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ESO DPS Tier list - the highest PvE DPS in Elder Scrolls Online


ESO DPS Tier list - the highest PvE DPS in Elder Scrolls Online

Check out what are the best DPS classes in ESO for PvE content


We present you our premiere version of ESO DPS Ranking with all the classes and specializations included. We have decided to simplify our Tier List and make it based on average DPS each class is capable of reaching, because of how many different skill sets and gear options can be selected. Elder Scrolls Online offer a vast diversity in the area of build composition, hence the results may vary depending on specific Active Skills, Set Items, and Passives chosen. You will also experience different results depending on your current encounter and specific Bosses. 

We will also try to eventually include recommended builds for each of the class listed. 

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ESO DPS Tier List
The highest DPS builds in Elder Scrolls Online


#1 Stamina Nightblade - currently this setup that has the highest DPS in the game. It can reach the highest possible single-target DPS which none of the other builds can get close to. However, Stamina Nightblade's rotation can get tricky, so getting to the top tier level will require a lot of practice. 
Our recommended build: Stamina Nightblade PvE DPS

#2 Magicka Nightblade - both Nightblade's specializations occupy the highest Tier. While the rotation may seem more difficult than other ESO classes, the results tend to be very rewarding. Magicka Nightblade has great potential in both single-target and AoE encounters. Thanks to Soul Harvest and Catalyst passives you can use your Ultimate twice as often when compared to other classes as well. 
Our recommended build: Magicka Nightblade PvE DPS


#3 Stamina Dragonknight - Jack of all trades among the top-tiered DPS builds. Stamina Dragonknight provides very high sustainable DPS thanks to empowered melee attacks and DoT mechanics. At the same time, Stamina Dragonknight is a versatile build which offers at least several viable build paths.
Our recommended build: Stamina Dragonknight PvE DPS

#4 Magicka Sorcerer - one of the best spell-caster DPS characters in the game. Magicka Sorcerers offer very high sustainable single-target DPS and an entire arsenal of powerful AoE spells and crowd-control effects. 
Our recommended build: Magicka Sorcerer PvE DPS

#5 Stamina Warden - while Wardens may not be widely popularized as a solid DPS class, if played correctly they are a force to be reckoned with. Currently, they offer the highest AoE in the game and high sustainable single-target DPS. At the same time, Warden offers fast-paced and extremely enjoyable playstyle
Our recommended build: Stamina Warden PvE DPS

#6 Magicka Templar - flexible DPS class which can be played both as a Melee and Ranged. Both variations offer very similar DPS output, making it a very interesting pick
Our recommended build: Magicka Templar PvE DPS


#7 Magicka Dragonknight - Dragonknigths can be a very powerful spell-casters as well and reach their full potential in melee range. Their skill trees provide a lot of powerful fire-based AoE and DoT spells, however, when compared to Sorcerer, their Resource Management may seem more tricky at times
Our recommended build: Magicka Dragonknight PvE DPS

#8 Stamina Sorcerer - a solid DPS class with high single-target and AoE damage. Stam Sorcerers also provide reasonable self-sustain and defenses with Magicka shield. They also offer quite easy rotation based mainly on Light Attacks enhanced by Bound Armaments
Our recommended build: Stamina Sorcerer PvE DPS

#9 Stamina Templar - very solid DPS class with very good self-sustain and high Stamina pool and relatively easy resource management. Stamina Templar offers very good group utility making it a very reasonable choice even with better DPS classes around
Our recommended build: Stamina Templar PvE DPS


#10 Magicka Warden - at the current state, you shouldn't even consider picking Magicka Warden as a DPS class. Getting this class to do real DPS in Trials and Dungeons is just a waste of time and effort
Our recommended build: Magicka Warden PvE DPS

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This is an early version of our list, and we hope to upgrade and update it for all the upcoming updates and patches. We are looking to your feedback, as our personal experience and testing capabilities are surely limited. You should also understand that it's just a simplified list - we are fully aware that will be specialized builds from theoretically lower tiers that may surpass anything under certain circumstances.

Pictures used in this article are the intellectual property of Bethesda Softworks.

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Best New World builds: the best character builds for PvP and PvE

What are the best character builds in New World? Unlike many MMOs of a similar type, New World doesn't have character classes. Instead, you build your character over time by allocating points into their Attributes and Weapon Masteries. This gives you the opportunity to experiment with gameplay a little before committing to a play style, allowing you to find the build that works best for you.

Below we've outlined our recommendations for the best PvP and PvE builds and the best builds for recreating your favourite MMORPG character classes, as well as the best build we've found for players who decide to flout MMO tradition and go it alone.

On this page:

Best class builds in New World

Even with no formal character classes in the game, you may be coming to New World with a pretty strong idea of how you like to play MMOs and RPGs. New World definitely has room for traditional character builds along the lines of tanks, healers, mages, DPS mains, etc. If you already know roughly how you want to play and are looking for areas to focus on, we've laid out some of the best builds we've found so far below.

Best tank build in New World

  • Main weapon: Sword and Shield — Swordmaster or Defender Mastery
  • Secondary weapon: Any two-handed weapon
  • Key Attributes: Strength, Constitution

Arguably, New World parties don't need a tank, as you can pretty happily combine this with the DPS role, both of which are massively catered to in the game's generous choice of chunky weapons and tough attributes. However, if you're looking to make an extremely tanky character (perhaps to support a more graceful DPS main), the Sword and Shield is almost unbeatable as a main weapon, allowing a fine balance between crowd control, one-on-one attacks, and personal defence.

The tank's secondary weapon is almost a case of dealer's choice, since any of the game's two-handed weapons will do the job nicely. Even the Spear — generally considered the weakest of the three — has a sweeping knock-back attack that's incredibly useful for a tank to have. Both the Great Axe and the War Hammer can be taken along as a secondary tank weapon, since they have some of the highest damage ratings (offset by slower attack speeds) of any weapons on the game.

The most important Attributes for a tank are, unsurprisingly, Strength and Constitution. The ability to put your full force into an offensive attack — all while being able to take a few hits without drawing your party's healer away from less well-defended DPS or mage characters — are key to this build.

