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Poor relation

At the time, the diesel engine was a heavy, slow-revving workhorse – very much the poor relation of the petrol engine as far as the motor industry was concerned. Charles’ idea was that by redesigning it as a high-speed unit, he could give it the performance of its petrol rival, with much lower running costs.

The entrepreneurial Frank, in turn, could see the effect that such an engine would have on motor manufacturers, and he set about marketing it with extraordinary vigour. Peterborough’s excellent transport links, he knew, would mean quick deliveries, keeping waiting times for his customers to a minimum.

Soon after the company was founded, its first high-speed diesel engine appeared – the 4 cylinder Vixen. A more powerful version called The Wolf followed, and the motor manufacturer Humber began to use it in its successful Commer trucks.

Humber was the first of the Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) on whom the company’s success has been built.

“Perkins engineers still consult face to face with equipment manufacturers, just as they did in the 1930's, to achieve the most efficient and effective engine integration.” Mike Cullen, product marketing manager

A growing company

In its first year, the company produced just 35 engines, all destined for trucks and cars. One of them was on display at the 1933 Commercial Vehicle Exhibition. Three years later, at the Brooklands racetrack in Surrey, Perkins became the first company to hold six world diesel speed records for a variety of distances. The diesel engine had arrived, and the company rapidly began to expand into the agricultural sector.

In 1947, production was moved to the Eastfield site in Peterborough. But the focus was on expansion, and six years later, Simpson and Co. of India became the first of hundreds of licensees and distributors all over the world. Perkins was on the way to becoming the global company that it is today.

Over following decades, manufacturing and parts distribution centres facilities would be opened in Europe, North and South America, and Asia. Distributors were signed up in 180 countries, with more than 3,500 outlets.

Today, a diverse and highly skilled team of employees around the world understands the specific challenges of your region and your company. Our modern manufacturing facilities and distribution centres which are located around the world, mean we remain focused, as Frank was, on fast, efficient delivery.

Wherever you are in the world, you’re always local to Perkins.

International engineering giant

Today, Perkins has expanded from its original focus on the motor and agricultural sectors to operate in five main markets:

Links over the years with other international engineering giants, most notably Caterpillar’s acquisition of Perkins in December 1997, have helped the company develop its engine offering, unrivalled technical expertise and global reach.

With manufacturing facilities operating around the globe, we have the capacity to produce up to 800,000 units a year, ensuring Perkins remains one of the world’s leading suppliers of diesel and gas engines in the 4-2000 kW (5-2800 hp) market.

A modern company with traditional values

Perkins is built on history and tradition. We now have manufacturing and parts facilities on four continents. But we retain the original focus on the development and manufacture of engines, and the determination to use the best and most up-to-date technology to drive continual improvement in our products. We still work closely with our customers in every part of the world to achieve the best and most reliable solutions.

Today, Frank and Charles might not recognise the size and diversity of the company that has grown from their original idea. But they would be at home with our philosophy, our values, our consistently high performance, and our determination to keep the customer at the centre of everything we do.


David Perkins is a founding member of Harvard Project Zero, a basic research project at the Harvard Graduate School of Education investigating human symbolic capacities and their development. For many years, he served as co-director, and is now senior co-director and a member of the steering committee. Perkins conducts research on creativity in the arts and sciences, informal reasoning, problem solving, understanding, individual and organizational learning, and the teaching of thinking skills. He has participated in curriculum projects addressing thinking, understanding, and learning in Colombia, Israel, Venezuela, South Africa, Sweden, Holland, Australia, and the United States. He is actively involved in school change. Perkins was one of the principal developers of WIDE World, a distance learning model practitioners now embedded in programs at HGSE. He is the author of numerous publications, including fourteen authored or co-authored books. His books include; The Eureka Effect, about creativity; King Arthurs Round Table, about organizational intelligence and learning; Making Learning Whole, a general framework for deepening education at all levels; and Future Wise, about what's worth teaching for the contemporary era.

