise, sear, steam, sauté, fry, boil and more. Other unique features of this powerhouse piece include pour spouts for draining and a nesting beechwood spatula for easy mixing and flipping. Plus, it’s super lightweight and finished in a stylish yet functional non-stick ceramic coating that’s truly Instagram-worthy.

Our Place Always Pan

Everlane The Cozy-Stretch Duster

‘Tis the season for cozy gifts. She’s sure to keep this duster-length cardigan on repeat, as it’s made of super warm (and responsibly sourced) wool, plus recycled nylon and a touch of spandex for stretchy comfort. The double-layered hood and thumbholes at the sleeves add extra toastiness, while the relaxed fit ensures she can thrown this on over practically anything.

Everlane The Cozy-Stretch Duster

Polaroid Hi-Print Printer

Capture and treasure those precious moment instantly with this Polaroid printer. Simply connect your phone to the Polaroid Hi-Print mobile app to edit and print photos from your camera roll into sweet two-by three-inch images. Bonus: The app also includes frames, filters, text and emoticons you can personalize each photo with.

Polaroid Hi-Print Printer

Ugg Mini Boot

Uggs are a no-brainer for cold weather, but with so may different silhouettes to choose from, it can be hard to pick just one. To help you narrow down the options, allow us to introduce you to the Ugg Mini Boot — which is one of the best Ugg boots for women and remerged as a staple in many quarantine wardrobes. In addition to featuring a cozy interior and slip-on design that harkens back to the iconic Classic boot, it boasts a sleeker, shorter hemline that’s super easy to style with jeans and legging combos.

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Fitbit 4

FitBit’s second newest fitness tracker is a winner among exercise junkies, and for good reason. Boasting over 48,000 five-star reviews on Amazon, it’s packed with plenty of coveted features like over 20 goal-based exercise modes, a built-in GPS function, heart rate monitor and calorie burn tracker to help you reach your fitness goals. Uniquely, its Active Zone Minutes function allows you to see if you reach your target heart zone during exercise so you can workout more efficiently, while also providing small encouragements like vibrations to stimulate continued cardio. What’s more, the device is water-resistant up to 50 meters, so you can track swims and not even have to worry about taking it off in the shower.

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Alo Moves Subscription box

For the fitness enthusiast who prefers to work out from the comfort of her own home, this subscription gift is a great option. Packaged inside the sleek box is a gift card that provides one-year access to Alo Yoga’s online video platform, Alo Moves, which offers thousands of expert-led yoga, fitness and meditation classes for all levels. Also included in the gift is an introduction catalogue to help her get acquainted with all the program has to offer.

Alo Moves Subscription box

Ryka Dynamic Pro Training Shoe

If she’s the kind of gal who performs many different types of workouts — from CrossFit to running to aerobics — Ryka’s Devotion XT cross-training shoe is just for her. Made by and for women, the versatile sneaker features a breathable mesh upper with no-sew overlays to keep feet cool, anatomical insole with extra arch and heel support and proprietary RE-ZORB LITE foam for impact protection and shock absorption where she needs it most. Uniquely, these also feature the brand’s signature pivot points underfoot for ultra-smooth turns and pivots during dance cardio class.

Ryka Dynamic Pro Training Shoe

Pat Mcgrath labs Mothership V Eyeshadow Palette – Bronze Seduction

Beauty mavens can take their look to the next level with this best-selling eyeshadow palette from celebrity makeup artist Pat McGrath. One of the best makeup gifts for her, the set comes with 10 richly-pigmented shades that are just as show-stopping as they are versatile — including a rich camel, deep plum and eight high-impact shimmering hues in both neutral and bright finishes. Whether she’s looking to spice up her everyday routine or go ultra-glam for all the holiday parties on her calendar, she’ll want this pro-level set in her arsenal.

Pat Mcgrath labs Mothership V Eyeshadow Palette

Stitch Your Star Sign Notebook

Both a memorable and supremely creative gift for women, this cool personalized notebook is a craft in itself. It includes a needle, thread and instructions for stitching her zodiac sign onto the faux leather cover, plus a gold pen for jotting down all her thoughts, dreams and sketches. And, she can keep the cover forever — when she’s used up all the pages included, she can simply slip another A5 notebook inside.

