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This feature is not available for some models sold in specific countries and regions.

You can sign up for a Sony Entertainment Network account from your system.
To use an account on your system that you created previously on a different device, see "Using an existing account" or "Linking an account via a PS3™ system".

About accounts

  • An account can be created for free.
  • Only 1 account can be linked on your system.
    To change the account linked to your system, you must initialize the system under (Settings) > [Start] > [Format] > [Restore This System].
  • You can also use an account created on a PS TV system, PS3™ system, PS4™ system, computer, or smartphone.
    If you already have an account, it is recommended that you use the same account. Depending on the feature, it might be necessary to use the same account with different devices. This is necessary when you want to link your system with other devices, such as a PS TV system, PS3™ system, or PS4™ system.

Types of accounts

There are two types of accounts–master accounts and sub accounts.

  • Master account
    A master account is the standard account. Users of a certain age or older can create master accounts. A master account holder can also create sub accounts and set the conditions for their use.
  • Sub account
    A sub account is for users under a certain age, Sub accounts are used under the supervision of a master account holder. For example, the master account wallet is used to purchase paid content. A master account is needed to create a sub account.
  • The requirements for using master accounts and sub accounts differ depending on the country or region. For details, consult the website for your region.
  • To create a sub account, visit the following website:
  • When creating a sub account, depending on the age of the user, an email message is sent to the email address of the master account holder. The master account holder must complete account registration on a computer or smartphone, following the instructions in the email message.
  • You can upgrade a sub account to a master account when the sub account user becomes old enough to create a master account. You can upgrade accounts from a PS4™ system, computer, or smartphone.

Information you provide when creating an account

When signing up for an account, you must enter personal information for the person registering the account, including an email address, date of birth, name and address. Consult the website for your region for information about how this personal information is handled.

Signing up

Perform this procedure in a location where you can connect your system to the Internet.

Select (Settings) > [Start] > [PlayStation™Network] > [Sign Up].
If you are already signed up on your system, [Sign Up] does not appear.
Select [Create a New Account] and follow the screens.
Your sign-in ID and password are saved on your system.
  • You remain signed in to PlayStation™Network unless, for example, you sign out manually. This gives you easier access to the online features.
  • If your system cannot connect to a network, then your system might sign you out.

How to Create a PlayStation Network Account

What to Know

  • On a computer: Go to the Sony Entertainment Network Create New Account page in a browser and enter your personal information.
  • On a PS4: With the console on and the controller activated, select New User > Create a User > Next > New to PSN? Create an Account.
  • On a PS3: Open Playstation Network in the menu. Select Sign Up > Create a New Account (New Users) > Continue and enter your info.

This article explains how to create a PlayStation Network account on a computer, a PS4, or a PS3. It includes information on creating a PSN account on a PS Vita or PS TV.

How to Change Your PlayStation Password if Your PSN Account Is Hacked

How to Create a PlayStation Account on a Computer

PlayStation Network (PSN) is a digital entertainment service for your PlayStation. When you create a PlayStation Network account, you can access games download, movies, TV, and more.

  1. Open a browser on your computer and visit the Sony Entertainment Network Create a New Account page.

  2. Enter your personal details like your email address, birth date, and location information, and then choose a password.

  3. Click I Agree. Create My Account.

    When creating your PSN Online ID, it can't be changed in the future. It's forever linked to the email address you used to build the PSN account.

  4. Verify your email address with the link provided in the email you should have been sent from Sony after completing Step 3.

  5. Go back to the Sony Entertainment Network website and click Continue.

  6. Click the Update Account image on the next page.

  7. Choose the Online ID that will be seen by others when you play online games.

  8. Click Continue.

  9. Finish updating your PlayStation Network account with your name, security questions, location information, optional billing information, etc., pressing Continue after each screen.

  10. Click Finish when you're done filling out your PSN account details.

You should see a message that reads Your account is now ready to access PlayStation Network.

Create PSN Account on a PS4

  1. With the console on and the controller activated (press the PS button), select New User on the screen.

  2. Select Create a User and then accept the user agreement on the next page.

  3. Select Next under the PlayStation Network area.

  4. Instead of logging in to PSN, Select New to PSN? Create an Account.

  5. Select Sign Up Now.

  6. Follow the on-screen instructions to submit your location information, email address and a password, moving through the screens by selecting the Next buttons.

  7. You'll next be asked to choose an Avatar. You can change this at any time in the future.

  8. On the Create your PSN Profile screen, enter the username you want to be identified as to other gamers. Also, fill out your name but remember that it'll be public.

  9. The next screen gives you the option to automatically fill in your profile picture and name with your Facebook information. You also have the option to not display your full name and picture while playing online games.

