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8 Trendiest K-Drama Hairstyles To Inspire Your Next Hairdo 2021

For many Kdrama fans, 2020 has been an exciting year full of treats thanks to hottest Korean dramas like The Penthouse, Start-up, Vincenzo, etc. As expected, K-stars are also great fashion trendsetters as they always appear gorgeous and alluring on every single scene. Checkout the most influential K-Drama hairstyles with ETE Saigon - Hair Happiness and get some ideas for your next visit to the hair salon.

1. Jo Soo Min (The Penthouse: War in Life)

With a 1.5 - inch curling wand, you can recreate the dreamy look of Jo Soo Min from the 2021 kdrama The Penthouse. Soo Min has long dark hair and subtle waves, together with long side Korean bangs. This little combo has been an absolute lifesaver to round faces and gives one a youthful, carefree glow. 

This hairstyle fits you perfectly if you are a big fan of Korean make-up as it enlightens clear, natural-looking skin. On top of that, it is among the K-Drama hairstyles that could never get old.

Jo Soo Min. Source: Instagram @soominn_jo

2. Eugene (The Penthouse: War in Life)

Eugene is renowned not only for her great acting skills but also for her unique beauty. She has a beautiful face, which gave her the advantage to pull off even the most difficult hairstyles. Her long layered red hair in “The Penthouse 2” fits perfectly for her role as Oh Yoon Hee - a tough single mom who hustles everyday life so that her daughter will not grow up poor. This Kdrama hairstyle undoubtedly allows her to express power, femininity, and fearlessness. 

Eugene. Source: Instagram @eugene810303

3. Park Shin Hye (Sisyphus: The Myth)

If you would like to try out different short hairstyles, you should definitely not ignore this one. A chin-length bob will not only accentuate the jawline but also give off a chick and cool vibe. Subtle curls at the end also add to a more vibrant, shining look. 

Save this Park Shin Hye look if you want to refresh yourself with a youthful, edgy appearance. 

Park Shin Hye. Source: Instagram @park.shinhye

4. Lee Dong-wook (The Tail of a Gumiho) 

The long-haired leaf cut is one of the most trending hairstyles for males in 2021. Leaf-cut is the front hair being parted in the middle, styled with textured waves, and visualizes the feelings of falling leaves. These bangs perfectly frame the face and create a sophisticated vibe. 

The hairstyle goes great with bright, vibrant colors like chocolate, western, or smoky brown. 

Lee Dong-wook. Source: Instagram @leedongwook_official

5. Shin Ye Eun (More Than Friends)

Shin Ye Eun’s shoulder-length bob hairdo is also a go-to-choice for girls who love short hairhairs. This neat, sleek hairstyle makes looking beautiful effortless while also elevatingelevates your daily looks. 

Loose curls with layered short hair also bring out facial features like sharp jawline or beautiful cheekbones. This look works for various types of outfits and is appropriate on many occasions.

Shin Ye Eun. Source: Instagram @__shinyeeun

6. Nam Joo- Hyuk (Start-up)

Nam Joo-Hyuk was seen with the “comma” hairstyle on K-Drama “Start-up”. His front hair is parted in the middle front hair and one side part is curled inwards, which resembles a comma or a C letter. 

“Comma” hairdo complements a mature and business formal outlook as it is also commonly used for K-Drama characters when they grow up. On top of that, this haircut loves those with long, thin, or round faces.

Nam Joo-Hyuk. Source: Nam Joo-Hyuk’s instagram post

7. Jackson Wang

If you are a big fan of Jackson Wang GOT7, you would notice that the “comma” also seems to be his favorite hairstyle. One side of his parted hair is swept behind one ear, while the other part is curled outwards with great volume at the root.

He had performed in many music videos with this hairstyle and the only minor changes being his hair color. Throughout his career, Jackson had dyed his hair ash grey, light orange, smoky pink… and they are enough for him to flexibly refresh his stylings before any comeback. His most recent color is bright brown.

