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M16 rifle series

ArmaLite AR-15, first pre-production model, seial number XAR1501- 5.56x45mm

The M16 rifle series is the United States military designation of rifle variants of the ArmaLite AR-15 assault rifle adopted by the US military. The original prototype AR-15 was developed by ArmaLite in 1956, and is a scaled down version of the ArmaLite AR-10 rifle, chambered in 5.56x45mm rather than 7.62x51mm. In 1959, ArmaLite sold the rights to the AR-10 and the AR-15 to Colt due to financial difficulties, and Colt continued development on the rifle. The rifle would later be adopted by the United States military under the name "Rifle, Caliber 5.56 mm, M16".

The name "AR-15" today is used almost exclusively to refer to the semi-automatic (commercially available) civilian version(s) of the M16 and M4 assault rifles, going from the name of a single rifle to the generic name of a type of rifles that trace their ancestry to it.

Standard AR-15 rifles accept detachable magazines of widely varying capacities, and have a pistol grip that protrudes beneath the stock. AR-15 rifles are highly configurable and customizable. They are commonly fitted with several accessories such as bipods, folding or collapsing stocks, threaded barrels for the attachment of a flash suppressor, and a rail system for the attachment of vertical grips, flashlights, laser sights, telescopic sights, etc.

The AR-15 consists of separate upper and lower receiver assemblies, which are attached with two through-pins and can be quickly interchanged with no tools. The upper receiver assembly is simply considered a part, and may be freely purchased and mail-ordered in most locations. This is a very attractive feature for enthusiasts, who often purchase a number of upper receivers (often in different calibers) and interchange them with the same lower receiver. However, one must be thoroughly familiar with firearms laws before doing this as it is possible to make an illegal configuration without realizing it.

For help identifying AR-15 variants, see the Colt AR-15 Identification Guide.

Please check the talk page for additional variants not shown on the main page.

(1959 - Present)

Type: Assault Rifle

Caliber: 5.56x45mm NATO

Capacity:STANAG Magazines: 5, 20, 30, 40 round box magazine/ 90 round snail drum/ 100 round dual drum Beta-C magazine

Fire Modes: Safe/Semi (Mk 12 SPR, AR-15, civilian variants) Safe/Semi/Burst (M16A2, M16A4, M4) Safe/Semi/Auto (M16, M16A1, M16A3, M4A1)

The M16 series of assault rifles and carbine variants are used by the following actors in the following movies, television series, video games, and anime:


M16 with 20-round magazine - 5.56x45mm
M16 (or Colt AR-15 SP1) with an A1 "birdcage" flash hider, used to resemble the M16A1. This version has a 20 round magazine - 5.56x45mm
M16 (or Colt AR-15 SP1) with an A1 "birdcage" flash hider, used to resemble the M16A1. This version has a 30 round magazine - 5.56x45mm
M16 (or Colt AR-15 SP1) with A2 style handguards used to resemble the M16A2 - 5.56x45mm

The M16 (designated Colt Model 602 by Colt internally) is the first derivative of the ArmaLite AR-15 adopted by the United States military. The M16 was adopted in 1964 by the US Air Force in Vietnam (and a number were also given to the ARVN). The original M16 features a flat "slab side receiver", the original 3-prong flash hider, and no forward assist.

All appearances of the slab side M16 in movies and television shows would be either the Class III Colt M16 or the commercially available Colt AR-15 SP1 rifle. After being phased out from active duty, military M16s were issued to National Guard units and later bequeathed to federal and local law enforcement agencies. Movie armorers could acquire Law Enforcement Sales models of the M16 as Class III transferable weapons or built as Class III manufacturers. However, an easier way for a movie armorer to acquire an M16 substitute was by purchasing the commercially available semiautomatic Colt AR-15 SP1 rifle and converting it to full auto fire. This was done in the 1970s and 1980s, and rifles of this kind were in movie armories for years.


