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The Chocobos sidequest is a time-consuming, but very rewarding quest. In the end, you'll have the chance to obtain various materia, from the close-to-useless OHP<->MP to the allmighty OKnights of Round, pieces of rare equipment and a good amount of GP to spend at the Gold Saucer. So why would you pass on such a wonderful opportunity?

The goal we're aiming for is to breed a Gold chocobo, able to travel on any surface, even water. Before that, we will have to breed a Blue chocobo (able to cross rivers), a Green chocobo (able to cross mountains) and a Black chocobo (able to cross both rivers and mountains). How are we going to do that? By following some (simple) steps.

Table of Contents

Getting Started

To start on this quest, you need to be able to reach the Chocobo Ranch, the Gold Saucer and the Chocobo Sage's house. This means that you have to possess the Highwind, because all three locations are on different continents. Having the OW-Item materia is a great help too, as it will save up your money.

You need to do some preparation first. There are a few things to obtain and buy beforehand:

  • Get the OChocobo Lure materia. You can either buy one at the Chocobo Ranch for 2,000 gil, or wait until CD 2 and get one for free near the fence of the ranch. We recommend buying one the first time you get there, and levelling it up throughout the course of the game. This will make it easier to get chocobos.
  • Rent some stables at the Chocobo Ranch. They are 10,000 gil apiece, and you can rent up to six. Renting them all makes your life easier, so do it.
  • Get a lot of δSylkis Greens. These special greens are bought only from the Chocobo Sage, at the outrageous price of 5,000 gil. You will need a lot of them to feed the chocobos you'll catch and breed, in order to improve their statistics. This means that you will either have to be filthy rich (selling mastered OAll Materia works wonder), or use the W-Item trick.
  • Getting three δCarob Nuts and one δZeio Nut. These rare nuts are not buyable: you'll have to work a little to get your hands on them.
    1. To get a δCarob Nut, you can either trade 500 GP at the Gold Saucer's Wonder Square for one (after Disc 1), or ★Steal them from a monster called Vlakorados. It can be found on some islands, south of the Bone Village (it has around 30,000 HP, but his attacks are pretty weak, so don't worry).
    2. To get a δZeio Nut, you need to fly to the northeastern group of islands on the map, and search for one covered with forest. In the forest, you can encounter Goblins, and ★Steal from them the valuable nut you're looking for. You can also learn the Enemy Skill ★Goblin Punch while you're there.

Once you've done all that, you're good to go.

Catching Dinner Chocobos

[Final Fantasy VII Chocobo Map Image]

In order to catch chocobos, you need to walk on chocobos' trails on the map, while having the OChocobo Lure materia equiped. (Note that we only point you toward the useful birds on our map.) The higher your materia level is, the easier it will be to encounter a bird in battle. When you start a battle with a chocobo, you'll hear a familiar music, indicating that you have entered a special chocobo battle. The battle groups are always fixed, which is good thing since it allows us to know beforehand what kind of chocobo we'll get. Now, we know you want a Wonderful chocobo, so here's a shortcut: when a battle with two Jumpings and a chocobo occurs on the northern continent, you know you're up against a Wonderful.

To catch a chocobo in battle, you need to kill every monster except the chocobo. In fact, you can't touch the chocobo at all or else it will attack you and run away (forget about multiple targets attacks. Well, don't really forget it, since you can obtain Chocobuckle that way). The chocobo can also leave by his own without any provocation: to prevent that you have to give him some Greens (δGysahl Greens work just fine: don't waste any of your high priced δSylkis Greens). You'll catch the chocobo if it's the only one standing at the end of the battle.

Once you catch one, you can mount it and ride it around; you can ride it around and then dismount. If you have rented at least one chocobo stable, you'll be given the opportunity to send the chocobo back to the ranch after releasing it. The chocobo will automatically travel to the ranch, and wait inside the fence. You can only send four chocobos to the fence this way. After that, you need to go back to the ranch, and either release some of them or transfer them to one of your stables.

There are seven places around the world where you can find chocobos' trails, but not all of them are worth your time. Again, check out the map. In order to breed the rare kinds of chocobos we're looking for, we must have the finest chocobos available. So, only three places will require our attention for the purpose of breeding, and one more place to get the ★Chocobuckle Enemy Skill:

Gold Saucer Area: You can find either Average chocobos or Good chocobos. Since we want the Good sort, we're only interested in chocobos that we meet in an enemy group with two Spencers - you can feel free to run from the other battles with a chocobo, because they will always be of the Average type.

Mideel Area: You can find either Fair chocobos or Great chocobos. We want the Great ones, of course, and they come along with Spirals. One of the chocobos here can also teach you the ★Chocobuckle enemy skill (see below on how to do it).

Icicle Area: You can either find Weak chocobos or Wonderful chocobos. Wonderful chocobos are found in encounters where the Jumpings are the only enemies (a Weak one comes along with a party consisting of a Bandersnatch and a Jumping: you can stay away from this one).

Feeding and Training

In order to breed the kind of chocobos we want, the couple destined to mate has to be in the finest shape possible. And for that, there are two things to do: raise their stats, and advance their class at the Chocobo Square.

The fastest way to raise the statistics of a chocobo is to feed him or her with a large amount of δSylkis Greens. If you feed one 90 or so, you're guaranteed to maximize its statistics.

To advance the Chocobo's class, you'll need to race it at the Gold Saucer, and win races. Note however that not every chocobo can advance to the S class: Yellow chocobos can reach B class, but rarely A class, while Blue, Green, Black and Gold can easily reach S class.

Breeding Chocobos

IMPORTANT NOTE: before mating any chocobos, save your game. If you don't get the chocobo you're looking for, reset and restart. Also, newly born chocobos and chocobos who just gave birth to a new one can't mate again right away: you'll have to spend some time before they can. Sometimes, just racing at the Chocobo Square to level up your chocobo's class will be enough, and sometimes it won't. Take it easy, spend you time on another sidequest, then go back to ask Billy if they are able to mate. Square didn't want you being a dirty Chocobo pimp.

Now you know where to find the chocobos and how to feed and train them. Below are the eleven steps to obtain the Gold Chocobo you're looking for.

  1. Catch a male and a female Good chocobo in the Gold Saucer Area.
  2. Catch one male and one female Great chocobo in Mideel Area
  3. Feed and train your four chocobos. Make them reach class B at least, class A if possible.
  4. Mate a Good chocobo with a Great one with a δCarob Nut to get either a Blue or Green chocobo. Repeat with more Good/Great combos to get the other color in the other gender. After that, release the parents.
  5. Feed and train your Blue and Green chocobos. Make them reach class A at least, class S if possible.
  6. Mate the Blue chocobo and the Green chocobo with a δCarob Nut to get a Black Chocobo.
  7. Catch a Wonderful chocobo of the opposite sex of your Black one.
  8. Feed and train your Wonderful and Black chocobos. Make them reach class S.
  9. Mate the Wondeful chocobo and the Black chocobo with a δZeio Nut to get a Gold chocobo.
  10. Enjoy!

Around the World, Riding My Chocobos

So, what is there to do with this cavalry? Well, there is some stuff to do. You can mount your chocobo to travel around the world, and even get him onto the Highwind in his personnal stable, giving you the opportunity to reach specific locations, like the materia caves.

Race at the Gold Saucer: the Gold chocobo is guaranteed to win almost every race. Only Teioh will be a worthy opponent, and you will still beat him a good percentage of the time.

Get the OHP<->MP materia: bring a Black chocobo north of North Corel, and cross the river to get to a cave. Examine the purple block of crystal to get the materia.

Get the OMime materia: bring a Green chocobo to Wutai, and head for the bridges area. Near the second one, head east and cross the mountain to get to a cave. Examine the yellow block of crystal to get the materia.

Get the OQuadra Magic materia: head for the penisula at the far-eastern part of the map, and bring a Green, a Blue or a Black chocobo. Go to the northern part of the peninsula and enter the cave: in it you'll find a blue crystal, examine it to get the materia.

Get the OKnights of Round materia: take your Gold chocobo to the far north-east corner of the map to find a round island covered with forest. Enter the cave and examine the red crystal to get the materia.

Get Vincent's ultimate weapon and limit - you'll need a Green, Black or Gold chocobo to reach the waterfall in the center of the Western Continent (you can also reach this area once you get the submarine).