Jackson Wang. Source: Instagram @jacksonwang852g7

8. Song Joong-ki (Vincenzo)

This is the 7/3 side part that is among the most popular haircuts among Korean adults and young adults. Song Joong-ki's side part is slightly wavy with his left hair part being somewhat longer. With this hairstyle, Song Joong-ki appears to be a guy who gives warm and fuzzy feelings for people around him. 

If you are looking to wear a classy, romantic, movie-inspired look on yourself, give it a try and you may be surprised to see yourself in the mirror.

Song Joong-ki. Source: Instagram @hi_songjoongki

Which K-Drama hairstyles do you want to try out the most? Visit ETE Saigon - Hair Happiness for an ultimate guide of beauty transformation and pull off your favorite hairstyles like these Korean drama stars.

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7 Beauty And Hair Styles From This Year’s K-Dramas To Spice Up Your Look This Fall

In Korea, the leaves are not only the things changing this fall. The alchemy of yellow, red, brown, and orange colors spreading all over mountains and foliage signal the change of seasons — and a major transition in beauty looks and fashion styles. As the weather shifts to colder winds and longer nights, styles are veering towards deeper, darker shades and more moody vibes. If you’re in need of a quick fix to turn your bright summer shades into fall’s stunning colors, here is some inspo from K-dramas you just might want to cop!

Deep red matte lip and nail art

If there’s an award category for most fashionable character in a drama, there’s no doubt who will bring home the trophy: IU, who played Jang Man Wol in “Hotel Del Luna.” Her vintage and era-defining outfits were often matched with a deep burgundy matte lip to portray a more mature, romantic, and Old World vibe. Dealing with lost souls and ghosts from her past didn’t stop her from rocking killer looks! Another noticeable addition to her whole aesthetic are her impeccably polished nails with two-toned or mismatched nail art. Her character is fond of luxurious and beautiful things, and she quite literally had them at her fingertips!

Haven’t seen it yet? Catch “Hotel Del Luna” here!

Watch Now

Orange lip with a cat eye

Another standout, unforgettable fashionista in dramas this year is Lee Da Hee, who played Cha Hyun in “Search: WWW.” She’s an empowered corporate leader in the IT industry, and she’s tough and straightforward when it comes to work; however, she turns awkward and cute when she’s in love! Her makeup reflected her personality with pronounced eyeliner to show her strong side, and a pop of orange to represent her more playful character. It’s the perfect balance that achieved a chic, trendy makeup look!

Watch “Search: WWW” here!

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Shades of golden brown and red

Changing your hair color is also another great way to get in tune with the season. Shades of light brown, red, and gold will match with the fallen leaves and warm-colored trees in the perfect fall background! Watch “Her Private Life” and “The Secret Life of My Secretary” (which coincidentally had the same title theme) for inspo on how the beautiful leading ladies styled their hair!

Don’t miss “Her Private Life”!

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You can watch “The Secret Life of My Secretary” here!

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Fringe craze

Bangs are always a staple in K-drama hairstyles. If you’re ready to give your fringe a snip, here are some characters who rocked this style: Jin Joo (played by Chun Woo Hee) in “Melo Is My Nature,” and Eun Dan Oh (played by Kim Hye Yoon) in “Extraordinary You.” Bangs can drastically change your look and give you a youthful glow. Just make sure you roll them up in curlers to prevent them from going flat!

Watch the latest episodes of “Extraordinary You!”

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Watch “Melo Is My Nature” here:

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Chic bob

If you’re done with your plain hairstyle and have the courage to opt for a drastic, head-turning change, go for a short bob. It can be less maintenance and you can style it easily — whether you want to go for a soft, feminine look like Shin Min Ah‘s in “Chief of Staff,” or a daring and powerful one like Kim Sun Ah’s in “Secret Boutique.”

Catch up on “Secret Boutique” here!

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Long locks

Fall brings colder winds and chilly weather, so if you’re not in the mood for a short bob, keep your hair long and flowy — and we mean really long and flowy. Dong Baek (Gong Hyo Jin) in “When the Camellia Blooms” is the epitome of a kindhearted woman who has a stunning beauty that is admired by the whole town. She doesn’t care about glamming herself up and instead keeps it natural and easy with her long hair. Meanwhile, ballerina Lee Yeon Seo (Shin Hye Sun) in “Angel’s Last Mission: Love” is the complete opposite. She grew up sheltered in a rich family, and her style mirrors that. Her long, straight locks are styled accordingly with accessories like pearl headbands and clips.