Film TitleActorCharacterNoteDate
Seven Days in MayAndrew Duggan COL William 'Mutt' Henderson Possibly the first depiction of an M16 in a Hollywood film 1964
The President's AnalystJames Coburn Dr. Sidney Schaefer 1967
Godfrey Cambridge Don Masters
Severn Darden Kropotkin
Ice Station ZebraTony Bill 1Lt. Walker 1968
Jim Brown Capt. Anders
The Losers Various US soldiers 1970
Diamonds are Forever Various Blofield's henchmen 1971
Shaft's Big Score! Various Gangster With 30-round magazine 1972
Cleopatra Jones Thug With 30-round magazine 1973
Detroit 9000 Various Criminals SP1 1973
Soylent Green Various Guards 1973
The Laughing PolicemanS.F.P.D. SWAT officers1973
The Friends of Eddie Coyle Various Gangsters 1973
Savage SistersRosanna Ortiz Mei Ling 1974
Various Philippine soldiers, guerrillas
Badlands Various Army National Guard 1973
Walking TallArch Johnson Buel Jaggers SP1 1973
Zardoz Various Exterminators 1974
EarthquakeMarjoe GortnerSgt. Joad1974
BucktownFred WilliamsonDuke Johnson1975
The MuthersJohn Montgomery "Turko" With 30-round magazine 1976
Two-Minute WarningJohn Cassavetes LAPD Sgt. Buttons With 30-round magazine 1976
Silver Streak Various FBI Agents 1976
The Enforcer Various People's Revolutionary Strike Force terrorists and SFPD officers Fitted with both 3-prong and A1 flash hiders 1976
Vigilante ForceKris Kristofferson Aaron Arnold 3-prong flash hider 1976
Shelly Novack D.O. Viner 3-prong flash hider
Don Pulford Dave Laughlin 3-prong flash hider
Carmen Argenziano Brian Seldon 3-prong flash hider
Charles Cyphers Perry Beal 3-prong flash hider
Colt 38 Special Squad (Quelli della calibro 38) Police snipers With sniper scope 1976
Judge Fayard Called the SheriffMarcel Bozzuffi Joanno aka "Captain" 1977
Operation Thunderbolt Israeli commando 1977
Twilight's Last GleamingUSAF snipers1977
Black SundaySteven Keats Robert Mashevsky 1977
The Domino PrincipleGene Hackman Roy Tucker 3-prong flash hider 1977
Eli Wallach General Reser
The Spy Who Loved Me Various US Navy sailors Stolen from armoury and Stromberg guards 1977
Damnation AlleyPaul Winfield Keegan 1977
Coming HomeBruce Dern Capt. Bob Hyde 1978
The Boys from Brazil Various Nazis 1978
Apocalypse Now Various US Army soldiers 1979
The ExterminatorRobert Ginty John Eastland 1980
Stripes Various US Army soldiers 1981
Escape from New York Various US Police Force and USSS agents Handguards removed 1981
The Loch Ness Horror British Soldiers 20-round magazine 1981
WolfenAlbert Finney NYPD Det. Dewey Wilson Night Vision Scope 1981
Gregory Hines Whittington
Fracchia the Human Beast (Fracchia la belva umana) Italian policemen 1981
Taps Various Cadets 1981
Rambo: First BloodBrian Dennehy Sheriff Will Teasle 1982
Various Hope County sheriff's deputies
OctopussyRoger Moore James Bond SP1 with an A1 Flash hider 1983
Flashpoint US Army soldiers 1984
Jungle Warriors Paramilitary guard 1984
Exterminator 2Robert Ginty John Eastland 1984
Exterminator 2 X's thugs 1984
It's a Drink, It's a Bomb! Police 1985
Into the NightSWAT officers1985
My Science ProjectJohn Stockwell Mike Harlan With Cobray CM203 flare launcher 1985
Fisher Stevens Vince Latello
Raphael Sbarge Sherman Reardon
Al Leong Viet Cong soldier
Various Viet Cong soldiers
CommandoArnold Schwarzenegger John Matrix Fitted with A1 flash hider; becomes an A1 in some shots 1985
Various Arius' men and US Army soldiers Fitted with A1 flash hiders, some with A2 hand guards
The Quiet EarthAlison Routledge Joanne 1985
Yes, Madam! (Huang jia shi jie) Hong Kong policemen 1985
The AnnihilatorsGerrit Graham Ray Track SP1 1985
Dennis Redfield Joe Nace
Lawrence Hilton-Jacobs Garrett Floyd With 3-prong flash hider
The Park is Mine Various NYPD SWAT officers Fitted with AN/PVS-2 Starlight night vision scopes 1986
Raw Deal Various Patrovita's thugs 1986
Heartbreak Ridge Various US Marines Fitted with A1 flash hiders 1986
PlatoonChris Pedersen Crawford Fitted with A1 flash hider 1986
Legacy of Rage Various Henchmen with birdcage flash hiders 1986
Murphy's LawCharles Bronson Jack Murphy Fitted with 3-prong flash hider 1986
A drug farmer Fitted with 3-prong flash hider
Club Paradise soldier 3-prong flash suppressor 1986
Lethal WeaponVarious LAPD SWAT officers Deleted scene only 1987
Near DarkKansas State Police1987
PredatorArnold Schwarzenegger Dutch Fitted with A1 flash hider and Fake M203 Launcher 1987
Sonny Landham Billy Fitted with A2 hand guards, A1 flash hider, and Mossberg 500 shotgun
Full Metal Jacket Various US Marines 1987
I Love MariaPolice1988
In the Line of Duty III: Force of the DragonStephan Berwick Underground Gunsmith 1988
Off LimitsGregory HinesSFC. Perkins1988
Die Hard Various LAPD SWAT officers 1988
Shoot To Kill FBI agent 1988
They LiveRoddy Piper Nada 1988
Keith David Frank
Various Cable 54 building guards
L.A. Bounty L.A.P.D. officer 1989
In the Line of Duty 5: Middle Man Police 1990
Prayer of the RollerboysMark Pellegrino Bango (also other Rollerboys) 1990
EnemyPeter Fonda Ken Andrews SP1 with an A1 Flash hider 1990
EnemyMako Tran SP1 with an A1 Flash hider 1990
China O'Brien IIMichael Anthony Deputy Russell SP1, some with A2 handguards 1990
Richard Norton Matt Conroy
Baskin's henchmen
In the Line of Duty 6: Forbidden Arsenal Special Forces 1991
Showdown in Little TokyoDolph Lundgren Sergeant Chris Kenner Fitted with A2 handguards 1991
Brandon Lee Johnny Murata
Rapid FireLinda Perlin Police officer Fitted with A2 handguards and A1 flash hider 1992
Jurassic Park Unknown actor InGen worker Fitted with A2 handguards and A1 flash hider 1993
Undercover BluesOlek Krupa Zubic 1993
Forrest GumpTom Hanks Forrest Gump 1994
Various US Army soldiers
In the Army NowPauly Shore PFC "Bones" Conway LaFrance-converted AR-15 SP1; fitted with A1 flash hider and A2 hand guards 1994
Various US Army personnel
Village of the Damned Various US Army National Guard soldiers Fitted with A2 handguards 1995
Beyond Rangoon Burmese soldiers 1995
Crying FreemanMark Dacascos Yo Hinomura Fitted with Cobray CM203 37mm Launcher 1995
The RockTony Todd Captain Darrow Fitted with A1 flash hider and M203 grenade launcher 1996
Midnight HeatBrad Dourif Payne M16/SP1 with A2 handguards 1996
The PestJohn Leguizamo Pestario "Pest" Vargas Fitted with A2 handguards, A1-style lower receiver & flash hider, and fake A2-style windage adjustment knob 1997
Commander Hamilton Swedish guards 1998
The Ultimate WeaponHulk Hogan Ben Cutter With Cobray 37mm Launcher 1998
Analyze This Various Mobsters Fitted with A2 handguards and A1 flash hiders 1999
The Matrix Various Lobby guards Fitted with both 3-prong and A1 flash hiders 1999
Keanu Reeves Neo
The Watcher Special Forces 2000
Muscle Heat USA soldiers 2002
The Glamorous Life of Sachiko Hanai Emi Kuroda Sachiko Hanai 2003
USA Army soldiers
CoronadoClayton Rohner Arnet McClure 2003
Various Rebel Soldiers
Once Upon a Time in Mexico Gerardo Vigil General Marquez Fitted with A2 handguards and A1 flash hiders 2003
Various General Soldiers
Innocent Voices Salvadoran Army soldiers and guerrilla SP1 2004
Alone in the Dark (2005) Various Bureau 713 Commandos 2005
Land of the Dead Various US Army soldiers 2005
The Battle of Long Tan Various Australian soldiers 2006
Onechanbara - Zombie Bikini Squad Guardians 2008
Black DynamiteMichael Jai White Black Dynamite With M203 grenade launcher 2009
Various Black Panther
Helldriver Hiroyuki Ootsuki Captain 2010
Asami Kozue
Takumi Saitoh Natsuki
Maki Mizui Spider Woman
The Expendables 2 Sang member 2012
Kong: Skull IslandTom HiddlestonCaptain James Conrad 2017
Kong: Skull IslandThomas Mann Slivko 2017
Danger Close: The Battle of Long TanDaniel Webber Pte. Paul "Largie" Large 2019
Travis Fimmel Maj. Todd Smith
Sam Parsonson 2Lt. Dave Sabben
Luke Bracey Sgt. Bob Buick
Australian soldiers
Vietcong soldier



