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The Abyss is a location that allows quick access to almost every Runecrafting altar. Before entering the Abyss, players must complete the miniquest Enter the Abyss. Entry to the Abyss is granted by the Mage of Zamorak, who is located in low-level Wilderness north of Edgeville.


There are two major sources of danger while Runecrafting using the Abyss: player killers while travelling in the low-level Wilderness and Abyssal creatures located in the outer ring of the Abyss. Entering the Abyss immediately drains a player's prayer points to zero and will give the player a skull, affecting which items will be kept upon player death.

Abyssal creatures can hit up to 12, and the outer ring of the Abyss is a multicombat area, though they miss often. They attack with both Melee and Magic, so armour like dragonhide is suggested.


Sours: https://oldschoolrunescape.fandom.com/wiki/Abyss/Strategies

Enter the Abyss OSRS Miniquest



Enter the Abyss [OSRS Miniquest]-20%
  • Enter the Abyss [OSRS Miniquest]

P, Q, R, S, TP2pMiniquest

Enter the Abyss miniquest, the player helps the Zamorakians access the rune essence mines so that they can craft their own runes. Previously, it had been a Saradominist secret, but the Mage of Zamorak asks for the player's help in learning it.

Requirements :  

Completed Rune Mysteries quest.

Reward : 

Unlocks Abyss, Runecrafting pouches, 1000 Runecraft experience

  • Starts with P, Q, R, S, T
  • F2p/P2p P2p
  • Quest Type Miniquest
Sours: https://www.rpgstash.com/runescape/enter-the-abyss-miniquest-old-school.html
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Zybez RuneScape Help's Screenshot of an Abyss Location

Table of Contents

1.0 - Introduction

On June 13th, 2005, the "Abyss" was introduced into RuneScape, which dramatically affected both the Runecrafting skill its and related economy. More specifically, it reduced the time and effort needed to Runecraft. Effortlessly Runecrafting with the Abyss can net over 300k an hour making Nature runes. As easy as it may be, there are some associated risks with using the Abyss. This guide will elucidate on these risks and provide helpful solutions and tips to these risks. It will also give you the basic information that you need to use the Abyss.

1.1 - What to Bring

Zybez RuneScape Help's Screenshot of What to Bring to the Abyss

You should wear the gear that has the highest possible magic defence bonus for your level, without weighing you down too much. This is because the main threat to your Runecrafting are greedy PKers who try to stop you from reaching the Abyss. Here's what you should wear:

  • Best dragonhide armour set you can use (red dragonhide and above are recommended)
  • Coif ( Although the best helmet to use is a bear head, which you receive upon completing Mountain Daughter. Bear head gives +9 defence to ranged and +7 to magic defence.)
  • Pickaxe ( To lose less money, use pickaxes from bronze to mithril )
  • God cape (if you've done Mage Arena)
  • Spotter/Spottier cape ( Reduces weight and comes more effective while running )
  • Elemental shield (if you've done the Elemental Workshop I quest, mind shield if you've done the Elemental Workshop II quest, or a holy Saradomin book)
  • Boots of lightness
  • Amulet of Glory
  • Ring of dueling
  • Karamja Gloves(3) - Gloves which you can wear and they give you a chance to teleport to Shilo and can protect you against PK'ers.
The equipment shown gives a +107 magic defence bonus. ( Changes to 97 when wearing spotter/spottier cape )
Zybez RuneScape Help's Screenshot of What to Bring in your Inventory

With your respect Runecrafting level, you should bring:

  • Levels 44-49: One small pouch and one medium pouch
  • Levels 50-74: One small pouch, one medium pouch, and one large pouch
  • Levels 75+: One small pouch, one medium pouch, one large pouch, and one giant pouch

The rest of your inventory should be ( Pure ) essence. Don't forget to fill your pouches! Having your pouches in a vertical position in the inventory is really effective and faster while emptying your pouches.

Note: I would also suggest having at least 5 fully charged Amulets of Glory in your bank. Over 10 is recommended. If at any time during Runecrafting you need to recharge your Amulets of Glory, you should do so. If you don't want to use Amulets of Glory, bringing a Teleport to House teleportation tablet would be a good idea if you have an Amulet of Glory on the wall. Also, keep in mind that you need a fair amount of rune essence in your bank. A good Runecrafter will always have a decent amount of essence stocked in their bank. Bringing the ring of life instead of the ring of dueling is another common strategy; if you suffer from lag while trying to operate the ring of dueling, it could result in your death.