If you missed “Angel’s Last Mission: Love,” you can watch it here!

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Soft waves and a natural look

Fall evokes a romantic, nostalgic feeling, and soft waves in your hair can match this mood. Han Bo Reum of “Level Up” and Suzy of “Vagabond” are great examples of this look with their soft, feminine curls.

Catch the look for yourself in “Level Up”!

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Hey Soompiers! Which fall look do you want to try? Let us know in the comments below!

DianneP_Kim is an English magazine and online editor and stylist based in South Korea. Check out her Instagram at @dianne_panda.

Sours: https://www.soompi.com/article/1357611wpp/7-beauty-and-hair-styles-from-this-years-k-dramas-to-spice-up-your-look-this-fall
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I’m sure you’ve all seen and heard of the two-block haircut, a popular men’s hair trend. Today we’ll dive deeper into the hairstyle and its characteristics. Scroll down for the numerous Korean idols and actors who’ve been into this look.


A style where the sides and lower back of hair is shaved or cut very short/thin, while the crown hair is left longer. This style emphasizes the hair on your crown, and has the effect of making your face look longer. Passing by on the street, in the latest fashion magazines, or on your favorite celebrities; wherever you go, you will always see young Asian men with this favored hairstyle. You could say that all the Asian hairstyles for guys trending now originates with the two-block cut.

This haircut is very versatile, giving you the choice of keeping the fringe straight, or curling it for a young, hipster vibe. You will see many idols dying their fringe and crown hair different colors, allowing for a unique look.


In this style, the hair on the crown is kept at a longer length, allowing you many more variations of styles.

korean kpop asian guy hairstyles long two-block haircut kpopstuff
korean kpop asian guy hairstyles haircut two-block haircut long kpopstuff
korean kdrama kpop asian men hairstyles haircut medium two-block haircut kpopstuff

Korean Celebrities with This Style:

korean kpop group winner nam tae hyun long two block haircut for asian korean men guy hairstyles kpopstuff
korean kpop group winner mino long two-block haircut for korean asian kpop men hairstyles kpopstuff
kpop korean actor big bang top medium two block haircut for guys kpopstuff


A style where the crown hair is cut a bit shorter than the long two-block cut. It gives off a clean-cut look. Of course, there is limited styling, but it looks very natural, perfect for everyday.

korean kpop asian guy hairstyles short two block haircuts kpopstuff

Korean Celebrities with This Style:

korean kpop rapper jay park short two block haircut for asian korean kpop hairstyles kpopstuff
korean kdrama actor lee jong suk korean kpop asian men haircut two block hairstyle kpopstuff
korean actor kpop shinee key kim kibum short two block hairstyles for guys asian korean kpopstuff

A hairstyle phase that every Kpop idol goes through, the two-block cut has become so popular among Asian men that it’s beginning to seep into cultures from all over the world! This haircut is very popular for a number of reasons. It’s easy to maintain, suits different face-shapes, and quick to style.

Did you know that there’s even a two block hairstyle for girls?! CHECK OUT:

Women’s Two Block for Long Hair

Fiery Red Two Block Hair for Girls


For More Two Block Haircut Styles –


Comment down below if you want us to write a specific article or have any recommendations!

Updated: August 2020.

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9 Korean Hairstyles Inspired By Recent K-Dramas To Show Your Hairstylist On Your Next Salon Visit

Korean Hairstyles From K-Dramas

Whether you want to signify a fresh start with a new haircut or are after a chic updo for an intimate wedding, Korean dramas are the perfect platform to see what’s trending and what looks good. For one, hairstylists on K-drama sets do their research to effectively embody the character while making the hairstyles super chio. If you’re looking for some inspiration, check out these 9 Korean hairstyles from recent K-dramas to show your hairstylist.