Reach the Cactuar island: you'll need the Gold chocobo in order to reach the island, which is south-west of Gongaga. You can ★Morph the Cactuers you'll meet in the desert for δTetra Elemental accessories.

Get to the Ancient Forest without fighting Ultimate Weapon: just use a Green, Black or Gold chocobo to get there.


Grassland Area, near the Chocobo Ranch: In order to obtain ★Chocobuckle, you must first feed it some greens (δMimett Greens seem to be the Web's dish of choice for this task), then cast ★L4 Suicide on the chocobo: it will respond with ★Chocobuckle if your spell hits. Obviously, this will only work against chocobos whose level is a multiple of 4. That's why only chocobos originating from the Grasslands area or Mideel can respond with it (well, only some of them. You can check their level by using ★Sense on them).

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Mike’s Chocobo Breeding Guide

Written by: Mike Eyal
E-mail: mike_chocobo AT outlook dot com
First posted: February 2002
Last update: September 2019

Table of Contents

Welcome to the wonderful quest of Chocobo breeding for the eternal masterpiece – Final Fantasy VII! If you don’t know anything about FF7 and Chocobos, you came to the right place. If you DO know anything about Chocobos.. you’re still at the right place. I hope this guide helps you on your Chocobo journey and your quest to breed a Gold Chocobo. If it doesn’t, you’re more than welcome to e-mail me your suggestions for further improving this guide. While there are many other guides out there, what makes this one unique is its ease-of-use and descriptive screenshots. Enjoy!

Disclaimer (Legal crap)

This guide is for personal use only, and may not be altered or reproduced in any way. This guide may not be used for profit purposes (i.e. printing and/or selling it), and may not be published without my authorization. You may not put this guide on your web page, but you can put a link that directs to this page.


Final Fantasy VII’s (probably) most intricate side quest is the Chocobo breeding quest. As a matter of fact, it is considered one of the most complicated quests in the entire Final Fantasy series. Do note that it is a side-quest, meaning you don’t need to complete it at all in order to finish the game and/or to enjoy it. However, if you choose to tackle it, you will not only tremendously strengthen your characters, but also have a chance to explore deeper into the mysterious, yet wonderful depths of Final Fantasy VII.

Note: This guide contains many **SPOILERS**, and is recommended for players who have at least made it to the last dungeon of the game (the Northern Crater).

Generally, what you do in the quest is catch Chocobos, raise them, feed them, race them, and then breed them. Sounds easy? Well it’s not, but I hope this guide will make it as simple as possible. The main goal of the Chocobo breeding quest is getting a Gold Chocobo. This Chocobo will be your best friend and your only means of achieving the strongest Materia in the game.

This guide has 17 sections. The first 16 sections describe every possible aspect in Chocobo breeding in great detail. The last section, the Step-By-Step guide, describes exactly how you should use the information given earlier in order to achieve the final goal of the Chocobo breeding quest, which is obtaining a Gold Chocobo. While you may simply skip to the last chapter and still succeed in doing the quest, I stress that you at least take a look at the earlier chapters, they should help making the process a whole lot less confusing.

First of all, why should I breed Chocobos?

The main reason for even wanting to start with the Chocobo breeding quest is acquiring some of the most powerful Materia, which cannot be acquired in any other way. By having these Materia, you will can build a powerful team which can take up on any monster or boss out there, including the insanely difficult Emerald & Ruby Weapons. These optional bosses pack a whopping 1,000,000 HP and 800,000 HP respectively, and prove quite a challenge for an unprepared team. By having the Materia acquired through this quest, you’ll find your team practically unbeatable.

Some of these Materia are:

Knights of the Round – The most appealing reward in the Chocobo breeding quest. Knights of the Round (known as “KotR”) is the most powerful summon Materia in the game. This is the only Materia that, when being used, strikes the enemies 13 times in a row. Providing that each hit causes 9,999 damage, 13 hits of 9,999 damage will eventually add up to 129,987 damage, which can kill almost every enemy (and boss) in a single blow. And that’s not all. If you use W-Summon (the Materia that lets you summon twice in the same turn), you can do up to 259,974 damage in a single turn!

Mime – This Materia lets the character who equips it use the “Mime” command. A character who uses “Mime” copies the exact action/magic/summon the last character did, even if he/she doesn’t have the required Materia equipped. For example: Cloud’s turn is on, and he’s using KotR. Next up comes Cid, which uses Mime and summons another KotR on the enemy, without equipping the KotR Materia himself. Definitely useful.

Quadra Magic – This is a very useful support Materia. When you attach it along with another magic/summon Materia, it lets you use that Materia 4 times in one turn, at the cost of one casting. For example, if you pair Quadra Magic along with Bahamut, when you use Bahamut in battle you will summon it 4 times, at the MP cost of 1 summon. Additionally, if you throw W-Summon or W-Magic into the mix, you’ll be able to cast your favorite spell/summon eight times at the cost of 2 times, all in a single turn. You’ll probably want to grab some popcorn however, because 8 castings of Bahamut Zero would take a while.

There are plenty more goods you can obtain, mostly by winning Chocobo races at the Gold Saucer, like Counter Attack Materia, Enemy Lure Materia, Enemy Away Materia, Cat’s Bell, Precious Watch, Chocobraclet, Megalixirs, HP <=> MP Materia, Hero Drinks, TONS of Gold Saucer GP and many, many more…

When can I start?

You can start your Chocobo Breeding bonanza at disc 2, when Cid becomes the temporary leader of the group. I suggest you wait until Cloud returns to be the leader, because Gold Saucer is closed at the time Cloud is gone.

How should I prepare myself?

First of all, you will need a hefty amount of money (more than 300,000 Gil), before you even start. Some suggestions on how to easily farm Gil:

  • If you’re on disc 2, the best way would probably be to level up an “All” Materia to “MASTER”. Equip the Materia on a double growth weapon / armor, and fight the monsters around the forests near Mideel. They should give 300 AP per battle. Selling a “MASTER” All Materia grants you a whopping 1,400,000 Gil, with which you can easily cruise through the quest.
  • If you’re at the end of disc 3, and have reached the Northern Crater, you should go to the swamp area that is located at its depths. In order to get to that area, enter the Northern Crater, and keep going down. When you reach the first split, take the left turn. On the next screen go to the entrance on the right. This is where you can encounter monsters that yield very high AP and Gil – the “Magic Pots”, and the “Movers”. Mastering an “All” Materia here should be done in a matter of minutes.

The second thing you’ll need is some Chocobo stables. You can rent them at the Chocobo Farm (disc 2 onward – after leaving the Great Glacier). Renting a stable costs 10,000 Gil and the max stables you can rent are 6. I suggest renting all 6 of them because you’ll need them. In order to rent a stable, go to the house on the left at the Chocobo Farm and speak to Choco Bill, the person in charge of your Chocobos.

Third – Chocobo Lure Materia! You must have this Materia equipped if you ever plan on catching a Chocobo, anywhere. A high-ranked Chocobo Lure Materia should increase your chance of encountering Chocobos. Two of them further improve your chances.

Fourth and final, you’ll need the proper Greens and Nuts in order to breed your Chocobos. The next section explains how to get them.

How do I get the proper Nuts and Greens?

Chocobo Nuts and Chocobo Greens are vital to a successful breeding process. This section describes how to obtain them, and further below I will describe how and when to use them.

Obtaining Chobobo Nuts:
You can buy some Nuts at the Chocobo Farm, but they’re all pretty much useless. Here’s how to get the good ones:

Carob Nut – You can get the Carob Nut by stealing it from Vlakorados, a red dragon found on the world map, on the area near Bone Village (see pic). He’s not very strong, but has 33,333 HP. My advice would be to steal the Carob Nut from him and simply run away. You should obtain 3 Carob Nuts that way.

This is Vlakorados, steal a Carob Nut from him.

Note: You can also get a Carob Nut in Gold Saucer for 500 GP (talk to the lady at Wonder Square), but 500 GP are not easy to obtain, so I suggest sticking to Vlakorados.

Zeio Nut – You can steal the Zeio Nut from Goblin, a cute little midget found on Goblin Island’s forest. Goblin Island is found on the North-East area of the world map, it’s a small island shown on the map. You only need 1 Zeio Nut, by the way.

