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1989 Topps Batman Movie Trading Cards


1989 Topps Batman Movie Checklist

Base Set Checklist

264 cards. Series 1 - #1-132, Series 2 - #133-264. Shop for base sets on eBay: Series 1, Series 2

PARALLEL CARDS: Glossy - Included in Collectors' Edition factory sets.

Series 1

1989 Topps Batman Movie Trading Cards 24
1 Introduction
2 Darknight Detective
3 Bruce Wayne
4 The Clown Prince of Crime
5 Jack Napier
6 Vicki Vale
7 Alexander Knox
8 Commissioner Gordon
9 Alfred the Butler
10 D.A. Harvey Dent
11 Crime Boss Carl Grissom
12 Alicia Hunt
13 Gotham City After Dark
14 Mugged!
15 Rooftop Rendezvous
16 Night of the Bat
17 Nailed by the Dark Avenger
18 Who...What Are You?!!
19 Gotham City's Dark Knight
20 The New D.A.
21 Knox on the Job!
22 The Set-Up
23 Bruce in Wayne Manor
24 Meeting Their Host
25 View from the Batcave
26 The Axis Chemical Factory
27 Mysterious Manhunter
28 Batman's Weapon
29 Toxic Flood!
30 In the Batman's Clutches
31 Commissioner Gordon--Hostage!
32 Holding Batman at Bay!
33 Hero and the Horror
34 Jack Loses His Grip!
35 Plunge into Toxic Oblivion!
36 Rising Above It All
37 Spotted by Commissioner Gordon!
38 Front Page Story!
39 Ghastly Revelation
40 Back from the Dead
41 No Deals, Grissom!
42 Call Me ... Joker!
43 Grissom's Gruesome Demise
44 Wait'll They Get a Load of Me!
45 Hi Honey!
46 The New Crime Boss
47 Gotham City's Crime Lords
48 Joy-Buzzed to Death!
49 Evil of the Joker
50 Fried Alive!
51 "I'm in Charge Now!"
52 A Final Farewell
53 Lord of Wayne Manor
54 Outside City Hall
55 The Mime of Mayhem!
56 Funny Meeting You Here!
57 City Hall Massacre?
58 Outrageous Assault!
59 Who's the Wildest One of All?
60 The Joker's Lair
61 Vicki's Most Devoted Fan
62 Keep Up the Bad Work!
63 Smylex Attack!
64 The Joker Conquers TV!
65 Love that Joker!
66 Let's Go Shopping!
67 At the Flugelheim
68 The Art of Crime
69 A Date with Vicki
70 You Light Up My Life
71 Alicia's New Look
72 No! No! I'm Melting!!
73 Crash!!!
74 The Rescue
75 Swing to Safety!
76 A Daring Escape!
77 The Batmobile
78 Fantastic Chase!
79 The Batmobile Tears Away!
80 Cocooned!
81 Is It Halloween?
82 How Much Do You Weigh?
83 Death-Defying Duo!
84 Hang On, Vicki!
85 Batman Overpowered!
86 The Challenge
87 Urban Warriors
88 Slashing Assault!
89 Photographed by Vicki!
90 Friend ... Or Mad Vigilated?
91 Within the Batcave
92 Vicki in a Jam!
93 The Joker Is Wild!
94 Haunting Memory
95 Fate of the Wayne Family
96 Gearing Up for Danger
97 Knight Patrol!
98 Sabotage!
99 The Axis Fireball!
100 Escape from Flaming Death!
101 The Master of Disaster
102 Bicentennial Nightmare!
103 Twisted Terrorists!
104 Flight of the Batwing
105 Batwing Cockpit
106 The Joker's Secret Weapon
107 Taking Aim at the Batwing!
108 Super-Sleek Craft!
109 Crash Dive!
110 Vicki to the Rescue!
111 The Joker Takes a Hostage
112 Batman Lives!
113 Grim Vendetta
114 In Danger's Domain
115 Watch Out Behind You ...!
116 Assault on the Caped Fury
117 Desperate Struggle!
118 Grip of Death!
119 Perilous Plunge!
120 Batman in Action!
121 No Match for Batman!
122 Bruised But Not Beaten!
123 The Joker's Final Stand
124 Dance of Death
125 Vicki Imperiled!
126 The Titans Clash!
127 Batman vs. Madman
128 The Dark Knight Triumphs
129 The Joker--Over the Edge!
130 He Who Laughs Last ...
131 The Bat-Signal
132 The Guardian of Gotham City

