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Tuesday’s vote means that the City will negotiate such community benefits agreements as a matter of course for projects receiving significant public participation. The City will work with SacIWD to develop an ordinance that defines what projects will be covered and how, and to bring it back to Council by January 2022.

The ordinance will include small business protections, anti-displacement strategies and affordable housing construction..

The City also agreed to work with SacIWD to make sure the obligations of the Aggie Square CBPA are fulfilled, including participating in two community meetings per year that will be organized by SacIWD.

“This agreement is the collection of many efforts and commitments by stakeholders and the community in ensuring that the Aggie Square project uplifts the neighborhoods by employing our neighbors, supporting our local businesses, and making a commitment to build more affordable housing and ensuring safety and mobility on our communities., said Councilmember Guerra, who along with Vice Mayor Schenirer represents neighborhoods near the planned Aggie Square campus on Stockton Boulevard.

“We’ve come a long way since the announcement of Aggie Square two years ago, and I look forward to seeing how it is shaped by community voices to truly benefit neighborhoods as a result of the CPBA and the SacIWD settlement,” Schenirer said.


Plans for a 1.38 million square foot addition to UC Davis’s Sacramento Campus have been approved by the University of California’s Board of Regents. With the decision made just weeks after the City Council also approved the development, their decision paves the way for the school to begin construction on phase one by early next year. The project, to be built at 2751 Stockton Boulevard in Sacramento, will produce a public plaza connecting four new buildings with housing, office space, and new research capacity. UC Davis picked Wexford Science & Technology and GMH Capital Partners to be joint developers of the project.

Aggie Square full site plan, image courtesy UC Davis

Aggie Square full site plan, image courtesy UC Davis

The project will be the first of a few phases to alter 25 acre, and is the only phase for which detailed plans have been released. 8.25 acres of predominantly vehicular infrastructure will be transformed for phase one. UC Davis hopes the program can be a crossroads for the rest of the city. It will provide facilities for people inside and outside the University alike, writing, “the creation of welcoming public spaces, gardens, and experiences is intended to establish Aggie Square as a destination for residents, students, staff, and the general public.”

Aggie Square Phase 1 courtyard, image courtesy UC Davis

Aggie Square Phase 1 courtyard with Life Science Technology Engineering West and East, image courtesy UC Davis

Life Science Technology Engineering West and East will be dedicated to research use. They will both rise nine stories to a pinnacle of 125 feet. The former will contain 324,000 square feet, with the latter netting 387,000 square feet. Their combined 711,000 square feet will be used to house research and project investments. Planning documents describe the buildings:

“Research activities at the Sacramento campus currently generate investment and interest in co-location by businesses in the fields of cell and gene therapy, genomics, and next-generation sequencing, and advanced imaging modalities. Many of these businesses have expressed a strong demand for additional space that is not yet available on the Sacramento Campus and that would be provided by the Aggie Square Phase 1 project.”

Aggie Square Phase 1 Renderings, image courtesy UC Davis

Aggie Square Phase 1 Life Learning Tower, image courtesy UC Davis

The tallest structure will be the Life Learning Tower, contributing 390,000 square feet for predominantly office use within its 13 stories 158-foot envelope. Other functions include classrooms and co-working spaces. The fourth addition is the Housing and Community building, producing 324 multi-family-sized housing units. The lodging will be for undergraduates, medical students, nursing students, faculty, staff, and affiliates. The ground level will produce 40,000 square feet dedicated to community use, such as a food hall, farmers market, event space, and market plaza.

Aggie Square Phase 1 birds-eye view, image courtesy UC Davis

Aggie Square Phase 1 birds-eye view, image courtesy UC Davis

On top of the 1,384,500 square feet of building space, the development includes over half a million square feet dedicated to parking. 1,490 parking spaces will be included. The site is expected to see 4,474 people each day, or 1.6 million in a year.

ZGF Architects is responsible for the design. The Portland-based architecture firm incorporates three distinct facade styles to define each building. The residential block will have small windows compared with the floor-to-ceiling windows and vertical metal panels of the engineering offices and the full curtainwall skin wrapping the Learning Life Tower.

Aggie Square Phase 1 building, image courtesy UC Davis

Aggie Square Phase 1 building, image courtesy UC Davis

The building is expected to receive the LEED Silver certification.

Aggie Square Phase 1 land in its current condition, image via Google Satellite with outline by SF YIMBY

Aggie Square Phase 1 land in its current condition, image via Google Satellite with outline by SF YIMBY

An economic impact report found that the Aggie Square development, if completed in full, could result in an ongoing annual economic impact of $4.9 billion thanks to involvement with academia, industry, and collaborative facilities. Groundbreaking is expected in 2021, with no estimated completion date announced.

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Aggie Square project moves forward with community benefits partnership

SACRAMENTO, Calif. — The City of Sacramento is moving forward with a $1 billion plan to expand the Sacramento campus of U.C. Davis. It's called the Aggie Square project in the Oak Park and Tahoe Park areas.

The project is a major investment, but it has not come without controversy.

Before Aggie Square got the green light from the city, multiple neighborhood associations expressed their concerns about traffic, parking and locals getting priced out of the market.

