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Alternative Titles

English: Kiba

Synonyms: Fang

Japanese: 牙-KIBA-



Episodes: 51

Status: Finished Airing

Aired: Apr 2, 2006 to Mar 25, 2007

Premiered:Spring 2006

Broadcast: Unknown

Producers:Aniplex, Ashi Production, Sony Music Entertainment

Licensors:ADV Films, Sentai Filmworks


Source: Original

Genres:AdventureAdventure, FantasyFantasy


Duration: 24 min. per ep.

Rating: PG-13 - Teens 13 or older


Score:7.301(scored by 2869128,691 users)

1 indicates a weighted score.


2 based on the top anime page. Please note that 'Not yet aired' and 'R18+' titles are excluded.

Popularity: #2008

Members: 71,562

Favorites: 410

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In a dystopian future, two friends dream of freedom... and gain more than they bargain for! Hothead Zed is on the run from the authorities, while his brainy pal Noah struggles with his own battered body. Both find a magical world that seems to offer escape and power undreamed of. Join Zed and his powerful, rebellious spirit Amir Gaul on their search for the ultimate power. It's a force that can save the world—or destroy life as we know it. This is the world of KIBA! Where you must harness the power within and fight with all you got!

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Characters & Voice Actors


I can't believe such a hyped anime doesn't have a review. Well on with the show:

I absolutely loved this anime storywise. It begins with a young boy named Zed, who lives in a strange, polluted town known as Calm. One day, a spirit, Amil Gaoul, appears to him, and he is dragged into another world. This of course, might seem cliche within the genre of time/world-traveling hereos, but where Kiba sets itself apart is in the concept of shard casting, the main magical ability of the people of the alternate world. Shard-casters can produce from their body small shards which unleash an elemental attack. Other anime have similar concepts, but to use items like this is something that to me is rather new, and I liked it. Also, shardcasters may summon spirits using special shards, and there are six Key Spirits, which are far more powerful than other spirits. Without going into too many spoilers, once the six Key Spirits are brought together, a great power is unleashed, and much of the anime is spent in this quest by multiple factions to obtain the power of the Key Spirits. This makes for a truly epic anime, with a rather interesting ending.

During the first episode, you get the feeling that the art is dark, due to the nature of Calm, but once Amil Gaoul appears, you see the real art style of this anime. Most of the characters are drawn in rather conventional anime form, but the real artistic value of this anime can be seen in the ethereal forms of the various spirits. Amil Gaoul resembles an angel, but there are also spirits which resemble devils, warriors, mythical creatures such as phoenixes and centaurs. Most of the spirits are bipeds, which really adds to their appeal, in seeing ghostly, two-legged forms of many different beings. The places where the shard casters draw their shards from, can resemble anything from an intricate tattoo to jewelry, to some sort of disease-ridden boil, depending where it is, or the very character of the person.

The voice actors are great, although personally I found Roia's voice grating on the nerves sometimes. The battle sequences with Amil Gaoul all have a beautiful chorus to them, so you know when the tide of the battle is going to turn. This is really the only highlight in terms of sound in this anime, the rest could easily be attributed to background sounds.

I didn't like some of the characters, mostly because they often contradicted their own actions in extreme ways. Zed remains for the better part of the anime, a hero, he takes to his role readily, then experiences doubts about himself, and his mentor, who although appears to have a grandfatherly aspect about him, has a dark past that doesn't come out until the last 5 or so episodes. Zed's best friend is another source of frustration, in that he so easily and completely changes himself into the opposite of Zed.

As you are watching the anime, you are completely absorbed in it, and maybe once it ends is when you really start questioning things such as characterization and such, but meanwhile, this is one wild ride. The rather novel concept of shard casting sets this anime apart, and I highly recommend it to everyone


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Kiba is a Shounen, Fantasy, Action, Adventure about a world full of shard casters, which are people who can summon spells and spirits. The concept is great but the story is rather second-rate.

The story follows the adventures of two separate boys (Zed and Noa), as they go through many different experiences in their different world, before both stories meet. Even though this anime series has a pretty unique concept of spirits, the story itself is told just like you average shounen anime, which ends up taking away quite a bit of the enjoyment of the show. However the simplistic story is still good enough and doesn’t feel like it’s entirely dragged out, most of the time. There are also the whole nations at war plot and their relations, which helps give this series some much needed depth, plus there are plenty of plot twists to supplement it.

The characters are probably the worst aspect of the series because they are all fairly one-dimensional and a lot of them go under drastic personality changes for no good reason. The poor dialogue doesn’t help much either, as they tend to spew out clichéd lines. The main character Zed is just as bad because he is a loud-mouth, simple-minded brat that does things senselessly. The only redeeming point has to be the way in which certain characters develop throughout the series.

The animation quality of this series is of a pretty good standard; with plenty of effort put into the environments, the actual spells and appropriately used CG effects. On the other hand the character designs are really plain and the actual fights sequences were somewhat lacking, as if they cut some corners in production. The quality of sound is just as good; with some notably great tunes from the soundtrack and adequate ambient sounds but poor voice acting does take a few things away.