Series 2

1989 Topps Batman Movie Trading Cards 25
133 Batman-The 2nd Series
134 The Man and His Quarry
135 Hand of Vengeance
136 Parked in the Batcave
137 Fistfuls of Funny Money!
138 Onward, To His Fate...
139 Doppelganger
140 Time to Die, Grissom!
141 Armadillo Effect
142 The Last of Eckhardt
143 Leer of the Clown Prince
144 I've Got to Work Tonight
145 Leap from the Belltower
146 March of the Misfits
147 Meltingly Beautiful
148 You Know Who I Mean...!
149 Power of the Batmobile
150 Flugelheim Aftermath
151 Alley Bat
152 Aiming To Kill!
153 News of the Battle!
154 The Wayne Manor Party
155 Of Mimes and Memories
156 Danger in the Streets
157 The Oddest Couple
158 Knight and the Damsel
159 Hanging On For Life!
160 Murder...Just for Laughs
161 Twisted Pitchman
162 'Copter Escape!
163 Instructions for Alfred
164 Gotham City Landscape
165 Flugelheim Museum Interior
166 Elevated Subway Exterior
167 Flugelheim Museum Exterior
168 Grissom's Office
169 Their Final Bow?
170 The Batmobile-Head On
171 Dangling Devil
172 See Rotelli Roast
173 The Defeat of Batman
174 Sneaking Up Behind Jack...
175 Festival of Madness
176 Battered But Unbowed!
177 Mission Accomplished!
178 Retreat Into Darkness
179 You Want To Get Nuts...
180 The Master's Mimes
181 Knox Chats with Alfred
182 Savage Sneak Attack!
183 Madness Wears a Smile
184 The Batmobile Escapes!
185 Jack and Alicia
186 Trick or Treat!
187 The Field Flies High!
188 His Card...
189 Silent But Deadly
190 The Phantom Avengers
191 A New Mad Plan!
192 Friends and Lovers
193 Fiery Finale
194 Another Man Down
195 The Batwing Soars!
196 The Joker (By Tim Burton)
197 Batman Costume Design
198 The Joker Costume Design
199 Batman Design Concept
200 Metal Walkway
201 Tugging the Line
202 The Hanging Hood
203 Over the Gantry
204 The Joker Knocked Backwards
205 Danger Directly Ahead!
206 Clearing the Trigger
207 Preparing for an Assault
208 Cathedral Dead Ahead!
209 Goons in Hot Pursuit!
210 Mysterious Millionaire
211 Alleys of Gotham City
212 The Villain Supreme!
213 Who Is Jack Napier?
214 The Joke's on Alicia
215 Weapon Against Evil
216 His Foul and Fiendish Grin
217 Armor Inspiration
218 Grotesque Reflections
219 A Gift for Vicki
220 The Night Is His Again!
221 Kids Playing 'Batman'
222 Brains + Beauty = Vicki
223 Everyone Needs a Hobby!
224 Throttling a Punk
225 An Artist Most Bizarre
226 Batman's Public Service
227 A Goon and His Tune
228 City of Light and Danger
229 Heroic Escape!
230 How the Joker Lives
231 Batman in the Belfrey
232 Classic First Issue!
233 Directing Grissom's Murder
234 The Clown and the Clapboard
235 The Director's Vision
236 Maniacal Murderer!
237 Knox Takes a Shot at Heroism
238 What Tim Burton Wants...
239 Getting the Worst from Grissom
240 Directing Helicopter Escape
241 Special Advice for Batman
242 Directing Michael Keaton
243 Flight of the Dark Avenger
244 Interviewed by Knox
245 Tim Burton, Filmmaker
246 Alicia--Exquisite!
247 Presenting the Batmobile!
248 Relaxing with Key Players
249 Filming the Dance Macabre
250 Shooting the Rescue Scene
251 Dining at Wayne Manor
252 Secret Life of Bruce Wayne
253 City Street Miniature
254 At the Nerve Center
255 Computerized SFX
256 Fantastic Miniature Set
257 Trail of the Mystery Man
258 Directing Jack Nicholson
259 Dance of the Deranged
260 From Burton to Batman
261 Batman's Revenge
262 Gruesome Grimace
263 Buildings of Gotham City
264 The Killer Clown's in Town!

