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Follow the Steps to Quote on Reddit

Fortunately, it’s quite easy to use the quote on Reddit.

Here’s the step-by-step instruction on how to quote on Reddit:

  1. First off, open Reddit in your browser. To read the instruction here while doing them, use Stack. It will allow you to view both websites side-by-side without the hassle of resizing your current window.
  2. After that, find a post where you want to leave a quote. (To open a post, click on its title and you will be able to view the whole post as well as all the comments others have left.)
  3. The next step is to find a comment that you want to include in your post. Note that this is the comment that you want to quote. Scroll down and find that comment.
  4. Once you found it, select the section (or the whole quote, if you want) by clicking and dragging the mouse cursor across the comment (or its section).
  5. Then, copy the selection (the whole comment or the parts that you have selected). You can right-click on it and select copy or you can use keyboard shortcuts by pressing “Control + C” on Windows or “Command + C” on Mac.
  6. To quote it, go back to the text box and click the quote icon, which is represented by a double quote icon. This will create a quote block on the text block, which would then have a vertical gray line within the text box.
  7. Paste the selection you copied earlier by pressing the keyboard shortcut “Control + V” on Windows or “Command + C” on Mac. You should now see the copied quote in the text box.
  8. To close the quote block, press “Enter” to proceed to the next line and press the “Backspace” key. That’s it! You can now add your own response or comment to the comment.

Use Stackbrowser to Better Use Reddit

As you can see, learning how to quote on Reddit is simple and easy. You just need to select and copy the comment that you want to quote, create a quote block on the text box, and paste the comment. You can also quote anything by simply creating a quote block.

To better use Reddit, you should start using Stack — the new browser that’s considered the internet’s operating system. With it, you can use place websites and applications side-by-side and even have multiple account logins.

Reddit is popularly known as the front page of the internet. As of 2019, the platform has more than 450 million active monthly users, which is more than 200% growth over the past five years.

Unfortunately, it’s not really the most user-friendly platform out there. How to quote on Reddit might seem tricky especially to those who are new to the platform.

Download Stack


Reddit is a popular social media platform which is used as a forum to ask questions. You can ask questions and post on Reddit. The Reddit users will answer your questions and you can discuss in comments sections as well. While discussing, you might sometimes be required to quote other comments or posts. Quoting in Reddit is easy to do a task and you can easily quote on Reddit using your smartphone app or the website. When you quote a comment or question on Reddit, it will appear with a grey line in front of it.

How to Quote on Reddit Website on Windows/Mac/Linux?

You can easily quote on Reddit website with the below in-built options.

(1) Open the browser on your computer and go to Reddit website and login with your credentials.

(2) Open the post which you want insert a quote.

(3) Now go to the “comment” section and find the the comment which you want to post a quote.

Note: It is possible to quote original post content as well and you can find it at the top of the thread.

(4) Select the comment which you want to quote and copy it.

(5) Now click on the Reply button and select “More” icon.

Click on More icon

(6) You will find the “Quote” icon under the more option. Click on it.

How to Quote on Reddit?

(7) A grey line will appear on the reply section. Now paste your comment and click on the “Reply” button.

How to Quote on Reddit?

You can quote your own text as well. By following the above method, you can quote on the Reddit website. Quoting on Reddit is simple like hyperlinking a text on Reddit.

How to Quote on Reddit App?

You can also quote on Reddit app as well. There is no quote icon like you see on the website. But you can still quote with the following steps:

(1) Open the Reddit app on your Smartphone (Android/iPhone) and login to your account.

(2) Go to the post that your want to quote.

Click on comments button

(3) Tap the Comment icon or the Reply icon.

Add a comment

(4) Add the Quote line with “>” greater sign at the beginning.

How to Quote on Reddit?
> Reddit

The above text will appear as


By following the above method, your text will appear as a quote on your app.

If you are using the Reddit website, you can follow the first method or use the second method on your app. In case, if you have any queries, then tell us about it in the comment section.

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Are you wondering how to quote on Reddit? If you are seeking the best way to do it, you’ve come to the right page. This article cover how to quote quickly on reddit mobile app and website.

Reddit is one of the most popular user-generated content forums on earth. Since it has its roots in freedom of speech, it is not surprising that it is banned in some countries. But for those who are still using this platform to spread their particular messages, you would agree that Reddit is the best platform to share a wide array of content in the form of texts, links, photos, videos, as well as posts. To engage with the other people on the platform, you could be familiar with the quote on the Reddit feature.

The quote Reddit feature is similar to the quote feature you usually find in the common forums. Users quote the other content to refer to their context, promote something, rooting their opinion, and other reasons. Some users may want to quote text on Reddit posts or other comments within the platform as well. And for those who haven’t known the exact way to do it, you don’t need to worry since it is very easy, simple, and straightforward. Even if you’ve just begun using the platform, you can learn it for a few seconds and practice it immediately.

