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About Kemper

There is a reason Kemper® is one of the nation’s oldest cabinet companies. Our commitment to consistently deliver on the high expectations we set for ourselves has kept our customers loyal and growing strong. Count on the Kemper family to provide the well-built products you expect and the style you want at a range of prices to fit your budget - all backed by the reassurance of a limited lifetime warranty.

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The Kemper Family

    Fundamental style.

    Well executed, even the most basic design is strong and timeless. Sturdy and attractive, cabinetry from the Echo Series covers the style essentials while allowing room for the extras.

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    Purposeful design.

    There is more to a well-thought-out kitchen than the right finish/color choice. Make sure your space functions as it should with solid, built-in storage options that work in harmony with how you live, available from the Kemper® Choice™ Series.

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    Masterful craftsmanship. Handsome Color.

    Details matter. So does product integrity. Build a look that tells your story authentically with the substantial color offering and cultivated door constructions of the Kemper® Emerge™ series.

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On-Trend Kitchen Inspiration

Boasting a multitude of colors, textures, and materials, this kitchen is a feast for the eyes. Techniques such as pairing an on-trend finish with a bold color and utilizing open shelving and glass front cabinets creates a truly inspiring space.

  • Kemper Cabinets

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    Ratings & Reviews

    There is a reason we have been in business so long at Kemper. We listen to and value what our customers have to say, and we also believe you can benefit from their feedback during your cabinetry selection process. Take a moment and see for yourself what our customers are saying!

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A lightweight, powerful speaker cabinet and an exclusive speaker design for the KEMPER PROFILER™ with a choice of 19 different speaker characters (aka imprints). Available as passive Kabinet for all powered PROFILERs and as Power Kabinet with 200 watts for PROFILER Stage™ and unpowered PROFILER models.

The KEMPER Kabinet™ is especially designed for the PROFILER. The KEMPER Kabinet is a combination of the KEMPER Kone™ loudspeaker and an extensive speaker tone mining technology developed by KEMPER making it possible to digitally „imprint“ various speaker characteristics onto one single cabinet.

The KEMPER Kone is a 12“ full range speaker which is exclusively designed by Celestion for KEMPER. It is controlled and driven by the KEMPER PROFILER’s DSP to an ultra-linear (full range) frequency response, using a dedicated DSP algorithm. In contrast to the conventional idea of a full range system, the radiation pattern of the KEMPER Kone has been narrowed towards the physics of a classic guitar speaker chassis, so that even the full range sound carries a distinct guitar speaker character, unlike regular PA speakers or monitor speakers.

Among the imprints, you will find the finest choice of well-known guitar speakers from Celestion and many more, as well as some rare and very particular speakers. More speaker imprints may be added via future software updates.

The KEMPER Power Kabinet™ offers 200 watts of raw power and supports the unique KEMPER Kone speaker imprint technology, offering a choice of 19 classic guitar speaker imprints for the ultimate KEMPER PROFILER guitar sound experience.
The KEMPER Power Kabinet is the perfect monitoring system for all owners of unpowered KEMPER PROFILERs (Head, Rack, and Stage). Various bundles available. Stereo setups supported.

The KEMPER Kone speaker is also available as a replacement speaker for existing guitar cabinets. The KEMPER Kone is available as a single unit and 2 and 4 speaker sets for 2 x 12“ and even 4 x 12“ guitar cabinets. Requests from third party cabinet manufacturers are welcome.


KEMPER Kabinet & Power Kabinet



43 cm (16.93 inches)



51,6 cm (20.31 inches)



23,5 cm (9.06 inches)



11,30 kg (24.91 pounds)




30.5 cm (12 inches)



3,90 kg (8.60 pounds)

Power Handling


200W rms



4 ohms



28,3 cm (11,14 inches)

KEMPER Kabinet

Power Handling


200W rms



4 ohms

KEMPER Power Kabinet

Buy KEMPER Power Kabinet Buy KEMPER Kabinet Buy KEMPER Kone

KEMPER Power Kabinet™ & PROFILER Stage™;

Speaker Imprints

By simply activating the PROFILER’s well-known Monitor CabOff function the KEMPER Kone is switched from full-range mode to the Speaker Imprint Mode, which then exactly mimics one of 19 classic guitar speakers. The sound of these imprints should not be mistaken with the mic‘ed cabinet simulations of a Profile. They rather bring back the good old "amp-in-the-room" sound.