Stickers Checklist

44 cards. Inserted one per pack. Series 1 - #1-22, Series 2 - #23-44.

Series 1 Stickers have a red background. Series 2 have a white background.

Series 1

1989 Topps Batman Movie Trading Cards 26
1 Batman
2 Batman Logo
3 Vicki Vale, Bruce Wayne
4 Batman, Batmobile
5 The Joker
6 Joker's Goons
7 Batman, Joker
8 Batman
9 Joker - Three Faces
10 Joker Concept Art
11 Batman in Factory
12 Batman Bust
13 Batwing
14 Batwing
15 Joker - Hands Up
16 Joker - Holding Hat at Waist
17 Batman, Batmobile
18 Joker on Beach
19 Batman - Fists Up
20 Batman Portrait
21 Joker - Smearing Makeup
22 Vicki Vale

Series 2

1989 Topps Batman Movie Trading Cards 27
23 Joker, Batman
24 Batman
25 Joker - Leg Up
26 Batman - Cape Out
27 Joker - Holding Cane Up
28 Batman - Full Body
29 Joker - Portrait
30 Batman - Portrait Sketch
31 Joker - Leaning on Cane
32 Batman - Full-Body Sketch
33 Joker - Sketch
34 Batman - In Batcave
35 Batman - Black Background
36 Bruce Wayne - Tuxedo
37 Joker - Holding Hat
38 Batman Logo
39 Batman - Portrait
40 Joker - Cutting
41 Batman - In Factory
42 Batman, Vicki Vale - Kneeling
43 Joker - Megaphone
44 Batmobile

Bonus Cards Checklist

22 cards. Series 1 - #A-K, Series 2 - #L-V. Exclusive to Collectors' Edition factory sets.

Shop for Collectors' Edition sets on eBay.

Series 1

1989 Topps Batman Movie Trading Cards 28
A Batman in Batwing Cockpit
B The Batwing Swoops Down
C Canyons of Gotham City
D Zeroing in on The Joker
E Setting the Missile Sights
F Hitting the Switch
G Firing Away!
H The Joker Avoids the Onslaught
I The Dark Knight Reacts
J The Batwing Bounces
K Cathedral Directly Ahead

Series 2

1989 Topps Batman Movie Trading Cards 29
L Grappling Hook, Spring Action Reel
M Batarang (Folded and Unfolded)
N Darkly Humorous Pistols
O Batman's Time Bomb
P Smoke Capsules
Q Handset & Tracer
R Batmobile Communicator
S Cocooned Batmobile (Front and Rear)
T Acid-Squirting Flower
U Batman's Gauntlet
V Utility Belt, Body Armor


Remembering the Batman 1989 movie trading cards by Topps

In 1989, there was one film that was on everyone’s mind – and that film was Batman. The live-action blockbuster, about the classic comic book character, was a smash hit and easily one of the most discussed movies on the planet.

With the film playing to packed out cinemas, many (many) companies wanted to get in on the action, creating a stream of tie-in products to entice Bat-fans to part with their cash. One of these tie-ins was a collection of trading cards from Topps – and they were superb.

The collection included 154 cards, all featuring images taken from, or connected to, the smash hit movie. The cards were sold in packs (available from all good newsagents) and included a stick of gum.

Batman 1989 Topps trading cards

The Batman 1989 trading cards were divided into three sections. The first section was for the base cards, and covered the majority of the collection, while the next two sections were sticker cards.