Video Games

Game TitleAppears AsModsNotes Release Date
Tomb Raider II M16 1997
WWII G.I. Fitted with A2 handguards, also available only in the Platoon Leader expansion pack 1999
Vietcong Can be attached with M7 bayonet Firing 18 rounds from 20-round magazine 2002
Shellshock Nam '67 "Assault Rifle" Incorrectly fitted with A2 handguards and firing 30 rounds from 20-round magazine 2004
Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories "Assault Rifle" Incorrectly firing 30 rounds from 20-round magazine 2006
Call of Duty: Black Ops M16 Can be modified with extended mags, dual mags, red dot sight, ACOG scope, infrared scope, suppressor, M203 grenade launcher, KAC Masterkey, and flamethrower Incorrectly firing in three-round burst in multiplayer and "Zombies" modes 2010
Dead Island "Burst Rifle" Avaiable with iron sights or reflex sight, also can fire in semi-automatic and four-round bursts Incorrectly firing 30 rounds from 20-round magazine 2011
LoveGear ~Kinematic Lovers 2011
Call of Duty: Black Ops II "Colt M16A1" w/ various attachments Incorrectly firing in three-round burst in "Zombies" mode 2012


XM16E1 rifle with 20 round magazine - 5.56x45mm
Mockup of an XM16E1 rifle with 20 round magazine - 5.56x45mm. This can be identified as a mockup by its full magazine fence and strengthened front pivot point, neither of which appeared on the XM16E1.
Mockup of an XM16E1 (built from an M16A1 as the base) with 20 round magazine - 5.56x45mm. This example is the screen-used rifle used by Mel Gibsonin We Were Soldiers.

The XM16E1 is a modified variant of the original M16 which featured several improvements, the most visible of which is the addition of the forward assist. The Army requested this feature, but the Air Force believed it had no benefit and only increased the weapon's per-unit cost. Consequently, the M16 (SP1) was the version adopted by the Air Force, while the Army adopted the slightly more expensive XM16E1. After the M16A1 was introduced in 1967, both services transitioned to this rifle. Before 1968, this was the most common version of the M16 rifle platform. The XM16E1 also features a chrome bolt carrier, which was later dropped with the M16A1.

Many examples in recent films are actually 'faux' XM16E1 rifles, usually built on an M16A1; the real XM16E1 has a partial magazine fence on its lower receiver, whereas the M16A1 has a full raised rib around the magazine release button.



Video Games


M16A1 with 20 round magazine - 5.56x45mm
Colt M16A1 with 30 round magazine - 5.56x45mm
Colt M16A1 with A2 handguards - 5.56x45mm. Putting the distinctive A2 handguards on the older rifle was a method used by Movie/TV armorers to simulate A2 rifles when M16A1s were the only ones available. The same thing has been done vice-versa, Using M16A2's with A1 handguards for Vietnam War B Movies.

The M16A1 is a modification of the XM16E1 to address problems found in the testing cycle of the XM16E1. Changes included a closed "birdcage" flash hider to replace the XM16E1's three-pronged flash hider, which caught on twigs and leaves, a full fence around the magazine release to prevent accidental ejection, and a chrome plated chamber - later fully lined bore - to reducing fouling. The bolt was also changed so the cam pin could not be inserted with the bolt installed backwards, which would cause failures to eject until corrected. The front pivot point is also strenghtened, giving the area in front of the magazine well a slightly different shape.


