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How to Safely Get Rid of Bugs Indoors

Need to get rid of those pesky bugs such as ants, flies, and roaches? Try these bug fighting tips to get rid of bugs in your home once and for all!

Kitchen counter with a mini olive tree and Zevo bug spray.

This post is sponsored by Zevo. As always, all thoughts and opinions are 100% my own.

The only thing I don’t love about summertime is all of the BUGS! Even the thought of them makes me squirm and itch. To make it even worse, my youngest is really sensitive to bug bites and swells up like a balloon. While it may be impossible to completely avoid the bugs, I’m always on the lookout for anything that can help keep those bugs under control. Today I’m sharing all of my tips to prevent bugs in your home as well as the best ways to get rid of them when they do appear.

How to Prevent Bugs in Your Home

The best way to have a bug-free home is to prevent them from coming. Basically this means making your home as unappealing to them as possible. If you take away their food, water, and cozy places to hide, those insects will hopefully find a better place to live.

Tips and Tricks to Get Rid of Bugs. White farmhouse kitchen with Zevo pest control spray and trap.

Do a little home maintenance.

While it may not be possible to keep ALL bugs out, you can drastically reduce their invasion by keeping your home in good repair. Summer is the perfect time to do a little home maintenance while the weather is nice. Here are some tasks to look for..

  • Caulk around windows and baseboards and seal up any cracks on your home.
  • Patch any holes in your screens.
  • Replace torn weather stripping around your doors.

Not only will these steps help to keep the bugs out, but they’ll also make your home more energy efficient!

Have a quick daily cleaning routine.

A quick daily cleaning routine helps to get rid of any loose food particles that may be attracting the bugs. These are the top tasks that we do daily…

  • Give kitchen counters a good wipe down after each meal.
  • Sweep or vacuum the floor around eating areas.
  • Empty your garbage cans regularly and make sure your outside garbage bins always have a secure lid on them.
  • Run your garbage disposal whenever you put food down it. It can be a party for bugs down there so clean it regularly.

Farmhouse style organized kitchen with pretty sink display.

Clear out the clutter.

Recycle old magazines, piles of papers and newspapers, cardboard and boxes regularly. These make nice cozy homes for bugs.

Check your food storage.

Bugs love a good pantry find! Make sure all of your food is stored in airtight containers or tightly sealed up. We all know that kids love to open food bags and containers and not close them back up so give them a little lesson in bug prevention too! Bugs love flour, sugar, crackers, pasta, and other dry foods that you have stored in your pantry

Organized kitchen pantry cupboard.

Don’t leave pet food out overnight.

Use large airtight containers to store pet food and don’t leave food in dishes overnight. Bugs love pet food just as much as your pets!

How to Get Rid of Bugs You Do See

If you do start to see bugs in your home, you want to get rid of them as soon as possible. Usually when you see one bug, you can bet that there are more close by. Don’t ignore it!

When you’re dealing with bugs in your home, you obviously want to make sure you’re choosing a product that is both effective and family friendly – especially if you have children and pets. Zevo is a new brand of pest control products that’s made with powerful essential oils and other common {friendly!} ingredients. These attack the nervous system receptors that are only active in bugs – not people or pets. You gotta love science! When used as directed, Zevo is safe around people and pets so you can confidently use it throughout your home when needed.


The quickest way to get rid of any insects you do see is with an instant action spray. Zevo sprays are easy to use and work on contact to get rid of those bugs in no time. I also loved that there weren’t any harsh chemicals or smells associated with this spray – just a nice, light scent. Here are a few tips for picking the right pest control spray…

  • Know what bugs you’re dealing with and ensure that the spray you use is targeted towards them. Zevo Instant Action Spray can effectively kill a number of different bugs including ants, roaches, flies, fruit flies, gnats, and spiders. If you have hornets, wasps, or yellow jackets – they have a spray for that too!
  • Never use a product indoors that is meant for outdoors. Zevo sprays are designed for BOTH indoor and outdoor use and can be used in any areas where crawling and flying insects are found – even kitchens, bedrooms, and playrooms.
  • Target your spray. To use Zevo, direct the nozzle away from your face towards the insect{s} and spray until they are thoroughly saturated. You don’t need to spray other surrounding areas.
  • Clean the area afterwards. Due to the oils, the surface can be slippery after use. Once the product has done its work, always use a microfiber cloth or paper towel to wipe up any access product.
  • Always read the label before use and only use the product as intended. Many traditional insect control products will require you to exit the room after spraying, but with Zevo, that’s not necessary. Their sprays use nature-inspired active ingredients that are safe to use around people and pets when used as directed.