Cultures of Thinking


The WIDE World Initiative (Wide Scale Interactive Development for Educators)


LILA (Learning Innovations Laboratory), an inquiry project and four-times-yearly forum process for corporate and government representatives (2001-present)

Catalyzing Creative and Civic Capacities (2019-2022)
The Martha Holden Jennings Foundation/Columbus Museum of Art

Creativity – or using imagination and critical thinking to generate new ideas of value – has always been valued in human societies as critical for fulfillment and success for individuals, communities, industries, and countries. As our contemporary world grapples with the complex opportunities and challenges of human diversity, technological advancements, environmental sustainability, etc., developing the disposition towards creative problem solving, nuance, imagination and empathy is more pressing than ever. Through the Catalyzing Creative and Civic Capacities project, the Columbus Museum of Art (CMA) and Project Zero (PZ) will explore the following questions:• How might we catalyze young people’s capacities for creative and critical thinking and a sense of community with room for divergent perspectives? • What conditions promote young people’s curiosity about complex issues, openness to engaging multiple, often divergent, viewpoints, and a sense of social responsibility about actions they may take?More specifically, we will investigate and document how catalyzing young people’s creative and civic capacities might prompt:• shifts in the ways students and teachers see themselves in relation to others and/or consider the past and possible experiences of other people;• shifts in attitudes and perspectives about the role of the imagination in conceiving civic change; and• new thinking about creating with a sense of the civic and applying creative impulses to civic challenges.PZ will support CMA’s efforts to build on and extend its Teaching for Creativity framework; to design productive ways of examining the role of creativity in developing civic capacities; and to enhance and track the impact of the framework on teachers.

Idea into Action (2017-2021)
Independent Schools Victoria

Idea into action refers to the quest to translate ideas (principles, plans, good intentions, etc.) into action on the ground. It applies to individual behaviors, such as achieving regular exercise or productive leadership styles; to group and organizational behaviors, such as fostering team coordination or a culture of creativity; and to general population phenomena, such as getting people to vote or obey traffic laws. The challenge of idea into action takes on its most familiar and widespread form in what we might call the "middle ground," where the problems of action are neither technically (e.g. perfecting a golf swing, learning a musical instrument, or developing sophisticated skills of mathematical modeling) nor clinically (e.g. addictions, phobias, compulsions) difficult. The middle ground of idea into action ranges across innumerable everyday situations where we generally feel that the idea should translate into action readily enough with a bit of guidance, attention, and resolve, but it often doesn't.The proposed program of investigation addresses the middle ground of idea into action, centering on two key questions: (1) Why does idea into action so commonly prove so hard to accomplish? (2) Are there significantly more reliable ways to achieve idea into action, including attention to the trade-offs in time and other costs involved and how they might be addressed in practical settings?Idea into action is of prime concern to Independent Schools Victoria (ISV), a membership-based organization comprising 220 independent schools in Victoria, Australia, dedicated to developing and supporting good leadership and teaching practices. It is also a concern to Project Zero (PZ) in its collaborative work with organizations that seek to change practices in schools and other settings. The project will focus on contexts of interest to both ISV and PZ: settings of organizational development, organizational and school leadership, and student learning for action.

Making Learning Whole: How Seven Principles of Teaching can Transform Education (San Francisco: Jossey-Bass),(2009)

Learning at Work: Research Lessons on Leading Learning in the Workplace (Wilson, D., Perkins, D., Bonnet, D., Miani, C., Unger, C., Cambridge, MA: Harvard Project Zero),(2005)

King Arthur’s Round Table: How Collaborative Conversations Create Smart Organizations (NY: Wiley),(2002)

Archimedes’ Bathtub: The Art and Logic of Breakthrough Thinking (New York: W. W. Norton),(2000)

The Thinking Classroom: Learning and Teaching in a Culture of Thinking (Tishman, S., Perkins, D. N., & Jay, E., 1995. Needham, MA: Allyn & Bacon),(1995)

Software Goes to School: Teaching for Understanding with New Technologies (Perkins, D. N., Schwartz, J.L., West, M., & Wiske, M. S., Eds. NY: Oxford University Press.),(1995)

Outsmarting IQ: The Emerging Science of Learnable Intelligence (The Free Press),(1995)