The Computer Wore Tennis Shoes Guard 1969
Close Encounters of the Third Kind Various Soldiers 1976
The Enforcer Various SFPD officers 1976
Rolling ThunderVariousNorth Vietnamese military1977
The Boys in Company CAndrew Stevens Billy Ray Pike 1978
The Odd Angry Shot Various Australian SAS troopers 1979
Apocalypse Now Various US Army soldiers 1979
The JerkM. Emmet Walsh The Madman Fitted with scope 1979
The Blues BrothersCarrie Fisher Jake's ex-fiance 1980
Various State Troopers, Sheriff's Deputies, Chicago Police SWAT, and US Army soldiers
The Final Countdown Various US Marines 1980
The HunterTracey Walter Rocco Mason 1980
The OctagonCarol Bagdasarian Aura 1980
John Shields McCarn's lieutenant
Thad Geer McCarn's man
Operation Leopard (La légion saute sur Kolwezi)Bruno Cremer Pierre Delbart 1980
Zairian government troops and Katanga fighters
Le GuignoloTony Kendall Fredo With sound suppressor, sniper scope and laser sighting device 1980
Enter the Ninja Venarius' henchmen 1981
Choice of Arms Seen in Jean's armoury 1981
Death Wish 2 Various Thugs 1982
Rambo: First Blood Various US Army National Guardsmen 1982
Uncommon ValorReb Brown Blaster 1983
The Day After Various US Air Force Security Police 1983
Revenge of the NinjaMario Gall Caifano 1983
Revenge of the Ninja Caifano's henchmen 1983
Scarface Sosa's assassins 1983
The Ruffian The robber in black mask 1983
Ghostbusters Various US Army National Guardsmen 1984
Code Name: Wild GeeseThomas Danneberg Arbib Fitted with M203 grenade launcher 1984
Manfred Lehmann Klein
Rene Abadeza Kim
Various Kim's men and General Khan's soldiers
The TerminatorPaul Winfield Lt. Edward Traxler 1984
Lance Henriksen Detective Hal Vukovich
Various LAPD officers
Ninja III: The DominationJordan Bennett Billy Secord 1984
Ninja III: The Domination A police sniper With sniper scope 1984
Wheels of FireJoe Mari Avellana Scourge Fitted with M203 grenade launcher 1985
Gary Watkins Trace standart and mocked up as futuristic rifle, several times fitted with M203 grenade launcher
Laura Banks Stinger mocked up as futuristic rifle
Various Scourge's men, True believers' solders, Ownership's army standart and mocked up as futuristic rifle,
LatinoRobert Beltran Eddie Guerrero 1985
Various Contras soldiers
Coordinates of Death (Koordinaty smerti) Various US Army soldiers and Viet Cong guerrillas 1985
Hold-Up Montreal SWAT and police 1985
Remo Williams: The Adventure BeginsCharles CioffiGeorge Grove 1985
Rambo: First Blood Part II Various Vietnamese troops and pirates Some fitted with A2 handguards 1985
Day of the Dead Various US Army soldiers 1985
American NinjaSteve James CPL Curtis Jackson Fitted with M203 grenade launcher 1985
Various US Army soldiers
CommandoArnold Schwarzenegger John Matrix Alternates with M16 SP1 1985
Various Arius' men and US Army soldiers Some fitted with M16A2 hand guards
Commando LeopardLewis Collins Enrique Carrasco With M203 grenade launcher 1985
John Steiner Smithy
Cristina Donadio Maria
Klaus Kinski Colonel Silveira
Manfred Lehmann Padre Julio
Various Soldiers and rebels
Morons from Outer SpaceEdward Wiley Laribee's Aide 1985
US Army soldiers, plainclothes officers
The Park is Mine Various NYPD SWAT officers 1986
Iron Eagle Various US Air Force security guards 1986
Aliens Seen on the walls of the Sulaco's armory 1986
Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home Various US Marines 1986
Band of the HandDaniele QuinnCarlos.1986
Heartbreak Ridge Various US Marines With and without MILES gear 1986
PlatoonCharlie Sheen PVT Chris Taylor 1986
Various US Army soldiers
Firewalker Brigands, guerillas 1986
The Dragon Hunt (Okhota na drakona)Mashrab Kimsanov Ramos 1986
Demon of Paradise Soldiers Elisco 1987
Extreme PrejudiceMatt Mulhern SSgt. Declan Patrick Coker 1987
Various Special Unit and cartel members Some with A2 handguards
Gardens of Stone Various US Army personnel (seen during news footage of the Vietnam War) 1987
Hamburger Hill Various US Army 101st Airborne personnel 1987
Dragnet SWAT officers With A2 handguards 1987
Rage of Honor Various henchmen 1987
Down Twisted San Lucas police soldiers 1987
Equalizer 2000Richard Norton Slade In futuristic dress-up 1987
Henry Strzalkowski Alamo
Lawton's soldiers and rebels Standard and in futuristic dress-up
Tiger CageJacky Cheung Insp. Fong Chun-Yau 1980
BAT*21Danny GloverCaptain Clark1988
Bulletproof Henchmen Fitted with A2 handguards 1988
Iron Eagle II Various US Military Police 1988
China O'Brien Sommers' henchman With sniper scope 1988
Casualties of War Various US Army soldiers 1989
The Package Various US Army soldiers 1989
A Better Tomorrow IIIChow Yun-Fat Mark Lee 1989
Anita Mui Chow Ying Kit
Tony Leung Ka Fai Cheung Chi Mun
Various ARVN soldiers
Code Name Coq Rouge (Täcknamn Coq Rouge) Israeli soldiers 1989
Guns Army soldiers 1990
Fire Birds Various US Army soldiers 1990
By Dawn's Early Light US military personnel 1990
Total Recall Seen at Kuato's resistance base 1990
Die Hard 2 Various Airport police and US Army Special Forces The Army Special Forces team fitted with A2 handguards 1990
Bullet in the HeadJacky Cheung Fai 1990
Darkman Karl A. Wickman Police officer Fitted with scope 1990
La Femme Nikita guards 1990
Death Warrant Prison guards 1990
Silence of the Lambs US Army National Guardsmen 1991
Nothing But Trouble Various National Guardsmen 1991
Toy Soldiers Various Colombian soldiers 1991
Terminator 2: Judgment Day Seen on the walls of Sarah's armory 1991
The Jackpot! (La Totale!) Seen in secret service minivan 1991
Pure Luck Mexican prizon guards 1991
Operation Corned Beef Zargas' henchmen 1991
Rapid Fire Various Guards 1992
Hard BoiledPhilip Kwok Mad Dog Fitted with M203 grenade launcher 1992
Various Hong Kong police and Johnny Wong's thugs
To Survive (Chtoby vyzhit)Sergey Veksler Nikolai Fitted with XM148 grenade launcher 1992
Black Shark (Chyornaya akula)American soldiers, mujahedeen, mercenaries 1993
Boiling Point Is seen in arms rack 1993
RoboCop 3 Resistance fighters, OCP Rehab officers 1993
Rage and Honor IICynthia Rothrock Kris Fairchild 1993
Open FireJeff Wincott Alec McNeil 1994
Ron Howard George Deacon
Mimi Craven Lynne Tolbert
Lee de Broux Bob McNeil
The plane flies to Russia (Samolyot letit v Rossiyu) Navy sailors, mafia members 1994
Steel FrontierBrion James General J.W. Quantrell 1995
Joe Lara Yuma
Soldier BoyzMichael Dudikoff Major Toliver 1995
Channon Roe Brophy
David Barry Gray Lamb
Various Vinh Moc's soldiers
Species Background extras US soldiers 1995
Rumble in the Bronx NYPD officers 1995
FBI officer in helicopter
HeatWes Studi Detective Casals Fitted with A2 handguards 1995
HeatSteven FordOfficer BruceA2 handguards1995
Midnight ManMichael Watson Ilyia With Cobray CM203 1995
Midnight ManLorenzo Lamas John Kang With Cobray CM203 1995
The Rock Various Rogue US Marines Fitted with A2 handguards and tactical flashlights, some with M203 grenade launchers 1996
Eraser Various US Marshals Fitted with A2 handguards 1996
A Time to KillSamuel L. JacksonCarl Lee Hailey1996
The One That Got Away Sam Halpenny "Legs" Lane fitted w/ Cobray CM203 1996
Alexander Morton Big Bob fitted w/ Cobray CM203
The Long Kiss Goodnight Henchman 1996
Romeo & Juliet Various Verona Beach police officers Some fitted with A2 handguards 1996
Day of the WarriorKevin Light Doc Austin With M203 grenade launcher 1996
Ron Browning Ron
Warrior's henchman
Original Gangstas Gang members 1996
The Devil's Own Desmond - Provisional IRA Gunman Used by Desmond to fire on British Soldiers from a 2nd floor window. It is on semi-automatic firing mode. 1997
Con Air Various Convicts and US Army National Guardsmen Fitted with A2 handguards 1997
The Postman Various Holnist soldiers 1997
Dance with the DevilJavier Bardem Romeo Dolorosa 1997
Carlos Bardem Reggie San Pedro
Miguel Galván Doug
Against the LawRichard Grieco Rex 1997
Dead Silence (1997) FBI HRT 1997
The PeacemakerArmy National Guard1997
The RageDell Yount Bobby Joe 1997
The Rage FBI agents 1997
The Pentagon WarsCary Elwes LTC James G. Burton With magazine removed and A2 handguards 1998
Various US Army soldiers Fitted with A2 handguards
Scarred City Soto's bodyguard 1998
From Dusk Till Dawn 2: Texas Blood MoneyVarious Mexican Police . 1999
Shergar Various SAS Soldiers 1999
Blue Streak Various Mexican Border Security Officers Fitted with A2 handguards 1999
Battlefield Earth Human resistance fighters Some with M203 grenade launchers 2000
Joint Security Area ROKA soldiers Fitted with A2 handguards 2000
The Point Men Israeli soldiers 2001
War (Voyna) Aslan 2002
Death to Smoochy SWAT team 2002
The Crocodile Hunter: Collision Course Various US Army Rangers Some fitted with M203 grenade launchers 2002
xXx Colombian narcotics officer 2002
Tears of the Sun Nigerian soldiers 2002
Jisai (Dzisay) Seen in truck 2004
Land of the Dead Various Fiddler's Green Soldiers 2005
The Devil's Rejects Various Sheriff's department and Rejects 2005
Sky Fighters Terrorists 2005
The President's Last BangSuk-kyu Han KCIA Agent Ju 2005
Sang-ho Kim KCIA Agent Jang
South Korean Army, KCIA agents
The Departed Various Massachusetts State Police at funeral Fitted with A2 handguards 2006
In Her Line of FireDavid Millbern Armstrong 2006
Patrick Kake Hammer
Rene Naufahu Solia
Various The mercenaries, guerrillas
The Battle of Long Tan Various Australian soldiers Anachronistic 2006
Attack Girls Swim Team vs the Unliving DeadSasa Handa Aki Kitajima 2007
Invisible Target Hong Kong Police 2007
The Apocalypse Code US soldiers 2007
American Gangster US soldiers 2007
Rambo Various Karen rebels 2008
The Sniper Hong Kong SDU sniper team M16A1 fitted with with A2 handguards and ACOG scope 2009
Elephant White several examples in weapons caches 2010
Red StateStephen Root Sheriff Wynan with A2 handguards 2011
Super 8Kyle Chandler Jackson Lamb 2011
Noah Emmerich Colonel Nelec
US airmen and soldiers
Largo Winch II (2011)Praptpapol Suwanbang Kadjang 2011
State of Emergency US Marines A2 Handguards 2011
Men In Black 3 Military Police 2012
R2B: Return to Base South Korean honor guard 2012
Argo US Marines 2012
Battleground US soldiers 2012
A Dark Truth Equadorian soldier With M203 attached 2012
Ah Boys to Men Singapore Army soldiers, OPFOR M16S1 2012
Cockneys vs. Zombies Alan Ford Ray With M203 attached 2012
009-1: The End of the Beginning SMA troops 2013
Northern Limit Line1970s South Korean navy patrol boat crewmen2015
All the WaySecret Service agentAnachronistic2016
Karate Kill Capital Messiah members 2016
American MadeTom CruiseBarry Seal2017
Malay Regiment17th Royal Malay Regiment troopers
21st GGK commandos
Communist guerillas without handguard
KL Special ForceSyamsul YusofAshraff 2018
Gang Anarchist mafias
STAFOC officers
Rambo: Last BloodSylvester StalloneJohn Rambo2019
Triple Threat guards, Devereaux's hired guns 2019
The Suicide SquadMargot RobbieHarley Quinn2021



