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The Symbolism Behind Silent Hill&#;s Pyramid Head

One of the most famous and influential horror game franchises of all time is Silent Hill, which is well known for its terrifying creature design, dream-like atmosphere, and details drenched in symbolism. Coming out of players' nightmares is the most famous monster from Silent Hill as a whole, Pyramid Head.

Originally appearing in Silent Hill 2, Pyramid Head has also made lore appearances in Silent Hill: Origins, Silent Hill: Homecoming, and Silent Hill: Downpour. He is a brutal executioner with an unseen face that's covered by a metal pyramid. The only semblance of a mouth can be known from a tongue-like appendage that Pyramid Head can bring out by peeling up the corner of the front plate of the pyramid.

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Readers should note going forward that this analysis of the symbolism behind Pyramid Head in Silent Hill and his actions contain heavy spoilers for the entirety of Silent Hill 2. As always, this is up to interpretation, and those who wish to not be spoiled are not advised to go forward.

James Sunderland

James Sunderland is the main protagonist and playable character of Silent Hill 2. After the death of his wife, Mary Sunderland, James receives a letter from her postmortem that asks him to meet her in Silent Hill. Being that Silent Hill was a favorite vacation spot for the two of them, James travels there and finds twisted horrors awaiting him.

While trying to find Mary, James encounters other people who are looking for things or people in Silent Hill as well as a woman named Maria that looks exactly like Mary. The main difference between the two however is that Maria has a more outgoing personality and fashion choices while Mary was very modest in nature. She ends up becoming James' companion through his journey in Silent Hill.

Eventually, it is revealed that the letter James has been holding the entire time has been blank and that he in actuality had killed Mary very recently before the game had started and that Mary's body was back in James' car trunk at the start of the game. What James does with remembering this information is based on what actions the player took throughout the game.

With Pyramid Head being the main aggressor throughout Silent Hill 2, he symbolizes many facets of James Sunderland's personality and feelings toward himself and Mary. This can also be seen with how Pyramid Head treats Silent Hill's other monsters and Maria.

James' Guilt

No matter what route players find themselves on in Silent Hill 2, James is always enraptured by the guilt of killing his wife and the actions he took leading up to it. A large part of Pyramid Head's design and character is based around this deep sense of guilt and pain.

When designing Pyramid Head, the sharp points of the pyramid were created to subtly suggest pain going toward the monster as well, as Pyramid Head is a reflection of James. As can be seen in a painting and as Pyramid Head's title in Dead by Daylight, he is also known as the Executioner. Executioners aren't known for being wandering killers, but rather those who kill those who've been caught for a crime. This is representative of James' desire to face justice for his act of killing Mary.

Another big part of Pyramid Head's design that has stayed even without the presence of James is Pyramid Head's weapon: The Great Knife. While this is a terrifying weapon capable of killing people with only one swing, it is a burden to carry. Pyramid Head is unable to move very fast while using it and performing a single swing with it takes a lot of time to do. Those being pursued by Pyramid Head can also hear him coming from the loud noise the Great Knife makes as it's dragged across the floor.

After Maria is killed, Pyramid Head relinquishes the Great Knife to use the quicker Great Spear instead. This could be a reflection of James needing to let go of Mary and how he can become stronger when he gets past his guilt.

James' Sexual Repression

One of the more subtle aspects of James Sunderland's character is his sexual repression that he went through while Mary was in the hospital. It is suggested through a variety of details in Silent Hill 2 that James either was visiting strip clubs or outright cheating on Mary while she was suffering from illness. This also helps James build up more of his guilt, but with Pyramid Head symbolizing many of the inner parts of James' mind, this monster also reflects this.

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The first time players ever see Pyramid Head in Silent Hill 2, he is sexually assaulting two enemies known as Mannequins before killing them. These enemies are two female lower halves fused together with each other at the seams. Mannequins seem to symbolize how James viewed the other women he's seen while she was in the hospital with them literally as walking sexual objects.

With Pyramid Head brutalizing them before killing them, it shows how James would take breaks from dealing with pain by just filling his life with vices such a sexual gratification. Other monsters such as the faceless nurses seen in Silent Hill 2 also symbolize how James viewed the other women in his life, with him even mentally sexualizing the nurses that were helping Mary.