Overall Kiba is a fairly entertaining shounen action adventure, with an erratic storyline. Because there was no clearly defined path, it just felt like the author was making stuff up as he goes along. One interesting thing is that during the action sequences, there are usually 2 fights going on (between the people and between their spirits). However this anime had a problem with leaving things unexplained or just doing a poor job explaining. If you are able to ignore the numerous faults, especially in the characters, you are sure to enjoy this series.



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First of I just finished this and All i can say is WOW!
Unlike a few animes of this type it really doesn't drag on and on. The story is constantly moving forward and keeping you well informed on whats going on with the characters and how they play their parts through out the anime.
I was really suprised, when it started i thought it was going to be your average superpower good vs evil kinda thing, but in the end i was wrong. A good bit of twists, and things that may or may not keep you guessing.
One of the best things i have to say is there are hardly any dead spots, even with memories and flashback.

This is my first review and i hope it can be of some help to some people.


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In case you don't wanna read the whole thing, here's a summary of this review;

Kiba is an original shounen fantasy anime from studio Madhouse and it's directed by Hiroshi Koujina (Hunter x Hunter 2011, Rainbow etc'). For a shounen, it has a relatively grim tone and adult themes that are more common in war dramas. But at the same time, it's set in a fantasy setting where people fight with swords and Pokemon style monsters.
It's not a perfect series, but if you want a well paced, well animated, dark and complete shounen series with a reasonable episode count that isn't at the mercy of any source material (and isn't called Fullmetal Alchemist 2003), then I recommend giving it a try.

And now for the full review:


Like I said, Kiba takes place in a fantasy universe in which humans live on different planets and each planet has a vastly different way of life. And each seems to be a thinly vailed allegory to real world government systems (there's a democracy, a theocracy, a communist and a fascistic nation) and they're quite thoroughly explored in the narrative. Some of these planets have "Shard Casters" which is basically a warrior who casts spells or summons monsters through these marble thingies. Also Shard Casters usually use swords as well and fight together with the monster.

This series uses these elements not in having friendly battles that are just for fun, but in real wars between different nation planets, in which people actually end up dead most of the time. And even though this series has little to no blood in it, characters die in very brutal ways and life is very cheap.

The story centers on a troublemaking boy who manages to stumble in to another planet while running from the authorities on his home planet and becomes a Shard Caster and… You know the drill. I don't want this review to be a synopsis. But what I will say is that the heart and soul of the series is the conflict between the main character, Zed and his former best friend, Noah as well their roles in this world.

It might feel a little random and almost aimless at first. However, it does find its stride pretty quickly, has a pretty large scale and some cool (and frankly, shocking) twists and turns along the way. It is reasonably paced and complete with a satisfying ending. It doesn't always make complete sense and it could be a little clunky in places, but that's mostly due to irrational actions done by the characters and not the details of the story itself.

That aside, the central theme is spread out nicely in the narrative and is visible through the common thread between many of the characters - which is the struggle to free yourself from the circumstances you were born in to (with emphasis on the word "free"). That struggle is presented in both positive and negative ways depending on the character's actions and the circumstances they're in.


The main characters here are introduced very well. The main character, Zed, like I mentioned before is a troublemaker and a rebel without a cause who has mommy issues and Noah is a straight laced, by the book type of person. Over the course of the series they develop in ways that feel like natural extensions of who they are, but are shaped differently due to their experiences in these other worlds.

To avoid spoilers I'm not gonna go in to any specifics, but I will say that Zed actually finds a cause to rebel against and Noah continues to be a "by the book" type of person but in an extremely different context.

The villains in the series are not exactly your standard shounen villains. Their motivations aren't super interesting and most of them don't have much depth, but they're very threatening because their actions are very cruel and their body count is high.

Supporting characters in general, aren't always handled all that well, sadly. From time to time they seem to do irrational things. Things you can understand the basic reasoning behind, but it's still really dumb and is often proven to be pretty quickly. With that said, other characters are passable and are utilized in to the series well enough, but I can't really say any of them would leave a lasting impression on you.

What I'm trying to say is that from time to time, some characters can come across as quite over the top and/or having development that feels overblown and jarring.

For example, there's a twist villain from the early episodes who seemed extremely sympathetic at first, but once he was revealed for who he is, that sympathy is thrown out the window very quickly because of how heinous his actions are. Hell, even his tone of voice changes dramatically in to having a more cartoonishly evil vibe and it just leaves me puzzled as to why he was handled like that.

All in all, I'd say the characters are a bit of a mixed bag. The main characters, Zed and Noah and their respective paths are definitely handled well (even if the latter is a little over the top as well), but the rest are just fine at best and kinda questionable at worst.


The character designs are pretty well done. They have a unique eye shape, clothes that complement their personalities and/or where they came from and the Main Character, Zed is consistently color coded red to make him stand out from the crowd. Some of the monster designs are ok while others are kinda lame (Amil Gaoul) and they're generally pretty creepy looking, but not always in a good way.

It also has some good background art. There are some very nice looking landscapes with bright colors and although not super detailed, they fit well with the foreground and there is a lot of variety in locations as well as a good use of shading.

