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Minecraft Education Challenge

This is one pretty cool school packed with play spaces, buildings and stacks of greenery. Yep, it's a little more blocky than your average campus but that's kind of the point. This is the Year 7 to 10 winner of the best Minecraft world in this year's Minecraft Education Challenge. It's a national competition that involved more than 6 and a half thousand students from 160 schools, who were all asked to design their ideal school using Minecraft. The brief, well it had to be sustainable, and it also had to explore this year's NAIDOC theme of 'Heal Country'.

TINA GIGLIO, SALISBURY NORTH PRIMARY SCHOOL TEACHER: We thought what better way than to celebrate our Aboriginal students here and we decided to enter the competition, so I posed it to the students and then they were really excited to take on the challenge.

So, they split up into groups and started to think about how they could design a school that was fun and also celebrated First Nations culture.

KAYAMMA, STUDENT: Basically, we were just using our school as it is and using materials that the Kaurna ancestors would probably have used back in the day.

They built classrooms in the shape of a yarning circle, a place where people come together to talk.

STUDENT: The reason we followed the format of a yarning circle is to allow the classrooms to come together as one.

The students also designed a cultural burning station.

STUDENT: For tens of thousands of years, Australia's Aboriginal people have managed environments with fire using fire sticks to light carefully timed burns in the right places at the time of season. We believe it brings everyone together to look after country and share experiences.

There's a greenhouse so students can grow their own food for their families and the community.

STUDENT: Keeping in line with all our old ancestors and how they looked after our land, we have decided to plant seedlings in our greenhouse.

And how's this, there's even a barn full of animals and a sanctuary for turtles.

STUDENT: The purpose of keeping the sheep is to reduce the use of lawnmowers and whipper snippers. We've decided to build an area for the turtles to prevent them from extinction.

These guys say they learnt a lot from the competition.

KAYAMMA, STUDENT: The best thing about this was I got to learn a bit more about my fellow Nunga students that I didn't know.

MATTHEW, STUDENT: There was a fair few disagreements, but we managed to bring them together.

TALIEYA, STUDENT: You got to work together with your friends in the Minecraft world and put all your ideas together.

DEAKEN, STUDENT: It's just fun to make because we learn about our culture.

But what made it even more special was being told they'd won the competition.

TALIEYA, STUDENT: When I heard we won this I was excited and proud and happy.

KAYAMMA, STUDENT: I was surprised but also shocked at the same time because I didn't really think we would win, but when I actually heard it I was just speechless.

Sours: https://www.abc.net.au/btn/classroom/minecraft-education-challenge/13575104
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