  10. The next few screens will let you set your privacy settings. You can pick Anyone, Friends of Friends, Friends Only or No One for each specific activity. 

  11. Select Accept on the final page of setup to accept the terms of service and user agreement.

  12. That's it! You should now have a PSN account.

Create PSN Account on a PS3

  1. Open PlayStation Network from the menu.

  2. Select Sign Up > Create a New Account (New Users) > Continue.

  3. Enter in your country/region of residence, language, and date of birth, and then select Continue.

  4. Agree to the terms of service and user agreement on the following page, and then select Accept. You have to do this twice.

  5. Fill out your email address and choose a new password for your PSN account, and follow through with the Continue button. You should probably check the box to save your password too so that you don't have to re-enter it each time you want to access PlayStation Network.

  6. Pick an ID that should be used as your public PSN ID. This is what other online users will see when you're playing with them.

  7. Select Continue.

  8. The next page asks for your name and gender. Fill in those fields and then select Continue once more.

  9. Fill in some more location information so that the PlayStation Network has your street address and other details on file.

  10. Select Continue.

  11. The PS3 asks if you want to receive news, special offers, and other things from Sony, as well as whether or not you want them to share your personal information with partners. You can enable or disable those checkboxes based on your own personal preferences.

  12. Select Continue.

  13. Scroll through the summary of details on the next page to make sure all of it is accurate, choosing Edit next to anything that needs to be changed.

  14. Select Confirm to submit all your information.

  15. You'll get an email from Sony with a verification link that you must click in order to verify that the email address is yours.

  16. After clicking the link, select OK on the PlayStation.

  17. Select Proceed to PlayStation Store to go back to the home screen and login with your new PSN account.

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Create PSN Account on a PS Vita or PS Tv

  1. On the Home screen, tap or select the Settings icon.

  2. Tap Start.

  3. Tap PlayStation Network.

  4. Tap Sign Up and follow the instructions.

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How to Create a PlayStation Network Account

If you use a PlayStation, then you should have a PlayStation Network account. While you don't need necessarily one to play games on a PS4 or PS5, you'll miss out on a lot of features without an account.

So, here's how to create a new PlayStation Network account on the web, a PS4, or a PS5.

How to Create a PlayStation Network Account on the Web

You can sign up for a PlayStation Network account using your web browser, which will make it easier to type out a password. To do this, head to Sony's Account Management page and click Create New Account.

On the next page, hit Create to begin the process. You'll first need to enter your date of birth—make sure you do this correctly, as this is sometimes used for security purposes.

Next, select your Country/Region. For some countries, you can pick from multiple languages.

Now, you'll need to enter an email address for your Sign-In ID, as well as a Password. Make sure this is a valid email address, as you'll need it if you forget your password. And to secure your PSN account, you should choose a strong password.

Consider using a password manager to generate and store a secure password—just remember you'll need to type it on your PlayStation console's clunky keyboard to log in.

Depending on what region you selected before, you may next need to enter your state, province, postal code, or similar. PlayStation uses this to calculate taxes on sales, verify your identify, and for other matters.

Choosing an Online ID and Marketing Preferences

After that, it's time to choose your online ID. This is your username, which represents you to other players when you play games, send messages, and similar. Enter your preferred ID—there are some suggestions below, but they're pretty silly. Make sure you like your ID; while you can change your PSN name later, it costs money to do so.

You'll also need to enter your real name. In addition to this appearing in PlayStation emails, you can send real-name requests on PlayStation Network. They let you see a friend's actual name alongside their username, making it easier to keep track of who's who on your friends list.

When you click Next, the system will check if the ID you chose is available. If it's not, you'll need to try different IDs until you find one that's not in use. PlayStation Network IDs cannot contain spaces.

Finally, you can check a few boxes if you want to receive emails about PlayStation news or share your information with marketing partners. Read through the agreements and terms if you want, then click Agree and Create Account to finalize your PSN account.

Finalizing Your PSN Account

You'll see "The account was successfully created"; click OK to move on. This will load a new page that asks you to add more information to your account. After clicking Next, you'll see a few checkboxes that let you set the level of personalization on your account.

Personalized Purchase Recommendations will show more relevant suggestions on the PlayStation Store. Personalized Advertising is similar to other controls around the web, in that it uses your browsing data to show more relevant ads.

After you confirm this, you'll see a prompt to verify your email address. Open your email inbox, then click the Verify Now button in the email from Sony or PlayStation. Choose Already Verified on this page once done.

If you don't get the email, use the buttons below to resend the message or change your sign-in address. Check your spam folder, too.

Your PlayStation account is complete! You can now use it to sign into your PlayStation console, as well as the web interface.