The city wanted to move forward, citing the billions of dollars the project would bring to Sacramento, along with up to 10,000 jobs.

The city was even sued by the Sacramento Investment Without Displacement Group, but that lawsuit was dropped minutes before the project got approved.

In a unanimous vote on Tuesday afternoon, Sacramento City Council members agreed on a settlement with a group that had filed a lawsuit over the Aggie Square project, creating what they're calling a "Community Benefits Partnership Agreement."

"I have affordable rent right now but me and the tenant above me, because it's a duplex, were told that she's going to sell it," Erica Jaramillo, an Oak Park renter and board member on Sacramento Investment Without Displacement said.  

Jaramillo has been living in Oak Park for the past six years with her lease ending in May but she says the house she's renting has already gone on the market. 

"Sure you can make double the profit right now but where is the responsibility for people who are relying to have a place to sleep?" she said.

It's stories like this one that SIWD is trying to avoid as the Aggie Square project moves forward. 

"We lose the flavor and culture in our communities when people are forced out of where they grew up," Tamie Dramer, Executive Director of Organize Sacramento and board member of SIWD said.

That's why the city agreed on a settlement with the group, creating what they're calling a "Community Benefits Partnership Agreement."

The agreement says $50 million should be put toward affordable housing in the area and the council started to make good on that promise right away on Tuesday, by unanimously voting on a $15 million loan to build a 225-unit affordable housing complex on Stockton Boulevard in the former Jon's Home Furnishers lot. 

"That is so important and imperative, $50 million can make a difference for so many families in our region to ensure that they're housed and we know that we have a housing shortage," Gabby Trejo, Executive Director of Sacramento ACT said.

Another part of their deal is 20% of all jobs created because of the Aggie Square project will be going to people living in impacted zip codes.  

"To us, that is a huge win because we want to make sure that residents have access to these jobs, that we are looking at the future so that residents don't have to drive too far to their jobs so they can actually spend time with their families," Trejo said.

It's a bit of a 180 since the lawsuit was first filed, but in the end, advocates are hopeful community members will now have a better seat at the table.  

"It's a big deal for Sacramento to not only get this project but that this coalition came along to make it a better project, to make it fit the community to make sure the community is included in all of the aspects of the development of this project," Dramer said.

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Aggie Square Apartments Virtual Tour

Sacramento, UC Davis reach agreement on affordable housing for proposed Aggie Square

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

SACRAMENTO, Calif. (KTXL) – Sacramento city and UC Davis officials announced what they call a milestone in the development of the controversial Aggie Square innovation hub on Stockton Boulevard Thursday. 

It sounded great on paper, an innovation hub surrounding the UC Davis medical complex on Stockton Boulevard that would bring thousands of high-tech jobs to the city. 

But in December, a coalition of a dozen neighborhood groups called Sacramento Investment Without Displacement filed a lawsuit saying that the university’s environmental impact report didn’t address the loss of affordable housing. 

The lawsuit claimed that residents in low-income neighborhoods, like adjacent Oak Park, would be priced out of their homes by high-income workers attracted to Aggie Square. 

Mayor Darrell Steinberg announced an agreement Thursday with community groups that would provide $50 million to support affordable and workforce housing as a part of the Aggie Square development. 

The agreement also guarantees that 25% of the new jobs go to local residents.  

“We ensure that the benefits of the new job creation extend to the communities where the development is located,” Steinberg explained.

UC Davis Chancellor Gary May says the university will invest in the neighborhood as well. 

“$1.1 million to help further the city of Sacramento’s vision for Stockton Boulevard to increase walking, biking and transit use,” May said.

Most excited is Elgin Bradley, who has owned the Touch of Class restaurant on Stockton Boulevard for over 40 years. 

“The housing, the jobs the transportation accompanying this development is really going to benefit the community, going to benefit the neighbborhood,” Bradley said.

The group that filed the lawsuit said its goal was to make sure existing residents suffered no economic harm. Whether the new guarantees written into the development agreement satisfies their concerns is yet to be determined. 

The Sacramento city council is expected to approve the Aggie Square agreement at a meeting scheduled for April 6.

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Aggie Square Apartments

644 Alvarado Ave

Davis, CA 95616

In North Davis on Alvarado Avenue between Anderson Road
and Catalina Drive

Sunday Closed

Monday 10 am - 5 pm

Tuesday 10 am - 5 pm

Wednesday 10 am - 5 pm

Thursday 10 am - 5 pm

Friday 10 am - 5 pm

Saturday Closed

(530) 758-4752
Text 47464 ("AGS")
[email protected]
Aggie Square
Types of Units
100 Rental units
1br/1ba, 2br/1ba, 3br/1ba
Rental Rates
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Pool, Spa, Fitness Center, 24-hour Laundry Room,
Study Lounge, Clubhouse, Poolside Gas BBQs,
Off-Street Parking, Central Heating and Air Conditioning
Virtual Tour
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Aggie Square apartment rental in Davis

Aggie Square Apartments is located on the South side of Alvarado Avenue between the Alvarado/Anderson round-about and Catalina Drive. The apartment complex is located in North Davis just east of Highway 113 and North of West Covell Boulevard and shares the area with other apartment complexes and rental housing options making it popular with the students from UC Davis.