2.0 - Monsters

There are three kinds of monsters inside the Abyss: Abyssal Leech (Level 41), Abyssal Guardian (Level 59), Abyssal Walker (Level 81).

These monsters drop all four of the pouches. They also drop every single kind of talisman, but the higher level talismans, such as the nature talisman, are rare. They can drop Rune essence in note form and in item form, ashes, Binding Necklaces, which are used to bind two types of runes together, and Elemental talismans, which are members only, and allow you to enter any elemental altar. The fastest way to gather pouches is to kill Abyssal Leeches ( Level 41 ) as they only have 10 hitpoints.

3.0 - The Pouches

To use the pouches you'll need a certain Runecrafting level. The better the pouch is the higher the Runecrafting level requirement. While a pouch is in use, it will degrade. Only the highest level pouch you have on you will degrade. When degraded, they hold two less essence. To get them fixed you'll have to talk to the Dark Mage in the center of the Abyss.

4.0 - Getting There - The Zamorakian Mage

The Abyss is only accessible after you have aided the Zamorakian Mage in his Abyss Mini-Quest. Speak to him at the source of the river north of Edgeville (level 5-6 Wilderness), and he will tell you to meet him at the chaos altar in Varrock. The chaos altar is south of the east Varrock bank.. Speak to him, and eventually he will ask you to take his Scrying Orb and teleport to the Rune Essence Mine from three different people. (For example, the Rune shop in Varrock, the mage north-east of Ardougne, and the mage at the bottom of the Wizard's tower.)

Once you have done this, return to him and give him the orb. He will give you a book on the Abyss, a small pouch, and 1,000 Runecrafting experience. When you meet the mage back at the source of river north of Edgeville (level 5-6 Wilderness), he will be able to teleport you to the Abyss, and can also sell you runes. He stocks 500 of each rune.

Warning: When you are teleported to the Abyss, you will be skulled and your prayer will be drained. The monsters there can hit hard, but are fairly inaccurate.

5.0 - The Abyss

The Abyss is made up of an outer ring, an inner ring, and a center. When you are teleported there, you appear in the outer ring with all the monsters. The inner ring contains the portals that will take you to every rune altar. In the very center of the Abyss, there is a Dark Mage and a swirling rift. The Mage is keeping that particular rift open, but you can speak to him to repair your pouches.

The outer ring and the inner ring of the Abyss are separated. To get into the inner ring from the outer, you will have to go through a tunnel; however, the tunnels are guarded or blocked. You can get past the obstacles, but you need certain items or skills:

ObstacleTactic (Skill)Item required
EyesDistract (Thieving)None
GapSqueeze Through (Agility)None
BoilBurn Down ( Firemaking )Tinderbox
BlockageYou can't go throughN/A
TendrilsChop (Woodcutting)Woodcutting axe (hatchet)
RockMine (Mining)Pickaxe
PassageGo throughNone

The Portals

The portals, or rifts that take you to the altars are located on the wall of the inner ring, and they look like small caves. These rifts are the only way (save teleporting or dying) out of the Abyss if you get caught. Once you exit through a rift, there is no way back into the Abyss, so you will have to walk or teleport to get out. Abyss Runecrafting using this method is faster for chaos and nature runes than for elemental runes.

6.0 - PKers

When you enter the Abyss, you are automatically skulled and your prayer is drained to 0. This paints a gigantic bullseye on your forehead for PKers. Melee PKers are less to worry about than mage PKers. The two types of mage PKers that you will find near the Abyss: Ancient Mages, who will like freeze you in place, and kill you with ice spells, and regular mages, who can entangle, tele-block, and use combat spells on you.

Here are a few things you can do to ensure your safety:

