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Q What are the UBM performance classifications?

UFO »100%

Nuclear submarine 90%

Aircraft carrier 80%

Battleship 70%

Battle cruiser 65%

Destroyer 60%

Gunboat 55%

Yacht 45%

Speed boat 40%

Jet ski 35%

Sail boat 30%

Raft 25%

Surfboard 15%

Tree trunk 0%

PCs are assigned a performance classification from the above hierarchy for gaming, desktop and workstation use. When a build has more than one component of the same type, the faster component is used. The results from millions of PCs are available on the custom build page.



Web browsing, office apps, music/video playback.

Desktop tasks are mainly dependent on single/quad core CPU performance:



Audio/video encoding, number crunching, virtual machines, databases:

Workstation tasks require strong multi core CPU and GPU performance:


UserBenchmark is the most controversial website that provides unfair benchmark tool to assess your real-time hardware performance scores including CPU, GPU, SSD, HDD, RAM and USB External storage, and also you may use comparison charts and numbers against other user submitted hardware.

Many tech enthusiasts despised UserBenchmark results as unreliable source of hardware review. According to UserBenchmark publishing director, if you are AMD CPU user, then your PC gaming experience is somewhat bottlenecked by AMD’s Zen architecture. For this inaccurate claims UserBenchmark is under fire since AMD’s Zen 2 processor’s launch while single core performance of Ryzen 3000 CPUs have significantly increased. Many online famous tech reviewers largely don’t agree with UserBenchmark reviews due to misleading new Core Weighing Algorithm within UserBenchmark assessment tool which favors quad and single core performance. And alas, Ryzen 5000 series launch helped many reviewers to expose UserBenchmark’s desperate attempt to rip off many newbies’ wallets this holiday season. However, UserBenchmark SEO optimizations have so much power in Google Search Engine, whenever you search any particular CPU or GPU the results will come out from their website on first place first page. As a result, many social media users (especially Facebook) fall to assume that they have high credibility, thus screenshots and hyperlinks from UserBenchmark posted by debaters would be strong proof about hardware comparison topics. Anyhow, there are some big controversial things just happening to this website’s reputation. Googling for benchmarks and clicking UserBenchmark website results is a bad idea to start your gaming or productivity PC. Following highlighted reasons from Own Snap team are based on factual data supported by specific stories with a point of origin. Therefore, writing the truth is the main point about UserBenchmark’s credibility. Let’s grab a basket of popcorn and jump into hot discussed reasons on why UserBenchmark is not a trusted source for your hardware benchmark tests.

Misleading Core Weighing Algorithm Controversy

In 2020, many triple A game titles utilize up to 8 physical cores or 8 threads from CPU as seen from recommended and competitive system requirements given by Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, Battlefield V and Call Of Duty: Warzone. If you want butter smooth gaming experience online without stuttering mess then 6 core 12 thread CPU is obligatory to get. With 4 cores 4 threads you can’t go far especially during screen recording or streaming. Intel and AMD have met consumers’ demands starting from 2017 competitive year by releasing most iconic CPUs such as i7-8700K and Ryzen 5 1600. Almost a year passed since Ryzen 3000 series launch and boy, AMD has become a game changer in PC gaming industry solidifying it’s ground by proving 6 cores 12 threads, 8 cores 16 threads, 12 cores 24 threads and 16 cores 32 threads became the important CPU configurations for nowadays’ PC users due to multitasking ability mixed with gaming, streaming, editing and rendering process. However, AMD’s success story is not well perceived by UserBenchmark website after they officially released new “core weighing system” integrated into benchmark algorithm that sparked biggest controversy and downfall of their reputation. New core weighing system gives 40% upper hand to single core, 58% superiority to quad core and only 2% goes to multi-core. As a result, Core i3-9350KF quad core CPU becomes a winner with 2% extra performance compared to Core i9-9980XE which is 18 core 36 thread monster processor from Intel according to UserBenchmark comparative results.

