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A Road Hazard is defined as hitting something unforeseen in the road and causing irreparable damage to the tire. This is not the fault of the tire, but a handful of tire manufacturers do provide limited warranty coverage against such damage on certain model tires. For eligible Hankook or Kumho tires, the coverage is free replacement during the first 25% of tread wear. For eligible Continental and Nexen tires, the coverage is free replacement during the first 2/32’s of tread wear. Taxes, installation costs, and any other service fees are not included.

Exclusions: This warranty is not applicable to original equipment tires. After the free replacement period, this warranty is no longer valid. Repairable punctures are not covered.

All prices are per tire. You will have the option to modify your shipping options during the checkout process


Roadrunners started in 1999 when Andrew Hodgkinson hung up his haulage boots after many years on the road and decided to have a go at something new alongside his wife, Barbara.

So, in a hired van with his Son, Joe, in the passenger seat he started fitting truck tyres. Over the course of the next few years, they rented a share in a small depot on Cabus Commercial Park and started to expand the business into car, van, 4x4 + agricultural tyres. In time, Roadrunner's outgrew it's humble starting point and moved into a purpose built depot on the same site. 

Again, the business developed, taking on more staff and starting to specialise in 4x4 tyres, wheel alignment and servicing alongside developing the agri and plant department with more vans on the road. In 2010, daughter Jade joined the team to make it a full family enterprise. 

2021 saw changes again - a new agricultural warehouse on a new site and developments within the main base at Cabus, with Jade and depot manager Kevin taking the reigns at the retail department and Andrew working soley on the Agri department. 

Through many developments and changes to the business, the ethos of Roadrunners has stood firm.

Quality Products.

Value for Money.

Honest Advice. 

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Tire roadrunner

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