Video Games

Game TitleAppears AsModsNotes Release Date
Fallout Tactics "M16A1" Fitted with A2 handguards 2001
Grand Theft Auto III "M16" Fitted with fictional 60-round magazine 2001
Battlefield: Vietnam "M16" Available as standard firing on full-auto, and as a sniper rifle fitted with scope but firing on semi-auto Modeling error showing the ejection port on the left side 2004
Söldner: Secret Wars "M16A1" 2004
Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater "XM16E1" Camouflage paint scheme, semi/burst/auto trigger group, detachable suppressor 2005
Project Reality "M16A2" Available with and without M203 grenade launcher Featured with A1 and A2 handguards 2005
Project Reality As the "M16A1 DMR" With scope mounted on carry handle 2005
Elite Warriors Vietnam 2005
Scarface: The World is Yours "Carbine Assault Rifle" Can be fitted with dual mags and M203 grenade launcher 2006
Cross Fire"M16" 2007
"M16A2"railed handguard
"M16A4" with Galil-style skeleton folding stock and silencerfully automatic
7.62 High Calibre "M16A1" Can be fitted with 20-round magazine, 30-round (and dual 30-round) magazine, Aimpoint M68 CCO, Trijicon ACOG scope, AV/PVS-14 night scope, laser module, tactical flashlight, bipod, bayonet, and suppressor 2008
1968 Tunnel Rats (VG) 2009
Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker "M16A1" Can be fitted with suppressor, laser module M203 grenade launcher, underbarrel shotgun 2010
Project Reality: Vietnam "M16A1" Available with 20-round and 30-round magazines 2012
Alan Wake's American Nightmare "Assault Rifle" Fitted with A2 handguards 2012
Counter-Strike Online "M16A1" 30 + 1 round mag 2012
World of Guns: Gun DisassemblyM16 A1 bayonet 2014
Hot Dogs, Horseshoes & Hand Grenades M16A1 2016
Mafia III 2016
Rising Storm 2: Vietnamoptional bayonet 2017
Far Cry 5 "M-16" Incorrectly depicted with a 4-position selector 2018
Maximum Action "M16A1" Always fitted with heat shield; "M16A1 GL" has underslung Cobray CM203 2018
Far Cry 6 2021


Colt M16A2 - 5.56x45mm
Colt Government Model HBAR, the A2 version of the AR-15 Civilian Rifle - 5.56x45mm (note the lack of a third position for burst mode for the selector switch)

The M16A2 was developed under request by the US Marine Corps as a result of combat experience in Vietnam, and was adopted in 1982. Modifications were extensive, including new, faster rifling (1 twist every 7 inches, replacing the M16A1's 1:12 twist rate) to permit the use of the heavier SS109 round, a heavier barrel to resist bending and reduce overheating in sustained fire, an adjustable rear sight to allow sighting-in for ranges between 300 and 800 metres to take full advantage of the SS109's ballistic characteristics as well as windage adjustments without the use of special tools or a cartridge. The buttstock was lengthened 5⁄8 in (15.9 mm). The handguards were changed from the vertically split triangular pattern to the horizontally split round version found on carbines. A notch for the middle finger was added to the pistol grip. The flash hider was closed at the bottom to prevent dirt being kicked up when fired prone. A brass deflector was added to the upper receiver to prevent spent brass hitting left-handed shooters. The A1's full auto setting was dropped and replaced with a three round burst setting to prevent "spray and pray" usage by inexperienced users. The forward assist was changed from teardrop to round mainly as a cost-saving measure.

In contrast to the real world M16A2 rifle adopted by the US military in the early 1980s, most of the A2s seen in movies are A2 'kits' built on A1 full auto lower receivers (or converted A2 style receivers). Most movie "M16A2" rifles have the A1 Birdcage flash hider installed, since cinematographers want the "starburst" of the flash to go all the way around, not just divert upwards (as is the case with the correct A2 Flash hider).

A fully automatic version of the M16A2 also exists, known as the M16A3. However, because nearly all movie "M16A2s" fire full automatic, it is not IMFDB policy to designate these rifles as "M16A3s" when identifying them in movies, since in nearly all cases they are intended to pass for M16A2s.

Also note that some American movies feature M16A1 rifles fitted with M16A2-style handguards, such as Heat and Die Hard 2. An example of such a rifle can be seen in the M16A1 entry above. When identifying M16 variants, please look at the receiver of the rifle in question, not just its handguards, to determine whether it is an A1 or an A2.




