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Wearing - definition, pronunciation, transcription

Taking care of children can be wearing.

It's what the in crowd is wearing this season.

I wish you would stop wearing that dirty old hat!

I'm wearing a sweater under my jacket.

The soldiers were wearing full combat gear.

He was wearing boots on his feet.

He was wearing white sneakers.

He was wearing blue jeans.

Were you wearing a seat belt?

The teacher was wearing a frown.

Wearing a seatbelt greatly reduces the risk of injury or death in a car accident.

She was wearing dark glasses with thick black frames.

She was wearing sunglasses and heavy makeup.

She's wearing a dark suit to the interview.

There's an office tradition of wearing casual clothes on Fridays.

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WEAR (wore, worn)

 Context examples 

Some letters get more worn than others, and some wear only on one side.

(The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes, by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle)

A clean gown is not five minutes' wear in them.

(Northanger Abbey, by Jane Austen)

Quite worn out and broken up.

(Persuasion, by Jane Austen)

She had to wear her cousin's clothes.

(Little Women, by Louisa May Alcott)

I suppose no time can ever wear out the impression I have of his looks and voice as he said those words.

(Mansfield Park, by Jane Austen)

Eye wear protects or corrects your vision.

(Eye Wear, NIH)

You have slept in soft beds, and worn fine clothes, and eaten good meals. Who made those beds? and those clothes? and those meals? Not you.

(The Sea-Wolf, by Jack London)

Abnormal Involuntary Movement Scale (AIMS) Dental Status, Does patient usually wear dentures?

(AIMS - Patient Usually Wears Dentures, NCI Thesaurus)

Once more the night came on, and worn out he lay down under a bush and fell asleep.

(Fairy Tales, by The Brothers Grimm)

I dared not offer her the half-worn gloves, the creased handkerchief: besides, I felt it would be absurd.

(Jane Eyre, by Charlotte Brontë)

 Learn English with... Proverbs 
"Truth is stranger than fiction." (English proverb)

"That which does not kill you, makes you stronger." (Friedrich Nietzsche)

"The one-eyed person is a beauty in the country of the blind." (Arabic proverb)

"Just toss it in my hat and I'll sort it to-morrow." (Dutch proverb)

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[Effects of different major connectors on pronunciation and comfort in Kennedy I dentition defect]

Objective: To analyze the effect on pronunciation and comfort level when 4 different major connectors (type 1: Palatal plate; type 2: Single palatal strap; type 3: Anterior-posterior joint palatal strap; type 4: Anterior-posterior joint palatal bar) were used in patients with Kennedy I deletion.

Methods: Tirty young volunteers were chosen to wear 4 different major connectors. The pronunciation of consonants /s/, /t/, /j/, /sh/ were detected and the different formant parameters(F1 and F2) were analyzed by the computer speech analytical system. The comfort levels of 4 major connectors were compared by questionnaire survey.

Results: 1)There was no significant difference(P5).05) in pronunciation of consonants /s/, /sh/, /t/(F1 and F2) among the 4 types of connectors whatever wearing or not, but there was significant difference (P < 0.05) in pronunciation of consonant /j/ among wearing type 3, type 4 and no wearing. 2)There was no significant difference in comfort level (P > 0.05) among the four connectors.

Conclusion: The effect on pronunciation of patients with Kennedy I deletion was less when wearing the first and the second types of connectors than that of wearing the third and the fourth types of connectors. There was no significant difference in comfort level among the four connectors.

Sours: https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/23662557/

Wearing: Creole translation, definition, meaning, synonyms, pronunciation, transcription, antonyms, examples

Whoever chases after pleasure finds weariness .

Nenpòt moun ki kouri dèyè plezi jwenn fatig.

The gray, despairing weariness of protracted maneuvers and combat did not touch him.

Gri, dezespere fatig nan manèv très ak konba pa t 'manyen l'.

Weariness eased its warmth into his muscles, and the rock against which he sat seemed soft and welcoming.

Fatig fasilite chalè li nan misk li yo, ak wòch la kont ki li te chita te sanble mou ak akeyan.

He looked in humiliation, anger, weariness and misery at Connie.

Li gade nan imilyasyon, kòlè, fatig ak mizè nan Connie.

Heartbreak and weariness sweeping over her, she dropped her head in her hands and cried.

Kè ak fatig bale sou li, li lage tèt li nan men l ', li kriye.

Mem, I become every day more behind with work, which every day becomes more difficult, thus making for me much confusion and weariness , et cetera.

Men, mwen vin chak jou plis dèyè ak travay, ki chak jou vin pi difisil, konsa fè pou mwen anpil konfizyon ak fatig, elatriye.

With the running of the blood Simon's fit passed into the weariness of sleep.