Best DPS build in New World

  • Main weapon: Musket — Sharpshooter Mastery or Rapier — Blood Mastery
  • Secondary weapon: Fire Staff — Pyromancer Mastery
  • Key Attributes: Dexterity, Intelligence

If you've checked out our best New World weapons tier list, you'll know that we didn't rate either the Rapier or the Musket very highly at all. However, we also made the point that every New World weapon has its uses if deployed correctly; and if you're looking at a dedicated DPS build, with a strong party at your back to allow you to really drill down on massively damaging enemies one at a time, these weapons both really come into their own.

Thematically it might feel a bit weird, but the Fire Staff is actually just about the best secondary weapon a DPS character could ask for. It still deals high damage but crucially provides better crowd control than either the Musket or the Rapier (particularly along the Pyromancer Mastery tree), so even if your party has your back, being able to switch to it in a tight spot is extremely helpful.

Usually I'd recommend putting at least some attribute points into Constitution, but if your DPS has a party including a tank and a healer they can rely on, it's of secondary importance to Dexterity and Intelligence, which will combine to allow them to handle those finicky high-DPS weapons with greater ease.

Best healer/support build in New World

  • Main weapon: Life Staff — Healing or Protector Mastery
  • Secondary weapon: Hatchet — Berserker Mastery (or any other weapon tied to Dexterity)
  • Key Attributes: Focus, Constitution or Dexterity

The healer's primary weapon should always be the Life Staff, as it's the only weapon in the game that can heal both its wielder and their other party members. The Life Staff has two paths of Mastery — one focused around healing damage, the other designed primarily to protect against damage in the first place — and either one is a great choice for the healer to pursue, depending on how your teammates like to approach combat.

The Hatchet is the best choice of secondary weapon for a healer, as it's relatively lightweight, has a high damage potential, and can provide healing buffs when upgraded through the Berserker Mastery (though, unlike the Life Staff, only the wielder themself can be healed by it). However, if you choose to put some Attribute points into Dexterity (see below), almost any lightweight weapon can be used as a self-defense back-up for the healer.

The most important Attribute for the healer is Focus, since this is what allows you to develop greater mastery over the all-important Life Staff. However, there's an argument to be made for drilling down on either Constitution or Dexterity for your secondary attribute (or trying to strike a balance between both). While you are able to heal yourself using the Life Staff, higher Constitution helps you to avoid a situation in which you're stuck healing yourself before you can help others or — even worse — dying and leaving the party without a healer in the support role. But a few points of Dexterity will give your healer a boost in handling most lightweight weapons, which leaves them with a secondary line of defense that could be crucial.

Best mage build in New World

  • Main weapon: Fire Staff — Fire Mage or Pyromancer Mastery
  • Secondary weapon: Ice Gauntlet — Ice Tempest or Builder Mastery
  • Key Attributes: Intelligence, Constitution

There are plenty of people out there who just always want to play as a mage in an MMO, and I completely understand where they're coming from. New World doesn't offer a huge number of magical weapons when compared to non-magical ones, but there are enough to put together a solid mage build.

The Fire Staff is the top choice of magical weapon for dealing damage and knocking back enemies before they can overwhelm you, while the Ice Gauntlet returns Mana over time to allow you to keep your magical reserves flowing in a fight. Plus, it's just really satisfying wielding the powers of fire and ice in combination.

Unsurprisingly, Intelligence is the major attribute you want to put points into if you're planning on playing a Mage build. However, unless you want to turn into the fabled squishy wizard, I recommend putting some points into Constitution while you're at it. There's nothing wrong with a glass cannon but there's no need to be one as a New World mage, since your Intelligence alone should take care of both your offensive and defensive magical needs in combat.

Best solo build in New World

  • Main weapon: Hatchet — Berserker Mastery
  • Secondary weapon: Life Staff — Healing Mastery
  • Key Attributes: Strength, Constitution

New World is an MMO, and as such we can't recommend strongly enough that you find yourself a group to play with. In PvP battles you'll be coming up against organised teams of other players, while in PvE the bosses have been deliberately designed to be taken on by multiple players working together. We can't guarantee that you can make it very far in Aeternum without some companions by your side.

However, there's a certain satisfaction in going it alone, at least some of the time, and we have seen one build that puts you in the decent position of being able to support yourself through some of the difficulties you'll experience in New World.

As many New World players are already aware, the Hatchet is a surprisingly overpowered weapon. Its performance does make a kind of sense, though: as a one-handed melee weapon it's light enough to wield quickly; but unlike, say, the rapier, it's not held back by a sharp yet fine point that limits you to taking on a single enemy at a time. Building up the Berserker skill tree for the Hatchet allows your character to self-heal when a rage buff is active, which is of obvious benefit to solo fighters in particular.

Bring along the Life Staff as your secondary weapon, since this can be used to heal yourself just as easily as your non-existent party members. Consider pursuing the Healing Mastery tree, as the Protector Mastery is less useful (though not completely without its benefits) when playing without a party.

You can't afford to be too fancy with your Attributes when going it alone. Make sure you have high Constitution to take the sting out of incoming damage long enough to allow you to heal yourself; and focus on Strength to ensure that you can dish out damage quickly and effectively when alone in a combat situation.

Best PvP build in New World

  • Main Weapon: Sword and Shield
  • Secondary Weapon: Hatchet
  • Attributes: Strength, Constitution

For general PvP in New World, we recommend a build that combines our above recommendations for Solo and Tank builds (with maybe a little bit of Mage thrown in for good measure if you like). In other words, you want to focus on your potential to absorb and deal damage, but without over-specialising to the point where your speed and/or resilience is brought too low.

The Sword and Shield combo is a battlefield classic for a reason, and the same is true in New World. You can choose to invest your XP into either more defensive or more offensive skill trees for this weapon, making for a versatile build that can be tweaked to support your preferred playstyle over time. It may not be the flashiest weapon in the game, but from our point of view, it's definitely one of the most reliable.

As we've said elsewhere, New World's hatchets are practically indispensable for every player. If you want a lightweight yet high-damage weapon in your secondary slot when going into PvP battles — which is a pretty good idea — you can't really do better than to pack your hatchet.

Best PvE build in New World

  • Main Weapon: Spear or Great Axe
  • Secondary Weapon: Musket or Bow
  • Attributes: Strength, Dexterity

If you're looking to experiment with a build of your own design, New World's PvE makes for a great testing ground: it's challenging (especially in later-game areas), but forgiving enough that you can play around without being immediately flattened if something doesn't work for you. In truth, there are no "bad" PvE builds in New World, but here we've given you some pointers to help get you started.

