Bed slide

Bedslide, Cap World, Truck Bed Slide

BEDSLIDE is the easiest way to load and unload your truck.  It turns your truck bed into a sliding drawer.  There is a BEDSLIDE model to fit almost any truck, van or SUV to make loading, transporting and accessing your freight simple and safe. Manufactured in the U.S.A., BEDSLIDE has built its reputation on precision craftsmanship, dependability and durability.

Bed Slide, Cap World, Truck Bed SlideCargo Slide, Cap World, Truck Cargo Slide

Bed Slide, Cap World, Truck Bed Slide


BEDSLIDE is turns your truck bed into a sliding drawer.  BEDSLIDE is about efficiency—minimum time and energy for maximum results. There is a BEDSLIDE model to fit almost any truck, van or SUV to make loading, transporting and accessing your freight simple and safe.

  • Bed Slide 1000
  • Bed Slide, Cap World, Truck Bed Slide
  • Bed Slide, Cap World, Truck Bed Slide
Cargo Glide, Cap World, Truck Bed Slide


Loading and unloading your tools, toys or any other materials is considerably faster, safer and easier when you have a CargoGlide.   Simply slide your gear out of the bed of your truck or van! No more unloading a bunch of stuff just to unload one hard to reach item.

  • Cargo Glide, Cap World, Truck Bed Slide
  • Cargo Glide, Cap World, Truck Bed Slide
2019 GMC Decked System, Roll n Lock


DECKED is the ultimate toolbox, tackle box, and tool organizer for your pickup truck or full size van. Contractors, hunters, fisher man and other fans of hard work and the outdoors use DECKED as the perfect organized in-vehicle storage system.

  • Ladder Rack and Decked System, Cap World,  Truck Decked System
  • Decked System on Chevy, Cap World,  Truck Decked System
  • Decked, 2019


“Hey Brad, I just wanted to take a minute to say thank you very much! For the last month I have not once had to climb inside my van I use that wall 10 to 20 times a day every day seven days a week. I must say that is the greatest gift you could ever give a working man!”

From Greg Wylie

“I would absolutely NOT be able to go back to working out of my pickup without a Cargo Glide! It is so time saving allows me to get to the back of my bed even with my shell and not having to climb in the bed in seconds! I absolutely love, love my glide, and I have become friends with Brad the owner. He’s very busy because he really pours his heart into his business and it shows. They have great customer service and the employees are friendly and very professional! I will NEVER be able to go back to climbing in the bed at every job. I own a service business and the cargo glide is worth is weight in gold. I love telling everyone about it because it genuinely changed my life for the better!”

From Jaran Springer

“This product can change how you work. If you own a truck or van and do any work out of it, or haul anything in them, you Need Cargoglide. Revolutionary in what they have and I hear even more amazing products are coming out.”

From Scott Smith

“Where I have a lifted truck, I’m amazed how well my cargo glide 1000XL helps me out. I love it and makes it easy to get my hockey/goalie gear, golf clubs and hunting gear in and out of my box.”

From Blaine Hann

“The Cargoglide was everything that I expected and it was really easy to install.”

From Douglas Fries

“AMAZING product, amazing people, CargoGlide Truck Trays are a truck’s best friend!”

From Jessica Thalls

“Love mine, works great! Best add ever to my truck! As a disabled Vet, it allows me much more access to the back of my truck!”

From Matt Westrich

“I purchased a CargoGlide 2500 paired with an All Weather TruckVault drawer system last year. I’ve put the CargoGlide through some pretty strenuous tasks. To tell you the truth, I was actually trying to find out how much weight it could actually hold and still Glide out. Well, I never really did find out. The unit has yet to fail me and impresses me every time I use it. Great product. Great company. Keep up the good work CargoGlide..”

From Buck Gehm

“Easy to install. Easy to use. Built like a tank. Every time I slide it out I think, “Wow, I’m so glad I got one of these!”.”

From Dan Sadler

“Love their products and service… Over the top in customer satisfaction.”

From Lantz Brackett

“CargoGlide…. You will wonder how you ever lived without one!”

From Dennis Nash

“By far the best cargo management systems available! Amazing product with even best customer service to back it! CANT GO WRONG”

From Keith Kroll

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Get the Original BEDSLIDE

Imagine your kitchen without drawers. BEDSLIDE is the platform to build your lifestyle and the access to your truck bed space. Since 1999, we have been helping customers GET MORE OUT OF THEIR TRUCKS.

No more crawling around to get to your tools, gear, or supplies. Simply grab the handle, pull, and the BEDSLIDE rolls all of your stuff out to you--saving time, effort, and back pain.

Reach Anything

Safely and Easily

Weather Resistant

And Made in the USA

Easy Installation

with Easy Removal

Lifetime Warranty

with Registration

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