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Niles asked:

I’m looking for a left-handed fountain pen.

You wrote an article that said:

Lamy nibs are awesome and if you are ready to invest in a fountain pen over $50, I have plenty of Lamys I can recommend.

Any change you could name a few – would really appreciate it.

As it turns out, Niles isn’t the first person to ask me to provide some clarity around what are my favorite Lamy pens. On many occasions, I’ve mentioned that I really like Lamy nibs and prefer their higher end models over the molded grip Safari and AL-Star models but I have never been specific about which models. Partially because I pretty much have all of them except the Dialog which is enormous and the Imporium which is pretty expensive (but gorgeous!).


For left handed writers, I prefer the round barrel shapes on the higher end Lamy fountain pens like the Lamy Studio, the Lamy 2000 and the Lamy CP1.

The Lamy 2000 is a classic and is totally unusual in the makrolon black material and brushed aluminum grip. It also has the hooded 14K nib which, for many, is their first experience with Lamy’s gold nibs. It’s also a piston filler which is pretty unique in the Lamy as well. It’s definitely the most expensive option I’m listing, retailing for about $160, but it is an icon and something every pen collector should have in their collection.

I find that the Lamy Studio is aesthetically similar to the Lamy 2000 in many ways without the hooded nib, with a more tapered clip and a wider array of finishes available. Pricewise, it’s also not nearly as expensive since it comes with a steel nib. It starts at about $80 but can be upgraded to a gold nib and a palladium finish for about $160.

At present, I don’t own a Lamy 2000 but its mostly because I haven’t pulled the “buy it now” button yet. I do own a Studio in brushed aluminum. I frequently fondle the 2000 in friends’ pen cases and pick them at pen shows debating if this will be the day I finally fold.

The Lamy CP1 is a much more slender pen, available in a black titanium finish for about $56. It’s a very simple, clean looking pen. Very functional and utilitarian. I don’t think it could be anymore German if it tried. The Lamy Logo is very similar but has a spring-loaded clip.

Then there’s the Lamy Scala that also has a spring-loaded clip that I find to be considerably heavy and makes the pen way too top-heavy if you try to post it. Aesthetically, I like the looks of the Scala and the model I have actually has the 14K nib on it which means it writes like a dream but the cap is just too heavy. If you don’t post your cap when writing, then you might consider the Logo as an alternative to the CP1. The price is a little lower. And with any Lamy, you can go crazy  upgrade it with a 14K nib.

Lamy fountain pens are available from my fine sponsors: JetPens, Anderson Pens and Pen Chalet.

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Lamy Safari Fountain Pens

The Lamy Safari fountain pen is ideal for young writers, beginners or anyone wanting to try a fountain pen. Made from sturdy ABS plastic the Lamy Safari fountain pen is inexpensive making the Safari a Lamy best seller. The wide selection of bright vibrant colors make the Lamy Safari a favorite.

The Lamy Safari fountain pen comes with a flexible clip made from spring brass wire and a characteristic front section. The fountain pen uses a cartridge filling system with a LAMY T 10 blue ink cartridge included. The fountain pen can be modified to use an LZ28 converter. The Lamy Safari fountain pen comes with a black chromium-plated steel nib.

Product Specifications
Capped Length: 5.625 in.(142.9mm)
Posted Length: 6.875 in.(174.6mm)
Diameter of Body: 0.625 in.(15.9mm)
Weight: 0.6 oz.(17.01g)