Stitch Your Star Sign Notebook

Nordstrom Cashmere Lined-Leather Gloves

When temperatures drop, she’ll want to slip into these luxe leather gloves. They’re lined with deliciously cozy cashmere for extra warmth, and since they’re touch-screen compatible, she won’t have to take them off to use any of her smart devices, either.

Nordstrom Cashmere Lined Leather Touchscreen Gloves

Hydro Flask Water Bottle

Reusable water bottles are a hot ticket items because they’ll help keep you hydrated throughout your day and they’re better for the environment. One of the buzziest versions on the market comes courtesy of Hydro. While customers comes for its stylish powder-coated finish offered in plenty of standout colors, they stay for its its handy wide mouth design and insulating abilities. If you have any outdoorsmen on your gift list this year, pick up one for him, too. (Heck, even celebrities love the design).

Hydro Flask Water Bottle

Cosori Air Fryer Max XL

If she hasn’t already given into the air fryer craze, now’s the time to get her up to speed. Not only do these devices make goldeny, crisp confections in a much healthier manner than traditional oil-based fryers, but they can also bake any meats, breads, veggies or desserts you so desire. Plus, they’re super easy to use even if you aren’t a seasoned chef. This highly-rated option from Cosori features a spacious 5.8-quart square basket for making larger meals as well as 11 versatile preset functions and a preheat and warm setting. And, in case she really struggles to come up with meal ideas, this air fryer comes with a book of 100 original recipes.

Cosori Air Fryer Max XL

Birkenstock Arizona Genuine Shearling Slide Sandal

Hands-down one of the most comfortable pairs of shoes to own, Birkenstock’s Arizona sandal gets a cozy update for the season with a warm shearling lining that will also wick away moisture. The silhouette is also super versatile, making it great to wear around the house or slip on for venturing outdoors.

Birkenstock Arizona Genuine Shearling Slide Sandal

Brooklinen Super-Plush Robe

From the brand that specializes in super soft linens comes this ultra-plush bathrobe made of 100% combed Turkish cotton. Warning: Don’t be surprised if she lives in this one on weekends through her weekly work-from-home setup.

Brooklinen Super-Plush Robe

Sleeper Pajamas

Speaking of spending lots of time indoors these days, she’ll definitely gets lots of use out of a glam PJ set. This elegant feathered style from Sleeper will help her stay cozy and can easily be worn for lounging without making it look like she just rolled out of bed. We’re can easily imagine this set paired with satin mules and a martini glass in hand (when she’s off the clock, of course).

Sleeper Pajamas

La Mer Beauty Set

La Mer’s products are somewhat legendary, making this gift set from the brand the ultimate option for any beauty buff or self-care queen who has yet to experience their magic. Priced at $165, the beauty gift set comes with four minis of the the label’s best-selling products, including The Revitalizing Hydrating Serum, The Renewal Oil, The Eye Concentrate and The Moisturizing Soft Cream to deeply hydrate and add radiance to her complexion. And, the sizes are TSA-friendly, so she can pack them during her next trip.

La Mer Beauty Set

Bala Bangle

Arguably the most popular ankle weights on the Internet right now, Bala’s bangles are also a great workout gift for women. Unlike most other alternatives on the market, these one-pound weights are eco-friendly — made with recycled stainless steel — as well as super stylish and comfortable — wrapped in soft, colorful silicone. Meanwhile, the elastic band and sturdy velcro ensures these stay put through even your most hard-working sessions.

Bala Bangle

Klara and the Sun

For any woman on your list that always seem to have her nose in a book, this breakout 2021 debut is not to be missed. Nobel Prize-winning and best-selling author of “Never Let Me Go” Kazuo Ishiguro continues his flair for the dystopian novel with this fictional tale, which explores themes of love and mortality through the lens of an “artificial friend” for children, or robot girl, named Klara. It’s also made the New York Times best-sellers list and has over 16,000 four- and five-star reviews on Amazon.