White kitchen with woman spraying Zevo bug spray to get rid of bugs.


Zevo’s Flying Insect Trap has a cool design that doesn’t use any insecticides. Instead, the traps use multi-spectrum light technology plus a body heat attractant to draw all of those flying bugs towards them.  They then trap and lock the insects into an adhesive backing. The traps work for up to 45 days and, when they’re full, you just toss and refill the cartridge.  You get 24/7 protection without ever having to come in contact with the bugs!

Zevo bug trap to safely catch and trap flying insects.

The traps can be plugged into any indoor outlet that’s near common insect hangouts.  I love having one in our kitchen to trap those fruit flies that always appear in the summer months. Even though I hadn’t noticed any around yet, I’ve already found a few of them in the trap. I was pretty impressed! I still need to grab a few more to put in our bedrooms and they’d also be great near garbage cans or in the garage.

Where to Find Zevo Products

Zevo products can be purchased from Zevo’s website and at select Home Depot and Target stores.  To help get you started, you can get 10% off with this Cartwheel offer. Act quickly – it’s only valid until July 6th!

Zevo bug spray and traps to safely and effectively get rid of unwanted bugs.30

White farmhouse kitchen with Zevo insect control spray and insect trap.




Sours: https://www.cleanandscentsible.com/how-to-safely-get-rid-of-bugs-indoors/
zevo bug spray

Zevo Bug Spray Review: Keep those Creepy Crawlies Away!

Zevo bug spray is an effective bug repellent that keeps the pestering bugs away and lets you and your family sleep, sit and eat in peace.

Best Items On Amazon

Zevo Instant Action for Ant, Roach & Fly Multi-Insect Trigger Spray (12 oz) | Indoor Outdoor Use - Instant Action | Pet People Friendly Safe (3)
Zevo Instant Action for Ant, Roach & Fly Multi-Insect Trigger Spray (12 oz) | Indoor Outdoor Use – Instant Action | Pet People Friendly Safe (3)
Zevo Fly, Fruit Fly, Gnat & Flying Insect Killer & Repellent (3- Pack)
Zevo Fly, Fruit Fly, Gnat & Flying Insect Killer & Repellent (3- Pack)
Dr. Killigan’s Six Feet Under Non Toxic Insect Killer Spray | Indoor Natural Pest Control & Safe Insecticide | Flea, Tick, Pantry & Clothing Moths, Ant, & Cockroach | Family Friendly, Pet Safe (24 oz)
Dr. Killigan’s Six Feet Under Non Toxic Insect Killer Spray | Indoor Natural Pest Control & Safe Insecticide | Flea, Tick, Pantry & Clothing Moths, Ant, & Cockroach | Family Friendly, Pet Safe (24 oz)
Wondercide Natural Products - Indoor Pest Control Spray for Home and Kitchen - Fly, Ant, Spider, Roach, Flea, Bug Killer and Insect Repellent - Eco-Friendly, Pet and Family Safe — 32 oz Cedarwood
Wondercide Natural Products – Indoor Pest Control Spray for Home and Kitchen – Fly, Ant, Spider, Roach, Flea, Bug Killer and Insect Repellent – Eco-Friendly, Pet and Family Safe — 32 oz Cedarwood

Zevo Bug spray: an Overview

The summer season calls for outdoor adventures and celebrations. But with all the merriment comes all the bugs and insects that can ruin your family’s fun time. Even staying indoors won’t help because these pesky invaders make their way to your bedroom, bathroom, and every corner of the house like uninvited guests.

And these bugs know all your traps, so ordinary solutions will not work on them. You need an innovative product that works like magic but, at the same time, is not too harsh on people or pets. The market is filled with tens and thousands of bug sprays, lotions, and whatnot. But do they really work? Nope!

Until Zevo bug spray came out! If you want control of your house back from bugs, Zevo snug spray is your one-stop solution. Thanks to the innovative formula free from pesticides, Zevo Bug control products instantly help get rid of all types of insects!

Here’s our detailed Zevo Bug spray review! Enjoy.

How does it work?

Equipped with the Bi0-selective technology, Zevo Bug spray stands apart from your ordinary bug sprays. Zevo knew that Bugs today are smart and know how to survive the traps set up by humans. 