The base cards covered the first 132 cards of the collection. These cards featured screen grabs from the movie on the front, with a small story description on the reverse.

Once collectors had all 132 cards in their possession, they effectively had the movie’s story in the palm of their hands. This was very appealing to Bat-fans in 1989, who didn’t have access to the internet and who might not have been able to watch the film at the cinema.

It’s at this point that I must remind you, when Batman hit UK cinemas it was a certificate 12 and on VHS it was a certificate 15. The trading cards carried no such age restrictions, so they offered younger fans a way to engage with Batman, if they were a little too young to watch the film.

As for the remaining two subcategories in this trading card collection, these were reserved for picture/sticker cards. These cards featured a sticker on the front, and part of a picture on the reverse.

The picture/sticker cards were divided into collection A and collection B. Collection A featured a picture of Batman, while collection B featured the Joker.

Batman 1989 movie trading cards stats

To recap, here are the vital stats for the Batman 1989 trading cards.

  • Produced by: Topps 
  • Released: 1989
  • Box of cards contains: 48 packs
  • Cost per pack: 15p
  • Total number of base cards: 132
  • Picture cards A (Batman): 11
  • Picture cards B (Joker): 11
  • Total number of cards in set: 154

Revisiting the Batman 1989 trading cards collection

A few years ago, I bought a sealed box of the Batman 1989 movie trading cards from a toy fair, and was able to recapture my younger years by opening up each pack, just like I did when I was a kid. It was such fun!

There is something truly wonderful, and exciting about opening up a set of trading cards. And one such as this – featuring a movie I adore – felt like a real treat to dive into.

Thank you for taking the time to read this post about the Batman 1989 trading cards by Topps. For more posts, please take a look at the recommended reads below.

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What are Desert Storm trading cards worth?

The average price for desert storm collector cards is $15 for new, sold eBay auctions. Used desert storm collector cards sold eBay prices are $10. New sold listings averaged $5 higher vs used sold listings for a difference of 50.00%.

Are Batman trading cards worth anything?

Described as an “avenging tornado,” The Batman card can be worth significant money in high grade and most incomplete sets for sale will be missing this particular card.

What is the most valuable Batman trading card?

Despite being widely regarded as the worst Batman movie ever, 1997 Fleer/SkyBox Batman & Robin Widevision is one of the most valuable set of Batman trading cards. By 1997, Fleer had acquired the SkyBox brand and issued this premium set in an over-sized, 2 1/2″ x 5″ format.

What are 1989 Batman cards worth?

Search Auction Prices by Grade / Grader

batman cards 1989$25.00
Vintage 1989 Batman Returns Trading Cards, LOT of 18$4.00BIN
Topps Batman 1989 Lot Of 5 Unopened Packs$15.00BIN

What are 1966 Batman cards worth?

Search Auction Prices by Grade / Grader

1966 Topps “the batman” card #1$49.95
Batman 1989 Topps Cards Deluxe Reissue Edition (1966) Sealed (Box is Beat)$89.95BIN
1966 Topps Batman #8 Into The Batmobile PSA 6 EX MT$10.50

What was the 1989 Batmobile made from?

Chevrolet Impala chassis

Does Jeff Dunham own the Batmobile?

Dunham has curated his collection to primarily consist of American-made luxury cars, though there are a couple of exceptions. Some of his cars include a 2005 Ford GT, a 1970 Plymouth Barracuda, and a pair of AMC Gremlins. Oh, and Dunham also owns the Batmobile. Not a Batmobile, the batmobile.

Can you trade for the Batmobile?

Batmobile was introduced in the Batman V Superman Dawn of Justice DLC pack which was released back in 2016. If you are a user who had bought one of the batmobile DLCs previously then you should be able to get the batmobile on the freeware version as well, if not then you will have to trade the item with another player.

How much is a street legal Batmobile?

amount of $680,000. According to the seller, the outrageous replica was created as a functioning representation of the car seen in the movie. On film, the Batmobile appeared as a jet-powered supercar that spewed flames as it roamed Gotham City.