Since the intelligence of the speaker lies in the DSP of the PROFILER, you will be able to switch individual speaker imprints along with your favorite rigs, without needing to do extensive editing. Whenever you switch to a full-range sound, for an acoustic guitar, for example, the KEMPER Kone will switch to full-range mode automatically.

Music that is fed into the PROFILER through the Aux Input will be played back in full-range mode, even when you play your amp with a Speaker Imprint, both at the same time.

Due to the digital features, the KEMPER Kone and KEMPER Kabinet work exclusively with a PROFILER.

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KEMPER Power Kabinet™, front view

KEMPER Power Kabinet™, front view

KEMPER Power Kabinet™, panel view

KEMPER Power Kabinet™, panel view

KEMPER Power Kabinet™, back view

KEMPER Power Kabinet™, back view

KEMPER Power Kabinet™, bottom view

KEMPER Power Kabinet™, bottom view

KEMPER Kabinet™, front view

KEMPER Kabinet™, front view

KEMPER Kabinet™, back view

KEMPER Kabinet™, back view

KEMPER Kone™, back view

KEMPER Kone™, back view

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Just even thinking about new cabinets or bathtubs or even a repair can be the worst nightmare for your pockets. But we are here to focus on cabinets. When renovating or remodeling cabinets can cost as much as 30 to 50 percent of your kitchen renovation budget, obviously depending upon your preferences.

But remember that they are the face of the kitchen. They set the design and style for your kitchen. Kitchen cabinets need to look good; what I mean to say is they should look damn good, and if you choose the right one, it beautifies the whole kitchen.

And of course, you would like to have them for many years, healthy and still without even a scratch over it. There are three types of cabinets, namely stock, semi-custom, and custom.

Guess what? Renovating your lovely house or buying a new one? Either way, you would like to add a tinge of ‘your flavor’ in remodeling it. Guess what? Thinking about cabinets? Coincidentally this bit of writing is about the same, so let us get started without any further ado!

Semi-Custom Cabinets

Comparison Kemper Cabinet

Of course, here we are more interested in the semi-custom ones. Semi-custom cabinets are stock cabinets with some extra detailing options. The basic cabinet sizes still apply, but you will have the option to change specific dimensions like resizing the cabinet drawers and door fronts, increasing, or decreasing the cabinet depth, etc.

Many use the face-frame construction technique where the solid-wood frame appears around the door and drawers. Cabinet width starts from nine inches with a one-inch increment up to forty-eight inches.

I see semi-custom cabinets as the best of stock and custom cabinets both. Semi-custom cabinets offer more designing options and alternatives than stock cabinets. Also, they are cheaper as compared to custom-built ones so that it can be considered as a kind of win-win situation.

Thus, making them a much better choice for your kitchen as you get to choose your designs as well as you go pocket friendly. Now, I am sure that you agree that a semi-custom cabinet is the best choice for your kitchen.

Though your choices may vary depending upon your personal preferences, interests, trends, customer services, and reputations of the brand, always remember that durability and quality are the two most important characteristics that must never be compromised. Before getting to Kemper cabinets, let us investigate the pros and cons of semi-custom cabinets.


Semi-custom cabinets offer many custom options, which include sizing, choice of wood, type of finishes, and other accessories. That can make them the best value option overall, plus they are cheaper as compared to the custom-built ones.


As compared to stock cabinets, features and quality can vary considerably. Even some consumers say that specific stock cabinets are superior in quality to semi-custom ones. They are more expensive than stock cabinets.

Kemper Cabinets

Kemper Cabinets

Kemper Brothers had begun making wardrobes in Richmond, Indiana, as early as 1926, and in 1928, they added freestanding kitchen cabinets to their product offering. By 1956, they were constructing built-in cabinets, and since that time, they have been a recognized name in quality kitchen cabinetry.

Kemper is a subsidiary of Masterbrand Cabinets, Inc., an industry leader in terms of cabinets that comprises a broad range of quality cabinet brands. Since 1926, the Masterbrand family has earned its reputation as one of America’s best cabinetmakers, and Kemper cabinets have been an active part for Masterbrand to achieve this position. The best materials, classic details, and modern conveniences are the defining qualities of Kemper and all Masterbrand’s cabinet lines.

The reason for Kemper cabinets to be one of the oldest cabinet companies is their commitment to consistently deliver on the high expectations that they have set for themselves. Due to this, it has kept many of its customers loyal and is growing even more extensive.

Kemper cabinets assure you to count on them to provide well-built products matching your expectations. They understand the styles and designs you want and offer them at a range of prices to fit your budget.


