Corsair h80i


Pros: Starting with the aesthetics: This AIO cooler looks clean, looks good, and represents Corsair with style. Braided tubing looks very nice compared to the usual rubber-esque tubing we’ve seen in prior models and competitors designs. I appreciate this in the event it goes unnoticed by most. All fittings are on point and all metal construction around the radiator, including the radiator, the fins, down to the copper header/coldplate all appear to be well machined. The quality is what I expect from a brand that prides itself on its reputation to the gaming community. The pump section/housing has a nice angular design that compliments (especially the neutral color schemes) the current popular aesthetic (think founders edition GTX cards for example) It looks good, with a nicely illuminated Corsair logo. A note about the logo, if you don’t like it being on you can load up Link, Corsairs proprietary software and change its illumination, on or off, and its color. The H80i V2 comes with twin SP120 fans, however these are uniquely different from the other SP120’s they sell separately. At least according to the breakdown of specifications I take right from Corsairs website. The two included SP120 fans appear to differ slightly by a few decibels (35 vs 37.8) and cubic feet per/minute (CFM) 62.74 vs 70.69. While other 120mm fans would suffice (specifications matter, not just any 120mm fans) the included models appear to be the slightly more efficient. If you are looking to cut back on some fan noise, while it’s under load, consider possibly not going push-pull configuration. Just because there is a second fan for this setup, it’s (in my opinion) not necessary and causes an obstructing bulky setup, on an already generously sized rad. The push-pull setup will maybe get you a few more degrees, but at the cost of noise, and the previously mentioned obstruction it will cause. The previously mentioned LINK offers a lot of basic control with an intuitive layout and monitoring/control options. I'd like to something implemented similar to NZXT's CAM software. This is a great looking, well functioning, AIO cooler option. From looks, to performance it’s a winner with mild setbacks.

Cons: Accommodating the size of this 120mm rad can be problematic. It would be a unique desire to need it for me, having experience with both the H55 and other 120s such as the Kraken x41, I like my smaller rad choices to be just that, smaller. Understanding the concept of a greater depth for cooling aside, it’s more of a personal strike, and I don’t feel it should reflect against the product.

Overall Review: I have had no issue with sound from the pump. I find it to be exceptionally quiet. People having noise issues may be unique cases, the input seems to vary wildly across the board from quiet to loud. Always refer to the guide for proper installation, mounting all fans properly to prevent vibrations and/or whines, make sure if you push-pull, that the fans are facing the correct direction etc. i5 6600 - 21 idle and I have not witnessed it above 46 during other tasks, gaming, or rendering video (which is largely GPU dependent anyways). Nice and cool, and as I would expect. For at $100 price range, Its a nice rad, with the fans being the hero of the unit to keep it plenty cool. If you swap to something aftermarket for cooling, always be sure and check specifications on the fans. I have messed with different fans in the past (using a 290x as a control) and not all 'radiator certified' fans end up passing the test.


Corsair H80i GT review - Introduction


120mm yet still cool runnings !

In this review we test the Corsair H80i GT Hydro Series Liquid cooler. This processor cooler is compatible with Corsair's LINK software allowing you to program, customize and monitor this all-in-one liquid cooling solution for your processor. Armed with two 120mm fans in a push-pull configuration and a nice extra thick 120mm radiator; the performance should be pretty okay. All that and you get configurable RGB lightning as well.

You know, in the world of CPU coolers nothing ever stops developing. These days you can pick a hundred different heatpipe based coolers, where many are shaped, formed and priced the same. The better heatpipe based coolers are good though. Next in line are LCS systems (liquid cooling), the entry level products are affordable, easy to install pre-fab liquid cooling kits. We've seen and tested many of them as Corsair, Asetek, CoolIT and so on all have interesting kits. The bigger problem is cooling performance. The gear behind these kits are good yet the performance is often battling a small included 120mm radiator with thin tubing and lacking coolant levels due to missing reservoirs. To compensate FAN RPM goes up making a good looking product noisy again. With that in mind Corsair started to develop a new series H (for Hydro) coolers.

The product we test in specific is the Corsair H80i GT, an updated design with new cooling block and regulated control for pump and fans. Next to that what's interesting is that this product is based on a sticker 120mm radiator (49mm) which gives it a little more cooling surface area. It is a cooler series that is easy on the eyes and comes with a relatively tool free installation. Next to some very good performance, the Corsair H80i GT is compatible with Corsair's LINK software. You hook up the LCS unit towards a USB port and then the software allows you to program, customize and monitor this easy to install Liquid Cooling solution. And hey within the new RGB concept, the logo at the top of the water-block can be configured to a color of your preference.

So without further ado, let's have a peek at the Hydro Series Corsair H80i GT and then head onwards into the review.