Other Silent Hill Titles

Despite being designed around the torment surrounding James Sunderland in Silent Hill 2, Pyramid Head has returned for multiple Silent Hill games. This is simply due to developers wanting to capitalize off of Pyramid Head's popularity as a character and placing his reason for existing after having him in a game at all. Pyramid Head's original designer, Masahiro Ito, generally isn't a fan of his constant inclusion in other titles that aren't related to the character of James Sunderland.

However, there is an attempt to have some semblance of reasoning in Silent Hill: Homecoming, where Pyramid Head is known as the Bogeyman. He appears once in the protagonist, Alex Shepherd's, dreams and then appears physically two more times later in the game.In folklore, beings known as the Bogeyman are often told in childhood stories where the Bogeyman will "get" children who misbehave. Stories such as this play off the guilt that children feel and have the Bogeyman as some kind of punishing entity. This parallels Pyramid Head's role as an Executioner and a symbol of guilt.

Going forward, it is great to see this terrifying entity appear in Dead by Daylight, but it would probably be best for the Silent Hillseries to create new terrifying monsters to be on par with Pyramid Head, rather than constantly bringing him back due to his reasoning for existing.

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Someone Bought The Silent Domain To Post A Photo Of Pyramid Head Showing He&#;s 9ft Tall

By Sean Murray


A Silent Hill fan bought the domain and used it to point out that Pyramid Head is also very tall. Take that, Lady Dimitrescu.

Perhaps jumping on the Lady Dimitrescu bandwagon, a Silent Hill fan bought the domain and used it to point out that Pyramid Head is also very tall, and he came first.

Ever since Resident Evil art director Tomonori Takano confirmed that Resident Evil Village villain Lady Dimitrescu is nine-and-a-half feet tall, people haven't been able to get enough of this freakishly tall lady.

"Most recently, Lady Dimitrescu and her daughters have received a fair amount of attention, far more than we anticipated," Takano said. "It's great that they're able to take the spotlight as icons of Resident Evil: Village. Lady Dimitrescu, especially, has received much fanfare both domestically and overseas, which has made all of us in the development team extremely happy."

It is extremely happy to hear, and there's a lot of fanart of our good Lady celebrating her enormous size. But there's at least one Silent Hill fan that just needed to point out that Lady Dimitrescu is not the first extremely tall horror video game villain.

That honor goes to Silent Hill's Pyramid Head, a terrifying man wearing an equally enormous pyramid-shaped helmet and carrying a huge sword. He never had the same wide appeal as Lady Dimitrescu, but that's probably because he threw way too much of the game away by wearing nothing above the waist. If the guy had kept something for the imagination like Lady Dimitrescu, then maybe Silent Hill would never have gone on extended hiatus.

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Which is likely why this unknown Silent Hill fan felt the need to actually purchase the domain name and post a picture of Pyramid Head pointing out his nine-foot height.

Anyway, as fun as this image is, it may also be an example of domain squatting. If there really is a Silent Hill reboot in the works, as has been long-rumored and even hinted at recently by Silent Hill composer Akira Yamaoka, then Konami is likely to want for whatever new game is coming out. Hopefully this doesn't cause a fight later on.


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Pyramid Head

Fictional video game character

Pyramid Head
A screenshot of a painting featured in a video game; a pale-skinned, spear-wielding, and muscular monster with a bloodstained, and rusty, triangular head stands in the center, surrounded by caged humanoids.

Pyramid Head as he appears in Silent Hill 2

First gameSilent Hill 2
Designed byMasahiro Ito
Portrayed byRoberto Campanella

Pyramid Head (also known as "Red Pyramid Thing" (赤い三角頭, Akai Sankakutō),[1] "Red Pyramid", Sankaku Atama (三角頭, lit. "Triangle Head"), and the Executioner)[2] is a fictional character from the Silent Hill series of survival horror video games published by Konami.