Aggie Square Apartments is one of three locally-owned and operated Davis apartment complexes related to Davisville Management Company. The other two apartment complexes for rent are Fountain Circle Townhomes, located at the west end of Alvarado Avenue near The Marketplace Shopping Center, and Almondwood Apartments, located directly across Alvarado Avenue from Fountain Circle Townhomes.

Residents enjoy the convenience of living at Aggie Square. Located across Covell Boulevard from Anderson Plaza Shopping Center, renters have quick access to a variety of shopping, dining, and service options. Aggie Square is situated directly on the UnitransG Bus Line (servicing the Memorial Union). Check the Unitrans website at for schedule information. If you need to get to the Silo on the UC Davis Campus, a bus stop for J Bus Line is 200 yards from the apartment building. Buses come by every 10 minutes. The Covell Greenbelt, where residents enjoy many Outdoor Activities, is just a few steps away.

This apartment complex has a variety of rental options from which to choose. One-bedroom/one-bath flats for those who choose independent living to three-bedroom/one-bath apartments for group and family style accommodations. Take a look at the floor plans to find a plan that suits your lifestyle.

Aggie Square has a pool and a spa. There is also a Fitness Center and a large clubhouse available as well.

Learn more information about Aggie Square Apartments

To learn about more about apartments for rent in Davis, check out our Rental Housing Guide as well as our Apartments pages.

Management Notices

More information and photos of freshly remodeled interiors available at the Aggie Square website.

Call 530-758-4752 for all information on housing, touring dates, holding deposits, and our special signing bonuses.

Move-in/Move-out – Lease periods at Aggie Square are from September to August. This schedule is designed to coincide with the standard school year at UC Davis.

Davisville Management Company provides complimentary high-speed wireless Internet service throughout the common areas of its related apartment complexes in Davis. The wireless (Wi-Fi) network is intended to be used for entertainment purposes by residents and their guests free of charge.

The speed at which an individual can connect is dependent on many factors including:

  • the quality of the wireless adapter;
  • the distance from the access point;
  • obstruction(s) between access point and computer;
  • the number of users on the system; and
  • the intensity of all users combined downloading at a given moment.

Davisville Management Company does not guarantee 24/7 Internet availability and does not make any representations of an end user’s Internet access speed because factors affecting Wi-Fi access speed vary substantially with the conditions described above. Since the internet is an important part of everyone's life, it is a good investment for individuals to have an alternate method of connecting to the Internet for times when the complimentary Wi-Fi is not available. Often the Wi-Fi in the clubhouses will continue to operate even if an access point within the apartment complex is interrupted.

To maximize everyone's enjoyment of the complimentary Wi-Fi service, there are a few simple rules to observe:

  • The Wi-Fi service connection may not be used for business uses or illegal activity;
  • The Wi-Fi service connection may not be used for file sharing with programs like Kazaa, Bearshare, Napster, etc.;
  • Out of consideration to others, please refrain from downloading large files (>100 MB) during the peak use hours of 6 PM to 10 PM.

To help maintain a fast and reliable Internet service for everyone, violations of rules may result in loss of service privilege. Management also reserves the right to update the rules at any time by written notice. It is strongly recommended to run an antivirus program and maintain a firewall on your computers.

Inspections – Apartments are inspected a minimum of three times.

  • Move-in inspection. The manager (or designee) will inspect the apartment along with the renter prior to move-in. This gives the renter the opportunity to document any existing issues with the rental unit and it gives the manager an opportunity to correct any items not up to standards.
  • Pre-Move-out Inspection. Two weeks prior to vacating of the rental unit, Aggie Square will offer a pre-move-out inspection. This inspection allows the rental manager to highlight any potential cleaning or damage issues and provides ample opportunity for the renter to remedy those issues.
  • Final Inspection. Upon move-out the manager and renter will inspect the unit for cleanliness and/or damage. Renter will be provided with a copy of the final inspection and notified of any issues that may be charged against the security deposit.

Bicycle parking is available throughout the apartment complex at the following locations:

  • Immediately outside of apartments
  • Bicycle racks near parking lots
  • Bicycle circle in the front of apartment complex

Apartment Amenities

The pool and spa area located in the center of Aggie Square Apartments Pool and Spa - The pool and spa area is in the center of the apartment complex. Hours are from 8am to 10pm.

Poolside BBQs and Picnic Areas - Gas BBQs and a picnic area are located inside the pool area and available to use by apartment renters. No reservations are required.

Workout Room/Fitness Center - A fitness center is available for Aggie Square residents to use. The fitness center is open 8am to 10 pm and includes the following equipment:

  • Stationary Cycle
  • Elliptical Trainer
  • Treadmill
  • Weight machine

Wireless Internet Access - Davisville Management Company provides complimentary high-speed wireless Internet service throughout the common areas of the apartment complexes it manages in Davis. The wireless (Wi-Fi) network is intended to be used for entertainment use by residents and guests free of charge.

Laundry Room - A 24-hour laundry room is available. The laundry room has 8 high-efficiency front-loading washing machines and 8 high-efficiency gas/electric dryers. All machines are coin operated. Change for operating laundry equipment is available at the apartment rental office during normal business hours.

