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Check Out the Publix Weekly Sale Ad for Great Deals

Publix supermarkets issue weekly ads, or flyers or circulars, with great deals and low prices on popular grocery items. Check the Publix sales ad, or circular, for this week online to learn about weekly specials at your Publix location. You can also preview the upcoming Publix weekly sales ad for next week to see which grocery items will be on sale. “Which weekly ad applies to the Publix near me?”, you might ask. Just use the store locator to find Publix stores near you, pick the one you shop at, and check its unique weekly savings flyer. The Publix weekly sales flyer, or ad or circular, is also a source of Publix news, so add that to your to-do list.

Stay Healthy with Publix Pharmacy

Publix Pharmacy is where to go for all your health needs. Publix pharmacists are ready to fill your prescriptions and advise you on everything from OTC medications to dietary supplements. Make the right choice for your health and trust Publix Pharmacy.

Publix Bakery Has All the Baked Goods You Need to Go with Your Deli Purchases

Cakes from Publix Bakery have become somewhat famous among customers of Publix stores and supermarkets. Publix offers everything from pies to wedding cakes, which can be made to order. And you can’t forget about the freshly baked bread and rolls it offers to go with the specials at Publix Deli, which you can check out in the Publix Deli menu.

While you’re at the Publix Deli, definitely try the Publix sub of the week for lunch someday. You’ll love it. At the end of November, you can also try the Publix Thanksgiving Dinner, with all the customary Thanksgiving staples that all Americans are thankful for. You can also order from the Publix Bakery or Publix Deli online, more on that below.

Check Publix Grocery Store Locations Online

Publix has 1,243 stores and supermarkets scattered throughout the American South, including in Alabama, Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee and Virginia. To find the Publix location nearest to you, use the store locator tool online, where you can enter your zip code or city and find the closest Publix store on the map.

Check Publix Hours Online

Is Publix open today? Is Publix open on Easter? What time does Publix close? To check Publix hours today, Easter hours, Deli hours, holiday hours, Publix hours on Christmas Eve, Publix Bakery hours, Publix opening hours, and all Publix store hours, use the store locator tool. Find your Publix market, and its hours will be displayed.

Ordering from Publix Online with Delivery or Pickup

Does Publix deliver? Yes it does. Order online from Publix today. Publix offers a grocery delivery service, through Instacart, making it possible to get food delivered to your home. It is also possible to pick up the groceries you order at the Publix location of your choice, because grocery pickup may be more convenient for some people. Ordering and shopping online at Publix is easy. With just a couple clicks, you can add products to your cart, checkout, and specify whether you want your groceries delivered or if you want to pick them up. This includes items from the Publix Deli and Bakery. Try it out and see if it works for you.

Publix Catering for Every Occasion

Publix offers a catering service that is right for every occasion, be it a wedding, formal dinner, company event or garden party. The Publix catering menu has a variety of foods that will suit any occasion. In addition, Publix catering prices are affordable, so you don’t have to break the bank to enjoy professional catering and friendly service.

Send a Job Application to Publix

If you’re looking for a job, Publix locations may be hiring. Send your job application to Publix today. You can do it online, without leaving the comfort of your home.


Publix Weekly Ad preview & next week

Publix's journey to greatness started 89 years ago (September 6, 1930). The company was founded by George W. Jenkins with headquarters in Lakeland, Florida, the US. Since its inception, Publix has been growing consistently and is today one of the leading supermarkets in the US. They currently operate over 1200 stores across the country in Virginia, Georgia, North Carolina, Alabama, and South Carolina with about 197,000 employed associates (as of 2019).

Publix has an online shopping platform where their vast customers can shop their favorite products even at their most convenient time. By shopping on their online store, you stand a chance to get a digital coupon, offering you a great discount on a wide range of quality products. Their mission is to be the world's number one quality grocery retailer. Through their community involvement and dedication to customer service, they have grown from one single store into America's largest employee-owned company.

The exclusive Publix buy one get one free (also known as Publix BOGO) special is one of the many ways the company rewards their customers' loyalty. They believe that without them, the height reached today wouldn't have been possible.

Publix falls under the Supermarkets category along with other stores like 99 Ranch Market, Acme, Albertsons, Aldi, Basha's, BJ's, BonTon, Cash Wise, Coborn's and Costco. The store hours for most Publix Supermarkets are usually from 7 am to 9 pm, Mondays to Sundays. You can visit their official website, to ascertain if the store closest to you is open and also learn about their weekly ad next week - preview.

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Never miss a deal or a meal with the Publix app. We’ve designed our app to help you save money and time, whether you’re looking for deals on items you actually buy or ordering your favorite ham and cheese sub—we’ll even remember the pickles! To get the most out of our app, join Club Publix and get hand-picked deals, surprise savings, sneak peeks, and other benefits just for being a member. Plus:

- Browse our weekly ads, clip digital coupons, and search for deals by category.
- Pay and automatically redeem your digital coupons in store at checkout.
- Order custom subs, sliced meats, or cheeses and we’ll have them ready for you. You can order custom cakes and platters, too.
- Reorder your favorites with a few taps on your phone.
- Choose an ordering service: delivery, in-store pickup, or curbside pickup.
- Search for products and see related information, including sales, coupons, and in-store pickup availability.
- Create, save, and access shopping lists and see aisle locations.
- Add items to your shopping list, including sale items, coupons, favorites, and items from your purchase history.
- Use the barcode scanner to scan and add items to your shopping list.