What makes car not street legal?

Unless you want to get in legal trouble, you need to learn what makes a car not street legal. Driving a car with bumper damage, missing mirrors, headlight problems, and structural issues like hood damage is illegal. An accident can also damage safety and operating features you are legally required to have.

Are Bugatti Veyrons legal in the US?

While Bugatti’s are street legal in the U.S., the models we get don’t have the same physical characteristics as the ones sold in Europe. All cars sold in the U.S. must comply with government regulations and guidelines, and sometimes carmakers like Bugatti don’t initially meet them.


We may earn money or products from the companies mentioned in this post.

There were five sets of Batman cards back in 1966 – black bat, red bat, blue bat, Batman bat laffs, and Riddler Back. Let’s take a look at some of the best cards that came out in 1966 from either of these sets.

1966 Batman Trading Cards

Batman Black #1 – The Batman

Batman Black #1 - The Batman

The number one card from the standard, black bat set, is one of the most well-known cards out of all the sets of Batman trading cards. It’s perhaps the one card that most collectors think about when they talk about 1966 Batman cards.

In a decent condition, a graded card of this type can collect a handsome chunk of money. The main problem that collectors have with the black bat set is that they can’t find a good #1 card – which is why they’re prepared to pay good money for it in good condition.

Batman Black #2 – Robin

Batman Black #2 - Robin

The first few cards in the black bat set were simply descriptions of the characters in the comic – and Robin is arguably one of the more popular ones. On card #2, you’ll find a nice depiction of Robin and a description of the character on the back of the card.

What stands out with this card is the details on the card, and the art style used by Norman Saunders. It’s a lot more detailed than most cards in the set, especially when compared to #1, for instance.

Batman Red Bat #1 – The Ghostly Foe

Batman Red Bat #1 - The Ghostly Foe

If you manage to find a good deal for the #1 card in the Red Bat set, you should not hesitate to get it. They’re quite a rare find nowadays, which means that many of them are not in the best of conditions.

It’s perhaps the most well-known card from the Red Bat set, as Batman fights “The Ghostly Foe”, which is a mysterious enemy that Batman fights throughout the entire set. It’s an action-packed set and the #1 card just goes to show that.

Batman Red Bat #10 – Cycling Crusader

Batman Red Bat #10 - Cycling Crusader

One of the coolest cards that can be found in all of the sets, the #10 has always captivated the hearts of Batman lovers. It’s full of action, as Batman (spoiler alert 🙂 ) tries to escape from the castle where he had been held captive by a criminal syndicate on this high-speed bike. He has to make a big jump across a bridge in order to complete the escape.

You’ll find many ungraded cards where there might be several issues – the most prominent one is the centering, so be careful of those cards. Also, make sure they’re original and not knock-offs.

Batman Red Bat #44 – Batman on Broadway

Batman Red Bat #44 - Batman on Broadway

#44 card represents a dramatic end to the Red Bat set, where Batman is fighting the killer from the story, which has led them to fight on top of Broadway. It’s one of the more iconic and well-remembered cards from the set featuring Broadway, which makes it especially popular.

On this card, you’ll find the typical design from the Red Bat series with the red border and the red bat on the bottom of the card. You’ll probably struggle to find this card graded and in decent condition, though.

Batman Blue Bat #19B – Cornered on a Cliff

Batman Blue Bat #19B - Cornered on a Cliff

Batman and Robin find themselves cornered on the edge of a cliff, which forces them to jump from the cliff into the river below. This seems to be the only solution to escape the menace of being chased away by the Penguin, who has set up this deliberate trap for the pair.

It’s a cliffhanger of a card, just making you want to get the next card in the set in order to see what happens next. It’s a brilliant card that produced quite a lot of anticipation in the story.

Batman Blue Bat #1B – The Joker’s Icy Jest

Batman Blue Bat #1B - The Joker’s Icy Jest

This is one of the more well-known depictions of the Joker in the whole Batman series, which varies differently from other depictions in the later movies. Here, you can see the Joker jesting with Batman, attacking him with some sort of ice gun.

