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New and Improved! User resources, printables with in-app motivation and engagement awards!

XtraMath is a math fact fluency program that helps students increase their math fluency and recall in order to succeed in fractions, decimals, and other higher-level math concepts. XtraMath student activities are simple and straightforward and take about 10 minutes each day. The program uses sophisticated methods to present your child with the right problem at the right time to maximize the effectiveness of practice. Students earn a certificate of achievement when they complete an operation as well as receive trophy awards as they hit program milestones.
You will receive a weekly progress report via e-mail. The report shows how well your child knows their math facts and the progress they are making toward mastery. More detailed reports can be accessed via the web at any time. Additionally, there is a user guide you can download that will walk you through the program and the reports.
Many educators choose XtraMath to supplement their regular math curriculum in the classroom. XtraMath does not have any advertising within the app, and we comply with applicable data privacy laws, such as FERPA, COPPA, and GDPR, as well as have signed the Student Privacy Pledge. User data and information is never sold or given to third parties.
XtraMath® is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to math achievement for all. Our goal is to develop effective, efficient, adaptive, and intrinsically rewarding supplemental math activities.

Version 20.0.0

Back to school updates and more! XtraMath has added engagement and motivation features so kids (and families) can track their progress and earn trophies along the way. And families, we now have user guides that you can download or view online on our latest Resources page! The new user guides walk you through getting your child online, whether they are using the program in school, homeschool, or for extra practice at home, as well as provide detailed report descriptions. The resources page also features our new Printables! You can now print out trophies, certificates, large fluency matrixes, and classroom progress charts to help you hold classroom or individual contests throughout the school year!

Ratings and Reviews

2.4 out of 5

1.2K Ratings

Updated review

I go back and forth between hating and loving this app, but now my mind is made up. My daughter passed her addition and subtraction facts with this app, which I thought was great and I thought meant she knew her math facts. Then, we switched from Rod and Staff math to Singapore Dimensions and my daughter definitely does not know all of her addition math facts! And when I say she doesn’t know all, I really mean she pretty much doesn’t know any of them without counting. So, she pretty much wasted her time on an app she hated anyways and from which she learned very little. We’ll just stick to flash cards and speed drills from now on, and skip Xtramath. Definitely frequently assess your child to make sure she/he is actually learning her/his facts and able to solve addition problems presented to her/him in various ways if you plan on using this app or any math program that focuses on drill and rote learning. Unfortunately, this app only presents the problems in one way, so if your child is later confronted with an addition problem written in a different way, she may not understand how to solve it, which I didn’t think about until we started Singapore math, which wonderfully does present problems in multiple ways and expects children to actually think about the problems (I’ve learned that this is important for solving novel and unfamiliar problems!). And now I’m kicking myself for being lazy and leaving my daughter’s math facts learning to an app.

Hi, I'm sorry to hear about problems you've run into with your daughter deleting her account. Making changes to a student account is only possible through a parent or teacher account. Most likely your parent sign-in is "remembered" on your device, which means you (or she) can sign into your parent account without your password. If you have questions (or need us to restore a recently removed student account) we are most happy to help! You can reach us at [email protected]

Not the best, not the worst

My son’s 3rd grade teacher uses this app to assist with memorizing the multiplication tables. The app seems to focus on answering math questions quickly. I have never understood why doing math quickly is important unless you are trying to calculate the trajectory of an incoming missile and that is what computers are for because I’d love to see people working that out in their heads. Anyways, I have emphasized with him to ignore the timer and focus on the problem. As he learns he naturally gets quicker whether the timer is there or not. I suppose teaching kids to ignore outside pressures and distractions and just get things done is life skill in itself. There are a couple of body language expressions the “teacher” makes when he gets things wrong that make him think the “teacher” is mad at him which does not seem conducive to learning but I reminded him it’s not his real teacher it’s just a character in an app. Overall, it’s not the best math app I’ve seen, and I kinda feel it’s unnecessary for what my son’s teacher is using it for, but I’ve seen worse ones.

XtraMath helps students transition from counting or calculating the basic math facts to recalling them. Quickly recalling math facts, instead of calculating them, frees up mental resources for higher-level operations.

XtraMath’s timed activities encourage students to answer questions as quickly as possible. When combined with the spaced repetition of problems, this efficiently develops recall. The three-second threshold is carefully selected to be long enough to type in a recalled answer but not long enough for the student to comfortably enter a counted or calculated answer.

Students should have already learned the basic counting or calculating strategies, and be able to solve the problems without time pressure, before starting to practice an operation with XtraMath.

