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Hey to all once again~! ^_^ Here is a little Minecraft Gif I did in my own time. Was a lot of fun to loop the rainbow banner around. So pwetty~ *w* lol!
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Hey bro just wondering something. How did you make it all look like you didn't move? I know it is stop-motion lol did you place a block on the ground like telling you where to stand? How did you keep the screen/cross hair in the same spot? I am askin this cause all of them look that way... well to me that is lol
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Before back then the creeper face on the "A" wasn't there. The creeper face on the "A" was introduced in Minecraft 1.0.
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Redstone is awesome and I love Minecraft I'm gonna be playing it on my old original Xbox 360 I hope pretty soon and I play on it on my computer as well lolz.....X3333 
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This one only took about 2 hours. :) The changes with each are pretty small. Thank you for your comment. ^_^
Sours: https://www.deviantart.com/lnearmellomatt/art/Minecraft-Logo-Banner-Gif-191690183

Minecraft GIF Shows Xbox One and Xbox 360 Difference

One Reddit user posted a GIF that shows a brief comparison of Minecraft on the Xbox 360 and Xbox One platforms.

While there aren't any glaring differences between the two versions, users chimed in that the game has higher resolution on the Xbox One. Additionally, the FOV (field of view) and draw distance are noted to have improved.

Interestingly, 4J Studios, the developer behind the console versions of the game, tweeted that they are currently trying to increase the world size on the Xbox One and presumably the PlayStation 4 as well by 36 times the area of the worlds featured in the last generation of consoles. 

[email protected] We're currently trying out a world size increase of 36 times the area of the Xbox 360/PS3 world

— 4J Studios (@4JStudios) May 15, 2014

A few weeks ago, we posted a video that speculated what Minecraft might look like on the Xbox One and PS4. Check out our other post that shows a comparison between the PS3 and PS4 as well.

Sours: https://gameranx.com/updates/id/21941/article/minecraft-gif-shows-xbox-one-and-xbox-360-difference/
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  3. Starr wheels
  4. Comets clipart
  5. Plymouth voyager

This article is about the drinkable potions. For the throwable potions, see Splash Potion. For the throwable potions that leave a lingering area of effect, see Lingering Potion.

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Potions are bottled substances. Most of them are brewable items, many of which give the consumer a time-limited effect when drank.

The water bottle is the base item that is used to create potions. It is obtained by using a glass bottle on water, catching one with a fishing rod, or through piglin bartering.


Mob loot[]


Witches can drop potions of Healing, Fire Resistance, Swiftness, and Water Breathing, but only when they die while drinking that potion.

Wandering traders[]

Wandering traders have a chance to drop potions of Invisibility, but only when they die while drinking the potion.


Water bottles may be caught as junk when fishing.

Filling bottles[]

Using a glass bottle on a water source block or a cauldron that has water turns it into a water bottle. Using a glass bottle on a cauldron that contains a potion turns it into a bottle of that potion.‌[Bedrock Edition only] Using a glass bottle on a cauldron also removes 13 of that cauldron's contents, but using a glass bottle on a water source block does not affect the water. Filling bottles from a water source (but not a cauldron) can be automated by placing the bottle(s) in a dispenser (again, the water source block remains unaffected).


Main article: Brewing

Almost all potions can be obtained by brewing, starting with the water bottle as the base.

The potion of Luck‌[JE only] and the potion of Decay‌[BE only] cannot be brewed. A potion of luck can be obtained via commands such as , while a potion of Decay can be obtained via . Both are also available through the creative inventory.

Chest loot[]

Two Instant Health II potions can be found in a brewing stand on ships in end cities, and one splash potion of Weakness can be found in a brewing stand in igloo basements.

in Bedrock Edition, the cauldron in a swamp hut contains a random potion.


Piglins may barter a potion or splash potion of Fire Resistance or a bottle of water when given a gold ingot.


Potions can be used by pressing and holding use, similarly to eating food. Upon using, they apply the corresponding status effect to the player.

Drinking a potion while already under the effects of the same potion does not add onto the effects time, but simply resets it. A potion effect does not "downgrade" if a lower level is activated. For example, if a player has Regeneration II, drinking a regular potion of Regeneration does not have any effect.


Main article: Brewing

Potions can be modified in five ways. The first is by adding glowstone dust to enhance the effect level. The second is by adding redstone to extend the duration of the effect. The third is by adding gunpowder to make a potion a splash potion. The fourth is by adding dragon's breath to turn a splash potion into a lingering potion. The fifth is by adding a fermented spider eye to corrupt the effect, if corruptible, turning it into a different one. The result of corruption is usually the inverse of the original effect (for example Swiftness to Slowness). Interestingly, corrupting poison turns it into a potion of harming, instead of regeneration as the inverse of its continuous damage effect. Corrupting a potion of night vision also turns it into a potion of invisibility instead of the currently non-existent potion of blindness.