Introduced in the installment Silent Hill 2, they are a type of monster that serve as main antagonists as they stalk James Sunderland, the primary player character, who comes to the town of Silent Hill after receiving a letter from his deceased wife, Mary. The Silent Hill series, particularly the second installment, frequently utilizes psychology and symbolism: Pyramid Head represents James' wish to be punished for Mary's death. Masahiro Ito, the designer of Silent Hill 2's monsters, created the character because he wanted "a monster with a hidden face".[3] Known for its large triangular helmet that conceals his head, Pyramid Head lacks a voice, a visible face, and their appearance stems from the town's past as a place of execution.

It has since appeared in the film Silent Hill as "Red Pyramid", in the first-person shooter Silent Hill: The Arcade as a boss, and in the fifth installment of the series, Silent Hill: Homecoming, as the "Bogeyman". He has also made an appearance outside of the Silent Hill series as a selectable character in the Nintendo DS title New International Track & Field, Super Bomberman R, and was added as a playable character in , in the video game Dead by Daylight. Positively received in Silent Hill 2 for his role as an element of James' psyche, he has been cited by reviewers as an iconic villain of the series and part of Silent Hill 2's appeal.

Concept and design[edit]

A monster with a concealed face was the concept behind Pyramid Head's design; Ito rejected his initial sketch (left), which resembled a masked human, and gave the creature a pyramid-shaped helmet (right).[3]

Ito wanted to create "a monster with a hidden face", but became unhappy with his designs, which resembled humans wearing masks. He then drew a monster with a pyramid-shaped helmet.[3] According to Ito, the triangle's sharp right and acute angles suggest the possibility of pain.[3] Of the creatures that appear in Silent Hill 2, only Pyramid Head features an "overtly masculine" appearance.[4] He resembles a pale, muscular man covered with a white, blood-soaked robe reminiscent of a butcher's smock. He does not speak, but grunts and moans painfully.[4] His most outstanding feature is his large red, triangular helmet.[note 1] His weapons consist of the deadly and heavy Great Knife,[6] which the player can find and use for the rest of the game,[7] and later a spear.[8] As a German World War IItank enthusiast, Ito was inspired by the lower hull of the King Tiger heavy tank when designing the edges of the character's helmet; other military vehicles from that region and era informed design elements as well.[9][10]

According to Konami's Lost Memories, his appearance was a variation of the outfits of the executioners from the fictional history of the town. They wore red hoods and ceremonial robes to make themselves similar to Valtiel,[11] a monster who appears in Silent Hill 3.[12] Like Valtiel, Pyramid Head dresses in gloves and stitched cloth and pursues the game's main protagonist.[11] According to Silent Hill 2's character designer Takayoshi Sato, he appears as a "distorted memory of the executioners" and of the town's past as a place of execution.[4][13]

Christophe Gans, the director of the film adaptation of Silent Hill, suggested that Pyramid Head "was one of the executioners in the original history of the town" and "there is not one particular or exclusive manifestation of him as an entity."[14]


In video games[edit]

In Silent Hill 2, after receiving a letter from his deceased wife, Mary, and arriving in the foggy town of Silent Hill to search for her, the game's protagonist and primary player character, James Sunderland, encounters Pyramid Head several times over the course of the game. He first appears from behind a gate, making no attempt to attack James. Later, in an apartment, James walks in on Pyramid Head killing two Mannequins—creatures made of two sets of feminine hips and legs. Terrified, James hides in a closet and watches while Pyramid Head stands directly outside of it before leaving. When James asks another character, Eddie, about the monster, Eddie denies knowing about Pyramid Head.[15] Later, near a flooded stairway, James witnesses Pyramid Head choking out another monster, and Pyramid Head attempts to kill him, causing a boss fight. After a few minutes, sirens sound in the distance and Pyramid Head descends the stairway and disappears. James does not meet him again until in Brookhaven Hospital, where Pyramid Head knocks him through a safety railing and he falls, sustaining injuries. Pyramid Head does not pursue him or continue the attack. Later, he stalks James' companion Maria, who closely resembles his wife Mary, through a lengthy corridor. As James flees into an elevator, the doors shut before she can join him. He struggles to open the doors to save her, but Pyramid Head kills her.[16] However, in the labyrinth beneath Toluca Prison, James finds her alive and unharmed in a locked cell.[17] Before trying to seduce him, she reminisces about a trip that only he and Mary took to a hotel in Silent Hill. He leaves, promising to find a way to free her, and discovers that Pyramid Head walks a corridor nearby, now carrying a spear. Afterwards, James reaches Maria's side of the cell, but finds her dead. Pyramid Head makes his final appearance just before the final boss, where two Pyramid Heads take part in the encounter. They kill Maria yet again and, after pursuing James around the room for a while, both commit suicide.

