Hatake clan

Hatake Clan is one of the notorious clans living in the Konohagakure (Hidden Leaf Village). Even though their genesis is uncertain, the members of this clan are known worldly for their efficient battle skills. After the era of Warring States, Hatake Clan was one of the first sets of clans to form an alliance with Senju and officially join the village during the foundation of Konohagakure. They had strong relations with the Senju family as they married their daughter in Senju’s.

However, the Hatake Clan gradually went into extinction as they disintegrated to different villages during the war-torn era. And only a few members were left residing in the village. One of the recent members of the Hatake Clan is Kakashi Hatake who settled down in Konoha and trained the shinobi of subsequent generations. He was well known and respected by his disciples. Hatake Clan served as the pride of the Konoha village as they were famed to adapt to any situation and achieve whatever they wished for.

 Members Of The Hatake Clan

  • Sakumo Hatake
  • Kakashi Hatake
  • Gesshoku Hatake
  • Chihiro Hatake
  • Kisho Hatake
  • Setsuko Hatake
  • Hiryou Hatake
  • Naya Hatake

Hatake Clan Abilities 

The members of the Hatake clan are widely known for their exceptional battle tactics and skills. They have enough capacity to surpass the Sannin. Although they didn’t inherit any special abilities or powers from lineage, Hatake was still talented in various Jutsu techniques.

White Light Chakra Sabre

White light Chakra Sabre is a Japanese sword known as katana which was passed down to Kakashi by his father. It had a sharp straight blade with a white streak of chakra and a circular hand-guard.

Water Hound technique

Water Hound Technique is a water release technique. In this the user summons water from the natural source and creates all sorts of animals to chase down the enemy. It can bite and cause fatal injuries to the enemy. It is performed with the help of chakra manipulation and hand seal technique.


Chidori is a lightning nature technique performed by hands. The user applies this ability by gathering chakra lightning in their hands with high concentration and directing it towards the target with thrust thus piercing the enemy with damaging injuries. It requires a great amount of chakra.  Chidori involves the creation of a spate of lightning sparks in the palm of hands. It is used to slap the opponent causing severe burns on the skin and making the muscles weak and numb.

Hatake Clan Jutsu 

Similar to other clans Hatake clan has a special summoning jutsu called Ninken. This is nothing but Summoning of a group of Ninja Gods with Ninja ability and amazing combat skills. In the entire Boruto Anime and Manga only Kakashi has been seen doing this Jutsu.

Hatake Clan Symbol 

Very few knowns about Hatake Clan’s Symbol. The symbol means Farm Land, which you can see in their symbol. The Symbol of the Hatake clan has the piece of farmland as their symbol.

Sours: https://borutowiki.com/hatake-clan/

Naruto Oc Shinobiverse

•○•Clan Name•○•



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•○•Country of Origin•○•

The clan gained renown and was born unto the land of fire and konoha

•○•Village of Residence•○•

Most members are bound to the village of konoha, though some branch families have left for a variety of reasons

•○•Relationship to Village of Residence•○•

They are a well respected clan due to the prestige brought to them by both the sixth hokage, Kakashi Hatake, and his father. Konoha’s white fang, Sakumo Hatake

•○•Kekkei Genkai•○•

They are without natural kekkei genkai

•○•Main Chakra Nature•○•

Based on Kakashi, we can assume there may be (some) inclination for the lightning nature of chakra

•○•Signature Jutsu•○•

The technique most renowned from the clan is easily the Chidori, and after that the purple lightning technique (which will be getting its own wiki)


Once again, using Kakashi as an example we can say that they have some sort of summoning relationship with ninken, not the inazuka ninken. Just to clarify

•○• Size•○•

As the clan has had only 200 years to come to semi-prominence, their numbers are limited, at only around 1,000 members

•○•Physical Traits•○•

They are known for their silvery grey hair, although otherwise they are somewhat indistinct from other individuals


Nope. Pretty basic these guys are, that’s why they’re first

•○•Traditional/Common Clothing•○•

I really can’t give you anything, the only two members wore distinct clothing when they weren’t wearing a flak jacket. So nada, these guys are pretty basic


Well, in the last few hundred years the clan has grown a substantial farming tradition. And once every 4 years or so, they’ll come together for a farmers market of sorts to swap produce and tips, and to help eachother create stronger genetic strains for their produce. Otherwise though they aren’t particularly tight knit


These guys follow the shinobi code. Hard. To any shinobi among them, failing to meet the standards of the village is failing to meet EVERY standard, and they’ll basically be excommunicated from the clan the moment such expectations aren’t met. They are also literary connoisseur, and many a hatake are known for their bookworm habits


We can assume the clan for most of its history was tiny and insignificant, and based on the meaning of their last name likely some variety of farmers. But they first gained some variety in the form of Konoha’s white fang, Sakumo Hatake, due to his incredible skill and capability as a shinobi up until he was disgraced after a failed mission. Other than that though, his story is limited. But we have much more in the databases on his son, and the other historically notable member, Copy ninja Kakashi Hatake. The sixth hokage, and one of the strongest shinobi of his era through the use of his advanced intellect, kamui abilities through his transplanted sharingan, and later the purple lightning technique. It was through his influence that the clan once more gained recognition, and as such has gained its place in the world today through Kakashi’s efforts

•○•Clan Perks•○•

The clan members seem to have an aptitude for the mind and using it to its fullest potential, giving them a natural +50 boost in both intelligence and reflexes. The clan head will be able to learn the purple lightning technique at jonin level, and the clan at large will be capable of learning chidori at S-rank

