Mucoid plaque

Fell asleep. The carriage shuddered. It seemed that the platform outside the window had gone. In fact, it was the train that started.

The reflection of three tall men appeared in the mirrors of the large bright hall. They walked with a firm gait to the elevator. One of them, the one in front, smiled self-confidently at his reflection: it was a smile of superiority over the world around him.

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What's wrong with that, well, I'm writing in a glove. Found something to look at, it seemed like I was sitting naked You know, I do not like to rest where there are a lot. Of people around.

Jeans and a jacket, a white sweater with a wide collar under the throat. Neat styling, with the usual, already knocked-out curled curl. Calm makeup. Pale eyeshadow and coral lipstick. The student went out for a walk.

Plaque mucoid

Yes, actually nothing. I would like you to take part in this kind of entertainment, but unfortunately, I am leaving the day after tomorrow. For work and I cannot be.

Intellectually, I understood that it was bad, that I needed to stop, but I could not help it. Perhaps, overpowering my excitement, I would have removed his hand from my pants and nothing would have happened. But it was as if I was paralyzed. I don't know what Borka read on my face, but he smiled slightly and unzipped.

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But in the end, he still returned to his place. After a short while, he went to the dressing room. I got up and followed him.

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