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Razer Viper 8KHz Ultralight Ambidextrous Wired Gaming Mouse

Absolute Control. Elevated. 

Attain the next level of absolute control with the Razer Viper 8KHz—an ambidextrous esports gaming mouse with a true 8000 Hz polling rate for the fastest speed and lowest latency ever achieved. Upgraded with 2nd-gen Razer™ Optical Switches, it’s time to rise to the occasion and leave it all on the floor.

Outpace the Competition. by 8X. 

Razer™ HyperPolling Technology surpasses the industry standard with a true 8000 Hz polling rate— sending up to 8 times more data in a second and reducing delay from 1 to 1/8th of a millisecond.

  • At Least 8x Faster than other leading gaming mouse. 
  • Up to 8000 Data reports every seconds 
  • Industry-leading <0.125ms click Latency 
  • Upgraded with a High-Speed USB microcontroller 

Never Lose Track of Victory 

Unlike mice with lower polling rates where cursor movement can exhibit inconsistent micro-stutters, Razer™ HyperPolling Technology ensures ultra-smooth cursor movement—a difference that’s even more apparent on high refresh rate monitors.

Zero Risk of Misclicks 

Improved with greater tactile feedback, every click now feels and sounds more satisfying. And with no need for a debounce delay used in traditional switches, this lightning-fast actuation is complemented by Razer™ HyperPolling Technology to provide the lowest input latency that gets you closer to playing like a pro.

Fine-Tuned for Pixel Perfect Aim. 

With an industry-leading 99.6% resolution accuracy, even the finest movement from this ambidextrous esports gaming mouse is tracked with consistency. Equipped with intelligent functions, the sensor becomes even more accurate, allowing for an acute level of precision for game-winning headshots.

A Heavy-Hitter that Weights anything but 71G Lightweight Design 

Enjoy faster and smoother control with one of the lightest gaming mice in the market. Weighing just 71g, what’s even more impressive is that it achieves its weight without compromising on the build strength of its ambidextrous form factor.

First-Class Performance Down to Every Last Detail. 

Advanced on-board Memory - Be ready to compete anywhere with up to 5 stored profiles that give you access to optimal keybinds, macros, and twice the inputs via the Razer HyperShift function. 

Razer Speedflex Cable - Woven for greater flexibility and designed to produce minimal drag, you’ll be able to perform quicker, smoother swipes for tighter mouse control. 

Injection-Molded Rubber side Grips - For more secure swipes, the mouse has rubber grips that fully cover its left and right side—molded as part of the shell to ensure they never peel off. 

100% PTFE Mouse Feet - This ambidextrous esports gaming mouse is able to glide across any surface thanks to mouse feet made from the purest, highest grade of PTFE. 

8 Programmable Buttons - Fully configurable via Razer Synapse 3, the 8 programmable buttons let you access macros and secondary functions for an advanced degree of control.

Sours: https://gameone.ph/razer-viper-8khz-ultralight-ambidextrous-wired-gaming-mouse.html

— ABSOLUTE CONTROL • Control the outcome of any battle with a gaming mouse that combines high precision, a cutting-edge lightweight body, and the fastest actuation in gaming. Meet the Razer Viper—featuring industry-leading mice technology that’s designed with and tested by Team Razer athletes, bringing you a mouse that’s bred to tear up the pro scene. — RAZER™ OPTICAL MOUSE SWITCH • Every click you make actuates at the speed of light. The Razer™ Optical Mouse Switch utilizes an infrared light beam to register a click, resulting in an industry-leading response time of 0.2 milliseconds. Its instant actuation eliminates debounce and unintended clicks, giving you complete control in execution. — RAZER 5G OPTICAL SENSOR • Engineered with 99.4% tracking accuracy and up to 16,000 DPI, the Razer 5G Optical Sensor offers deadly precision. When combined with your physical dexterity and skill, the Razer Viper represents a mouse that achieves a true extension of yourself in the game. — 69g LIGHTWEIGHT DESIGN • During competition, even the tiniest advantage can make a difference. The Razer Viper weighs in at just 69g without any compromise on its build strength. A lighter mouse allows swifter, more controlled swipes, augmenting the speed of your reaction in battle. — RAZER™ SPEEDFLEX CABLE • In our pursuit of giving you every ounce of competitive edge, we’ve designed a mouse cable that enables smoother swipes. The Razer Viper features the highly flexible Razer™ Speedflex Cable, bringing you unhindered control with minimal drag. — TECH SPECS • Razer 5G Advanced Optical Sensor with true 16,000 DPI • Up to 450 inches per second (IPS) / 50G Acceleration • 1000 Hz Ultra-polling • Razer™ Optical Mouse Switches with 70 million clicks life cycle • Razer™ Speedflex Cable • Gaming-grade Tactile Scroll Wheel • 69g Lightweight Ambidextrous Design • Razer Chroma™ lighting with 16.8 million customizable color options • 8 Independently Programmable Hype-response Buttons • Onboard DPI Storage (Up to 5 DPI stages) • Razer Synapse 3 Enabled • Approx. Size — 126.73mm / 4.99 in (Length) | 66.2mm / 2.61in (Width) | 37.81mm / 1.49in (Height) • Approx. Weight — 69g / 0.15lbs (excluding cable) • Cable Length — 2.1m / 6.89ft • P/N — RZ01-02550100-R3M1

