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Agate is the name given to numerous varieties of banded Chalcedony, a mineral of the Quartz family. Its name comes from the Achetes River in Sicily, where Agates were first found. Usually banded in layers, or stripes, some varieties have “eye” markings, or specks of color, some have fossilized inclusions, and others are solid. Called the earth rainbow, the concentric bands of Agate form in nearly every color the earth can produce, including a colorless form.

Historically, Agate has been discovered with the artifacts of Neolithic people, and was used as healing amulets and ornamentation dating back to Babylon. Its medicinal uses continued through the ancient Greek and Egyptian civilizations, and spread throughout Africa and the Middle East into Russia. Agate sparked a world renowned stonecutting and polishing industry in Germany that flourished from the 15th to the 19th century, and exists today. [Simmons, 6][Mella, 67-68]

Metaphysically, Agate has a lower intensity and vibrates to a slower frequency than other stones, but is highly regarded as a stabilizing and strengthening influence. [Simmons, 6] The layered bands of microscopic quartz in Agate may appear delicate, they are actually very strong. Agate is excellent for balancing emotional, physical and intellectual energy, and in harmonizing yin and yang, the positive and negative forces of the universe. [Hall, 39]


Types of Agates

The world of agates is a facinating and ever evolving places. There are hundreds, if not thousands of types of agates. They are found around the world. They bring a wonder and magic to the planet with their swirls of color bands. We have captured the metaphysical properties of several of the most popular ones in separate pages.

blue lace agateBlue Lace Agate. Blue Lace Agate has a soft, soothing elegance; like sky-blue waters released from winter’s grasp. Its graceful, circular design has a stimulating, positive effect on emotions and attitude. It is not a stone of protection, but rather of encouragement and support. Its circular flowing energy calms, uplifts and elevates.


crazy lace agateCrazy Lace Agate. Crazy Lace Agate is called the Laughter Stone, or “Happy Lace.” It is associated with sunny Mexican fiestas and dancing, and brings joy to those who wear it. [Eason, 305] It is not a stone of protection, but of support and encouragement, elevating thoughts and promoting optimism. Its graceful design, in random lacy patterns, creates a circular flow of energy, stimulating for the mind and attitude.


dendritic agateDendritic Agate. Dendritic Agate is known as the Stone of Plentitude. It brings abundance and fullness to all areas of life, from business to agricultural endeavors. It was associated with the ancient Greek dryads, woodland and tree spirits, and was buried in the fields at the time of sowing to insure a good harvest.


fire agateFire Agate. Fire Agate, known as the spiritual flame of absolute perfection, carries a great mystery locked inside its deep brown crystal. You need only touch the stone and fiery embers ignite. Peer into its depths and flames leap within its chambers. Study it closely and it will almost show you its secrets. Almost.


laguna agateLaguna Agate. Laguna Agate is the most highly praised banded agate in the world. It is known for its extremely tight banding and vibrant shades of red and scarlet. Laguna Agate is found in an area covering roughly four square miles in a remote mountain range in the state of Chihuahua, Mexico.


moss agateMoss Agate. Throughout history and all cultures, Moss Agate has been known as the crystal of gardeners and agriculture. It was considered a miraculous healing stone for tribal priests of the past, giving them power to interact with our human organic system, and was used as a talisman to make warriors strong and victorious.


metaphysical uses Agate Uses and Purposes – Overview

Agate promotes inner stability, composure, and maturity. Its warm, protective properties encourage security and self-confidence. It is a great crystal to use during pregnancy. [Gienger, 7] Agate also helps new mothers avoid the “baby blues” sometimes experienced after giving birth, and an Agate jewel worn between the breasts encourages lactation. [Megemont, 15]

Agate stops the burning desires for things we do not need, and assists those juggling commitments or multiple jobs. It helps writers express ideas in marketable form, and helps young children learn to walk and not fall as they get older. [Eason, 305] Agate also promotes marital fidelity. [Meloldy, 82]

Agate is useful as a protection amulet when traveling, and is especially effective against traffic accidents. [Megemont, 16]

