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Forsen Unbanned On Twitch After One Month Suspension, Announces Return Stream

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Sebastian ‘Forsen’ Fors is set to make his return on Twitch after he was banned in November over an inappropriate GIF.

Why was Forsen banned?

Forsen’s ban sparked a bit of controversy as he was unaware of the content while broadcasting it on stream which makes it a total unintentional violation of the community guidelines. For a mistake this unintentional, he was handed a harsh ban however it was lifted right after Christmas. They are many instances where streamers have accidentally shown inappropriate content but Twitch let them pass.

The community outrage against the Forsen ban went in vain as he had to serve the monthlong ban regardless, only to get his ban lifted on the boxing day. Twitch has moved on from Among Us and Fall Guys during this period with Cyberpunk gaining traction which will most likely be what he plays upon return.

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Now that he has got his 1.4 million followers back, his comeback stream will surely be nothing but grand. Incidents with Forsen and Tayhuhu, are examples of Twitch introspecting the bans that they were handed out.

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The Forsen Horse GIF ban on Twitch is being called out for its double standards ft. Pokimane

Popular Twitch streamer Sebastian Fors, aka Forsen, has just received another Twitch ban, and this time, it's because of an explicit Horse GIF.

The 29-year old streamer has endured a rather tumultuous year so far, as this marks his third Twitch ban this year.

While he has come back strongly from his two previous bans, the fact that the duration of his current ban is undetermined is what is worrisome.

The entire controversy stems from a recent stream of his, where he unknowingly opened an explicit Horse GIF on stream. This was a clear breach of Twitch's stringent explicit content and nudity policy.

However, it is not the reason behind Forsen's ban which has irked the online community. Rather, it is the glaring discrepancy in the manner in which bans are being handed out, which has upset them.

"Ban Pokimane too": The internet calls out Twitch for unfair ban policy

Over the years, Twitch has been called out numerous times for it's visibly skewed ban policy, which has been under intense scrutiny ever since one of their biggest streamers, Dr Disrespect, received a mysterious permanent ban.

This trend seems to be a persistent one as of late. Twitch has been rather unforgiving in handing out questionable bans by the dozen, to several streamers.

This is not the first time that Forsen has been slapped with a questionable ban. Back in September, the Twitch streamer had been banned merely on an assumptive basis, where a commonplace slang was mistaken for a homophobic slur.

Even then, his ban had been met with a considerable amount of backlash, which by the looks of it, never really quite died down.

In light of his recent ban, the online community began to raise pertinent questions regarding the loopholes in Twitch's ban policy, by bringing up examples of female streamers such as Pokimane and Alinity.

This is due to the fact that Pokimane had infamously ended up showing porn during a live stream and Alinity has been constantly been criticised for exposing herself on live stream, many a time.

While the latter has received bans, Pokimane ended up getting out scot free, despite committing a clear breach of Twitch's policy.

On account of this unjust discrimination, several took to Twitter to voice their opinion, as they believe that Twitch is allegedly biased towards female streamers:

From the tweets above, it is quite evident that a large section of the online community is unhappy with Forsen's Twitch ban, and seem to be insinuating the fact that Twitch is indeed biased towards female streamers, especially Pokimane.

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As his fans hope for a quick repeal, it remains to be seen if Forsen can recover from yet another unceremonious and questionable Twitch ban.

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Popular streamer Forsen was banned from Twitch today, according to a post from StreamerBans.

No official reason has been given for the suspension. Forsen allegedly accidentally showed an explicit image on his screen. The streamer responded by quickly going offline to delete any associated VODs and clips.

Another plausible reason for the ban could be due to unforeseen DMCA strikes. When Forsen played PUBG during his latest stream, snipers would locate him and blast music through voice comms.

This marks the streamer’s third ban this year. Forsen’s first ban came in May due to using racially-insensitive language. The streamer himself wrote that the ban was because of him saying “retarded Russians,” resulting in a suspension from Twitch for two weeks.

The streamer’s second ban came in September, though it was only a day long. No reason was given for that suspension, but its short window suggests it might’ve been an error rather than a punishment.


