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Lien Sale Vehicles

Consider purchasing a car through one of our weekly lien sales that happen on every Wednesday at 10 AM. These are vehicles which haven't been claimed by the owner or with pending towing fees. Check out the vehicles we are selling under lien sale in accordance with the provisions of the civil code. 

Get in touch with Sierra Towing today to purchase your vehicle at a heavily discounted rate!

1199994ZTB848CA1G6KS54Y22UI3291802CADISEVILLE Exp. Tags 10/14
120019XX1G1AK55F16761492806CHEVCOBALT Arrested 8/17
119954KS1FMCU0F73GUC4241516FORDESCAPE Burn 3/19
1200117ZJY717CA1FALP6241VH14571997FORDTUNDERBI No License 5/19
119978XX2HGEJ6678WH55610598HONDCIVIC Recovered 3/19
1199854TPH029CAJHMCG6673XC00859899HONDACCORD Exp. Tags 3/18
1199834AUW247CA1HGCG5649WA12605498HONDACCORD Exp. Tags 3/18
1200164YBZ832CA2HGEJ1122RH50858594HONDCIVIC Arrested 1/17
1200244ZKD355CAJHMES16503S00060003HONDCIVIC Burn 10/19
1200157URY250CA1N4BA41E64C80732004NISSMAXIMA Exp. Tags 5/18
1199824LGB731CA1G8ZR12741Z10486601STRNSL Exp. Tags 4/17
120023CAJT2BG22K4X036538099TOYTCAMRY Wreck 7/14
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*New Pick Up Hours*

Posted on Aug 18, 2021 in Auction Tips, Live Public Auction

We have been holding online auctions for almost six years now! Our first auction was held Sept 13, 2015! Over the years we have changed some but the basics to bidding and winning remain the same! We have been an all online auction since Oct 30, 2017. Online auctions have some advantages such as not sitting waiting for your item to cross the auction block! You now can bid easily on any smart phone, computer or tablet wherever you are! Even if you are already familiar with the online format, there may be a tip in here for you.

1. Read the Terms & Conditions –

We are not a retail store and therefore have no warranties. We are an auction house that sells new and used items. The majority of our items are in great working condition but some may have imperfections. Do you care if it has dents or scratches? Is the item you are interested in guaranteed? If not what is the risk? Can you find hardware or are you handy? If you have questions email or call us for more information.

2. Do your research –

Know how much you want to spend before you bid.  Look at all the pictures and descriptions, search online for similar items, know the risks. You can also look at past auctions on our website to see what similar items have sold for in past auctions. If you have questions on a specific item email us before noon on auction day and we will do our best to help you.

3. What kind of bidder are you?

Do you like to be in the moment and enjoy the rush of competition? Do you prefer to put in your max bid and sit back and relax? The platform will bid for you at pre-determined increments up to that dollar amount. Either way is fine but be mindful of your goal.  Don’t get caught up and spend more than you planned and experience buyers remorse.

4. Use the Watchlist –

Not ready to bid yet? Add items to your watchlist so you can see them easily at once. Its your shortcut at auction time to bid on only the items that interest you.

5. Closing time is where all the action happens! –

The published auction “end” time is the time bidding closes on the first lot. Lots close every eight seconds, and this staggering of end times allows for more comfortable bidding on multiple lots in the same auction. You may have heard about “sniping”—a slang term that refers to bids left in the fraction of a second before a lot closes, making it difficult for other bidders to respond.  To make sure this doesn’t happen our platform has a “soft close”. Any bids placed on a lot within a minute of closing will automatically reset the countdown timer for another minute. Make sure you pay attention to your watched lots, or your email, for outbid alerts during the time that an online auction is closing.

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Lancaster ca auction

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