2002 honda civic overheating troubleshooting

2002 Honda civic dx Overheating problem

RonJ said:

When you turn the A/C on, does the radiator fan run?

If you unplug the 2P connector (Grn and Blk wires) to the fan switch located on the thermostat housing and short the connector with a jumper wire, does the fan run when the key is in ON(II)?

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Ok, so I checked to see if I could overheat the car again.... no matter how many 2-3 gear pulls I did uphill I couldn't get it to overheat again... even in higher gears with more load on the motor wouldn't heat it up! :x( it is like 2 degrees celsius here) ,The temp gauge would go higher if I turned the Heat off. Also I checked the temp on the top and bottom hoses, and they are both warm. And to relate to your last post I tried the A/C and neither fan kicked in... Tomorrow morning I will try to jump the fan switch and see If that does the trick.. And I will also bleed the cooling system.


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Honda Civic Overheating: Diagnosing The Sources Of The Problem

Engine overheating is dangerous in many senses. Not only it is unsafe to drive under this condition but also can cause permanent damage to the engine. The Honda Civic overheating is one such problem that many Honda owners have to deal with. It mostly occurs in models between 1990 and 2005.

Honda Civic Overheating: The Causes and Solutions

The excessive heat in the car engine can warp the cylinder block or head, leading to an expensive repair. There are plenty of components that can cause this 2002 or 2001 Honda Civic overheating issue. We will discuss the most frequent ones:

The Radiator

Replacing the radiator can solve the Honda Civic overheating issue because a clogged radiator causes this problem by not allowing the water to flow properly. Clean the radiator and fill it with antifreeze. Keep the cap open and warm up the car to see if the water is flowing properly. Bubbles in the water indicate a head gasket problem. Otherwise, just seal the radiator with a new radiator cap.

2001 honda civic overheating

Coolant Leak

If the car is eating up an excessive amount of coolant than it should be, then it must be going somewhere. Figuring out the problem and fixing it will solve the Honda Civic overheating trouble.

The antifreeze can end up either into the ground through a leak or into a component. If you discover small puddles of sweet-smelling liquid on the ground, there must be a leak somewhere. Look into the heater core if you find the passenger floor feels damper than usual or the air in the car contains a high amount of humidity.

The coolant can also get inside the engine, which is really bad news. Use a dipstick to see if the oil looks like a milky liquid. There is nothing to worry if it looks like regular oil. But, a milky color indicates that oil and coolant have been mixing in the engine and you have to replace it to fix the problem.

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Issues with Head Gasket

The antifreeze can go into the combustion chamber too. In that case, there will be sweet-smelling white smoke coming off the exhaust system. Also, the smoke will feel extremely humid when coming out of the exhaust pipe. All these symptoms point to one component – the head gasket.

2002 honda civic overheating

Also, a compression test to the cylinders can lead you to the head gasket issue. If you find the pressure in one cylinder is lower than the rest, it must be a bad head gasket that causes Honda Civic overheating by either pumping compression into the cooling system or burning the water in the engine.

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The Thermostat

If you use a sealant in the coolant system, it will likely to have brown gunk that can smudge the thermostat. A sticking thermostat causes boiling the antifreeze and pushes it through the radiator cap, causing the engine to overheat. An overheated thermostat is damaged, so it requires replacement. No matter what the source of the problem is, an overheated engine means the thermostat is already out of order.

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2002 Honda Civic Overheating -

I just replaced a D17A1 in my '03 Civic which is the same engine in your car (1.7L, non-VTEC, SOHC). The main reason I changed it out was because it was continually overheating, but you may not need to go that far with yours.

First, if you didn't get a thermostat from Honda (and they aren't cheap in comparison to a Gates - for me it was $38 vs $7), it's what the car uses and doesn't like the aftermarket ones.

You also need to be running the blue A3 Honda coolant in it. Regular coolant will cause issues with the cooling system.

If you have the right thermostat, and the engine was properly purged of air, you probably have a leaking head gasket.

If the conditions for the cooling system are, as long as you are topping the coolant off daily, the engine will not overheat, then you most likely have a slow head gasket leak, most likely into a cylinder. This is a very common malady for this engine. On my car it was cylinder #3. I could tell for sure once I got the head off as the piston head was really easy to clean off, while the the other three had a little cake of carbon on the crown. Here's what it looked like after cleaning them off:

enter image description here

It starts with #1 on the right. I used a rag to clean the piston crown off for #3, while I used a scraper on the other three.

Anyway, if you are handy, the job really isn't hard to change out the head gasket. It should solve the issue as long as there's no damage from the overheating (like a warped head). You'll need a complete upper end gasket set as well as a set of head bolts. While you're at it, change out the timing belt and water pump (if you haven't done it lately) since you're already in there. I also changed out the clutch while I had it apart.

As for why I replaced the engine, when I tore it down, I realized the camshaft was in pretty poor condition. It wasn't smooth like it was supposed to be. I bought a JDM replacement engine for it, which is a D17A VTEC version, though I'm running it without VTEC. It was cheaper to purchase this JDM engine with about 50k on it, than it would have been to buy all the parts to replace the cam and rockers. My car has 162,000 miles on it for reference. I think the car has been exhibiting this kind of behavior for a while now.

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2002 civic overheating

same here. 2002 civic with 165k miles. seems to do ok around town but 30 minutes in to a highway trip it'll slowly start to rise and eventually get within 2 bars from 'H', if not completely peg but i shut it off before that happens. no house leaks bit coolant shoots out the to of overflow. I've replaced the radiator, thermostat, fan control switch, ect (engine coolant temp) sensor, hoses, clamps. I've bled the system of air. The fan does stay on longer now when it gets to temp but I've also seen it not on while the temp is well above halfway. the water pump seems to be ok as i can see the flow increase when accelerating. block leak tester came back negative for combustion gases. i seen to have very similar issues to the 1st hit when you Google '2002 civic overheating problem'. nothing indicates it's a head gasket problem BUT IT IS?!?!? anyone else? i thought Honda's were supposed to be good

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Overheating 2002 honda troubleshooting civic

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