1) Wear dragonhide armour. This has some pretty decent magic defence to protect against mages, and can be a life-saver.
2) Know who is in the wild. If you make it past some PKers who could have attacked you, it is probably best to switch servers to save yourself from that risk the next time around.
3) Know your location. Are you closer to the Zamorak mage, or the non-wild? If you are closer to the Mage of Zamorak, he's a better option to get out of a bind than the non-wild.
4) If attacked by Ancient Mages, teleporting with your glory is still an option. With regular mages, you can be tele-blocked, so then clearly you cannot teleport. If you enter the Abyss and you are teleblocked, than the only solution is to wait, until the effect is gone. This was recently updated by Jagex, so logging out unfortunately doesn't stop the effect of the spell now.
5) Wear (mostly) easily replaceable items. Abyss Runecrafting in your party-hat is dumb.
6) While the equipment at the top of this guide is recommended, many Runecrafters prefer to carry nothing but pouches, essence and a ring of dueling (Using the ring to teleport to Castle Wars, then using an Amulet of Glory to teleport back to Edgeville). While this reduces the cost of death, it also increases the chances of being killed by PKers and the monsters in the Abyss alike.
7) Bring a teleport tablet or an ectophial. Even if you're worried about the PKer tele-blocking you, don't worry. Nine times out of ten they will try to freeze or entangle you before casting their tele-block.
8) Dropping your items. For this procedure to be initiated correctly, precise timing is needed. To prevent yourself from losing your glory amulet, simply drop your amulet at the last possible second. If timed correctly, you can run back to where you died and pick it back up before it becomes visible to the public, however you must be very fast when doing this.
9) Teleport via your house. Using your house teletablets when runecrafting via the Abyss can come in very handy. Assuming you have to correct materials, you can then use your mounted glory and teleport back to Edgeville, resulting in having no risk whilst entering the Abyss.

7.0 - Strategy

Requirements and Recommendations





Zybez RuneScape Help's Screenshot of the Mage of Zamorak

First, head to Edgeville bank. Once you fully meet the requirements and prepare your supplies, you are ready to start. Head north-east and follow the river until it ends. There should be the Zamorak Mage which you helped earlier. Right click on him, and ask him to teleport you to the Abyss.

(Note: If there is any other PKers that are 4, 5, or 6 combat levels within yours that are near you, they are likely to attack you. Since you are armoured up with the best magic defence, the best thing you can do is run by them to the Zamorak mage for the sake of the current trip and switch worlds when you are ready to go back.)

He will immediately chant a phrase and teleport you to the outer rim of the Abyss. You will see that it is filled with level-41 Abyssal Leeches, level-59 Abyssal Guardians, and level-81 Abyssal Walkers. These creatures have a decent strength and defence level, but low accuracy. Your dragonhide armour should provide fair protection against their attacks.

With your current equipment, you have 4 ways to proceed into the inner ring:

1. The Rock - Find a path blocked by rocks that look like giant teeth. Use your pickaxe to mine through the rocks and enter the inner rim of the Abyss. It also gives 25 experience in Mining.

Zybez RuneScape Help's Screenshot of Mining the Rock

2. The Eyes - Find a pair of eyes in the ground watching over another one of the passages. Use your Thieving skills to distract them, and run by when they're not looking. It also gives 25 experience in Thieving.

Zybez RuneScape Help's Screenshot of the Eyes

3. The Passage - Locate an un-guarded and un-blocked passage, and simply enter through. There is only one of them in the entire Abyss, so you will not frequently bump into those.

Zybez RuneScape Help's Screenshot of the Passage

4. The Gap - This is a rather tight entry to the inner rim, so you will have to use Agility. It also gives 25 experience in Agility.

Zybez RuneScape Help's Screenshot of the Gap

5. The Tendrils - Find a path blocked by vine-like Tendrils. Use your Woodcutting axe to chop them down and get to the inner ring of the Abyss. It also gives 25 experience in Woodcutting.

Zybez RuneScape Help's Screenshot of the Gap

6. The Boil - When you find an entrance blocked by a giant mound, you will be at the right place. This is the boil. Use your tinderbox to burn down the boil and enter the inner rim of the Abyss. It also gives 25 experience in Firemaking.

Zybez RuneScape Help's Abyss Boil Picture

Once you have reached the inner rim, head straight for the nature-rift on the west side of the ring.

Note: Using pouches, they will degrade over time, so after you've used them for about 20 - 30 trips, it is a good idea to ask the Dark Mage in the center of the abyssal place to fix them for you with a simple transfiguration spell before you enter through the nature rift. You can still use pouches when they are degraded, but they will look a lot darker than normal, and will not carry as much essence as they initially did.

From here, it's relatively easy to figure out. Enter the nature-rift, bind your rune essence, empty your pouches and bind your essence again. Use your Amulet of Glory to teleport back to Edgeville and repeat the process.

Note: For those who wondered why you brought a ring of dueling, it will save you from having to run if you forget to bring a charged Amulet of Glory. This happens frequently. Alternatively, you can use your free home teleport and use the bank in Lumbridge.