How to Create a PlayStation Network Account on a PS4

Most of the steps for creating a PSN account on your console are the same as above. To avoid repetition, we won't go into as much detail here.

If you already have a user profile on your PS4 but haven't signed into PlayStation Network yet, go to Settings > Account Management > Sign In to PlayStation Network.

From here, skip down to the "PSN Account Creation Steps" header below.

If you want to make another user profile on your PS4 to connect to your new PSN account, hold the PS button on your controller to open the Quick Menu. From it, select Power > Log Out of PS4 to leave your current user profile.

Press the PS button to reconnect your controller, then on the resulting screen, select New User. Choose Create a User to make a new permanent profile on your PS4.

Accept the terms of use, then when you see the PlayStation Network prompt, choose Next.

PSN Account Creation Steps on PS4

Now, choose New to PlayStation Network? Create an Account at the bottom, followed by Sign Up Now, to make an account and tie it to your PS4 user profile.

On the first screen, you'll need to enter your region, language, and date of birth. After that, you may need to enter regional information like your postal code and state.

Moving on, you'll need to enter your email address and create a password. The boxes about notifications and marketing purposes appear here as well.

Next, your PS4 will ask you to add an avatar for your account. There are lots of options to choose from, so pick your favorite; you can always change this later.

Moving on, you'll need to set your Online ID and enter your name. Remember to pick a username you like, since you must pay to change it later. You'll see an alert if your chosen name is not available.

Configuring Your Account Privacy and Finalizing on PS4

On the next several pages, you'll have the option to change your account's privacy settings, such as changing who can see what games you've played, who can send you friend requests and messages, and similar. See our guide to organizing your PS4's content for more on this.

Now, Accept the usage terms, and you'll see the successful account creation message. The last step is to verify your email; click the link in the email from PlayStation, then choose Already Verified on your system.

You'll then see information about adding a cover image to your PlayStation profile, followed by options to set up two-step verification. See our guide to setting up two-step authentication on PSN for help with this.

PlayStation then asks you to add your mobile phone number, which can help you get back into your account if you forget your password. You should add this to avoid getting locked out of your account.

Once that's done, you'll see an ad for PlayStation Plus, which you can skip with the circle button. You'll next see prompts to set up parental controls, which you can skip if this doesn't apply to you.

Your PlayStation then confirms that you've been added to the console. If you have a PlayStation Camera, you can add your face to make login easier, but this is optional.

After all this, your account is finally complete.

How to Create a PlayStation Network Account on a PS5

Have a PlayStation 5 and need to create a new PSN account? If you want to make a new PSN account using your current PS5 profile, select the profile picture at the top-right of the home screen and choose Profile.

On the resulting screen, choose Sign In, followed by Create an Account, to get started. Now, jump down to the "PSN Account Creation Steps on PS5" heading below.

If you want to make a new user account on your PS5 for the new PSN account, select your profile picture at the top-right of the home screen and choose Log Out. Hit the PS button to reconnect your controller, then choose Add User.

From the next list of options, choose Get Started on the left side to create a permanent account. Agree to the terms of service, then hit Confirm. On the next screen, choose Create an Account on the left side to proceed.

PSN Account Creation Steps on PS5

To begin the account creation process, enter your birthday, then confirm your country and language.

Next, enter your email address and create a strong password for your PSN account. On the next page, enter your real name and choose whether you want to receive notifications and share your info for marketing purposes.

Next, enter your home location info. Once you enter the Postal code, the City and State should fill automatically.

Next, choose an avatar for your profile from the available options. You'll then need to pick your online ID, making sure it's available. Enter your choice or use one of the suggestions, if you want.

Privacy, Data Sharing, and Confirmation

On the next page, pick a privacy profile from the choices. Read the summary of options, then choose Apply to use it as-is or Review and Customize to tweak the preset. For more control, pick Customize Settings to set them all manually.

Next, choose if you want to share all gameplay data with PlayStation, or only limited data. After this, you'll need to select if you want personalized store recommendations and advertising.

Moving on, read over the terms and policies for using PSN, then check the box and hit Confirm to continue. Then you'll need to verify your email address by clicking the button in the message PlayStation sends. Once that's done, choose Already Verified on your console.

Next you'll see some guidance about securing the account on your PS5, along with a prompt to enable 2FA on your account. After finally adding your phone number to your account, you're all set to use your new PSN account on your PS5.

Now You Have a PlayStation Network Account!

That's all you need to create a PSN account on the web, on your PS4, and on your PS5. Whether want to make a new account for a new user or just never signed up when you got your console, they're easy to set up.

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What Is the PlayStation Network (PSN?)

Wondering what PlayStation Network is actually for and what it can do? Then our handy explainer holds all the answers.

