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News Release:Pioneer Introduces Highly Advanced 4th Generation Plasma TVs





July 23, 2003, Tokyo, Japan - Pioneer Corporation has announced today that it will introduce two new "PureVision" high-definition Plasma TV models in Japan, the 43-inch PDP-434HD in the middle of August, and the 50-inch PDP-504HD in late September, with the suggested retail prices of 850,000 yen and 1,100,000 yen, respectively. Pioneer plans to produce 3,500 units a month for each model.

Because of its high-quality picture and slim profile (a definite advantage for interior-conscious consumers), the demand for plasma TV has begun to widespread as a technology to replace the conventional CRT (cathode-ray-tube) TV in the near future.
Since the release of the world's first high-definition (XGA) plasma TV, the PDP-501HD at the end of 1997, Pioneer has led the plasma TV market, both in Japan and overseas. The third generation models, the PDP-503HD and the PDP-433HD, which were released at the end of 2001, together with their subsequent advanced models, have garnered widespread consumer support due to their superb picture quality and power-saving design that Pioneer achieved through the application of many of its proprietary technologies.
Pioneer has incorporated its expertise and new technologies fully to develop the 4th generation models, and intends to take another lead in the rapidly expanding PDP market worldwide.

Main features(common for both models):

1 ) Newly developed "P.U.R.E.* Drive" circuit provides total digital image processing to reproduce high quality images.

(1) "Clear" images are achieved by removing noise completely.

  • The total digital image processing restrains both the generation of noise and the signal degradation.
  • The newly developed, high-precision cyclic "Digital Noise Reduction" (DNR) effectively reduces random noise.
  • The industry's first "MPEG Noise Reduction" effectively reduces mosquito noise unique to MPEG images.

(2) "Vivid" and contrasty pictures are achieved.

  • The "Dynamic HD Converter" converts the images' format into most suitable one for the high-definition panel.
  • The "Natural Enhancer" function highlights picture outlines without causing any ill effects such as edges in disarray.
  • The "Dynamic Range Expander" function reproduces contrasty, sharp pictures to be brighter in bright, darker in dark location.
  • The "Color Management" function enables individual adjustments for six basic colors for user's preference.

(3) Adopts "Super CLEAR Drive Technology" developed by Pioneer.
More than 1.07 billion colors can be reproduced by a smooth, fine graduation of 1,024 steps per each color of RGB.

2 ) Newly developed "P.U.R.E* Panel" reproduces subtle color differences vividly

(1) Pioneer's original "Deep-Encased Cell Structure" panel uses new fluorescent materials and improved efficiency to achieve the industry's highest level of panel brightness (white peak)-1100 cd/m2 for the 43-inch model and 1000 cd/m2 for the 50-inch model.

(2) Reflectivity of external light is reduced and color reproduction was improved using the newly developed "Pure Color Filter II." Contrast when viewed in bright locations is improved 20 percent by the synergic effect of the increased panel brightness.

3 ) Environment-friendly design, with approximately 30% reduction of annual power consumption compared with Pioneer's former models

The two new models come with a host of elaborate energy-saving functions to reduce power consumption rates. Stand-by power consumption has come down to 0.6W. As a result, annual power consumption has been dramatically reduced - 385kW/h per year with PDP-504HD, 340kW/h per year with PDP-434HD, down 131kW/h and 149kW/h, respectively, when compared with former Pioneer models. The above annual power consumption is equivalent to or even smaller than that of LCD TVs on a comparable "per square inch" basis.

4 ) Functions that facilitate "fun" and "ease of use"

(1) The world's first "Advanced PureCinema" function reproduces the beauty and smooth motion of the original film-based media by sequentially converting images composed of 24 frames per second into 60 frames per second.

(2) The "Multi-Screen" function displays every image that can be input onto a dual, "PinP" screen.

(3) The "SRS WOS" function features three sound modes, and delivers enjoyable true-to-life reproduction of sounds.

(4) The "Home Gallery" function permits high-resolution display of images recorded in SD cards and reproduction of voice in AAC format.

(5) Two remote controllers are attached for the convenience of uses, the newly developed "Main Remote Controller" for a full function, and the "Simple Remote Controller" for a convenient basic function.

5 ) "Stylish" design

(1) "2-Way Attachment Mode Speakers" can be mounted on the sides or under the main display.

(2) The slim profile impression is enhanced by the new "layered" design.