Video Games

Game TitleAppears AsModsNotes Release Date
Command & Conquer: Red Alert 2 Seen held by American soldiers in one of the game's endings 2000
Hitman: Codename 47 "M16A2" 2000
Operation Flashpoint "M16A2" Can fire in semi-auto and three-round burst, also available with M203 The world model features a mirror of the right side of the receiver 2001
Tactical Ops: Assault on Terror "M16" Can fire in semi-auto and three-round burst, also fitted with barrel-mounted laser sight Featuring 20-round magazine 2002
America's Army "M16A2" Can fire in semi-auto and three-round burst, also available with M203 2002
Conflict: Desert Storm "Colt M16A2 Assault Rifle"
"M16 Colt Silenced Sub-machine Gun"
First variant is fitted with M203 and can fire in semi-auto, three-round burst, and inaccurately full-auto; second variant fitted with scope and suppressor, also featuring an inaccurate 32-round magazine 2002
Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Seen used by a thug in the intro cutscene, unusable 2002
Splinter Cell Used by hostile NPCs, unusable 2002
Delta Force: Black Hawk Down "M16"
Available with and without M203 First variant erroneously featuring a 14.5" barrel while ironically the second variant has the correct 20" barrel; the fire selector switch is set on semi-auto 2003
Enter the Matrix "M16" 2003
Postal 2 "Machine Gun" Pachmayr Vindicator pistol grip, converted to full-auto Colt Government Model HBAR 2003
Manhunt "Defender Mark 1" Can fire in semi-auto and erroneously full-auto Firing 30 rounds from a 20-round magazine 2003
Joint Operations: Typhoon Rising "M16"
Available with and without M203 First variant erroneously featuring a 14.5" barrel while ironically the second variant has the correct 20" barrel; the fire selector switch is set on semi-auto; Available only for the Rifleman class of the Joint Ops faction 2004
The Matrix: Path of Neo "Assault Rifle" Erroneously full-auto fire Featuring a Thermold magazine 2005
Battlefield 2 With and without M203 grenade launcher 2005
Joint Task Force With 20-round magazine 2006
Eternal DamnationModel from Postal 2; unusable2006
Manhunt 2 2007
Alliance of Valiant Arms "M16A2" Erroneously fires in full-auto 2007
World in Conflict 2007
ArmA: Armed Assault 2007
9th Company: Roots of Terror 2008
Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3 Seen only in cutscenes 2008
Left 4 Dead "Assault Rifle" With barrel-mounted weaponlight
50-round magazine
Far Cry 2 "M16A3" Seen in a magazine and on posters, unusable 2008
Delta Force: Xtreme 2 "M16/M203" Fitted with M203 2009
ArmA II "M16A2"
"M16A2 M203"
Can fire in semi-auto and three-round burst, also available with M203 2009
Left 4 Dead 2 "M-16 Assault Rifle" With barrel-mounted weaponlight and optional laser sight
50-round magazine
Firearms: Source "M16-A2" Can fire semi-auto and three-round burst 2010
Deus Ex: Human Revolution Seen held by a soldier in one of the game's endings, unusable 2011
Insurgency Sandstorm "M16A2" 2018
Vigor "ES16A2" 2018
The Division 2"M16A2" 2019
Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War "M16" Holds 30 rounds despite being depicted with a 20-round magazine 2020


M16A4 with carry handle attached - 5.56x45mm
M16A4 with railed handguard, AN/PEQ-2 IR designator, KAC foregrip, and Trijicon TA01 4x32 ACOG scope - 5.56x45mm. This is not a military M16A4 MWS, because the railed handguard is not a KAC M5 RAS (it lacks the cut-out in the upper half to accommodate the M203 barrel clamp).
M16A4 with ACOG scope, RIS foregrip, Magpul MBUS rear sight, and AN/PEQ-15 IR designator - 5.56x45mm
M16A4 MWS with ACOG and grippod - 5.56x45mm. Note the cut-out in the KAC M5 RAS.

The M16A4 is the latest version of the M16 rifle, and is currently a service rifle in the United States Army. It is a 3-round burst rifle like the M16A2. The original upper receiver with a fixed carry handle was replaced with one that has a removable handle and a built-in full-length Picatinny rail for mounting optics and other ancillary devices. The M16A4 is the standard-issue rifle of the U.S. Marine Corps, though a switch to the M4 carbine was made in late 2015.

Military-issue M16A4 are also equipped with a Knight's Armament Company M5 RAS railed handguard (RAS standing for "Rail Adapter System"). Such rifles were designated M16A4 MWS (Modular Weapon System) in the U.S. Army field manuals.

As is the case with the A2 rifle, all movie/TV appearances of the 'flat top' M16 are full auto, not 3-round burst, since no director wants to see only three rounds fire at a time. So these are, again, A4 uppers built on full auto lower receivers. Despite the fact that the real world A4 is a 3-round burst rifle, IMFDB will still refer to the movie incarnations as A4s, since that is the rifle they are supposed to represent on film.



In Fiction

Colt M16A4

Barrel Length

508mm (20in)


3.26 kg (7.18 lb) unloaded

Action Type

Stoner's Direct Gas Impingement

Feeding System

STAGNAG Box Magazine (10, 20 and 30 round capacity)


Seishou Academy, FN FNC, Sig 550, L85A1 (friends)


Red Steel High, M14, L1A1, G3A3 (Kouhai rivalry)

First Manga Appearance

Vol 1, Chapter 1, Page 19

Latest Manga Appearance

Vol 12, Chapter 93, Page 21

First Anime Appearance

"Grip and Hold!" "Nigitte Tamotte"(にぎって たもって)

Latest Anime Appearance

"Behold! Laugh!" "Miatte Waratte"(みあって わらって)


An American character with blond short tomboyish hair and blue eyes. Quite tall, but skinny, she is very dexterous and wears running shoes instead of plain sneakers. She wears an orange slice pin, which refers to the author's impression that the U.S. is the biggest producers of oranges.


M16A4, referred to as "Sixteen" in the series, has quite the energetic and charismatic personality. She is not afraid of anything. She can sometimes be stubborn but honest and is somewhat of a narcissist (She is quite one of the most popular assault rifles after all). Sixteen is quite often naive, a bit gluttonous, hot-headed and easy going who often tends to improvise on the go whether it be pranks or actual combat. She has a foul mouth and an Osaka dialect that compliments her headstrong tomboyish and competitive nature but deep down she has a kind heart, especially to her friends. As a reference to her fire control group, she tends to alternate between bursts of activity and rest. Sixteen is also quite the clean freak with herself which references to how dirty her action can get over time aside from the sabotage scandals in Vietnam by the US Army brass. Since Sixteen if basically a firthy gaijin (That's foreigner for you non weebs out there (^: ), Japanese isn't her primary language and she is prone to making linguistic mistakes.

An example is her reading comprehension and writing, it's bad enough that when she written "Funco" (フンコ) in her diary she reads it as "Fucco" (フッコ) instead. Sixteen has a huge local and international fan base regarding her performance and appearance, to the point she is often featured in firearms magazines. This refers to her widespread reputation and adoption in the international field throughout the Cold War and present whether it be military aid to third world countries to her use within law enforcement and paramilitary organizations.