Klara and the Sun

The Rihanna Book

If she’s less of an avid reader but keen on art, photography and all things pop culture, The Rihanna Book is the best gift for her. The stunning visual autobiography offers an intimate look into the multihyphenate’s family, personal and tour life with over 1,050 never-before-seen images inside. Plus, the book doubles as a stunning piece of coffee table decor.

The Rihanna Book

Nike Air Force 1 Shadow

One of the best Nike shoes of all time, Air Force 1s will never go out of style. But, instead of gifting her the all-white version everyone owns, opt for the colorful Shadow model that’s sure to make her stand out from the crowd. In addition to being offered in a variety of fun colorways, featuring dreamy hues like tangerine and sky blue with pops of coral, the style also offers a modern take on the original with doubling the branding and an extra exaggerated midsole.

Nike Air Force 1 Shadow

Eater Wine Club

While they can’t go wrong sticking to favorites, wine lovers are bound to appreciate the unique variety of this one-of-a-kind wine subscription box. Created by the food and drink experts at Eater.com, each month’s box is curated by an Eater-approved pro from the country’s top restaurants, bars and bottle shops (past curators have included Korean pop-up chef and author Seung Hee Lee as well as Kyla Peal and Marie Cheslik, co-founders of Chicago-based wine brand Silk Wines). You can choose to receive all reds, whites or a mix of both, and subscriptions can be purchased for one up to six months — making this one of the best wine gifts for her around.

Eater Wine Club

Belkin 3-in-one iPhone charger

Dealing with different cords and outlets for all your devices can be annoying. But a three-in-one charging doc keeps everything simple and streamlined. Featuring three spots for your iPhone, Apple Watch and Airpods (yes, this is one is only for Apple users), this doc uses special Magsafe alignments to optimize peak power delivery to each device for faster wireless charging. With this design, you can also change the orientation of the phone holder, so that you can easily take Facetime calls or do Zoom meetings in portrait mode without a lot of extra maneuvering. Keep in mind, however, this one only works for iPhone 12 and 13 models.

Belkin 3-in-one iPhone charger

LenaPersonalized Name Necklace

After waning in and out out style over the years, name necklaces are once again having a major moment. And with the reboot of ‘Sex and the City’ set to hit screens soon — in which Carrie’s iconic version makes an appearance — we have a feeling the nostalgic pieces are here to stay. A stellar monogrammed gift for her, this dainty chain link option can be purchased in silver, gold or rose gold, as well as a variety of lengths to suit her taste. Plus, it looks way more expensive than it actually is, so she’ll never know you spent under $20 on it.

LenaPersonalized Name Necklace

Skims The Slide

From Kim Kardashian’s signature fashion brand, these Skims slippers have a reputation for being just as soft as the viral lounge sets that made the label famous. They’re so popular, in fact, the site has a hard time keeping them in stock — so we recommend grabbing one of the best slippers for women ahead of the holiday season.

Skims The Slide

Baublebar Mini Alidia Ring

A set of stunning rings will only enhance the look of the perfect mani. We love these glitzy stackable rings from Baublebar, which make a fabulous inexpensive gift for women as they look luxe but won’t cost you a pretty penny. Buy a single option or mix and match colors to create some serious eye candy.

Baublebar Mini Alidia Ring

Olive & June The Starter Set

Not everyone can DIY flawless polish application, though. Thankfully, Olive and June’s starter set makes it simple for her to master a mani without having to visit a professional. The three-piece set includes the brand’s signature bottle handle for more control and even, steady strokes, plus its nourishing sheer polish and long-wearing top coat (both of which are vegan). And, it’s the gift that keeps on giving, as she can use the handle with any other Olive & June polishes she may add to her collection.

Olive and June The Starter Set

Seasum Women’s Yoga Pants

There’s no denying the power of a good pair of leggings to boost confidence levels. According to TikTok users, these certainly fit the bill. Perfect for working out, lounging or even running errands, the trending gift is said to show of your best assets (even if you don’t have a lot to work with), while also providing a sweat-wicking, second-skin feel. To top it all off, the pair is extremely affordable, so you can easily gift her multiple colorways for more options throughout her week.