Goblin Island's location on the world map.
The (not so) mighty Goblin. You can only get a Zeio Nut from this dude.

Obtaining Chocobo Greens:
You can buy different kinds of greens in the Chocobo Farm, but just like the Nuts that are sold there, they’re all pretty much useless. The best Greens are called Sylkis Greens and they can only be bought at the Chocobo Sage’s house. His house is located in the world map, at the northern continent near the Icicle Inn (see pic). He sells Sylkis for 5,000 Gil a piece (told you Chocobo breeding is expensive..). If money isn’t an issue, go ahead and buy 80+ of those. Otherwise, keep following the guide and I’ll mention how many are needed in each part.

That's the Chocobo Sage's House, the red "+" shows its location in the world map.

How do I catch a Chocobo?

If, for some reason, you’ve forgotten how to catch a Chocobo, allow me to refresh your memory.
First, equip your Chocobo Lure Materia. Go to an area on the world map with Chocobo tracks (check the pic below for what Chocobo tracks look like). If you’re lucky, you will enter a fight with a Chocobo and other monsters. The Chocobo will be yours once you have killed all the monsters surrounding him. Do note that after a few turns, if you haven’t killed all the monsters around him, the Chocobo will run away. However, you can stall him by feeding him some Greens, and that way you will have plenty of time to get rid of the rest of the enemies. You can feed him any kind of Greens (which can be bought at the Chocobo Farm). It is imperative that you do not hurt the Chocobo! If you accidentally hit him, he’ll get emotional and run away.

Chocobo tracks, only 7 of those can be found in the world map.

Once caught, you will be able to ride your Chocobo without encountering enemies. When you choose to get off of him, you’ll have an option to move him to the Chocobo Farm (assuming you have rented a stable!). If you choose so, the Chocobo will automatically run and wait for you at the Chocobo Farm, at the fenced area. Once you return to the farm, you can speak to Choco Billy (the kid, located at the shed on the right), and select “Moving Chocobos”. By doing so, you will move the Chocobo you’ve caught from the fenced area outside, to one of the 6 stables you have rented.

The next map shows exactly where are the 7 Chocobo tracks located on the world map.

Chocobo tracks
Track numberTrack location
1Chocobo Farm area
2Junon Area
3Gold Saucer Area
4Rocket Town Area
5Wutai Area
6Mideel Area
7Icicle Inn Area

Addition information regarding the Chocobo Lure Materia: A rank 3 (3 stars) Chocobo Lure Materia doubles your chances of encountering a Chocobo over a 1-star Materia. (Rank 4/mastered is the same as rank 3). So it is highly suggested you level up your Chocobo Lure Materia before proceeding to catching Chocobos. Additionally, equipping two Chocobo Lure Materia (both at rank 3 or mastered) will once more double your chances of encountering a Chocobo over a single rank 3 Materia.

Addition information regarding the Greens used to catch a Chocobo: The Chocobo Farm sells all kinds of greens, some are cheap and some are not. While the cheap ones usually have the same effect as the expensive ones (preventing the Chocobo from fleeing in the battle), the cheapest one (Gyshal greens) will only keep the Chocobo occupied for a couple of turns, while the expensive ones (Reagan Greens) can keep him there for up to 8 turns. If short on cash, Curiel Greens should hold the Chocobo long enough for you to finish off the rest of the enemies.

What the heck is a ‘Chocobo Type’?

A ‘Chocobo Type’ determines the potential of your Chocobo, in terms of speed, stamina, etc. These stats are important for Chocobo racing (covered further below). There are 8 different types of Chocobos that can be caught, the higher the rank, the better potential your Chocobo will have. In order to see the type of the Chocobo you’ve just caught, go to the Chocobo Farm (the house on the right), speak to Choco Billy and select “Moving Chocobos”. He’ll rate the Chocobo that you’ve caught and determine his type according to this table:

Chocobo TypeChoco Billy’s Description
Poor“This one doesn’t seem to be very good”
Weak“I really can’t recommend this one”
Mediocre“This Chocobo’s so-so”
Average“This is a pretty average Chocobo”
Fair“Mmm, this one’s not bad”
Good“Mmm, this seems like a good Chocobo”
Great“This is a great Chocobo”
Wonderful“This…is a wonderful Chocobo!”

So, as you have probably guessed, Wonderful is the best type of Chocobo, and Poor is the worst one. The next section contains information on how to catch your desired type of Chocobo.

How do I determine what ‘Chocobo Type’ will I get?

Many players don’t know this, but when you enter a battle with a Chocobo and some monsters, you can determine his type just by looking at the monsters that surround him.

The following table shows just how you can find out the type of the Chocobo you have just encountered in battle and wish to catch. It is split into 7 areas (since there are 7 different Chocobo tracks around the world map), and in each area you can see which monsters can accompany the Chocobo, and what type will the Chocobo be.

Note: This table contains a lot of data which you don’t really need. I will specify exactly what needs to be done in the next few sections. This information is only here for completeness’ sake.

Area( Enemies that surround the Chocobo ) = ( Chocobo Type )
Chocobo Farm Area2 Mandragora = PoorMandragora & Levrikon = Poor2 Levrikon = Weak2 Elfadunk = Weak
Junon Area2 Capparwire (Front view) = Poor2 Nerosuferoth = Poor3 Capparwire = Fair2 Capparwire (Side view) = Fair
Gold Saucer AreaHarpy = Average2 Flapbeats = Average2 Spencer = Good
Rocket Town AreaVelcher Task & Kyuvilduns = Mediocre2 Velcher Task = Mediocre2 Valron = Great2 Kyuvilduns = Great
Wutai Area3 Tail Vault = Average2 Tail Vault (Front view) = Average2 Tail Vault (Side view) = Fair3 Razor Weeds = Fair
Mideel Area3 Head Hunters = Fair2 Head Hunters = FairSpiral = Great2 Spirals = Great
Icicle Inn Area
(Snowy Field)
2 Bandersnatch = WeakBandersnatch & Jumping = WeakJumping = Wonderful2 Jumping = Wonderful

How do I determine what ‘Chocobo Gender’ will I get?

Chocobos can be either Male or Female, and breeding can only be done between a male and a female. Unfortunately, there is no way of determining the gender of the Chocobo you’ve just caught in the same way that you could determine his/her type. The gender is chosen randomly (50/50 chance of being a male/female) when you examine the captured Chocobo at the Chocobo Farm for the first time.

So, let’s say you want a male Chocobo. Assuming you figured out which ‘type’ you need, based on the preceding chapter you would travel to one of the 7 Chocobo tracks and try to catch a Chocobo. After you have caught the Chocobo, but before going to the Chocobo Farm, SAVE YOUR GAME, and then enter the farm. Go to Choco Billy and select “Moving Chocobos” in order to see your Chocobo’s type and gender. If you got a female Chocobo simply restart the game and try again.

The reason for this is quite simple. The game determines your Chocobo’s gender ONLY when you choose to move him/her into the Stables. And since the gender is randomized, all you need is to try a few loads until you get your wanted gender.

Naming your Chocobos

While this may seem as an unnecessary topic, I believe it should be covered. After you start catching a few Chocobos, you will find yourself a bit confused as to which of your caught Chocobo has which type or gender. All the yellow Chocobos look the same, no matter if they are ‘Poor’ or ‘Wonderful’, or if they are male or female. Therefore, the way you name your Chocobo will be your most useful tool in figuring out its type and gender.

When you catch a Chocobo and move it into a stable at the Chocobo Farm, you will be required to name it (maximum 6 letters per name). Give your Chocobo a name that will help you determine its type and gender, in order to prevent confusion in the future. For example: If you’ve caught a Great female Chocobo, name it “F-Gr8”. F indicates the gender (F=Female, M=Male) and Gr8 indicates the Chocobo’s type (Great).

Good male Chocobo:
Wonderful female Chocobo:
Green female Chocobo:

It’s a challenge giving your Chocobos meaningful names when you are only given 6 letters though.

What do I do with the Nuts?

Nuts make two of the Chocobos you choose mate (and you have to breed a male with a female, of course). When you breed two specific Chocobos types with a specific nut, a colored Chocobo might be born. All these “breeding combinations” are detailed further below. In order to breed your Chocobos, speak with Choco Billy and select “Breeding Chocobos”. You’ll be asked with what kind of nut you want to make them breed. More info on that later.