To outwit them, Zevo gathered the smartest bug scientists to come up with a solution and find weak spots in bugs. The idea was to find vulnerabilities that pets and people are immune to. And hence the essential oils that  Zevo uses in its spray zeroes in on nerve receptors critical for bug survival. 

The organic ingredients in Zevo sprays like lemongrass, cinnamon, and geraniol are safe to use around the house. Unlike regular bug products that are brimming with harsh chemicals and pesticides, Zevo focuses on eco-friendly and humans plus pet-friendly options. 

And most importantly, the synthetic pyrethroids found in your ordinary bug products aren’t present in Zevo bug spray. This means even if you mistakenly inhale the spray, it won’t be damaging to your respiratory system.

Zevo Bug sprays distinct features.

  • The only safe and natural bug spray
  • Inspired from nature
  • Effective and instant solution
  • Introducing Bio-selective formula
  • Free from toxins
  • Comes with a Money-back guarantee
  • Trusted by people around the world
  • Works on all kind of insects

Let’s check out some Pros & Cons



  • Highly effective on all kind of bugs
  • Different products available for every kind of insects
  • Free of harsh pesticides and chemicals
  • Pet friendly and human friendly
  • Zevo have raving reviews and endorsed by top companies


  • The smell may not be pleasant for some people
  • A bit pricey


Is it safe to use?

In a house full of pets and children, using a bug spray is always a hassle since you cannot keep pets and children contained in one space. Thankfully, Zevo bug sprayhas solved this problem for you. As a nature-based spray, it consists of essential oils and is free of toxic chemicals; your house is no longer a war zone while trying to get rid of bugs. You can directly spray it around the house with peace of mind that your house won’t be lathered in chemicals.

How to use Zevo Bug effectively?

Using Zevo is as easy as counting 1,2,3…all you need to do is point the spray towards the bugs and shootttt!!!! As you are not introducing chemicals in your home, you can spray it anywhere you want, whether indoors or outdoors!

I would suggest wearing long sleeves and a cap as a precaution if you’re targeting the fruit flies or mosquitoes in the air. As the zevo bug spray instantly kills bugs, they will start falling from the air so wear your armor. This is to stay safe from bugs because the spray itself is free from harsh and nasty chemicals not to harm your skin.

Other Products by Zevo

  • Ant, roach, and fly multi-insect trigger spray
  • Ant, roach, and spider crawling insect spray
  • Fly, Gnat, and Fruit FlyFlying Insect Spray
  • Wasp, Hornet, and Yellowjacket Stinging Insect Spray

All the products mentioned above by Zevo are extremely effective against all types of bugs.

Best Items On Amazon

Zevo Instant Action for Ant, Roach & Fly Multi-Insect Trigger Spray (12 oz) | Indoor Outdoor Use - Instant Action | Pet People Friendly Safe (3)
Zevo Instant Action for Ant, Roach & Fly Multi-Insect Trigger Spray (12 oz) | Indoor Outdoor Use – Instant Action | Pet People Friendly Safe (3)
Zevo Fly, Fruit Fly, Gnat & Flying Insect Killer & Repellent (3- Pack)
Zevo Fly, Fruit Fly, Gnat & Flying Insect Killer & Repellent (3- Pack)
Dr. Killigan’s Six Feet Under Non Toxic Insect Killer Spray | Indoor Natural Pest Control & Safe Insecticide | Flea, Tick, Pantry & Clothing Moths, Ant, & Cockroach | Family Friendly, Pet Safe (24 oz)
Dr. Killigan’s Six Feet Under Non Toxic Insect Killer Spray | Indoor Natural Pest Control & Safe Insecticide | Flea, Tick, Pantry & Clothing Moths, Ant, & Cockroach | Family Friendly, Pet Safe (24 oz)
Wondercide Natural Products - Indoor Pest Control Spray for Home and Kitchen - Fly, Ant, Spider, Roach, Flea, Bug Killer and Insect Repellent - Eco-Friendly, Pet and Family Safe — 32 oz Cedarwood
Wondercide Natural Products – Indoor Pest Control Spray for Home and Kitchen – Fly, Ant, Spider, Roach, Flea, Bug Killer and Insect Repellent – Eco-Friendly, Pet and Family Safe — 32 oz Cedarwood