As a professional support stone, Agate stabilizes the imagination and inspiration of artists, provides personal security for police, telephone workers, cooks, chefs and bakers, and protection from falling objects for builders and construction workers. It provides physical strength and endurance for dancers, dentists, and environmentalists, and emotional endurance for educators and recreational workers. [Mella, 129-133]


healing crystals

Agate Healing Therapies – Overview

(Please note: Information on this web site is no substitute for consulting a health care professional. All information contained on this web site,
including information relating to medical and health conditions, products and treatments, is for informational purposes only.
Please see your doctor or health care professional before starting any alternative treatments, diets, supplements or exercise programs.)


healing power of crystalsAgate Physical Healing Energy

Agate enhances mental function by improving concentration, perception, and analytical abilities. [Hall, 39]

Placed on the abdomen or used as an elixir, Agate stimulates the digestive system and relieves gastritis. It is beneficial for the eyes, hollow organs such as the stomach, uterus, intestines, etc., and heals skin disorders and itching due to insect bites. [Hall, 39][Gienger, 7][Megemont, 16]

Agate is helpful to the heart and blood vessels. Wearing an Agate in the middle of the chest strengthens the cardiac muscle, and heals emotional disharmony that prevents acceptance of love. [Megemont, 16][Hall, 39]

A cold Agate placed on the forehead is generally effective in curing fever. (If the fever returns, however, consult a doctor.) Agate may also reduce the symptoms of epilepsy, and for some people guards against sleepwalking. [Megemont, 15]

physical healing crystal usesAgate Emotional Healing Energy

Agate encourages a sense of reality and pragmatic thinking. [Gienger, 7] Agates with regular designs soothe those who desire peace and harmony, while those with irregular designs can stimulate action and important decision making. [Megemont, 16]

Agate is beneficial in self-analysis and uncovering hidden circumstances that might interfere with well-being. It promotes self-acceptance and confidence, encouraging the speaking of one’s own truth. Agate overcomes negativity and bitterness of the heart, by healing anger, fostering love, and lending the courage to start over. It is useful for any kind of trauma. [Hall, 39]

chakra balancing with crystalsAgate Chakra Healing and Balancing Energy

Agate stabilizes the aura, eliminating and transforming negative energies. Its cleansing effect is powerful at all levels. [Melody, 82][Hall, 39]

See individual Agate pages for specific Chakra energies.

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spiritual crystalsAgate Spiritual Energy

Agate raises awareness and links into the collective consciousness of the oneness of life. It encourages quiet contemplation of one’s life experiences that lead to spiritual growth and inner stability. [Hall, 39][Melody, 82]


crystal color powerAgate Color Energy

Agate is formed in nearly all colors, from clear transparent crystals, to banded stones of earthy hues. See individual Agate pages for the uniqueness of these gems, and for their specific color energies.


Meditation CrystalsMeditation with Agate

Agate provides a wide variety of crystal formations conducive for meditation focus. The intricate movements within the crystal encourage a calm, relaxing state and open the mind to higher thought and inner truths.


divination uses of crystalsAgate Divination

The Divinatory meaning of Agate: Consider both sides before making a decision. [Eason, 305]

Dreaming of Agate signifies a journey. [Kunz, 358]


angel crystalsAgate and the Angelic Realm


See the individual Agate pages for Angels specific to birthdates and the colors that attract them.


Goddess Crystals for AmethystAgate Goddess Crystals

Agates honor Aurora, Roman Goddess of the Dawn and Mother of the Winds. She brings the beauty of dawn each day, the vivid colors streaked and swirled across the clouds.

Agates honor Bona Dea, the Roman Earth Goddess of Fertility and the Greek Goddess of Women. She protects women through all of their changes, and is a skilled healer, particularly with herbs.

Agates honor Gaia, the Greek Earth Mother Goddess. Born directly out of Chaos, the primal emptiness, she was the first (or one of the first) beings to appear during the process of creation, and is honored as being the Earth itself.

Agates honor Cerridwen, the Welsh Goddess of Inspiration and Knowledge. She rules the gifts of prophecy and magic, and powers death and rebirth. She is the guardian of spiritual transformation.