(3) The media receiver is only 297 mm deep, and it can be placed either horizontally or vertically.

Peripherals released simultaneously

Pioneer will also release optional peripherals, including tabletop stand, wall-mountable unit, and 10m- and 30m-long cables.

Also announced were "PureVision Theater"-series home theater systems, as companion home theater systems of the "PureVision" Plasma TVs.
The "PureVision Theater 900" is a full package of DVD/CD/tuner head unit and six speaker systems. Available in mid September in Japan, its DVD 5.1-channel surround system features the NXT flat-panel technology developed by New Transducers Limited, for the front and rear speaker systems and center speaker.
The "PureVision Theater 501," available in late September, is comprised of AV amplifier, the VSA-C501-S, speaker system, the S-VSL3, and the powered subwoofer, the S-VW5.

Main Specification

Power consumption381W/total power consumption: 385KWh/annual power consumption
Screen size50 inches
Effective screen size1098.2 (W) x 620.5 (H) mm
Aspect ratio16:9
Number of pixels1280(H) x 768(V)
Pixel pitch0.858 (H/RGB trio) x 0.808 (V) mm
Audio output13W + 13W (8 ohms)
Dimensions1270 (W) x 737 (H) x 98 (D) mm
Weight38.0 kg
Power supplyAC100V 50/60 Hz
Media ReceiverBuilt-in tunerVHF/UHF, BS Digital, CS Digital, CATV (C13ch-C63ch)
Antenna inputVHF/UHF/CATV: 1, BS/CS: 1
Antenna outputVHF/UHF/CATV: 1
Video input1D4 Video, S2 Video, Video, Audio
Video input2S2 Video, Video, Audio
Video input3D4 Video, Audio
Video input4S2 Video, Video, Audio (Front panel)
PC input1 (Mini D-sub 15, Audio)
Monitor output1 (S-Video, Video, Audio)
Headphone output1
Digital audio output1
Video control terminal1
iLINK (TS) terminal2
Modem terminal1
SR+ terminal:Monaural mini jack x 2
Dimensions420(W) x 90(H) x 297(D) mm
Weight5.5 kg
AccessoriesMain remote control unit, Simple remote control unit, System cable (3m)
SpeakersSystem typeBass-reflex 2 way speaker system
Impedance8 ohms
Maximum input13W
Dimension83(W) x 634(H) x 101(D) mm
OthersMounting kit, speaker cable


Power consumption330W/total power consumption: 340KWh/annual power consumption
Screen size43 inches
Effective screen size952.3 (W) x 536.1 (H) mm
Aspect ratio16:9
Number of pixels1024(H) x 768(V)
Pixel pitch0.930 (H/RGB trio) x 0.698 (V) mm
Audio output13W + 13W (8 ohms)
Dimensions1120 (W) x 652 (H) x 98 (D) mm
Weight30.5 kg
Power supplyAC100V 50/60 Hz
Media ReceiverSame as that for PDP-504HD
SpeakersSystem typeBass-reflex 2 way speaker system
Impedance8 ohms
Maximum input13W
Dimension83(W) x 559(H) x 101(D) mm
OthersMounting kit, speaker cable
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News Release:Pioneer Releases World's First 50-inch 1080p Plasma Monitor



April 19, 2006, Tokyo, Japan - Pioneer Corporation today announced the world's first*1 50-inch 1920 X 1080 HD Plasma monitor employing new "HD P.U.R.E.*2 Black Panel", which creates a 1080p native resolution with more than 2 million pixels on a 50-inch screen. In addition to originally-conceived advantages to plasma displays, such as high contrast, outstanding color reproducibility, and high resolution for motion pictures, the PDP-5000EX offers the great advantage of 1080p high definition, capable of reproducing high-quality images with overwhelming texture to leap beyond that of conventional plasma displays.

The smaller the screen size, the more difficult it was to create a 1080p plasma display panel. To overcome this big challenge, Pioneer has developed a "Crystal Emissive Layer", which can drastically boost the luminance efficiency and discharge speed of a PureVision plasma panel. When combined with the "Direct Color Filter," "Flex Clear Drive" and other technologies that Pioneer has accumulated over many years, this technology has resulted in this world-first breakthrough for 1080p 50-inch PureVision plasma monitor.

The current rapid spread of digital broadcasting and optical communication services allows customers to easily receive high-quality video material. As this kind of infrastructure continues to grow, the customers' demand to enjoy high picture-quality content on a large screen is now increasing. Also, content utilizing the most advanced high-definition signal format of 1080p will soon be available on a Blu-ray Disc, heralding a new age of advanced picture quality for the home.