Customer reviews

No matter how many features or benefits a product offers, the true worth of any product is revealed by customer reviews. So we searched for Zevo customer reviews, and the response was amazing. Customers love Zevo products and are raving about how effective it is for getting rid of bugs and crawling or flying insects. And not only that but the Zevo products are endorsed by note-worthy publications like ‘’The Good Housekeeping’’, ‘’PopSugar’’ and ‘’The Wall Street Journal’’.

zevo bug spray reviews

Wrap up

For years, insects have been living in our homes rent-free. Sometimes roaches are running, free in the kitchen, or fruit flies roaming comfortably in your living space. And not to forget those blood-thirstymosquitoes that just love feasting on your and your kid’s blood. Nothing works on them. But with Zevo Bug spray, you can now say bye-bye to the creepy crawlies and live your life in the most hygienic and bug-free way. And the best thing is you don’t need to inhale toxic chemicals every time you use the zevo spray. We hope our Zevo bug spray has helped you in some way. We would love to hear about your experience with Bug sprays you have been using. 

Sours: https://fortyreviews.com/zevo-bug-spray/
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The Verdict

Zevo Bug Spray is a natural pesticide that mostly delivers on its promises. In a market where so many natural products simply do not work, it is great to have one that actually can kill the insects it treats. That being said, it's quite expensive for what you get and it will give you limited repellency compared to chemical pesticides.

The Good

Safe, natural, and effective ingredients

The Bad

Not long repellency compared to chemical pesticides

Somewhat expensive for what you get

Spray insecticides are effective for killing bugs but they are not always safe for your family. The rise of more natural spray bug repellents and killers has been rising over the years, and Zevo Bug Spray is one of the most popular of this type. With its popularity and heavy presence in retail outlets, does Zevo Bug Spray work?

To answer this question we’ll have to go into more detail. Yes, Zevo Bug Spray works at killing bugs. It can also work as a light bug repellent. That being said, Zevo alone will not take care of an infestation on your property. It has limitations to its effectiveness.

I recommend Zevo as a good product to have around the house, especially if you’re only seeing a few bugs here and there. It works great to spray directly on bugs to kill them. To find out when I would recommend something stronger, keep reading this Zevo Bug Spray review.

Zevo Company Background

Zevo’s origins date back to only 2018 when the corporation Procter & Gamble created an online press campaign around a new line of natural bug sprays they intended to test through e-commerce sales. 

The brand was introduced and made available throughout 2018 directly from the company website, and strong sales and decent customer reviews led to a brick-and-mortar rollout in 2019. 

Zevo is now a regular fixture in the pest control aisles at major retailers, which is a sign that it has had strong sales to consumers looking for a safer pest control spray for around the home. Let’s take a closer look. 

Zevo Bug Spray Reviews

Zevo comes in many different bottles with different designs and spray methods.

The company chooses to target certain formulas for a wide range of pests that can be found in 4 different Zevo bottles. When it comes down to it, ingredients are the most important with spray pesticides, and Zevo widely uses the same ingredients in each product.

Zevo Active Ingredient: Geraniol

Essential oils are the primary ingredients in Zevo and are what make the product a natural pesticide. Different formulations use different essential oils but geraniol is the primary ingredient and central focus of the Zevo brand. 

When it comes to natural pesticides, geraniol is one of the most prominent to stand out to entomologists and pest control professionals. This natural substance can be used as a strong insect repellent since it actively excites insect receptors that cause confusion and insects that cause bugs to flee. 

The biocidal properties of geraniol are strong and therefore more reliable as a repellent than other commonly used natural substances like lavender or peppermint. If you want to kill insects on contact or just keep them away from you, this is the ingredient to look for. 

With this in mind, geraniol doesn’t perform strongly when it comes to eradicating a serious infestation. Infestations such as ants, bed bugs, or cockroaches won’t be thwarted by a spray like Zevo alone. You’ll need a more involved approach which you can find on some pages like how to get rid of bed bugs or how to get rid of house ants. 

Other Ingredients

Zevo sprays contain a range of 10 different ingredients in addition to geraniol. Essential oils are the main ingredients, but there are two ingredients in each bottle that come close to the effectiveness of geraniol. Let’s take a look at some of the other ingredients used. 

Isopropyl Myristate

Isopropyl myristate is a type of ester compound that is strongly related to rubbing alcohol. Although alcohol can kill and repel insects on contact, it is far too flammable and potentially hazardous to use as a pesticide outright. 

