Quartet chalkboard

Quartet Black Chalkboard

Product Description

Quartet Black Chalkboard - Practical and reusable, green and black surface chalk boards are an essential and basic writing surface for the classroom. The satin finished, anodized aluminum frame is heavy-gauge with crimp construction and all four corners precision mitered for extra strength. Every board features a 3/4" frame face width and a full-length chalk rail with protective plastic endcaps for easy access to chalk and eraser. Boards sized 3' x 4' and smaller feature Quartet's patented SureLox hanging system, while larger sized boards feature a heavy-duty L clip installation kit for safe, simple and precise mounting every time.

  • Practical black chalkboard surface
  • Offers best performance in light to moderate use classroom environments
  • Chalkboard measures 4' x 12'
  • Features satin-finish aluminum frame and full-length chalk rail
  • Hanging system for easy wall mounting included
  • Made in the USA

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Sours: https://www.officesupply.com/office-supplies/boards-easels/boards/chalkboards/quartet-black-chalkboard/p21978.html

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Chalkboard quartet

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