Study Room - A study room is available to apartment renters in the main complex next to the community room. The study room is available for use between the hours of 8am and 10pm.

Community Room - Aggie Square Apartments offers a community room for use. The community room is available free of charge. The community room has a full kitchen which includes a stove, microwave, dishwasher, and refrigerator. The community room also has a flat-screen TV with VGA and HDMI inputs. Reservations are required and there is a cleaning deposit to use the community room. Check with the apartment manager for details and for reservations.

Central Heating and Air Conditioning - All units come with forced-air h

eating and air-conditioning units. Energy efficient thermostats are located in the common living area.

Off-street Parking - Aggie Square has sufficient parking to serve tenants. Tenants have mentioned that they have not had difficulty finding an open parking spot when attempting to park in the lots. Parking permits are required to use the Aggie Square parking. Applications for parking permits are available at the apartment manager’s office. Check with the manager’s office for details.

Maintenance - Full-time maintenance person is available to assist with repairs or apartment issues during normal business hours. Maintenance staff is available after-hours for emergencies.

Cat Friendly - Aggie Square is a cat-friendly apartment complex. Cats and small caged domestic animals are permitted at Aggie Square. There is an additional deposit of $300 per animal. The additional deposit for pets will remain on account until the end of the leasing period.

Included Utilities - Aggie Square Apartments provide the following services as part of the rental package.

  • Water/Sewer
  • Trash
  • Recycling service

Other Utilities - Renters are responsible for activating and maintaining utilities not included as part of the rental. Aggie Square management can provide contact information to renters for contacting utility providers.

  • Electricity
  • Phone - Location of the telephone outlets will vary from unit to unit. At a minimum, there will be one (1) telephone outlet in the common living area of each unit. Check with management before modifying or upgrading phone service wiring.
  • Cable TV - Location of the CATV outlets vary from unit to unit. At a minimum, there will be one (1) CATV outlet in the common living area of each unit. Check with management before modifying or upgrading cable tv wiring.
  • Satellite TV - Check with management prior to installation of Satellite TV services.

Electric Stove - Standard electric 4-burner stove top and oven.

Dishwasher - Under-counter multi-cycle dishwasher.

Refrigerator - Frost free refrigerator.

Microwave - Space-saver microwave oven built-in above the oven and serve as both a microwave and exhaust fan.

Additional Closet/Storage Space - All apartments have additional storage space inside the rental unit. When deciding on which unit to select, be sure to see if space and storage requirements meet your needs. Check with the manager for detailed rental options.

Flooring - Carpeting is installed in all units at Aggie Square and covers the common living areas, hallways, and bedrooms. Vinyl flooring is installed in the kitchen and bathroom areas.

See a complete list of amenities here.


Public Transportation – Aggie Square is located directly on UnitransJ Bus Line bus route servicing the Silo. The G Bus Line bus route, servicing the Memorial Union, is only a 200-yard walk away. Yolobus is an option if you wish to take public transportation to West Sacramento, Sacramento International Airport, Woodland, or Vacaville. There are some transfer options between Yolobus and Unitrans. Visit the Yolobus website for details.

Bicycle – Bicycles are a great way to experience Davis. Bike paths and The Greenbelt connect you to important locations throughout Davis. A short ride West down Alvarado Avenue and a left-turn onto Anderson Road gives you a straight shot to the UC Davis Campus – less than 1.5 miles away. The East side of Aggie Square Apartments is directly connected to the Davis Greenbelt where you can enjoy miles of bicycle paths, parks, and a variety of Outdoor Activities. From The Greenbelt, you can access the Davis Bike Loop which will take you on a 12-mile tour of Davis’ city streets, bike paths, and parks. By combining the bike paths on both surface streets and The Greenbelt, Downtown Davis is within easy reach.

Pedestrian – The location of Aggie Square Apartments make it convenient to both shopping and recreation. A walk across the parking lot on the East end of the complex land you right onto the Covell Greenbelt. A 150-yard walk across Covell Boulevard gets you to the Anderson Plaza Shopping Center where there is a grocery store, gas stations, shopping, and restaurants.

Motor Vehicle – If you need to get somewhere other than Davis by car, Aggie Square Apartments is convenient. In just over ½-mile, you can reach Highway 113 where you can drive north to Woodland and Interstate 5, or South to Interstate 80 where you can head towards either Sacramento or the Bay Area.

Parking – Uncovered off-street parking is available at Aggie Square Apartments. It is first-come-first-served. Be sure to get a parking permit. Unauthorized vehicles may be towed.

Take a look at Google Maps to learn more about the location surrounding Aggie Square Apartments in Davis.

Floor Plans

Visit the Aggie Square Website for a complete preview of floor plans and virtual tours.

One-Bedroom/One-Bath Rental Unit Two-Bedroom/One-Bath Rental Unit

Three-Bedroom/One-Bath Rental Unit


Provided by Aggie Square management. More images can be found on the Aggie Square Website

Pool and Spa at Aggie Square Apartments in Davis.BBQ and seating area is a big hit with UC Davis students.Study and work area available for tenant use.Community room kitchen for hosting get-togethers.