The animation is pretty good too. It's not particularly great either and it does take shortcuts here and there, but this series also avoids the pitfall of a great deal tv anime (particularly of adaptations, this isn't one though) of having characters stand around and talk for too long - that never really happens in this show. Plus, it has a lot of action, and though it's not spectacular, it's always brutal, quick and fun to watch. These fights involve a lot of people getting stabbed, falling of cliffs, getting burned to death etc' (this show had a Saturday morning timeslot, by the way).


There's two openings in this series and both of them are pretty good rock/pop kinda songs, especially the second opening that I think was crafted very well. The ending songs weren't bad, but were pretty forgettable. The soundtrack is excellent, it's mostly unnerving, but perfectly complements every tone the series attempts to communicate even if it gets a little repetitive.

The sound design is sadly quite basic at best. There's a heavy use of YGO sound effects, and other sound effects just sound plain weird or loud. But they at least have a fantasy-esque feel to them and don't sound out of place per say.

I think its voice acting is fine, but they overdo it with the screaming which becomes a tad silly at points. With that said, it does have many famous voice actors that you'd probably recognize and voices fit just fine with each of the characters.

*Overall* 7/10

Kiba is not perfect, but it is one of a kind in many ways and pretty crazy if I'm being honest.
I highly recommend to at least check it out.


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Unnamed Father (Deceased)
Sara (Deceased)



Amir Gaoul(fused, as part of Tusker)

Rambos (former)
Shadin (given by Sagiri, as part of Tusker, former)
Pronimo (as part of Tusker, former)
Sachura (as part of Tusker, former)
Monardi (as part of Tusker, former)
Dunamis (as part of Tusker, former)
Tusker (former)


Episode 01. Winds of Destiny

Voice Actor

Hiroyuki Yoshino

Zed is the main protagonist of the story. He possesses a powerful Spirit, Amir Gaoul, that has the power to end all the fighting. He was born in Calm, a city filled with machines, and then he travels to another world, Templer, where instead it is filled with nature. While in Calm, Zed has a somewhat unusual habit: breaking doors and gates. He claims that by doing this he "feels that he can go somewhere."


Zed is a young man in his mid-teens. He has a white hair color and dark green eyes, as well, as highly attractive. Zed also has dark rings under the bottom half of both his eyes, it could possibly some kind of marking representing shard casters like the green clover on his friend Mikki's right cheek. Before he travels to Templer, he is shown to wear a sleeveless jacket along with a yellow shirt and black pants. On his left waist, he has a golden medallion with two feathers that has been given by Noa to Zed on his birthday. What is the most unique characteristic of Zed's red coat is that his left arm is sleeveless, compared to his right arm. Presumably, since his Shard mark is on his left hand, then it is quite easier for him to draw Shards if he has no sleeve on his left arm.


A young man who has a brave and a rebellious nature. He is 15-years old and originally from Calm, a land where no wind blows. He is shown to be a delinquent and a rebel at school. Because he has a tendency to break down doors and gates, he has been on the run from the police and his school teachers. It was shown that Zed once took on some older kids all by himself when he saw Noa was being bullied by them. Zed tends to be cold to others, and he speaks quite harshly at times even to people older than him, like Elder Jiko and Sebastian. Zed possesses a strong will, and openly defies things that are useless in his perspective. He would rather sacrifice something for the greater good, to save many lives and people who are important to him.

He is a good and loyal friend, and comforts Roya and Sagiri when they are in pain throughout the series.

He can be described as an impatient person and a hothead, and can sometimes be naive. His reckless behavior and personality can also be seen in his battles, where he charges and fights against an enemy Spirit on many occasions with only his Shard sword. He is shown to be adept at battle, and has defeated many powerful foes throughout the story. However, he does not fight and kill people without reason, with the exception if they are enemies. He dislikes bloodshed, and he desires to stop all the warring so no more innocent people can be killed by the greed for power.

At first, Zed wishes to become stronger, but as the story progresses, he doubts that only being strong is enough for him. He thinks only becoming stronger is somewhat lacking on its own, which contradicts his behavior earlier in the story where he vigorously searches for power.

Despite his behavior, Zed has been chosen by the strongest Key Spirit ever known, which is Amir Gaoul. What Zed and his Spirit, Amir Gaoul have in common, is that they are both rebellious by nature, and that they both possess great power. Zed wishes to end bloodshed, and Amir Gaoul seems to share his opinion, with the both of them working together to stop all the useless fighting.


Zed is the only child in his family, and he grew up without much adult supervision, except with the company of his only friend, Noa. Ever since he was a little kid, he would visit his mother, Sara, at the Calm Hospital. She would usually stare at a jellyfish inside of an aquarium in her hospital room, and Zed does not know the reason why his mother is in this state. The only person Zed has quite opened up to is Noa, since he knew about the state of Zed's mother, and he would help them without hesitation.

Zed's favorite spot to hang out in the story is what seems like an old area on a rooftop of an old building. He would usually spend his time sitting on a branch of a dead tree beside a wooden bench and look at the city. He also has a habit of hanging upside down from that tree branch to see the world in "a different perspective". This is where Zed and Noa hang out during their free time, and where Zed finds a portal that transports him to a different world. It is shown that Zed and Noa's favorite place was destroyed by the strong gust of wind after the portal closes.