Corrupting an extended or enhanced potion usually results in a corrupted potion with the same modifier applied, if it is supported by the corrupted effect. Of the four corrupted potions, Harming is the only one that cannot be extended, and also the only one that can be enhanced. In Bedrock Edition, the corruption of Healing II and Poison II potions results in a Potion of Harming I.

Some potions cannot be enhanced. For example, the Potion of Invisibility cannot be enhanced, as players cannot be more invisible than they normally are.

Base potions[]

Base potions are potions that are created first to brew into other potions. Base potions have no effect when the player drinks them.

Icon Name Use
Water Bottle The starting point for every potion
Awkward Potion The base for all effect potions
(Potions of Weakness can alternatively be brewed directly from water bottles)
Thick Potion No use
Mundane Potion Can be used to make a Potion of Weakness ‌[Bedrock Edition only]
Uncraftable potion No use

Effect potions[]

Note that the duration of an enhanced potion is generally half the duration of its base potion and that the duration of an extended potion is generally 83 the duration of its base potion.

Potions with positive effects[]

Icon Name Duration Effect Description
Potion of RegenerationPotion of Regeneration0:45 RegenerationRestores 18♥ × 9 health over time, 1♥ every 50 ticks (2.5 seconds).
Potion of Regeneration + 1:30‌[JE only]
2:00‌[BE only]
Restores 36♥ × 18‌[JE only] or 48♥ × 24‌[BE only] health over time, 1♥ every 50 ticks (2.5 seconds).
Potion of Regeneration II 0:22 Restores 18♥ × 9 health over time, 1♥ every 25 ticks (1.25 seconds).
Potion of SwiftnessPotion of Swiftness3:00 SpeedIncreased speed by 20% and increased FOV (6.6 meters per second sprinting).
Potion of Swiftness + 8:00
Potion of Swiftness II 1:30 Increased speed by 40% and increased FOV (8 meters per second sprinting).
Potion of Fire ResistancePotion of Fire Resistance3:00 Fire ResistanceGives immunity to all heat-related damage.
Potion of Fire Resistance + 8:00
Potion of HealingPotion of HealingInstant Instant HealthRestores 4♥♥ health.
Potion of Healing II Instant Restores 8♥♥♥♥ health. (doubles with every additional level)
Potion of Night VisionPotion of Night Vision3:00 Night VisionVisually brightens everything to a light level of 15, brightens up water with a blue shine, brightens up lava with an orange shine (other players cannot see the enhanced lighting without this effect).
Potion of Night Vision + 8:00
Potion of StrengthPotion of Strength3:00 StrengthIncreases melee damage by 3♥♥.‌[Java Edition only]
Increased melee damage by 130%.‌[Bedrock Edition only]
Potion of Strength + 8:00
Potion of Strength II 1:30 Increases melee damage by 6♥♥♥ (+ 3♥♥ per tier).‌[Java Edition only]
Increased melee damage by 260%. (+130 percentage points every tier)‌[Bedrock Edition only]
Potion of LeapingPotion of Leaping3:00 Jump BoostAllows the player to jump higher and reduces fall damage.
Potion of Leaping + 8:00
Potion of Leaping II 1:30 Further increases jump height (over 2 blocks) and reduces fall damage
Potion of Water BreathingPotion of Water Breathing3:00 Water BreathingPrevents the oxygen bar from decreasing when underwater.
Potion of Water Breathing + 8:00
Potion of InvisibilityPotion of Invisibility3:00 Invisibility

Makes player model disappear. Mobs can detect and track the player only at close range, although the range increases when the player wears armor. In splash form, it can make mobs or other players invisible. Armor, items held in hand, arrows stuck into the player, a pig's saddle, a llama's carpet pattern, a shulker's yellow head, and glowing eyes (of spiders, phantoms, and endermen) are not affected and are still visible.

Potion of Invisibility + 8:00
Potion of Slow FallingPotion of Slow Falling1:30 Slow FallingMakes the player fall at a much slower rate, and not take any damage when hitting the ground. This allows the player to jump across a gap of almost 6 blocks when sprinting with this effect. The player also cannot destroy any crops by jumping on them while experiencing the effects of this potion.
Potion of Slow Falling + 4:00
Potion of LuckPotion of Luck
[JE only]
5:00 LuckIncreases the luck attribute by 1 point.

Potions with negative effects[]

Potions with mixed effects[]

Icon Name Duration Use
Potion of the Turtle MasterPotion of the Turtle Master0:20 Slows players and mobs by 60%, to about 2.25 blocks per second sprinting, and reduces their damage taken by 60%.
Potion of the Turtle Master +
Potion of the Turtle Master II
0:20 Slows players and mobs by 90%, to about 0.5625 blocks per second sprinting, and reduces their damage taken by 80%.