The Intelligent Eye: Learning to Think by Looking at Art (The Getty Center for Education in the Arts),(1994)

Smart Schools: From Training Memories to Educating Minds (The Free Press),(1992)

The Inventive Mind: Creativity in Technology (Weber, R. & Perkins, D. N., Eds., 1992. NY: Oxford University Press.),(1992)

Informal Reasoning and Education (Voss, J., Perkins, D. N., & Segal, J. W., Eds. Hillsdale, NJ: Erlbaum.),(1991)

Block--Getting Out of Your Own Way: The New Psychology of Counterintentional Behavior in Everyday Life (Lipson, A., & Perkins, D. N. New York: Lyle Stuart Press),(1990)

A Practitioner's Series on Teaching Thinking (Swartz, R., & Perkins, D. N., Eds. Pacific Grove, CA: Midwest Publishers.),(1989)

Teaching Thinking: Issues and Approaches (Swartz, R., & Perkins, D. N. Pacific Grove, CA: Midwest Publications.),(1989)

Art, Mind, and Education (Gardner, H., & Perkins, D. N., Eds. Urbana-Champaign and Chicago: University of Illinois Press.),(1989)

Thinking: The Second International Conference (Perkins, D. N., Lochhead, J., & Bishop, J., Eds., 1987. Hillsdale, NJ: Erlbaum.),(1987)

The Teaching of Thinking (Nickerson, R., Perkins, D. N., & Smith, E., 1986. Hillsdale, NJ: Erlbaum),(1986)

Knowledge as Design (Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, Inc.),(1986)

The Mind's Best Work (Harvard University Press),(1981)

The Arts and Cognition (Perkins, D. N., & Leondar, B., Eds. Baltimore:Johns Hopkins University Press.),(1977)

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Adam Perkins Biography, Wiki, Age, Death, latest News, Twins Brother, Family, Net Worth & More

Adam Perkins

On this Page given Adam Perkins Biography:  Today, We discuss brief details about Adam Perkins as a Social media Star, Vine Star, Sound Designer, and Composer. You need to know all about Adam Perkins Wikipedia, Age, Net Worth, Girlfriend, Family, Brother, Biography & more details provided in these blogs.

Today’s Latest News that Adam Perkins died on 11 April 2021. According to Social media reports His Brother Share Death News on Social Media. So those are People who find Adam Perkins Death Reason who all People keep reading this article and know all the latest update on this page

Who is Adam Perkins? (Biodata, Wiki, Bio)

Adam Perkins was born on 17 March 1997 in Maine, US State. Adam Perkins’s age is 24 Years Approx.  He was doing her Primary education complete in Maine, US State. He did graduate from Maine, US State. Adam Perkins’s parent’s names given on this Page. His Father Name is Lars Perkins and His Mother’s name is Mrs. Perkin, His Twins Brother Name is Patrick Perkins.  He was don’t share her personal life on her Social Media Account. If you wanna her Girlfriend’s name, Latest News then continue reading this article.

Adam Perkins Death Reason

Who is the Adam Perkins Girlfriend (Love Story)

Today’s Latest News that Adam Perkins was Dies on 11 April 2021. His Death reason not confirmed yet. He Death Confirmed his Twins, Brother Patrick Perkins. He was born on 17 March 1997 in Maine, US State. He was 24 Year Old. According to Social media reports, his girlfriend’s name is Slammy Dunkin. If you wanna more details about his Love story then continue reading this article and know all details Here.

Adam Perkins Death Reason (Latest News) Wikipedia

He was 24 years old Approx. He was doing her Primary education complete in Maine, US State. He did her graduated from Maine, US State. Today’s Latest News that Adam Perkins was Dies on 11 April 2021. His Death reason not confirmed yet. He Death Confirmed his Twins, Brother Patrick Perkins. He was born on 17 March 1997 in Maine, US State. Her zodiac sign is Capricorn. More about Adam Perkins’s personal life than continue to read this article.