Sours: https://shopee.sg/Razer-Viper-%E2%80%94-Ambidextrous-Wired-Gaming-Mouse-(Classic-Black)-(wired-mouse)-i.132690007.2615699198
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Razer Viper Mouse Review

The Razer Viper is a lightweight gaming mouse with an ambidextrous design. Thanks to its short and low-profile body, the mouse's shape is suitable for most hand sizes when using a fingertip grip, but people with small hands may struggle to reach the mouse clicks and scroll wheel. It has a very low click latency, a wide and adjustable CPI range, and a very low lift-off distance. It's similar to the Razer Viper Ultimate, but the Viper is wired-only. Unfortunately, its cable isn't very flexible, and its customization software is available on Windows only.

Our Verdict

The Razer Viper is good for office use. While it doesn't have an ergonomic shape like some dedicated office mice, it should still feel very comfortable for most hand sizes using a claw or fingertip grip, but people with small or medium hands may also be comfortable with a palm grip. It feels very well-built and has many buttons that can be reprogrammed to fit your needs; unfortunately, its customization software isn't available on macOS. Also, it isn't wireless and some people might find the cable cumbersome.

  • Feels excellently well-built.
  • Comfortable, ambidextrous design.
  • Four programmable side buttons.
  • Cable not as flexible as some other options.
  • Wired-only design may be cumbersome.
  • Software not compatible on macOS.

The Razer Viper is excellent for FPS gaming. It has very low click latency and feels responsive. It's surprisingly very light for a mouse without a honeycomb design, and it feels excellently well-built. Also, its body has a low profile that is great for a fingertip grip, but small hands may struggle to reach some buttons. It has a wide and adjustable CPI range, a high polling rate, and a low lift-off distance. However, the cable is a bit stiff and might create some drag.

  • Feels excellently well-built.
  • Amazingly low click latency.
  • Comfortable, ambidextrous design.
  • Cable not as flexible as some other options.
  • Software not compatible on macOS.

The Razer Viper is very good for MMO gaming, but it doesn't have nearly as many side buttons as dedicated MMO mice. However, it has a very low click latency, a wide and customizable CPI range, and a low lift-off distance. It feels excellently built and very comfortable, but people with larger hands may struggle with a palm grip.

  • Feels excellently well-built.
  • Amazingly low click latency.
  • Comfortable, ambidextrous design.
  • Cable not as flexible as some other options.
  • Software not compatible on macOS.

The Razer Viper is excellent for fans of ultra-light gaming mice. Despite not having a honeycomb design, it's surprisingly light. It has an amazingly low click latency and lift-off distance. It feels very well-built and is suitable for most hand sizes using a fingertip grip. However, its cable isn't very flexible and may create some drag.

  • Feels excellently well-built.
  • Amazingly low click latency.
  • Comfortable, ambidextrous design.
  • Cable not as flexible as some other options.

The Razer Viper isn't designed for traveling. This wired mouse won't be ideal to use in tight spaces like a plane and isn't very portable.

  • Feels excellently well-built.
  • Cable not as flexible as some other options.
  • Wired-only design may be cumbersome.
  • Software not compatible on macOS.
  • 7.6Office/Multimedia
  • 8.6Video Games (FPS)
  • 8.1Video Games (MMO)
  • 8.7Ultra-Light Gaming
  • 4.9Travel
  1. Updated Sep 10, 2021: Changed Permanent Kink test result in Cable box to 'No'.
  2. Updated Oct 05, 2020: Converted to Test Bench 1.0.
  3. Updated Mar 05, 2020: Review published.
  4. Updated Feb 28, 2020: Early access published.
Sours: https://www.rtings.com/mouse/reviews/razer/viper

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