Isopropyl myristate is not as potent as alcohol and exists as an essential fatty acid that takes most of its properties from palm kernel oil. Although not outright dangerous to humans or pets, this compound is repellent to insects, specifically head lice. 

Triethyl Citrate

Citric acid is a known insect repellent and triethyl citrate is also a type of ester that helps turn citric acid into what it becomes. This compound is closely related to rubbing alcohol as well and this is what makes it more potent as an insect repellent than straight citric acid. 

Triethyl citrate is painful to the sensitive anatomy of insects and triggers their instincts to flee from it and avoid any areas where it has been applied.  

Does Zevo Bug Spray Work?

If you have been studying the efficacy of natural pesticides, you likely already know that it is hit and miss regarding the ability of these products to outright kill insects. Since Zevo has some fairly strong natural compounds, it will likely kill bugs when sprayed directly on them

The presence or lingering scent of the spray will likely be enough to repel insects from the areas applied for at least a few days as well, assuming no heavy rain comes through.

zevo bug spray review

So if you are dealing with pesky flies or cockroaches, Zevo will do the job granted you can hit the insects with the spray directly. You can also keep a can close by when sitting or lounging outdoors to knockdown flies or ants. 

Zevo is not a residual spray and will not destroy an infestation of insects. To control a large presence of insects you’ll want a pesticide with a residual killing effect, meaning after the product dries there is a chemical compound left behind that can kill insects that come into contact with it weeks or months into the future..

Even if Zevo were a residual, there are also the problems that come with repellents and how insects relate to these products. A bug will go out of its way to avoid anything that repels it, and this means the scent of the products will keep insects away and not kill them. 

Therefore, Zevo is certainly a product worth considering if you are just having problems with random insects. It can be used indoors or outdoors to kill bugs on contact and keep them away from you or away from whatever area is sprayed. Do not consider the product for battling infestations. 

Is Zevo Safe?

One of the most appealing details about Zevo is its safety. Since none of the ingredients are known to harm adults, kids, or even typical domestic pets, the product can be sprayed without worrying about inhaling harmful chemicals. Zevo is even safe to use for pregnant women and there is nothing to worry about if the product falls on eating surfaces. 

Natural products are great in this regard, but these products are just not the most effective. To truly destroy insects, chemical pesticides are still number one. 

Even though the product is generally safe, Zevo should never be sprayed directly on people or pets. Direct inhalation or ingestion of the product could cause mild symptoms or reactions that could lead to illness. 

Additionally, Zevo should never be sprayed on plants or directly on the soil around vegetation. The product could also potentially be dangerous to fish and aquatic life, birds, and reptiles.  

What Insects Does Zevo Work Against?

Zevo comes in different formulations to target different types of insects. 

This is also one of the details that make Zevo such an effective natural pesticide. Since many insects react differently to natural substances, research and testing need to be done to determine what substances can mix and how well the mixtures can target different species. Even though there are minor differences, all 4 sprays work similarly.

With this in mind, geraniol can kill and will repel nearly all of the common insects and arachnids that cause pest problems. 

Let’s take a detailed look at each Zevo spray the insects it treats against. 

Zevo Ant, Roach, and Spider

Zevo Ant, Roach, and Spider Killer are designed to attract, kill, and/or repel common crawling insects and spiders. Crawling pests have different behaviors than flying pests which means these pests will react differently to certain substances and scents. 

The main ingredient in this spray that applies to crawling pests is cinnamon oil. This essential oil can cause central nervous system paralysis in crawling insects. So even if it doesn’t outright kill the pests, it will be a strong repellent. 

Zevo Fly, Gnat, and Housefly

Flies, gnats, and the common housefly are some of the quickest and peskiest of all flying pests. Sprays are not a good idea when addressing these pests, but Zevo’s strong repellent properties can be enough to keep them out of the area where the product has been applied. 

This spray contains lactic acid n-butyl ester, which acts as both an attractant and repellent to these insects simultaneously. Since this derivative of lactic acid is ester, the isopropyl alcohol traces in the ester can kill flies and gnats if they come into contact with the substance. 

Zevo Wasp, Hornet, and Yellow Jacket

This Zevo spray aims its arsenal at hornets, wasps, and yellowjackets. When battling against these painful insects, you probably want something a bit stronger, but the ingredients in this spray can potentially kill these insects on contact, so it’s worth a shot if you want to use a natural product. 

Caution should be used when trying to repel these pests since these insects can become aggressive when agitated. The geraniol alone should be enough to likely kill stinging insects.

