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Stuck at 4 CPU boss battle in Heart Dimension... What can I do?

  1. I can't believe I needed to sign up for something for help with this... Oh well... Let me explain my situation at hand! Alright, so it began with me powering through the game, not really using items, as they used to come so easily in the older games, so in this game, I wasn't getting any an of me. Not even with overpowered DLC equipment (Which I PURPOSLY bought to try and help me with this fight) And so I looked up how other people did it, and I noticed that they used items, and a lot of them too... I went back to the Hyperdimension, and tried to develop items, only to realise that I didn't have any of the necessary items such as herbs! I've looked it up, and the only leads I have, are 'Invest in Public Interactions, till level 5', so I tried to do that, to find that I can NO LONGER INVEST! So what can I do? I have previous save points, but the most recent one where I CAN invest is like 20 levels back T.T What can I do?HDD_Neptunia - 5 years ago
  2. What I was trying to say around the middle, is that I haven't gotten any items. And I purchased the DLC equipment for the fight in specific.HDD_Neptunia - 5 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. This event battle (Evil CPUs + Dark Green + Fake CPUs if you selected heart dimension route) is by far the HARDEST battle in whole game(including end-game contents). You may beat them at around level 45s. be sure you grab the best equipment from shop, spread your member out in formation setting and purchase enough revive items. You must spread out your party members to avoid their AoE, keep everyone alive at all cost and spam your strongest attack. Defeat black heart and white heart first to prevent their ridiculous EXE skill so your party may stay together for AoE Buff/Heal. This battle becomes a breeze when you bring down both of them. Try ignore purple heart cuz she has no powerful AoE skill, you may heal up and prepare for next battle. Same strategy against fake CPUs, they're weaker than evil CPUs but still formidable opponents so be careful.

    You may not invest until the end of Heart/Hyper dimension route.katana_stg - 5 years ago0   0

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#5 SuperPI


SuperPI is a software which offers benchmarking services to test the CPUs by calculating the infinite number pi to a specific digit. The platform, along with the software, also provides users with a score search feature that enables them to see scores of different vendors and series.

The platform, because of its single-threaded benchmark testing feature, is quite indicative of CPU capability, especially in computer gaming tests. One of the best features of this platform is that it retrieves most of the hardware information such as clock speed, cache size, voltage, etc.

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#6 UserBenchMark


UserBenchMark is a platform that allows users to perform Benchmark tests on their CPUs, GPUs, SSD, and other components of the system. The platform also enables the users to compare their processors, and the website provides users with reviews and complete details on processors and other hardware products.

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UserBenchMark offers users a free software that runs a complete test on their CPU, GPU, RAM, and other parts of the system and provides them with a score that enables them to gain insights on the performance of their system.

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#7 Guru3D


Guru3D is a platform that provides users with news, hardware and software updates, benchmarking tool downloads, and reviews on games and hardware of all kinds. The platform provides users with various reviews on games such as PC graphics performance analysis on Resident Evil 3 and many other such reviews.

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Guru3D offers users a forum to share their thoughts and discuss different hardware and software products; moreover, they can also share skillset on the forum. It also provides free downloads for benchmarking, generic tools, firmware and software updates, and other such downloads.

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#8 Hardware Canucks


Hardware Canucks is an online platform that offers users reviews, news, and updates on hardware products related to computers. The platform contains reviews on CPUs, motherboards video cards, storage, gaming headphones, speakers, sound cards, and also on smartphones.

The website offers users news on all the updates being made in the field of CPU or GPU and also provides updates on gaming systems, keyboards, and mice. It provides reviews on different gaming CPU cases and informs the users which one is best for them in real-time. Hardware Canucks also informs the users which CPUs or hardware products are made for them and give them a genuine review of all products.

Hardware Canucks provides users a forum for discussion where they can sign in and discuss their problems or can also give reviews on the products that they are using. Lastly, it also helps the users in building their gaming systems.

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#9 Novabench


Novabench is a benchmark testing software for computers that enables the users to test the performance of their computers. Testing of computers is done in minutes, and users can compare their results online with other users’ results, which help them in knowing the difference in their systems. Moreover, users can use these results to optimize and repair their systems and performance.