Sours: https://2007rshelp.com/misc.php?id=21

This article is about the Runecrafting method. For other uses, see Abyss (disambiguation).

The Abyss is a "glue" plane that sits between realms and holds them together. Inside of this dimension, is Hostilius, a Chthonian demon that was defeated by Zamorak and the Avernic during the demonic rebellion, was banished and imprisoned here. It is within his body, in this region of the abyss that, with exception of the Astral and Ourania Runecrafting Altars, provides access to all the existing altars without the need for a talisman. Hostilius' internal body consists of two rings; a dangerous outer ring in a multiway combat zone and a safe inner ring with rifts leading to the Runecrafting altars. In appearance, it seems to be oddly organic, with eyes, boils, and strange-looking tendrils.

In addition to the abyssal monsters inhabiting it, using this method is also dangerous because players who enter will have their Prayer points drained to 0.

Perhaps the most dangerous aspect is the fact that players have to travel through part of the low-level Wilderness to reach the Mage of Zamorak, who teleports the player inside.

Players who enter runecrafting altars through the Abyss receive 250% experience when crafting runes. This can be raised to 350% by wearing a demonic skull, which can be bought from the mage of Zamorak for 550,000 coins. The skull is not without risk: when you wear it, a demon's head will appear over you, and players of any combat level will be able to attack you in the Wilderness. Should you die to another player, it will be dropped as 500,000 coins for the killer to loot. There is no requirement to have talismans, tiaras or talisman staffs while in the abyss.


To enter the Abyss located north of Edgeville, the player needs to complete the Abyss miniquest. Once players have completed the Abyss miniquest, use the 'Teleport' option on the Mage of Zamorak north of Edgeville in level 4 to 6 Wilderness to enter the Abyss.


  • Once in the Wilderness, players should run until they reach the Zamorak Mage.


  • Players will be able to attack you upon entering the wilderness.
  • Upon entering the Abyss, you are skulled, which means you will lose all your items when you die, even though the Abyss itself is a non-Wilderness area. Do not bring any items you are not willing to lose. However, since it is not itself in the Wilderness, if you lose items you will still go the Death's office where you may reclaim your items for a fee and if you leave you will get a gravestone inside the Abyss as normal.

Other notes

  • Inside the Abyss, a player is not in the Wilderness any more, and cannot be attacked by other players. However, if a player attacks immediately before a player enters the Abyss, the attack can hit after the player has been teleported inside, due to lag. If you are teleblocked by a player before entering, using the 'Teleport' option on the Zamorak Mage will not work.
  • Combat experience received in the Abyss is only half that received outside of the Abyss, although it is still very common to see players training magic and range.


The interior of the area is roughly circular, with an 'inner' and 'outer' ring. After the player is teleported into the outer ring, they will have to find a way through to the inner ring where the rifts leading to the runecrafting altars are located.

Outer Ring

The outer ring contains a large number of Abyssal monsters:

These monsters can hit over 275 (with the exception of the leeches, which hit a maximum of 208), although they often miss if the player has a decent defence level (65+) and wears adequate armour such as Dragonhide, or armour from the 'strategy' section. However, the abyssal monsters should still not be underestimated as, due to their large numbers, a player may take several hits per second. Failed or not, no damage is taken from these monsters during an attempt to pass through to the inner ring. Minimising time between attempts can increase the chances of survival.

Access to the inner ring is gained by utilising different skills to bypass several obstacles:

Upon entering, the player always appears near the mining obstacle or the agility obstacle. With a high mining or agility level, this can be used to one's advantage to train more efficiently. An alternative to the agility obstacle is to proceed past the agility obstacle and pass via the thieving obstacle. Yet another alternative to the mining obstacle is to proceed past the mining obstacle and pass via the woodcutting obstacle.

These obstacles have randomly generated locations upon a player's arrival in the abyss and can be in different locations for different players at the same time. Passing them gives 25 xp in the required skill. The higher the level of the player in the corresponding skill, the higher the chances of passing the obstacle (the chances of passing are approximately skill level ÷ 99).

Abyss map.png

Inner ring

There are no monsters in the inner ring of the Abyss. There are rifts leading to every Runecrafting altar (except the Astral Altar and Ourania Runecrafting Altar) there, which makes the Abyss useful for crafting a lot of different types of runes very quickly. Talismans, tiaras or staves are not needed to access the altars via the rifts. The following restrictions still apply:

  • The Cosmic rift cannot be accessed until the Lost City quest has been completed.
  • No weapons or armour can be taken through to the rift to the Law Altar, as it is located on Entrana. This includes pickaxes, hatchets, explorer's ring, and any familiars or scrolls.
  • The Death Altar requires the quest Mourning's End Part II to be completed.
  • The Blood Altar requires the quest Legacy of Seergaze to be completed.
  • The Soul Altar requires the altar to be discovered using a soul talisman after completing the quest 'Phite Club.

