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BitLord can turn out to be a tool that you will find useful. It is a torrent client that will work on any device you have, and it embeds some nice features. It has a built-in browser that can be used to download and find the needed torrents and playlists.

This tool is straightforward to be used, and it can be downloaded in a matter of seconds because it isn`t a large-sized kit.

The interface of this tool is a clutter-free one, and it will limit bandwidth usage. It will also allow the user to create his torrent, and the program can be password protected if you don`t want anybody to see what you are downloading. You will notice that this tool can make unnecessary changes to your computer during setup, so you should be careful when you are installing this tool.

The best thing about BitLord is that it won`t limit your data if you are going to use it out and this means that you can download and upload a large number of files.

When you download the desired files, it is possible to sort out the torrents by their names and other things such as download and upload speed, the date when the torrent was added, and even the estimated finish date. All of the seeding options are available for you, and it is possible to limit the ratio and the total seed time.

It can be configured to prevent your computer from going in standby mode if you download or upload your files. You can also adjust the number of files that are going to be downloaded, and you will also see that this tool can easily be changed in preferences so it will fit your needs.

It is possible to create your very own preferences, and a schedule option will also be available for you so you can quickly schedule your downloaded torrents depending on their importance.

Windows 10 / Windows 8 / Windows 7


BitLord is a free, ad-supported and proprietary BitTorrent client for Microsoft Windows, macOS and Android.[1] Promoted as "The easiest torrent downloader", the program uses the libtorrent-rasterbarC++library. BitLord is as of version 2.4 built using Python and the Qt cross-platform framework. It is capable of streaming video, using a built in version of VLC.[2]

BitLord was first released in December 2004, as BitLord 0.56, based on and under license from BitComet. From version 1.2 until 2.3.2, BitLord was based on Deluge, but has added several features of its own since then.

Upon download, BitLord will download many other programs and files, such as MyPc Backup and RegClean Pro. It might also change your default search engine to [1][3] They are both often cited as adware and browser hijackers.[4][5]


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BitLordis a small standalone peer-to-peer file-sharing clientthat promotes easy access to a wide variety of useful tools such as a built-in browser with a search engine for discovering movies, music, documents, and many other types of files.

Built on top of the open-source torrent-managing engine, but distributed as a walled garden client, this application has developed into a fully-featured download managerthat even allows users to easily request files to be downloadable sequentially, thus enabling them to stream video files as they are downloaded to their local storage.

If you are looking for an alternative, we recommend you to download qBittorrent.

In addition to these distinguishing factors, BitLordalso features a large array of traditional features present in other peer-to-peer clients such as separating downloads with tags, completely manage download process, set download/upload/connection/upload slot limits, and comprehensive Preferences module with an incredible variety of customization available inside its 9 main tabs (General, Downloads, Queue, Network, Bandwidth, Interface, Browser, Proxy, and Scheduler).

Users who have experience with other torrentclients will have no issues adapting to the user interface of BitLord, which for the most part follows the traditional solutions. However, keen eyes will immediately notice a few custom UI elements that promote the unique offerings of this app.

Bit Lord appproudly promotes the presence of the Browser and Top List tools that enable users to not only easily browsed for new files collected from around the web, or find what’s popular on the regularly updated top lists.

The rest of the UI does not break the mold, with easy to manage listings of active and past downloads, tabbed torrent status on the bottom, with integrated solutions for creating and managing playlists, updating trackers, re-allocating torrents, the ability to automatically manage connection status, and much more.

In addition to enabling users to instantly play videos while files are downloading, the client also allows the sharing of downloaded media files to your nearby TV or other screens via full Chromecast support.

To streamline the process of streaming video or playback of fully downloaded files, this torrent clientalso features full integration with OpenSubtitle's online portal for hosting subtitles in an incredible variety of languages.

Also Available: Download BitLord for Mac

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