Taught me a lot

This app has taught me a lot of stuff that is now easy for me. In 3rd grade, I was really struggling with my math because, it was all multiplication and division. I was at a public school in 2nd and we were just starting to learn about multiplying. We didn’t learn division yet, and then I changed to a private Montessori school. And they were already doing like 4th and 5th grade math, so of course I was clueless!! But I was glad to get outta that public school. Now, I’m in a public school in 4th grade, and my teacher made us do XtraMath. And curious little me was wondering, “What is XtraMath?!” So, I tried it, I hated it. I didn’t realize that slowly over time, I was getting better multiplication!! And one day, I passed! I was so unbelievably happy and proud of myself!! Then I started division, I hated it, but eventually I got better and passed! Now I’m on the faster multiplication and I’m close to passing!! So thank you so much XtraMath for changing my life for the
better! So anyway, long story short, BUY this app! It helps your child with adding, subtracting, multiplication, and division. It may not be that fun, but it’s worth it!! So buy this app for your kid, it totally works, I promise! Have a good day! 🤗🤗🤗

The developer, XtraMath, has not provided details about its privacy practices and handling of data to Apple. For more information, see the developer’s privacy policy.

No Details Provided

The developer will be required to provide privacy details when they submit their next app update.



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Requires iOS 9.0 or later.
Requires iPadOS 9.0 or later.
iPod touch
Requires iOS 9.0 or later.
Requires macOS 11.0 or later and a Mac with Apple M1 chip.

English, Dutch, French, German, Greek, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish

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Sours: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/xtramath/id882931712

Singapore Math, Extra Practice for Primary Math U.S. Edition 2

Extra Practice for Primary Mathematics U.S. Editionfollows the topical arrangement in the Primary Mathematics U.S. Edition series. The exercises generally provide problems of a similar style and level of difficulty as the course material, but are short and specific. Instructors may assign only those topics in which the students needs more practice; it is recommended for average students needing more practice than found in the workbooks. This series may be used as a source of problems for tests, to re-teach or practice a topic, or to review a specific topic from a previous level. Answers are provided at the back of the books.

Book 2 covers multiplying and dividing by 2,3,4,5 and 10; money; fractions; time; capacity; graphs; geometry; area; length; weight; renaming problems; place value and more. 100 pages, softcover.

This extra practice book accompanies Singapore Math: Primary Math Textbook 2A US Edition" and Singapore Math: Primary Math Textbook 2B US Edition.

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Games and Extra Practice

Below are a number of resources for parents to further supplement lessons with online practice questions, videos, printable worksheets, and fun games to play at home.

The links below may provide students with an opportunity for practice. These websites are not connected to CEMSE or to Everyday Mathematics and our posting them does not constitute an endorsement.

Games by Grade and Unit

This page contains a list of games listed by grades and units.

Extra Math Practice


IXL provides a fun and engaging environment in which students can practice their math skils and be rewarded for their hard work. If you purchase a membership, you can also set goals, track students' progress, and monitor their usage information.

Khan Academy

This site features a library of over 2,700 instructional videos and 240 practice exercises covering a variety of subjects, including many elementary mathematics topics.


XtraMath is a free web-based program that helps students master basic addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division facts. Students learn to recall them quickly and accurately and can then use these math facts as a basis on which to build more complex problem-solving skills.

Figure This

Math challenges that middle-school students can do at home with their families.


Everyday Mathematics Online

Everyday Mathematics Online provides many useful resources for students and parents, including games and an interactive reference book to help with assignments. To use it, you'll need to know your username and password, which you can get from your teacher if your school has subscribed.

Interactive Arithmetic

One- and two-person versions of "Connect Four" help reinforce addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division skills.

Games for practicing a variety of skills

Fun and interactive online games to practice a wide range of skills, including multiplication, angles, percentages, and other skills.

Help with Understanding Concepts

National Library of Virtual Manipulatives

This website links to hundreds of "virtual manipulatives," which can help students visualize and better understand concepts covered by the Everyday Mathematics curriculum.

Telling Time

Make the Sun rise and set with this interative clock while learning to tell time.

Create Graphs

Practice making pie, bar, line, area, and x/y graphs.

Generate Random Numbers with Virtual Dice

This random number generator comes in the form of many-sided virtual dice. Use conventional integers or custom-design your very own!

Other Resources

Fun Facts from Factoid

These fascinating facts will encourage students to learn more about math and science.

Math links on the Internet Public Library

The Math page connects to scores of links to help learn more about geometry, measuring, money, and more!

EM for Parents

Everyday Mathematics for Parents: What You Need to Know to Help Your Child Succeed

The University of Chicago School Mathematics Project

University of Chicago Press

Learn more >>

Related Links

Everyday Mathematics Online

With a login provided by your child's teacher, access resources to help your child with homework or brush up on your math skills.

Understanding Everyday Mathematics for Parents

Learn more about the EM curriculum and how to assist your child.

Sours: https://everydaymath.uchicago.edu/parents/parent-links/

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Math extra

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