Forsen unbanned from Twitch again, reveals his return date

It’s a holiday miracle! 

Popular streamer Sebastian “Forsen” Fors has been unbanned from Twitch after one month of being suspended from the platform. During the month-long ban, Forsen was quiet on social media. This only built up the suspense as fans awaited his return. 

Forsen finally revealed that he’d be returning after Christmas, although he still wasn’t sure exactly when. The wait ended up not being too much longer than that. The variety streamer’s account was unbanned two days after the holiday. 

Forsen announced the positive news to his followers on Twitter. He also stated that he will be streaming the very next evening. It’s still up in the air what game he will be playing. On his last day of streaming in November, Forsen played Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. He was also consistently in the “Just Chatting” category throughout last month. 

Why was Forsen banned from Twitch?

The indefinite ban was originally handed to Forsen for accidentally showing horse genitalia during a live broadcast. Forsen called the ban “unlucky” at the time. 

Forsen had been live-streaming when a fan sent him a video to open. Forsen didn’t suspect anything unusual and clicked to play the video. The video ended up showing a horse penis. Forsen exited out of the video in mere seconds and deleted any clips related to the incident. But it was already too late. 

Twitch has a strict Terms of Service when it comes to sexually explicit content. Showing nudity and suggestive images, including animals, is prohibited. While Forsen fans never denied that the streamer deserved punishment for breaking the ToS, they’ve consistently demanded to know why other streamers have gotten shorter bans for much worse content throughout his absence from Twitch. 

Twitch’s inconsistent policies and punishments have been called into question even more now that the streaming platform updated their harassment policy to allow the platform to punish users who suggest that some streamers receive preferential treatment in exchange for sexual favors.

How long is a ban on Twitch? 

Temporary bans can last between one and 30 days. The duration is allegedly determined by the seriousness of the offense and how often the person has been in trouble on the platform in the past. 

Twitch also has a three-strike policy. The platform claims that a content creator who is banned three times will be banned permanently. Of course, some streamers have avoided that permaban due to their popularity on Twitch. Twitch also states that it can suspend an account indefinitely even if it’s a streamer’s first offense so long as it’s a “severe violation.” 

The duration of a ban and the seriousness of the offense is determined by Twitch. 

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Banned forsen

Forsen banned indefinitely for explicit animal content

Twitch variety streamer Sebastian “Forsen” Fors has been banned indefinitely from the platform for showing an inappropriate GIF. 

“I’m currently banned for the horse gif,” Forsen tweeted. “The ban is indefinite, which means undetermined ban duration. Unlucky.”

Earlier in the week, a viewer allegedly sent Forsen a photo of a horse’s penis. Unaware of the content, Forsen opened it while live streaming. This made it visible to everyone who was watching the stream. 

Realizing what he’d just exposed his fans to, Fosren quickly closed the file. The streamer claimed he only showed it for “half a second” before immediately deleting the VOD and any clips related to the inappropriate picture. 

The moment has quickly become known as the “horsen incident.” 

How long is Forsen banned for?

Forsen has been banned three times in 2020 and four times throughout his streaming career. Fans have been wondering how long this latest ban is for, and it now seems to be indefinite.

In September, Forsen was banned after a stream that mostly consisted of Minecraft. It was never made public why Forsen was banned in that case.

Earlier in the year, Forsen was banned for saying racially charged insults to Russian teammates while playing Valorant. 

It’s now unclear when Forsen will be back on Twitch. Three strikes often leads to a permanent ban, but Forsen is a popular content creator who may be given some leniency from Twitch, which often seems to play favorites. It wasn’t lost on some of Forsen’s followers that the most popular female streamer on the platform, Imane “Pokimane” Anys, wasn’t banned for accidentally showing nudity earlier in the year. 

How much does Forsen make?

Forsen has over 1.4 million followers, making him a popular content creator on Twitch. He also has around 7,800 subscribers. He makes a minimum $2.50 a month from each subscriber, and likely more than that. That would be $234,000 per year at minimum before fees and taxes. That’s also not counting any sponsorships and partnerships Forsen has, as well as whatever he makes off of donations and YouTube content. 

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