Zevo Ant, Roach, and Fly

Although not much different from the Zevo Ant, Roach, and Spider Killer, this spray is labeled as more of a multi-pest contact killer/repellent. 

This formula relies less on essential oils and more on geraniol, isopropyl myristate, triethyl citrate, and also is the only one of the 4 containing isopropyl alcohol (rubbing alcohol). Alcohol can kill practically any insect when directly applied, and will be useful when killing large clusters of ants, flies, and even cockroaches. 

How Long Does Zevo Last/Remain Effective?

Zevo likely remains as an effective repellent for at least 48-72 hours but doesn’t have an effective killing power after it dries.

Since there are no guarantees that this product will kill an insect on contact, the timeline of its repellent effects is the most important. 

Most products that repel insects have a tendency to dry and evaporate quickly, but there are some customer reviews that state a repellent effect for upwards of a few days. The combination of the strong compounds and potent essential oils are likely enough to leave at least a surface residue on a surface for at least this long. 

Then again, this largely depends on where you are spraying the product. If you spray it at insects flying in the air, this is not really useful as a repellent as it will quickly fall to the ground or be dispersed by the wind. For crawling insects, this is likely where you can expect to get a few days of the repellent effect. 

Zevo is not a residual-killing product, so you should not expect the spray to leave a residue behind wherever it is applied that will continue to kill targeted insects. It is best to think of Zevo as a contact kill application or as a repellent to keep bugs away only temporarily. 

Does Zevo Work on Bed Bugs?

Bed bugs are one of the hardest pests to get rid of. The bugs survive by hiding to avoid detection and choose to make and live in nests and colonies in their hiding spots. Zevo has not been tested for bed bugs and none of its formulations are listed as being effective at killing or repelling bed bugs

Although this product would likely not stand a chance at eradicating a bed bug infestation, essential oils can and do repel bed bugs temporarily. Although bed bugs are well-known for their ability to evolve their DNA to become resistant to commonly used chemical insecticides, the bugs are still sensitive to many natural compounds found in nature. 

All of the essential oil ingredients found in Zevo will likely send bed bugs crawling away from the areas in which the products are applied, but only for a short time. The bed bugs would likely find a way around the repellent and on to your bed regardless.

Also, this pest is resilient and can go days and even months without feeding; which means the bugs would likely simply find another way to reach their host away from the repellent. 

Does Zevo Work on Termites?

Similar to bed bugs are termites. This pest is also elusive and doesn’t come out into the open where it can be seen with the naked eye. 

Zevo has not conducted any tests to see if the spray will kill termites on contact or effectively repel the pests. There are many different problems that could arise when trying to use this product on this pest. 

Termites live almost exclusively inside of the wood structure that houses their colony or in nests in the ground. These insects do not need to come outside of the wood, and apart from destroying wood and potentially leading to structural collapse, termites have absolutely no interest in people or anything we have or leave behind such as food crumbs. 

In order to kill or repel this pest, you would have to waste quite a bit of product by spraying down infested wood to the point of saturation in the hope that it reaches the termites. This is not feasible at all and is not even worth the hassle and money spent since the company has not conducted the required research and tests to see if the product would be useful for this pest. 

Can I Spray Zevo on my Skin or on my Pet to Repel Insects Like Mosquitoes?

Although the flying insect brand of Zevo may work well against potentially killing and repelling mosquitoes, this product should not be applied to the skin

Topical repellents can work great to keep mosquitoes from biting you or your pet, but some of the natural compounds found in Zevo could make a person or pet sick even though the substances are not lethal. 

Only use ointments or topical repellents that are labeled to be used on the skin for repelling mosquitoes. You could consider using Zevo for killing or repelling mosquitoes that are swarming or flying nearby. 

You can check out my Thermacell Mosquito Repellent review to see a product that will actively work to keep mosquitoes away from your outdoor living space.

Zevo is generally safe and can effectively repel insects (likely for a few days) if it cannot outright kill the pests upon immediate contact. The product does work and you can be certain that it will do at least one of these labeled actions. Zevo is not a residual pesticide and should be used as such. 

Want Help from a Pro?

Get a quick, easy, FREE, no obligation quote from a trusted exterminator.

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Zevo A Bug Killer You Can Feel Good About That Actually Works!

zevo bug spray

This post is sponsored by Zevo. All opinions are my own.