Undead Mobs[]

Potions of Healing and potions of Harming have the opposite effects on undead mobs, such as skeletons or zombies. Potions of Healing hurt them, and Harming heals them. In addition, undead mobs are not affected by Poison or Regeneration. Poison and Regeneration will not damage nor regenerate undead mobs.

In Bedrock Edition, hitting an undead mob with a Regeneration Potion will always register as Regeneration I, no matter the level of the used potion.

Uncraftable potion[]

In Java Edition, the Uncraftable Potion is a potion with no effect that is unobtainable in regular gameplay.

It is also available in splash potion and lingering potion forms, as well as for tipped arrows.

It can be obtained using the following command: . It is also obtained any time a potion has invalid or missing potion effect tags, and thus serves as a placeholder.

Icon Name
Uncraftable Potion

Filling cauldrons[]

Using a water bottle on a cauldron increases the cauldron's water level, for up to 3 water bottles, emptying the water bottle. Using a glass bottle on a cauldron containing water drains the cauldron, filling the bottle with water.

In Bedrock Edition, the same can be done with potions, splash potions, and lingering potions, filling the cauldron with the potion. Using a glass bottle on a cauldron containing a potion drains the cauldron, retrieving the potion. Multiple potions, or water, and a potion, cannot be combined in a cauldron.

A potion filled cauldron placed below a down-facing pointed dripstone that has water placed a block above it will slowly fill up with that potion, making potions renewable.‌[untilBE 1.17.20]

Custom effects[]

In Java Edition, potions can also be obtained with any status effect using and the tag , which is an array of effects for the potion. See Item format#Potion Effects for more information, and status effect for a list of effects and IDs.


Data values[]


Java Edition:

NameResource locationFormTranslation key

Bedrock Edition:

NameResource locationNumeric ID FormTranslation key


In Bedrock Edition, potions use the following item data values to indicate the kind of potion:

(Level II)
Water Bottle0N/AN/A
Mundane Potion12N/A
Thick Potion3N/AN/A
Awkward Potion4N/AN/A
Sours: https://minecraft.fandom.com/wiki/Potion

Animated Minecraft GIFs For Geeks

Minecraftgifs.com is a tumblr blog showcasing the beauty of Minecraft that any Minecraft geek would appreciate in the form of GIFs. We were looking at their cool animated GIFs and couldn’t but help and think these should be set as our animated desktop backgrounds on our phones and PCS.

Look at these Minecraft GIFs

This gif makes me feel like I’m laying in a nice park on a warm spring afternoon.

This Minecraft gif actually is a snippet from the 2015 E3 demo of the new Microsoft HoloLens. This was Minecraft PE.

You can feel the heat

The lighting effects are really nice. The creator says the shaders he uses most for these gifs are Stazzas, Ziipzaaps, Chocapic, CUDA, SEUS (of course) and Sildurs! Go check out the forum for the shaders mod to get you going!

I just wanna take a dip in this hot summer day

MinecraftGifs has been around for 3 years and provides the most highest quality gifs I’ve seen for Minecraft. The creator really has an eye for beauty. Below is actually is first GIF for the tumblr site.

Its kinda cute


He doesn’t only do gifs for scenes, this is one for valentines, pretty creative.

The blog is still 100% active and new posts are still being made on a weekly basis, although Minecraftgifs.com creator says he does have classes which occupies his time. If you’re looking for some cool animated Minecraft gifs that display the beauty of Minecraft, then look no further.

Check out more GIFs on his tumblr site

Hey Gearcrafters! Now It's your chance to share with us, just hashtag #YoGearcraft on your Twitter post with a link or image to your art, creations, videos, servers or whatever and it will appear right on our #YoGearcraft page for millions to see! It’s that easy! So what are you waiting for!? Give us a shout out #YoGearcraft!

animated gfiscool minecraft gifsfunny gifsgifs animadosminecraft gifsminecraftgifstumblr

Sours: https://gearcraft.us/animated-minecraft-gifs-for-geeks/

Gif minecraft

Minecraft Redditor creates an iconic GIF using command blocks

A Minecraft Redditor, who goes by the username u/Flaky-Oil, recently had the ingenious idea of creating a GIF using command blocks. The GIF was taken from one of the most iconic videos ever uploaded to YouTube.

While it would be impossible to explain how this contraption works, most players would agree that it seems like magic. In the picture above, the OP can be seen using a ton of Command Blocks, combined with a Redstone pulse, to create the mystery GIF.

Also read: Minecraft Redditor makes a graph of all of the blocks found in one chunk

Players react as Minecraft Redditor creates a GIF using command blocks

The Build

The GIF in question was taken from Rick Astley's extremely popular music video "Never Gonna Give You Up" (Image via u/Flaky-Oil on Reddit)

The Reddit post begins with the OP showing the internals of the build, which consists of tons of Command Blocks and Redstone. This obviously doesn't explain how they created the whole GIF in Minecraft. However, that is likely past most players' areas of expertise.