Basically, you can use the Reddit platform just like you do with Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and so on. But there are some different commands to understand how to quote a comment on Reddit’s particular content in your post.

Since you can use the Reddit platform through your web browser and mobile app, I’d like to categorize the tips into two main categories based on the devices you are using to access Reddit.

Reddit Built-in Quoting

Quoting feature is one of the most commonly used features in Reddit. Yet, still, many people question how to quote text on Reddit.

First, you will want to take a look at the result of the quoted text. It appears to have a sort of grey line in the front of it. If you wonder how to quote someone on Reddit mobile, the method is slightly different from the web-based Reddit service.

The Reddit service has a built-in quote feature which makes it easier for users to quote a text or someone’s comment with a single tap of a button. And we will show you how below.

How to Quote on Reddit website?

You can follow these steps if you are accessing Reddit from your Mac, Windows, or Linux.

The idea here is to use the built-in quoting feature in the platform. Therefore, you will need to log in to your account by using your own credentials to proceed.

Step 1: Open your browser on your device. Then access Reddit and log in.

Step 2: Find the particular post where you want to insert the quote

Step 3: Hit the “comment” section and find the comment you will want to post the quote. Or, Find the original thread post if you want to quote something or the whole part.

Step 4: Select the particular words, phrases, sentences, or paragraphs that you can quote. Copy them.

Step 5:  Hit the Reply button and find the “More” Icon. It is a three-dots icon at the left bottom side of the reply section. Select it.

Click on More icon

Step 6: Click the Quote icon. Then the grey line will appear immediately in the reply section.

How to Quote on Reddit?

Step 7: In such an area, you just need to paste the text and proceed by clicking the Reply button. That’s it!

How to Quote on Reddit?

How to Quote on Reddit mobile?

For those who are using mobile devices to access Reddit, you can also quote on the Reddit App. Unlike the web-based Reddit platform, the Reddit app version does not come with the quote icon that you can find there. But the Reddit app indeed has the quote function.

You will need to add the right command to start the quoting. Here are the steps to take:

Step 1: Open the Reddit app on your smartphone or tablet. Log in with your own credentials, or register if you don’t have the account.

Step 2: Go to the specific post where you want to quote the text.

Click on comments button

Step 3: Tap the comments icon. Then add your comment.

Add a comment

Step 4: Find the comment you want to quote and copy it.

Step 5: Start the quote line by adding a greater sign “>” (without quotation marks) at the beginning.

How to Quote on Reddit?

Step 6: Paste the comment you want to quote, Now your text will appear as a quote on the Reddit app.

You can also apply this method on the Reddit website or just use the built-in quote function. I wonder why Reddit developers do not add the quote button in their app. But if it is something that is crucial for Reddit users, I believe someday they will update their app.

FAQ: Quote on Reddit

Can I quote my own text?

Yes, you can. Reddit allows the users to quote any text, including your own text. The method is the same as we explained above. Quoting your own text is just as simple as quoting other users’ text.

Can I quote text on Reddit without signing in?

The answer is a big NO. If you just want to browse the Reddit platform and its posts, you don’t need to sign up or sign in. But if you want to comment, including quoting on a particular text, you need to be a member of Reddit. Sign up first then you can participate in the community.

But I want to protect identity when quoting?

I know that some topics shouted at Reddit are sensitive, so that it can be harmful to let others know about your personal information. Then I suggest you are using a unique username that won’t indicate your real identity.

Or, you could use a Throwaway Reddit Account if you want to protect your real information. A Throwaway Reddit Account is a temporary account that is used for particular purposes. It is not exaggerating to say that it is your secondary account – the unprioritized one.


The Most HELPFUL QUOTES That Will Stick With You FOREVER

How to Quote on Reddit in 3 Simple Steps

You’re probably here because you’re wondering how to quote on Reddit.

Whether you want to polish your comment to make it more useful and readable or to get more upvotes, this quick guide will show you how to quote someone on Reddit mobile and the website.

How to quote on Reddit 

Whether you’re using the Reddit website or the app, it’s easy to quote another comment on Reddit. The steps below will walk you through.

1. Open your favorite browser and go to This will take you to the Reddit homepage.

2. Make sure to sign in first before attempting to leave a comment. You can sign in by clicking on the “LOG IN” button in the top-right corner of the page or at the top of the comment section, then enter your username and password.

3. Once you’re signed in, find the comment and highlight the section you want to quote.

You don’t need to copy the selected text, just hit the “Reply” button and your quote will be created instantly waiting for you in the comment form text area.

Alternative option: Others may suggest you click the “Reply” button first and copy the words you want to quote. Then click the three dots (…) to find the “Quote Block“. You’ll see a gray line on the left side indicating that these words have been successfully quoted. Hit enter then backspace to add your comment.