UserBenchmark’s strong inaccurate statement from Ryzen 7 4800HS APU benchmark page says that “AMD should focus on delivering a platform that offers performance where end users actually need it rather than targeting inexperienced gamers with the same old “moar cores” mantra.” Oh my goodness, they really said that awful comment. Very unprofessional and unethical behavior are written in About and CPU FAQ pages too. Realistically, in today’s PC building community people need affordable and fast processor that can do both gaming and productivity tasks without any hiccups. Is $170 priced Intel Core i3-9350KF worth your hard earned money compared to much cheaper and overall faster Ryzen 5 3600? Giving 40% to single core and 58% to quad core metrics are such a non-sense in 2020.

Shockingly, all games that they tested are single core and quad core oriented titles. They emphasize on much older competitive shooters online based on CPU’s single core utilizing game engines. For instance, CS:GO is created in 2012 with Source 2 engine. 2015’s GTA V takes 4 cores 4 thread to process the rendering via old Rage engine. Same goes to Fortnite, PUBG and Overwatch titles in which Ryzen 3000 CPUs have lower negligible fps performance compared to Intel counterparts.

Fighting Prominent Tech Enthusiasts

Constant relentless attacks on prominent tech enthusiasts by UserBenchmark were detected in their website and Twitter a very long time ago. Most highlighted personal attack recorded on August 11, 2019 where UserBenchmark has posted a very mean twit towards Gamers Nexus a.k.a Tech Jesus by saying that “Bad hair day GamersNexus? We have no beef with you.” It was a monstrous mistake done by UserBenchmark team and they’ve never apologized for it. For your knowledge, Gamers Nexus is the largest YouTube channel run by Steve Burke who focuses on in-depth hardware architecture, extreme overclocking and performance comparison using unbiased methods.

Earlier on, Gamers Nexus openly spoke about the credibility of UserBenchmark new scoring system in Twitter by confirming that “We think it’s irrelevant because that website was SEO spam garbage to begin with.” Indeed, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) of UserBenchmark website is the best ever optimization done by it’s developers. Nevertheless, Great Power comes with Great Responsibility and UserBenchmark is obviously abusing it’s SEO Power right now by showing unethical behavior in world arena.

Next UserBenchmark’s fight is more interesting. In About page of Userbenchmark, you may find a disgusting label attack towards Hardware Unboxed (HUB) team by establishing that “Incompetent (moar core) smearers would sell ice to Elsa” exact hyperlinks are pointing to HUB YouTube channel. Specifically, Tim and Steve from Hardware Unboxed YouTube Channel are the Number One tech enthusiasts when it comes to GPU/CPU comparison benchmarks, motherboard thermal performance, in-depth gaming monitor and latest laptop reviews. By far, they are the only channel that cares much about their audience’s “Bang For Your Buck” hardware selection.

Legendary Steve from HUB has criticized UserBenchmark after concerning thoughts accumulated over a year of misleading people to the wrong direction by saying that “There is the misinformation and you know sending people in the wrong direction or you know saying that they don’t get the best bang for buck for that commonly used phrase and that is the concern that the whole point of doing what we do is make sure you guys get you know the product that serves you best now and hopefully down the track and so I guess that’s why we decided to talk about them initially but it’s gotten to a point now where they’ve just become I think it’s fair to say just such a Joke no one’s taking them seriously anymore…they still got SEO spam so well and they’ve been trying to do it on YouTube, and they are less successful on YouTube so far and I don’t think they will gain traction here because there is no face to it there is no credibility behind it. I think they’re gonna fail on YouTube so they’re still going to capture people with their website which isn’t great” in latest Q&A video. Firmly based Joke website is deservedly goes to UserBenchmark team for misleading people amid waging a war to professional tech enthusiasts. Although, Ryzen 5 3600 6 core 12 thread has the largest market share within the user submitted records of UserBenchmark, the very expensive Core i5-9600K 6 core 6 thread takes the best spot in their CPU department which is NOT a valuable CPU overall in terms of upgrade path, thermal and productivity performance.

