Destin parasailing

  • How many people do you want to parasail with? Decide if you want to ride on a single, double, or triple flight. Keep in mind that there is a 450lb weight limit on each flight and you'll have to get along with them for 10-12 minutes mid-air! Do we have to separate you two?!

  • How wet do you want to get? Upon boarding the parasail vessel, let your captain know if you want no dip, a toe tickle, leg licker, or a complete parasailing christening (full dunk)!

  • How long do you prefer your boat ride to be? Parasailing beautiful Destin is awesome but keep in mind that most boats hold 12-15 passengers. Our 6 passenger boat will keep riding the waves fun! Unless you grew up on boats, choose a 6-pack when you can.

  • Do you need to spend money on a parasail camera package? Captain Jambo's offers two different angles: a GoPro, selfie-stick that puts you in control of your video adventure, or the deckhand captures 25-40 photos of each flight on a professional Nikon camera. As always, you are welcome to take photos of your group with your camera, but we cannot assume risk of damage from elements of sea or operation of vessel. So document your Destin, Florida parasailing adventures in any combo you choose! We support you!

  • Don't wait until the last day to book your parasailing trip! June, July, and August are hopping here in Destin so book several days in advance to avoid missing out. Early parasail booking ensures you may reschedule in case Destin's crazy weather strikes, as well! Which brings me to...

  • Rely on your parasail captain and deckhand. They are your guides and best buds when venturing out on the sometimes tempestuous Gulf waters! Rest assured, our captain has been working on boats for 26 years. Safety is the parasailing crew's #1 concern, so understand if the weather makes a turn for the worst and you don't see it yet, they do. At the the end of the day, we all want to go back to our Destin condos to parasail another day!

  • Don't eat like Jabba before you come parasailing! Keep your meal short and sweet. You don't want to have the "itis" or the "oozies" because all the blood went to digest food. You may miss the bliss of floating above Destin's emerald waters parasailing, because your stomach is busy bloating from adrenaline! (Sorry, nurse and mom here; I had to say it!)

  • Parasail at the beach for the best experience! No 45 min check-ins or congested harbor traffic, away from where you came to be--the beach--right?! Just stop in at the hut 10-15 min before your parasail time, then chill in the sun and waves!

  • Know the in's and out's of Destin parasailing hype! Current Federal Aviation Administration regulations dictate up to 800ft of line be used to allow for 400ft of vertical distance for your parasailing flight. Different companies may throw out varying numbers, but this is the limit, folks!

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    Destin Parasailing has the best Google reviews, and we offer superb customer service! If you know how to swing, you'll have no problem parasailing!

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    Destin Parasailing Trips

    Go parasailing in Destin! You have found the best Destin parasailing experience and our current parasail deal is only available for a limited time. Spend less and get more with us! Call 850-243-2628 or book online and take advantage of today’s Deal of the Day for parasailing in Destin, FL! Enjoy legendary views of Crab Island while parasailing. Well over 500 people (and counting) have left perfect 5 star reviews after experiencing just one of our famous parasailing trips! Discover why our parasailing trips are considered one of the most exciting and best things to do while having a fun beach vacation. Book your Destin parasailing trip today.

    Our Destin Parasailing trips are ranked as one of most popular things to do while visiting Destin. Glide through the clouds, and get ready to witness stunning emerald waters and white beaches from an entirely new perspective. On a clear day, you can see over 20 miles! This bird’s eye view is a unique experience, reserved only for those that parasail during their vacation in Destin. Get ready to spot dolphins from hundreds of feet in the air. Seats book up fast, so don’t wait to reserve the best parasailing time for your crew. Take advantage of limited time parasailing deals, including discounted parasail prices on flyers and riders this week. * Save Another $5 When Booking Online with Promo Code HIGH5 

    Current Parasailing Deals: Parasail in Destin for less and get the best!

    PRO-TIP: Experience the best parasailing in Destin and reserve your time to fly, with us online or by calling 850-243-2628, before our parasail boats are sold out. Don’t forget to show-up early and make sure all passengers complete one of the following digital waivers before arriving.

    Parasailing Trip Duration   

    • Not only do our legendary parasailing trips keep flyers in the air for about 10 minutes, but it also includes a full Destin boat tour that averages 1 hour on the water!


    Pick-up Location for Top Rated Parasail in Destin

    Family Friendly Destin Parasailing

    • Low Price Guarantee
    • Exciting, Safe & Fun
    • Family & Group Friendly
    • Gentle Take Off and Landing

    Destin Parasailing, Adult WaiverDestin Parasailing, Minor Waiver

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    Destin Parasailing Questions


    Do I Need Complete Any Forms or Waivers Before Arriving to Parasail in Destin?

    Yes. Everyone that parasails with us is required to first sign a waiver. Digital versions of both our adult and minor waivers for Parasailing with us are included in direclty below.

    All reservations have a 24 hour cancellation policy.


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