There is a dark mage standing at the centre of the inner ring (yellow spot on the minimap), maintaining the rift so the ZMI can use the Abyss to craft runes. He will repair players' Runecrafting pouches for free.


Main article: Pouch (Runecrafting)

Pouches come in five sizes - small, medium, large, giant, and massive. The small pouch will be obtained from the Zamorak Mage upon completion of the Abyss mini-quest; players may retrieve the small pouch from him later on if they drop or lose it. All the pouches except for massive are dropped by the creatures in the Abyss and the alternate abyss as well. Since the release of the Runecrafting Guild, players can now also obtain some pouches from the Wizard Korvak. He can replace lost medium pouches for free and will repair any others for a fee; it is thus suggested that players instead visit the Dark Mage in the centre of the abyss to repair your pouches. Korvak charges 9,000 coins & 12,000 coins for large and giant pouches respectively, and repairs medium pouches for free. He also sells large pouches for 25,000 coins & giant pouches for 50,000 coins. No matter where you choose to obtain your pouches, you may only get one of each size. The pouches are also untradeable. If you try to pick up another pouch, the message, "You do not need another <size> pouch." will appear. In addition, all pouches will automatically be destroyed upon death (they have a white outline in the 'Items kept on death' interface). This creates a risk, especially when under attack by a player in the Wilderness.

Pouches degrade with each use; the biggest pouch will degrade first. If a giant pouch is being used, 11 trips may be completed with the Giant pouch at full capacity – it will degrade on the 12th trip . More precisely, the Giant pouch will degrade after 135 essence have passed through it. Clicking on the pouch when it is already full of essence does not degrade the pouch, contrary to what many people believe.

When a pouch degrades, the result is that the pouch will carry fewer essence than before. After the first degrading, the giant pouch will hold 9 essence instead of 12. If a degraded pouch continues to be used, the pouch will degrade further, further reducing the number of essence that can be held in it. Eventually the pouch will not be able to hold any essence and will degrade completely.

When a pouch degrades, it will darken in colour; the player will receive a message in their chatbox alerting them to the fact. Pouches can be repaired by speaking to the Dark Mage in the centre of the Abyss (or with the Lunar spellNPC Contact). He will repair pouches whether they have visibly degraded or not. It is possible to contact the Dark Mage every 11th trip to repair pouches so that the pouches may always be used at full capacity. However, it may be difficult to remember to keep track of which trip is the 11th trip, so it is common for players to just go to the Dark Mage after the Giant pouch has visibly degraded, crafting 3 fewer essence on that trip.

Pouches are also repaired even when they are stored in a bank, so they don't have to be carried in the inventory when talking to the Dark Mage. Alternatively, for players who have access to the Lunar spellbook you can repair your pouches by using the Contact NPC spell.

An exception to this is the Massive pouch, which after every 42 uses will crumble into dust. It is also possible to own more than one, but only one may be filled at a time and there is no way of repairing it.

Any pouch that gets dropped may be picked up by the player who dropped it (within three minutes), however, all the essence that was contained within the dropped pouch will be gone.

Using the Abyss as a method of transportation

Because the altars are located throughout the world, it is possible to use the Abyss as a method of teleportation. Some useful (and free) teleports include:

  • Air altar - Champions' Guild, Cooks' Guild, Grand Exchange, Varrock
  • Blood Altar - Quick access to Mutated bloodveld for Slayer tasks.
  • Death Altar - End of the Temple of Light from the quest Mourning's End Part II
  • Earth altar - East Varrock
  • Fire altar - Al Kharid, Duel Arena, Shantay Pass
  • Law altar - Entrana
  • Nature altar - Karamja, Shilo Village, Tai Bwo Wannai, Brimhaven Dungeon
  • Soul Altar - Menaphos
  • Water altar - Lumbridge Swamps, Zanaris

To use a teleport, simply enter the Abyss, find and enter the altar, then leave via the portal. No tiaras or talismans are necessary when entering the portals to go to the various altars via the abyss.

