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Where to Farm Farosh's Scales: Locations and Prices | Zelda: Breath of the Wild (BotW)

This is a guide to farming Farosh's Scales, a material in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (BotW). Learn where to get Farosh's Scales, its buy and sell prices, as well as what you can do with it.

Farosh's Scale General Info

Farosh's Scale
Item TypeSpoils
This precious scale fell from the golden spirit Farosh. It contains powerful electricity within. You can cook with it, but just eating it seems like a waste.

Farosh's Scale Effects

Heart RecoveryNone
Cooking EffectNone

Farosh's Scale Buy Prices

Where to Farm Farosh's Scales

Farosh's Scale Locations and Sources

Monster Drop
Dropped By

How to Farm Farosh's Scale

Guide Overview

Head to Point in the Map

Head to Riola Spring
Head to the red waypoint on our map image.

You can teleport to Shoda Sah Shrine and scale the eastern cliffs.
Swim Upward
If available to you, you can also equip the Zora Armor and swim up the waterfall to Riola Spring.

At the top of the waterfall, glide towards the eastern cliff of Riola Spring

Wait for Farosh to Approach

Start a Bonfire
Start a bonfire by placing some wood on the ground and *lighting it. You'll need a fire to quickly respawn the dragon.

Start your bonfire under a tree to avoid rain.
Wait for Farosh to Approach
Wait for Farosh to spawn around you.

Use the bonfire to skip from morning to night or vice versa.

*To start a fire, strike a piece of flint with any weapon or strike the wood with a Flameblade, Flamespear, or Great Flameblade.

Shoot an Arrow

Glide Towards Farosh
Once Farosh appears, it will create an updraft that will allow you to float upwards with your paraglider.

Glide closer to it, while avoiding its elemental attacks.
Aim for the Body
Aim for its Body and shoot an arrow at it. You'll hear a sound if you successfully shoot at it.

Collect Spoils

Collect Spoils
Once complete, the spot you hit will glow and fall to the ground. Follow its beam to retrieve its spoils.
Create Pile

Repeat Steps 3-5 to create a pile of dragon parts.

Try to shoot your arrow in the same spot every time so the dragon parts fall in the same area.

What To Do With Farosh's Scales

Sell for Rupees

Farosh's Scale can be sold for 150 Rupees. However, we recommend looking into other uses instead.

ItemSell Price
Farosh's Scale150

Use It for Cooking

Farosh's Scale can be used to whip up the following recipes and elixirs.

There are no entries for this item.

Use It for Armor Upgrades

Farosh's Scale can be used to upgrade the following armor through Great Fairies.

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The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wildfeatures three great dragons hidden across Hyrule. While finding the dragons is an exciting task all on its own, the dragons aren’t around simply to look interesting. Each one is associated with a different spring which helps you unlock a unique shrine.

To help you save time, here are all three of Breath of the Wild dragon locations for Naydra, Dinraal and Farosh.


Nintendo via Polygon

If you haven’t found any dragons yet, we recommend finding Naydra first, as meeting and dealing with Naydra explains many of the aspects of the role of dragons in Hyrule.

Naydra can be found at the peak of Mount Lanaryu, northwest of Hateno Ancient Tech Lab. You’ll need a few things, mainly cold weather gear (like the Snowquill armor in Rito Village) and plenty of arrows. Your interaction with Naydra will be unlike the ones you’ll have with the others, so be prepared.

When you encounter Naydra, you’ll notice it’s infected by Calamity Ganon. So before you can reap the benefits of finding a dragon and unlocking Jitan Sa’mi Shrine by using Naydra’s Scale, you must remove Ganon’s infection. You can learn how to do that here which gives you access to Jitan Sa’mi Shrine, its blessing and a Frostspear.


Nintendo via Polygon

There’s a handful of places to find Dinraal, but this one is pretty reliable.

Dinraal’s Compendium entry states that you can find it near Eldin Mountains and the Tabantha Frontier, but you can easily spot it where he spawns right next to the Eldin Great Skeleton exactly at 9 a.m. To make sure Dinraal reliably spawns at 9 a.m., we recommend fast traveling to Gorae Torr Shrine, located at the top of Gut Check Rock just north of Death Mountain.

Once at Gorae Torr Shrine, drop some wood, light it on fire and wait until the morning, which will be 5 a.m. From there, travel toward the Eldin Great Skeleton. Once there, climb above the cliffs facing the Great Skeleton, but don’t go too high since you’ll want to paraglide down to take arrow shots at Dinraal. Once atop the nearby cliffs, wait until 9 a.m. and Dinraal should spawn just northeast of the Great Skeleton. Dinraal tends not to spawn if you’re directly in its flight path, which is right above the Great Skeleton. So if you’re above the cliffs, it should appear. From there, you can farm Dinraal’s Scales.

Dinraal’s Scales unlock Tutsuwa Nima Shrine and the Spring of Power, which is located directly west of North Akkala Stable.


Nintendo via Polygon

Farosh is the easiest dragon to find and deal with. Farosh spawns from the northwest part of Lake Hylia at exactly 12 a.m. The easiest way to get Farosh’s Scale and access to Shae Katha Shrine and the Spring of Poweris to travel to Lake Tower.

Once at Lake Tower, travel to the southern tower at Hylia Bridge at Lake Hylia. If you fast travel to Lake Tower, be sure to light some wood there and wait until night, which is 9 p.m. From there, go to the southern tower at Hylia Bridge, stand facing the north and wait for Farosh to rise from the lake at 12 a.m.

While Farosh is the easiest dragon to encounter, making sure you can farm its scales can be a bit tricky. Shoot it while it’s over the bridge so any scales land squarely on the bridge. Like other dragons, Farosh has an updraft around it, so glide from the top of the tower, get close and unleash arrows on its body while it’s over the bridge.