Pyramid Head, under the new moniker "Bogeyman", makes a significant appearance in installment Silent Hill Homecoming, but his role is limited to non-interactive scenes,[18] appearing only twice to the game's main protagonist Alex Shepherd (once in the Grand Hotel in Silent Hill and, much later, in a church, where he executes Alex's father by splitting him in half).[19][20] His last appearance is in a possible ending to the game: Alex wakes up in a wheelchair as two Pyramid Heads appear, each with part of a helmet, which they use to turn Alex into one of them. After this ending is played, the player obtains the Bogeyman's costume for Alex to wear.[21] Mindful of Pyramid Head's role in Silent Hill 2, the developers chose to include him as "the embodiment of a myth [that] parents started to keep the children out of trouble" and "the accretion of the activities going on in the town of Shepherd’s Glen."[22]

Pyramid Head appears as a boss in the first-person shooter Silent Hill: The Arcade,[23] as well as Silent Hill: The Escape, but with a composite design with the Butcher, and as a super-deformed selectable character in the Nintendo DS title New International Track & Field, an installment of the Track & Field series, another spin-off Krazy Kart Racing alongside Robbie the Rabbit, and in 's Super Bomberman R as Pyramid Bomber, alongside Simon Belmont from the Castlevania series, and Gradius's Vic Viper.[24][25] The game Silent Hill Origins also included a similar monster named "The Butcher",[26][27] whom the protagonist occasionally encounters killing other monsters (unlike other versions of Pyramid Head, the Butcher can and must be fought and killed in combat) and a painting of Pyramid Head is seen in the burning house of Alessa.[28] In the installment Silent Hill: Downpour, Pyramid Head makes a cameo appearance in the "Surprise!" ending, along with various other characters from the franchise. Pyramid Head's most recent appearance was in 's Silent Hill: Book of Memories, where he is a monster that can spawn randomly to fight the player. Pyramid Head also appeared as a costume for the Playstation Home.

Pyramid Head was included as a purchasable killer for the survival horror game Dead by Daylight. His title is "The Executioner", a nod to his past as the executioner of Silent Hill.[29] Pyramid Head also makes a cameo appearance in the PlayStation 5 game Astro's Playroom.[30]

In other media[edit]

"The big change in Red Pyramid for me was not his head as much as his body. In the game, he has a very deformed body almost a hunchback. Instead we decided to make him a tall, powerful character a little like the Warrior God in Stargate that Patrick Tatopoulos created. Why? Because for me there is a little of Anibus [sic], the Egyptian God of Death in the Red Pyramid."

—Christophe Gans[2]

Pyramid Head makes an appearance in the film adaptation of Silent Hill as "Red Pyramid", and is portrayed by Roberto Campanella. In the film, the psyches of the female characters shaped the character's physical appearance.[14] Gans claimed that replicating the character's head exactly and having the actor move while wearing it proved to be impractical; he noted that, despite the name, Pyramid Head actually wore "a basin" instead of a triangle-shaped helmet.[2] Red Pyramid's sword and helmet were constructed out of lightweight material painted to appear heavy.[31] For the role, Campanella wore a "five-part prosthetic"; it took two-and-a-half to three hours to get him into costume and make-up.[31] His boots had a hidden inch (38&#;cm) sole which made him just under 7 feet (&#;m) tall.[31]Patrick Tatopoulos, who worked on the make-up effects and monsters, enjoyed the project of designing the character. According to him, Red Pyramid serves as a symbol of the town's darkness and harbinger of its changed character.[32] Gans considered the monsters of the film "a mockery of human beings", and commented: "The real monsters are the people, the cultists who tortured Alessa. When I approached the film, I knew that it was impossible to represent the monsters as simply beasts that jump on you."[33]

In the film Silent Hill: Revelation, the Pyramid Head, once more portrayed by Roberto Campanella,[34] is both a monster and a guardian. More than once, it saves Sharon from the forces of Silent Hill. This is explained by its loyalty to Alessa: since Heather is the good half of Alessa's soul, it sees them as the same being and is thus bound to protect both from harm. Pyramid Head is also seen controlling the carousel where Heather and Alessa face off against each other, then it kills the cult leader Claudia Wolf after the amulet shows her inner, monstrous nature.