Ranged weapons really come into their own in PvE, and while I'm still reluctant to recommend having one as your main weapon, PvE is definitely your chance to play around with your musketry and/or archery skills. Frankly it's just easier to get the drop on AI enemies than human-controlled opponents, and it can be very satisfying to scramble for the high ground and rain down your ammo on a group of supernatural mooks. Hunting expeditions to gather resources are also a good opportunity to practice your ranged skills, as wild animals tend to be slower to react than hostile enemies, allowing you to better compensate for aiming and reload times. This all has the added benefit of grinding XP for your ranged weapon skills, which means you'll be better prepared to play a ranged character in PvP if that's your eventual aim.

The Spear is another weapon that has great potential in PvE, particularly when paired with a ranged weapon, since it allows you to clear some space and give yourself some breathing room (while still dealing a not inconsiderable amount of damage) if enemies manage to crowd you. However, if you really want to feel safe during target practice out there in the wild, the Great Axe is a compelling alternative choice: switch to it when you find yourself in a jam and you almost certainly won't be in trouble for too much longer.

Since PvE is relatively safe, this is one of the few builds where your Constitution — while still important — can afford to take a back seat to whichever Attributes support your chosen weapons.

So there you have our recommendations for our favourite New World character builds! There's a lot to get familiar with in this complex MMO, so be sure to check out our New World tips & tricks guide to help you make a start on your adventure through Aeternum. And if you're looking for more ways to improve your character, see our New World leveling guide for advice on how to pick up XP as quickly and efficiently as possible.

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Shadowlands DPS Rankings: A Sanctum of Domination Tier List (Patch 9.1)

August 4 update: With a couple more weeks of Mythic data, the meta is starting to shape out, especially with regards to the final couple of bosses. Balance Druids reign supreme, but several melee specs are performing much better than expected.


This RAIDING tier list is CONSTANTLY EVOLVING — It CHANGES and IS UPDATED as often as necessary to account for tuning and balance changes.

Hello! I am Impakt, an officer in the North American guild "BDGG", or Big Dumb Golden Guardians. We finished Castle Nathria as the second best guild in North America, and at World 9th. We are prepping hard for the new raid tiers in Shadowlands, and this list reflects how we are currently feeling about the various classes and specializations for progressing the new raid tier in patch 9.1, Sanctum of Domination. In addition to our own experience, this list was created and will continue to be update in consultation with raiders of other top guilds.

This tier list is entirely based on DPS viability for the new raid in Patch 9.1 of Shadowlands, Sanctum of Domination. To understand exactly why these rankings are the way they are, you first need to understand what will be valued inside the raid. For Sanctum, while we do care about DPS utility and durability, the primary damage profile that we care about is single-target damage.

  • Overall single-target damage is by far the most important damage profile for the new raid. This is true on most encounters, with the partial exception of Kel'Thuzad.
  • Burst damage is still important, but nowhere near as important as it was in Castle Nathria. Burst damage and cooldowns being important stems from several of the harder mythic encounters have built-in "downtime" during the fight, where you are given time for cooldowns to recharge without needing to do damage. Overall single-target damage is still the most important thing in the new raid.
  • This raid is significantly more melee-friendly than Castle Nathria. There are no major restrictions on any of the difficult encounters that would limit the number of melee you could run.

It is incredibly important to emphasize that just because a DPS specialization is low in the tier list, it does not mean that you should ignore it completely. For the vast majority of cases, you should choose to bring the better player, not the better specialization. That does not mean you never need to think about your raid composition, just that most of the time player skill will be more important than the difference between classes, assuming you already have the required raid buffs. All being lower tier means is that, all else being equal, those specs will be less desirable for the raid based on current tuning.


Shadowlands DPS Tier List for Sanctum of Domination

Below is a quick summary of the full rankings that we have detailed on this page. While this gives a good outline of the standings of specializations in comparison to one another, we recommend reading the full rankings to understand why certain specializations are ranked as they are.

Overall, DPS balance has gotten better in Shadowlands. In this updated tier list for Patch 9.1, we actually have dropped the C-tier entirely. The difference between the absolute best and worst specs in the game is much smaller than in Castle Nathria.


Healer and Tank Class Rankings

If you are interested in our other rankings for Sanctum of Domination in Shadowlands, please click the links below.


Full DPS Class and Specialization Rankings

July 13 update: After seeing the entirety of Sylvanas, Boomkins are looking even better than before. They are now the only S-tier specialization out of the DPS, and you will want to stack at least 2-3 of them for later bosses.

While Boomkins may not have the single-target output of Shadow Priests, they instead have the most well-rounded, all-inclusive damage toolkit in the game. Boomkins are going to be strong on every single raid encounter in Sanctum of Domination, without exception. They bring solid AoE, excellent burst damage, top-tier sustained single-target, and are one of the more durable DPS classes in the game. Additionally, in Patch 9.1 it is looking like most Boomkins are switching to Venthyr. With the new Legendary Power synergizing with Conduits such as Precise Alignment IconPrecise Alignment and Endless Thirst IconEndless Thirst, you create one of the most powerful combinations of cooldowns in the game for sustained damage output. The only downside is that it suffers heavily on movement and is significantly more skill-based than Night Fae, but offers amazing potential that could tear up the meters in Sanctum.

These are the DPS specializations that would be considered strong. All else equal, these will make up the majority of raid groups that are looking to be as competitive as possible. The main difference between the A-Tier and the S-Tier is that while these specs are strong, you still will want some comp diversity. The S-tier specs are strong enough in most situations that you could stack them if you wanted to with little downside.

August 4 update: As Enhancement has proven to be exceptionally strong this tier, Arms effectively gets a huge bump in the tier list and is now the dominant Warrior spec in the raid. Arms does among the highest single-target, 2-target cleave, and overall damage in the raid even with Sylvanas's poor setup for Warrior due to the lack of Execute IconExecute. As such, Arms is surging ahead to the top of the A-tier where Fury was previously.

Arms Warriors scale exceptionally well with gear and, especially with Windfury Totem IconWindfury Totem in their group, are putting up some extreme numbers on all bosses. Arms has exceptional 2-target cleave due to Sweeping Strikes IconSweeping Strikes and solid execute potential, but even on pure single-target Arms is now showing up as one of the best specs. They have excellent mobility, the highest damage out of any melee overall when paired with an Enhancement Shaman, and also have access to one of the best raid defensive cooldowns in the game. Rallying Cry IconRallying Cry is a must-have raid cooldown on several encounters, to the point where most Mythic raid groups will want at least two for the later bosses.