Once you have its scales, you can travel to the Spring of Power and Shae Katha Shrine located at Dracozu Lake, which is at the top of the jungle northwest of Faron Tower.

Sours: https://www.polygon.com/zelda-breath-of-the-wild-guide-walkthrough/2017/3/29/15107552/dragon-locations-botw-naydra-dinraal-farosh
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How to get dragon scale, fang, shard & claw

Which part you get from the dragon spirit depends on where you hit or shoot it. Hitting the horns or crest will yield the shard. Shooting the mouth will drop the fang. You can get the claw by hitting the legs. Shooting any place other than the ones already listed will net you the scale.

What to do with dragon claw, fang, scale & shard

Dragon parts have several different uses. You can:

  • Use them to upgrade armor like the Champion’s Tunic.
  • Use them to open up three secret shrines.
  • Use them as cooking ingredients.
  • Sell them to Kilton for a lot of Mon.
  • Sell them to regular traders for a lot of rupees.


dinraal location zelda botw

Dinral, the fire spirit, appears around midnight at the Elding Great Skeleton, on the northern edge of the map, but some people also reported that you can find him between 3:00 AM and 8:00 AM. Bring some wood and flint so you can camp until he shows up. Stand on the skeleton and wait for him to dive down, then glide up towards him and shoot him. He shoots fireballs, so you might want to equip some heat resistant clothing before you start.


zelda botw farosh spawn

Farosh, the thunder dragon, appears at Lake Hylia, in the Faron region, at midnight. Make sure you have wood and flint to set up camp, then wait for him. If he’s not there, camp until tomorrow and repeat the process. Climb the tower at the end of the bridge, and wait for him to pass by it. Jump off the tower and glide towards him. There’s always an updraft around him, so time will slow down when you take aim.

You can also find him in Floria Falls. From Faron Tower head to Lakeside Stable and wait around the bridge till 22 in-game time. His route starts from Riola Spring, going south to Rassla Lake, where he dives into the water. Just sit on the bridge and wait for the best shot.


naydra dragon location zelda botw

Naydra, the purple dragon, is first found at the pond on the top of Mount Lanayru, in the east of the map. You’ll have to shoot the malice eyes across its body to release it. After that, it will start spawning on the western slopes of the mountain. Your best bet is to wait for it at the Lanaryu Road East Gate. You can easily shoot it from there. Something that provides protection from cold would benefit you, as the dragon shoots shards of ice.

Source: u/gharazor, u/klatt3n

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The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Wiki Guide

Farosh's Scale is a Crafting ingredient in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

Farosh's Scale is a scale from the dragon Farosh. Can be sold, used to upgrade different armor sets, or added to recipes for an increase in buff duration.

  • Crafted Effects: Adds 90 seconds to buffs in meals
  • Locations Found: Farosh can be found flying above Lake Hylia in the morning. Shoot Farosh's body with an arrow to collect a scale. Other locations can be found here.
  • Tips for Farming: Go to the starting point of the dragon's path, use a camp fire to pass the time, and then shoot the dragon.
  • Upgrades: Use two scales from Farosh for a level one upgrade on the Cap of the Wild
  • Dye Color: Light Yellow
For more information about Farosh and the other dragons in Breath of the Wild, check out our page all about them!
Sours: https://www.ign.com/wikis/the-legend-of-zelda-breath-of-the-wild/Farosh's_Scale

Scale faroshs

Farosh's Scales are Items in Breath of the Wild.[1]

Location and Uses

Scales can be collected from the dragon, Farosh, who typically flies around Lake Hylia, Lake Floria, or the Gerudo Highlands. Link needs to shoot the dragon with an arrow: he can shoot anywhere along the main body that isn't the horns, teeth, or claws (which will yield the other materials). Farosh's Scale will fall somewhere on the land in the form of a light.

Cooking with Farosh's Scales will always result in Dubious Food. At the Kochi Dye Shop, Farosh's Scales can be used as an ingredient to create Light Yellow Dye. One of Farosh's Scales is required to complete "The Spring of Courage" Shrine Quest. Link must place the scale inside the Spring of Courage past the Zonai Ruins. Doing so will open the way to the Shae Katha Shrine.

Two of Farosh's Scales, in addition to ten Acorns, are needed to upgrade the Cap of the Wild to its first tier. Another Scale can be used to upgrade the Fierce Deity Boots to their first tier.

  • Total for Cap of the Wild: 2 (2, 0, 0, 0)
  • Total for Fierce Deity Boots: 1 (1, 0, 0, 0)


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  1. ↑"Farosh's Scale
    This precious scale fell from the golden spirit Farosh. It contains powerful electricity within. You can cook with it, but just eating it seems like a waste.
    " — Inventory (Breath of the Wild)
Sours: https://zelda.fandom.com/wiki/Farosh%27s_Scale

Farosh's Scale

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Farosh's Scale

Farosh's Scale.png

"This precious scale fell from the golden spirit Farosh. It contains powerful electricity within. You can cook with it, but just eating it seems like a waste."

— In-Game Description

Farosh's Scale is a material found in Breath of the Wild. The scale can be obtained by shooting the golden spirit Farosh with an arrow in any location, besides the mouth, horn or claws. When dropped in the water in the Spring of Courage, it will cause the door at the back to open, giving Link access to the Shae Katha Shrine. It is also used to enhance the Cap of the Wild. They can be sold to shop-vendors all over Hyrule for 150 Rupees each, or, alternatively, can be traded to Kilton in return for 60 Mon.

Sours: https://www.zeldadungeon.net/wiki/Farosh%27s_Scale

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