Plot Overview[]

While on the run from the police of Calm, he encounters a space-time crevasse that leads him to the land of Templer, where he meets the sage Jiko and his disciple, Roya. He draws his Shards from a set of three crystals on his left arm. The blade he wields is red, requiring three Shards to form. His spirit, Amir Gaoul, appears to be a wind-based entity that uses two large, white-feathered wings as weapons. These wings have proven capable of slicing through other Spirits, as well as humans. In the beginning, Zed is teleported in the middle of a battle between Ziko and a Tuskan warrior. He is very bewildered and after Ziko wins he faints from shock. Later, he is arrested for assaulting Dumas and Templer officers. After escaping with Roya he runs into a rogue solider in search of powerful spirits. After over powering Roya with his two spirits Zed attempts to help but aswell is over powered. Just before a Spirit appears, he encounters Amir Gaoul, who quickly destroyed the spirits and killed the solider. However he is still unable to control it. Soon enough, he settles in with Dumas for training, though he doesn't do much but do farm work. Dumas tells him, "You must build physical strength before you learn to control your Spirit." When he enters the Joust in place of Mikki he fought well, beating his opponents. When he faced Robès Redondo , he is asked to unleash his spirit, since Zed didn't know how he fought with his shardsword. Robes put down his shardsword and claimed not to use a single shard. He fought well at first but as Zed pinned him down he used an electric shard to knock Zed back. Then he released his spirit and knocked Zed out of the ring.

After that when he learns Robes has been arrested, he tries to speak with him but is not allowed. Robes then sends a flower confusing both Zed and Roya. Later the flowers that Dumas planted and the flower Zed and Roya had starts to spray a sleeping pollen. Zed avoids the sleep inducing effects but Roya falls asleep. It is then revealed that Dumas is a Joker for Zymot and stole Amir Gaoul from Zed when he was sleeping. After Dumas couldn't control Amir Gaoul he retreats and Zed goes to Zymot with Rebecca and Elda to take him down. While in Zymot Rebecca explains about the Key Spirit's and about Amir Gaoul. When Zed goes off on his own he is captured and put into a slave camp where slaves fight for survival and become Zymotion soldiers. While he was their he met Guzma and he explained where he was and what was going on. The two of them then had to fight each other. Although Zed won he refused to kill Guzma. It was only after Rebecca and the resistance came that Zed was able to spare Guzma and have all the prinsoners freed. After failing to save Rebecca from Hugh, Elda takes him to a fort where they were suppose to meet up with other members of the resistance. However it was a trap set up by Philip, a member of the resistance who made a deal with Hugh. Elda managed to get Zed out in time but she was caught in it. She told Zed to run but he refused. After placing several fire shards in the ice Zed slashed at them with his sword freeing Elda. She then took him to a place where he could get stronger. She ended up leading him to a swamp where he fought a giant monster armored with the bones that it defeated, and after slaying the monster Zed gained a new sword as well as a new spirit, Rambos. After meeting up with Rebecca, Elda, and Roya (who came with Robes to find Zed) he fought Dumas and easily defeated him with his new power. After Dumas was defeated, Glaudio executed the exhausted Dumas by shocking and strangling him with his flail and throwing him into the fire pits surrounding the Zymot Jousting ring. Zed then fought him and after defeating his spirit he placed several spell shards on him and then they exploded on contact. After the battle Zed and Roya find a dying Elda as she asks Zed to watch over Rebecca who had disappeared after Hugh killed Rebecca's father and obtained a key spirit from her. Zed wanted to look for Rebecca after finding her veil but Robes knocks him out so he could go back to Templer.

After returning to Templer, Zed appeares to be more calm and relaxed. This is shown when he helps Roya and Mikki make bread for Mikki to sell. When the bread wasn't selling Zed suggested going up to people to ask them to buy bread, known as "door to door sales". When he found Zico walking over to the lake to fish, Zed approached him to ask about his spirit. Although Zico refused to tell him anything he did offer some advice that would Zed later on. When Mikki was possed by Slugna, Dumas' old spirit, Zed tries to snap him out of it. Although he fails before Mikki could kill him, Mikki managed to regain some of his sanity to stop the attack and go back to normal.

At the end of the anime, the spirit Tusker told Zed that he was the Savior, and that Zed is "Tusker". In the last episode, Zed wanted to fight Amir Gaoul, so he can find out who he really is and know how strong Amir Gaoul is. He is about to strike Amil Gaoul, a portal opens up and he falls in it. It then shows him on a rooftop in Calm, where a paper plane lands in front of him, and Zed has Amir Gaoul's blue eyes, except he has no pupils. After putting his medallion on top of the paper plane to avoid it being blown away by the wind, he then says "Let's go, Amir Gaoul." then he jumps off the roof. There is a flash of light and Zed flies with Amir Gaoul's wings. This is because Zed and Amir Gaoul fused into one body... which is the power Zed has been wanting to obtain.