Favoring Intel and Nvidia

In their best products highlights everyone might notice the AMD’s absence from author’s picks at the bottom of page for obvious reasons. Admin or Editor of UserBenchmark just simply think AMD doesn’t exist anymore. In GPU section they include $230 Nvidia GeForce GTX 1660 Super which is $50 cheaper than $280 Radeon RX 5600 XT but, in reality GTX 1660 Super is 20-30% slower than RX 5600 XT GPU in gaming fps performance therefore valuable graphics card title must be given to AMD Radeon. There is also RX 5700XT a great card for your hard earned money which totally dominates Nvidia’s expensive and underwhelming RTX 2060 Super GPU by 5-10% in gaming performance for same price point.

People with common sense could easily detect UserBenchmark’s bias behavior towards Intel by looking at so called Best CPUs which are Core i5-9400F, i5-9600K and i7-9700K. Neither Ryzen 5 3600 nor Ryzen 7 3700X is detected in Best Picks list. In fact, Core i5-9400F is an expensive mediocre chip without HyperThreading feature if you compare it to Ryzen 5 3600 (now costs only $175 in Newegg).

Another story erupted last month later highlighted by Notebookcheck website, freshly tested i5-10600 was awarded with a crown of single core champion after defeating Ryzen 5 3600 despite Comet Lake i5 getting lower overall scores. It translates into serious level of bias reporting by UserBenchmark team.

Despite the largest 4% market share taken by Ryzen 5 3600, UserBenchmark has no shame to put twice slower Core i3-9100F at the top of their Best Value For Money CPU ratings. Man, everyone is living in 2020, not in 2012. Quad core CPUs without HyperThreading are worthless for latest gaming titles. Gamers prefer to do live streaming and editing too. How on Earth, the Core i3-9100F is good for millennial competitive gamers?

Then, so called Fastest Average Effective Speed CPU section is just a lame Joke for many PC enthusiasts. Out of top 10 fast CPUs, AMD Ryzen 9 3900X is only placed at number 10. Really sad to see these ratings when Ryzen 9 3950X alone is dominating the entire lineup of Intel’s Skylake-X and Cascade Lake CPUs including 18 core 36 thread monster i9-10980XE in majority benchmark scores according to Optimum Tech. Very bad misleading comparison scores shown by UserBenchmark editor. This is why prominent tech enthusiasts have kept despising UserBenchmark scores.

Banned From Trusted Subreddits

At last, justice was done to UserBenchmark’s toxic behavior in Reddit. General consensus between r/Intel and r/hardware subreddits has reached into one conclusion, to ban UserBenchmark user from posting and commenting. Another nail was put into their coffin unfortunately by their own doing.

Whole this negativity surrounding UserBenchmark involved benchmark scores already started since Ryzen 3000 series desktop CPUs launch. Moreover, UserBenchmark openly called their critics “an army of shills.” As a consequence, constructive criticism by tech enthusiasts also hasn’t cool them down. Instead they were picking fights with prominent reviewers. Accusing HUB team for conducting smear campaign was a baseless claim. Majority reddit r/hardware subsection users have kept standing for truth that pushed moderators to take severe right action towards UserBenchmark team.

A whopping 97% of redditors upvoted this decision of moderators effectively. Soon all posts and comments made by UserBenchmark will be deleted. Expect the inevitable downfall of this website and software tool. Hopefully, they learn their lesson and will have to behave according to journalistic ethics. Anyway, damage has been done to their own reputation, very hard to claw back precious trust of internet users from now on.