•○•Clan Status•○•

They are alive. Not very large. But alive


Just make one and follow the rules. Not hard

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Clan Overall Description and History[]

The Hatake Clan was formulated into an actual clan with the conclusion of the Fourth Great Shinobi War and Kakashi Hatake actually settled down. He remained in Konohagakure for some time, continuing to train the shinobi of the new generation. He also settled down with a woman, becoming engaged in relations and bearing quite a few children. They were always renowned for being adept with their skills in Ninjutsu, along with Hand Seals. It was not uncommon for them to actually succeed in placed also which none other could. There were no prodigies since the generation of Kakashi and the others, but none the less, it never stopped any of the relatives of the Kakashi Clan to achieve that which that man had achieved. Now, the Hatake Clan is dispersed among many different villages and lands since growing larger in the time of 200 years after the death of Naruto. BOI! 

Clan Traits[]


  • Hair: White grey or very pale shades like pale blue, pale red, pale green.
  • Eyes: Black
  • Height: Short and slender, 5"4' to 5"10'
  • Skin Colour: Pale white

Personality traits[]

  • quiet and observent
  • Quick to act
  • Bookworm
  • Friendly


  • Ninjutsu - Exceptional
  • Hand Seals - Superior


  • Strength - potential
  • Stamina - potential


Clan Abilities:[]

Raiton: Palm of Sparks [Lightning Nature Dependant]

  • D-Rank Jutsu:
  • Cost: Light burning to hand (left of right) but effective attack.
  • Performance: The Hatake creates a series of sparks in their hand which are hard to control and often only last a second or two.
  • Hand Seals: Bird > Rat > Monkey
  • Product: The sparks in the hand can be used to slap and opponent on a location which is exposed flesh, like the face, hands or arms, the attack will cause localised numbing and muscle weakness for a few minutes, as well as surface burns.

Suiton: Water Hound Technique [Water Nature Dependant]

  • C-Rank Jutsu:
  • Cost: Uses a medium amount of chakra for a C rank and requires good chakra manipulation to perform.
  • Performance: The Hatake creates a large dog made of water, by stepping on a source of water and producing the
  • Hand Seals: Dog > Rat > Monkey > Dragon > Dog.
  • Product: The hound can run free of the water and chase their enemy, once they reach the enemy they will either bite down on the hand, arms or legs of their enemy and deal piercing damage to their body. The hound is fast, but big and often easy to strike, once hit the water cannot retain its shape and falls into the water once more.

Suiton: Five Water War Hounds Technique [Water Nature Dependant]

  • B-Rank Jutsu:
  • Cost: Uses a large amount of chakra for a B rank jutsu and good amount of chakra manipulation to perform.
  • Performance: The Hatake creates a large dog made of water, by stepping on a source of water and producing the hand seals: Dog > Rat > Monkey > Dragon > Dog > Monkey > Horse > Ram > Dog.
  • Product: The hounds can run free of the water and chase their enemy, once they reach the enemy they will either bite down on the hand, arms or legs of their enemy and deal piercing damage to their body. The hounds are fast, and big but often easy to strike, once hit the water cannot retain its shape and falls into the water once more.. even a single Kunai to their head can disrupt their solidarity.

Raiton: Chidori. [Lightning Nature Dependant]

  • A-Rank Jutsu
  • Cost: Uses a large amount of chakra for an A rank and great chakra manipulation to perform.
  • Performance: Ox → Rabbit → Monkey
  • Product: The Hatake channels a large amount of lightning chakra to the user's hand. The amount of chakra is so great that it becomes visible. The high concentration of electricity produces a sound reminiscent of many birds chirping, hence the name. Once the technique is completed, the user charges forward and thrusts the Chidori into the target.
  • Weakness: The speed at which the attack must be done, combined with the fact that the user must run in a straight line, causes a tunnel vision-like effect for the user.

Clan Achievements[]

  • is a notable family of shinobi hailing from Konohagakure. Even prior to the creation of shinobi villages, members of this clan have been known for their exceptional prowess on the field of battle and their ability to adapt to nearly any situation.

Recent Clan History[]

  • Write about a recent event witin the last 30 years which has occoured within your clan or involving your clan. One paragraph at least.

Clan Members[]

Available Members: 8

Taken: 4

  • Hatake Setsuko [Male] [Alive: Jounin] [Village of residence: Iwagakure]
  • Hatake Unnamed [Male] [Alive: Jounin] [Village of residence: Iwagakure]
  • Hatake Unnamed [Unknown] [Available] [Village of residence: Kirigakure]
  • Hatake Unnamed [Unknown] [Available] [Village of residence: Kirigakure]
  • Hatake Gesshoku [Male] [Alive: Genin] [Village of residence: Konohagakure]
  • Hatake Unnamed [Unknown] [Available] [Village of residence: Konohagakure]
  • Hatake Unnamed [Unknown] [Available] [Village of residence: Konohagakure]
  • Hatake Unnamed [Unknown] [Available] [Village of residence: Konohagakure]
  • Hatake Chihiro [Female] [Alive: Jounin] [Village of residence: Kumogakure]
  • Hatake Unnamed [Male] [Avalible] [Village of residence: Kumogakure]
  • Hatake Kisho [Male] [Alive:Genin] [Village of residence: Sunagakure]
  • Hatake Unnamed [Male] [Alive:Genin] [Village of residence: Sunagakure]
Sours: https://ninrp.fandom.com/wiki/Hatake_Clan

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