Ample room available in deluxe remodel units (showcase).Updated kitchen with amenities in deluxe remodel apartment (showcase).Split bathroom design convenient for shared living (showcase).Spacious bedrooms (showcase).

Computer and printer available for use.High-capacity laundry facilities on-site.Community room and kitchen at Aggie Square Apartments.Workout room available for tenant use.

Had a friend who lived there, it seemed decent.Anon

2005-08-22 20:04:56   Don't like the managers. They act like you're wasting their time every time you come in to talk to them. Other than that, it's pretty nice all around the complex. Plenty of parking, and it's real quiet. —MindyYang

2005-08-23 09:33:16   I lived there 10 years ago, wasn't bad, but then again its been 10 years and was called Hacienda Del Sol then. —RogerClark

2005-09-21 23:51:33   oh yeah, these people are real shady with the security deposit, too. my apartment was spotless in the end and my roommates barely lived there. they still managed to make us pay for carpet and more paint jobs that were supposedly needed. somehow the bill came out to be $460! —MindyYang

2005-11-29 13:26:45   Charged me $250 dollars to clean my apartment after move out. It was practically spotless. I could've hired a housecleaner to clean it for less than $50. What a scam. They also replaced the carpet even though it could have been cleaned. They told me not to clean it because they do it anyway. They replaced it without even attempting to clean it. If you live here, TAKE PICTURES to avoid being screwed. —ChrisMay

2005-11-29 18:35:48   It took the management and service people over three (3) months to fix our bathroom fixtures despite our reminding to them several times. As Chris says, take pictures! —RobPedersen

2005-11-29 19:36:37   If all else fails, there's always How To Get Revenge On Your Evil Landlord... —SteveDavison

2006-07-23 14:39:13   Aggie Square horror stories: I have overheard people talking on bus about the rude manager; maintenance began work on my neighbor's balcony, left it half finished, and haven't worked on it again for 6 months; the glass on my front window was coming out of its frame and it took over 2 months to have it fixed; when you move in the manager makes you sign off that your apartment is in perfect condition even if it isn't or she won't give you the keys (she made me sign that all the fixtures were in working condition even though they weren't because she had put in a mainenance order to have it fixed); I was told numerous repairs would be made at time of move in, and after reminding manager weekly for 3 months, NONE of said repairs have been made (it's now 11 months later); I attempted to pay my rent in cash and manager REFUSED to give me a receipt because she was "too busy”; don’t bother asking manager for help, she acts like you’re wasting her time any time you talk to her. —ChrisMay

2006-08-21 10:26:31   actually, i love aggie square and lived there for 3 years. yeah its a bit older so the apartments tend to have problems. But the manager has always been wonderful to me. —EllenMitchell

2007-09-21 15:28:36   Yeah, I just got charged way overboard for painting. 250 Labor and 150 Paint. That's how much you'd pay if you wanted to change the color on your entire place.

Not to mention it hadn't been painted when I moved in. There were pinholes everywhere. $400 bucks for painting? Don't even dream of getting your deposit back here. —T

2007-09-21 15:32:14   I dont know if they can charge you for a regular paiting, unless there was damage caused to the walls by the resident. But, it might be in the lease. Check out the Renter's Rights page for links and info. —JamesSchwab

2008-11-09 18:25:05   Does anyone know what brand of cookies the management gives out around Christmastime? —ArthurChase

2009-03-03 19:05:07   What lease do they use here? —Jaclyn

2009-07-30 00:35:49   I like this place. I used to live in Pinecrest and just didn't like it. After two years the manager still didn't know I lived there. Here one of the managers is really nice (I think there are multiple and I don't really know the others). I don't go into the office much and she still is well aware of who I am and what's going on and she's always ready to chat a bit, sometimes a little too much, but hey, I get to feeling she cares. The rent is a bit high but with utilities included and the good location it seems reasonable.... also relative to other places in Davis. The interiors are pretty nice too, though I lucked out and got a bunch of new stuff (fixtures, showerhead, caulking, carpets) on move-in. But i live on the Parque Plaza side and i feel like they might sequester the hooligans over here.... it's like... this 50 foot stretch of parking lot is the Davis ghetto... well i twas last year but most of my neighbors moved... curious to see what this years neighbors have in store for me —hitobito

2009-08-16 00:57:48   Issues falling onto deaf ears is fine. It's the sneer of arrogance and misplaced self-worth that gets to me. The manager is evil! My roommates and I all took turns on different days to remind her that our shower needed repairs. Each time, one of us would come back reporting that same sneer and how it irritating it is when we know we send her rent checks every month! Her Mexican handymen were cool though. I decided to ask them about repairs directly rather than through her, and they did it for us out of pity and actual embarrassment that they were not notified. Funny how they took the apartment complex's reputation more to heart than SOMEONE WHO WAS ACTUALLY PAID TO DO IT. Take pictures. Ripped us off on our deposit, too. —Lee85

Do you think they weren't also paid? I sure wouldn't do that for free. —NickSchmalenberger

Is it Mary-Jean you're talking about? Because she's always been very responsive and helpful to me and my roommates. Do you happen to have stumbled across the blonde lady? Because she does have somewhat of an attitude problem. —Mandy1985

2009-11-02 15:54:19   This is a nice place, I have lived here for a while and am planing to stay. —sandrasandra

2010-12-04 17:23:35   Management can kiss my ass. All the people are money hungry, rude, and selfish people. deposit was taken more than half off of some overly expensive labor. everything was fine, but stupid management loves marking things as "dirty". walls are thin as paper. any other complex is much better than this one alone. —denisefleming

2011-02-18 10:12:37   I am posting this so there is a recent review of this place.