Zero Focus On Productivity Benchmarks

Whole UserBenchmark website content is dedicated only for gaming benchmarks. Surprisingly, gamers are human beings too. They need to earn money for living, all the time playing video games don’t bring steady income. Therefore, some gamers are video editors, 3D designers, scientists, architects and live streamers. Job comes first then they can play games to relax. Multi-core benchmarks are very important for content creators and multitasking productive employees. In fact, Intel processors are way slower than Ryzen 9 or Threadripper CPUs as proven by Linus Tech Tips. Since, UserBenchmark doesn’t focus on productivity benchmark tests such as Premiere Pro encoding, V-Ray rendering, Davinci Resolve editing, Matlab, SolidWorks and 3Ds Max designing, you have to look for reviews elsewhere in YouTube or Reddit. All in all, unreliable UserBenchmark is not a place to test your productivity machine. Best known productivity benchmark focused YouTube channels are Gamers Nexus and Optimum Tech respectively.

Unknown Owner and Team

Last proof of UserBenchmark’s lowest credibility is a mysterious unidentified ownership. Mystically, they don’t even possess specific team to represent them in internet to explain why things went wrong with them. In About page you won’t even find their names or corporate structure. Totally anonymous CPUPro user is the only source of their justification. Even though, they were pro-active in reddit, nobody could identify their headquarters location. The more they keep silent about surrounding controversies the more damage is being done to themselves every day. Somehow, Own Snap team is very concerned about people losing money on UserBenchmark’s hardware recommendations, they just ripping their wallets off during hard times in 2020.

Unfair Towards AMD CPUs

AMD engineering team has worked extremely hard to satisfy esports gamers playing CS:GO, Fortnite, Overwatch, PUBG or GTA Online. These games usually utilize CPU’s single core capacity to run their engines in order to achieve highest possible average framerate. As a result, last year’s Zen 2 architecture based AMD Ryzen 3000 CPUs have delivered enormous single core performance against Ryzen 2000 series chips by a whopping 15%. Again, this achievement was heavily criticized by UserBenchmark team as an “AMD Bottleneck”and they promoted i5-9600K as a best gaming CPU even though it was lacking in multicore benchmarks in productivity or multitasking. In October 2020, Dr. Lisa Su and her teammates have dropped a Ryzen 5000 bombshell towards the press. Truly, Ryzen 5 5600X has defeated every Intel Core i5  CPUs till 10th Gen, all these benchmarks were witnessed by Hardware Unboxed, Linus Tech Tips and Gamers Nexus review channels. After all, UserBenchmark went nuts and desperately tried to steal the thunder from AMD’s triumphant achievement over Intel. First day right after announcement they quickly jumped up via twitter and posted outrageous negative misleading arrogant statement towards AMD’s CEO Dr. Lisa Su. In that post they exactly said “Kudos to LisaSu for sharing gaming benchmarks today: 3900XT v 5900X +25.7%, 10900K v 5900X +6.8%. Therefore 3900XT v 10900K +18.9%. AMD’s official figures put Intel 4.9% further ahead than our effective speed does! A recalibration dedicated to our AMD “fans” seems reasonable.”

This statement came out to be a very misleading one since UserBenchmark core weighting algorithm is already biased towards Intel CPUs and their team were desperate to cover up via their misguided statistics pushing for unfair recalibration again to cripple AMD Ryzen 5000 series’ reputation. Many people in forums talking about Userbenchmark Admin being paid by Intel, but those allegiations are unproven by any investigative reviews. However, Admin of Userbenchmark might possibly be a “AMD Hater” since outrageously controversial Core Weighting Algorithm have been changed right after 3 days of Ryzen 3000 launch.

Obviously, above screenshot image represents what’s going wrong in UserBenchmark Admin’s brain. Indeed, high caliber psychiatrist is absolutely required for UserBenchmark Admin for spreading negativity towards AMD. How in the world 7nm Ryzen 9 5950X is placed at number 5 fastest average CPUs ranking?! Why is obsolete 14nm+++ Core i9-10900K ending up on top as the fastest in average speed?! Why have Linus Tech Tips and Gamers Nexus posted opposite results against UserBenchmark statistics? Who is right or wrong? Only people with fully functioning cognitive reasoning can differentiate between deceptive UserBenchmark Admin and other truthful reviewers who care about their credibility.