Kemper cabinets are backed by the reassurance of a limited lifetime warranty. It covers all artistry and material defects under regular use. Vent hoods, blowers, and components have a year warranty from the date of original purchase; lighting, electronic and powered components have two years warranty from the date of original purchase, and decorative hardware has five years warranty from the date of original purchase. Do make a note that the warranty is only valid if you use the dwelling as your primary or secondary home and does not extend to future owners if the property is sold.

Word by Kemper Cabinets

Word by Kemper Cabinets

There is much more to a highly envisioned kitchen than the right finish or the best color choice. According to the Kemper cabinets website, they say, ‘From designer-inspired color and on-trend stains to our specialty finishes and glazes, build a look that tells your story authentically with Kemper’s substantial color offering.

No matter what series you buy, Kemper provides the best quality cabinet at every price point, all backed by a limited lifetime warranty from the #1 cabinetry manufacturer in the industry.’

There is a real reason that Kemper cabinets have been in this business for so long. They are well-known to listen and value what their customers have to say and take in regular feedbacks. You can view some feedbacks on their website too. Just take a moment and see for yourself what their customers are saying!

Though Kemper makes storage solutions for the whole home and has several collections for bedrooms, dining rooms, bathrooms, and offices, they also produce specialty units like their vanity hamper, CD and DVD holder, etc. Now that you have become a master in picking up cabinets, participate and write a home improvement blog to share your wisdom with others.

But Kemper always has specialized in kitchen cabinets, and they produce kitchen cabinets that do not just look good but fulfill their purpose. Kemper offers a whole host of options to make the cabinets of your dreams come true.

Designing Options for the Semi-Custom Cabinets

The most popular choices are base units and wall-mounted units. The choice depends upon the shape and layout of your kitchen. For each of the cabinets, you must select the doors. First, start by selecting the shape of it. You are offered with options of the arch, cathedral, slab, and square.

Then pick a kitchen cabinet door style from traditional, contemporary, or transitional. All these styles are attractive, and the thing is that you must pick the style that you love the most. The options available for wood are Alder, Cherry, Hickory, Maple, Oak, Pure style, Rustic Alder, Specialty Laminate, Thermofoil, etc.

Trust me! Choose the one you like as each of these wood types will give a completely different look and feel to your cabinet as some are more suited to modern kitchens and some to the traditional ones. So, you will need to look at all of them and maybe try to google them around and finally conclude.

Kemper cabinets provide 144 different finishes on the wood to customize the coloring. Although my suggestion would be to get the right one without getting confused and finding exactly which one, you are looking for within 144 different finishes to choose from. They are split into light, medium, and dark, and there is a massive variety of colors to choose from.

Seriously speaking, the range of finishes for this price range is quite impressive, and I am sure you will be able to match your cabinets to your kitchen in an effective way. You can also choose from a variety of shelves and drawers.

Kemper cabinets are designed and built by furniture experts. There are individual cabinet specifications, and you could choose amongst them. They are:

  • 1/2″ furniture board sides and bottom support with lasting durability.
  • 1/2″ thick furniture board front-to-back I-beam braces integrate sides, back, and face frame for construction, shipping, and installation stability.
  • 3/8″ solid furniture board integrated back, which fully supports the weight of the mounted cabinet.
  • 3/4″ solid hardwood face frame with a fully concealed, 6-way adjustable hinge.

Kemper Cabinet Reviews and Opinion

Word by Kemper Cabinets

All these construction choices do impact the quality of the cabinet. Kemper cabinets have some of the latest techniques and mechanisms around which they are built to stand up to wear and tear. Kemper cabinets are very well-made and are up to industry standards.

They do not use a lot of hardwood in their products, but you generally have the option to upgrade. Nevertheless, the construction quality is just about acceptable, and for this price range reasonably reliable.

There are a wide variety of opinions when it comes to Kemper furniture. As they are a mid-range cabinet maker with affordable products, customers often compare them to higher-end brands, where Kemper is not even comparable.

Criticisms of Kemper cabinets usually are directed towards their lousy customer service and mediocre quality. Some other reasons for their criticism are directed towards their dealers and their service.

Also, many customers have accused them of lousy painting finishes. Reviews like this are a sense of worry, as Kemper believes that they produce suitable quality cabinets. Though there are a lot of positive reviews, and many customers seem to be pleased with the value provided by Kemper.