I rate it a 9/10. I chose this apartment because I was looking for a 2 bedroom place for two people that allowed cats and also had central AC and was close to campus. I looked at almost every complex in Davis and picked this one. I haven't moved out yet so we shall see how the move-out process goes.

The Good: 1. If you are looking for a 2 bedroom, this is one of the nicest complexes you get for a lower price. Our unit is 2 bed 1 bath and we pay $1220 2.There are three buslines to choose from: F, G, J 3.Its a very short bike ride to campus, its perhaps only a mile and a straight shot down Anderson 4. Its right across the street from Savemart and a short walk to the Marketplace (Safeway) 5. There is AMPLE PARKING. I have never had a problem with parking, there is enough for all residents and you get one permit per person on the lease. My guests have always been able to find parking on Alvarado. 6. The lease-signing process was super easy: no co-signers required 7. The manager (MariJean) is super nice. Any problems we've had have been resolved promptly. We have had no experiences with rudeness. 8. Its a quiet complex 9.Its close to the green belt paths for nice walking or jogging

The Bad/Not So Good: 1. The deposit is really high. Its much higher than the other places we've looked 2. The gym is very small and feels crowded if there is anyone but you there! But you've got the ARC so its not a huge deal 3. They don't allow dogs 4. There are not washers/dryers in the unit. But, there is an onsite laundry facility.

What I like about the unit itself: 1. Its light and open. The kitchens have white cabinets, the carpeting is light and the dual-pane windows let in a lot of light. Its not dark and dreary like many apartments. It seems very well-maintained. 2. The bathroom set up is unusual. There is the counter/sink, and behind a door to your left is a tub/shower, and to your right is the toilet. I like this set up because you can take as long a shower as you want without having to worry about hogging up the restroom. 3. The heater is super efficient. We only need to run it for about 10 minutes to get our bedrooms warmed up. 4. There is a storage room. Its great for keeping the vacuum and for us the perfect spot to keep the cat box.


2011-07-14 21:31:55   The entire experience of living here was overshadowed by the high-handed and arrogant management, which pretty much defined the experience as very unpleasant. This was the last apartment I lived in before starting grad school, and I'd say avoid. Its not horrible, but there are much better apartment complexes out there. The units are pretty small for the rental rates, especially the living room/kitchen, which is bad if you like to furnish your apartment/have people over. They don't use the Davis Model Lease. The location is good, but its located in a neighborhood with plenty of good apartments, and honestly that's the best thing going for it. Its not worth it to deal with the condescending management at this complex. —MatthewCCoker

2011-08-03 19:39:38   Hi! I've lived in a 2 bedroom/1 bath for almost a year and it has been a really pleasant experience! At first, the little things about the apartment like the color of the cabinets to the huge closet in the back were ignored, but as time went on, I've grown to appreciate these little attentions to detail and have made my stay here at AS very enjoyable. As a student, I liked the quiet community atmosphere (but there are small parties on the weekend!) and the cleanliness of community amenities. The BBQ area is very convenient (no charcoal, just turn it on!) and you can reserve the nicely decorated clubhouse to host an event. The manager was open to talking about any issues that came up during the year and recognized me within several weeks of moving in! I love to cook so a nice kitchen is a must! Here, the kitchen is roomy (not like the galley-like ones at other apartments) and well maintained (new looking appliances, modern look). Location-wise, it was very central because it is close to freeway onramps and is across the street from Anderson Plaza (Quickly, pizza, supermarket). I think, for the price (~610/room), it's a good option for those who have a friend or two to live with :)

The cons, though seemingly miniscule, are: big spiders around the awnings (but it's not really anything they can do about it... it's part of living outdoors) and hearing ambulances if you live close to the Covell side (you don't really hear cars because the complex's windows are more or less sound proof in that regard).

Despite the short list of cons, I still think AS is a good place to live in North Davis! Cheers and thanks for reading :) —AI

2011-08-29 15:37:43   When I was apartment searching, I read through all of the Davis Wiki comment sections for all of the apartments I was interested in. If you don't listen to any other comments, please absorb this one: Don't live here. —Anony252

2012-08-26 16:49:37   I want to echo both the positives and negatives that others have discussed about living here. Personally, my roommate and I were over-charged for cleaning fees (we were billed for carpeting, new paint, and general cleaning which totaled an astonishing $1,200) and I had to send two letters before someone addressed my problems. I had to threaten to take them to small claims court before I heard back from someone; after that process we got most of our money back. The pros of this place are: -clean, affordable, spacious apartments for two people -close to the major G/J lines, as well as the F -easy access for biking to campus (don't take Anderson! Use Oak st!!) -close to the Safeway/marketplace, the Savemart/Sushi Unlimited place, and the Davis Greenbelt for walking/biking -lots of parking and street parking for people visiting -place to park your bike right outside (providing your neighbors don't use them all)