What do I do with the Greens?

Greens have two uses:

Catching Chocobos – You use the greens on the Chocobo and stall him in order to catch him (See How do I catch a Chocobo?).

Feeding Chocobos – Feeding your Chocobos makes them stronger, by raising their status. By status I mean Top SpeedStamina and Intelligence/Co-operation. These attributes determine the Chocobo’s performance when attempting Chocobo racing, so raising these properties will increase your chances of winning the races. Top Speed determines the Chocobo’s maximum speed, Stamina determines how long your Chocobo will be able to dash or sprint, and Intelligence/Co-operation determines how your Chocobo will behave in automatic or manual mode, “stupid” Chocobos tend to run in zigzags or suddenly slow down.

In order to feed your Chocobo, speak to Choco Billy and choose “Feeding Chocobos” (you can only feed Chocobos that you’ve already moved into one of the stables that you’ve rented). After you select Feeding Chocobos you’ll be asked with what kind of Greens you want to feed your Chocobo. Remember the Sylkis Greens I told you about? Well, they’re the best for raising your Chocobos’ status, so you better use’em!

Note: Although there’s no limit to how many Sylkis Greens you can feed your Chocobo with, feeding him too much will prove to be a money sink, because his stats will have already maxed out after a certain amount. By maxing out the Chocobo’s status I mean that his status won’t increase any further (for example: Feeding your Poor Chocobo with 5 Sylkis or with 99 Sylkis won’t make too big of a difference). Also note that each type of Chocobo requires different amounts of Greens in order to max out his stats.

Here’s a list of approximately how many Sylkis you’ll need to feed each Chocobo in order to reach their racing potential:

Regular (yellow) Chocobo: 5 Sylkis Greens
Wonderful (yellow) Chocobo: 10 Sylkis Greens
Green Chocobo: 10 Sylkis Greens
Blue Chocobo: 10 Sylkis Greens
Black Chocobo: 10 Sylkis Greens
Gold Chocobo: Around 30 Sylkis Greens

Note: Those aren’t exact numbers, but they’re pretty close. For racing purposes these quantities seem to be enough for you to have little to no trouble winning Chocobo races. The real cap seems to vary between different Chocobos and there’s some randomization involved as well. If money isn’t a consideration, feel free to further feed your Chocobo with Greens.

Racing Chocobos at Gold Saucer

An important aspect of Chocobo breeding is racing them at the Gold Saucer. Remember how Cloud needed to participate in a race in order to escape Corel Prison? Well, you’ll be doing a whole lot more of those. And it can get boring and tedious. However, doing so will increase your Chocobo’s ‘Class’, which in turn would improve its chances of producing a better offspring when being bred. You can also win some pretty awesome prizes via winning races.

The Gold Saucer divides Chocobos into 4 classes: C (the lowest), B , A and S (the highest). Every wild Chocobo you’ll catch will automatically belong in the C-Class (even a Wonderful Chocobo). Sometimes you’ll have to raise your Chocobo’s class in order to breed him (explained below).

How do you race your Chocobo?
Go to the Chocobo Square at the Golden Saucer and speak to Ester, on the upper-left corner of the room (she looks like a bunny…). She’ll ask you to choose the Chocobo you want to race (only the ones that you’ve moved into the Chocobo stables!). After that she’ll ask you whether you want the long course or the short one. My suggestion would be to always take the short one. This will make racing faster, and you’ll be able to sprint through most of the race.

When the race starts, you’ll be able to switch from “Automatic Mode” to “Manual Mode” by pressing [Select]/[Assist]. On Automatic Mode, the Chocobo runs and acts on his own so you don’t need to control him, but he might act foolishly (run in zigzags, waste stamina too early, etc’). On Manual Mode, you get to control your Chocobo which is what I’d recommend.

Regardless of how you choose to race your Chocobo, after 3 wins (they don’t have to be consecutive wins), your Chocobo will have moved up a class. Moving up a class means encountering tougher opponents but also better prizes. Some of the prizes in the A and S Classes are very rare and powerful, so when you get a powerful Chocobo, I suggest taking some time to do a few races in the A or S classes and reap up some rewards.

Important note: Sometimes, in B, A or S classes, one of your opponents will be Joe and his Black Chocobo Teioh. His Chocobo will always be faster than your Chocobo, and his Stamina will be better as well. Nevertheless, you can still beat Joe and his Chocobo, but it might be not as easy as beating other opponents. The best way to beat him is to dash in front of him, block him and try to prevent him from passing you.

Cool trick: While racing, you can slowly replenish your Chocobo’s stamina by holding R1+R2+L1+L2 (Playstation), or [Page Down]+[Target] (PC).

Cool reward: If you have a Chocobo at S class, and win 10 times in a row when racing it, Ester will give you a bunch of items: Counter Attack Materia, Sprint Shoes, Cat’s Bell, Precious Watch, and Chocobracelet.

Chocobo Breeding combinations

Now that you know that each Chocobo has a type (Poor, Wonderful, etc’), a gender (male or female) and a class (Class C,B,A and S) you will be able to understand the following formulas. By breeding specific Chocobo kinds using specific nuts, you can have a colored Chocobo born!

Green Chocobo:
Great Female (B Class) + Good Male (B Class) + Carob Nut = Green Chocobo

Blue Chocobo:
Good Female (B Class) + Great Male (B Class) + Carob Nut = Blue Chocobo
Great Female (B Class) + Good Male (B Class) + Carob Nut + Luck* = Blue Chocobo

Black Chocobo:
Blue Chocobo (A Class) + Green Chocobo (A Class) + Carob Nut = Black Chocobo

Gold Chocobo:
Black Chocobo (A Class) + Wonderful (A Class) + Zeio Nut = Gold Chocobo
(Note: Due to a bug in the game, the Black Chocobo must be selected first.)

Colored Chocobos have special abilities, detailed on the next section.

* Luck? What the hell? Yes, as you may have already noticed, many aspects of the game are random. Battle encounters, enemy behavior, item drops are random, as well the Chocobo’s gender (as we saw previously), and the result of the offspring produced by mating two Chocobos. All these random choices are computed using the game’s internal Random Number Generator (RNG). This means that if, for example, you have just bred a Great Female (B Class) with a Good Male (B Class), you may get either a Green or a Blue Chocobo. If you are unsatisfied with the result, you can always reset the game, and try breeding again (just remember – save before breeding!). However, there is one annoying little issue…

Random Number Generator bug: For many players, it appears that they always seem to be getting a Green Chocobo, no matter how many times they have tried reloading the game. There have been many discussions on the matter, and this seems to stem from a bug with the game’s internal RNG mechanism. This means that the game’s “randomness” is stuck – and you will always have the exact same result after breeding (i.e., always a Green Chocobo). In order to “unfreeze” this mechanism, it is advised to try entering/exiting the Chocobo Farm multiple times and feeding Greens of any sort. Then go outside, save, and try again.

Colored Chocobos’ abilities

Each colored Chocobo has a special “Gift” that lets him do special things that a normal Chocobo can’t do.

Green Chocobo – The Green Chocobo can climb hills and mountains.
Blue Chocobo – The Blue Chocobo can cross rivers and shallow waters.
Black Chocobo – The Black Chocobo is a combination between the Blue and the Green Chocobo. He can cross mountains as well as rivers and shallow water.
Gold Chocobo – The Gold Chocobo is like the Black Chocobo, but can also cross deep oceans. He can go anywhere in the map, except underwater.

Additionally, when riding any type of Chocobo (no matter what kind), the enemy encounter rate drops to zero (which means you won’t meet any enemies, as long as you’re on your Chocobo).

Waiting for Chocobos to mature

Chocobos that were just born and Chocobos that just gave birth can’t be immediately bred again. They need time to “mature”. Actually, it’s not a matter of time, it’s a matter of how many battles you have fought after the birth took place. If you have a Chocobo that has just given birth and you need to breed it again but you can’t, simply go outside and fight between 3 to 10 battles. By then he should be “matured”. Chocobos which were just born, cannot breed until you have fought between 3 to 18 battles.