Agates honor Nyx, the Greek Goddess of the Night. She is usually seen riding in a chariot, trailing stars and painting the night sky. Agate is strongly associated with Nyx because of its properties to protect against stress and for keeping bad dreams away.Â

Agates can also can be used in devotions to Clota, the Goddess of the River Cldye; Callisto, the Greek Moon Goddess; Chirakan-Ixmucane, the Mayan Creator Goddess; Dione, Phoenician Earth Goddess; Itzpapaloti, the Aztec Butterfly Goddess; and Jana, the Roman Goddess of Secret and Hidden Things.




There are several ways to find an appropriate birthstone. The traditional one is listed first. These are from the popular lists that most people are familiar with. The second way is to find your natural birthstone by the color wheel of life. You can click on the Natural Birthstone graphic below to learn more. Finally many people use the traditional stones of the Zodiac.

In this section you will find information on all three approaches.

traditional birthstoneAgate Traditional Birthstone

Agate is not a traditional birthstone.




Natural BirthstoneTurquoise Natural Birthstone.

Agates are natural birthstones depending on their color. See the individual agate pages for details.


zodiac usesAgate – Zodiac Stone of Gemini

Agate is one of the zodiac stones for those born under the sign Gemini, between May 21 and June 20, when the Earth is approaching summer. The constellation Gemini is known as the Sign of the Inventor and is seen as twins side by side in the sky. It is closely associated with the planet Mercury. Those born under this sign can see both sides of an issue. They’re flexible and can go with the flow, and can be lively and talkative, or restless and nervous depending on their setting. Those born when the Sun is in Gemini are quick thinkers, quick-witted, and quick on their feet.


talisman uses

Agate Amulets and Talismans

Agate amulets were worn in antiquity to guard from all dangers and to enable the wearer to vanquish earthly obstacles, such as high winds and lightning. [Kunz, 51]

Ancient seafarers used Agate in amulets of protection from the fury of the surging ocean. [Kunz, 39]

Agates are Seeker Transfomer crystals. Seekers contain the crystal energy structure that aligns the natural energy of the crystal to the natural power of the human mind to find the way to new horizons and new capabilities. They’re pointers, directors, and compasses; the fresh start crystals. These are talismans of the scientist, the adventurer, the hunter, wanderer, and explorer. They’re also crystals of the student and the researcher. Transformer crystals enhance efforts to change our situations, prospects, health, outlook or relationships. By transforming ourselves we transform our lives. We learn to dance, speak a new language, grow stronger, or become a better spouse or child. Seeker crystals with the earth power of the Transformer are excellent talismans to aid our efforts to grow, develop new capabilities and change our lives.


Feng Shui usesAgate Feng Shui

Agates are useful in Feng Shui. See the individual agate pages for specific uses.


Lore_and _legend of crystalsAgates in Ancient Lore and Legend

Ancient Romans valued the Agate for its reputed medicinal and talismanic properties. Powdered and mixed with water, it was said to counteract serpents’ venom. Pliny, a Roman historian, quoted the Magii as teaching in Persia that storms might be averted by burning Agates. [Fernie, 311-312]

Agates were believed to make their wearers agreeable, persuasive, and give them the favor of God, guarding them from all dangers, and enabling them to vanquish earthly obstacles, such as high winds and lightning. [Kunz, 51] Ancient seafarers used Agate in amulets of protection from the fury of the surging ocean. [Kunz, 39]

The wearing of Agate was believed to be a cure for insomnia and was thought to induce pleasant dreams. [Kunz, 52]

Legends claim Agate to have the power to secure the wearer from danger and to protect children from falling, and to endow their owners with strength, courage and the ability to heal fears. [Mella, 68]

Agate has a rich history of divinely revealed images within its natural veining, inclusions and markings. Such images as the Virgin Mary, Jesus, John the Baptist, angels and various other human forms have manifested themselves in these natural works of art and are found in churches and museums around the world.

Agate is believed to be the middle stone in the third row in the breastplate of the High Priest. [Kunz, 276]


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Agate Healing Properties

Agate Gemstones


What is Agate?

A natural form of silicon dioxide, Agate is a variety of Chalcedony.