Like most Southern families, we spend a lot of time outdoors. One of my favorite things to do is sit on my front porch with my kids and dog and watch them play in the front yard -coffee always a must!

What I don’t like, is little bugs crawling around the porch -it seems that they can smell good coffee from a mile away. Over the years, we’ve tried a lot of insect and pest control systems but none of them seemed to have what I was looking for: a bug killer that was effective, didn’t smell or contain harsh ingredients, and that was safe* to use around my kids and pets.

Thanks to the internet and Pinterest, we’ve even tried making a homemade version; you know, the type where you mix everything in a 5-gallon bucket, transfer it to a sprayer, and then spray around your home? Yeah, that didn’t work and I should have saved my essential oils for something else.

Until one day, I was introduced to Zevo, a new brand of home pest control products. Whether it be flies, roaches, or ants, Zevo can effectively eliminate bugs while being safe for use around people and pets.

family safe bug spray

Why Choose a Nature-Inspired Bug Killer

In the south, we have flies, roaches, and tons of ants. Everywhere. Inside and outside the home -and no, it’s not because we keep our homes dirty. If it rains too much, ants will find a way to come inside. Roaches you just can’t keep out, and flies are a pain if you want to entertain outdoors.

Have you checked out the ingredients on the back of a typical roach killer? Most contain DEET an ingredient which effectively kills bugs but also can wreak havoc on our nervous system receptors, especially in kids. No thanks!

So what’s a mom to do? Accept those creeping, crawling things in the house and go on with life? Or, find an effective and safe product that works. The latter, thank you.

I chose Zevo because it uses bio-selective technology in its sprays and traps and they use nature-inspired active ingredients that effectively kill bugs while being safe for my family.

family safe bug spray

Choosing a Bug Killer that is Safe for Kids

Unlike other insect control brands, Zevo offers a nature-inspired bug spray that has a deep understanding of the difference between bugs vs. people/pets so it targets nervous system receptors only active in bugs.

It’s a much smarter and cleaner way of taking care of pesky problems without causing anxiety or concern about chemicals being sprayed in and around the house..

Zevo is way smarter than bugs

This is one insect control product I feel completely confident using in my home and around my family, it effectively eliminates bugs while being safe for use around people and pets when used as directed.

And contrary to homemade versions, which call for a concoction of vinegar that stinks and essential oils, Zevo comes in two forms, insect traps and spray, both ready to go. The best part is that it works!

food safe bug spray

I have Zevo’s Insect Trap near the kitchen because it attracts and captures insects without chemical insecticides — using instead a multi-spectrum light technology and simulated body heat to attract and eliminate flying insects.

kid friendly bug spray

What Makes Zevo Safe Around Families and Pets?

With 3 kids and a dog, I have a full house but when the warmer months arrive and schools out, you can imagine what it’s like! Coincidentally, it’s also an active time for bug infestations, so powering up with Zevo is a must!

In the kitchen and one near the pantry, I like to use Zevo Flying Insect Traps. It helps keep gnats, fruit flies and flies under control. And, there’s nothing worse than buying a delicious pineapple that needs to be kept on the counter for a few days to ripen only to find that over those days, fruit flies have multiplied all over the kitchen. Ugh, no thanks!

natural bug spray

Safe & Effective Insect Control for Your Yard

During warm weather, my family likes staying outdoors whether it’s playing in the back yard or hanging out while dinner cooks on the grill. Of course, warm weather and grilling food in our outdoor kitchen attracts all things that crawl, so keeping Zevo Spray handy while we’re out on the back patio and outdoor kitchen area is an easy way to enjoy a pest-free time. I see the bugs, I spray the bugs, and I can quickly get back to enjoying my outdoor time.

The active ingredients in Zevo sprays are inspired by plants’ natural defenses against insects/bugs and unlike other insect control products made with harsh chemicals, it’s safe to spray where both the kids and pets hang around.

natural bug spray

In the end, we all want to enjoy our time indoors and outdoors bug-free all while keeping harsh ingredients away from our family and pets.

I’ll give credit where it’s due, bugs are very resilient and very smart, but Zevo outsmarts them. Head over to Zevo’s website to see how they’re #WaySmarterThanBugs and how they offer a safe yet effective solution to keeping your home pest free, as well as purchase them online.

*When used as directed. See package label.

Sours: https://www.laurafuentes.com/zevo-a-bug-spray-you-can-feel-good-about-that-actually-works/

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