Seriously that’s too many steps to just quote someone’s comment on Reddit. If you value your time use the first option, which is easier and quicker.

Read on: How to Change Reddit Username

If you’re using the Reddit mobile app, which most people do, here’s how to quote someone’s comment.

1. Open the app and find the comment worth quoting. Unlike on the website, there’s no “Quote” icon on the mobile app.

2. If you’re using an iPhone after you tap the “Reply” icon, put an angle bracket “>” before the text to make it display as a quote. Use multiple angle brackets “>>” to create nested quotes.

3. For Android, tap the “Reply” icon, and select the section of the comment you want to quote, from the menu options that pops up, tap “Quote” and the highlighted text will appear as a quote in the reply field.

That’s how you add quotes on Reddit comment. Please let us know in the comment section below if you have any questions.

Don’t forget to share this guide with your friends.


Quote reddit

The Office: 10 WTF Quotes, According to Reddit

From Michael Scott to Creed Bratton, the workers at Dunder Mifflin have said some truly "WTF?" lines over The Office's nine seasons.

The brilliance of The Office was that each character was incredibly unique from the rest, but the Dunder Mifflin employees as an ensemble despite their differences. Whether it was Dwight comforting Pam when she was crying in the hallway or Phyllis giving Dwight romance advice, these characters had some endearing moments.

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On the flip side, they also had some “WTF?” moments and quotes. While most of the things these characters say are for the sake of comedy, others were just cringeworthy, too much information, or awkward. These quotes were way too inappropriate for the workplace — but that’s how Dunder Mifflin rolled.

"The Peeing Is Fast, Oscar... It's Getting My Tie Back On." - Kevin Malone

Kevin Malone is a simple man and has said tons of relatable quotes. But in "Niagara," he had a questionable quote while talking to Oscar.

As the two were walking into the church, Kevin looked as if he was deep in thought. Oscar told him if he had to go to the bathroom he had plenty of time. Oddly enough, Kevin responded that peeing isn't the time-consuming part; it's putting his tie back on. Oscar looked as confused as the viewers with the image of Kevin getting fully undressed just to go to the bathroom. StarrFall98 said this line was "underrated," while OkayFoxItOut agreed that they found it "weird to get fully undressed to use the washroom."

"I've Trained My Major Blood Vessels To Retract Into My Body On Command. Also, I Can Retract My Penis Up Unto Itself." - Dwight Schrute

Dwight has had his fair share of "WTF?" quotes over nine seasons, but one of his weirdest was in "Blood Drive." In the episode, there was a blood drive at Scranton Business Park. Dwight was happy to donate some blood, which is when he told cameras about his unique trick. However, no one asked for this information.

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When Sandoozless asked Reddit what the most underrated quote in The Office was, PigWheels noted it was Dwight's quote about his unique talent. However, it's hands down one of his most eyebrow-raising.

"Toby Is In HR, Which Technically Means He Works For Corporate, So He's Really Not A Part Of Our Family. Also, He's Divorced, So He's Really Not A Part Of His Family." - Michael Scott

Michael's behavior towards Toby throughout the series was shameful (albeit hilarious). Because Toby worked in human resources, Michael saw him as a fun-sucker; someone who made his life horrible at work.

Although Michael had funny "I hate Toby" quotes, this one went too far. Dominator39 found this WTF-worthy quote humorous, but AnnaMCG had a good theory as to why Michael loathed Toby so much. "Because he had Michael's dream: a wife and a kid, and got divorced." Michael always wanted a wife and kids but that didn't happen for him until later in life.

"If I Can't Have My Scuba Diving, Then What's This All Been About?" - Creed Bratton

Creed is one of the most mysterious characters in The Office. No one is really sure what he does all day at work — even Creed is unsure of what his position is at Dunder Mifflin. In "Gossip," rumors were swirling around the office, including one where Creed had asthma.

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Creed then had a talking head where he worried about his scuba diving future if people thought he had asthma. SilkyMits91 found this quote to be one of the most "obscure" quotes in The Office. It had fans saying, "WTF?" because Creed worked at a paper company, not a scuba company.

"What Is A Pap Smear? Or Is It Schmear?" - Michael Scott

In "Women's Appreciation," Michael took the women of Dunder Mifflin out to lunch to show them how much he appreciated them. But as always, Michael made the afternoon about him and said some inappropriate things along the way.

In a classic Michael Scott misquote in The Office, he asked the women if it was pronounced "pap smear" or "pap schmear, like the cream cheese." The question was unwarranted and random, shocking the women around him. Viewers on Reddit thought it was a funny quote from the episode, saying, "It honestly might be my favorite Michael line. His delivery is so perfect [because] he's sipping on his soda while he thinks of the question haha and just, like, tilts his head like 'hmmm! oh yeah, I finally get to ask this question.'" However, Pam's look to the camera after Michael said this proved how WTF? this quote was.