Nib Material: Stainless Steel

Fill Mechanism: Cartridge
Cartridge Type: Proprietary

Available Sizes & Colors
  • Lamy Safari Fountain Pens - Blue - Extra Fine (Stainless Steel nib)
  • Lamy Safari Fountain Pens - Blue - Fine (Stainless Steel nib)
  • Lamy Safari Fountain Pens - Blue - Medium (Stainless Steel nib)
  • Lamy Safari Fountain Pens - Blue - Broad (Stainless Steel nib)
  • Lamy Safari Fountain Pens - Charcoal - Extra Fine (Stainless Steel nib)
  • Lamy Safari Fountain Pens - Charcoal - Fine (Stainless Steel nib)
  • Lamy Safari Fountain Pens - Charcoal - Medium (Stainless Steel nib)
  • Lamy Safari Fountain Pens - Charcoal - Broad (Stainless Steel nib)
  • Lamy Safari Fountain Pens - Green - Extra Fine (Stainless Steel nib)
  • Lamy Safari Fountain Pens - Green - Fine (Stainless Steel nib)
  • Lamy Safari Fountain Pens - Green - Medium (Stainless Steel nib)
  • Lamy Safari Fountain Pens - Pink - Extra Fine (Stainless Steel nib)
  • Lamy Safari Fountain Pens - Pink - Fine (Stainless Steel nib)
  • Lamy Safari Fountain Pens - Pink - Medium (Stainless Steel nib)
  • Lamy Safari Fountain Pens - Pink - Broad (Stainless Steel nib)
  • Lamy Safari Fountain Pens - Red - Extra Fine (Stainless Steel nib)
  • Lamy Safari Fountain Pens - Red - Fine (Stainless Steel nib)
  • Lamy Safari Fountain Pens - Red - Medium (Stainless Steel nib)
  • Lamy Safari Fountain Pens - Red - Broad (Stainless Steel nib) *
  • Lamy Safari Fountain Pens - Shiny Black - Extra Fine (Stainless Steel nib)
  • Lamy Safari Fountain Pens - Shiny Black - Fine (Stainless Steel nib) *
  • Lamy Safari Fountain Pens - Shiny Black - Medium (Stainless Steel nib)
  • Lamy Safari Fountain Pens - Shiny Black - Broad (Stainless Steel nib)
  • Lamy Safari Fountain Pens - White - Extra Fine (Stainless Steel nib)
  • Lamy Safari Fountain Pens - White - Fine (Stainless Steel nib)
  • Lamy Safari Fountain Pens - White - Medium (Stainless Steel nib)
  • Lamy Safari Fountain Pens - White - Broad (Stainless Steel nib)
  • Lamy Safari Fountain Pens - Yellow - Extra Fine (Stainless Steel nib)
  • Lamy Safari Fountain Pens - Yellow - Fine (Stainless Steel nib)
  • Lamy Safari Fountain Pens - Yellow - Medium (Stainless Steel nib)
  • Lamy Safari Fountain Pens - Yellow - Broad (Stainless Steel nib)
The Lamy Safari Fountain Pens usually ships within 1-3 business day unless otherwise specified or marked as special order.

* Special orders typically ship in 7-14 business days. However, occasionally due to manufacturer inventory, items can take up to 1-3 months. For a specific shipping estimate on your special order contact Customer Care.

Guaranteed Quality
Each Lamy Safari Fountain Pens we sell is guaranteed to be genuine, authentic and will arrive brand new & unused!

Lamy Safari Video Script

This is the Lamy Safari Fountain Pen. It comes in a black, cardboard box. We have the Lamy Logo, here on the outside, with some small channels or grooves cut in the box, so you can see inside. And of course, inside we have a Lamy Safari Fountain Pen. This is the red version of the Lamy Safari. Included with the pen, we have the warranty policy and information about the pen.

The pen comes with a plastic cap and barrel, with a chrome-colored clip, kind of a trademark, Lamy clip; nice, big, wide clip, it makes it easy to get in and out of your pockets. At the top of the pen, we have a small coin that looks like the head of a screw or bolt, and then on the bottom side, we just have a small, little groove or channel.

The Lamy Safari has a unique shape. It has a flat side on each side of the barrel, a rounded barrel with some flat sides. Then it has a small viewing area where you can see inside and see the ink in the pen.

Now this pen has a compression fit cap. It has a unique shape on the grip section, which makes it real nice to hold the pen. It has a stainless steel nib, a chrome-colored nib. The cap on the pen can be posted. It's a little long with it posted, but it is a lightweight pen because it is made out of plastic material. There's also the Lamy Logo there on the end of the barrel of the pen, kind of subtle and hard to see at times.

To exchange the refill or add the ink to the pen, there's an ink refill cartridge included with the pen. So you remove this small, cardboard band that's included with the pen, and then screw this back on to add the ink to the pen. So this is simply for packaging, this little band that you remove.

The Lamy Safari is an inexpensive fountain pen, a great looking pen. It works really well. It's a German made product. Get your Lamy Safari Fountain Pen at
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Lamy pens, if you know what you're looking for!

Lamy pen: Timeless Bauhaus design, made in Germany.