So in short,
Parent Chocobos (Chocobos which just gave birth) – 3 to 10 battles before they can breed again
Child Chocobos (Chocobos which were just born) – 3 to 18 battles before they have matured and can be bred.

Collecting the rewards

The reward for breeding colored Chocobos is the ability to access hidden Materia caves. These caves contain special Materia which cannot be acquired in any other way. These caves cannot be accessed with the Highwind! But you can ride your Chocobo and board the Highwind, and have it take you close to your destination. Here is the list of the unique Materia and the location of their caves:

    • HP <=> MP Materia [Click here for a map] – This cave is found north of North Corel and it can only be reached with a Blue, Black or Gold Chocobo. Ride the Chocobo into the Highwind, fly to the grassy field near the Corel Area entrance to Mount Corel, and ride the Chocobo across the shallow river.
    • Quadra Magic Materia [Click here for a map] – This cave is located at the South-East area of the world map, east of Mideel. That area is made of 3 “talons”, the cave is at the northern tip of the smallest talon. Can only be reached by riding a Blue, Black or Gold Chocobo. Land the Highwind near the Mideel Area and ride your Chocobo on the water shallows to reach the cave.
    • Mime Materia [Click here for a map] – This cave is located in the middle of the Wutai Area’s east coast and can only be reached with a Green, Black or Gold Chocobo. Land the Highwind anywhere in Wutai Area and ride the Chocobo over the mountains to reach the cave.
    • Knights of the Round Materia [Click here for a map] – The most powerful Materia is located on a tiny island that doesn’t appear on any map and can only be reached using a Gold Chocobo. Ride the Chocobo toward the northeast corner of the map until you find a small island (“Round Island”) with a cave.

There are a couple more locations that can’t be accessed via the Highwind:

Ancient Forest – The Ancient Forest contains many valuable items such as Cloud’s Apocalypse (triple growth weapon) and the Typhoon summon Materia. The Ancient Forest is located east of Cosmo Canyon, and you can only get there with a green, black or gold Chocobo (You can also get there after you kill Ultima Weapon, at the end of disc 2).

Lucrecia’s Waterfall – You can get there by a Blue, Black or Gold Chocobo, or using the submarine. This place is a hidden cave at Corel mountains and you can get there Vincent’s ultimate weapon and limit break, as well as learning an important part of the FF7 story.

The Step-By-Step guide!

This section sums up all the above information into direct instructions on how to get a Golden Chocobo, and collecting the neat rewards.

Before you start your quest, make sure you have enough money (at least 300,000 Gil, check How should I prepare myself? for tips on how to farm money) and that you’re after the part where Cloud returns to be the leader.

  1. Go to the Chocobo Farm, enter the building on the left, talk to the man in there (Choco Bill) and rent yourself six Chocobo stables (60,000 Gil total).
  2. Go forth and obtain the needed nuts: The Carob and the Zeio nuts. For the Carob Nut, you’ll need to fight a red dragon called Vlakorados and steal the Carob Nut from it. You can find him on the area near Bone Village. After you get 3 Carob Nuts, you’ll need to get 1 Zeio nut, which can be stolen from Goblin, on Goblin Island (an island in the north-east part of the map). Check How do I get the proper Nuts and Greens? for pictures and maps.
  3. It’s Chocobo hunting time! (Check How do I catch a Chocobo? if you don’t know how to). Equip the Chocobo Lure Materia, and go to the Chocobo tracks on the area east of Gold Saucer. You’ll need to catch a ‘Good’ Chocobo, which only appears with one or two Spencers, like this one:

    Chocobo Spencers

    After you’ve caught your Chocobo, press [Cancel] to get off of him and choose to send him back to the stables. Now you should save, and enter the Chocobo Farm. Go to the building on the right, talk to the little kid in there (Choco Billy), and select “Moving Chocobos”. When you see the Chocobo you’ve caught earlier, Choco Billy will indicate that it’s a Good Chocobo (he’ll say: “Mmm, this seems like a good Chocobo”). Press [OK] and the Chocobo will move into the stable. After the Chocobo moves in, you’ll see his gender. Make sure it is a Male Chocobo! If your Chocobo isn’t a male one, reload the game and talk to Choco Billy again, repeating the process until you get a male one (remember, the gender is randomly chosen, you don’t have to catch another one!).

  4. Now that you’ve got yourself a Good Male Chocobo, you’ll need a Great Female one. To catch her, go to the Chocobo tracks near Mideel, or the ones near Rocket Town, equip the Chocobo Lure Materia and try to catch her. If you chose the tracks near Mideel, the Great Chocobo will appear with one or two Spirals, like this:
    Spiral monster accompanying a Great Chocobo

    If you chose the tracks near Rocket Town, the Great Chocobo will appear with two Valron or with two Kyuvilduns, like in these pictures:

    Two Valrons and a Great Chocobo

    My advice would be to try catching the Great Chocobo at the tracks near Rocket Town.

    After you catch your Chocobo, save your game, return to the Chocobo Farm, talk to Choco Billy and select “Moving Chocobos”, he’ll say that your Chocobo is great and determine its gender. This time the Chocobo’s gender should be a Female. If Choco Billy says that he’s a male, reload your game and talk to him again until he’ll say that your Chocobo is a female.

  5. By now you should have two Chocobos: A Good Male and a Great Female. We’re going to feed them Sylkis Greens. To get those, go to the Chocobo Sage’s house (near the Icicle Inn on the northern continent of the world map) and buy 10 Sylkis Greens (50,000 gil total). Go back to the Chocobo Farm, talk to Choco Billy and select “Feeding Chocobos”. Feed each of your Chocobos with 5 Sylkis to boost their status.
  6. Head on to the Golden Saucer, it’s Chocobo racing time! You will need to race the two Chocobos you’ve caught and move them up a class, from Class C (the default class) to Class B. Go to the Chocobo Square and talk to Ester in the top-left corner of the room. She’ll ask you with which Chocobo you will be participating the race, and what will be the length of the race. I would advise choosing the shorter route because it’s easier in the lower ranks. Race and win 3 times with each of your Chocobos 3 times in order to move them up to class B (a Chocobo moves up a class when he wins 3 times, but not necessarily in a row).
    Check list:
    At this point you should have:
    A Good Male Chocobo (Class B)
    A Great Female Chocobo (Class B)
  7. At the Chocobo Farm, talk to Choco Billy and select “Mating Chocobos”. Select the two Chocobos you have by “talking” to them. After that you’ll be asked with which nut you want to feed them in order to make them breed. Select the Carob Nut. Now with a bit of luck, you should have a Green or a Blue Chocobo!
  8. At this point we would like to breed these two Chocobos (Good male, Great female) again, however, we need to wait for them to rest and recover. Go outside into the world map and fight anywhere between 3 to 10 battles, this should be enough for the parents to have recovered. Go back to the Chocobo Farm (save before you enter). Now comes the tricky part: If you got a Green Chocobo (most likely), make the Good Male and the Great Female breed again (using a Carob Nut) but this time you’ll need to get a Blue Chocobo and he should be of the opposite sex of the green one! If you didn’t get him, reload your game and try again! If you got the Blue Chocobo on the first time, you should get a green one (of the opposite sex). Not too complicated, but you’ll need to reload the game a few times. If you find yourself stuck, and keep getting an offspring with the same color, you might have a problem with the game’s RNG mechanism. Check out Chocobo Breeding combinations for help on how to resolve this.
    Check list:
    By now you should have 4 Chocobos:
    A Good Male (Class B)
    A Great Female (Class B)
    A Green Chocobo
    A Blue Chocobo (of the opposite sex!)
  9. Go to the Chocobo Sage’s house again and buy 20 Sylkis Greens (100,000 gil). Feed both your Blue Chocobo and your Green Chocobo with 10 Sylkis each. This should boost their stats so that they can easily cruise through the races.
  10. Return to Gold Saucer and race your Green and Blue Chocobo until each one is at class A (you’ll need to win with each Chocobo 6 times).
  11. Breed these Chocobos (the blue and green one) with a Carob Nut in order to get a Black Chocobo.
  12. Now for a somewhat annoying part: You will need to catch a Wonderful Chocobo. Equip your Chocobo Lure Materia and head to the Chocobo tracks in the Icicle Area (the snowy area in the northern continent). The Wonderful Chocobo will appear with one or two Jumpings by his side, like this:
    A Jumping and a Wonderful Chocobo

    This kind of fight can be rare, last time it took me about an hour and a half to finally encounter him! Anyway, after you catch him, send the Chocobo back to the stables.