Havoc Demon Hunter

Every single raid will always want at least one Demon Hunter for the unique 5% magic damage buff that they bring, which alone is reason enough to justify their spot here. Demon Hunter's biggest strength comes in the form of strong 2-5 target cleave and burst AoE from. Demon Hunters also have excellent burst thanks to Metamorphosis IconMetamorphosis, which is a powerful 4-minute cooldown. Metamorphosis is quite awkward to plan and use normally, but Sanctum of Domination's encounters are actually looking to be a bit easier than most raids for a 4-minute cooldown, which will be nice for Demon Hunters. The reason that they are now significantly higher however is because of their ever-increasing single-target damage profile. After some nice buffs leading up to Patch 9.1, Havoc has returned to the spotlight and is looking to be a staple in every raid once more.


Destruction Warlock

August 4 update: Destruction is still performing quite well, but some of the melee are doing much better than we previously predicted and Destruction has dropped a couple of spots as a result.

Destruction is another ranged DPS specialization that excels in almost all situations in the new raid tier. Destruction is competitive in sustained single-target, brings excellent burst damage thanks to Summon Infernal IconSummon Infernal, and most important brings some of the strongest 2-target cleave thanks to Havoc IconHavoc. Warlock still brings all of their normal raid utility and survivability, which is going to be especially important in the later encounters of Sanctum. Destruction specifically is going to excel at Kel'Thuzad, where the combination of several unique damage profiles in a single encounter makes well-rounded specializations like Destruction invaluable.

Monks bring a required raid buff, just like Demon Hunters and Warriors, which already makes them an A-tier specialization purely in terms of desirability. However, Monks have plenty to offer that still make them excellent for Sanctum of Domination. While Monks are not quite as strong as they were in the early weeks of Castle Nathria, Monks still bring some of the best AoE and cleave in the game, which is still going to be useful on fights like Kel'Thuzad. Their main weakness is single-target damage however, where they are mid-tier compared to other classes. However, they still have excellent durability, some of the best mobility in the game, and some of the highest burst in the game for both AoE and single-target. Windwalker Monks will be a common presence in raids for Sanctum of Domination.

After some significant buffs, Subtlety is back as a dominant single-target Rogue specialization for Patch 9.1. There really is not much to say about Rogues; both Assassination and Subtlety actually fill almost identical roles in Sanctum of Domination as possibly the single highest DPS melee specialization, potentially in the top 3 specializations for pure single target damage. Rogues also have exceptional mobility, Cloak of Shadows IconCloak of Shadows for an immunity, and Feint IconFeint for survivability, but that is all window-dressing compared to their raw damage output. Especially with the new daggers from Sylvanas, Rogues are going to be single-target powerhouses in Sanctum of Domination.


Assassination Rogue

After some significant buffs back in Patch 9.0.5, Assassination has become one of the best single-target specializations for Patch 9.1. There really is not much to say about Rogues; both Assassination and Subtlety actually fill almost identical roles in Sanctum of Domination as possibly the single highest DPS melee specializations, potentially in the top 3 or 4 specializations for pure single-target damage overall. Rogues also have exceptional mobility, Cloak of Shadows IconCloak of Shadows for an immunity, and Feint IconFeint for survivability, but that is all window-dressing compared to their raw damage output. Especially with the new daggers from Sylvanas, Rogues are going to be single target powerhouses in Sanctum of Domination.

Currently Subtlety is performing slightly above Assassination, which is why Assassination is ranked lower here. It is entirely possible this will change however, as there are some other minor differences in their damage profiles related to their Covenant choices which may affect the balance as we learn more about the mythic encounters.


Enhancement Shaman

August 4 update:Windfury Totem IconWindfury Totem has proven to be one of the most valuable raid buffs for certain melee, specifically for Arms Warriors, Demon Hunters, and Subtlety Rogues. If your raid has a group of 4 of those classes, adding an Enhancement Shaman is an insane damage boost. This buff is so valuable that, combined with Enhancement's decent showing on its own, Enhancement has been bumped into the A-tier for when you can group it properly with other melee.

Enhancement has one of the more complete toolkits and has probably seen the most positive feedback for the longest period of time compared to other DPS specializations. Enhancement has mid-tier sustained single-target damage, competitive cleave, decent utility, and reasonable cooldowns for solid burst. While Enhancement may be more of an uncommon spec to see, it is solidly in the B-tier, but is easily in the A-tier with a solid melee group to buff. It is, simply put, a solid spec, and well-deserving of a melee spot in most groups. Windfury Totem IconWindfury Totem is just absolutely insane at the moment when paired with the right group, and brings the value of an Enhancement up substantially in Mythic encounters.


Retribution Paladin

Retribution has one of the better burst setups in the game thanks to the combination of Execution Sentence IconExecution Sentence, Final Reckoning IconFinal Reckoning, and Final Verdict IconFinal Verdict both for single-target and AoE. Retribution now also has extremely competitive execute damage thanks to The Mad Paragon IconThe Mad Paragon with Hammer of Wrath IconHammer of Wrath. Retribution's sustained damage is quite competitive and its burst is top-tier, giving Retribution some very real strengths. It is also worth noting that as a Paladin, they have access to Blessing of Protection IconBlessing of Protection, which is incredibly useful on some fights, enough so that you could plan some strategies around immunities and BoPs. Immunities specifically are going to be invaluable in Sanctum of Domination, making Retribution an excellent choice.


Demonology Warlock

While Castle Nathria was a poorly designed raid for Demonology, Sanctum of Domination is not. Demonology is potentially going to be the dark-horse of Sanctum: on its own, Demonology already does top-tier single target damage with a strong 1-minute burst window, but Demonology has possibly the most room for improvement out of any DPS specialization in the game. Demonology is the only DPS specialization that actually gains damage from having a larger health pool, thanks to the talent Demonic Consumption IconDemonic Consumption. This leaves room for some interesting possibilities, where you could give Demonology some very large damage increases to their burst windows if you were willing to coordinate support from other classes and use cooldowns such as Rallying Cry IconRallying Cry for their benefit. Whether or not this is viable in the raid depends on the encounter, but it certainly creates some unique possibilities for Sanctum of Domination.

It is worth emphasizing — even without any sort of coordination, Demonology is extremely competitive on its own as a single-target DPS, and is looking to be the best Warlock specialization on multiple encounters.