Cons: -management will constantly treat you like you are sophomores who are living on their own for the first time. Mostly annoying because my roommate and I were older and responsible. Still, worth pointing out there is a lot of hand holding for repair orders, notifications, rules, etc compared to other places -initial deposit is quite high compared to other complexes (and our move-out process was a pain)

I wouldn't live here again due to the constant barrage of things from the management, but for new apartment renters it might be a good place. —omnipotentdude

2013-05-22 16:55:58   This is the worst place to live! Managers are arrogant and very rude. Management is too cheap to invest in better exercising equipments and everything looks rundown. This is the 21st century and we are still using coins for laundry machines and dryers 0_o? Such a hassle to always come see their old wrinkly faces to exchange money for laundry. It seems to be a nuisance to them when a tenant comes in to ask questions or ask for repairs. My asian roommate came in to ask about a possibility of renewing her lease for the upcoming year and the evil landlord told her to leave because she didn't schedule an appointment, and clearly they were not busy at the moment. These ladies are a bunch of arrogant, stupid, and racists people who always look down on minorities and treat their tenants like trash. I just wanted to inform you all before you guys dig a deeper hole for yourselves. Lesson learned....never choose AGGIE SQUARE APARTMENTS!!! —SarahBrown

2013-05-28 15:52:01   wow what a bunch of hypersensitive people. I've been here for three years, and the managers are perfectly friendly. Repairs are done same/next day, and rates are great given the space you're given. The kitchen and living room are huge. Yes you need quarters for the machines, big deal...welcome to life outside the dorms. No, the managers aren't your parents and won't kiss your feet every time you grant them the pleasure of your company. —BrianBusemeyer

2013-05-29 15:42:16   We are surprised and confused by the above comment from SarahBrown and we suspect it may be a malicious hoax. We have searched our records back to 2005 and have no record of having a tenant by the name of Sarah Brown. We are also unaware of any situation in which someone was asked to leave. We would like to be able to serve everyone at once, but sometimes it is not possible depending upon what is going on at the time. All of our residents are very important to us and we really try to serve everyone in a very respectful manner. The personal attacks directed toward the staff and the absurd racist-related comments are hurtful and completely unacceptable. We are very proud of the diversity in all the complexes that we manage and we consider that diversity an important component that contributes to a stronger community. As far as the condition of the complex goes, the recent improvements include: new higher power WiFi antennas and overall internet system upgrade, new high-efficiency laundry machines, exterior paint job, new windows, new cabinet hardware, new dining room fixtures, new energy-efficient kitchen lighting, stainless steel BBQs for tenant use, etc. Currently we are in the progress of installing new front doors and bathroom vanity light fixtures. We strive to keep the complex in good repair and work hard to meet or exceed resident expectations and our high standards. Many of these upgrades have been made based upon comments and suggestions made by our residents. If the comment above was a joke, then you sure nailed us good! However, if this comment was made by a resident using a fake name, please come meet with us so we can attempt to resolve your anger toward us. We would hate to see you so upset over something you heard second hand and we desire the opportunity to discuss and hopefully resolve any outstanding issues. We attempt to make every effort to make Aggie Square a great place to live and we are always willing to listen to constructive comments, especially ones that may lead to community wide improvements for everyone. Janna Buccieri, Davisville Management Company —JannaBuccieri

2013-05-29 15:45:16   In Response to Brian Busemeyer:

Hello Brian - We sure appreciate your comment and hope that you will let us know if you see any area in which we can improve our service and/or our community. Thank you so much! Janna Buccieri, Davisville Management Company —JannaBuccieri

2014-09-22 16:09:14   Overall I had a very pleasant experience living here. The grounds are lush and beautiful, the pool and jacuzzi are always kept sparking clean, and the clubhouse is great. I also loved the gas grills in the pool area. The apartment itself was nice as well. Carpets in my particular unit were a little worn, but clean. Cabinets are made out of cheap plywood (some units have nicer looking white cabinets, though) and the tile is linoleum, but it looked pretty nice. Appliances were new and worked great. Each unit has its own large water heater, and I never once ran out of hot water. My favorite part were the large windows that let the light in! The complex was pretty quiet, with only a few parties a year. Maintenance is always speedy - they would come out within a couple days. Management is nice - you get a little welcome gift upon move in and a costco-sized tub of cookies around Christmas. The only thing that really bothered me about this complex was that the walls were very thin and I could hear my neighbors easily, even if they were having low-volume conversations. A lot of people complain that they steal the security deposit, and yes you WILL lose a good chunk, but it was better than I thought. They will automatically take $100 out for carpet cleaning, but they tell you that when you sign the lease. They provide you with a cleaning list, and it will take you many hours if you hope to avoid a cleaning charge. It took me 4 hours with a few people, but the place was almost clean enough for move in (forgot to dust a drawer, there was some detergent spilled on the storage shelves, and a few dirt specks here and there). If you actually put in the effort and make the place look almost move-in ready, they'll either not charge you to clean, or charge you a modest "sparkle clean" fee, which I feel is fair. Overall, I got 82% of my deposit back, which is better than I expected. Just put in the effort: USE the cleaning list, and use the magic erasers they give you to get scuff marks off the wall. The only thing I didn't like upon moving out was finding out my bike had been disposed of while I had left for 3 months. I had a subletter live in my place for the summer, and I provided forwarding information to the office. My bike had a flat tire, but was otherwise just a year old and in perfect condition. I guess they tagged it as "not in working order" and disposed of it while I was away. I wished they would have emailed tenants (as they do with many notices) instead of just using notices pinned to the door, because I would have told them to please not dispose of mine. It's partly my fault, I should have specifically told them about my bike before leaving for the summer. I think that might be smart in the future as many of the tenants are students and some may leave for the summer months. Who knows...maybe it was stolen while I was away. I'm just sad I spent $250 on a bike I had for a year...sadness. Anyway. Ignore my lamenting over my bike. Overall, I would recommend this place. It's a great location, the grounds are beautiful, and management is very helpful and friendly. —MissANY