The GIF in question was taken from Rick Astley's extremely popular music video "Never Gonna Give You Up."

The video is part of an online phenomenon popularly known as the "Rick Roll," where players would share it claiming to be important information. Those who click on it usually end up getting frustrated as they realize they have been tricked.

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Many Redditors claimed they knew they were going to get "Rick-Rolled." However, this is highly unlikely as the OP's execution on this post was impeccable.

Shown: Redditors who have gotten Rick Rolled (Image via Reddit)

Most Redditors couldn't help but notice the giant black cursor located in the middle of the screen. The OP stated that he didn't realize that it was there when sharing his post and didn't feel like recording again.

Shown: Someone had to ask (Image via Reddit)

It is common for most people to be upset after getting Rick-Rolled. However, that frustration is minimized once they listen to the actual song.

It's a great song! (Image via Reddit)

This Redditor (and the seven upvotes) are the only people to admit that they have been tricked. Others are trying to play it off like they weren't tricked.

The only guy to tell the truth! (Image via Reddit)

Nobody would have expected to be Rick Rolled in a Minecraft build, especially since it is such a rare art form in today's age.

Also Read

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Edited by Rachel Syiemlieh
Sours: https://www.sportskeeda.com/minecraft/news-minecraft-redditor-creates-iconic-gif-using-command-blocks

suprised minecraft Animated GIF Maker

How to make a GIF

  1. Select media type. To make a GIF from a video file on your device or a video URL, use "Video to GIF", otherwise use "Images to GIF" to create a GIF animation from a series of still images.
  2. Choose Media. Hit the upload button to choose files from your device, otherwise paste a URL if your media asset is hosted on a website.
  3. Customize. Crop your GIF or add text, images, stickers, drawings/scribbles, and animations. Drag and drop your text and images for perfect positioning. Use the time range slider to make text or images only appear at certain times throughout your GIF. For video-to-gif, enable motion to make your text and images move across the screen to follow the objects in your animated GIF.
  4. Create and share. Hit "Generate GIF" and then choose how to save or share your GIF. You can share to social media or through your phone apps, or share a link, or download the GIF to your device. You can also publish to one of Imgflip's communities.

What can I do with this GIF maker?

You can make high quality animated GIFs online for free, with simple and powerful customization options, much faster than advanced tools like Adobe Photoshop. Features include adding text and images/stickers, choosing fonts, cropping, rotating, resizing, reversing, enabling sound, enabling motion of text and images, drawing/outlining/scribbling, as well as several advanced features. Imgflip supports all modern devices including Windows, Mac, iPhone/iOS, and Android.

What media sources can I make GIFs from?

You can:
  • Make GIFs from Youtube,Vimeo, Giphy, and many other video websites. Just copy and paste the video URL.
  • Make GIFs from videos on your phone or computer. You can upload almost any video format to make your own GIF, but .mp4 videos are best because then you can instantly preview your GIF with our video player.
  • Make GIFs from existing GIFs. Just paste the URL into the input above!
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Can I save my GIFs online?

Yes! Just make sure that you are logged into an Imgflip account, and all GIFs you create will be saved. You can also download your GIF images and keep them private if you want, just remember to check the "private" box.

Why is there an "imgflip.com" watermark on my GIFs?!?

The Imgflip watermark helps other people see where the GIF was created. We really don't want your GIFs to look bad though, so we made it as small as possible while still being readable, and it will not even show up on tiny GIFs. You can disable the watermark completely with a account, if you really need to have watermark-free images.

Why does my GIF not animate on Facebook / other social media website?

Facebook will sometimes decide to animate GIFs, and sometimes not. For best chances, make sure the width and height of your GIF are both larger than 200px, since Facebook tends to not animate small GIFs. Sometimes you have to click share, then exit out of the window, and then click share again. Other social media websites may have similar issues, because they can decide to handle GIFs however they want, outside of our control.

If your .gif file fails entirely to upload to another website or computer program but it works fine on Imgflip, then the site you're uploading to may not fully support GIFs. You can sometimes fix this by changing the Filesize Optimization to "Basic" instead of "Advanced" in the More Options menu of our GIF Maker. This can increase file size but makes your .gif work with more programs. Shopify in particular has a bug claiming that optimized GIFs are corrupted.

Which video formats can I upload?

Some of the popular supported video formats are flv, avi, mov, mp4, mpg, mpeg, wmv, 3gp, asf, swf, ogg, h264, rm. But there are hundreds more...

How can I create GIFs in higher quality?

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Something not working? Do you have suggestions to make the GIF maker better?

Sours: https://imgflip.com/gif-maker/207738291/suprised-minecraft

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