UserBenchmark is a Virus

Absolutely, UserBenchmark is a virus containing software according to legit virustotal website database’s latest virus definition submission. The deepest reason why the Admins of UserBenchmark allows virus ridden program is because they prefer to collect your private data without your prior consent. Specific virus definitions are Trojan, Spyware and generic adware virus which bloats your RAM to destroy your user experience.

Thanks for reading very long UserBenchmark related post. Please, support independent unbiased reviewers in order to keep tech community clean and healthy. Big thanks go to Hardware Unboxed, Gamers Nexus, Bitwit, Paul’s Hardware, Linus Tech Tips, Optimum Tech and Notebookcheck teams for being awesome source for truthful reporting.

Alex Krakowsky

Editor in Chief.

Living in the era of dynamic tech change Alex decided to stay tuned in changes that make any person find comfort and adapt to new devices. Furthermore, gaming became his passion for spending leisure time with his close ones. Although, he has a degree in Business Administration (majoring in Finance) writing for technology and as well as finance has been one of the precious aspects of his life

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UserBenchmark is a freeware benchmarking tool that tells if your components are performing to their potential

UserBenchmark is a benchmarking tool that tests your machine's hardware; it is a broader tool when compared to Superposition which focuses on gaming.. The results are saved to its online database, and it has millions of users (according to the numbers on the site). That's how the ranking system works, your results are compared with other user's who have the same hardware.

We're not going to discuss the online service, rather we'll be using the tool that's available as a desktop application. It's a portable program. Download and execute the file, it prompts you to select the component that you wish to benchmark. For some reason, I couldn't uncheck any of the options.

If you have an SSD, run the program from it. Make sure you don't have any applications running in the background while running the benchmark for best results. Even a single browser tab/window can affect the score. Hit the run button to begin the benchmarking process. Once started, a benchmark cannot be interrupted, i.e. you cannot close it. The only way to end it is by killing the process.

When the benchmark is completed, a new tab is opened in your browser with the results. UserBenchmark ranks the computer in three categories: Gaming, Desktop and Workstation. You will see odd names like Sailboat, Jet Ski, etc. These are the service's classifications or nicknames which indicate how powerful your computer is. Refer to this page if you want to know more about these.

The benchmark result ranks your PC in six categories: PC Status, Processor, Graphics, Boot Drive, Memory and Operating System. Each of these will have a score which is based on the test result and compared with other models. Scroll down further and you will see a more detailed breakdown of the results. The scores are displayed in four columns Bench, Normal, Heavy and Extreme. These are all part of the benchmark's stress tests to push your hardware to its limits.

UserBenchmark will identify the model of your CPU, Graphics card, Storage drives, memory modules (RAM) and rank them according to their performance in the benchmark tests, and how they fared against other computers. The "Take a copy of your results" option can be used to save the score in Markup text, forum-ready format or a reddit-friendly format.

So, what does the program tell about my laptop. It's a sail boat apparently, because the laptop's performance isn't great while gaming, which is true for most of Intel's integrated GPUs. But the CPU was rated high, and I agree with it. This is a 5 year old machine that can run VMs without much of a hiccup. I'm always multi-tasking with several dozen tabs in Firefox and 5-6 applications running in the background, no problem.  The benchmark result shows a graph about the system memory latency.

If you're into gaming, you can select the games that you play and the FPS you get in those games, and submit the result. It's just for statistical purposes. I ran the benchmark about 10 times which included the balanced and performance power plans. The difference in the results were quite minimal. One thing that I liked in UserBenchmark is that it tells whether a particular component is not performing to its potential. You can use this information to diagnose the component using other tools or real-world tests, to check if the issue is real.