Seasum Women's Yoga Pants

Nest Fragrances Holiday Scented Classic Candle

A surefire gift for any type of woman on your list, this luxurious Nest candle essentially smells like the best parts of Christmas. Light it up on chilly winter nights, and you’ll be surrounded by scents of pine, cloves and cinnamon, hints of vanilla and amber as well as refreshing but balanced notes of mandarin orange and pomegranate. While definitely on the more expensive end for a luxury candle, it’s also vegan, provides up to 60 hours of burn time and is elegantly packaged.

Nest Fragrances Holiday Scented Classic Candle

AeroGarden Black Harvest Indoor Hydroponic Garden

For those who don’t have a large outdoor space in which to exercise their green thumb, indoor gardens can be the next best option. Most include LED grow lights and self-watering mechanisms, so you don’t even have to put in that much effort to see your harvest thrive. This top-rated option from Aerograden can house up to six plants (such as Genovese basil, curly parsley, dill, thyme, Thai basil and mint, which are included in your purchase) and features a full spectrum LED lighting system so your herbs grow efficiently. Meanwhile, a control panel tells you when to add water and plant food and automatically turns lights on and off based on your plant’s needs.

AeroGarden Black Harvest Indoor Hydroponic Garden

Tiem Slipstream Cycling Sneaker

Whether she invested in an indoor bike during quarantine or loves to get her spin on in a class setting, she’ll need a stellar pair of cycling shoes to enhance her ride. (If she falls into the latter category, having her own pair is also a lot more sanitary and will save her money in the long run.) She’ll no doubt love this pair from Tiem, whose sneaker-like design is not only super stylish but also provides ultimate comfort both on and off the bike. Additionally, it includes a breathable knit upper with adjustable hook-and-loop straps and an EVA footbed with arch support. And for versatility, it’s SPD-compatible.

Tiem Slipstream Cycling Sneaker

Waterpik Aquarius Water Flosser

Although we’ll admit this isn’t the sexiest of gifts on our list, it’s definitely a practical gift for women she won’t regret owning. A continued best-seller on Amazon, Waterpik’s water flosser is an excellent complement to flossing and brushing to achieve healthier gums and brighter teeth. It offers a massage mode for gum stimulation, plus enhanced pressure with 10 settings ranging from 10 to 100 psi for a custom clean. And, it comes with seven rotating tips for water dispersion into hard-to-reach places.

Waterpik Aquarius Water Flosser

Ember Temperature Control Mug

Tea and coffee fiends will enjoy this popular Smart mug, which keeps its contents warm for up to 1.5 hours so you can avoid frequent trips to the microwave at the office or while snuggling up with a book at home. Connect the mug to the Ember app to customize your heat setting, and don’t worry if you forget to shut it off — it automatically powers down when empty or after two hours of inactivity.

Ember Temperature Control Mug

Jw Pei Gabbi Bag

Worn by countless IG influencers and celebrities, JW Pei’s vegan leather Gabbi bag is the perfect trendy gift. Its baguette-style silhouette and distinct scrunched handle allow it to elevate even the most basic outfits. If you’re shopping for someone who likes to play with color, go for a vibrant version done in hues like bright orange or pretty lavender, or opt for a neutral-toned style in white, black or brown to go the more classic route.

Jw Pei Gabbi Bag

Body & Earth Bath and Body Gift Set

Another wonderful self-care gift for women, this lavender-scented spa gift basket has everything she needs to create a spa day at home: bubble bath, bath salts, a flower-shaped body sponge, shower gel, a shampoo bar, bar soap and body lotion. Every product includes natural ingredients like sunflower seed oil and vitamin E for ultra-nourishing effects. And, they come packaged in an adorable bath-shaped tin that she can reuse to store other beauty and skincare products later on.