  13. Return to the Chocobo Farm (as usual, save before you enter), talk to Choco Billy and select “Moving Chocobos”. He should say “This…is a wonderful Chocobo!”, and determine its gender, Make sure that his gender is the opposite sex of the Black Chocobo that you already have. If not, reload and try again.Check list:
    6 Chocobos:
    A Good Male (Class B)
    A Great Female (Class B)
    A Green Chocobo (Class A)
    A Blue Chocobo (of the opposite sex of the Green one, Class A)
    A Black Chocobo
    A Wonderful Chocobo (of the opposite sex of the Black one)
  14. Since all of the 6 stables you’ve rented are taken, I suggest releasing the Good Male and the Great Female Chocobos, in order to make room for the Gold Chocobo you’re about to have. Talk to Choco Billy and select “Releasing Chocobos”. Release those Chocobos.
  15. Go to the Chocobo Sage’s house and buy 20 Sylkis Greens (100,000 gil), feed 10 Sylkis to the Black Chocobo and 10 to the Wonderful Chocobo.
  16. Race the Black and the Wonderful Chocobo until both are at class A.
  17. Mate these two with a Zeio Nut, but make sure you select the Black Chocobo first (due to a bug in the game). Now cross your fingers… If you’re lucky, you should get a Gold Chocobo!! Your objective is finally complete! Make sure you give a cool name like “Goldy”, “Wing”, “Timmy” or whatever..
    With the aid of your new Chocobo, you can now obtain some sweet rewards.
  18. The first thing you’ll probably want to do is collecting the most powerful Materia in FF7, Knights of the Round. To get that, hop on your Golden Chocobo (doesn’t that sound cool?) by talking to Choco Billy and selecting “Riding Chocobos”. Go to a small island called Round Island, which is located in the north-east part of the map. Get off your Chocobo, enter the cave and collect the Materia. For the rest of the secret stuff you can take only with a Chocobo, click here.
  19. You can collect more great prizes with your Golden Chocobo by racing it in Gold Saucer. Make sure you feed him first though. Around 30 Sylkis Greens should be enough to max out his stats. Your Chocobo should have about 999 Stamina and ~150 Top Speed. Just level up your Chocobo to the S-Class (should really be a piece of cake). In the S-Class you can win some great prizes like: Precious Watch, Counter Attack, Enemy Lure Materia, Enemy Away Materia, Chocobo Bracelet, Cat’s Bell, Megalixirs, Hero Drinks and many more.

History / List of changes

February 2002 – First version of the guide posted
May 2004 – Lots of grammar and spelling mistakes fixed (I was pretty young back then ^^)
August 2007 – Wow, I had no idea this guide was getting traction. Fixed some more grammar/spelling, changed font size so that ‘normal’ people can read it now. :> I’m planning to add some more information soon, regarding some changes between the Playstation version and the PC version.
July 2008 – Moved the site to a new URL and file host. No more annoying pop-ups and banners! Added information about Chocobo Lure materia, and the effects of different Greens when trying to catch a Chocobo. Corrected some more formatting and spelling.
October 2015 – Whoa… It’s been a while since I’ve last updated this guide. To be honest I have never expected this guide to become so popular. I appreciate each and every e-mail you guys are sending! In any case. In this version I have fixed a ton of grammatical errors. I was 14 when I originally wrote this guide, and English is not my native language. In addition, I have added some information regarding the RNG bug. Hopefully this helps all the poor folks out there who are having trouble getting a Blue Chocobo. I am personally very excited for the release of the FFVII remake, and I will go through great lengths in order to update my guide with relevant information when the game is finally out.
June 2019 – Some more minor text adjustments, trying to make some parts clearer. Also added some Chocobo racing tips. I truly appreciate each and every one of your emails, it makes me happy knowing I have helped so many people out there with this quest (I will never forget the frustration I had trying to figure it out back then). I have watched all the recent trailers for the remake and was elated with the amount of detail they have put into it. Am hoping they’ll give us another cool Chocobo quest!
September 2019 – Thanks to feedback from Donald Newburn, added information about a bug when mating a Black and a Wonderful Chocobo (the Black Chocobo needs to be selected first).

…Ending theme…

That’s it, you’ve finished your Chocobo breeding journey.
I hope this guide has helped you, and if it didn’t, please let me know, by sending me an e-mail to mike_chocobo AT outlook dot com.

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Final Fantasy VII

Chocobo Racing and Breeding
Side Quest

You can begin breeding Chocobos after you have obtained the Highwind during the escape from Junon. You can begin racing Chocobos after you have rescued Cloud from the second visit to Mideel as this is when Gold Saucer reopens for business. The Chocobo side quests are much easier later in the game once you have reached Disc 3.

The goal of this side quest is to breed a Blue Chocobo, a Green Chocobo, a Black Chocobo and finally a Gold Chocobo. Each color of Chocobo possess unique characteristics and abilities when you ride them on the world map.

Blue Chocobo:
Also known as River Chocobos are capable of running across shallow water (similar to the Tiny Bronco)

Green Chocobo:
Also known as Mountain Chocobos are capable of running over mountainous terrain

Black Chocobo:
Are capable of crossing both shallow waters and mountainous areas

Gold Chocobo:
Are capable of crossing all terrain including oceans and can travel unrestricted to any area of the map

There are numerous items and rewards that can be picked up in various areas of the map called the Materia Caves. The Blue Chocobo can reach a cave that contains a Quadra Magic Materia, the Green Chocobo can reach a cave that contains a Mime Materia, the Black Chocobo can reach both of the previous areas as well as another cave that contains an HP <--> MP Materia and finally the Gold Chocobo can reach all three previously listed items as well as a special cave that contains the most powerful summon in the game, Knights of the Round Materia.


The first step to breeding and racing Chocobos is to take the Highwind and travel back to the Chocobo Farm. Enter the barn, speak to Choco Bill in the house next to the barn and choose to rent all six Chocobo stables. Each of them will cost you 10,000 gil.

There is another Chocobo Lure Materia which you can pick up outside the farm as well (shown in the screenshot below) in case you lost your first one.

Chocobo Stables
Second Chocobo Lure Materia

Equip both of your Chocobo Lure Materia to your characters (using both of them will increase your chances of encountering a Chocobo). You also need to purchase Greens to assist you with capturing a Chocobo. You have the following options:

As you can see from the chart above, the most expensive greens ( Sylkis Greens) are not ideal for capturing Chocobos in a battle. Their primary use in battle is for obtaining the Chocobuckle move on your Enemy Skill Materia. You should stock up on Reagan Greens (around 5 should do) which can be purchased at the Chocobo Sage’s House (click on the link for more information about this particular location).

Chocobo Sage
Buying Sylkis Greens from the Chocobo Sage

You will still require around 25-30 Sylkis Greens to raise the stats of your Chocobos so make sure that you buy some of those as well while you are at the Chocobo Sage’s House.

After you capture a Chocobo in battle you will now be given the option to send Chocobos back to the stables at the Chocobo Farm after you dismount from them. You can then move them from the large pen out front into the six stalls that you purchased.

Choco Billy will give you a short description of a Chocobo before you move it into the pen. There are 8 different types of Chocobos that you can catch that are described as follows: Terrible, Bad, Poor, Average, Fair, Good, Great and Wonderful. Choco Billy’s descriptions of the Chocobos are listed below:

Chocobo Descriptions

“This…is a wonderful Chocobo!" (Wonderful)

“This is a great Chocobo." (Great)

“Mmm, this seems like a good Chocobo." (Good)

“This Chocobo’s so-so." (Fair)

“This is a pretty average Chocobo." (Average)

“Mmm, this one’s not bad." (Poor)

“This one doesn’t seem to be very good." (Bad)

“I can’t recommend this one." (Terrible)

In addition to needing greens for capturing the Chocobo you will also need different nuts for breeding your Chocobos. The first nut you require is called a Carob Nut.

They can be stolen (using your Steal Materia) from an enemy called Vlakorados which can be found in the fields just south of Bone Village (pictured in the screenshot below). You will need at least 3 of them.