But then again, its not a 100% accurate either. The benchmark tool says the SSD is performing below potential and suggests connecting it with a SATA 3.0 cable. That's impossible in my case, as I've installed it using a caddy, which replaced my DVD drive. If I had a desktop, I may have considered switching cables or ports.

A word about benchmarks

You should know that synthetic benchmark results are just an estimation of good (or bad) your hardware is. Never take the results at their face value. Always rely on real usage to determine if your computer is fast or slow. Does your computer take a long time to boot? Do you have an SSD? If not, get one. Have one already? Use the OEM software (Samsung Magician, Kingston SSD Manager, etc) to check if you have the latest firmware, and also to run a health check on the drive. For issues with graphics cards, try the latest drivers, reseating the card, etc. Never upgrade something unless you absolutely have to, and never do it because a benchmark says the component isn't working well.

So, why do need such tools? Well, let's say you're overclocking your CPU or Graphics card, it can be a good way to measure the difference in performance (before and after). In case you're in the market for an upgrade, you can learn what's the best performing component is, by using the website's list of hardware. Regardless of whether you used the tool or not, always put in the extra effort and research more about the hardware before investing in an expensive part, especially if you plan on using it long-term. Use multiple sources, reviews, and if possible ask your friends/family about their user experience with the graphics card or CPU, or whatever it is you're going to buy.



UserBenchmarkis a freeware PC testing and benchmarking toolthat enable users of all knowledge levels to very quickly and reliably evaluate their computer's performance and compare the test results with the scores from either their friends or with other configurations online. With the experience in testing more than 15 million PC configurations and all the historic and modern components, UserBenchmarkrepresents not only a streamlined benchmark tool, but also a valuable database whose results are freely available online on their official website.

While many other benchmark tools on the web are focused on evaluating only the performance of CPU and GPU components, UserBenchmarkoffers much more comprehensive testing that also provides dedicated tests for internal storage drives (HDD or SSD), RAM memory, and external USB drives. This enables the app to provide not only individual scores and in-depth test results for each separate component, but also overall “PC Score” and “PC Status” evaluations. PC Score showcases the percentage of PC’s sustainability for use in high-end desktop gaming and workstation use, while PC Status is focused on the health score and relative component performance.

The testing methodology involves picking the desired area of testing (Processor, Graphics, Fixed Drive, Memory, and USB Drive), which allows the app to evaluate the configuration for Gaming, Desktop use, and Workstation use. All the result scores are showcased in a visually attractive manner, with various stats for each tested component and the relative position of attained scores when compared to all the other scores that were gathered by the tool’s large community of users. With this benchmarking suite, you can not only get an overview of your PC configuration performance level but also identify areas that are ready for an upgrade. Even better the app’s database of benchmark results can help you to pick the perfect upgrade path that fits your own needs.

USB Speed Test Tool for Windows PC
Free Tool to Test Read and Write Speed of USB Flash Drives!

To get User Benchmarkup and running on your PC (that’s running any modern version of Windows), all you need to do is to download the compressed archive and unpack the app into any folder on your hard drive.

Features and Highlights
  • Easy for download and use
  • A comprehensive array of CPU tests, which include integer, floating, and string benchmarks, both in single-core and multicore mode.
  • Detailed GPU testing with six 3D gaming simulations running via DirectX9 and DirectX 10 APIs.
  • Hard drive performance tests are focused on reading speed, writing speed, sustained write, and mixed IO.
  • Storage drives are also tested for their health status (S.M.A.R.T., 4k Align, SATA, TRIM and NCQ)
  • RAM memory is tested for its maximum read/write performance and even latency.
  • Receive comprehensive “PC Score” and “PC Status” results.
  • All the reports are gathered and presented in a visually stunning manner.
  • The database of all gathered results is available via
  • features a searchable database, enabling easy comparison between various component models.
  • facilitates easy research for picking components for an upgrade.
  • Compare your results with other users who have tested their configurations.
  • Share your opinions on various PC components by voting.

Download UserBenchmark Latest Version


Test userbenchmark

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