He also makes a cameo appearance in the Silent Hill comic bookSinner's Reward, published by IDW Publishing. The writer, Tom Waltz, later said he regretted the cameo, which only functioned as fan service.[35] To him, Pyramid Head is a psychological construct created for James; however, he stated that: "At the same time, I don't think that ruined the comic. Some people really liked it. To some people, Pyramid Head should be in all the stories because they do like him."[35] Additionally, the character was portrayed from October 2 to 31, , in the haunted attraction Sinister Pointe, based on Silent Hill, in Orange County, California, United States.[36][37]


"I was weak. That's why I needed you Needed someone to punish me for my sins"

—James Sunderland, Silent Hill 2

The Silent Hill series uses symbolism and psychology; the town of Silent Hill draws upon the psyche of its visitors, ultimately creating an "otherworld," a twisting of reality that manifests delusions and elements of their subconscious minds, varying from character to character.[38] Specifically, in the case of Silent Hill 2's primary player character James Sunderland, the version of the town he explores is influenced by him. Many of the monsters that roam the town symbolize his guilt, wish for punishment, for his wife's three-year-long illness,[38] and cease to exist after James comes to terms with the fact that he killed his wife Mary, partially to end her suffering and partially out of resentment and frustration.[38][39] James knew she had a terminal illness,[40] which has been speculated to be cancer,[41] and he often read medical textbooks, searching for something to help her.[42] During her last days alive, she became physically repulsive as a result of the illness and treated James abusively, ordering him to leave one moment and begging him to comfort her the next.[43] The knowledge of her terminal illness caused her to become angry and to hurt her loved ones, particularly James, and it pained him to visit her in the hospital.[44] Pyramid Head functions as an executioner of Maria, a delusion of James' who strongly resembles Mary.[45] Through Maria's repeated deaths, Pyramid Head reminds James of Mary's death and causes him to experience guilt and suffering.[16][46] His appearance as an executioner stems from a picture that James saw while visiting the town three years ago with Mary.[46]

Reviewers have suggested various interpretations. According to Christina González of The Escapist, Pyramid Head acts as "judgement personified, a dark butcher," and "James' masochistic delusion" which punishes him for Mary's death.[41] Ken Gagne of Computerworld suggested that the monster "represents James' anger and guilt."[8] A critic for IGN, Jesse Schedeen, considered Pyramid Head's role throughout the Silent Hill series to be "a manifestation of a person's guilt", commenting: "Pyramid Head is just there to help you serve your penance in the most painful and grotesque way possible."[47]


Critical reaction to Pyramid Head has been favorable because of his distinctive appearance and role as an element of James' psyche. Critics cite him as an iconic villain of the Silent Hill series,[48][49][50][51] a favorite among fans,[48] and part of the appeal of Silent Hill 2.[48][52][53]GameSpot compared Pyramid Head's appearance to Leatherface, the main antagonist of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre series of slasher films, and found him the most terrifying monster in Silent Hill 2.[54]Computerworld named Pyramid Head as one of the most terrifying villains in computer and video games.[8]GamesRadar interpreted the scene in which he kills the two other monsters as rape and called it unsettling, since the subject of rape is not often tackled in video games,[55] and disliked the final battle with him because of how anti-climactic it was, in comparison with his role throughout the rest of the game.[7]Red Bull called Pyramid Head as one of the nightmare in video game as it terrorized people at the Silent Hill franchise.[56] In , Empire ranked him as the 41st-greatest video game character.[57]