Royal Craft Wood Bathtub Caddy Tray

To create the full experience, she’ll probably need a tray to hold all her bath time essentials, too. This spacious option from Royal Craft Wood is made from durable bamboo and features plenty of compartments, including a stand to hold her book or tablet, a phone holder, wine glass slot and two detachable trays to house any extras for helping her unwind at the end of long day.

Royal Craft Wood Bathtub Caddy Tray

Nina Dalva Sandals

Let’s face it: Many of us are eager to dress up again after spending the past year indoors. Complete with bold feather accents and elegant crystal details, Nina’s show-stopping Dalva Sandals are perfect to wear to every fête this season — or simply on days when she feels like being a little extra. Despite their four-inch heel height, these shoes are still built to be reasonably comfortable, designed with a lightly cushioned footbed and proprietary last for a supportive, mold-to-you-foot feel.

Nina Dalva Sandals

Barefoot Dreams CozyChic Socks

Cozy socks make a timeless stocking stuffer, Secret Santa gift or small gift for any lady. Try this ultra-plush pair from Barefoot Dreams, which will easily become her new lounge favorite.

Barefoot Dreams CozyChic Socks

Anthropologie Agate Cheese Board

Does she love to entertain? If so, this stunning agate cheese board will be right up her alley. Done in a variety of rich gemstones and trimmed in elegant brass plating, it will make a stunning presentation for appetizers or a charcuterie spread.

Anthropologie Agate Cheese Board
Sours: https://footwearnews.com/feature/best-gifts-for-women-1203191930/
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Khloé Kardashian's Gym Shoes Have Over 62,000 Five-Star Ratings on Amazon

The 37-year-old Keeping Up With the Kardashians star has always been one to share her stylish activewear looks and other parts of her life to her fans on Instagram, often showcasing her must-have Good American leggings and other gym staples. If you've been keeping a tab on what the mom and entrepreneur has been wearing, odds are you've clocked everything from her workout sets to her sports bras. And if it's her shoes you've been eyeing, you're in luck: One of her tried-and-true pairs of Adidas sneakers is discounted at Amazon right now.

Khloe Kardashian Adidas Sneakers

Last year, Kardashian shared a photo of herself wearing leopard leggings from her brand's activewear line to an Instagram Story. And while the coordinated set was undoubtedly stylish, another prime focus of her was her gym shoes. Perhaps you've been on the hunt for a pair of comfortable running sneakers to wear for your daily running outfit. Or maybe you want a celebrity-approved shoe to up your gym looks. Either way, these are worthy of a spot on your closet.

Right now, you can grab these shoes (which are usually available for $70) for as low as $32 at Amazon. Grab them for yourself to add to your workout wardrobe. These Adidas Originals sneakers include memory foam sockliner and a Cloudfoam cushioning, so if there's anyone who likes to go on easy, everyday runs, these are for you. 

Ready to start shopping? Scroll down to check out the Khloe Kardashian-approved Adidas sneakers below.


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Sours: https://www.etonline.com/khloe-kardashians-gym-shoes-have-over-62000-five-star-ratings-on-amazon-164858

Ryka Hydro Sport

Updates to Ryka Hydro Sport

  • Ryka is one of the many companies that offer shoes made especially for water activities, but what makes its offering appealing is that the shoes have enough cushioning for various events. The Hydro Sport features drainage ports and a breathable upper, both of which facilitates in its quick-dry characteristics. It allows people to swiftly transition between wet and dry activities without having to change footwear.
  • The shoe uses round laces secured by a toggle to prevent knots from becoming undone. It has a webbing midfoot cage that provides lateral support.
  • This model uses the compression molded ethylene-vinyl acetate (CMEVA) foam midsole. It protects the foot by absorbing the shock of each step. The outsole is made from sticky rubber which grips wet surfaces. The opening of the drainage ports can be seen in the outsole.

Size and fit

All training shoes from Ryka only come in women’s sizes. The Hydro Sport is true to size and comes in B – Medium width profile. The stretchy upper provides a foot-conforming fir while the webbed lacing system delivers a snug fit to the midfoot, factors that should be considered when purchasing a pair. Consumers are advised to try the shoe in person to determine a secure and comfortable fit.


