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Jojo no Kimyou na Bouken - Stardust Crusaders - Ebony Devil - Chara Heroes - Stardust Crusaders 1 (Tokimeki.com)Jojo no Kimyou na Bouken - Stardust Crusaders - Ebony Devil - Candy Toy - JoJo's Bizarre Mini Figure Stardust Crusaders Part.1 (Bandai)


Jojo no Kimyou na Bouken - Stardust Crusaders - Ebony Devil - Acrylic Mini Figure - Acrylic Stand - Jojo no Kimyou na Bouken Part3 Stardust Crusaders Acrylic Mini Stand 1 (Shueisha)



Ebony Devil is named for the Devil from the Major Arcana, has two distinct appearances. The first appearance is bound to Devo himself, appearing as part of his body, the second is once his effect activates, turning him into a small doll that appears to be a combination of a child-like doll and a voodoo foll. Like its other 'Devil' stand, Death 13, Ebony Devil possess a high learning potential and rarely takes direct commands, instead relying on it's own sadistic personality to do as his master commands. Ebony Devil is a simple Stand in use and power, but that doesn't make it weak.

Source: Jojo Wiki, jjba.wikia.com/...

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  1. Poe gems
  2. Stoney patch 350mg
  3. Rugrats go wild/credits
  4. Wifi direct headphones

Stand Stats Remastered — Ebony Devil - Remastered Stand Stats Now for Ebony...

Ebony Devil - Remastered Stand StatsNow for Ebony Devil! Biography: The Stand of Devo the Cursed that takes the form of a humanoid spectre in its real form. The Stand is a remote control Stand that is able to take possession of an inanimate object,...

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For those who read this many years down the line, today was the historic day that Burger King caved to pressure from the Pickly Rickly fandom and brought back their Lion King ketchup, or something, which has nothing whatsoever to do with today's Jojo stand, Ebony Devil! The form it manifests isn't really an original design, but lifted directly from ancient, bronze Sardinian figurines. I'm not sure whether that should detract from a rating or I should rate based on how cool looking said figurine is on its own. I think it'll just have to even out to an "alright" rating.

Ebony Devil's power, on the other hand, actually sort of comes with an alternate design of its own. Most stands aren't made of physical matter and can't normally interact with things as a physical entity, but this one has the power to possess an inanimate object, and its user keeps an exceptionally frightening doll on-hand for it. Once in possession of this nasty little body, Ebony Devil reveals a maniacally sadistic side inspired by the Child's Play films, a stark contrast to the actual stand's serene and serious appearance. To make matters worse, Ebony Devil is literally powered by its user's hatred, growing stronger and stronger the more hate he feels for his opponent.

I'm going to give this ability another 3/5. It's definitely cool and interesting enough to include here and has a distinct horror theme going on, but we're still going to see much, much wilder.

Sours: https://bogleech.com/jojo/7-ebonydevil.html

Devil ebony

Today’s stand is a weird one. It’s Ebony Devil.


This one is strange for a few reasons. It’s main form is heavily based off of ancient Sardinian dolls called “bronzetti”, specifically one known as “The Warrior.” What a weird and weirdly specific inspiration. However, I really like the design. I wish that it differed more, but the stand is certainly unique for stands, and it has a very odd quality to it.


However, it doesn’t stay in that form for long. It’s ability allows Ebony Devil to possess dolls, or perhaps just this one specific doll used to the story. I really don’t know.


It’s doll form (which was inspired by Chucky from Child’s Play, according to Jojoveller) has a bit more going on, though not much. I do like the rough, zombie-like skin, and it’s weird proportions are certainly interesting. But there’s just not enough to grab me. I think that it’s a step down design-wise from the bronzetti.


It’s an interesting stand, with an interesting inspiration, but I feel there needs to be more to push it beyond “above-average”. It’s too similar to the bronzetti and not as weird as it could be. However, I do like the stand, though I wish I could see more of it’s first form.

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As a result, one Tuesday, when I was waiting for my turn to the dentist, Angelica. Called me and offered to meet the four of us. Me, Aunt Natasha, Angela and Angela's boyfriend - Seryozha, I knew him from childhood too.

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The tentacles busily raped their captives, penetrating wherever they found holes, squeezing, rubbing, examining every millimeter of the bronze skin of the miniature images It seemed that even the. Metal was convulsing. The house itself, located in the background, was laid out of pinkish-scarlet stone, but with each floor it became lighter, to an almost white gazebo at the height of the fifth floor.

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