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Instagram models gained a lot of attention in the past few years, but a special group of models called MAVRIN Models are definitely on top of the list, if not Number One.

MAVRIN models or studios is the brainchild of Aleksandr Mavrin, the professional photographer from Moscow Russia. All their photoshoots are in beautiful and exotic destinations, such ask Bali, Dubai, Phuket, Kitzbühel, Abu Dhabi, Verbier, Cappadocia / Kapadokya, and other places around the world.

They recently started an e-magazine called MAVRIN magazine (Digital version. Exclusive content only!) where they post adult content and exclusive work from their photoshoots.

The models promote tourism, fashion, and lifestyle content. One of the models, Viki Odintcova was filmed dangling over the side of a Dubai skyscraper, held only by a male assistant’s hand and not wearing any safety equipment, and the video of the stunt on Instagram had millions of views, with some praising her for being daring, and many have also criticized her for not valuing her life.

The total number of followers for all their channels and their models’ channels is in the tens of millions and followers are highly engaged in all the content posted whether photos, videos, or stories.

The main models are Viki Odintcova, Nata Lee, and Irina Dreyt.

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Irina Dreyt - Over the Years, We Have Opened and Developed Many Business Branches in Our Studio (Co-Owner: MAVRIN Studios, 1M + Followers)

Irina Dreyt

You can achieve great success in any sort of profession. I believe that you can't bet your fortune on one platform. Anything can happen (the site will be deleted, you will get blocked, etc.), and then you will be left without an audience and your earnings.

1. Tell us about your background and journey.

I am from a small northern city on the outskirts of Russia. Little by little, I was completing the tasks that were assigned to me. Whether it's winning a design competition or some sporting event. Performing at a theater school or moving to a bigger city.

After moving to St. Petersburg, I've made lots of creative friends, and I began to learn more from them and immerse myself in the creative sphere in general.

In 2010, I met the photographer Alexander MAVRIN. An extremely talented and exciting conversationalist. Since 2011, we began to work together and founded the MAVRIN brand (MAVRIN studios). Over the years, we have opened and developed many business branches in our studio (photo and video production, producing, personal management, art and music branch, and much more)

In 2020, We released the first issue of our magazine MAVRIN. The 5th issue is coming out soon. Don't forget to subscribe to enjoy the art.

2. What led you to start your page on Instagram, and what is it about?

Personally, I did not spend enough time posting content on my page since my studio and I produced other media characters from scratch. Two years ago, I had more free time and, because our subscribers were begging me to do it, I started uploading content much more actively. I talk about our travels, filming, things I like and enjoy.

3. How would you distinguish the term blogger from an influencer?

To be honest, the main difference is in the heads of people who run PR agencies all over the world; they are the ones that pay a lot of attention to the "titles" and really bothered with it. But for bloggers/influencers, there is not so much of a difference, or it will depend on a specific country. 

For instance, in the US, people with massive audiences only call themselves "influencers," but the same "influencers" in France won't mind if you call them bloggers. I think that it is just a new word for everyone, and there is no real difference. 

4. Is it financially sustainable to be an influencer today?

You can achieve great success in any sort of profession. I believe that you can't bet your fortune on one platform. Anything can happen (the site will be deleted, you will get blocked, etc.), and then you will be left without an audience and your earnings.

You always need to invest and create other businesses outside of social networks so that there is always a stable cash flow and confidence. Nevertheless, social networks are great platforms and an opportunity for new brands and creative people to show themselves.

5. What do you think influences consumer behavior?

Many are susceptible to advertisements and hidden clues that are scattered for us by social networks, digital advertising, spammy emails, and so on.

I believe that as a consumer, I need to understand my desires and needs clearly. I don't want to thoughtlessly and impulsively buy something that I don't need, like an extra gum or chocolate bar at the checkout that lures you like the sirens.

6. What is your idea of success or your mantra in life?

After failure, there will definitely be a success! You can't give up if something didn't work out for you. You shall not do something for which you have no passion. Harmony is so crucial to your success. Love for yourself and your cause will help you a great deal.

7. How can someone become a successful social media influencer/blogger?

Be yourself, no need to try to be someone else; people would feel it. You love to sing, sing! Well-versed in film or literature? Share your knowledge. We live in a world in which you can be a little blogger and wake up as a worldwide favorite. I wish success to everyone who truly believes in themselves and their passion.