The troubled expression on Batman’s face makes it an unforgettable scene, perhaps even a bit comedic. It’s the #1 card in the Blue Bat set, and once again, it ends with a cliffhanger: “Could Robin arrive in time with the Sonic Defroster?”

Batman Blue Bat #35B – Holy Rodents

Batman Blue Bat #35B - Holy Rodents

On card #35B, Batman and Robin have to deal with giant, radioactive rats and rodents that rose from the polluted river in Gotham City in order to save the city. It’s one of the more iconic cards from the set, even though it doesn’t have a significant story background.

Still, the card can collect a good amount of dollars if in the right condition. The problem will be finding it in such a condition.

1966 Bat Laffs #29 The Joker

1966 Bat Laffs #29 The Joker

Here’s the image of 1966’s Joker which was played by Cesar Romero, and it featured heavily in the 1966 Batman movie. An interesting feature that Bat Laffs cards deployed is the question, or the quiz, on the back of the card, which was meant to entertain the owners of these cards.

Bat Laffs was well-known for depicting and featuring characters from the 1966 movie, and the Joker is perhaps one of the more iconic characters. You can also collect other characters, such as Robin or Batman, for instance.

Batman Riddler #2 The Boy Wonder

Batman Riddler #2 The Boy Wonder

If you’re wondering about the Batman Riddler cards, this is how they looked like. On this particular card, you’ll find Robin, the Boy Wonder. These cards were perhaps a bit more famous for what they had on the back of their cards.

They featured the Riddler and the riddles that were made by this character. It’s interesting to see these riddles and solve them, too, especially if you’re a massive fan of the entire Batman lore.

Other Great Batman Trading Cards

The 1966 Batman trading cards are perhaps the most famous trading cards of this franchise, but there were some subsequent trading sets that should also be mentioned.

1989 Topps Batman

1989 Topps Batman

In 1989, Topps released two factory sets of Batman cards, each containing 143 cards in total. The cards were issued in two series, while also adding a set of 22 stickers for each series.

They were mostly reprinted cards from 1966, although there were some changes to the print. The cards were printed on a shinier stock and in higher detail. There were also some additional cards that were not found in the original packs.

1992 Topps Batman Returns

1992 Topps Batman Returns

Batman Returns card set came out in 1992, just like the movie of the same name. It was a scaled-down variant of these cards, as there were only 88 cards included, as well as 10 special stadium club cards.

They mostly featured imagery from the movie that came out in 1992, so it wasn’t an illustrated set like the 1966 cards. These cards tend to be a bit darker than most other Batman sets – you’ll love them if you liked the 1992 Batman Returns movie.

1995 Fleer Batman Forever

1995 Fleer Batman Forever

Next was the 1995 Fleer set that was a bit more suited towards modern card collectors. It was different from the 1966 traditional cards in that they featured imagery from the Batman Forever movie that came out in 1995.

The base version only features the characters from the movie and some scenes, but there are some different variants of this set – for example, the Metal variation is a bit more illustrated and has a different look than the base set.

2005 Topps Batman Begins

2005 Topps Batman Begins

Batman Begins came out in 2005, and it was directed by Christopher Nolan. It was the beginning of the famous trilogy of Batman movies, which achieved great success in the movie industry.

This card set has some randomly inserted autographs, which makes them a bit more appealing for collectors. You might even have some luck to find autographs from some famous actors, like Liam Neeson or Gary Oldman.

Five Types of 1966 Batman Trading Cards

1966 was the year when the Batman comics first came out, and they were an instant success. Batman cards came out the same year, and they were issues originally by Topps, but some other companies also produced them, such as O-Pee-Che (for Canada), A&BC (for the UK), and Scanlens (for Australia).

Topps were produced for the US market, and they’re the most widely recognizable today, so we’ll focus mostly on them.