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Pros: Let me start by saying I'm growing very very weary of closed loops in general, my initial recommendation is if you're going to water cool, spend the money and get yourself a custom loop set up, otherwise stick with air as performance is comparable but these tend to cost more than air solutions, and if something goes wrong with an air cooler 99% of the time you just slap in a few fan(s). When something goes wrong with a water cooler, it can and likely will be disastrous in some way, shape or form. My old H60 recently failed (I know, I know, you get what you pay for.) My warranty was void because i took one of the ugly stickers off of the radiator on it, so instead of even bothering with a replacement (I would never want an H60 again) I traveled to (insert competing hardware store/distributor) and they had this h80i on sale. I wanted an air cooler but the selection was negligible, so I decided to roll the dice a second time on a closed loop. I'm absolutely astounded at the cooling increase between this and the H60 I'm coming from, my idles at best with the H60 were 30-35 C, hitting upwards of 70-80 with prime 95 (Push-Pull). Then the H60 pump started getting wacky, strange thing is the pump speed indicator said it was runing strong and it did seem to be pushing fluid. Long story short, I installed the h80i and was immediately blown away with the difference, and out of curiosity I drained the old H60, cut it open/gutted it, and exposed the pump to try and diagnose what the problem was the last few weeks (chip nearly fried itself while I was diagnosing what was wrong). Upon tipping the radiator to drain the remaining coolant, out flows a whole bunch of green/black particulate, along with a few sizable chunks which were obviously restricting/blocking coolant flow causing my ridiculously high idle and load temps. On top of this, exposing the pump and inspecting led me to the conclusion that there was a strange, semi-solid buildup which indicated corrosion but I can't be too sure, point being I'm glad I removed it and replaced it when I did, as continuing to run my H60 surely would have resulted in some kind of catastrophe. Now, as for this product, onto the PROS: -Keeps my 3570k at between 25-30C idle, which comparably is amazing. MAX load after running Prime for a few hours straight it barely even kissed 50C, hottest core hit 48C. For me, this is absolutely amazing. -Double-wide radiator, fat FPI (fins per inch) rating, very open to allow for loads of airflow and it shows. -Corsair LINK is very handy, although I don't feel it to fully necessitate all of the extra cables/wiring, but given a bit of patience and some crafty handwork it can still be made to look very neat even while using the optional Corsair link cable and pump-housed-fan header. -Logo is actually illuminated, I had assumed this was the case with the H60 but I should have researched the product better before buying, because it wasn't. This is a welcome

Cons: No cons so far, but I must say in all honesty that I tend to recommend against closed loops now as a rule, between my recent issues and numerous issues with friends with closed loops (more specifically, Corsairs H series), they're just not serviceable by the average user (and orsair would likely recommend against it), meanwhile most air coolers have less moving parts and if something goes wrong it's a fan or just needs new paste/reseat. If low noise is a must or you're a liquid cooling enthusiast who can't afford or justify the purchase of a custom loop like me, then this may be a good solution. As for CONS: -Radiator is HUUUGE, this is a good thing, but it's a double edged blade for those working in rather cramped cases. I have this installed in my Corsair C70 case in push/pull, and with one fan on each side of the radiator (with this particular cooler, you really do need a fan on each side to facilitate airflow through a radiator this thick).it doesn't allow very much room/clearance. Doable, but still pretty cramped. It worked fine for me, but those of you with slightly smaller cases may have issues with this one and may have to play around with configuration. -So many cables going to and fro... NO matter what I do I just can't make it look nearly as clean and minimalist as my H60 was, seeing as it was just one power cable for the pump (to a fan header on mobo), and the fans could be routed in their own way behind the board/wherever you wanted them, it made for a cleaner look. Still, if you can appreciate what they're there for, the purpose they serve and you like the corsair LINK feature, it might be worth it. -As many have mentioned, the "Y cable" as mentioned in the manual was extremely misleading. Nothing in the manual mentions that there are plastic protective covers that need to be popped/slipped off in order to be able to hook up your 2 fans to the pump header. (As far as I know this is optional however, as you could simply run the fans to motherboard fan header, at the cost of losing out on advanced fan control and some LINK features.) Instructions were okay otherwise, but Corsair seriously needs to add and/or bold a section on that step about how the y cable does fit regular 4 pin fans, but the plastic covers create the illusion that they are the wrong connector type.

Overall Review: This review is subject to change, as I just got it, installed it, and ran a few hours worth of prime and other benchmarks. If something goes wrong this review will be updated asap to warn potential buyers, but so far so good.... actually, so far so great. Well worth the money. It's a great cooler if you're in the market for a closed loop utilizing a single 120mm radiator, this is a very good contender. I will update when/if something goes wrong, and to be honest (not to display lack of faith in Corsair, of course...) I'm kind of half-expecting something to go wrong withing 6-12 months, as so far these closed loops just have not proven to be reliable for me or others I'm in touch with and moving parts always = more potential for problems. Thankfully Corsair has a great warranty policy, but mine was void due to removing a sticker according to their website. Yeah, a sticker... No harm though, as like I said I wouldn't have wanted a replacement, I wanted an upgrade. As far as I can tell, that's exactly what I got, the temps speak for themselves.


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H80i corsair

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