1. Layered cuts

korean hairstyle (3)Source

Park Min Young’s layered hairstyle in Her Private Life (2019) portrays her as a wild K-pop fan and a demure art gallery curator at the same time. Needless to say, the hairstyle works for both. If you’re tired of straight hair, and are trying to add some character to your look while staying away from massive changes, this layered cut will frame your face and give your hair some texture.

2. Long waves

korean hairstyle (6)Source

Long waves are the epitome of elegance, as seen through the hairstyles of Son Ye Jin in Crash Landing On You (2020), Yoo In Na in Touch Your Heart (2019) and Jung Eun Chae in The King: Eternal Monarch (2020). 

It helps to know that Son Ye Jin was acting as a CEO, Yoo In Na as a popular actress and Jung Eun Chae as a Prime Minister, all while sporting the long waves. Rest assured that if it’s the classy look you’re after, this hairstyle will be your best accomplice.

3. Half-up, half-down

korean hairstyle (7)Source

The half-up, half-down hairstyle is a staple in the book of quick-yet-put-together looks. IU in Hotel Del Luna (2019) and Seo Ye Ji in It’s Okay to Not Be Okay (2020) take this hairstyle to the next level by incorporating crown braids and bangs for the ultimate princess look. The next time you’re dressing to impress, do the half-up, half-down hairstyle, but ask your hairstylist for the braided crown so you can look like a total snacc.

4. Tousled chignon bun

korean hairstyle (2)Source

Another updo that’s designed to make a statement, Seo Ye Ji’s intricate top bun in It’s Okay to Not Be Okay (2020) is a winning look. Far from being just a simple messy bun, this hairstyle involves a centre part and neat twists on the chignon bun. Rock this updo for a photoshoot or a dinner date at a bougie restaurant for maximum sophisticated vibes.

5. Dip-dyed hair

korean hairstyle (4)Source

Kim Da Mi’s dip-dyed hair is a new one in the league of K-drama female leads, and has certainly been mentioned in most discussions about Itaewon Class (2020). The dip-dyed bob hairstyle encompasses a spirit of rebellion and a ‘couldn’t care less’ attitude, which makes it a hairstyle fit for Gen Z kids or the young at heart.

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6. See-through bangs

korean hairstyle (5)Source

Korean see-through bangs are so common these days that the look often slips our mind, but this OG hairstyle hides a receding hairline without suffocating your skin. Go for see-through bangs like Kim Hye Yoon’s in high school drama Extraordinary You (2019) if you want to appear cute and preppy for school. You can also easily amp up this versatile hairstyle by dyeing your hair to a colour of your preference.

7. Above-the-brow bangs

above the brow bangsSource

Above-the-brow bangs are an unconventional style, but can be edgy if you have the confidence to try out the look. Go all out with full-blown curls if you’re in the mood for something statement-making like Nana’s hair in Into The Ring (2020). For something more subtle, pair it with loose waves like Kim Da Mi in Itaewon Class (2020), a look that served to showcase her growth and maturity over the course of the show.

8. Bob


Bob cuts can look cute or tough, depending on what kind of details you introduce to the hairstyle. For example, if you have a thick head of hair, and cut bangs with your bob, you essentially achieve Park Bo Young’s (left) adorable style in Strong Woman Do Bong Soon (2016). But say your strands are fine, and you skip the bangs completely or go for a little side fringe, you can achieve Shin Min Ah’s tough unni look in Chief of Staff (2019).

9. Pixie cut

pixie cutSource

It may never have occurred to you to relinquish your precious locks for a pixie cut. But Go Joon Hee’s immaculate hairstyle in She Was Pretty (2015) can be quite convincing. If you’re that brave soul willing to do a pixie cut, make sure to get see-through bangs with it to add a touch of femininity to the hairstyle.

Korean Hairstyles Require Minimal Effort But Make A Big Difference

Most of these looks aren’t extraordinary—they don’t require crazy bleaching or shaving techniques, but are still able to transform your overall appearance. Within each hairstyle, there are countless ways you can tweak it so that it fits your aesthetic. So go ahead and take these 9 Korean hairstyles as inspiration and make them your own.

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Cover image: Source

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Hairstyles kdrama

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