Do understand that Kemper is a mid-range cabinet producer, and the quality can be a little low. You cannot expect the cabinets to last very long as some of the other brands. However, that does not mean Kemper is not providing any good.

They do have affordable cabinets with a massive range of options to customize them according to your choices. They are offering a better alternative to the high-end brands in terms of cost. So, in short, Kemper cabinets are elegant, with a pretty low price tag. If you are looking for mid-range cabinets, then they might be the right choice for you.

How to Choose the Best Kitchen Cabinet

Choose kitchen cabinet color depending upon the amount of natural light in your kitchen. Maple, oak, and other light-colored wood cabinets are perfect for kitchens with less natural light. They are best for these kitchens as they will make them appear brighter.

In case your kitchen has natural light for most of the day, you can choose amongst many other dark colors. The Best cabinets for a light and bright space will bring an elegant and dramatic look with cherry and mahogany.

Select high-quality boxes for your cabinets as the box is the heart of any kitchen cabinet. This is where you should invest most of your money. Color can be changed, but quality cabinet boxes can carry your kitchen cabinet for a longer time.

Plywood with high-quality joints and corner braces, as well as drawer boxes with dovetail joints, are some of the most important things to look for in the best kitchen cabinets. Choose a stylish and trendy option only if you are personally interested in it and if you are sure that you will like it even when the trend passes by.

There is no right or wrong when it is about the looks of the cabinets. What you are interested in, and love is always the right option. Personalize the kitchen cabinets with a good finish and hardware. You can choose between antiqued, painted, stained, glazed, and distressed finishes for kitchen cabinets. Choose the right finish depending on the one you like the most.

For a modern kitchen cabinet look, the painted finish is the right choice, while traditional kitchen cabinets may go with an antiqued finish. The look of knobs and pulls will also impact the overall design of your kitchen.


Offering distinctive cabinetry at a minimum impact, Kemper keeps their process simple, fine-tuning their operations and products to be as efficient as possible. As a certified member of the Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturers Association’s (KCMA) Environmental Stewardship Program, Kemper demonstrates an ongoing commitment to sustainability.

This includes the use of environmentally responsible materials in cabinet products and reduced environmental impact realized through recycling wastes and using low emission coatings. By achieving this certification, Kemper goes beyond minimum industry requirements and demonstrates leadership in a growing area of concern and importance.

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Kemper Cabinetry

  • Kemper Kitchen

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  • Kemper Kitchen

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  • Kemper Kitchen

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  • Kemper Kitchen

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  • Kemper Kitchen

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Why Kemper?

Since 1926, Kemper has been building fine cabinetry for your home — bathroom cabinets, kitchen cabinets, or any other room of the house. Made for you and built to last.

Kemper cabinets are built with all the advances of modern engineering while maintaining the old world flavor of traditional beauty. When building or remodeling a kitchen or pantry, the cabinetry is by far the most noticeable component of the project. Available in both wood and thermofoil (laminate), these quality cabinets will enhance any project.

Kemper Gallery

We know it can be difficult to find your own personal design style and make confident choices on a major project such as your kitchen or bath remodel. Kemper's room inspiration galleries provide cabinet pictures in an array of outstanding design options to help you determine your preferences based on your choice of design style, room, wood type, or color/finish. Kemper offers dozens of kitchen and other room ideas you’ll love, and that you can rely on to start envisioning your ideal space. Let the dreaming begin! Click on the images in the gallery below to learn more about Kemper Cabinets.

  • Kemper Copley Door


    Oak Door with Sahara Finish

  • Kemper Troxel Door


    Laminate Door with Obsidian Finish

  • Kemper Kingston Door


    Maple Door with Coconut Gray Stone Finish

  • Kemper Dewitt Door


    Cherry Door with Coffee Finish

  • Kemper Butler Door


    Maple Door with Egret Finish

  • Kemper Emmett Door


    Hickory Door with Thatch Finish

  • Kemper Amstead Door


    Maple Door with Oasis Finish

  • Kemper Rennie Door


    Cherry Door with Cranberry Finish

view all

The MasterBrand Connection

Kemper is a subsidiary of MasterBrand Cabinets, Inc., an industry leader that comprises a breadth of quality cabinet brands. Since 1926, the MasterBrand family has earned its reputation as one of America's top cabinetmakers, and Kemper has helped MasterBrand achieve this. Warm woods. Classic details. Modern conveniences. These are the defining qualities of Kemper and all of MasterBrand's cabinet lines. Visit the Kemper Website to learn more.


Cabinets kemper

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