Adam Perkins Wiki/Bio (Age, Personal Life, Profile)

Real NameAdam Perkins
Nickname Adam
Profession Social media Star, Vine Star, Sound Designer, and Composer
InstagramClick Here
Girlfriend NameN/A
Marital StatusSingle
Physical Status 
Age24 Years (Approx)
  • In centimeters- 168 cm
  • In meters- 1.68 m
  • In Feet Inches-5’6”
  • In Kilograms- 65 kg
  • In Pounds- 145 lbs
Eye ColourBlack
Hair ColourBlack
Personal Information
Date of Birth 17 March 1997
Death11 April 2021
Birth PlaceMaine, US State.
Zodiac signNot Known
NationalityMaine, US State
School NameNot Known
College NameNot Known
QualificationsNot Known
Family Profile
Father NameLars Perkins
Mother NameMrs. Perkins
SiblingsPatrick Perkins
Source Of IncomeSocial media Star, Vine Star, Sound Designer, and Composer.
Net Worth, Salary$1 Million (Approx)

Adam Perkins Girlfriend, Boyfriend & Affairs Details

Adam Perkins Girlfriend’s name is Slammy Dunkin. We update all these details, If you want to know more about Adam Perkins, So comment down on the box and we update more details according to your need. 

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Adam Perkins Age, Height, Weight, 

Adam Perkins was born not mention on this Page. Her Father’s name, mother’s name does not mention on this page. Adam Perkins ‘s height is 5 feet 6 inches and her weight is around 65 kgs. Koome’s age is now 24 Years Approx.

Adam Perkins Biography

Social Media Profile (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter)

Koome has more followers on Instagram and very few followers on Twitter.




Adam Perkins Net Worth, Job, Career

Adam Perkins is a Social media Star, Vine Star.

He is a Vine Star

He is Sound Designer, and Composer

Favorite Things

He likes Branded Footwear.

In filmmakers, Micah likes Christopher Guest, Mike Leigh, Lynn Shelton.

Best of Travel destinations Japan, Israel.

He is Fav. Actor Tony GarZa

FAQ About Adam Perkins

Q.1 Who is Adam Perkins?

Ans. He is a Social media Star, Vine Star, Sound Designer, and Composer.

Q.2 How old is Adam Perkins?

Ans. Steele’s age is 24 Years Approx.

Q.3 What is Adam Perkins’s Girlfriend’s name?

Ans. Adam Perkins’s Girlfriend name Slammy Dunkin.

Athony Perkins best scene in Fear Strikes Out (1957)
Vector! That's me, cause I'm committing crimes with both direction and magnitude! OH YEAH!!!

— Vector

Vector (born Victor Perkins[1]) is the son of bank president Mr. Perkins and an aspiring supervillain. He appears in Illumination's first feature film Despicable Me and the 2014 mobile game Minion Rush. He is voiced by Jason Segal.


Vector is always shown wearing an orange and white tracksuit which can convert into a flight suit enabling the owner to fly and a fully-functional spacesuit. His apparel is often mistaken for pajamas by Agnes, much to Vector's annoyance.

He has a pudding-bowl haircut, brown eyes and a sharp nose. He also wears large black glasses.


Vector is highly intelligent, but also overly confident and exceedingly arrogant. Similar to Gru, Vector's armory consists of bizarre items beyond imagination, of which he often boasts about.

Vector has a rather excessive fondness for cookies. As such, he eagerly admits Agnes, Edith and Margo into his fortress when they arrived to sell them. Vector also seems to have an affiliation for aquatic life (both marine and freshwater animals), as he keeps an adult great white shark in a large aquarium in his fortress and uses advanced, aquatic-themed weapons such as the squid launcher and the piranha gun. It is even seen that he watches marine life documentaries on his television in his home. Unlike Gru, Vector has no qualms about kidnapping children and taking them as hostages. Even after Gru gives him the moon, he refuses to release Agnes, Edith, and Margo, inciting an angry Gru to enter the fortress and attempt to attack him.

His relationship with his father is that of a neglected child. Like many rich families, his father thinks that giving in to all his child's desires more than makes up for his lack of support and true parental responsibilities. The lack of attention by the parent could help support Vector's psychopathic tendencies. Despite this, it is unclear whether or not Vector is willing to commit murder. Furthermore, Vector's father is shown to be cold towards him whenever he shows incompetence: he angrily points out that Gru has reclaimed the shrink ray and scolds Vector for not even knowing about this. Though Vector may appear to be a spoiled and wrongful villain, it is probable that he is simply trying his hardest to impress his father by carrying on the family legacy of being villainous.