8. Which is your favorite book and why?

Many excellent writers in Russian literature have lots of fans, even outside of Russia. I like a little love novel about a werewolf-fox and a wolf. The Sacred Book of the Werewolf - V. Pelevin.

Of course, there are many valuable and interesting books that are so important to be read; there is a lot of information about them on the net. 

Irina Dreyt | Manager, Stylist, Blogger | Co-owner: MAVRIN studios

Interviewed By: Nishad Kinhikar

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  1. Helga Model (Helga Lovekaty)
  2. Diana Melison
  3. Viki Odintcova
  4. Aleksandr Mavrin

My heart was pounding out of my chest while doing the research for this post about Mavrin models. This project is created and managed by Aleksandr Mavrin one of the most extravagant Russian photographers living in Saint Petersburg. mavrin models photo His photo galleries are packed with extremely provocative images of extraordinarily beautiful women. Looks like Aleksandr Mavrin is truly enjoying his life travelling around the world with his famous Mavrin models and working on multiple projects for a number of brands.

All of his works and projects are consolidated under the brand called Mavrin Studios. Most of the models that he picked to participate in his shoots have become real Instagram stars with over one million followers.

Helga Model

Several Mavrin models have been extremely successful building their collaboration with Aleksandr. There is a girl with a nickname Helga Model who has almost 2 million subscribers to her Instagram account at the moment. helga model

Her real name is Olga and she is a 24 year old living in Saint Petersburg. As reported by a number of media sources she has been recently spotted with James Rodríguez the attacking midfielder playing for Real Madrid. helga model selfie Some sources claim that he has been involved in a relationship with Olga while being married.

Diana Melison

One of the other well-known Mavrin Models I wanted to mention is Diana Melison. She is another 24 year old from Saint Petersburg naturally gifted with almost perfect 87/58/88 proportions and large breasts. diana melison model Her fancy body is covered with tattoos that include 3 roses on the left shoulder, an angel on the right shoulder, bow knots on each hip, a cross on the left side and a star on her left wrist. diana melison In addition to collaborating with Mavrin Studios she performs DJ sets at various Moscow night clubs.

Viki Odintcova

Another big star of the Mavrin Models team is definitely Viki Odintcova. viki odintcova pool shoot Her exceptional body forms attract a huge number of fans from all over the world. One of her latest shoots with Mavrin Studios in Paris was a really big hit. viki odintcova dubai

Aleksandr Mavrin: The Person Behind Mavrin Models

Aleksandr Mavrin shooting There is not too much information about the personal life of Aleksandr Mavrin on the Internet. I know that he has been a good friend with Pavel Durov another well-known personality from Saint Petersburg. Pavel is the founder of the popular Russian social network called Vkontakte who has been forced to sell his shares and lose control of his work of life. He is also known for his controversial actions like throwing paper airplanes made of 5,000 Ruble bills (equivalent of almost $200) out the window of the social network’s headquarters in the center of Saint Petersburg.

Then there was one of the most talked about events in Saint Petersburg that took place in 2012 and was targeted to promote the social network. The idea was to simply distribute t-shirts with the company’s logo to the fans. Most of today’s Mavrin Models members were brought there by Alexander to support the event.

mavrin models A number of sources claim that the event was followed by a romantic relationship between one of the girls and the youngest Russian internet mogul.

One of the latest posts of Alexander Mavrin on one of his social network accounts demonstrated his feelings about female beauty. He said that Russia, Ukraine and Belarus have the most beautiful girls.

But if we also consider two other important qualities that are temperament and sexual vibe in addition to natural beauty then Italian girls cannot be outmatched. That short post was actually used by him to introduce a new member of the Mavrin Models club. This time it was an Italian hottie Silvialicius who has everything to add some spice to Alexander’s art works.

Alexander has a long track record of collaboration with the Russian federal agency responsible for the supervision of electronic media. One year ago his websites have been blocked by the local internet service provider based on the requests from a number of state officials. They claimed that some of his works associated with the Mavrin Models brand contained propaganda of non-traditional relationships and drug usage. All accusations have been later cleared. mavrin models


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Studios mavrin

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