Noa -

Roya -

Miki -

Dumas -

Jiko -

Sebastion -



Kiba (TV series)

2006 television anime

Kiba (牙-KIBA-, meaning fang, or if divided into Ki-Ba, a spiritual place), a Japanese anime series produced by Madhouse and Aniplex, began broadcasting on TV Tokyo on April 5, 2006. The series is directed by Hiroshi Kōjina with Upper Deck Japan, a trading card game company, as the main sponsor. The anime has been licensed by ADV Films for North American distribution.

The series is more violent than other trading-card-game-tie-in animations with many characters being killed. According to an interview with the March 2006 issue of Animage, Hiroshi Kōjina, the director, noted that the show "absolutely will not have any plot elements that carry favor to children".[4] The producer also commented that Kiba is not the type of show to put "human drama" on the back burner while concentrating on promotional tie-ins.[4]Kiba aired on Toonami Jetstream from July 14, 2008 to January 21, 2009.


Main article: List of Kiba characters

Zed, a 15-year-old boy who lives in a city called "Calm", is frustrated by his current situation in life; he feels that somewhere out there is a place where he can live more fully. One day, at the invitation of a mysterious wind, he dives into a space-time crevasse (portal), seeking the answers that might be there. Riding on the wind, he is transported to a war-torn world where magic users called "Shard Casters" fight endlessly with each other, using spells in the form of marble-like "Shards". He is transported to a country known as Templar.

With the power of the Shards, the Shard Casters are able to use spells and control monsters called "Spirits". Fascinated by that power, Zed aims to become a Shard Caster. However, he still doesn't know that residing in his body is "Amil Gaoul", a mighty Spirit with the power to influence the world's future. Amil Gaoul is one of the "Key Spirits" that, when together with the other Key Spirits, can destroy or save the world. There are a total of six Key Spirits: Amil Gaoul, Pronimo, Sachura, Monadi, Dynamis and Shadin.

Zed undergoes countless trials in order to find out who he really is and what is most important to him.


Main article: List of Kiba (TV series) episodes


Kiba Original Soundtrack 1[edit]

  1. zed-fate
  2. zed-run
  3. roya-pas de bourree
  4. zymot
  5. templer-fear
  6. enemy
  7. zed-nostalgia
  8. zed-intense
  9. dawn
  10. templer-breeze
  11. templer-promenade
  12. roya-sentiment
  13. noa-intense
  14. noa-calmness
  15. battle-approach
  16. battle-bump
  17. battle-chase
  18. zed-friends
  19. mother
  20. shard-blaze
  21. shard-battle
  22. zed-regret
  23. urban
  24. zed-journey
  25. Sanctuary [TV ver.]
  26. Very Very [TV ver.]
  27. solar wind [TV ver.]
  1. Wind of Power
  2. Go Smiler

Kiba Original Soundtrack 2[edit]

  1. zed-fate
  2. war
  3. plot
  4. joy
  5. scene-forest
  6. scene-lake
  7. scene-desert
  8. underground
  9. neotopia
  10. roya-romance
  11. fanfare
  12. roya-destiny
  13. noa-friends
  14. disaster
  15. darkness
  16. secret
  17. seekers
  18. shard-battle ~ perish
  19. universe
  20. tears
  21. anger
  22. zed-friends (alternative take)
  23. Hakanaku Tsuyoku (TV ver.)
  24. STAY GOLD (TV ver.)
  25. Sekai no Hate Made (TV ver.)
  1. Mei no Naki Kaze ni Fukarete
  2. Kaze no Fuku Basho


