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Economy Enpoco Pak Roof Drain

The Economy Enpoco Pak is a PVC new installation/direct connect roof drain that comes with all the necessary components for a quick and easy installation. The Economy Enpoco-Pak new installation/direct connect roof drain provides the essential features of more expensive roof drains at an affordable price. It is adaptable to most generic materials of single ply and conventional built-up roofing for use with roof decks of steel, wood, precast concrete or gypsum.

By swapping out the cast aluminum clamping ring for an ABS clamping ring we are able to offer customers a 10%% savings over the standard Enpoco-Pak new installation/direct connect roof drain , creating an easy to install, convenient and cost effective new installation/direct connect roof drain.

  • Newly designed injection molded PVC drain body with reinforced gussets
  • 10" Molded polyethylene strainer bolts to clamping ring
  • ABS clamping ring with gravel stop (metal on standard drain)
  • Metal under-deck clamp
  • UV stabilized for long life
  • Flexible rubber expansion coupling
  • Aluminum strainer
  • /4" low profile aluminum strainer
  • Cast iron strainer
  • Extension flange
  • Bearing pan
  • 2" overflow ring
  • PVC overflow insert
  • Available in 2", 3" and 4"

Size/Part #

2" - BSECO

3" - BSECO

4" - BSECO

Body: PVC
Flange: N/A
Outlet length: No hub
Clamping Ring: 10" ABS
Strainer: 10" Polyethylene strainer
Packaging: 1/carton

Economy Enpoco Pak : Data Sheet Economy Enpoco Pak: Product Brochure Economy Enpoco Pak: Installation Guide Economy Enpoco Pak: CAD Drawing Economy Enpoco Pak: Specification

Sours: https://marathondrains.com/products/product:economy-enpoco-pak/

Oatey® PVC Roof Drains

Oatey® 2" PVC Roof Drain w/ ABS Dome & Dam Collar

[Part #]

Weight: LB
Material: PVC
Strainer Finish: ABS
Pipe Size: 2 in. Hub Fit
Connection Type: PVC
Base Material: PVC
Color: ABS


Sours: https://www.oatey.com/products/oatey-pvc-roof-drains
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Roof drain pvc

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