Bone Village
Stealing Carob Nut from Vlakrados

The second nut you require is called a Zeio Nut. These can be stolen from Goblin enemies or obtained as loot after defeating them. They can be found in the forests on Goblin Island.

Goblin Island is an island located in the northeastern section of the World Map and you can fly there in the Highwind. The Goblin enemies are pictured in the screenshot below. You will only require one Zeio Nut.

Goblin Island
Stealing Zeio Nut from Goblins

Breeding Blue and Green Chocobos

In order to breed Blue and Green Chocobos you will need to capture either Good or Great Chocobos. You can breed any combination of either Good/Good, Good/Great or Great/Great Chocobos to do this, but Great Chocobos have the best stats which will be helpful later on when you race them so it is advised that you capture two Great Chocobos.

Travel to the Chocobo tracks near the town of Mideel. You can catch two types of Chocobos in this area: Fair and Great.

The type of Chocobo you receive depends on the type of enemies that surround it. For example, if either two or three Head Hunter enemies surround the Chocobo it will be of Fair quality. To capture Great Chocobos you need to ensure that the Chocobo is accompanied by Spiral enemies which are shown in the screenshot below. They look like small grey bugs and it doesn’t matter if its accompanied by one or two Spirals. Any Spirals will do.

Mideel Chocobo tracks
A Chocobo with two Spiral enemies

Travel back to the Chocobo Farm, enter the barn and speak to Choco Billy. The gender of your Chocobo is chosen as soon as you move them from the outside pen into one of the stalls that you purchased inside the barn. Move your first Great Chocobo inside the barn and then exit the Chocobo Farm and save your game on the World Map.

Return back to the barn and speak to Choco Billy again. Reset the game if you don’t receive the opposite gender of Chocobo when you move the second one into the barn.

You need to switch your controller to the default controller setting in order to move a Chocobo into the barn as Choco Billy requires you to use the Circle Button. Using a customized controller setting will cause the “Circle” button to function incorrectly. This is a glitch in the game’s programming and there is no way around it. Switch your controller back to the default setting when moving Chocobos into the barn.

Note: This does not apply to the PS4 version of the game.

You should now race your Chocobos in order to maximize the odds of obtaining a Blue or Green Chocobo. Contrary to popular belief, you do not need to race your two Chocobos up to “S” class. All you need to do is win four races between your two Chocobos to maximize the potential of breeding a Blue or a Green Chocobo. This means that you only have to race one of them and you should pick the one with the best stats to race.

Speak to a character named Chole who can be found in the barn. Chole can tell you which of your two Great Chocobos have the best stats. Feed that one around 10 of your Sylkis Greens until its stats discontinue rising and then travel to Gold Saucer to win 4 races with that Chocobo.

Remember to hold down the R1 Button and R2 Button on the PlayStation controller to slowly refill your Chocobo’s stamina meter. Make sure to take some GP as prizes for winning some of the Chocobo races in preparation for a later side quest involving Battle Square.

A Great Chocobo in the Chocobo Farm
Chole’s Chocobo Inspection

Return to the Chocobo Farm and save your game on the world map just outside. Breed your two Chocobos using a Carob Nut and you should receive either a Green or a Blue Chocobo. In order to breed your two Chocobos again you will need to fight at least ten battles without running away. Save your game before you attempt to breed them again as your Great/Good Chocobo combination will get you both your Green and your Blue Chocobo.

You need to receive the opposite color and gender of your previous Chocobo so that you can breed the Blue and the Green. Reset the game using a soft reset (by holding L1, L2, R1, R2, Start and Select at the same time) and then try again until you succeed.

Blue Chocobo
Green Chocobo

Breeding a Black Chocobo

You need a Blue and a Green Chocobo of opposite genders in order to breed a Black Chocobo. In order to maximize the odds of breeding a Black you need to win approximately 9 races between your two Chocobos.

The Green Chocobo is the best one to race as it doesn’t slow down when racing through the space station section of the race track like all of the other Chocobos do. Feed your Green Chocobo around 10 Sylkis Greens and return to Gold Saucer to win the races.

Chocobos that you breed will not be old enough to breed themselves until you have engaged in somewhere between 3 to 18 battles (without running away). Complete the battles and then save your game outside of the Chocobo Farm. Breed the Green and the Blue Chocobo using a Carob Nut and you should receive a Black Chocobo.

Racing the Blue Chocobo instead of the Green for some reason
A Black Chocobo

Breeding a Gold Chocobo

In order to breed a Gold Chocobo you will need to breed your Black Chocobo with a Wonderful Chocobo. Wonderful Chocobos can be captured on the tracks near the Icicle Inn. You can land the Highwind close by on the non-snowy parts of the continent.

Wonderful Chocobos are always accompanied by an enemy called a Jumping, but not by any enemies called Bandersnatches (if you get a mix of Jumpings with Bandersnatches and a Chocobo it will not be a Wonderful Chocobo). Jumping enemies are pictured in the screenshot below and look like rabbits while Bandersnatches look like wolves.

Icicle Inn Chocobo Tracks
Wonderful Chocobo with a Jumping enemy

Fly back to the Chocobo Farm and save your game outside on the world map. Go back into the barn and speak to Choco Billy to have him bring your Wonderful Chocobo into one of the stables. Soft reset your game if the Chocobo is not the opposite gender of your Black Chocobo. Feed your Black Chocobo around 10 Sylkis Greens until its stats stop increasing.

You need to win 12 races between your Black Chocobo and your Wonderful Chocobo in order to guarantee that you receive a Gold Chocobo. It can be fairly difficult to win races in “S" class after you have won 9 races on either of your Chocobos so be prepared to have to race both of them.

Remember that you might have to initiate between 3 to 18 battles again before you can breed your Black Chocobo. Save outside of the Chocobo Farm before you attempt to breed them just in case you don’t receive a Gold Chocobo. Reenter the Chocobo Farm and breed them using a Zeio Nut and do another soft reset until it works. Note that some players have reported that they were only able to obtain a Gold Chocobo by selecting the Black Chocobo first so give this a try if you run into any problems.

Black Chocobo in S Class races
A Gold Chocobo

Congratulations! You are now the proud owner of a Gold Chocobo. The Gold Chocobo can travel anywhere on the World Map including across oceans. This includes a number of secret areas around the game such as the Materia Caves. Check out the Materia Caves side quest section below for more information:

Your Gold Chocobo will have the highest stats of any of the previous Chocobos you raised. This makes it ideal for racing in Chocobo Square to obtain all of the top prizes.

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Final Fantasy VII Wiki Guide

After taking the Highwind from Junon on Disc 2, head for the Chocobo Farm to begin your career as a Chocobo breeder. You'll find the front paddock empty and a CHOCOBO LURE MATERIA on the near-right corner. Head into the house and talk to Choco Bill. He'll offer to rent out up to six Chocobo Stables @ 10,000 Gil. He'll also tell you about the Chocobo Sage, a being purported to know the secret to breeding special Chocobos. Purchase at least four stables and head out to catch some Chocobos. Chocobos can be found anywhere you see tracks on the World Map. Equip Chocobo Lure Materia (the more the better) and walk around near the tracks until you encounter a Chocobo in battle. Feed it some greens if you're worried about it running away and defeat the flanking enemies to capture the Chocobo. Dismount [X] and send the animal back to the stables. When you've sent four Chocobos to the paddock, you'll have to return to the Chocobo Farm and decide which ones you want to keep. Head for the barn, talk to Choco Billy, and select 'Moving Chocobos'. Use Billy's appraisal of the Chocobos to help you make your decision, and move the keepers into the stable [O].

Chocobo Husbandry

If you intend to breed a special Chocobo, you'll want to train your Chocobos at the Chocobo Races. If you want to have any hope of reaching Class S, you'll have to build up the vital statistics (Speed, Intelligence and Stamina) of your Chocobos by feeding them greens. Different greens affect different attributes, and more costly greens have a greater effect. Talk to Billy and select 'Feeding Chocobos' (you should be able to decipher his apparent accent and figure out which greens are which with little difficulty). When feeding your Chocobo no longer has any effect, you've maxed out its statistics and you're ready to head for Chocobo Square at the Gold Saucer.