GameDaily ranked Pyramid Head first on their list of the scariest video game monsters.[58]GamesRadar listed him as one of the 25 best new characters of the decade and ranked him second on its list of the scariest video game villains, calling him the "most horrifying character ever to have a cult following".[48] In a retrospective on the survival horror genre, IGN noted that Silent Hill 2 incorporated "a 'stalker' element similar to Clock Tower and Resident Evil 3," and wrote: "To this day, Pyramid Head is remembered as one of gaming's most frightening villains."[60]PlayStation Universe ranked him as the first on their list of the scariest monster "to infest a Sony platform", also noting his "prolific reputation as one of video game’s most fearsome monsters."[61] In , Pyramid Head as named as the scariest character in video game history by Joystick Division, who added that "being chased by him in Silent Hill 2 ranks with all of the scariest moments in video gaming history."[62] ranked him as number one on their list of the scariest characters in video games, commenting he is "too mainstream to be all that scary, except he's still really super scary."[63] In , PlayStation Official Magazine included him on their lists of the biggest freaks and scariest characters in the PlayStation games, commenting: "Ol’ Metal Top is easily the best thing about Silent Hill – and maybe even survival horror in general – completely encapsulating that intoxicating dread of knowing that it’s not if you’ll fight him, but when."[64][65] That same year, FHM included him on their list of ten scariest game characters ever;[66] on the list of the "coolest" video game villains by Complex, Pyramid Head placed as 15th.[67]GamesRadar too praised Pyramid Head's role as an antagonist, putting him in their list of the best villains in video game history at number [68]GamesRadar staff described Pyramid Head as the best villain in video games, stating that "Silent Hill 2 is ultimately an introspective journey about fighting personal demons, but you have a much more real threat in Pyramid Head."[69]

His appearances outside Silent Hill 2 have received mixed critical reaction. Critics generally agreed that Pyramid Head's appearance in Homecoming struck them as fan service, though Chris Hudak of GameRevolution called it "damned effectively-employed."[70][71][72] Masahiro Ito commented that Pyramid Head was designed specifically for James' story in Silent Hill 2, and that, if he were to make another Silent Hill game, he would either not use Pyramid Head again or kill him off entirely in the opening scene.[73] Film critics commented on his role in the film adaption, with several finding him disturbing.[74][75]DVD Reviews praised Campanella's portrayal of Pyramid Head and another monster, writing: "These are without a doubt some of the most striking bogeymen that I have seen on screen in a long time."[76] His appearance in New International Track & Field received mixed critical reaction. GameDaily disliked it, finding it awkward that a character like Pyramid Head was competing in sporting events with characters like Frogger and Sparkster,[24] while The Escapist called it enjoyable and "hilarious".[77]

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  1. ^While Ito designed the monster to have a pyramid-shaped helmet,[3] one of the potential endings to Silent Hill Homecoming re-imagines it lined with spikes on the inside that is put on the player character to turn him into a Pyramid Head (or Bogeyman, as the monster is referred to in Homecoming).[5]


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Pyramid Head vs Lady Pyramid Head - Drawing Cartoon 2

Pyramid Head Female Version

Pyramid Head Female Version

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Pyramid Head is a character from Silent hill 2 and Silent hill the movie, and this is my female version.

I&#;ve used Maya, Poser and photoshop :)
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I love that skin tone; she looks really art deco-ish to me too. Not that that&#;s a bad thing.
I&#;d imagine a female pyramid head probably wouldn&#;t have a huge knife/sword anyway because it&#;s more of a male symbol. She would probably have something representing female sexuality if that&#;s not going too far =P I know how deep Silent Hill gets with its symbolism.

Head female pyramid

Become indispensable. again. We also swear again.

Pyramid Head vs Lady Pyramid Head - Drawing Cartoon 2

Haven't you heard what was going on here at night. - Elmir said ignoring my sour face. No, what. - I answered without any interest, realizing that an hour of my life was lost.

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With both hands, she caresses herself, stretches the lips of her crumpled vagina, drives her slippery fingers through the pink hole. Vanya immediately got aroused, put his hand into his panties. He smiled thinking about his little sister. So far he has refrained from fantasies, she is too close Faster brother, faster. - the little sister waved her hand from the bath.

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