Combat training


Main article: Abyss/Combat training

Training Melee, magic, and ranged combat skills in the Abyss is one of the higher exp/hour AFK training methods in Runescape granting 500k-600k combat exp/hour.


  • Bring lightweight equipment and a one-click teleport.
  • Completing the Wilderness Tasks is helpful. The Wilderness sword 3 or above give a chance of the Mage of Zamorak teleporting the player to the center of the Abyss.
  • Additionally, the Wilderness sword 1 or above provides unlimited teleports to Edgeville, and this teleport is the default option when placing the sword on the Action bar.


  • When the Abyss was released, it was possible to attack other players inside the abyss by using Ancient Magicks multi-target spells on a monster near the player, you could also select an attacking spell from the spell list and manually use it on a player. Because of the relative obscurity of the recently-released Abyss, many people explored the Abyss with expensive armour, and were a target for the bug abusers. The glitch was later fixed; however, the people who profited from it were not banned.
  • After the update on 10 December2007, Abyss runecrafting was made much safer due to the fact that there are no player killers around and revenants only occasionally wander close to the Zamorak Mage. However, the player killers were returned with the Wilderness and Free Trade update on 1 February2011.
  • It is possible to see the Abyssal Area at the far north of the Abyss. You don't even need an Orb of Oculus.
  • According to the game's background, whenever a person is teleported with magic, they are in the abyss for a split second. Hence the Lost & Found officerandom event. Accordingly, as the Mage of Zamorak during the miniquest with the same name theorises, The Abyss is a dimension in which the dimensional barriers may be weakening. If this is indeed the case, then many more teleportation methods would be failing, not simply the initial spell that caused the Zamorakians to discover the Abyss as well as allowing all of the abyssal creatures into the same area. As most teleports are quite accurate, this has caused controversy pertaining to the storyline of this miniquest.
    • It is worth noting, however, that the Mage of Zamorak claims that Zamorak has devoted some of his energy to stabilising the Abyss. It is possible that, as a result, there is now less risk of teleportation spell failure.
  • On 6 June 2009 with the new update of the Hunt for Red Raktuber the thieving obstacle did an emote even if you failed to pass.

Music unlocked

Sours: https://runescape.fandom.com/wiki/Abyss

Osrs abyss

How do you get into the abyss Osrs?

How do you get into the abyss Osrs?

You must speak to the Mage of Zamorak after finishing the quest in order to enter the Abyss otherwise he will tell you to talk to him again in Varrock when you try to teleport in the Wilderness.

How do you get a nature talisman Osrs?

A good way to obtain the talisman is to kill abyssal leeches in the abyss after completing the Enter the Abyss miniquest. Keep in mind that the abyss is very dangerous and you may find yourself quickly overwhelmed without proper armour and food. Always bring a teleport in case you need a quick escape.

Where is the nature altar Osrs?

Shilo Village

Where can I buy nature runes?

Shops. Players may purchase nature runes at Lundail’s Arena-side Rune Shop in the Mage Arena, Mage Training Arena, the Magic Guild Store in Yanille, or at Baba Yaga’s Magic Shop on Lunar Isle.

Where can I buy death runes?

Death runes can be bought from all Magic shops with a stock of 250, except for the Magic shop on Ape Atoll. Several monsters, such as ankous, nechryael, and dark beasts, commonly drop death runes. They can also be found in the Barrows Chest with at least 631 rewards potential.

What drops nature runes Osrs?

For non-members, the main source of nature runes is non-player characters that drop them (such as Guards, Dark Wizards, Flesh Crawlers or Cockroach workers, Moss Giants, Ice Warrior and Ankous), as most monsters that drop runes may occasionally drop nature runes.

Where can I buy law runes?

For non-members, the main source of law runes is from monster drops, as most monsters that drop runes may occasionally drop law runes. For members, they may be purchased in the Mage Arena and in the Wizards’ Guild after completing The Hand in the Sand.

Where is the law rune altar?


What monsters drop law runes Osrs?

Law Rune Drops. Find a monster that drops law runes. Suggested targets are: Barbarians (level 9-17), Gunthar the brave (level 29) there are only one in Barbarians Village, Dark wizards (level 7 and 20), Hobgoblins (level 28), and Hill Giants (level 28). Higher levels may want to fight ice warriors (level 57).

How do you make law runes Osrs?