Gizzard Greens - Stamina

Karaka Greens -  Intelligence

Tantal Greens - Speed, Stamina, Intelligence

Pasana Greens - Intelligence

Kurie Greens - Speed, Stamina

Memit Greens - Speed

Reagan Greens - Speed, Stamina

Sylkis Greens - Speed, Stamina

Breeding Special Chocobos


Ff7 chocobo

Chocobo breeding is a sidequest in Final Fantasy VII involving Chocobos. It allows the player to breed several different Chocobo breeds which can cross different terrain on the world map and access Materia Caves, as well as breed Chocobos with higher stats for use in Chocobo racing. Chocobo breeding consumes time and gil.

Chocobos can be caught across the World Map by following their tracks. Once caught after a battle when all enemies but the Chocobo are killed, they can be sent back to the stable and bred by feeding them nuts. The ultimate gain is to breed a Gold Chocobo to access every Materia Cave and gain Knights of Round, the game's best summon.

See also: Chocobo breeding

Breeding process[]


Main article: Chocobo (Final Fantasy VII) § Chocobo tracks

Wild Chocobos can be encountered in areas on the world map covered in chocobo tracks. Once captured, Chocobos can be kept in stables in the Chocobo Farm; the option to buy stables opens after the party has acquired the Highwind. The player must speak to the man inside the house to rent the stables. The stables cost 10,000 gil and a total of six can be rented at once. On the farm, the Chocobos can be bred to create new breeds that can access different areas on the world map, or to be used in the races at Gold Saucer. The chance of encountering a Chocobo on the tracks depends on the Chocobo Lure Materia's level and the Chocobo's type.


Zeio Nut.

Males and females are bred for stronger Chocobos with better stats and sometimes new abilities by feeding them nuts. Most of the nuts in the game are useless, and the lower grade nuts have a chance to produce Chocobos whose stats are lower than those of its parents. The only nuts worth using are Carob and Zeio Nuts: The Carob Nut is used to breed the first blue and green Chocobos, and Zeio Nuts are the best nuts when it comes to stats. Carob Nuts can be stolen from Vlakoradoses or bought at Wonder Square for 500 GP, and Zeio Nuts are obtained from Goblins.

The racing class and stats of the Chocobo being bred help decide what type of Chocobo will be born. Adult Chocobos can breed again after 3-10 battles have been fought, and newborn Chocobos can breed after 3-18 battles; for a battle to count it must be won, fleeing won't count. The higher the class, and the greater the stats, the more likely a strong Chocobo will be born. Special-colored Chocobos are needed to find the treasures in the Materia Caves. There are five colors of Chocobos and to get the ultimate Chocobo, a long sidequest of racing and item finding must be undertaken. The Chocobo Sage hints on how to get through the sidequest in his home on the Northern Continent.

While the party can begin breeding Chocobos any time after the Highwind is obtained, they won't be able to race in Gold Saucer until Cloud returns to the party. Without promoting Chocobo classes via racing, the probability of getting a colored Chocobo is only 10%.

The only nut that will never produce a gold Chocobo offspring is the Carob Nut. Even when breeding two gold Chocobos with a Carob Nut, the resulting offspring will never be golden.

Cooldown and stats[]

Regular chocobo.

Because the game determines whether or not a Chocobo is ready to be bred by the number of battles, when the player reaches a very high number of battles this system glitches. The game can't use a key-number higher than 32767, and so uses numbers from -32768 to 32767; thus if the player fights 32768 battles, the game considers, when it does calculations for Chocobos, they have -32768 battles. 32769 battles will be transformed to -32767 battles and so on until 65535 battles will overflow the counter and reset it. When the game considers the player to be at -32768 battles, the baby Chocobo would need a whopping 32766 battles to mate.

If the player comes near to the amount of battles where the game begins to consider the number as negative, they can find themselves in a situation where they can mate Chocobos over and over again without needing to fight any battles in-between. At 32767 battles the game will calculate the player will need some new battles, but it'll be always higher than 32768 battles (as that is actually -32768), meaning the player doesn't need to fight any battles to mate the Chocobos.

Below is how a newborn Chocobo's stats are determined when the parents have been mated with a Zeio Nut:[1]

Stat How it is determined
Max Dash 55/256 chance that the baby's MDash is set to highest of parents' MDash, and increased by 1/10th. (Max MDash is 6000.)
201/256 chance that the baby's MDash is set to average of parents' MDash.
Dash Average of parents' Dash.
Max Run 80/256 chance that the baby's MRun is set to highest of parents' MRun, and increased by 1/8th. (Max MRun is 6000.)
15/256 chance that the baby's MRun set to highest of parent's MRun, and decreased by 1/20th.
161/256 chance the baby's MRun set to average of parents' MDash.
Run Average of parents' Run.
Stamina 175/256 chance that the baby's Stamina is set to highest of parents' Stamina, and increased by 1/20th. (Max Stamina is 9999.)
81/256 chance that the baby's Stamina set to average of parents' Stamina.
Accel & Int Average of parents' Accel & parents' Int.
Co-Op Always zero when newborn.

If the player breeds a gold Chocobo that would normally have below 5000 maximum Dash, it will get a bonus to its MDash in the following manner:[1]

  • 7/16 chance → MDash = 5000
  • 2/16 chance → MDash = 5100
  • 2/16 chance → MDash = 5200
  • 1/16 chance → MDash = 5300
  • 1/16 chance → MDash = 5400
  • 2/16 chance → MDash = 5500
  • 1/16 chance → MDash = 5950

Dash refers to the sprint speed, not the regular run speed.

These values will get increased/decreased by a number between 0 and 25.

Through breeding, the player can gain access to each of the Chocobo breeds, beginning with the blue/green, and finishing with the gold.

Materia Caves[]

Main article: Materia Cave

To access the Materia Caves, which contain the Mime, Quadra Magic, HP↔MP and Knights of the Round Materia, the player needs to obtain Chocobos that can access each. This can be done one of two ways, either breeding Chocobos to gain access to each of the Chocobo breeds, or by defeating Ruby Weapon to be awarded a gold Chocobo from the Kalm traveler, which is easier said than done.



After purchasing some stables from the farm after the party has acquired the Highwind, the player can start catching Chocobos from battles and sending them to the farm. To breed the green and blue variants the player needs a combination of two of the following: "good", "great", and "wonderful" Chocobos; when moving the birds into the stables from the fenced area, Choco Billy will comment on their quality. The Chocobo's gender is decided when moving it in, so if the gender is undesired, one can reset the game and try again. "Great" Chocobos are caught in Mideel Area with Spirals, and "good" Chocobos are caught at the Gold Saucer Area with two Spencers or with two Flapbeats that are in the back row with the Chocobo in the front.

The player can breed two "good" Chocobos, two "great" Chocobos or a "good" and a "great" Chocobo together to get the first colored Chocobo by using a Carob Nut (obtained from Vlakorados or from Wonder Square


A chocobo carriage service managed by Chocobo Sam operates in the Midgar slums, taking patrons to various parts of the lower towns. When Tifa Lockhart decides to take part on Don Corneo's audition, she rides to Wall Market in a chocobo carriage. In Final Fantasy VII Remake, Sam's chocobos are spooked by the falling of the Sector 7 plate and scatter, and Cloud and his friends help Sam reunite with his birds by giving the wayward birds gysahl greens. In "Episode INTERmission", Yuffie leaves Midgar on a chocobo.

Avalanche come into contact with chocobos while in pursuit of Sephiroth. Blocking the path towards the Mythril Mine is Midgar Zolom, a difficult enemy to defeat. The Chocobo Farm offers an alternate to fighting Midgar Zolom head-on: using a chocobo to cross the swamp and evade it. Later on Avalanche visits the Gold Saucer and ends up thrown down in Corel Prison. To be freed Mr. Coates tells them they must win a race and Cloud wins a race for the whole team. While in the prison the party may get lost in the desert and be carted back in a wagon pulled by a large chocobo.

Following the acquisition of the Highwind, Avalanche can raise and breed Chocobos at the farm. As Meteor is falling and the farm has fewer visitors, Avalanche may rent stables at the farm. With the Highwind the party can also visit Chocobo Sage, an amnesiac chocobo enthusiast who lives in a cabin in the north.

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