Elemental Shamans have gotten substantially better in the last few months of Shadowlands, and are now a top-tier, well-rounded specialization similar to Destruction Warlocks and Balance Druids. Elemental's main strength is that it brings top-tier single-target damage in a build that still gives it exceptional cleave and AoE, allowing them to excel at fights such as Kel'Thuzad and Sylvanas where several unique damage profiles are found throughout the encounter. Elemental Shamans, purely from DPS, would actually be ranked higher than Destruction Warlocks, but are a bit lacking in the raid utility and durability that Warlocks bring, so they are placed slightly lower. The one major advantage that Elemental has over Destruction however is movement - Elemental Shamans are easily in the top 3 of ranged specializations who can deal with forced movement most efficiently. Elemental is looking to be excellent going into Sanctum of Domination however, and is a strong option for all of the encounters.

Arcane brings all of the bells and whistles that Mages enjoy, with incredibly strong movement, survivability, and utility basically everywhere you would want it. Arcane has a specific niche in raid right now, which is single-target damage and the burst that they bring from their legendary choice along with Arcane Power IconArcane Power. Their damage toolkit has several strong uses for Sanctum of Domination, but overall they just bring the most single target damage out of any mage specialization, which is what keeps them in the A-tier. Every raid needs a Mage, and Arcane is looking to be the most useful specialization overall for Sanctum.

July 13 update: Frost Mage is looking significantly better than we thought and has been bumped into the A-tier. Arcane and Frost are super close in power, with Frost pulling ahead on 2-target cleave and Arcane pulling ahead on burst. They are close on single-target however, meaning both are viable.

Frost Mage has come a long way in Shadowlands, and is actually quite decent going into Sanctum of Domination. Frost has decent sustained single-target damage, but it excels at two things: funnel damage and 2-3 target stacked cleave. Freezing Winds IconFreezing Winds is quite strong for cleave specifically, and is one of Frost's competitive niches at the moment. Again, while Frost is decent at single-target damage, their true strength lies in cleave, and specifically for funneling. Unfortunately, Sanctum of Domination is not really a raid where this will shine, but there possibly are still at least a couple of encounters where Frost will be the preferred Mage specialization.


Marksmanship Hunter

August 4 update:Marksmanship has been performing significantly better than expected, specifically on Mythic Sylvanas. This is in part to the design of the fight for phase 1 and phase 2 being absolutely perfect for their Night Fae Covenant Legendary, Fragments of the Elder Antlers IconFragments of the Elder Antlers. The arrows in p1 and the adds in p2 are perfectly clustered in 4-target setups that enable Hunters to help hard carry parts of the phases. Additionally, because Sylvanas dies at 45% health, she is above 70% for 10 minutes of the fight, allowing MM Hunters to massively benefit from Careful Aim IconCareful Aim.

While Marksmanship started off Shadowlands as the dominant DPS in Castle Nathria, they have dropped off a fair amount going into Patch 9.1. Marksmanship still excels at 3-5 target cleave and offers decent AoE burst with cooldowns, but unfortunately neither of these is particularly useful inside Sanctum of Domination apart from Sylvanas. Marksmanship's sustained single-target, which is the most important damage profile for Sanctum, is mid-tier even with the new Legendary Bow. Hunters are also still one of the least durable classes in the game but they can get by with just their immunity in most encounters.

While not as strong as the A-tier specializations, these specs are still viable, and will not be uncommon in raid groups. Some of these might be rarer to see, but more so because the other specs of that class are just so much stronger.


Unholy Death Knight

While Unholy offers incredible high target AoE-burst, unfortunately stacked AoE is just not found in the raid as much as in Mythic+ dungeons. However, Unholy has some other excellent strengths that still make them a solid pick-up for any raid group, with the biggest strength being burst DPS. Army of the Dead IconArmy of the Dead is still an insane burst cooldown that puts Unholy in the top-tier of single-target burst classes, especially during lust. DoTs, pets, ranged attacks, and extremely powerful defensives also make them one of the melee that is most resistant to downtime away from the boss. Unholy brings decent sustained single-target damage and strong execute damage, making them a solid choice in Sanctum of Domination. Death Knights also provide unique utility from Death Grip IconDeath Grip and Anti-Magic Zone IconAnti-Magic Zone. However, Anti-Magic Zone received substantial nerfs in Patch 9.1 and is nowhere near as vital as it was in Castle Nathria.

August 4 update: Arms has passed Fury majorly, and has shown itself to be one of the strongest overall specs for Sanctum of Domination. Now that Arms is the preferred Warrior spec, combined with Fury's lackluster showing in the last few weeks, Fury and Arms have effectively swapped places in the A and B tiers.

Fury Warriors are a strong melee option that excel at two things: execute and stacked 2-5 target cleave. However, Fury has also gotten progressively stronger at sustained single-target damage as well, and is now a decent single-target DPS specialization. While Warriors have multiple strong Covenant options, they can choose Venthyr which gives them access to Condemn IconCondemn, a very powerful ability that gives Fury strong opening burst and excellent execute damage. And of course, Warriors are also one of the only DPS classes in the game that bring a raid cooldown with Rallying Cry IconRallying Cry. This is especially important for Patch 9.1 as the Death Knight's Anti-Magic Zone IconAnti-Magic Zone has been nerfed substantially, and Warrior's Rallying Cry is now the best raid cooldown brought by any DPS.

August 4 update: Shadow Priests are performing significantly worse than expected. They are not scaling well with gear, and other classes have caught up and surpassed them in raw single-target output. Without their dominant single-target status, they have dropped into the B-tier as they no longer bring anything required into the raid.

Shadow Priests were previously at the top of the tier list because of their single-target output, but they have been surpassed and out-scaled by many other classes, especially melee. They do bring some decent multi-dotting potential and solid single-target damage, but they lack the utility and defensive capabilities that most other classes offer. The most notable utility that Shadow Priests bring is for Mass Dispel IconMass Dispel on a couple of encounters, but even that is not required.

Feral brings excellent single-target damage at the moment, but this is the only area in which it is competitive. Ferals have strong defensive cooldowns, but they are lacking when it comes to utility compared to most other melees. They do not bring a required raid buff, they do not bring any raid cooldowns, and they do not bring an immunity. The only utility that Ferals offer is Stampeding Roar IconStampeding Roar, which other druids also bring. If Ferals were not competitive in single-target, they would be in a dire spot, but luckily they are competitive enough that a good feral is still going to be quite competitive in Sanctum of Domination. It is worth pointing out however, Feral suffers substantially in almost every other type of damage profile outside of single target.