Aggie Square: New Research Frontiers at UCD - Diana Farmer, MD

The Sacramento City Council on Tuesday approved a comprehensive Community Benefits Partnership Agreement (CBPA) for the upcoming $1.1 billion Aggie Square project.

The agreement is part of an ongoing effort to ensure the upcoming innovation district — a partnership between UC Davis, developer Wexford Science & Technology and the City — not only boosts the local economy but also provides meaningful access to jobs, affordable housing and other benefits for residents of the surrounding neighborhoods, officials said.

Located at Stockton Boulevard and Second Avenue, mostly on property owned by UC Davis, Aggie Square would expand the university’s Sacramento campus, creating a state-of-the-art hub for research, innovation and education.

The City Council on Tuesday also approved the establishment of an Enhanced Infrastructure Financing District (EIFD) to assist in the funding of the project. As part of the EIFD, the City would redirect $30 million in future property taxes generated by Aggie Square back into the development of the project, with UC Davis funding the majority of the cost.

“This is a catalyst for the community,” Vice Mayor Jay Schenirer, who represents the district, said Tuesday. “These intentional and proactive agreements – for community benefits, critical infrastructure and for affordable housing in the Stockton Boulevard neighborhoods — all are the beginning, not an end.”

“This project and community benefits agreement will give residents an opportunity for more than a job,” said Councilmember Eric Guerra. They will provide “real economic mobility.”

“In addition to good paying jobs to residents in the immediate area, Aggie Square will provide opportunities for students to explore future careers in STEM related fields,” Guerra continued. “There is still work to do to ensure this project directly uplifts our residents, but this CBPA creates a roadmap of how we will work together as Aggie Square develops.”

Crafted by UC Davis Chancellor Gary May, Mayor Darrell Steinberg, Schenirer and Guerra, the agreement from UC Davis, the City and Wexford centers on inclusive economic development measures that reflect community priorities.

The agreement includes: Creation of an affordable housing fund with a minimum of $50 million for the Stockton Boulevard corridor; prioritizing local residents for entry-level and higher-wage jobs and providing training pathways to those jobs; and improving biking, walking and transit access around the UC Davis Sacramento campus on Stockton Boulevard.

Leading up to Tuesday’s Council meeting, local chambers of commerce, property business improvement districts and labor groups had voiced support for the agreement. That support grew on Tuesday night to include Sacramento Investment Without Displacement (SIWD), which previously had filed a CEQA lawsuit challenging UC Davis and the project.

Prior to the meeting, Steinberg, Schenirer and Guerra — assisted by the City’s legal staff — negotiated with SIWD on ways to increase the reporting and accountability on Aggie Square and also to pursue an additional City ordinance to require such community benefit agreements going forward on projects involving significant City investment. Subsequently, SIWD on Tuesday announced that it would drop the lawsuit.

Since May 2018, UC Davis, the City and Wexford conducted more than 90 community and stakeholder meetings to listen, learn about community needs and share information about the project’s progress. Below are highlights from the CBPA in response to those needs:

$50+ Million for Affordable Housing

  • $29 million from City of Sacramento and Sacramento Housing and Redevelopment Agency affordable housing resources
  • $29 million from real estate taxes generated by private industry
  • $5 million from fundraising efforts for anti-displacement programs in partnership with the City of Sacramento and UC Davis

Jobs for Local Community Members

  • 5,000 construction jobs
  • 20% + of projected 3,500 – 4,000 employees

To facilitate this goal, UC Davis, Wexford Science and Technology and the City are working in partnership with industry, workforce development groups, organized labor and community colleges.

Annual Fund for Neighborhood Priorities

  • Target of $150,000 per year to support youth opportunities, local entrepreneurs, public art, minority and veteran-owned businesses, and workforce development

To generate early results on community priorities, the Aggie Square Community Partnership – a coalition of neighborhood voices – will set priorities for a fund supported by Wexford Science and Technology.

Broadway and Stockton Improvements

  • Up to $1.1 million contributed by UC Davis

To promote walking, biking and transit use along Stockton Boulevard and improve the intersection at Stockton and Broadway, UC Davis will contribute up to 50% (up to $1.1 million) to the cost of improvements recommended by the City.

The full Aggie Square CBPA can be found here.


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