Originally, the 1966 Batman cards came out in the 55-card Black Bat set, which was illustrated by Norman Saunders. However, there were four subsequent sets, so there were 5 sets of Batman trading cards in total in 1966:

● 1966 Topps Batman Black Bat – 55 cards
● 1966 Topps Batman A Series Red Bat – 44 cards
● 1966 Topps Batman B Series Blue Bat – 44 cards
● 1966 Topps Batman Laffs – 55 cards
● 1966 Topps Batman Riddler Back – 38 cards

All of them are unique in their own way, although the first three only had some minor differences. Let’s take a look at what they were.

Batman Black Bat

The Black Bat set was the first card set that came out for Batman trading cards in 1966. It’s considered to be the standard trading pack, and it’s a bit more widely available nowadays, too.

The main feature of these cards was the black bat logo on the bottom of the card. That’s what separated this set from other sets (blue and red). 55 cards were to be found inside this pack, and each card told its own story to complete the storyline.

So even if you owned the Black Bat card series in its entirety, there was still some intrigue to collect the other two sets in order to get new looks. This black set is a must-have for any collector of old-school comic cards.

Batman A Series Red Bat

Next up came the Red Bat series, which was quite similar to the Black Bat series – the main difference was in the red bat logo that can be found on the bottom of the card.

There were 44 cards in the set, and it was produced all over the world by different manufacturers, just like the Black Bat set. They’re a bit tougher to find than the original black set, so they can be a bit more expensive.

Batman B Series Blue Bat

The Blue Bat Batman trading cards were arguably the toughest to find and collect. It was a bit different than the other two sets: some cards were collected as puzzles, and the story was printed inside a large blue bat logo on the back of the card.

This card set also features 44 cards. Today, they’re the toughest to find and consequently, a bit more expensive than the other two main sets.

Batman Bat Laffs

The next set that you should know about is the Batman Bat Laffs set. It is different from the three main sets produced by Norman Saunders – instead, this one featured imagery from the 1966 Batman movie starring Adam West and Burt Ward.

These cards feature movie depictions of the characters such as Joker, Batman, Robin, and others. It’s a great set for Batman movie lovers but also for general collectors that are looking for some iconic cards.

Batman Riddler Back

1966 Topps Batman Riddler Back also featured the Batman movie that was an offshoot from the TV show. These cards feature imagery from the scenes from that movie, and they’re mostly printed on a black background.

The name Riddler Back comes from the riddler that can be found on the back of the card. These can still be easily found nowadays, and they are not as expensive as you might think – there were 38 cards originally in the set.


Cards trading value batman topps

1966 Topps Batman Trading Cards (with the Black Bat)



Big Picture Ebay Hits - Most Expensive - NHL - NHL Random - MLB - NFL - NBA

Ending Soonest with No Bids on Ebay - NHL - MLB - NFL - NBA







Base Set
55 Total Cards


1The Batman
2Robin - Boy Wonder 
3The Bat Signal 
4Midnight Conference 
5Rooftop Vigil 
6Chloroform Victim1966 Topps Batman
7Grim Realization
8Into the Batmobile
9Face of the Joker
10Crime Czar
11Poison Pellet
12Batman Strikes!
13The Joker in Jail
14Nightly Patrol
15Batman in Action
16The Penguin's Trap
17Spikes of Death
18Robin in Action
19Fiery Encounter
20Robin to the Rescue
21Narrow Escape
23Umbrella Duel
24Penguin Captured
25The Cat Woman
26Queen of Crime
27Sinister Smile
28"Let's Go!"
29Robin Is Kidnapped
30Fighting Back
31Threat of the Cat Woman
32Bat-a-Rang Bulls-Eye
33The Enemies Clash
34Deadly Claws
35Cat Woman Defeated
36The Riddler
37A Trap for Batman
38Robin Rescued
39"To the Batcave"
40Following the Clue
41Time for a Rescue
42Robin in Peril
43The Bat-Gasmask
44Flying Fists
45Trap for the Riddler
46The Bat-a-Rang
47Deadly Robot
48Monstrous Illusion
50Beastly Encounter
51Flaming Welcome
52Winged Giant
53Race against Death
55Hidden Loot







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