Outlaw is currently a bit behind the single-target damage output that both Subtlety and Assassination bring. Outlaw's damage pattern has not changed since BfA, meaning while it lacks single-target damage, it is still incredibly strong for cleave thanks to Blade Flurry IconBlade Flurry. Unfortunately, Blade Flurry does not make them strong for single-target damage, which is the most important thing in Sanctum of Domination. Outlaw Rogue is pretty decent on its own, but with Assassination and Subtlety so strong at the moment, Outlaw is unlikely to see nearly as much playtime in the new raid.


Frost Death Knight

Frost Death Knights main damage strength comes from their AoE and cleave, specifically from Breath of Sindragosa IconBreath of Sindragosa. Their damage itself is competitive, but primarily for cleave and AoE. When it comes to pure single-target damage, Frost is a bit lacking early on, but should be decent once they get some gear from the new raid. Their damage profile is just not as well-suited to the Sanctum of Domination, which is what puts them a bit lower on the tier list. As a Death Knight however, they do still bring Death Grip IconDeath Grip and Anti-Magic Zone IconAnti-Magic Zone. However, Anti-Magic Zone received substantial nerfs in Patch 9.1 and is nowhere near as vital as it was in Castle Nathria.


Beast Mastery Hunter

July 13 update: Beast Mastery received some nice buffs, bringing up its damage. It still has the same issues, but is slightly better numerically.

Beast Mastery brings mid- to low-tier single-target damage, is still one of the least durable DPS classes, and is quite lacking when it comes to burst damage. Beast Mastery's only real strength comes from movement, as the spec is the single best ranged spec in the game at dealing with movement. The spec also offers some decent sustained cleave damage from Beast Cleave IconBeast Cleave, but unfortunately their burst and AoE are overall still weaker than other classes. Hunters in general are one of the weaker classes going into Sanctum of Domination.

July 13 update: Survival Hunters received some nice damage buffs this week, and have been adjusted accordingly. Unfortunately, they still have the same issues described below, and only moved up a couple of spots.

Survival is still in a bit of a weird spot going into Sanctum of Domination. Survival does mediocre single-target damage, strong cleave, and strong AoE. However, it still is just a melee DPS that really only brings an immunity without much else to offer. Hunter is one of the least durable classes, which is going to be a major issue for multiple encounters in Sanctum. Survival's damage is getting better after some recent buffs, but when compared to the melee above it Survival just does not bring the same level of damage or utility. Hunters in general are looking to be quite weak going into Patch 9.1, with little to offer both in the way of damage and utility.

While Fire was a S-tier specialization in Castle Nathria, thanks to some substantial nerfs and a completely different raid, Fire has fallen significantly in Patch 9.1. Fire still offers the same 1-minute burst window, but their sustained single target damage is substantially lower than in Castle, and Fire is now one of the worst specs for sustained single-target damage overall. Fire does have some very real strengths as a spec: they have fully mobile, mid-tier execute damage, Mages still have the best defensive toolkit in the game, and they are one of the most mobile ranged classes. Their damage profile was incredibly valuable in Castle Nathria, where planned burst windows defined the hardest encounters. Sanctum of Domination is very different however, where sustained damage is much more important, and burst damage is not a requirement. Fire still will be dominant in Mythic+ dungeons, but it is the weakest Mage spec going into Sanctum of Domination.


Affliction Warlock

July 13 update: Even with a 5% overall buff, Affliction is still in a bad place for Sanctum of Domination. There is no reason to play Affliction over the other Warlock specs on any boss.

Affliction Warlocks received substantial nerfs in Patch 9.1, dropping them from being nearly S-tier in Castle Nathria to being one of the worst DPS specializations for Sanctum of Domination. Affliction is still quite strong at sustained spread cleave, but that just does not exist inside Sanctum. Their single-target damage has taken a substantial hit, and it is the worst of the three Warlock specs by far. Warlocks in general are still quite strong and have some solid uses as a class, but Affliction is by far the worst performing spec out of the group. Outside of personal preference, there is no reason to play Affliction over Destruction or Demonology in the new raid. That being said, Affliction is still decent enough at single-target that it warrants being above at least a few other specs in the tier list.

  • 04 Aug. 2021: Updated for first couple of Mythic weeks.
  • 13 Jul. 2021: Updated after Heroic week.
  • 24 Jun. 2021: Page added.
Shadowlands DPS Rankings (M+ Tier List)

World Of Warcraft Shadowlands: 10 Best DPS Classes

Nothing says "domination" in Blizzard's World of Warcraft more than annihilating bosses and their minions. Players prove their character's potential by pummeling other players to the ground in PVP. Interestingly, regardless of approach, players often end up choosing the same Classes when it comes to reliable DPS builds. It seems certain Classes sit on their respective thrones as the best DPS Classes in World of Warcraft meta.

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While Warcrafttries to ensure a balance between Class builds, certain Classes work best in other roles except the DPS. Certain Classes just fail to dominate PVP circles, just as others work so well with their damage output. Just which Classes work best as DPS?

Updated June 11, 2021 by Rhenn Taguiam: Players getting into World of Warcraft for the first time will find themselves surprised with the swath of features in the Shadowlands expansion. Shadowlands has a means to fast-track character leveling to enjoy its endgame offerings quickly – and a means to switch Specializations. Some who look forward to World of Warcraft for its DPS elements may appreciate its standout DPS Classes. These DPS Class Specializations tackle combat with a wide variety of offensive and defensive features, as well as decent survivability options. Anyone who wants to pummel bosses will love these picks. 

10 Havoc Demon Hunter

The Havoc Demon Hunter specializes in strong melee cleave and AOE damage, courtesy from Sinful Brand and Unbound Chaos. Their straightforward nature makes them much easier to use in Shadowlands, with multiple AOE options that dish out major damage across various targets. Thanks to the Demon Hunter’s innate mobility, this Class can switch targets easily and reposition when necessary. 

However, the Havoc Demon Hunter does have some setbacks. Players who want a solid single-target fighter might not see benefits with the Havoc Demon Hunter.  Despite its strong AOE potential, its CD-heavy rotations can impact damage sustains. Due to this, the base damage of non-CD attacks might be weaker than other DPS classes. 