In Real Life

Performance and History

The M16A4 is the current US Marines service rifle. It is manufactured by a contract from FNH, the United States expansion of Fabrique Nationale.

The prototype was named the ArmaLite AR-15, to this day civilian models of both M16 and M4's are call AR-15 or "The AR-15 weapons platform". Throughout the 21 century the rifle was modular and many modifications and even parts in the civilian market has caught eye of the military. The success of the rifle being more personal and customizable as ever, and classified unofficially as a weapon system,

Colt has licensed only three producers the rights to manufacture the M16. The first was Elisco tools and manufacturing corp of the Philippines and the second is ST kinetics of Singapore the third is The Canadian Government

The Introduction of the Colt M16 was first used by the Air Force servicemen first in 1962. It was not until six years later it was officially tested in Vietnam as a replacement for the US Marines and Army M14 service rifle. At first it was widely accepted by many soldiers as that ability to control the weapon when it were fully automatic. In Vietnam everyone began to have troubles with it in the mud, the water, the fact that the rifle's chamber naturally got dirtier after it fired round per round even though the servicemen were told it was a "self cleaning rifle". Part of US casualties was from the rifle jamming at untimely events of an ambush or firefight. The M16A1 was a war production improved model. With a bigger cylinder shaped hand guard and less complicated gas block, and a forward assist added to the rifle made the rifle be able to chamber rounds if it did not chamber without sticking fingers inside the small ejection port.

The main problem about the M16 was not the fact it jammed frequently, it was because it is the fastest fully automatic rifle made at 950 Rounds a minute. To correct one mistake from Vietnam was the bullets spent to kill ratio. During Vietnam The M16 would empty a whole 30 round magazine in 5 seconds which was too fast to conserve ammunition, and the fact the soldiers relied on automatic too much and had trouble completing combat patrols without the need for an ammunition drop in otherwise "no fly zones". The M16A2 was the answer to the trigger happy grunt, making three round busts happen with enough stopping power up to ten targets or pulls.

The M16A3 was not really mentioned as the next success. It was the only fully automatic in the 1980's that was only used by the Navy SEALS. If one were to describe it, it was just a fully automatic A2. 

Design Details & Availability

Bolt and Features

Barrel and Feeding

Accessories and Variants


  1. Nexus skyrim
  2. Metal corner bracket
  3. Autocad lt


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I took a break from Arfcom, and GD was still in the Tranny phase.
Now I'm back to lurking, and its now fake girls?

Also, is it still not gay, if you think the pirate was hot?


ST AR-15

Gun Information
Full name Spikes Tactical 10th Anniversary AR-15, Spikes Tactical Pipe Hitters SBR (Mod 3 Secondary Armament)
Country of origin United States
Manufacturer Spikes Tactical
Game Information
Faction AR Team, Griffin & Kryuger, DEFY
Manufactured /
Revised by
Voice actor Katou Emiri
Artist LIN+ (Original Artist);

STAR影法师 (Top Hat Drifting to the Flowers);
暖森 (Breeze on a Spring Day)

Released on CN, TW, KR, EN, JP
Chibi Animation

Click the marked area to switch between animations. For details regarding animations, please see Animations on the Wiki.

How to obtain[edit]

NORMALHEAVY Not craftable.

DROP Not obtainable as a drop.

REWARD Rewarded to players after clearing chapter 3-6 for the first time. This AR ST AR-15Thumb button.pngST AR-15  will be Lv.30 and at 3x Dummy Links.

Exclusive Equipment[edit]

Stats / Data[edit]

53(x1) → 105(x1) / 525(x5)20(x1) / 60(x5)20(x1) / 60(x5)

Affects submachine guns

Increases evasion by 12%

Increases rate of fire by 10%

name Assault Focus T
icon rateBuffSelf
text Increases rate of fire by ($rof_value)% for ($time_value) seconds.
initial 4
cooldown 2019.619.118.718.217.817.316.916.416
rof_value 25272932343638414345
time_value 99.710.31111.712.31313.714.315
skill backup.png
name of skill here


53(x1) → 106(x1) / 530(x5)20(x1) / 60(x5)20(x1) / 60(x5)

Affects submachine guns

Increases evasion by 15%

Increases rate of fire by 10%

name Assault Focus T
icon rateBuffSelf
text Increases rate of fire by ($rof_value)% for ($time_value) seconds.
initial 4
cooldown 2019.619.118.718.217.817.316.916.416
rof_value 30323437394143464850
time_value 99.710.31111.712.31313.714.315
skill backup.png
name of skill here


53(x1) → 107(x1) / 535(x5)20(x1) / 60(x5)20(x1) / 60(x5)

Affects submachine guns

Increases evasion by 15%

Increases rate of fire by 10%

name Assault Focus T
icon rateBuffSelf
text Increases rate of fire by ($rof_value)% for ($time_value) seconds.
initial 4
cooldown 2019.619.118.718.217.817.316.916.416
rof_value 30323437394143464850
time_value 99.710.31111.712.31313.714.315
name Crime and Punishment
icon ar15_shot
text When "Assault Focus T" is active, raises her secondary weapon and attack simultaneously, secondary weapon deals ($bonus_damage)% of the primary damage, if the target is marked by "Mark of Vengeance" secondary weapon deals ($bonus_damage_marked)% instead.
bonus_damage 56677889910
bonus_damage_marked 10121214141616181820
skill backup.png
name of skill here


53(x1) → 108(x1) / 540(x5)20(x1) / 60(x5)20(x1) / 60(x5)

Affects submachine guns

Increases evasion by 15%

Increases rate of fire by 10%

name Assault Focus T
icon rateBuffSelf
text Increases rate of fire by ($rof_value)% for ($time_value) seconds.
initial 4
cooldown 2019.619.118.718.217.817.316.916.416
rof_value 30323437394143464850
time_value 99.710.31111.712.31313.714.315
name Crime and Punishment
icon ar15_shot
text When "Assault Focus T" is active, raises her secondary weapon and attack simultaneously, secondary weapon deals ($bonus_damage)% of the primary damage, if the target is marked by "Mark of Vengeance" secondary weapon deals ($bonus_damage_marked)% instead.
bonus_damage 56677889910
bonus_damage_marked 10121214141616181820
skill backup.png
name of skill here


Weapon Background[edit]

The AR-15 is a lightweight, magazine-fed, air-cooled semi-automatic rifle with a rotating-lock bolt, actuated by direct impingement gas-operation or long/short stroke piston operation, and chambered for an intermediate caliber cartridge. The term "AR-15" stands for "Armalite rifle, design 15". The trademark "AR15" or "AR-15" is registered to Colt, which requires the term to be used only to refer to their products. Colt uses "AR-15" for its semi-automatic civilian rifles, and thus many use the term only for Colt-made AR-15 rifles and clones made by other manufacturers.

