Gt72 mxm graphics upgrade kit

GT72 MXM Graphics Upgrade kit

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GT72 Dominator: Upgrade kits for gaming notebooks from MSI

MSI is offering graphics card upgrade kits for the first generation of its gaming notebooks from the GT72 Dominator series . These allow the GeForce GTX 880M originally built into the 2PE models to be replaced by a GeForce GTX 970M or GTX 980M , as shown in the newer 2QD and 2QE series is already ex works.

The idea of ​​a replaceable notebook graphics card is not in itself new. For this purpose, Nvidia introduced the MXM standard for graphics card modules almost eleven years ago. Until then, the GPUs in notebooks were always firmly soldered to the motherboard and could not be exchanged. What sounded good in theory never caught on in practice - at least with regard to an upgrade option. Because MXM modules are definitely used. Only with the upgrades it didn't work out so well.

One reason for this could be that it In practice, with structural restrictions and different cooler requirements, it is not so easy and cheap to simply replace the graphics card in a notebook. MSI provides video instructions that demonstrate the process. At the same time, however, it should be noted that any damage caused by the exchange is not covered by the guarantee. Instead, it is advisable to commission one of the so-called MSI Gaming Center partners with the exchange.

If you still decide to replace the graphics card yourself, in addition to the MXM module and the installation guide, the package also includes a new cooler that matches the PCB layout of the new graphics card.

So far, the upgrade kits can only be pre-ordered from a retailer who adheres to MSI's recommended retail price. The GTX 970M kit costs 569 euros , for a GTX 980M even 899 euros are called.

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Are we going to get a GT72 MXM graphics upgrade kit for GTX 1080M?

I bought the unit MSI GT72S-6QE-047UK as a VR Ready device, however as time has moved on, the 'Recommended Specs' for some of the more recently mentioned VR Gaming Titles leaves me feeling i was maybe too premature (like the retro Grolsch Adverts 'too soon'). With at least 1x full fat GTX 1080 needed for Funhouse for example. Could recommended VR Gaming demands increase faster than mobile phone manufacture?? lol

However the included USB-C port could mean that we could invest in a separate graphics enclosure loaded with a full fat Desktop GPU should the need for more GPU Performance become a necessity.

Only now this Nvidia Pascal MXM announcement, im happy to take a well balanced and preferential u-turn this Xmas :DIf, like me, you cant afford VR just yet, here is something you may wish to review ahead of serious spend.



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Mxm kit gt72 graphics upgrade

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