9 Outlaw Rogue

While the Outlaw Rogue doesn’t have the single-target power of its Subtlety counterpart, Outlaw Rogue does shine when it comes to utility and survivability. At its core, the Outlaw Rogue tops the defense game with Feint and Evasion, anti-debuff through Cloak of Shadows, and emergency healing via Crimson Vial. Additionally, cloaking Shroud of Concealment and debuffs via Blind, Sap, and Gouge give the Outlaw Rogue a ton of useful group utility.

However, just because it’s not the best in single-target damage doesn’t mean the Outlaw Rogue is a pushover. Its Blade Flurry is a great asset for melee cleave and burst, making it a great option for devastating AOE chains. Sadly, Blade Flurry does become Outlaw Rogue’s primary damage dealer, and overall DPS depends heavily on the combo chains of Sinister Strike and Roll the Bones.

8 Elemental Shaman

There’s nothing worse than a Shaman using the full brunt of the elements against an opponent – and that’s exactly the specialization of the Elemental Shaman. Despite their lack of survivability options, they make up for it by being the best when it comes to single-target builds. They have great potential for both AOE and single-target fights, thanks to their devastating burst damage options. Perhaps most importantly, Elemental Shaman builds are extremely straightforward.

The Elemental Shaman has a host of practical abilities to use in various situations. Chain Lightning and Lava Beam jump to multiple targets, perfect for chaining attacks. Meanwhile, Lava Burst and Earth Shock work extremely well for single targets.

7 Fury Warrior

Players who want a fast-paced but straightforward toolkit will appreciate the Fury Warrior's flexibility. They’re known to be just as brave in the lore. They boast one of the strongest melee options in the DPS field, with stacked multi-target cleave and execution options. Its engaging, accessible playstyle makes the Fury Warrior easy to learn, and its skills open opportunities for both single-target and AOE combat.

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Multi-target Whirlwind can easily open combat across an entire group. Should the need arise, Heroic Leap, Intervene, and Charge serve as handy repositioning options. Likewise, Rallying Cry, Spell Reflection, Ignore Pain, and Enraged Regeneration serve as handy defensive abilities. Sadly, the fast-paced playstyle of the Fury Warrior can become overwhelming at first. Additionally, the wrong rotation can result in a long downtime that can radically decrease DPS.

6 Fire Mage

“Burn it with fire!” becomes the Fire Mage's default response to anything, and this works surprisingly well for a DPS build. The Fire Mage boasts its burst damage potential, with the capability of just outright nuking groups of enemies. Its movement options allow the Fire Mage to reposition attacks when necessary with little penalties to DPS. In turn, the Fire Mage excels in both AOE and single-target combat.

Sadly, Fire Mages don’t have a lot of damage-over-time spells, and barely have the means to consistently cleave damage groups of enemies. However, they do compensate with a host of efficient defensive capabilities such as damage-reversing Alter Time, damage-cancelling Ice Block, and damage-returning Blazing Barrier.

5 Marksmanship Hunter

Nothing beats a good aim, and the Marksmanship Hunter specializes in securing high damage in a short amount of time. DPS fans love the Marksmanship Hunter for its solid take on damage, as it boasts the highest values in terms of single-target and AOE damage without relying on pets. Marksmanship Hunter does have a risk in terms of survivability (no pet), middling mobility, and inconsistent damage ratings. However, its straightforward kit makes it an ever-reliable base DPS class.

Marksmanship Hunter boasts some of the best cooldowns, especially in terms of cleave and AOE. Skills such as Chimaera Shot and Trick Shots allow Marksmanship Hunters to boast 2-target and 3-target (with as many as six targets) cleaves, respectively. Regardless, Wild Spirits, Explosive Shot, and Volley easily rake up damage numbers quickly.

4 Balance Druid

Despite its challenging nature, mastering a Balance Druid pays off due to their base qualities. Unlike other DPS classes, the Balance Druid boasts multi-target spells alongside massive AOE and damage-over-time (DOT) effects. Spells such as Starfall and Starfire form the core of the Balance Druid's nuking potential. It also has great utility potential with crowd control and healing. Unfortunately, limited Astral Power and lack of mastery do pose a threat to making the Balance Druid underperform.

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The Balance Druid easily triumphs in terms of DPS, especially in crucial fights that involve a ton of minions all at once. Starfall becomes a go-to spell due to its stellar cooldown time. Moreover, Convoke the Spirits (Night Fae Covenant) can give enemies a world of hurt with its huge burst potential, despite its 2-minute cooldown.

3 Unholy Death Knight

PVP fans might not appreciate the Unholy Death Knight for its insane DPS output and burst potential. However, its synergy of damage-over-time and crowd control abilities gives it the potential to deal some of the highest AOE burst and single-target damage in raids. Death Grip serves as great crowd control and aggro tool, with Death's Advance making them immune to knockbacks. Meanwhile, raid talent Anti-Magic Zone gives the Unholy Death Knight a raid cooldown in the form of 20-percent less spell damage.

As with Battle for Azeroth, the Unholy Death Knight stills rakes in damage numbers with its Bursting Sores combo. This skill, when used in tandem with other rotations, make the Unholy Death Knight a bane for six immediate opponents.

2 Shadow Priest

Bosses and minions with pesky health bars become perfect targets for the Shadow Priest and its multi-DOTs. The Shadow Priest takes care of its own with self-healing skills (e.g., Devouring Plague, Vampiric Touch), and boasts great sustain when it comes to multi-target damage. Granted, players meet great challenges controlling a Shadow Priest due to movement and timing limitations. However, the Shadow Priest easily becomes a nightmare against opponents, given the right rotation.

Shadow Priest's go-to Devouring Plague reestablished this class as the supreme when it comes to damage funneling. Moreover, the Shadow Priest's handy utilities and available AOE make them viable DPS/Healer hybrids.

1 Affliction Warlock

A dead DPS is a useless DPS, and the Affliction Warlock can turn the tide with a pairing of multi-target damage and decent survivability. The Affliction Warlock is a great option for a Warlock subclass as it boasts immense single-target damage and high cleave damage. However, this class can take care of its own with spread cleave and powerful bursts when its primary skills remain on cooldown.

Unfortunately, the Affliction Warlock does need time for its high DPS numbers to shine, and enemies can exploit this setup period. Either way, Malefic Rupture's burst potential can do wonders with Affliction Warlock staples, making them great for multi-DOTs the class already has going on in the raid.