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Anime kiba

# Title[1][2]Original airdate 01 Wind of Destiny
"Unmei no Kaze" (運命の風) April 2, 2006 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}} In a city called "Calm", a boy named Zed is causing his private school lots of trouble. He's been smashing into doors all over town. He tells his childhood friend, Noa, that he wants to leave Calm and that he feels, by breaking down some barrier, he will be able to. 02 New World
"Atarashii Sekai" (新しい世界) April 9, 2006 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}} Zed finds himself in another world, in the country of Templer. He meets Roya and her master, Jiko, and learns about Shard Casters. Without meaning to, he gets into trouble with the law. 03 Those With Power
"Chikara wo Motsumono-tachi" (力を持つ者たち) April 16, 2006 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}} Zed meets Dumas and Robès, the top non-sage Shard Casters in Templer. Robès is a playboy aristocrat, while Dumas is a hard-working farmer. Dumas currently holds the title of Shard Champion of Templer. 04 The Wind's Resolve
"Kaze no Ketsui" (風の決意) April 23, 2006 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}} Zed desperately wishes to participate in the Joust, the annual fighting competition that decides the Shard Champion. When Mikki expresses his fear of fighting a second round, Zed decides to switch clothes with him. 05 The Nation of Sacred Law
"Kairitsu no Kuni" (戒律の国) April 30, 2006 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}} The story changes perspectives. Noa, Zed's friend, is now the protagonist. Noa is also transported to the other world, but he ends up in a different country: Neotopia. There, he is taken in by a man named Carter and his wife. He also becomes close to Aisha and Keith, childhood friends of Carter's son, Gale. 06 A Rushed Conclusion
"Hayasugita Ketsumatsu" (早すぎた結末) May 7, 2006 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}} Gale plans to destroy Letto by sending its people to different towns. In order to save the place he has grown to love, Noa tries to persuade Gale to take him and not harm the village. 07 Awakened Feelings
"Mezameta Omoi" (目覚めた思い) May 14, 2006 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}} The story returns to Zed and his fight against Robès. Zed is unable to summon his spirit, and so, loses the battle. Robès continues to steal from the townspeople under the alias "No-Face". His butler begs him to stop and Robès agrees on the condition that he can do just one more heist. However, things take a turn for the unexpected when another No-Face appears. 08 Betrayers' Whereabouts
"Uragiri no Yukue" (裏切りの行方) May 21, 2006 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}} Robès is locked up and his claims that there is another No-Face are ignored. Zed, however, realises the veracity of his claim. He demands that Robès reveal the identity of the other No-Face. Instead, Robès tosses him a strange flower. 09 After the Fight is Over
"Tatakai no Ato" (戦いのあと) May 28, 2006 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}} Zed's spirit does not listen to Dumas, instead attacking the invaders. After the battle, Roya and Zed find a strange girl at the edge of the forest. She asks Zed to lend her his strength. 10 The Lonely Princess
"Kodokuna Ōjo" (孤独な王女) June 4, 2006 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}} Rebecca reveals that Zed's spirit is called "Amil Gaoul". Robès and a team are sent to find Dumas. 11 Premonition of Conspiracy
"Inbō no Yokan" (陰謀の予感) June 11, 2006 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}} Hugh succeeds in capturing Rebecca. Zed is furious but he joins Elda when Philip sends her on a mission. 12 The Advance Towards Truth
"Shinjitsu he no Zenshin" (真実への前進) June 18, 2006 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}} Elda takes Zed to a place where he can get a new and powerful spirit which he can control. At the castle, Rebecca is fearful of her new groom and runs out of the room. Hugh stops her from fleeing and implies in the ensuing conversation that her father is still alive. 13 Strength to Dash
"Shissōsuru Chikara" (疾走する力) June 25, 2006 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}} Rebecca decides to return to the castle, in hopes that she might see her father again. On the way, she and Roya are attacked by Elmeida and dragged back to castle. Zed goes off to rescue them. Meanwhile, Robès finally gets to fight Dumas. 14 Temptation of Power
"Chikara no Yūwaku" (力の誘惑) July 2, 2006 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}} Zed, Roya and Robès return to Templer. Mikki is depressed over the betrayal and death of his sensei. He has been trying to find work, since he must support himself now. Roya comes up with the idea of selling Mikki's tasty bread. When Robès sees the boy, he decides to give him a gift. 15 Small Treasure
"Chiisana Takaramono" (小さな宝物) July 9, 2006 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}} After Mikki attacks Roya, she and Zed go to Robès and then to Zico for information. It seems that Mikki is possessed by Suraguna, his master's old spirit. Meanwhile, Noa prepares to leave Galba, Sagiri and the other nomads. 16 Tragedy of a Race
"Higeki no Tami" (悲劇の民) July 16, 2006 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}} Guzman shifts himself to Templer and asks Zed to return with him to Kalbu-fu, where Rebecca is leading a rebellion against invading Zymot forces. Zico forbids Zed to get involved. 17 Unreachable Desire
"Todokanu Negai" (届かぬ願い) July 23, 2006 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}} The Zymot forces begin a full-fledged assault on Kalbu-fu. Kemp continues to argue for peace, while Guzman insists on fighting. Noa and Sagiri are being treated at a hospital in Neotopia. Diana tries to convince him to fight for the Neotopian government. 18 A Wish Beyond Reach
"Kienai Inori" (消えない祈り) July 30, 2006 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}} The people of Kalbu-fu awaken Promino, a spirit summoned by their collective unconscious. Hugh reveals a connection between it and the spirit he took from Rebecca. 19 The Land of Darkness