Agate Associations

Zodiac -Gemini, Virgo
Planet - Moon
Element - Earth
Numerical Vibration - Number 7
Typical colours - Clear or milky white, white to grey, light blue, orange to red, black

Healing with Agate

♥ Love ♥ Abundance ♥ Wealth ♥ Good luck ♥ Longevity ♥ Acceptance ♥ Courage and strength ♥ Protection, security and safety ♥ Balance ♥ Harmony ♥ Generosity ♥ Appreciation of nature

Agate is an excellent stone for rebalancing and harmonising body, mind and spirit.  It cleanses and stabilises the aura, eliminating and transforming negativity.  Agate enhances mental function, improving concentration, perception and analytical abilities.  It soothes and calms, healing inner anger or tension and creates a sense of security and safety.

Agate heals the eyes, stomach and uterus; cleanses the lymphatic system and the pancreas; strengthens blood vessels and heals skin disorders.

Colour Healing & Types of Agate

In addition to the generic healing properties of Agate, specific colours and types have additional attributes:

Botswana Agate

Chakra - Crown Chakra
Planet - Pluto
Element - Air, Fire
Origin - Botswana
Numerical Vibration - Number 3
Typical colours - purplish-grey

Botswana Agate is beneficial to smokers and those wanting to quit smoking.  It helps you to look for solutions rather than dwelling on problems.  Helps to explore unknown territory and your own creativity.  Botswana Agate aids in seeing the bigger picture.  Releases repression.  It helps the body to assimilate oxygen.   Aids depression.


Brazilian Agate

Zodiac - Aries
Numerical Vibration - Number 2

Brazilian Agate brings about an emotional, physical and intellectual balance. It aids in centring and stabilising physical energy. Brazilian Agate harmonises yin and yang.  It is a soothing and calming stone which works slowly but brings great strength.  It can bring hidden information to light.


Bulls Eye Agate

Zodiac - Libra
Planet - Moon
Numerical Vibration - Number 7
Typical colours - black and white rings (or bands)

Bulls Eye Agate (also known as Orbicular Agate) has long been thought to ward off the evil-eye or curses.  It helps the survival instinct, eliminating fear and helping to improve one's chances for survival in dangerous situations.  It stimulates the quality of grace in physical movements and actions.  Bulls Eye Agate balances the chakras and stimulates an awareness and fulfilment of well-being.  It treats disorders of the reproductive system.  Aids in the treatment of growths and stimulates regenerative properties.


White Agate

Chakra - Crown Chakra
Numerical Vibration - Number 9

White Agate is “The ultimate pregnancy stone”.  It helps to protect mother and baby from harm, soothes labour pains, eases morning sickness, ensures a healthy milk flow for the baby.


Other Varieties of Agate



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Descriptions of the healing properties of gemstones are from the following sources:


  1. Spagetti models
  2. Saturn eclipse car
  3. Imdb counterpart
  4. User benchmarks


For other uses, see Agate (disambiguation).

Rock consisting of cryptocrystalline silica alternating with microgranular quartz

Agate () is a common rock formation, consisting of chalcedony and quartz as its primary components,[1] consisting of a wide variety of colors. Its IMA symbol is Aga.[2] Agates are primarily formed within volcanic and metamorphic rocks. The ornamental use of agate dates back to Ancient Greece in assorted jewelry and in the seal stones of Greek warriors.[3] Use of beads necklaces with pierced and polished agate goes further back to the 3rd millennium BC in the Indus Valley Civilisation.

Etymology and history[edit]

The stone was given its name by Theophrastus, a Greekphilosopher and naturalist, who discovered the stone along the shore line of the Dirillo River or Achates (Ancient Greek: Ἀχάτης) in Sicily,[4] sometime between the 4th and 3rd centuries BC.[5]

Ancient use[edit]

Agate is one of the most common materials used in the art of hardstone carving, and has been recovered at a number of ancient sites, indicating its widespread use in the ancient world; for example, archaeological recovery at the Knossos site on Crete illustrates its role in Bronze AgeMinoan culture.[6]

Formation and characteristics[edit]