Vector was born under the name of Victor and seemed to be particularly close to his father Mr. Perkins, as the latter was shown carrying him on his shoulders as Victor flew a toy great white shark, indicating to the viewer that his adoration for aquatic animals probably began during his childhood.


Despicable Me

By the time of the first film, Vector is already a known super villain with unknown felonies. One of his acts was the theft of the Pyramid of Giza in an unspecified period. He replaced the structure with an inflated copy and the real counterpart was relocated behind his fortress, camouflaged by paint. Upon viewing the revelation of the theft, Felonius Gru is enraged and plans on stealing the Moon to beat the unknown assailant.

When Gru heads to the Bank of Evil to obtain a loan, Vector appears and introduces himself as well as his Piranha Gun, which malfunctions and its Selectable Light Attack Munitions targeted him instead. Gru shows no interest and continues reading his paper. After meeting with Mr. Perkins, who denied Gru's loan attempt, he angrily leaves and, having learned the culprit of the Pyramid Heist, attacks Vector's head with the Freeze Ray, immobilizing him. Vector's Piranhas continue to attack him and he is presumed to have thawed out afterwards.

Mr. Perkins leaks to his son that Gru is planning to steal a shrink ray in East Asia. Vector follows Gru to the facility with his airship. As Gru and his Minions take their coveted prize, Vector cuts a hole in Gru's vehicle and uses countermeasures to neutralize Gru's rockets as well as dodging his bullets. Gru was defeated by Vector with the Shrink Ray, and was forced to return home with a miniature vehicle.

Vector deposits the new weapon in his Fortress and shrinks several items to amuse himself. However, the toilet experiment goes horribly awry and instead the shrunken apparatus breaks off, causing a stream of clean water to strike right at his face, who responds with curses. When Gru attempts to steal back the shrink ray from his rival, Vector uses the security systems to neutralize Gru's attempts. He then allows Margo, Edith, and Agnes in his lair after they offered to sell him cookies. Gru witnesses this and orders his researcher, Dr. Nefario, to create cookie robots. The robots manage to sneak into the fortress undetected and although he observes sparks after eating one of the bots, he fails to notice them as counterfeits. The robots managed to crack open Vector's vault, allowing Gru and two minions to steal it, though the exit was sealed. They eventually manage to sneak out of Vector's fortress, causing Vector's shark to react aggressively. Disturbed, Vector fails to notice the intruders and berates the shark with several warnings.

Later on, Mr. Perkins informs Vector that the Shrink Ray was stolen back by Gru again and the cookie vendors were under Gru's employ. Vector confidently reassures his father that he can defeat Gru and demonstrates his squid launcher, though it quickly drops and hits another visitor instead.

As Gru's rocket is about to launch, Vector attempts to hijack it with the squid launcher. He gives the weapon to a confused Fred and is dragged to the rocket. He threatens Gru with the Piranha Gun, to which Gru responds by electrifying his vehicle, zapping Vector. After losing his grip, Vector activates his flight suit but was electrocuted again upon contact with another Transmission Tower by high-voltage power, and is heard screaming as he falls to the ground.

Vector later kidnaps the girls from their dance recital and leaves Gru a note, blackmailing him into surrender the Moon. When he refuses to release the girls, Gru, though unarmed, angrily threatens him. Vector taunts him, but was shocked when Gru punched his camera, shattering it and causing a crack to be transmitted to his screen. Vector fires seven missiles in an attempt to kill Gru, but Gru manages to bypass them. All of the missiles are instead redirected to the outskirts of the fortress, partially destroying the ramparts and allowing Gru to pass. The shark appears again and attacks, but Gru effortlessly knocks it into the water. Fearing for his life, Vector activates his Rescue Airship and escapes. Gru gives chase and grapples to it after climbing the Pyramid. Vector attempts to maneuver the ship and almost kills Gru, who is saved by Dr. Nefario. Vector then resumes piloting his ship normally.