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#10 ConsumerReports.org


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#11 RatherGet


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The platform reviews and comparisons are performed by real people that make it genuine. The platform does not show the ranking, or the like that any product is getting, but it directly shows the specific product when it is asked that which product experience people prefer more.

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#12 GPUBoss


GPUBoss is a website that provides users with a place to sort and compare different Graphics Processing Units online. The platform offers users two search boxes for comparing different GPUs. It also provides its own head to head comparisons of GPUs. The best thing about this website is all the graphics cards ranked in real-time.

The website assigns ranks to GPUs according to their overall performance with their prices. All the ranks based on all benchmarks which are performed on these GPUs. The platform offers GPUs such as Nvidia GeForce GTX 760, and many others.

The platform also has a benchmark testing that tests the graphic card performance according to its actual performance in a game and assigns a rank to percentage to its performance. It also checks the performance of a GPU along with its price and ranks them accordingly. All the comparisons are made free of cost.

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#13 News Trend Smartphone


News Trend Smartphone is a platform that provides users with the latest news and trends on mobile devices. The platform, along with its news, also provides users with updates on new releases of smartphones. The website contains information on all the latest and old devices of all mobile companies.

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News Trend Smartphone offers users discussion videos on smartphones and provides news such as what the companies are working on these or when they would be releasing their new phones or new technology they will be releasing. It is a free platform, and everyone can access it.

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#14 PassMark CPU Benchmarks


PassMark CPU Benchmarks is a platform that offers users software that performs benchmarks tests for CPUs, hard drives, and other hardware products. It provides benchmark tests tools for CPUs, Video cards, iPhone, RAM, PC systems, and many others. It also offers users a complete PC performance test, through which users can compare their PC with other PCs all around the world.

The platform provides users with popular benchmarks such as the High-End CPU chart, Single Thread CPU chart, overclocked, and many other tools. The platform also provides users with the latest desktops and laptops along with most benchmarked CPUs.

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#15 CPU-World


CPU-World is a platform that provides users with all kinds of information on CPU, BSP, FPU, and many others. It contains all kinds of details on new and old processors and categorizes them in a way such as modern CPU, Vintage CPU, or recently launched ones. The platform also provides all kinds of news to users about all CPUs, FPUs, or any other hardware related to the processing unit.

CPU-World also provides users with a forum where they can interact with one another and can discuss the products easily. The website is user-friendly and provides the latest comments section on the right side of it. Moreover, it also provides users with the latest eBay auction where they can check the prices. The website also provides users with a trading forum where they can sell their products. It also provides their best pick list of CPUs and other processors. The platform is free of cost.

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#16 Tom’s Hardware


Tom’s Hardware is a platform that offers users details and reviews on all kinds of hardware, and users can buy that hardware such as laptops, mouse, keyboards, CPUs from this platform. The reviews provided by the platform are genuine and given by experts; however, it gets some of the affiliate commission when users buy from this platform.

The platform information on all kinds of laptops and hardware and even compare them for the users and provide results taken through various benchmarks. It has a forum for people where users can communicate and ask questions regarding any product.

Tom’s Hardware also comes with a news section which covers all kind of hardware news and keeps the user informed about the latest happening in this sector. It has a separate news section for every hardware product, and users can view news like what new products will be launched, etc. The website provides free services.

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  2. This is the official website where PerformanceTest users post thousands of benchmark results. Over 600,000 CPUs and 1,000 models benchmarked and compared in graph form, updated daily!

  3. Tom's Hardware provides articles, news, price comparisons, videos and reviews on computer hardware and high technology. The site features coverage on CPUs, motherboards, RAM, graphics and displays, storage, and computer peripherals.
  4. Versus is a global data-driven comparison platform, covering over 90 categories. With tech specs, data visualizations, and price comparisons, Versus is a product finder for a wide range of consumer electronics, from smartphones to PC hardware.
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  6. Researching the perfect graphics card for your next gaming rig can be a time consuming process. Whether you’re looking for the most beastly GPU on the market or the one at the best price point, GPUBoss.
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