Agate minerals have the tendency to form on or within pre-existing rocks, creating difficulties in accurately determining their time of formation.[7] Their host rocks have been dated to have formed as early as the Archean Eon. Agates are most commonly found as nodules within the cavities of volcanic rocks. These cavities are formed from the gases trapped within the liquid volcanic material forming vesicles.[8] Cavities are then filled in with silica-rich fluids from the volcanic[8] material, layers are deposited on the walls of the cavity slowly working their way inwards.[9] The first layer deposited on the cavity walls is commonly known as the priming layer.[10] Variations in the character of the solution or in the conditions of deposition may cause a corresponding variation in the successive layers. These variations in layers result in bands of chalcedony, often alternating with layers of crystalline quartz forming banded agate.[8] Hollow agates can also form due to the deposition of liquid-rich silica not penetrating deep enough to fill the cavity completely.[11] Agate will form crystals within the reduced cavity, and the apex of each crystal may point towards the center of the cavity.

The priming layer is often dark green, but can be modified by iron oxide resulting in a rust like appearance.[10] Agate is a very durable and therefore is often seen detached from its eroding matrix, once removed, the outer surface is usually pitted and rough from filling the cavity of its former matrix. Agates have also been found in sedimentary rocks,[8] normally in limestone or dolomite; these sedimentary rocks acquire cavities often from decomposed branches or other buried organic material. If silica-rich fluids are able to penetrate into these cavities agates can be formed.[8]


Lace agate is a variety that exhibits a lace-like pattern with forms such as eyes, swirls, bands or zigzags. Blue lace agate is found in Africa and is especially hard.[12]Crazy lace agate, typically found in Mexico, is often brightly colored with a complex pattern, demonstrating randomized distribution of contour lines and circular droplets, scattered throughout the rock. The stone is typically coloured red and white but is also seen to exhibit yellow and grey combinations as well.[13]

Moss agate, as the name suggests, exhibits a moss-like pattern and is of a greenish colour. The coloration is not created by any vegetative growth, but rather through the mixture of chalcedony and oxidized iron hornblende. Dendritic agate also displays vegetative features, including fern-like patterns formed due to the presence of manganese and iron oxides.[14]

Turritella agate (Elimia tenera) is formed from the shells of fossilized freshwater Turritellas, gastropods with elongated spiral shells. Similarly, coral, petrified wood, porous rocks and other organic remains can also form agate.[15]

Coldwater agates, such as the Lake Michigan cloud agate, did not form under volcanic processes, but instead formed within the limestone and dolomite strata of marine origin. Like volcanic-origin agates, Coldwater agates formed from silica gels that lined pockets and seams within the bedrock. These agates are typically less colorful, with banded lines of grey and white chalcedony.[16]

Greek agate is a name given to pale white to tan colored agate found in Sicily, once a Greek colony, back to[clarification needed] 400 BC. The Greeks used it for making jewelry and beads.

Brazilian agate is found as sizable geodes of layered nodules. These occur in brownish tones inter-layered with white and gray. Quartz forms within these nodules, creating a striking specimen when cut opposite the layered growth axis. It is often dyed in various colors for ornamental purposes.

Polyhedroid agate forms in a flat-sided shape similar to a polyhedron. When sliced, it often shows a characteristic layering of concentric polygons. It has been suggested that growth is not crystallographically controlled but is due to the filling-in of spaces between pre-existing crystals which have since dissolved.

Other forms of agate include Holley blue agate (also spelled "Holly blue agate"), a rare dark blue ribbon agate only found near Holley, Oregon; Lake Superior agate; Carnelian agate (has reddish hues); Botswana agate; plume agate; condor agate; tube agate containing visible flow channels or pinhole-sized "tubes"; fortification agate with contrasting concentric banding reminiscent of defensive ditches and walls around ancient forts; Binghamite, a variety found only on the Cuyuna iron range (near Crosby) in Crow Wing County, Minnesota; fire agate showing an iridescent, internal flash or "fire", the result of a layer of clear agate over a layer of hydrothermally deposited hematite; Patuxent River stone, a red and yellow form of agate only found in Maryland; enhydro agate contains tiny inclusions of water, sometimes with air bubbles.