A sticky rubber makes up the outsole of the Hydro Sport. This type of compound does not lose traction even on wet surfaces. It is also durable, resilient and flexible, which allows it to adapt to foot movements during activities. The openings of the drainage ports are visible in the outsole. The drainage ports allow water to come out of the shoe, but they also serve as entry points for water and debris.


The midsole of the Hydro Sport is made from CMEVA, a type of foam that is lightweight, durable and provides shock absorption to the underfoot. It is designed to funnel water out of the shoe utilizing the drainage ports. These ports connect to the outsole to ensure that no water is left trapped inside.

The Nitracel insole serves as a barrier that prevents debris from getting inside the footwear via the drainage ports. It draws moisture away from the foot to keep it dry and comfortable. It also serves as an additional layer that attenuates the force of impact with each step.


A mesh material makes up the upper of the Ryka Hydro Sport. It is lightweight, breathable, quick-drying, and not easily damaged by chlorinated water.

Synthetic overlays reinforce the toe box and the heel section, areas that are subject to impact or scuffing during training in or out of the water.

The tongue and collar are both padded. These sections not only ensure comfort, but they also lock the foot down during the activities.

The closure system features rounded laces that are secured with toggles. The toggles tighten and loosen the laces, and they keep the foot secure if the knotted laces become untied. Strips of sturdy fabric adorn the lateral and the medial sides of the midfoot. This cage-like system integrates with the laces so when they are tightened, the web-like structure becomes taut and pulls the side panels closer to the foot. This design enhances the lateral support of the upper.

Sours: https://runrepeat.com/ryka-hydro-sport

Shoes sale on water ryka

Welcome To Rieker

Welcome to Rieker’s official online store, where you can find, buy and receive our stylish shoes in no time.

We’re known across the UK, Europe and even the world for our skill of blending fashionable styles with incredible comfort in every product we create.

The Rieker shoes selection includes a huge variety of footwear for men and women. From sturdy boots and diamante-detailed sandals, to formal loafers and trendy Mary Janes; the Rieker range offers you the ideal accessory to complement any outfit and occasion without trading off on foot support and comfort.

Striking the perfect balance between fashion and practicality, every Rieker shoe is designed and built with the Rieker features and benefits that make our footwear a step ahead of the competition. We’ve even created our own technology — Rieker Antistress — to ensure that every pair of our shoes come with the best level of support, flexibility and durability.

Browse our Rieker men’s and Rieker women’s ranges to find the ideal shoes for your style. And don't forget to check out our dedicated antistress shoes technology page to see why you should choose shoes from Rieker.

Rieker; walk in comfort, wear with style.

Sours: https://www.rieker.co.uk/

RykaHydro Sport Water Shoes

Color:Blue Ink - Image 1 - Hydro Sport Water Shoes


Item #20104965

Internet Exclusive

Extended Sizes

From Ryka, the Hydro Sport Water Sneakers feature:
  • Synthetic and mesh upper in a hybrid water fitness trainer
  • Speed lace system with toggle for easy on/off
  • Webbing midfoot cage provides medial and lateral support
  • Fabric lining
  • Removable Nitracel insole
  • Compression molded EVA midsole with drainage ports
  • Rubber outsole with drainage ports

DMS: 0640 205 C8054M8

Thirty years ago, Ryka took a stand and dared to do things differently. To give women athletic shoes engineered specifically for a woman's unique foot shape, musclemovement and build, not just a sized down version of a man's shoe (It's pretty powerful stuff). We know the power of our female tribe. it's an unstoppable force thatmoves us with every step, every shoe. Because when women come together, we will change the world.

Ratings & Reviews

4.57 Rated 4.57 out of 5 starsRated 4.57 out of 5 starsRated 4.57 out of 5 starsRated 4.57 out of 5 starsRated 4.57 out of 5 stars

Write a Review

Sours: https://www.dillards.com/p/ryka-hydro-sport-water-shoes/511792341

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