"Ankoku no chi" (暗黒の地) August 6, 2006 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}} Keith is on the run from the law. He's able to find a shifting shard, and he travels to Templer. Robès is called in to return the runaway to Neotopia, since Templer and it are allied. Robès, however, suggests Zed instead as an escort. The shifting goes wrong, and Roya, Zed and Keith land in Tusk, an ally of Zymot. Both Hugh and Noa go out to find them. 20 Reunion
"Saikai" (再会) August 13, 2006 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}} Roya is taken to the palace of Tusk to be used as a sacrifice. Keith finds Zed, and they go to save her. Meanwhile, Noa continues to search for Keith as Hugh searches for Zed. 21 Unforgetable Memory
"Nuguenu Omoi" (拭えぬ思い) August 20, 2006 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}} Roya finds small tuskan protruding from her shoulder, indicating that she is from Tusk. She tries to ask Jiko about it but gets embarrassed. She trains vigorously for an upcoming tournament. Zed waits for arrangements to be made for his journey to Neotopia. 22 Maze of Memories
"Kioku no meiro" (記憶の迷路) August 27, 2006 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}} Ginga saves Roya twice, they end up being taken care of by a high class Tuskian. Zed meets up with Roia and decide to stay. At a party celebrating Roia as the Tuskian's new foster daughter, she is told to go see her mother by a mysterious man. At the meeting place, someone shows up determined to kill Roia. 23 Bonds
"Kizuna" (絆) September 3, 2006 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}} Roia's family past is revealed. Zed, Roia, Templer's spy get into a battle with the people who want to kill Roia. She is saved from her father by her mother. Zed and Roia return to Templer. 24 The Yellow Shard of Happiness
"Shiawase no kiiroi shādo" (幸せの黄色いシャード) September 10, 2006 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}} A bad gang comes for Robes and the butler says he will give them the family's secret yellow shard of Happiness in exchange if they let Robes off. But the three family maids are ambitious for happiness and steal the shard. Bad things happened when the shard granted them wishes. In the end it was a cursed shard and the bad guys were punished by Miki. 25 Prelude to Battle
"Tatakai no josou" (戦いの序奏) September 17, 2006 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}} An inter-country joust is being held. Zed and Robes are nominated for Templer, Zed wishes to see Noa which is the main reason he agreed, Roia follows him to joust. Noa is competing in the Joust too, for Neotopia. Zed and Noa meet in Neotopia and chat for a long time as good friends, discussing what has happened and about key spirits. 26 Lonely Memories
"Kodoku na kioku" (孤独な記憶) September 24, 2006 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}} The episode recaps Noa's time in Neotopia. This involves both events when his spirit, Sachira, involuntarily released and caused destruction around him, thus causing him to fear his power. It also incorporates Noa's inclusion into Neotopia as its "Savior". 27 Warriors
"Senshi-tachi" (戦士たち) October 1, 2006 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}} During the Joust, Zed must combat everyone from old opponents to the strange technologists from Ulvarx, who possess wicked devices that are able to defeat even the most powerful spirits. 28 Proof of Existence
"Sonzai no Akashi" (存在の証) October 8, 2006 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}} When Zed shows just how powerful a shardcaster he is, the Neotopian leader Hyrum tries to enlist him in his campaign for global domination. 29 Friendship at Cross-Purposes
"Surechigau Yūjō" (すれ違う友情) October 15, 2006 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}} When Roya is arrested by the Neotopian soldiers, Zed discovers his friend Noah is very different than the person he thought he knew. 30 Showdown
"Taiketsu" (対決) October 22, 2006 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}} Zed and Noah face each other in the Joust and Noah shows just how mercilessly he can wield his new powers. 31 The Cost of Ambition
"Yabō no Daishō" (野望の代償) October 29, 2006 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}} After defeating Zed, Noah stops an attempt on Hyrum's life. He then unmasks Hugh, and defeats him. The final victor, he vows a rematch with Zed. 32 The Nation's Agenda
"Kokka no Omowaku" (国家の思惑) November 5, 2006 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}} Assassination attempts on Hyrum continue, as Noah and Zed become pawns in the political game of cat-and-mouse between warring nations. 33 Lost Luster
"Ushinawareta Kagayaki" (失われた輝き) November 12, 2006 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}} An Ulvarx faction reveals a technological advantage over Hyrum and Neotopia, and they intend to use this to end Hyrum's reign. But they need Zed and they try to persuade him to join their cause. 34 War Breaks Out
"Makiokoru Senka" (巻き起こる戦火) November 19, 2006 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}} Noah and Kira are sent to take out Zed and the Ulbaks assassins. Preparation is made for a celebration in Neotopia. Meanwhile, Zymot and Tusk reveal their alliance for the first time: in an attack on Neotopia. 35 The Ones Who are Sacrificed
"Ikenie to narumono" (生贄となる者) November 26, 2006 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}} Zed and Noah fight all four of Nuduu's spirits. When Zed is to take a hit from one of Nuduu's spirits Noah steps in the way and takes the hit for him. Before Zed can see if Noah is alright Noah gets up and heads towards the city which is now under attack. Can Noah get back in time to save the city? 36 Wings Reborn
"Yomigaeru Tsubasa" (よみがえる翼) December 3, 2006 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}} The war continues. Sagiri befriends a beastman from Task who saved her life. Herrick gets a hold of and releases Ex-Machina, a composite spirit but who does he run into when he shifts to Neotopia? Noa confronts Hugh in battle, but how are they brought together? And can Zed finally summon Amil Gaul again? 37 The Fall of the Capital