Many other manufacturers make AR-15 clones and variants marketed under separate designations, although these are frequently referred to as AR-15s. The prototype AR-15 rifle was designed by American arms designer Eugene Stoner, who at the time was working for the ArmaLite company. It was designed to be a selective fire weapon for military purposes, and was meant to be an improvement on Stoner's earlier rifle, the AR-10. Armalite sold the AR-15 design to Colt due to financial difficulties. After some modifications, the rifle eventually became the US Army's M16 rifle. A civilian version was marketed as the Colt AR-15 rifle.[1]

Because AR-15 receivers and parts are widely manufactured, the weapon is considered extremely modular and adaptable to a variety of different functions, uses, and firing performances. Various receivers and barrels in a wide array of calibers allow the AR-15 to function at many different ranges and in a number of roles. Many aftermarket parts can provide the rifle with a tactical feel, with options ranging from picatinny rails to MLOK allowing different accessories to be mounted on the rifle.


ST AR-15 is designed by the Concept Design Manager of MICA Team, LIN+. LIN+ commented on AR-15's design in the official artbook for Girls Frontline[2]:

All four members of AR Team are sister guns derived from the original AR-15 designed by Eugene Stoner. When it came to designing her, a lot of reference were made to M4A1, whose design had already been finalized at the time by UmiNeko. Various design features such as a selectively dyed side fringe, sleeve logo, color palette, and various other elements. (AR小队的四个人都是由尤金·斯通纳设计的AR15原型发展而来的姐妹枪,所以设计的时候也参考了海猫当时已经完成的M4A1,选取了共同的挑染,袖标,和标识色等元素。)

At the same time, the costume leans more towards a civilian feel. I chose things such as leather boots and skirts, combinations reflecting her background as a civilian firearm.(同时在服装上更偏向日常,选用了皮鞋和连衣裙等比较常见的搭配,以贴合AR15民用枪支的属性。)

Considering AR-15 is a more outgoing girl, her early drafts had more fashionable/flamboyant clothing designs. However, considering her role within the AR Team and the fact that excessively complex outfits can lead to a lack of deviation in future artworks, her outfit was simplified for the finalized design.(早期设定可以看出,以前的AR15性格上是比较活泼的,服装也比较复杂,后来考虑到小队里的角色定位,以及服装太复杂可能会影响同人创作而做了简化。)

The rifle she uses is based off the Spikes Tactical 10th anniversary AR-15. It sports a 16" barrel and a longer hang-guard. After receiving her neural upgrade, ST AR-15's main rifle has its receiver group changed to a MEGA ARMS-made .300 BLK compatible receiver. She also gained a sidearm with the upgrade. Her secondary armament is the Spikes Tactical Pipe Hitters 8" barrel Short Barrel Rifle, also modified to chamber .300 BLK.


Main artwork

Gallery consisting of artworks used primarily in-game.

  • Digimind Upgrade full artwork

  • Digimind Upgrade full damaged artwork

  • "Literary Girl" full artwork

  • "Literary Girl" full damaged artwork

  • "Dreamscape Prisoner" full artwork

  • "Dreamscape Prisoner" full damaged artwork

  • "Top Hat Drifting to the Flowers" full artwork

  • "Top Hat Drifting to the Flowers" full damaged artwork

  • "Breeze on a Spring Day" full artwork

  • "Breeze on a Spring Day" full damaged artwork

Alternative artwork

Alternate gallery consisting of artworks with slight alterations as well as miscellaneous artworks.

  • Official EN character Introduction for AR-15

  • Section of ST AR-15's page from The Arts of Girls' Frontline volume 1, showcasing character costume design below the coat.[3]

  • Modification 3 character design sheet produced by LIN+ (Doll)[4]

  • Modification 3 character design sheet produced by LIN+ (Weapon)[4]

  • Modification 3 character design sheet produced by LIN+ (Ending)[4]

  • ST AR-15 centered DEFY wallpaper produced by LIN+[5]

  • 2019 CN Servers April 1st login wallpaper

  • "Sleepwalking in Rabbit Wonderland" Login wallpaper illustrated by STAR影法师

  • "Banquet Sonata" Login wallpaper illustrated by 薯子Imoko

  • Girls Frontline Orchestra 2018 promotion poster, character art illustrated by Duoyuanjun


  • ST AR-15 and AR M4 SOPMOD IIThumb button.pngM4 SOPMOD II  are the only two dolls able to equip two accessory-type equipment pieces at the same time.
  • For 4 years, she was the only member of the AR Team that had an additional costume outside of her Digimind Upgrade. This is no longer the case with the introduction of the "Sleepwalking in Rabbit Wonderland" costume sets and the 4th anniversary procurement pool "Banquet Sonata" for the CN server.
  • She is the only automatic rifle T-Doll in the AR Team to use the .300 BLK cartridge. The cartridge was designed in response to military demand for AR-15s using a shortened 7.62mm round, without compromising on magazine capacity or reliability. The .300 BLK is capable of fitting inside 5.56x45mm STANAG magazines with no issues, although the gun itself needs to have it's barrel switched to the correct bore size in order to fire the cartridge without destroying it in the process.
  • During Singularity ST AR-15 was an obtainable drop from the hidden mission of E2 "Survivor" (CN/TW/KR Only), as a means of providing a 'second chance' for players who ignored all in-game warnings and retired their copy of ST AR-15. Though players can only obtain her through this way once, and those who already have a unit of ST AR-15 in their arsenal cannot obtain a duplicate through this way. With the introduction of the index recovery system, this kind of looting system will probably never occur again.
  • Despite the fact that she is both named after and is using a Spikes Tactical-made AR-15, in her formation quote she still addresses herself as 'Colt AR-15'. This is likely a mistake.
  • In the official Chinese manhua, it is revealed that ST AR-15 wears a harness under her coat that stores pistol magazines.
  • The placement of her angled foregrip would likely make handling the weapon awkward as AR-15's arms may be too short to properly maintain a firing stance at the distance her foregrip is set to. It does look pretty cool, though.
  • In the opening scene of the Girls' Frontline: Healing Chapter anime, ST AR-15 is shown firing her weapon in automatic fire. While officially a civilian AR-15 is not capable of automatic fire, it is entirely possible to have it do so by either jury-rigging an automatic trigger sear (which is not recommended, unless one is an experienced gunsmith), or replacing the entire trigger assembly with that of a mil-spec AR-15 platform capable of doing so.



Ar15 anime

Besides, Im out of my mind. No, I will never be old, I thought. And she went I myself am bisexual, my name is Anton, but with guys I strictly like the passive role, I like to go into fantasies where.

They shouted at me and I turned around. They sat gloomy, quiet, with wild and hateful eyes, as if expecting some kind of dirty trick. Their appearance was strange. They look like young, about thirty years old, one is generally young, he is about twenty years old, but all are almost completely white-headed.

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