Avèk koule nan san an Simon an te pase nan bouke nan dòmi.

He pushed on, staggering sometimes with his weariness but never stopping.

Li pouse sou, stupéfiants pafwa ak fatig l ', men pa janm kanpe.

Not a weariness of the body, but a weariness of the soul.

Se pa yon fatig nan kò a, men yon fatig nan nanm nan.

Before wounds and weariness have taken their toll the mad king throws the best he has at us.

Anvan blesi yo ak fatig yo te pran anpil, wa fache lanse pi bon bagay li genyen nan nou.

It was a weariness that lay deeper than eyes and bones.

Se te yon fatig ki kouche pi fon pase je ak zo.

You are not telling me the truth. There is a strange weariness in your face.

Ou pa di m 'verite a. Gen yon fatig etranj nan figi ou.

Upon seeing her, Cowperwood experienced a sense of weariness , such as for years he had often experienced in regard to her, not so much physical weariness as aesthetic weariness .

Lè l te wè l, Cowperwood te fè eksperyans yon sans de fatig, tankou pou ane li te souvan ki gen eksperyans nan konsiderasyon li, pa tèlman fatig fizik kòm fatig ayestetik.

"Of making many books there is no end. Much study is a weariness of the flesh."

"Nan fè anpil liv pa gen fen. Anpil etid se yon fatig nan kò a."

Guards were sleeping in the chaos, with their slack, pinched faces showing the last stages of weariness .

Gad yo te dòmi nan nan ... dezòd la, ak kanson yo, pikèt ap fè fas ki montre dènye etap yo nan bouke.Tom te

Now, with an iron weariness in his slight body, he lay and watched the sky color from one darkness to another.

Koulye a, ak yon fatig fè nan kò ti tay li yo, li te kouche epi li gade koulè syèl la soti nan yon fènwa nan yon lòt.

His constant state of wariness caused him great weariness .

Eta konstan li nan vijilans lakòz l 'gwo fatig.

Tom was suddenly overcome by a great weariness .

Tom te toudenkou simonte pa yon gwo fatig.

Tracy left MGM in 1955, and continued to work regularly as a freelance star, despite an increasing weariness as he aged.

Tracy kite MGM nan 1955, e kontinye travay regilyèman kòm yon etwal endependan, malgre yon fatig ogmante jan li gen laj.

His thin, awkward, adolescent features were hollow with pain, weariness , and a kind of lingering disbelief.

Li mens, gòch, karakteristik adolesan yo te kre ak doulè, fatig, ak yon kalite pèsistan enkredilite.

She was wearing a black hat.

Li te mete yon chapo nwa.

Tom is wearing sunglasses and no shirt.

Tom ap mete linèt solèy e pa gen chemiz.

Tom and Mary were both wearing sunglasses.

Tom ak Mari te tou de mete linèt solèy.

Tom was wearing mirrored sunglasses and a black baseball cap.

Tom te mete linèt solèy reflete ak yon bouchon bezbòl nwa.

The man at the door was wearing a baseball cap and sunglasses.

Nonm lan nan pòt la te mete yon kaskèt bezbòl ak linèt solèy.

He was wearing sunglasses, but his face looks much younger than these men.

Li te mete linèt solèy, men figi l 'sanble pi piti pase mesye sa yo.

Tom and Mary said they thought I was wearing a wig.

Tom ak Mari te di ke yo te panse mwen te mete yon peruk.

Sami wondered why Layla was wearing a cowboy hat.

Sami te mande poukisa Layla te mete yon chapo Cowboy.

The idea of entering a sauna wearing clothes is unthinkable.

Lide a nan k ap antre nan yon sona mete rad se enposib.

He was wearing a Superman cape and pantyhose.

Li te mete yon Cape devni ak kulot.

I mean, we looked the other way when you started wearing cologne.

Mwen vle di, nou gade nan lòt fason lè ou te kòmanse mete Kolòy.

Wearing a Dracula cape and dog collar.

Mete yon Cape Dracula ak kolye chen.

Tom and Mary were wearing black hats when I first met them.

Tom ak Mari te mete chapo nwa lè mwen te rankontre yo.

Alice is wearing a sweet - smelling perfume.

Alice ap mete yon pafen ki gen bon sant.

Are you wearing perfume?

The identity of the boy who had been missing was verified by the clothes he was wearing .

Idantite ti gason an ki te manke te verifye pa rad li te mete.

You said you were already wearing push - up bras and thongs at my age.

Ou te di ou te deja mete pouse - up soutyen ak tanga nan laj mwen.

All your dead buddies were wearing the same One - Niner ink as you.

Tout zanmi mouri ou te pote menm lank One - Niner menm jan ou.