To quickly respond to such customer demands, Pioneer will launch the Pioneer PureVision PDP-5000EX in early June, 2006 in Japan at the suggested retail price of 1,050,000 yen (including tax).

Main Features:

1) New "HD P.U.R.E. Black Panel" to create a 1080p native resolution - the world's first in 50-inch class

The Pioneer PDP-5000EX employs a New "HD P.U.R.E. Black Panel", the world's first 50-inch plasma panel featuring a 1920 x 1080 HD resolution with 2.07 million pixels. This pixel density is approximately double that for the previous XGA panel. Therefore, the new 1080p plasma monitor can realize clearer image expression with improved clarity of details as well as minimizing noises from reproduced images.

2) "Crystal Emissive Layer," innovative technology for a 1080p plasma panel

Pioneer's innovative "Crystal Emissive Layer" technology, which has been inherited from the sixth generation panel, is indispensable for the realization of the world's first 1080p plasma display in the 50-inch screen size. In addition to reproduction of blacker blacks and details of dark areas often found in movie scenes are well reproduced, this technology has contributed to the new 1080p plasma panel at the following points:

  • Improving luminance efficiency
    With the adoption of a 1080p native resolution panel, the pixel size should be half that for the previous XGA panels in the same screen size. The conventional panel technology (without a Crystal Emissive Layer) has the difficulty that sufficient brightness could not be obtained when pixels are downsized. The Crystal Emissive Layer technology has drastically improved luminance efficiency, resulting in sufficient brightness even from smaller pixels.
  • Increasing discharge speed
    As the number of pixels in a 1080p plasma panel is about twice that for the previous XGA models, the scanning speed needs to be improved accordingly. The Crystal Emissive Layer technology has shortened a statistical delay in electrical discharge to 1/100, and reduced the scanning time required for one line from 2_s to 0.7_s, which is almost a threefold boost in speed.
  • Stabilizing electrical discharge
    Mistaken discharge across cells, which may occur when the cell is downsized for a 1080p plasma panel, is one of issues to be tackled. Pioneer has successfully diminished light leakage from neighboring cells by further optimizing our proprietary Crystal Emissive Layer for a 1080p plasma panel.

3) New "HD Direct Color Filter" dedicated to a 1080p plasma panel for sharper video image

Pioneer's proprietary Direct Color Filter technology, which eliminates a glass for the front filter and is directly affixed the plasma panel, has also been optimized and employed in its 1080p plasma monitor. Achieving a wider color range of 107% compared with the NTSC standard - the highest level in the industry*3, the new plasma panel realize smooth color reproducibility coupled with rich color gradation expression, irrespectively of viewing angles. In addition, this technology not only decreases the panel's weight but also reduces the deterioration of focus quality caused by multiple reflections previously generated between the front filter glass and plasma panel. Moreover, as reducing the ambient light reflection rate and enhancing color reproducibility, the Direct Color Filter technology allow viewers to enjoy a fresh, sharper, crisper and more vivid video image even in a bright living environments.

4) "HD P.U.R.E. Drive" to maximize the performances of the new 1080p plasma panel

  • Active Dynamic Range Expander (Active DRE) reproduces a crisp, contrastive picture quality. It increases the contrast ratio of the image by automatically detecting its characteristics and keeping optimal control of its dynamic range, peak brightness, and gradations in its dark area. It makes possible delicate expressions that vividly accentuate the shades of people's face expression or the daylight filtering through tree leaves.
  • Color Management ensures brilliant color reproduction.
  • Digital Noise Reduction (DNR) and MPEG Noise Reduction (MPEG-NR) ensure reproduction of clear and noiseless images.
  • Flex Clear Drive technology achieves high density, smooth color gradation expression by automatically analyzing the characteristics of the image and adjusting the distribution of color gradations to optimize picture quality.

5) A wealth of input signal formats and digital interfaces supported

The PDP-5000EX is equipped with two HDMI*4 terminals and a DVI port, which are digital inputs necessary for high-end monitors, to support diversified high-definition digital video contents and digital output devices. The HDMI terminals supports signals of 1080p (60/50/24 Hz) video format*5 of the highest quality in the HDMI standards. In addition, they enable full-time 10-bit processing*6 throughout, from signal input to video display, to realize even greater high-definition video images.