Thanks to the Nefario Principle, the moon begins to grow and rolls around Vector's pod. Its expansion breaks his mug and eventually a table, disrupting the vehicle's balance and freeing the girls after shattering the glass sphere. Gru manages to rescue Edith and Agnes after forcing the ship's door open. Vector grabs Margo as she is about to jump and attempts to attack Gru with his Piranha Gun, but the moon instead crashes into him, with Margo subsequently rescued by Gru and the minions. The moon begins rolling everywhere with a helpless Vector stuck to it. The sphere hits a switch and triggers the rocket engine of the vehicle, causing it to levitate straight up, before eventually shattering with Vector stuck to the Moon surface. Shortly afterwards, he activates an oxygen bubble and complains about his defeat briefly.

At the end of the movie, Vector is seen on the moon dancing to the music heard in the ending scene along with the floating minion.

Appearances in Other Media

Minion Rush

In Minion Rush, Vector somehow ended up in Gru's Lab and appears as a boss there. The player is tasked by Gru to defeat him. After Vector appears, the player's Minion must dodge his big drones, and tap on the smaller drones to hurl them back at him. Vector will be defeated after taking several drone strikes or if he fails to defeat the minion for some time. In the original game design, Vector rarely appears while running in Gru's Lab, much like with any other bosses in the game. After the July 2014 updates, Vector now appears in certain levels exclusively.


  • "VECTOR!! That's me. 'Cause I'm committing crimes with both direction and magnitude. OH YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!" - As he introduces himself to Gru in the bank.
  • "Hahahahaha! Vector! That's me." - When he appears in Minion Rush.
  • "AHHH!" - When he gets blasted by robots and when he is defeated.
  • "Not so fast! Hahaha!" - While blasting robots at you in Minion Rush, and when he grabs Margo in Despicable Me.
  • "Un-pre-dictable!" - When your minion gets defeated in Minion Rush, and after he refuses to give Gru his daughters back in Despicable Me.
  • "THEY ARE NOT PAJAMAS!!!" - After Agnes asks Vector if he uses his warm-up suit for sleeping.
  • "Oh poop." - After realizing he is stranded on the Moon.
  • "Aw, look at you, a little tiny toilet, for a little tiny baby to... (Water sprays at him) AAH! CURSE YOU TINY TOILET!!!" - When he shrinks his toilet with the Shrink ray, and he touched it, causing it to fly off due to extreme water pressure caused by the unaffected water supply tube.
  • "Hahahahahahahahahahaha! Now maybe you'll think twice before you freeze someone's head! So long, Gru!" - When he steals the Shrink Ray from Gru.
  • "You done been shrunk!" - When he shrinks his sink after playing with the shrink ray.


  1. ↑"Yes I did, Victor." "I am not Victor any more. Victor was my nerd name; now I'm Vector!" (Despicable Me)



Wiki perkins

“Derek Perkins, whose narrator rating on Audible is consistently
near perfect, hails from the UK. His voice is both intimate and
intellectual, immediate and poetically lofty. In short, attending
his performance is a pleasure.”

The Prime Ministers

Audible Editor Reviews

“Perkins smoothly disappears into Langton’s quirky
characters,voicing each precisely and memorably.”

The Transcendental Murder

Booklist Review

“His facility with accents makes for an outstanding listening
experience. With verve and flawless pacing, Perkins displays
excellent storytelling skills.”

The Ways of the World

AudioFile Review

“What really makes this audiobook, however, is the narrator.
Derek Perkins does a fantastic job, and his smooth brogue
makes the audiobook irresistible. His reading of both the male
and female characters is well thought out and the shift from
male to female is very well done.”


Harlequin Junkies

Perkins Engines - Perkins Heritage Video News Reviews 3rd Edition

Perkins Engines

Perkins Engines Company Limited, a subsidiary of Caterpillar Inc since 1998, is primarily a diesel engine manufacturer for several markets including agricultural, construction, material handling, power generation and industrial. It was established in Peterborough, England, in 1932. Over the years Perkins has expanded its engine ranges and produces thousands of different engine specifications including diesel and petrol engines.