"Shuto Kanraku" (首都陥落) December 10, 2006 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}} The three key spirits are having trouble bringing down Ex-Machina; that is, until Amil Gaoul changes his form again. Noa and Zed are captured by Hugh as they are being distracted by the condition of Zed's hand. Roya decides to go to Neotopia to help, and Hugh infiltrates the throne room of the capital! 38 Endless Battle
"Owarinaki Tatakai" (終わりなき戦い) December 17, 2006 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}} Jiko arrives in Neotopia to help out Hairam despite his ban. Hairam reveals Noa is to receive another key spirit, if they can find it. And hostages are brought in by Hugh, who will return them if he gets Hairam's head. 39 Epiphany
"Kaigan" (開眼) December 24, 2006 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}} Fuelled by his anger at Hugh's continual massacre of innocent people, Zed called forth Amil Gaoul to fight Pronimo as he duels Hugh. 40 Sought-After Power
"Nerareta Chikara" (狙われた力) January 7, 2007 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}} With Neotopia fallen, Tusk now shifts its attention (and forces) to Ulbacus, determined to bring Ulbacus's technologies to Tusk's side. 41 The Thought that Possessed Him
"Torawareta omoi" (囚われた思い) January 14, 2007 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}} Ginga has returned to the Ulbaks with Zed and Roya only to find that Professor Bender has given up the lab to Task. Now things have changed and Zed, Roya, and Ginga are on the run from the Task army. In a safe spot Ginga reveals his past then goes to face Dukem while Zed and Roya go deal with Professor Bender. Can Zed and Roya stop the mad Professor and can Ginga defeat Dukem? 42 A Small Savior
"Chiisana Kyūseishu" (小さな救世主) January 21, 2007 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}} Sagiri is on board the Seeker ship. Since she is one of them they put her through the test to see if she is their savior which can only be confirmed by the acceptance of the keyspirit. Meanwhile someone has broken into Tempura. What is this new key spirit and who has managed to break into the Tempura base? 43 Truth Made Known
"Akasareta Shinjitsu" (明かされた真実) January 28, 2007 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}} Zed's Mother, Sara has appeared and she seems to be fighting Jiko. We go back in time to discover the relationship between Sara and Jiko. Why has Zed's mother appeared and what could she want? 44 An Unbreakable Spell
"Tokenai Jubaku" (解けない呪縛) February 4, 2007 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}} Zed's Mother, Sara is defeat by Sagiri's key spirit, Shadin. Sara manages to escape. After the fight Zed tries to pursue his mother but is prevented in doing so by Jiko. Zed is now imprisoned in the Tempura base. Will Zed be able to save his mother from her inner demons? 45 The Girl Confined to the Castle
"Rōjyō no Shōjo" (籠城の少女) February 11, 2007 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}} Zed decides to go off with Sagiri and the Seekers to learn about his Mother and his Father. Meanwhile in Task Morima decides she wants to test Mirette to see if she is Task's savior. If Mirette makes it back to the palace alive then Morima will accept her as Task's savior. Can Mirette make it back alive and who was Zed's father? 46 To the Land Where the Decisions Will Be Made
"Ketsudan no chi e" (決断の地へ) February 18, 2007 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}} Lord Doruga is accepted among the Jimoto leaders but Morima wants to prove he is worthy by fighting her. Out in Task Gitra prepares to take Mirette back to the palace. Back in Tempura Roya waits for Zed to return. Will Zed return back to Tempura? 47 A Savior Adrift
"Mayoeru Kyūseishu" (迷える救世主) February 25, 2007 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}} Zed and Lord Doruga begin their battle. As the battle progress' Zed figures out that Doruga is actually Noa. Since Amil Gaoul is defeating Sachira with ease, Jimu steps in and releases Pronimo and Monardi to make the battle go in the favor of Doruga. With no choice Zed releases Shadin. Becoming impatient Jimu begins to attack Zed while he fights Doruga(Noa). With Zed defeated Jimu takes his Key Spirits. Now with four of the Key spirits all Jimu has to do now is get Sachira from Doruga and find Mirette. Can Zed stop him? 48 Advent
"Kōrin" (降臨) March 4, 2007 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}} Tusker is now effect inside the spirit to control the spirits inside. Noa and Zed had lost their spirits. But the Tusker has a significant effect on their resurrection. 49 Mother and Child
"Haha to Ko" (母と子) March 10, 2007 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}} Zed's mother has followed him to a floating isle in Tusk. Overwhelmed by her desire to once again possess Amil Gaoul, she would do anything just to have that great power, but for what reason? Her endless pursuit seemed to have blinded her from her true purpose—to protect her precious son. It is this realization that allowed her to pass away in peace. 50 An Eternal Bond
"Eien no Kizuna" (永遠の絆) March 17, 2007 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}} Noa summons Tusker once again, but it's still in its incomplete form; meanwhile, a possessed Noa fights Zed as the four realms (Temperal, Tusk, Neotopia, and Zymot) experience unprecedented turmoils in the form of meteors and earthquakes as they draw near to each other. 51 To Where the Wind Blows
"Kazefuku basho he" (風吹く場所へ) March 24, 2007 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}} The episode starts with Zed getting enveloped in Tusker's power; Tusker releases himself and uses Zed's body and spread his wings to reveal his true form. While Zed is inside the endless abyss in Tusker getting lectured about how humans are bad because they want power, all the spirits get released. In the end Tusker is defeated, spirits go back to where they came from, Zed tries to attack Amil Gaoul but ends up shifting and merging with Amil Gaoul and gets transported to Calm where the city's wind has returned. In the end Zed leaves for other worlds because he wants to go where the wind takes him, but he promises that one day he will return to Templar.

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