"When Pam Gets Michael's Chair, I Get Pam's Old Chair. Then I'll Have Two Chairs. Only One To Go..." - Creed Bratton

Based on Creed's quotes about his identity and hobbies on the weekend, it's assumed that Creed lives a life of crime. He even showed up to a Halloween party with real blood on him.

In one scene, Creed told the cameras that once Pam got Michael's old chair, he would get Pam's old chair, and the cycle continues. With two chairs, all he needed was one more. However, fans had no idea why Creed collected chairs and needed three in particular. Thankfully, Creed did a Reddit "Ask Me Anything" where he answered fans' "WTF?" questions. When PsychicApple asked why Creed needed a third chair, Bratton said, "To climb up into my hidden cubicle in the warehouse where I store all the things I stole from the company."

"Uh-Huh Prove It, Let's See Your Penis! - Michael Scott

When Phyllis was flashed in the parking lot, she was beside herself while Jim and Pam called the police. Michael eventually showed up to work and made an inappropriate joke that Toby was the flasher because he was late.

No one in the office found this funny and it got worse when Michael pretended to flash the office and asked Toby to show his appendage. AndPeggy asked Reddit what the most cringe-worthy Michael line was and ArmourDLinx cited this one, for good reason.

"Don't Ever For Any Reason, Do Anything To Anyone, For Any Reason, Ever, No Matter What, No Matter Where, Or Who, Or Who You Are With, Or Where You Are Going, Or Where You've Been, Ever, For Any Reason Whatsoever." - Michael Scott

ChaosPineapple asked Reddit what their "favorite quote from The Office" was, and Intersecting_Lines said it was when Michael told David his life's "philosophy."

Michael and David weren't best friends, but Michael obviously had no idea how to answer David's question of what he was doing right at work, so he went off on a tangent. Hilariously, the quote doesn't make sense in the slightest and had David scratching his head wondering, "WTF?"

"Angela’s Cats Are Cute. So Cute That You Just Want To Eat Them. But You Can’t Eat Cats. You Can’t Eat Cats, Kevin." - Kevin Malone

Kevin has had some of the funniest moments on the show, but he's also had some "WTF?" lines. In one episode, Kevin fell in love with Angela's many cats. He said they were "so cute that you just want to eat them." He then had to remind himself that he couldn't eat them.

The_Bosky told Reddit that this was their favorite line despite how weird it is that Kevin would consider eating a cat.

"I Was In My Mid-Twenties And I Was... Going Through A Lot Of Stuff. I Think I Never Really Processed 9/11." - Ryan Howard

Ryan has had a lot of sad things happen to him over the years. From being disrespected as a temp to committing fraud as a way to do well at work, Ryan went through a lot. However, no matter what he went through, he continuously treated his on-and-off girlfriend, Kelly, like she was disposable.

While NuevoJerz told Reddit they found this quote "funny," they also found it "sad," "politically incorrect," and "poignant." Others agreed in the comment section that this line was incredibly insensitive yet a classic Ryan quote because he'd do anything to blame something else for his poor behavior.

NEXT: 10 Of The Saddest Things About Ryan


Elle Fanning Assumes The Throne In The Great Season 2 Trailer

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What Did A Fictional Character Say That Has Stayed With You? (r/AskReddit)

How to create a quote block on Reddit to make quotes stand out in a post

  • You can create a quote block on Reddit for your next post in five easy steps.
  • If you want to include a lengthy quote in a Reddit post, the quote block formatting tool will make your post more polished and easy to read.
  • Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories.

Formatting hacks are a simple way to make your Reddit posts more effective.

One formatting trick that's easy to master is creating a quote block, so that a section of text stands slightly apart from the rest.

And in Reddit's crowded, opinion-packed forums, tweaks like the quote block are a great way to make your Reddit posts more polished, and readable, so you get more eyeballs and upvotes.

Although you can't use the block quote format when you post via Reddit's mobile app, you can easily throw a quote block into a post using Reddit's "Fancy Pants Editor" on your desktop.

Here's how to place a quote block in your next Reddit post in five simple steps. 

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How to create a quote block on Reddit 

1. Open Reddit in your preferred browser on your Mac or PC. 

2. Sign in to your account if you haven't already, and open the composition area within your chosen subreddit to create your Reddit post.

How to quote on Reddit
Emma Witman/Business Insider

3. After you've written the post, highlight the part you'd like to make a quote block.

4. Click "Quote Block." It will appear as a quote symbol toward the middle of the toolbar, above the posting composition area.

How to quote on Reddit
Emma Witman/Business Insider

5. Make any final edits, and click "post."

How to quote on Reddit
Emma Witman/Business Insider


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