The route

  1. Add 1 super energy or stamina potion and 1 normal log in your inventory.
  2. Run from the Castle Wars bank to the hot air balloon just northeast.
  3. Run to the Law altar and craft your essence into law runes.
  4. Teleport via the ring of dueling back to Castle Wars and repeat.

How do I get to the law altar through the abyss?

At average speed, one can do about 50 trips to the law altar via the Abyss per hour, using the amulet of glory to teleport back to Edgeville. You need to recharge your pouches every nine trips at the Dark mage to prevent the giant pouch from degrading. 75 for the giant pouch….Crafting law runes through the Abyss.

Inputs (180,569)Outputs (908,250)

Where are the hill giants Osrs?

A Hill Giant is a type of giant found in several locations around RuneScape, most highly concentrated in the far southern end of the Edgeville Dungeon. These dungeons may be accessed through the entrance located in the house north-east of Barbarian Village and west of the Cooks’ Guild if the player has a Brass key.

How do I get to the mage Arena Osrs?

The quickest way to get there is by use of the lever in the ruins of Edgeville or in the small building near the gate to West Ardougne. Pulling either of these levers will teleport you to the Deserted Keep, a small island surrounded by lava in level 54 Wilderness.

Which god staff is best Osrs?

Guthix staff

How do you get all 3 God capes Osrs?

God capes are a set of Magic capes that can be awarded from the The Mage Arena miniquest. After defeating Kolodion in all four of his forms, the player can speak to him and step through the sparkling pool and pray to one of three gods: Saradomin, Zamorak, or Guthix.

Can you autocast flames of zamorak?

A player can cast this spell only while wielding the Zamorak staff, a Staff of the dead, or Toxic staff of the dead at the cost of 2 Blood runes, 4 Fire runes, and 1 Air rune. Only the Staff of the dead can autocast this spell.

Can Master wand autocast ancients?

The master wand is the second-strongest of the wands, requiring 60 Magic to wield. A Master wand can be upgraded to a Kodai wand if the player has a Kodai insignia, obtained from the Chambers of Xeric activity. As of 24 July 2014, the master wand is able to autocast Ancient Magicks.

Can staff of the dead autocast ancients?

Comparison between other magic weapons. Can autocast Ancient Magicks. Provides unlimited water runes while equipped. When a combat spell is cast with the staff, there is a 15% chance that the wand will negate the rune cost for that spell.

Can you autocast ancients with Ahrim’s staff?

The Ancient staff, Master wand, Kodai wand, and Ahrim’s staff (with Ahrim the Blighted’s equipment and the Amulet of the damned) can autocast the Ancient Magicks, as well as spells from the standard spellbook.

Is Master wand better than ancient staff?

Currently the strongest staff when used as a melee weapon, surpassing the Ancient staff and Iban’s staff, and provides +17 magic defence. Counts as a Zamorakian item in God Wars.

Do you need a staff to cast spells in Runescape?

Each spell has a certain rune requirement to cast; these runes are consumed during the casting process. A staff of fire will therefore count as unlimited fire runes; High Level Alchemy, which normally requires five fire runes and one nature rune per cast, will only require one nature rune with a staff of fire equipped.

How do I change to ancients?

To change to the Ancient Magicks spellbook, or back from the Ancient Magicks to the standard spellbook, players must enter the Jaldraocht Pyramid in the desert south of Al Kharid and west of Pollnivneach from the rear and pray at the altar.

How do I switch to Ancients in rs3?

How do I change the spellbook in my house Osrs?

The Occult altar, also known as the Altar of the Occult, is built in the Achievement Gallery of a player-owned house as a place where players can switch their spellbook to one of the following: the Arceuus spellbook, Lunar spellbook, regular spellbook, or the Ancient Magicks.

Sours: https://boardgamestips.com/faq/how-do-you-get-into-the-abyss-osrs/

Note: It is recommended that only you use the Abyss to craft the following runes. For others using the traditional way is safer and faster.

  • Cosmic
  • Chaos
  • Nature
  • Law
  • Death
  • Blood

Location Map

The entrance to the Abyss is in Wilderness (level 5), directly north of Edgeville. To use the Abyss, you must have completed the Mage of Zamorak miniquest.

Head north of the Edgeville bank and straight into the Wilderness (level 4 to 6). Use the 'Teleport' option on the Mage of Zamorak to access the Abyss. Once you are inside you will have to look for a way out. You will be able to distract the eyes, squeeze through gaps, cut the tendrils, or mine the rocks. Once you are inside the inner ring, locate and enter the desired rift. The rift will teleport you to the altar. There you may craft your runes. Empty your pouch(es) and turn the remaining essence in runes. Then, use a manner of teleport (tablets, runes, or jewelery) to teleport to a bank. If you are planning on crafting Law runes, you cannot carry any armor or weapons with you.