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One dedicated Super Smash Bros. Ultimate fan impressively redraws the fighter-filled cover art for the game in a Family Guy art style.

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Dps best pve

New World best builds — The best New World PvP builds and PvE builds

The best New World builds are essential for surviving the wild's of Aeternum and leading your faction to victory against its rivals.

Every weapon is viable, but figuring out what builds to focus on is more difficult than it might seem. New World's combat system is more open than most, with plenty of room for customizing weapon loadouts.

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The most important thing to remember is that you have two weapon slots, and these should always be filled, whether you're playing PvP or PVE. Aside from covering your weaknesses, smart weapon pairing gives you a significant advantage over the competition.

New World best class builds

There’s no real class specific build in New World, and while you’re free to experiment with whatever build works best for you, we’ve had good luck with these.

New World best tank build

Pairing the Sword and Shield with the Great Axe makes for a solid tank build. We recommend spending your attribute points on the Defender mastery, since this won’t be your primary damage-dealing weapon. The Great Axe has a better skill pool than the War Hammer, and Mauler in particular is ideal for crowd control.

Strength and Constitution should be your main tank stats, for obvious reasons.

Tanks don't need to worry about movement, so heavy armor should be your go-to choice for outfitting.

New World best DPS build

There’s plenty of competition for the best DPS build, but we’re enjoying results from the Hatchet and Fire Staff. A Berserk-focused Hatchet is one of the strongest DPS weapons, with a strong set of passives that help you stay alive longer and deal higher damage even when your health is low.

Fire Staff is another of our top picks for the game’s best weapons and lets you maintain pressure on your enemies from a distance.

This build benefits from Strength and Intelligence, though a bit of Constitution won’t go amiss either.

You might want to experiment a bit with armor and see what suits your playstyle best. If you're a mobile DPS player, light armor works best so you're not sacrificing dodge distance. Those who take more damage should go for medium armor, though.

New World best healer build

Healer is New World’s most flexible class since there’s only one healing weapon, the Life Staff. How you build it depends mostly on how you’re playing.

Solo healers should prioritize the Healing mastery branch and pair the Life Staff with the Sword and Shield. Leveling up the Swordmaster branch gives you enough DPS potential to make it through most fights, and, of course, you can always retreat and heal if need be.

Party players would do better with Protection, thanks to its AoE buffs, and a ranged weapon such as the musket. This build keeps you out of harm’s way while still letting you swap between support and DPS roles.

Intelligence, Dexterity, and Strengths are the best stats for this build.

New World best character builds — Best New World PvE builds

New World's PvE is fairly standard, outside some more difficult bosses. These encounters with Aeternum's natural dangers are a good chance to experiment with weapons to see what suits your style, and you should be safe as long as you don't stack two weapons of the same type.

Hatchet and Spear don't complement each other unless you prioritize the latter's Zoner skill tree, for example, though Hatchet and Bow or Hatchet and Life Staff give you either ranged abilities or the option to heal yourself.

PvE encounters are also a safe way to experiment with party mechanics if you're playing in a group. New World essentially lets you create your own version of a tank or healer, and it's important to figure out how your styles mesh before taking on difficult challenges such as faction wars.

New World best character builds — Best New World PvP builds

New World is flexible enough where you can make most builds work, even with low-tier weapons such as the bow, though you’ll want to consider your PvP loadout a bit more carefully. If you want to try something different from the class builds outlined above, give these a go and see how you like the.

New World builds — Life Staff and Hatchet

This is a simple, but devastating build. The Hatchet excels at dealing heavy damage continuously, and we recommend the Berserk skill tree to maximize that DPS potential. Unlike some weapons, though, you have few ranged options with the Hatchet.

Pairing it with the Life Staff gives you a better chance of retreating and staying alive without relying heavily on restorative items. If you focus mostly on solo play, pour your upgrades into the Healing skill tree. Life Staff’s second skill tree works best for party play.

The Hatchet is New World’s best DPS weapon, but since Life Staff is the only healing weapon in the game, it works with any other tank or DPS weapon as well.

New World builds — Fire Staff and Ice Gauntlets

This is a mana-heavy build, but it’s also one of the most fluid and complementary. The Fire Staff deals tremendous damage at higher levels, while the Ice Gauntlets offer more ranged attacks and even passive skills that restore mana and boost your critical damage.

Exhaust your mana with the Fire Staff, then switch to the Gauntlets for melee damage, and, once you’re ready to change weapons again, the Gauntlets’ pushback skills keep enemies at a distance while you launch more fire spells.

Fire Ball and Incinerate are the Fire Staff's best skills, so we recommend prioritizing those. Entombed is a must for the Gauntlets since it replenishes mana, and Ice Storm is handy for keeping enemies at bay.

New World builds — Hatchet and Sword and Shield

This is a solid defense build if you prefer tanking or find you take too much damage normally. Sword and Shield’s skill trees make you choose between offense and defense, and while it's worth specializing in a bit of both, the Hatchet should be your primary DPS weapon. Focus on the shield tree to bolster your defenses in a pinch, then swap to the Hatchet to clear the field.

The Bow or Spear make good alternatives if you’re bored with the Hatchet.

New World builds — Great Axe and Hatchet

If balance isn’t your primary concern and you just want to deal as much damage as possible, this should be your go-to build. The Great Axe is ideal for powerful AoE attacks, with skills in both trees that pull enemies closer and extends the reach of your attacks. Attack speed is the Great Axe’s drawback, so switch to the Hatchet if you need to move faster.

New World builds — Musket and Spear

The Musket is one of New World’s most versatile weapons, thanks to its unique skill trees, though it’s slow and relies on headshots to deal the most damage. Pairing it with a solid mid-tier weapon such as the Spear helps ameliorate some of these drawbacks.

The Spear works effectively both as ranged or melee. While the Zoner skill is helpful for keeping enemies at a distance, the Impaler tree works best with the Musket. It deals continuous damage through bleed effects and softens enemies for stronger Musket shots.

If you're just getting started in New World, you'll want to consider which faction is right for you. We've also got some helpful overviews for where to find rare items, such as Fae Iron, Saltpeter, and Petal Cap. Some of the bosses you'll face for quests aren't the easiest to track down either, including Alastor the Vigilant.


Although everyone has known for a long time that, as in a modified song: "And I'm going for money, only fools. Go for the fog. " Well, okay, let's walk, talk.

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