Want to buy Lamy pens? Since 1930 the name Lamy pen has been known for high quality writing comfort in combination with innovative designs. Today, the family business from Heidelberg is one of the leading German manufacturers of exclusive Lamy pens such as fountain pens, ballpoint pens and other writing instruments that are sold all over the world. With a wide range of Lamy fountain pens, multipoint pens, digital pens, ballpoint pens, rollerball pens and mechanical pencils, you will always find a Lamy pen at that suits your needs. In addition, a number of special edition pens are released every year. As a collector or enthusiast of this brand, you can always experience innovative ways of writing and comfort with a Lamy pen. The Lamy Safari, Lamy Al-Star and the Lamy 2000 are perhaps the brand's most popular pens. Due to the high price/quality ratio, Lamy pens are very popular worldwide. Do you want an exclusive way of writing where quality, reliability and writing comfort are important? Then choose a luxurious Lamy pen!


Lamy pens: Wide collection of luxurious pens

The high quality and luxurious appearance make Lamy pens a very popular brand among writers. As a specialist in pens, we can therefore only recommend this brand if you are looking for a reliable pen with an exclusive character. Since 1924, Penworld has specialized in offering high-quality writing instruments. Thanks to our extensive experience, we recognize quality and we know better than anyone what distinguishes this brand from other brands. With 200 different Lamy pens, the range can be overwhelming. Below you will find the most popular pens from Lamy.



The Lamy Safari is available in fountain pen, mechanical pencil, rollerball, converter and ballpoint pen variants. Due to the powerful design of these pens, a Safari pen lies well in the hand and you have a wide variety of different colored refills available. A Safari pen is made of ABS plastic. Perhaps one of the most popular pens in the collection of this German family business.



The Lamy 2000 is made from a lightweight, durable fiberglass reinforced polycarbonate resin from Bayer, known as Makrolon. You will notice this immediately by the high quality of these pens. Here too you have a wide choice in terms of different types of pens. We have fountain pens, ballpoint pens, mechanical pencils, multipoint pens and roller pens from the 2000 series in our collection. The ergonomic design is very nice and light in the hand and has a simple character. Are you looking for a reliable pen that writes well? Then choose a 2000 model!



The Lamy Al-Star models are made of an aluminum body and are equipped with a handy clip. The Al-Star is popular among writers due to its ergonomic plastic handle. Available in fountain pen, ballpoint, rollerball and digital pen model, always has an Al-Star pen available that suits your writing style. Love the Al-Star collection? Then take a look at the exclusive special edition versions!



The Lamy Joy is a calligraphy pen with a steel nib that offers a high writing comfort. The body of the pen is made of plastic with a nice glossy and shiny finish. You immediately notice the quality and the pens look very nice. The calligraphy nib is available in different sizes. You will therefore always find a beautiful Joy pen that matches your way of writing.



Available in different variants, a Lamy CP1 is a comfortable pen. Ideal for writing long texts. The CP1 pen is very popular among the enthusiasts of this brand. The Lamy fountain pen from CP1 is highly recommended.



Would you like an elegant pen that offers a lot of writing comfort? The Lamy Studio is certainly a good choice for lovers of writing! The Studio series has a wide choice of different options for fountain pens, ballpoint pens and roller pens. The steel propeller-shaped clip completes the beautiful and solid design. Are you looking for a unique Studio pen? Then choose one of the special limited edition models.

Do you have a question about Lamy pens such as a fountain pen, ballpoint pen or other item? We are happy to assist you with advice or assistance in finding the best Lamy pen from our collection. Feel free to contact us by email, telephone or visit our store in Antwerp.


Which Lamy pen to choose?

The way of writing plays a role in finding the best Lamy pen. A Lamy fountain pen, for example, is known for the simplicity of writing, which makes a Lamy fountain pen very suitable for people who suffer from writing cramp (cramping of the hands while writing). It is not surprising that fountain pens are at the top of the list for many people in terms of writing comfort. The beautiful ink effect on paper of a Lamy fountain pen naturally contributes to its great popularity. Do you prefer a practical way of writing? Then a Lamy ballpoint pen may be more suitable. The ballpoint pen fits comfortably in the hand and is suitable for people who write easily. Best of both worlds? Then choose a roller pen! In addition to the mentioned, we also have mechanical pencils and tools for digital devices available online and in our physical store.


Lamy ink and refills

Are you looking for Lamy fillings? has a wide range of inks and refills for Lamy pens available online. The special Lamy ink is available in different colours. With a wide variety of inkwells, cartridges and refills, you will always find a refill that suits your needs. We have the right ink available for every model Lamy pens. You can order these refills and inkwells online in our shop or in our store in Antwerp.