Recommended Equipment:

  • Pouches (Filled with essence, use as many pouches as you can)
  • Pure/Rune essence
  • Boots of lightness
  • Spotted or Spottier cape
  • (Super) Energy potions
  • Amulet of glory, Ring of duelling, or a one-click teleport (Ectophial, Varrock teleport tablet)
  • Bearhead (Optional)
  • Elemental shield or Holy book (Optional)
  • Dragonhide armor (Optional)

Abyss Map

Once you have made it into the Abyss, you will need to find a way to access the inner ring. There are a variety of tunnels that offer access to the center. However, these tunnels are blocked-off by obstacles that require a certain skill to be opened up.

The Rocks:

To get to the center through this way, you will need to click "Mine Rocks". You receive 25 Mining experience for successfully breaking the rocks.


Rocks Before and After

The Tendrils:

To get to the center through this way, you will need to click "Chop Tendrils". You receive 25 Woodcutting experience for successfully cutting down the tendrils.


Tendrils Before and After

The Boil:

To get to the center through this way, you will need to click "Burn Boil". You receive 25 Firemaking experience for successfully burning the boil.


Boil Before and After

The Eyes:

To get to the center through this way, you will need to "Distract eyes". You receive 25 Thieving experience for successfully distracting the eyes.


Eyes Before and After

The Gap:

To get to the center through this way, you will need to click "Squeeze through gap". You receive 25 Agility experience for successfully squeezing through the gap.



In the inner ring, you will find rifts which give access to all runecrafting altars and a the Abyssal rift connecting Gielinor to the Abyss. Refer to the map above for locations of each rift. In the very center, the Dark mage is keeping the rifts open. He says that if he loses concentration, the rift fails. If we are lucky, everyone within a mile will get their heads blown off or will be eaten by the abyssal monsters. If we are unlucky, the rifts will collapse and make the universe implode upon itself.

Dark mage

Each rift can be recognized by the symbol of the rune it represents. These rifts give access to the runecrafting altars and allow you to craft runes without a talisman.


Many abyssal monsters wander about in the outer ring, a multi-combat zone. These monsters are capable of hitting over 275 (with the exception of the leeches, which are capable of hitting a maximum of 208). Player with a decent Defence level (65+) and equipped with adequate Armour such as Dragonhide will likely not receive any hits from these monsters.

Abyssal leech (Level 72)

Abyssal leech

Abyssal guardian (Level 79)

Abyssal guardian

Abyssal walker (Level 77)

Abyssal walker

All these monsters can drop:

  • Pure essence (Noted)
  • Talismans (up to Law)
  • Binding necklace
  • Charms (Including Abyssal charms)
  • Pouches (Small, Medium, Large, Giant)
  • Clue scroll (Medium)

The above mentioned monsters drop pouches that range in size - small, medium, large, and giant - and can be used to carry extra essence in. Therefore, they increase the amount that you can carry to the altars. If your pouches degrade from too much use, they will how two less essence. However, only the highest level pouch you own will degrade. To get your pouches repaired, you must take them to the Dark mage in the center of the Abyss. If you lose your pouches, the Dark mage will give you another small pouch for free. Wizard Korvak at the Runecrafting Guild will replace a lost medium abyssal pouch for free and repair large and giant pouches for the price of respectively 9K and 12K gp. He will also replace large and giant pouches at a small price (respectively 25K and 50K gp).

Elemental Talisman

One of the items dropped by the abyssal monsters is the Elemental talisman. This talisman counts as a talisman for the four elemental runes (fire, water, air, and earth). It can only be obtained from these monsters and cannot be made by players.

Q: I saw a someone using protect prayers inside of the abyss. How is this possible?
A: Prayer potions may be used to replenish your prayer points

Q: Why can't I find any more pouches? I have one of each.
A: You may only have one of each (even if one of them is in your bank).

Q: Are there other ways for carrying more essence than use the pouches?
A: You may use your Summoning skills to summon an Abyssal parasite (54 Summoning), an Abyssal lurker (62 Summoning), or a Abyssal titan (93 Summoning). Each of these creature will carry an additional 7 essence.

Sours: https://www.runehq.com/special/abyss-guide

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