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How to Create PSN [PlayStation Network] Account on PS4/PS3

PlayStation Network or PSN is an online service that connects the Sony world together. Initially, the service was launched for PS3 consoles. Later, the company has expanded the service to PlayStation 4 and other Sony devices. Owned by SNEI (Sony Network Entertainment International), PSN competes with the Xbox Live service. Access to the PlayStation network requires setting up an online account. You can buy premium PlayStation Plus ($59.99) for your PSN to unlock various features like 100GB online storage, early access to new games, online multiplayer, and more. Without wasting any time, let’s have a look at the step-by-step procedure on how to sign up or create a PlayStation Network PSN account on a browser, PS4, and PS3 consoles.

How to Sign Up for the PlayStation Network using a Browser?

Step 1: On your web browser, visit this Sony Entertainment Network page. Tap Create New Account.

sign up for playstation network

Step 2: Click Start and enter a valid email ID and strong password for your account. Once entered, click Next.

sign up for playstation network

Step 3: Enter the required details like Country, State, Language and DOB. Select Next to proceed further.

sign up for playstation network

Step 4: Select, whether you want to receive notifications from Sony or not. Select Agree and Create Account.

sign up for playstation network

Step 5: On a new tab, open the verification that you received and click the button which labelled as Verify Now.

Step 6: After verifying your mail, return to the Sony Entertainment network page and tap Already Verified.

sign up for a playstation network on browser

Step 7: Sony will prompt you to enable two-factor authentication in order to secure your account. Click Activate and go through the on-screen prompts to active the authentication method. Tap Skip if you want to enable it later.

sign up for playstation network

Step 8: On the next screen, enter your mobile number and click Continue.

sign up for playstation network

Step 9: Enter the verification code that you received and link the number with your account.

Step 10: Upon verifying your mobile number, your account dashboard will appear on the screen. Here, you can edit other details like name, gender, and more.

sign up for playstation network

Sign up for PlayStation Network on PS4

Instead of a web browser, you can create a PSN account directly on PS4 and PS3. Let’s find the steps to create the account on PlayStation 4.

Step 1: If you have already logged in with another account, hold the PlayStation button and scroll down to the Power menu.

Step 2: Tap the Switch User menu.

Create PlayStation network on PS4

Step 3: Press New User menu on the main screen.

Create PlayStation network on PS4

Step 4: Tap Create a User.

Create PlayStation network on PS4

Step 5: Accept the user agreement of PlayStation network.

Create PlayStation network on PS4

Step 6: Tap Next.

Create PlayStation network on PS4

Step 7: On the next screen, click New to PlayStation Network? Create an Account.

Create PlayStation network on PS4

Step 8: Tap Sign up Now.

Create PlayStation network on PS4

Step 9: Fill the necessary details like your country, language and date of birth. Select Next.

Create PSN on PS4

Step 10: Enter your postal code, state and city. Click Next.

Create PSN on PS4

Step 11: Enter a valid email ID and strong password for your PlayStation network. Select Next after entering those details.

Create PSN on PS4

Step 12: Select an avatar for your network. Explore the categories to find different avatars.

Create PSN on PS4

Step 13: Enter your first name, last name and unique online ID for network.

Create PSN on PS4

Step 14: On the next screen, set your privacy settings. For each category, it displays four privacy options:

  • Anyone
  • Friends of Friends
  • Friends Only
  • No One

After setting your privacy, click Next to go to next page.

Step 15: Click Accept to agree with the terms and conditions.

Create PSN on PS4

Step 16: Click OK to complete the process.

Create PSN on PS4

Step 17: Select the OK menu located under your icon to open your network. Visit the PlayStation Store to download your games.

Create a PS Network on PS3

Let us see how to create a PSN account on a PS3 console.

Step 1: Open PlayStation network on your PlayStation 3 gaming console.

Step 2: Tap Create a New Account (New Users).

Step 3: Click Continue and enter the required details.

Step 4: Once completed with the details, click Continue.

Step 5: Tap Accept on the consecutive screens.

Step 6: Enter a valid email id and password for your account. Click Continue.

Step 7: Enter an online ID containing characters, letters, and symbols. Click Continue to proceed further.

Step 8: On the next screen, enter your first name, last name and gender (optional).

Step 9: Enter your local information and click Continue.

Step 10: Select whether to receive news, alerts, and other notifications from Sony or not.

Step 11: Verify your location info and click Confirm to complete the process.

Step 12: Now, open your email and open the verification mail that you received from Sony. Click the verification link to activate the account.

Step 13: Click OK on the PS3 screen and start downloading games from the PlayStation Store.

Related: How to Delete PlayStation Account [Easy Guide]

Have you found the right direction to sign up for PSN? Facing issues while signing up? Use the below comments section to mention your feedback.


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