Lamy pens: Combine luxury with affordability

Usually cheaper than other top brands, such as a MontBlanc pen, Lamy pens offer an affordable option that is suitable for work or beyond. Due to the luxurious appearance and the high writing comfort of these pens, you can hand out a fountain pen, ballpoint pen, mechanical pencil and roller pen to your staff or give it as a gift to a good relationship. Are you looking for an affordable pen? The choice for a Lamy fountain pen or ballpoint is easy! Order your pen before 16.00 and you will receive your order at home the next working day. With our fast delivery you will receive the Lamy ballpoint pen, Lamy fountain pen or other Lamy pens quickly. Get familiar with the German craftsmanship of Lamy.


Lamy accessories

Of course you want to protect exclusive Lamy pens, such as the fountain or Lamy ballpoint pen against water, damage and dust. With handy accessories such as a pencil case and a pen pouch, you can conveniently store the Lamy pens and take them with you when travelling. You will find cases for 1 or more pens and the leather cases are available in beautiful and luxurious-looking colours. With these accessories you will not lose the Lamy pen quickly and you reduce the risk of damage.


Engraved Lamy Pens

Would you like to engrave a Lamy pen with a special message or the logo of your company or organization? We are happy to help you get your message across in the best possible way. Surprise a loved one with a personal message or have the Lamy pen engraved to draw extra attention to your company. After all, a high-quality pen is frequently used, especially if it is exclusive and has a long lifespan. We are happy to think along with you about the design and ways to get the message across. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have a question about engraving a Lamy pen.


The history

The German pen brand has a long history as a leading brand in luxurious and affordable writing instruments. Carl Josef Lamy founded the family business in 1930. To the older among us, the names Orthos and Artus may sound familiar. These were the first really known pens of this brand that came out of the factory in Heidelberg around 1940 by the thousands. The really big breakthrough came in 1952 when the Lamy fountain pen 27 was released. Since 1952, the name Orthos Füllfederhalter-Fabrik has changed to the current brand name. More than 10 years later (1964) the family business made a name for itself by releasing a Lamy ballpoint pen (Exact). This ballpoint was a bull's eye and quickly flew over the counter in Germany and the rest of the world. By choosing a Lamy pen you can be assured of German craftsmanship and quality for almost 100 years.


Lamy pens are an eco-friendly choice.

The choice for Lamy pens is a sustainable one. What many people do not know is that the processes and materials are composed in an environmentally friendly way during the production of Lamy pens. In addition, the processes are regularly improved, with the environment in mind, in order to market Lamy pens that are as green as possible. For example, solar energy is used and rainwater is collected for reuse during the various processes and in the factory itself. Sustainability is therefore of paramount importance with the aim that a Lamy pen can be used for a long time and frequently. With this Lamy wants to ensure that a ballpoint pen, lamy fountain pen or other writing instruments of this brand do not quickly disappear into the waste bin.




Where to buy lamy pens?

You can buy Lamy pens from the specialist in pens since 1924,! With a beautiful showroom in Antwerp and in our online pen shop you will find the entire collection of Lamy pens. Do you need ink for your pen? No problem, in our store we have a wide range of ink cartridges and ink bottles available. Would you like to have a pen engraved for a loved one or your company? We are happy to help you transfer your logo, slogan or text on the Lamy pen. Do you have a question about our Lamy pens or other pens from our collection? Our pen specialists are ready for you., the specialist in luxury writing instruments.


 How do you fill a Lamy fountain pen?

Filling a Lamy fountain pen depends on the type of pen you choose. You usually have two choices for filling your Lamy fountain pen. This can be done by means of ink cartridges or an inkwell. The handy ink bottles have the advantage that you can easily refill the pen without spilling. To work with an inkwell you need a converter that you can order from us, in some models this is already included as standard. The Lamy 2000 is a piston fountain pen also called piston fountain pen. This means that the filling mechanism is completely built into the pen. As a result, this Lamy pen can only be used with an inkwell and not with ink cartridges. You can fill the Lamy pen by unscrewing the back. The big advantage of this is the ink capacity that is 2 to 3 times larger than that of a cartridge or converter. At we have a wide range of luxury inks in many different colors for your Lamy fountain pen.


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