<< Main Specifications >>

[ PDP-5000EX ]
Power consumption in use/standby:410 W/0.3 W
Screen size:50 inches
Effective screen size:1104 mm (W) x 621 mm (H)
Aspect ratio:16:9
Number of pixels:1920 (H) x 1080 (V)
Surround:SRS WOW (SRS/FOCUS/TruBass)
Actual maximum audio output:13 W + 13 W (JEITA), 8 ohms
Dimensions:1282 mm (W) x 750.5 mm (H) x 98 mm (D)
Weight:39.8 kg
Power supply:AC100V 50/60 Hz
I/O terminalsVideo input 1:  DV1
Video input 2:  HDMI
Video input 3:  HDMI
Video input 4:  Component/RGB (BNC)
Video input 5:  S2
Video input 6:  Composite (RCA)
Audio 1 to 6:  RCA (x6)
SR+ terminal :  1 each for input and output
Speaker output
Accessories:Remote control, Owners' manual, etc.

Pixel size comparison between the Pioneer PDP-506HD and PDP-5000EX (graphic image)

Pixel size comparison between the Pioneer PDP-506HD and PDP-5000EX

The number of pixels for the PDP-5000EX is about double, and the pixel size is about half (about 47%) compared with that for the PDP-506HD launched in September, 2005,



Pioneer Kuro

Kuro was the brand name that Pioneer Corporation used for its line of high-definitionplasma televisions. "Kuro" means black in Japanese.


At the 2008 Consumer Electronics Show, Pioneer unveiled its "Ultimate Black" Kuro. The Kuro's plasma technology reduces light emissions from black areas of the screen to such a degree that at its maximum brightness, the contrast ratio was considered “almost infinite”. Hard-core home theater enthusiasts and home cinema aficionados stated that the Kuro was the only HDTV to achieve the "true black". Reviewers said that the Kuro represented the best-in-class technology, as its images were the most vibrant and colorful of any HDTV at the time, whether LCD, LED-LCD, or plasma.[1][2]Sony had unveiled the XEL-1OLED display which has even better contrast than the Kuro including darker blacks; however at that stage OLED technology was still plagued by reliability and lifespan issues.[3]

Despite being critically acclaimed, the Kuro was commercially unsuccessful. Plasma TVs had peaked in popularity from 2004 to 2006 and had been steadily losing ground to LCD TVs ever since. Pioneer was particularly hurt by this shift as the Kuro was positioned as a premium HDTV,[4] being generally more expensive than the mass market Panasonic Viera plasma, while other plasma display manufacturers like Samsung and LG had demoted their plasmas to the low end. There were no Kuros to compete at the mainstream or low-end segments, which were dominated by LCDs.[2]

Pioneer announced in February 2009 that they would exit the TV business by March 2010 to concentrate on car and audio/visual systems. Pioneer has since sold many of the Kuro's patents to Panasonic, the only other significant television manufacturer that concentrated on plasmas, and many of the latest Panasonic Viera plasma panels utilize the Kuro's technologies.[5][6]

In October 2013, Panasonic announced that it would stop producing plasma display TVs, closing the plasma panel production factory in December 2013 and ending sales in March 2014. Plasma displays have been losing market share every year to LCDs, and Panasonic has been posting losses and cutting jobs in the last few years.[7] Plasma TV technology was slow to make the transition from 720p to 1080p, and did not reach 4K when major manufacturers discontinued production.[8]

Despite the discontinuation of production, used Kuro TVs have a cult following on the secondary market.[9]



Plasma pioneer

Pioneer Plasma TV


Pioneer KURO Elite

Pioneer KURO Series Plasma

Pioneer has been a leader in plasma TV technology since year 2001 and continues to excel with excellent product offerings. Though the number of models has declined, Pioneer continues to produce some of the most technologically advanced TVs with their patented deep pixel cell structure which adds considerable depth and color saturation to images. The new Pioneer Kuro technology is designed to enhance black levels to pitch black. This has been some of the biggest advancements in the new Pioneer plasma models such as the 50 inch KURO PDP-5020FD, the 60 inch KURO PDP-6020FD and the KURO Elite line consisting of the 50 inch KURO Elite PRO-111FD and the 60 inch KURO Elite PRO-151FD which claim that when viewed in a pitch black room you cannot see the plasma if it displays a black image (when turned on of course).

Other Pioneer Plasma Models


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