High-speed diesel engines[edit]

A 1935 Perkins diesel car engine (Autocar Handbook, 13th ed.)

F. Perkins Limited, established on 7 June 1932, was founded in Queen Street, Peterborough, to design and manufacture high-speed diesel engines[1] by Frank Perkins and Charles Wallace Chapman. Chapman was design engineer (technical director) and company secretary and had a ten percent shareholding. He was to remain with the business for more than a decade[2] before re-joining the Royal Navy Reserve[3] though remaining a consultant to the company. Frank Perkins obtained further initial support from directors Alan J M Richardson and George Dodds Perks.[2]

Before Chapman and Perkins the diesel engine was a heavy and slow revving workhorse, lacking performance. Chapman's concept was the high-speed diesel – an engine that could challenge gasoline as the primary motive power. The company's first high-speed diesel engine was Perkins' four-cylinder Vixen, which made its debut in 1932: in October 1935 Perkins became the first company to hold six world diesel speed records for a variety of distances set at the Brooklands race track in Surrey. Sales were strong and by the time of World War II the company made two series of engines, P4 and P6. Soon after the war, the company went public,[1] and established a number of licensees for local manufacturing and sale.[4]


F. Perkins Ltd was purchased by its largest customer, Massey Ferguson, in 1959. Keeping its separate identity, the business continued under the name of Perkins Engines and in 1994 became a subsidiary of LucasVarity. Development continued and Perkins updated its engines to meet stricter emissions rules while developing new series for power generation and forklift trucks. Brands such as Dodge, Ford, Grosspal and Ranquel for all their diesel lines, fitted Perkins engines for more than two decades. Others like GEMA, Araus, Bernardin and Rotania used their impellers for harvesters at length.[5]

Argentina and Perkins Argentina/Pertrak[edit]

Pertrak was created in 1961, as a licensee of Perkins Engines of England, and was dedicated to the manufacture of engines for pick ups, trucks and tractors. The most productive period was in the 1970s when 200,000 engines were produced. In 2010, the last engine was made in Ferreyra, Córdoba, when the license was dropped. Throughout this period of almost 40 years, more than 500,000 engines were produced. The factory continues to make engine parts for other makes such as Fiat and Scania.


A supplier to Caterpillar Inc since the 1970s, Perkins was bought by Caterpillar in 1998 for US$1.325 billion, creating what they claimed was the world's largest diesel engine manufacturer. Perkins now has manufacturing facilities in the United Kingdom, United States, Brazil, China, India and a joint venture with Ishikawajima-Shibaura-Machinery company in Japan.

On 1 June 2018, Steve Ferguson became President of Perkins Engines, replacing Ramin Younessi, after having worked as general manager of Caterpillar's Advanced Component Manufacturing business overseeing operations at 15 global facilities. Ferguson is a vice-president of Caterpillar.[6]

Discontinued products[edit]

Various Perkins diesel engines have been made for industrial, agricultural, construction, material handling, marine and power generation markets, and Perkins gas-based engines (natural gas, landfill gas, digester gas, bio gas and mine gas) are used for continuous power generation.

Perkins' 4.99 1.6 litre (99 cubic inch) and the P4C engine [192 cubic inch], producing 45 or 60 hp (45 kW), were popular in Europe and Israel for taxis and commercially driven cars during the 1950s and early 1960s; many cars, including American imports, were retrofitted with these engines for taxi use, with kits made by Hunter NV of Belgium. Perkins engines were also used as standard factory equipment in Jeeps and Dodge trucks in the United States in the 1960s. They also continued to be popular in European trucks from their original customer, Commer and other companies.[7]

The Perkins 6.354 medium duty engine was designed to be compact enough to replace petrol/gasoline V8 engines in trucks, despite its in-line six-cylinder design. Producing 112 horsepower (84 kW) in early years (later rising to 120 hp), it had a small jackshaft driven by the timing gears for the auxiliary drive, with the oil pump driven by a quill shaft so it could run auxiliary equipment at engine speed with simple couplings.

Until 2004 Perkins manufactured engines for JCB,[8] but since then JCB manufactures their own engines.