  • A piece of translucent pink agatized coral, with a "ruffled" appearance along the top edge

Uses in industry and art[edit]

Industrial uses of agate exploit its hardness, ability to retain a highly polished surface finish and resistance to chemical attack. It has traditionally been used to make knife-edge bearings for laboratory balances and precision pendulums, and sometimes to make mortars and pestles to crush and mix chemicals. It has also been used for centuries for leather burnishing tools.

The decorative arts use it to make ornaments such as pins, brooches or other types of jewellery, paper knives, inkstands, marbles and seals. Agate is also still used today for decorative displays, cabochons, beads, carvings and Intarsia art as well as face-polished and tumble-polished specimens of varying size and origin. Idar-Oberstein was one of the centers which made use of agate on an industrial scale. Where in the beginning locally found agates were used to make all types of objects for the European market, this became a globalized business around the turn of the 20th century: Idar-Oberstein imported large quantities of agate from Brazil, as ship's ballast. Making use of a variety of proprietary chemical processes, they produced colored beads that were sold around the globe.[17] Agates have long been used in arts and crafts. The sanctuary of a Presbyterian church in Yachats, Oregon, has six windows with panes made of agates collected from the local beaches.[18]

  • A 6.8 kg (15 lb) barrel full of tumble-polished agate and jasper

  • The "Rubens Vase" (Byzantine Empire). Carved in high relief from a single piece of agate, most likely created in an imperial workshop for a Byzantine emperor

  • Victorian banded agate ear rings

Health impact[edit]

Respiratory diseases such as silicosis and higher incidence of tuberculosis among workers involved in the agate industry have been reported from India and China.[19][20][21]

See also[edit]


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Black Agate

Mineral Information

Origin: Worldwide

Mineral Species: Quartz

Mineral Group: Oxides

Chemical Formula: SiO2

Hardness: 7

Crystal System: Trigonal

Colour: Various

Typical Appearance: Agates are concentrically banded, shell-like chalcedony. Bands can be multi-coloured, or of the same colour. Most brightly coloured agates are dyed.

Esoteric Information

Birthstone: Gemini (general)

Chakra Alignment: Depends on colour

Element: (Depends on variety)

Origin of Name & Mythology: In antiquity, in many cultures it was considered a stone of protection. The name is derived from its occurrence at the Achates River in southwestern Sicily.

Agate forms when microscopic quartz crystals are deposited in layers, often banded with members of quartz, chalcedony or jasper. All Agates are grounding, calming cleansing and protective. They are also harmonising, and as such can be used to balance male-female energy, and balance the physical, emotional, intellectual and etheric planes. Agates help with self-confidence issues, improve concentration, and ease emotional trauma. There are many forms of agate with additional properties, a few of which are listed below:

Colouration due to dying. The pigment is carbon, using a concentrated honey or sugar solution, following treatment with heated sulphuric acid.
Grounds and centres, facilitates communication, helps to shift energy blocks, aids meditation, and promotes self-healing by allowing us to go to and dissipate the inner-stress causing the illness.

Blue chalcedony with layering of white quartz or jasper; it is calming and bestows optimism. Good for communication, especially in friendship, as it reflects both aspects of communication: the ability to listen and understand as well as the ability to communicate clearly.

Contains thin layers of Limonite. Fire Agate is said to make us desire to be the best we can be. It is profoundly energising, and floods us with sparkling vibrant energy, so can be an effective in the treatment of depression and Seasonal Affected Disorder - although it may be too strong in cases of debilitating illness such as ME and CFS. Used with intention, fire agate creates a protective deflecting shield around the body. Physically, it aids circulation, and can also be used to remove heat, so it is helpful in treating hot flushes, fevers, and inflammation, or other conditions caused by too much “heat” in Chinese medicine.

Banded Agate balances and calms, is good for communication and grounding, and promotes abstract creative thoughts.

Moss Agate is balancing, calming, stabilising and detoxifying. It acts as a powerful healing, anti-inflammatory and pain relieving stone, and can also be effective in the treatment of burns. Moss agate is most potent when placed directly in contact with the skin on or near the area in need of healing or pain relief. It also makes a useful elixir, which is especially beneficial for skin complaints and burns.

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Crystals agate

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