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Publix Weekly Ad 10/20/21-10/26/21 (or 10/21-10/27) & Early Publix Ad Preview

Publix Ad, Publix Weekly Ad Preview, Publix Ad, Publix Circular and Publix Sales Flyer

Publix shoppers, here is your source for the current Publix Weekly Ad for this week,as well as the upcoming Publix Ad Preview for this week. For those of you looking to score the best deals, the Publix Weekly Ad Preview will help plan your next Publix shopping trip!

Do you take shopping seriously? Then use the Publix Sale flyer and make sure you have the Publix Coupons, as well as manufacturer coupons, for the upcoming Publix sales ad! Be sure to use the coupon database to look for the available coupons while you’re browsing the Publix Ad sneak peek!

2 Publix Ad Previews Available to BROWSE!

You will find a listing of the upcoming Publix Weekly Ads below. Just scroll down the page and click on the Publix Sales Flyer you are interested in reading. Then flip through each page of the Publix Flyer and find the best deals coming up at Publix!

In addition to the Publix Circular and sales flyer, you can also browse the CVS Weekly Ad, Walgreens Weekly Ad, Target Weekly Ad, Rite Weekly Aid Ad, Dollar General Weekly Ad, Winn-Dixie Weekly Ad, Kroger Weekly Ad, Publix Weekly Ad, BILO Weekly Ad and MORE HERE! pagefor all of the other store ad previews we have posted!

Also check out the Publix Coupon Matchups and all our other posts related to Couponing at Publix!

BROWSE the List of Publix Ad Scans Below!


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Turkey and ham are the most important two-holiday meal ingredients. At Easter, Thanksgiving, and Christmas, we love to serve these foods. Alongside these, seafood, lasagna, and baked products will also be some popular decisions by most people. Now, there are a lot of recipes around as far as the Christmas meat is concerned. The popularity of glazed ham is one of the most popular types of all. Spiral ham, Crockpot ham recipes, and even turkey ham are among the trends. Our favorite is smoked ham but choosing the correct type of meat, you can do whatever you want. Before you try anything, I think it's best to check these ads and see the best deals from what they offer. Start practicing on the recipe you want to master. And ham or turkey don't have to be even on your table. You can go with a different kind of meat. Mind the suggestions from supermarkets. They should know which type of meat is the freshest and at its best form.

Here are the best Christmas meat deals from the top retailers. (It's not necessary to call it Christmas ham since you may want to try something different). Also, it's not as popular as turkey anymore. At least in the USA. Also, check out the Amazonfresh holiday for way more stuff.

Albertsons Weekly Ad Dec 16 - 22

The Christmas ad of the Albertsons offers USDA Choice Beef Ribeye Roast. Looks juicy, tender, and big enough to feed a whole family. Limit for the coupon is 1. The coupon is valid with an additional purchase of $25 or more.

Albertsons Weekly Ad Dec 16 - 22 Ribeye Roast

Winn Dixie Weekly Ad Dec 16 - 24, 2020

Smithfield Shank Portion Smoked ham is the cover-page deal of the latest Winn Dixie Ad. They also offer guarantee. Remember that Winn Dixie stores will be closed on Christmas day.

Winn Dixie Smokefield Shank Portion Smoked ham

ALDI Spiral-Sliced Half Ham

Ham is surely an important part of the Christmas celebration. Not all prefer it but surely, ALDI has a good deal on this one. Pay only $.95/LB.

ALDI Spiral Ham Deal Christmas 2020

Kroger Smithfield Half Ham Deal

Kroger ad has more ham deals but price-wise, the best deal is on Smithfield half ham. Pay only $.99/lb this week. You can also find the spiral ham deal on the first page.

Kroger Christmas Ham Deal 2020

Publix Standing Rib Roast $5.49/lb.

The highlight of Publix Ad is a classic product, too. And they have a recipe recommendation, too. Pay $5.49/lb for standing rib roast on Publix Weekly Ad.

Publix Standing Rib Roast Christmas Deal 2020

Walmart Sam's Choice Bone-in Spiral-Cut Ham

A rollback saving at Walmart is a great deal. Walmart Ad advertises the product on the first page this week.

Walmart Spiral Ham Cut Christmas Deal 2020

Meijer Cook's Spiral Sliced Half Ham

One of the lowest costs on a Christmas ham in all of these supermarkets. Check out the latest Meijer Weekly Ad for more good deals on Christmas meat ideas.

Meijer Cook's Spiral Ham Christmas 2020

Vons Signature Select Spiral Sliced Ham

Alongside with this product, they also offer 5 different Christmas meat products on the first page of the Vons Weekly Ad Dec 16 - 22.

Vons Signature Select Christmas Ham Deal

Jewel-Osco Jennie-O or Butterball Frozen Whole Tom Turkey

For those who hadn't have enough of turkey in Thanksgiving, there is a great deal at Jewel-Osco Ad. Pay only $.47/lb for one of those. Limit is 1.

Jewel-Osco Christmas Turkey Deal 2020

Stater Bros Kruse Smoked Ham Deal

What about an all-time classic? Buy smoked ham for $.99/lb at Stater Bros Ad this week.

Stater Bros Smoked Ham Christmas Deal

Safeway Classic or Spiral Sliced Ham

Safeway Weekly Ad promotes a new deal on two types of ham. One of the lowest prices for a classic ham on the first page.

Safeway Classic Ham Christmas Deal 2020

You can also find more Christmas meat deals including ham, steak, turkey, etc on these weekly ads or the others. These are just from the popular categories. Subscribe to the newsletter for similar content to be sent to your email inbox.


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