She is wearing a valuable ring.

Tom and Mary weren't wearing their uniforms the last time I saw them.

Tom ak Mari pa t 'mete inifòm yo dènye fwa mwen te wè yo.

There are Marines wearing faulty gear into battle.

Gen Marin ki mete Kovèti pou defo nan batay.

The last time I saw you wearing it was the night I was sent away from the palace the night father died.

Dènye fwa mwen te wè ou te mete l 'se te lannwit lan yo te voye m' soti nan palè a lannwit lan papa te mouri.

So Park was wearing the white T - shirt during the shooting.

Se konsa, Park te mete mayo blan an pandan fiziyad la.

Tom told me he thought the dress that Mary was wearing was too short.

Tom te di m 'li te panse rad la ke Mari te mete te twò kout.

Mary is wearing a blouse that's way too large for her.

Mari mete yon kòsaj ki twò gwo pou li.

The girl wearing headphones seemed to be asleep.

Ti fi a ki te pote kas ekoutè te sanble ap dòmi.

He was wearing a green suit and a white tie.

Li te mete yon kostim vèt ak yon menm kantite vòt blan.

The clicking of high heels kind of hurts my ears. Do the people wearing them not notice?

Klike sou pinga'w wo fè m mal zòrèy mwen. Èske moun ki pote yo pa remake?

Some schools have banned students from wearing creepy clown costumes for Halloween.

Gen kèk lekòl ki entèdi elèv yo mete kostim kloun grenpe pou Halloween lan.

All wearing byz lat ink.

Tom was wearing a blue shirt and Mary was, too.

Tom te mete yon chemiz ble ak Mari te, tou.

Was she wearing her school uniform?

Èske li te mete inifòm lekòl li a?

He was wearing wing tips, khakis and a blue oxford.

Li te mete pwent zèl, kaki ak yon Oxford ble.

Tom and Mary are wearing coats that're way too large for them.

Tom ak Mari mete rad ki twò gwo pou yo.

This is the first time I've ever seen Tom wearing jeans.

Sa a se premye fwa mwen te janm wè Tom mete Jeans.

Okay, so we have an African Jew wearing a hoodie.

Oke, se konsa nou gen yon jwif Afriken mete yon kapuchon.

The notion of transwarp beaming is like trying to hit a bullet with a smaller bullet whilst wearing a blindfold, riding a horse.

Nosyon de transwarp beaming se tankou ap eseye frape yon bal ak yon bal ki pi piti tou mete yon bouche je, monte yon chwal.

He's wearing a sleeveless shirt and a trucker hat.

Li mete yon chemiz manch ak yon chapo kamyonè.

What color is your underwear? "I'm not wearing any."

Ki koulè kilòt ou ye? "Mwen pa mete okenn."

Tom was wearing what looked like a military uniform.

Tom te mete sa ki te sanble ak yon inifòm militè

For the last two weeks, Ethan was wearing a neural helmet that was tracking his brain activity in response to visual stimuli using FMRI data and motion - energy encoding models.

Pou de semèn ki sot pase yo, Ethan te mete yon kas neral ki te swiv aktivite sèvo li an repons a stimuli vizyèl lè l sèvi avèk done FMRI ak modèl kodaj mouvman - enèji.

Tom and Mary are wearing the same clothes as they were yesterday.

Tom ak Mari mete menm rad yo menm jan yo te yè a.

If you keep wearing this necklace your head may not be attached to your body for much longer.

Si ou kontinye mete kolye sa a tèt ou pa ka tache nan kò ou pou pi lontan ankò.

Mary was wearing a vintage skirt and a wool hat.

Mari te mete yon jip ansyen ak yon chapo lenn mouton.

I took the shirt you were wearing when you first arrived and had a genealogy test done from the blood and DNA on it.

Mwen te pran chemiz ou te mete lè ou te fèk rive e mwen te fè yon tès rejis fanmi nan san ak ADN sou li.

How could you have sex without wearing a rubber?

Ki jan ou ta ka fè sèks san yo pa mete yon kawotchou?

I remembered when I was pregnant and unwilling to stop wearing my own favorite pants, even though I was busting out of them, that rubber - band trick.

Mwen sonje lè mwen te ansent epi mwen pa vle sispann mete pantalon pwòp mwen pi renmen, menm si mwen te rsu soti nan yo, ki jwe fent kawotchou - bann.

The first thing Tom does when he meets a new woman is check to see if she's wearing a wedding ring.

Premye bagay Tom fè lè li rankontre yon nouvo fanm se tcheke pou wè si li mete yon bag maryaj.

Tom wasn't wearing a shirt, so they wouldn't let him into the restaurant.

