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2020 Mustang GT vs Camaro SS 1LE

Oct 2, 2018
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When it comes down to it, there is no rule of thumb for reliability. You're also on your own with the consequences. No warranty will cover a loss due to boost. Yes, the engines are robust, and can handle a lot of power on stock internals. On the other hand, the oil pump gear is made of solid Chinesium. Take little things like that into account, and you can easily build a "reliable" 700HP car. If you just slap boost on without supporting mods, the car will be "unreliable". It all comes down to how you build it, and if you can afford to fix it out of pocket.

It sounds like you're looking for a good cruising car, dare I say a grand tourer? The Camaro simply isn't that. Look at the reviews incomparison. Once you take track performance out of the equation (the entire point of the 1LE package) the Camaro rides worse on the street, has worse visibility, worse interior, is less practical, and less sex appeal :giggle:.

Get what you want, but I can't imagine why anyone would pick a Camaro. Chevy went too far getting the magazine numbers and the track times. They forgot that those don't make a good car. There's something intangible and special about the Mustang that you can't buy anywhere else.
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2019 CTR or 2019 Camaro SS 1LE?.

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Jan 1, 2016
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I'm confused about your pricing. Are you looking to spend $38,000 or $60,000?

Personally, I'd buy the CTR before the Camaro. From an engineering standpoint, the CTR is far superior to the SS. If we were talking about the ZL1 Camaro then that's a completely different story, and it's also $20,000 more.

If I was spending $38,000 it would be the CTR for sure.
If I was spending $60,000 it would be a base model Corvette Stingray. The only time I'd pick a ZL1 over a Stingray would be if I was going to the track regularly.
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Originally Posted by quagmireView Post

Will the ZL1 1LE be a daily or another weekend toy?

If daily, get another wheel setup because the OEM tires will wear out quickly and throw rocks all over the paint. And be sure to test drive one cause the DSSV dampers will give it a FIRM ride.

Has solid mounts too. There are people rationalizing their purchase IMO, but I think most people would be far better off with the "regular" ZL1 or 2SS 1LE (the one I got). There is a good in-depth video floating around on you-tube that dissects all of the features and adjustments that the ZL1-1LE has. The video is a bit biased (mustang guy I think), but it does a good job of breaking it all down. My take-away from that video was "this is one hell of a track car". It's a lot more livable than the Z/28, it doesn't go to the extreme ends and still performs better, but the ZL1-1LE is a suspension tune that forgoes the adjustable mag ride and makes sacrifices in the name of going faster around a track, one of those sacrifices is more drag, but make no mistake, the regular ZL1 handles amazing and is no slouch. I basically have the same suspension setup in the 2SS 1LE and I can say it's as stiff as I'd want to go with a street/DD car. It's complaint and sucks up stuff good, but these anti-sway bars are aggressive and the chassis is very very stiff (so stiff if you jack it up using either the forward or rear jack point, the entire side of the car comes off the ground and you can put in both jack-stands at once for the entire side). We have some fun roads in the spring/summer/fall, but the main reason I didn't go with the ZL1 was it's just too hard to use 650hp here. If I was down in AZ or some other place I've lived, I probably would have gone with the ZL1. The 2SS 1LE is ZL1 suspension and nicer interior/many ZL1 features, but I am sure I wouldn't go for the ZL1-1LE unless I was going to track regularly. There's no way I could live with that day to day, and I upgraded and stiffened the suspension on my 4-series with shockware, lowering springs and more aggressive swaybars. Just like you get people claiming they run racing slicks in the winter on frozen lakes with rear-wheel-drive cars, there are no doubt going to be droves of people that tell you they DD the ZL1-1LE on pot-holed rutted roads every day, but with what I've experienced, I wouldn't do it, I'd go ZL1 and I'm sure I'd be happy.

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Coming from a 2016 Camaro SS....

Feb 8, 2019
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The clutch engagement is way better on the Mustang.
so it's not just my car, either. The ZL1 engagement was really nice, not quite Mustang takeup though, you had to keep the pedal weighted a bit longer but totally liveable even in stop and go. The 1SS clutch drives me nuts.

I know my Mustang GT is just a base but it doesn't handle as well as my Camaro did. It really hung great in curves and full throttle (or near) curves were confidence inspiring.
BEST thing about the Mustang is it's cheap.
The 1LE package vs PerfPack I'll definitely give the advantage to Chevy in handling, poise, and confidence; both the 4cyl or 8cyl. As to 'cheap' the GT+PP was 33K, the 1SS+1LE was 35K so not a lot of daylight, really. Considering I have to replace the PP suspension with Steeda and adding IRL lockouts and braces, I'm spending the delta to fix the Mustang...

The GT stock exhaust is lovely if a touch loud but sonorous from idle. The Camaro doesn't sound like anything until it opens up and then it's just delicious. Problem is that lovely sound and keeping my license are somewhat mutually exclusive.
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Similar news:

I had been considering a Camaro SS since the 6th gen came out, but never to the point of wanting to actually trade mine for one. Mostly because the 2 Series is rather unique and the Camaro is not. The 1LE might change that. Folks are starting to get them now, and there are threads over on the camaro6 forums with BMW M and Porsche converts among them. The 1LE is a special car.

There are none within 60 miles of me, but there are some "regular" SS models nearby, so I went to drive one today to get the basic 6th gen experience.

Wow! My first thought was that it was like a race car. SO much more aggressive than the M235i. The main attraction is the 6.2L V8. Best factory exhaust sound I have ever heard. I think the exhaust was just the normal exhaust, and not the NPP dual mode exhaust that comes with the 1LE. Anyway, it was like a menacing tone whether I was accelerating, decelerating, or cruising steadily. Pops and snaps at all times. And the V8 was so responsive. The slightest throttle inputs make the car jump. But what do you expect when it's 455/455 output. I can't even imagine what it's like at full throttle since I've never driven a car that powerful.

I loved the steering. The flat-bottomed wheel is cool. The feel was direct and more twitchy than I expected. Very quick. In Normal mode on the SS the weight was perfect - a little heavier than my 2er in Sport mode - and no numbness.

My biggest concern was what the reviews were saying, that the visibility is horrible and a deal-breaker for some. And it's a rather large car. Turned out I was perfectly comfortable in that car from the minute I left the dealer lot. Very easy car to drive. The Recaro seats are comfortable, the driving position is fine, the clutch was light and predictable, the shifter hefty and precise. All the controls are good (except the weird electronic parking brake switch!). Even had a HUD!

I loved it.

The 1LE adds Magnetic ride control, extra cooling, 6-piston Brembos, tuned suspension, bigger wheels and tires, eLSD, plus interior and exterior cosmetic bits.

I am to the point of being excited about the 1LE.

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