After acquiring Rolls-Royce Diesels of Shrewsbury in 1984, Perkins continued to supply British Rail with engines for its diesel multiple units. Perkins went on to purchase L Gardner & Sons in the summer of 1986 to complement their line of lighter diesel engines.[9][10]

Perkins Powered Equipment[edit]

Perkins engines are found in a wide range of machinery including tractors, generators, industrial tools, and machinery. While Perkins has customers in many sectors, the main consumer of their engines is Caterpillar, who is also their parent company. Caterpillar has several divisions that consume Perkins engines, the main two being Caterpillar Excavators and Caterpillar Diesel Generators through their subsidiary, F G Wilson. Perkins also has a subsidiary named Perkins Marine, which produces small engines for marine propulsion.

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Now discussing:

Perkins Restaurant & Bakery

American restaurant chain

Perkins Restaurant & Bakery, or simply Perkins, is an American casual diningrestaurant chain that serves breakfast and other homestyle meals throughout the day. It also has a bakery that sells pies, muffins and other sweets.



The Perkins chain was established in 1957, when Matt and Ivan Perkins opened what was called Smithies Pancake House in Cincinnati, Ohio.[2] In 1958, the chain expanded as a franchise. One franchisee in Minnesota, Wyman Nelson, introduced an expanded menu and an aggressive advertising campaign in 1967.

From 1969 to 1978, Nelson consolidated Perkins and another chain, Smitty's, into Perkins 'Cake & Steak'. From headquarters in Edina, Minnesota, he assumed nationwide development control of the company, and focused on opening over 220 restaurants. In 1979, Matt and Ivan retired, selling their remaining interest in the company, including trademark and distribution rights. In August 1979, Perkins became a wholly owned subsidiary of Memphis-based Holiday Inns, Inc., and corporate headquarters were established in Memphis,Tennessee.


In 1985, restaurant entrepreneur Donald N. Smith, who then served on the Board of Directors of Holiday Inns, purchased an ownership interest in Perkins, becoming Chairman of the Board and the company's CEO.

The company was renamed Perkins Family Restaurants in 1987 and was organized into a master limited partnership with interests publicly traded on the New York Stock Exchange. The corporation expanded into Canada, opening a restaurant in Thunder Bay, Ontario. In 1990, the company began its philanthropic relationship with Give Kids the World, contributing money and meals to the Florida-based charity for terminally ill children globally.

Matt Perkins died of heart disease in 1991 at age 79,[3] and Ivan Perkins died on February 11, 1998. At the time of Ivan's death, the franchise had 462 restaurants in 32 states.[4]


In the 2000s, Perkins underwent business changes. In 2000, it merged with a wholly owned subsidiary of The Restaurant Company (TRC).[citation needed] In 2005, TRC was acquired by Castle Harlan, a New York-based private equity investment firm, for approximately US$245 million.[5][6] In May 2006, the parent company acquired Marie Callender's, a chain of casual dining restaurants also known for their freshly baked pies, and combined it with the Perkins chain, forming Perkins & Marie Callender's Inc.[7]

In June 2011, many restaurants were closed with no notice given to customers or staff. Closures occurred in Colorado, Kansas, Illinois, Tennessee, Florida, Michigan, and Minnesota.[8][9] Later that month, Perkins & Marie Callender's Inc. filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. PMCI closed 65 restaurants and laid off 2,500 workers. In the bankruptcy proceedings PMCI listed assets of $290 million and liabilities of $441 million. PMCI emerged from bankruptcy at the end of November 2011 under the control of Wayzata Investment Partners, but continued to experience difficulties. In May 2012, it was announced that all western New York Perkins restaurants, except for its Olean, New York location, would close.[10][11]

On August 5, 2019, its parent company Perkins & Marie Callender's filed for bankruptcy while announcing the closure of 29 of their under-performing restaurants.[12][13] The following month, several of its locations in northern Pennsylvania closed.[14][15]

On September 12, 2019, it was announced that Huddle House, Inc. of Atlanta will acquire all remaining Perkins restaurants, a total of 342 units.[16]

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