Tom pa t 'mete yon chemiz, se konsa yo pa ta kite l' antre nan restoran an.

Salesmen are like actors too, George... wearing the masks of both comedy and tragedy on the stage of commerce.

Komèsyal yo tankou aktè tou, George ... mete mask yo nan tou de komedyen ak trajedi sou sèn nan nan komès.

Tom was standing in front of the grill wearing a cook's apron.

Tom te kanpe devan gri an mete yon tabliye kwit manje.

And you could hide your identity by wearing a costume.

Epi ou ta ka kache idantite ou pa mete yon kostim.

He was wearing black trousers and a beautiful white shirt.

Li te mete pantalon nwa ak yon bèl chemiz blan.

She is wearing the same dress that she had on yesterday.

Li mete menm rad li te genyen sou yè.

We're accustomed to wearing shoes.

I preferred wearing my Hawaiian T - shirt and green shorts to be cool and different, but I quickly got used to the white shirt and black slacks.

Mwen te prefere mete T - shirt Awayi mwen an ak bout pantalon vèt yo dwe fre ak diferan, men mwen byen vit te abitye ak chemiz blan an ak pantalon nwa.

I recognized her by the hat she was wearing .

Mwen rekonèt li pa chapo li te mete.

I want the same jacket as you are wearing .

Mwen vle jakèt la menm jan ou mete.

I noticed he was wearing my slippers.

Mwen remake li te mete pantouf mwen.
Sours: https://en.opentran.net/english-haitian-creole/wearing.html

Pronunciation wearing

\ ˈwerHow to pronounce wear (audio)\
wore\ˈwȯr How to pronounce wear (audio)\; worn\ˈwȯrn How to pronounce wear (audio)\; wearing

1: to use or have (something) as clothing : to have (a shirt, pants, etc.) over part of your bodyHe was wearing blue jeans.She wore a red blouse to work.White coats are often worn by doctors.

2: to use or have (something) on your bodyI don't wear glasses.He doesn't wear a watch.See More ExamplesAre you wearing perfume?a badge worn by police officersWere you wearing a seat belt?Hide

3: to grow or arrange (your hair) in a particular wayShe wears her hair in a ponytail.I used to wear my hair long.He wears [=has] a beard now.

transitive verb

1: to bear or have on the personwore a coat

2a: to use habitually for clothing, adornment, or assistancewears a size 10wear glasses

b: to carry on the personwear a sword

3a: to hold the rank or dignity or position signified by (an ornament)wear the royal crown

b: exhibit, presentwore a happy smilecommend the book for wearing its research so lightly— Brad Leithauser

c: to show or fly (a flag or colors) on a ship

4a: to cause to deteriorate by use

b: to impair or diminish by use or attrition : consume or waste graduallyletters on the stone worn away by weathering

5: to produce gradually by friction or attritionwear a hole in the rug

7: to cause (a ship) to go about with the stern presented to the wind

8British : to accept or tolerate without complaint : put up with—usually used in negative constructionsyour mates wouldn't wear it— Colin MacInnes

intransitive verb

1a: to endure use : last under use or the passage of timematerial that will wear for years

b: to retain quality or vitalitythe classics wear well

2a: to diminish or decay through usethe heels of his shoes began to wear

b: to diminish or fail with the passage of timethe effect of the drug wore offthe day wore on

c: to grow or become by attrition or usethe blade wore dull

3of a ship : to change to an opposite tack by turning the stern to the wind — compare tack

wear onwear the trousers or wear the pants

: to have the controlling authority in a household

wear thin

1: to become weak or ready to give waymy patience was wearing thin

2: to become trite, unconvincing, or out-of-datean argument that quickly wore thin

1: the act of wearing: the state of being worn : useclothes for everyday wear

2a: clothing or an article of clothing usually of a particular kindespecially: clothing worn for a special occasion or popular during a specific period

b: fashion, vogue

3: wearing quality : durability under use

4: the result of wearing or use : diminution or impairment due to usewear-resistant surface

\ ˈwirHow to pronounce Wear (audio)\

river 67 miles (108 kilometers) long in northern England flowing into the North Sea at Sunderland

Sours: https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/wear

How to pronounce wearing in English

Wearing pronounced by Ivy (child, girl)

Wearing pronounced by Joanna (female)

Wearing pronounced by Kendra (female)

Wearing pronounced by Kimberly (female)

Wearing pronounced by Salli (female)

Wearing pronounced by Joey (male)

Wearing pronounced by Justin (child, boy)

Wearing pronounced by Matthew (male)

Wearing pronounced by Amy (female)

Wearing pronounced by Emma (female)

Wearing pronounced by Brian (male)

Sours: https://speechyard.com/vocabulary/w/wearing/

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